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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  February 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> my priority is to keep this community safe. >> oakland's mayor getting national attention tonight and warning undocumented immigrants in the bay area that i.c.e. agents may be conduct raids as soon as today. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> mayor lady schaaf's warnings have support groups on hoy alert. cornell bernard attended the mayor's announcement tonight. >> and joins us live in oakland with an update on this developing story. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, it appears some of those i.c.e. raids are happening in the bay area today. mayor libby schaaf says more are yet to come.
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she says it's her ethical obligation to warn the public. a family in napa shared this video with us, a husband and father being taken no custody by i.c.e. agents sunday morning. the north bay rapid response immigration network confirms the arrest and believes other immigration sweeps will follow. it comes one day after oakland mayor lady schaaf issued a warning that i.c.e. sweeps were immigrant across the bay area. >> yesterday i learned information from multiple sources that there is potentially an i.c.e. activity planned in the bay area. >> reporter: mayor schaaf had few details about the warning. it is n >> it is not my wish to panic people but to be sure they are prepared with information. >> reporter: daniel silva is working at this community event in the fraughtvale district and appreciates the mayor owes warning. >> gives people a heads up and shows solidarity, you know. shows that she cares. >> reporter: the councilman questions the public alert. >> what it does do is, you know,
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create a lot of fear in people. kids don't go to school tomorrow, people don't go to work tomorrow. >> the mayor says her sources say those targeted by i.c.e. sweeps were wanted for immigration violations and not wanted for crimes. schaaf doesn't believe she's obstructing justice with her warning. >> i did seek legal counsel about what my obligations are in this situation. >> reporter: in a situation an i.c.e. spokesperson told abc news there are i.c.e. operations every day, and it is unclear what the mayor is referring to. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> meantime, san jose's mayor released a statement today responding to rumors of i.c.e. operations in the bay area and says in part, quote, regardless of the truth of these rumors my message to our immigrant residents remains the same. we have your back. the san jose police department does not participate in i.c.e. operations. longtime senator dianne feinstein has failed to secure her party's support in her run for a fifth full term. the indecision during this weekend's state democratic
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convention was seen as a rejection of feinstein. she is the state's senate's oldest member facing an insurgent challenge from deleone who won 57% still short of the 60% and feinstein received 37%. that means neither candidate will get the party's seal of approval or extra campaign cash leading into the june primary. california state senator tony mendoza facing sexual misconduct claims will run for re-election without the support of the democratic party. delegates voted 35-10 against an endorse president and stepped down last week right before a possible vote to expel him. an investigation found he likely engaged in unwanted aggressive sexual behavior with six women. mendoza denies any wrongdoing. >> the u.s. supreme court will hear oral arguments tomorrow in a case that could limit the power of public employee unions in california and 23 other
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states. attorneys for both a public worker in illinois and a large labor union will appear before america's highest court. the worker believes being forced to pay dues even if he doesn't join a union violates his constitutional rights. bay area unions and two elected leaders will keep the law as it is. one starts in san francisco at none tomorrow and the other is in san jose at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. >> to the weather now. some changes coming in the forecast as we take a live look from our emoryville camera. a brilliant sunset there. we will likely see some rainy conditions for the monday morning commute and meteorologist drew tuma is tracking it all. >> we'll have a dry finish to our weekend and tomorrow morning showers do return to the bay area. a live look from the south bay. a gorgeous afternoon out there. not a cloud in the sky right now, but your 12-hour planner overnight will feature changes. first the cloud will be on the increase and then after midnight we bring in the scattered showers and by 8:00 in the morning the best chance of finding the showers will be in
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the south bay. so when the storm impact scale, this is a light system tomorrow, rainfall less than a quarter of an inch. we will have those showers during the monday morning commute, and there is the chance in the afternoon tomorrow of a thundershower popping up. we'll go hour by hour with the storm and show you an even stronger storm moving in mid-week and that will have the accuweather forecast in a few minutes, guys. >> in developing news, an emotional return today to the florida school where 17 students died in a mass shooting. hundreds of survivors and their families returned to the parkland school today to pick up items left behind as the students ran to safety. teachers and counselors were also there. classes are set to resume on wednesday as abc news reporter mark recommend lard tells us in the late -- as mark tells us. >> reporter: marching in honor of the 17 school victims in this month's massacre as the last victim is being late to rest, 14 years old and a member of the junior rotc.
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sunday afternoon students and parents returning to the high school for the first time since the shooting for a voluntary orientation before classes resume on wednesday. at the same time, the broward county sheriff is facing increasing pressure to resign over repeated failures to investigate the alleged shooter's troubling warning signs and the school resource officer taking cover and not confronting the gunman. >> of course i won't resign. >> reporter: the speaker of florida's house of representatives sending a letter to the governor asking him to susspend the sheriff, a democrat, for incompetence and dereliction of diet and the left signed by 73 republican lawmakers. the national rifle association still resisting calls to ban assault rifles or outlawing bump stocks that help semiautomatic weapons mimic ought magic weapons. >> the nra doesn't back any ban. >> reporter: that statement drawing a rebuke from one student serving. >> she is is serving the gun manufacturers. the people that are joining the nra, 92.9% of them are amazing people that just want to be
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safe, responsible gun owners. >> reporter: congress likely to pick up the gun debate when it returns from a ten-day recess tomorrow. >> menlo park police are still looking for a man who is suspected of firing an assault rifle in a backyard after officers say he was upset about a loud party next door. abc 7 news was on severe avenue after a s.w.a.t. team spent several hours looking for the suspect. neighbors called 911 when they heard shots fired about 1 is being last night. now you can see here on this map where police set up a perimeter and urged people to stay indoors while they searched for that armed suspect. >> it is pretty crazy, the lights. everything. they are all set up right here in front of our house. there's a table and everything. it was like -- kind of like a part of a movie, i guess. >> the s.w.a.t. team raid at home this morning after getting a search warrant. police say the suspect jose gutierrez was gone. they believe he's still armed with the rifle. now police also say he's driving a silver honda accord with the
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california license plate you see on your screen. 5zck527. a man is in custody after fremont police say he robbed and sexually assaulted two women who work at a party city store. detectives looked for clues at the party city in the fremont hub shopping center for several hours yesterday. the victims told police the man entered store before it opened yesterday morning, produced the gun, robbed the women and sexually assaulted them. patrol officers captured him several hours later on grimmer boulevard. a big supply of drugs is now off the streets in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. take a look. san francisco police tweeted out this photo showing what they say is part of 470 bundles of heroin, meth and cocaine. the bust happened on eighth and mission streets, and one person was arrested. all of this part of the department's efforts to shut down efforts in the tenderloin area. >> the pot industry could expand. coming, california tribes left out of the recreational cannabis
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business are looking to get involved. what they are asking for from the governor. >> plus a new garage in the east bay gives new meaning to putting it in park. we'll check out the new parking
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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a large incumbents struck in the middle of papaya, new gunea. the u.s. grow logical survey says a magnitude 7.5 quake hit the pacific island nation. it wasn't immediately clear if there was any damage. some do report the shake was violent. geophysicists say there was no tsunami danger. native american tribes say they have been cut out of california's legal marijuana
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market and may start their own pot businesses. rules requiring them to be licensed by the state would strip them of authorities over their own lands and the right to self-governance and so far the states and tribes have failed to reach an agreement. california tribes are now circulating a proposal that calls for the governor to reach a deal with them allowing them to participate in the legal market while recognizing a tribe's exclusive authority. >> oakland is celebrating the grab opening of what's been called northern california easy automated parking garage. this is a look from city lift showing how the automated garage looks. you drive your car into the hive. robotic equipment then does the rest moving your car between levels and finally into its own space. the idea is to squeeze more cars into less space than garages when you drive into the space. >> former first lady moesh mah is set to release a member roifrmt the book is set to go on sale november 13th and will be
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titled "becoming, the memoir by michelle obama." will be published in 24 languages and before it's released mrs. obama will be speaking at oracle arena. they go on sale for $100 and pre-sail tickets are available with an offer code >> a sicht times. a preservation group is trying to save a sign that's been peaking in san jose for more than 20 years. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a dry finish to the weekend and i'm tracking two storms on the way and one will bring us a soaking like we haven't s
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a fund-raiser took place in san jose to preserve a landmark that's been part of city for decades. abc 7 news was at the pour house bistro on south autumn street when a band played to support the dancing pig. may have seen the sign near hp pavilion.
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stephen's meet company no longer exists. the city now owns the land and san jose's preservation action council wants to restore and move the sign to another location. >> if we can get the thing up and operational which we'll do, then it will become a legacy for not only people today, the preservationists of today, but it will be something for preservationists of tomorrow. >> plans call for google to build a campus on the land where the dancing pig currently stands. >> pretty cool looking sign. >> some athletes leave college early for fame and fortune as pros and every now and then they return to finish their degrees just like the nfl's youngest player who has come home to california. juju smith-schuster wore his pittsburgh steelers union on his first day of school after returning to classes at the university of southern california. he played at usc for three years before being drafted by pittsburgh. he says his mother urged him to resume his education. >> honestly, the nfl is great, but i've got to come back and finish my education next year
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and finish strong. thank you, yeah. >> i love it. smith-schuster's day at usc included fin meeting with some of the professors that taught him before he left college to turn pro. >> tracking some showers for your monday morning commute and a stronger storm will move in here later on this week. live doppler 7 along with satellite today. a lot of sunshine throughout the day. you notice mainly clear skies overhead, but just to the north, north of cloverdale and around ukiah you can see the cloud cover beginning to bill in. the next storm system we're tracking. a live picture on doppler 7. snow and rain on the border of oregon and california, and this is going to be a quick moving cold front, but the timing is not so great come during the monday morning commute. temperature-wise ahead of the front, a couple of spots made it into the low 60s. lake concord and santa rosa and 52 right now in san francisco
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and oakland a current temperature of 55 degrees. here's the call. over the next 12 hours we'll see the clouds continue to thicken mainly after midnight tonight, and what that does, it acts like a blanket so it won't get as cold tonight as it has been the past couple of nights. temperatures, no 20s on the board overnight tonight. coldest spots in the north bay will drop into the mid to upper 30s and most spots will drop into the mid and low 40s but you do notice the rain enters the picture early tomorrow morning, so we bring back the storm impact scale and use next conclusively here at abc 7 to rank our storms 1-5, light to severe, with a better idea of what to expect. system starting monday morning is a 1. light system. rainfall generally a quarter of an inch and showers moving through during the monday morning commute and monday afternoon there is a chance of a thundershower, isolated popping up. future weather at 3:00. watch the time stamp tomorrow morning. early in the morning. showers are mainly focused in the north bay, but as we go through the morning hours.
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by 7:00 as the morning commute is well under way. it looks like the showers will mainly be focused along the peninsula in the south bay and inland. behind the cold front. it's a quiet midday hour and then in the afternoon we'll track the chance of an isolated shower popping up and there may be another energy in our atmosphere to initialize a thundershower. so it's for that fact that the storm prediction center has placed much of the bay area under an isolated chance of a thundershower popping up monday afternoon and the biggest threat if one does. it's not a guarantee, would be lightning and some small hail. so highs on your monday. it will be breezy. it will be cool and the morning showers. 53 in san francisco and about 55 behind oakland and 56 in san jose and a cool 55 the high in napa and then we'll track some snow in the sierra. a winter weather advisory goes into effect. 5 to 10 inches of snow there and snow levels as far down at 2,000 feet the next 24 hours before tracking a stronger system moving in here on thursday.
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this will be a 2. moderate on the storm impact system. winds 20 to 40 miles per hour, and this will be a significant snowfall for the sierra. we're talking and can measure it in feet by friday afternoon. accuweather seven-day forecast, the main issue tomorrow, light showers, monday morning commute and then we'll track the increasing clouds on wednesday and then thursday rain and wind. this could be a soaker that we haven't seen in about two months, guys, coming our way that day. much-needed rain coming by thursday. >> things intensifying for sure. >> thanks. >> everyone thinks of the warriors/cavaliers rivalry. don't forget okc. >> twitter on fire with yesterday's matchup. namely this play that involved zaza and russell westbrook. an intentional foul? dirty play? well, we have some thoughts coming up next in sports.
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last year in the playoffs, warrior center zaza pachulia was called a dirty player after spurs star kawhi leopard rolled his ankle landing on zaza's foot taking him out of the playoffs. many think that's unintentional zaza's rep is back on defense after an incident against the thunder. he fell on the leg of thunder star russell westbrook as he was tang you had up with nick young and westbrook. was tip tensional? not sure but many around the league thinks it was including westbrook. the league will likely take a look and westbrook was not hurt badly on the play and didn't hold back on his thoughts following the play. >> obviously it was intentional.
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ask me was it intentional. nobody ever tried to fall on my leg or hurt me. >> you think that's something the nba needs to look into more? >> they need to look at it. >> do you think he's a dirty player? >> yeah, for sure. >> all right. as i looked as every angle, nick young's foot caught zaza's leg and he was off balance. if he wanted to hurt russell he could have fallen a lot harder so i'll give zaza a pass on this one. the nba may feel differently. we'll know tomorrow. lebron james an assist show you of a triple dab double. lays it in and the foul. third quarter, paw gasol, nice pass to danny green. he'll by the three. 23 points for san antonio. >> lamarcus aldridge added a team high 27 and the spurs go on to win 110-94, the second win in the last eight games. today stanford's women's basketball game against wassa
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was cancelled following the death of longtime strength and conditioning coach david lang. the correct move after such a sudden passing. the game will not be rescheduled. next up for the cardinal, pac-12 tournament in seattle. bears outscored their opponent 20-6 in the first quarter. of strong play underneath the basket and same for the bears wins 83-67 in that fine. final round of the honda classic. justin thomas on the par 5 18th. his third shot. he'll put it about two feet away. it will make that putt for a birdie at 2 under 68. he's 8 under par. luke list on the par 5 18. with thomas, the eagle putt for the win. not to be. tapped in for a birdie. 8 under and sudden death. list has to make the birdie putt to stay alive. pushes it an his chance for his first pga title, thomas missed
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the eagle putt and drains the birdie for his eighth pga tour win. moves to number three in the world and atop the fedex cup standings. >> nascar in atlanta. for the second race of the season. a slight weather delay before the race. 28 laps to go. if your car looks like trevor bayne's we advise you to pull over. that brought out caution and on the restart kevin harvick who led 181 of the 325 laps with a great jump and he never looked back, taking the checkered flag. all right. the nba will be handing out fines for the warrior/okc game. zaza and k.d. and carmelo fouled and it should be interesting tomorrow. warriors could be dipping no their pockets. >> saw that interaction between k.d. and carmelo. thought they were asking where they should go to dinner. >> car molo doesn't know the area that well. >> nice try. just ahead, a whale off the california coast proves that
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00, hear from a north bay woman who says her husband what is detained by i.c.e. today. >> and the latest version of the one's most popular phones was unveiled. what's new with the galaxy s9. >> a play along the west coast. the whale gave watchers a shower for free. wail watching is one of the most popular attraction at ft. bragg as the whales migrate along the
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coast. >> how special is that. >> it is special. >> bring your own towel. >> good to know. >>ies welcome to "world news tonight." the deadly tornado outbreak. at least four dead as a powerful line of storms strikes millions. homes flattened, cars tossed and mangled. neighborhoods ripped apart. and tonight, the growing flood threat. some communities now under water. breaking with the nra? will president trump go where the nra will not, on age restrictions for weapons like the ar-15, and banning bump stocks? as congress comes back, is now the moment for action? the emotional return. parents and students back at stoneman douglas high school for the first time. this, as pressure on the sheriff mounts. the governor of florida now ordering an investigation into the police response. family fights back. a crook with a shotgun robbing a


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