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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 25, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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coast. >> how special is that. >> it is special. >> bring your own towel. >> good to know. >>ies welcome to "world news tonight." the deadly tornado outbreak. at least four dead as a powerful line of storms strikes millions. homes flattened, cars tossed and mangled. neighborhoods ripped apart. and tonight, the growing flood threat. some communities now under water. breaking with the nra? will president trump go where the nra will not, on age restrictions for weapons like the ar-15, and banning bump stocks? as congress comes back, is now the moment for action? the emotional return. parents and students back at stoneman douglas high school for the first time. this, as pressure on the sheriff mounts. the governor of florida now ordering an investigation into the police response. family fights back. a crook with a shotgun robbing a
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family-run store. the mother and daughter not backing down, grabbing their own guns. tonight, how they stopped a one-man crime spree. and the major update tonight on that flu-killing drug that works in just one day. where patients may soon be getting it. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with a deadly tornado outbreak. as powerful storms strike millions. this tornado caught on camera in kentucky, at least 12 confirmed twisters touching down overnight. you can see there, rooftops ripped from homes. an rv knocked over by powerful winds, and trees uprooted. tornado warning in four states in the midwest, stretching east. so far, at least four fatalities reported. marcus moore gets us started from the storm zone in
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tennessee. >> reporter: a tornado outbreak in america's heartland. 12 twisters touching down, some of them in the dead of night. >> the metal from the barn took off, and the windows busted out. >> reporter: watch how quickly a twister can spin into a destructive force. severe weather now being blamed for at least four deaths. daylight revealing a 750-mile stretch of damage from kentucky to dallas. this, in clarksville, tennessee. cars destroyed, roofs torn off, debris scattered throughout entire neighborhoods. the ef-2 tornado packing winds up to 120 miles per hour, leaving a gaping hole in steven coleman's house. the roof from this house? >> yes. came across and knocked down those walls. >> reporter: his wife, home alone when the twister barreled through. >> the house started shaking and she said it was like two to three freight trains coming through. >> reporter: parts of arkansas getting over 12 inches of rain overnight, with winds up to 70 miles per hour. this is some of the damage these violent winds left here in kaizer. look at this, this is actually
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part of a roof that peeled away when the storm blew through, now debris is strewn about. tammy mccarn had only minutes to take shelter. >> we heard a really loud noise and it almost sounded like the roof was coming off of our house. >> reporter: the cooper family hid in their bathtub. >> not enough time to be scared, just time enough to run to the bathroom. >> reporter: the same storm system flooding parts of indiana and swallowing cars in missouri and prompting more than 100 water rescues in kentucky overnight. >> some rescue operations still under way tonight. marcus, joining us live from tennessee. destruction everywhere you look. but amazingly, everyone survived in that neighborhood? >> reporter: it is astonishing, especially when you look at the cars covered with white insulation. what else is remarkable is the army of volunteers we've seen helping clear the debris in the neighborhood. and this is an act of service for this neighborhood made of mostly veterans or service
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members stationed at ft. campbell, nearby. >> marcus, thank you. next tonight, the gun debate raging across the country in the wake of the florida school massacre. with pressure mounting, president trump signaling a willingness to make some changes on age restrictions and bump stocks. but it's unclear if meaningful reform is a possibility. stephanie ramos is in washington. >> reporter: tonight, president trump and the national rifle association, the closest of allies. at odds about what to do in the wake of the deadly florida high school massacre. >> it doesn't seem to make sense that you have to wait until you're 21 years old to get a pistol, but to get a gun like this maniac used in the school, you get that at 18. i mean, that doesn't make sense, and frankly i explained that to the nra. >> reporter: but the nra is pushing back against any calls to raise the age limit to buy an ar-15 semiautomatic rifle like the one used in florida and many
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other deadly mass shootings. >> let me just -- the position is, you do not want to raise the age? >> that's what the nra came out and said. that's correct. >> reporter: another point of contention, banning bump stocks like the one used in the deadly las vegas concert rampage that killed 58 people. the president repeating in a phone interview he supports the ban. but tonight nra spokeswoman dana loesch, clear on the group's opposition to that proposal. >> the nra doesn't back any ban. >> reporter: one proposal they have seen eye to eye on, securing schools. the president calling for some teachers to be armed. >> if they would have had concealed permits, you wouldn't have this problem today. >> reporter: but this teacher who survived the florida shooting speaking out against that proposal. >> i would definitely say not. having something like this in the vicinity is not a good idea. >> reporter: the nra facing fierce backlash. over the weekend, delta and united airlines joining more than a dozen companies that
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severed their relationship with the organization. >> i wish as much attention was given to the sheriff and their abdication of duty. >> reporter: president trump insisted congress will respond legislatively to the florida school shooting. but when lawmakers return tomorrow, they have no immediate plans to vote on any gun legislation. >> stephanie, thank you. as the debate continues in washington, students in florida are returning to stoneman douglas high school. parents and children invited to an orientation on school grounds today. many still shaken after the massacre nearly two weeks ago. this coming as pressure builds for local law enforcement to explain their actions before and during the massacre. here's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tonight, a sea of strength and support, thousands of students and parents making their way back into the halls of stoneman douglas high school. >> my son is stronger than i am.
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>> reporter: with classes set to resume, their concern, security. >> i'm sending him back on wednesday with no progression on gun control or school safety. so he's going in to the same situation on the 14th, nothing is different. >> reporter: did you ever think you would have to look for emergency exits in your own school? >> no. never would i have thought this would happen here. >> reporter: parkland trying to move forward as the demand for answers intensifies. 74 gop state lawmakers sending a letter to florida governor rick scott urging him to suspend broward county sheriff scott israel, who is a democrat, accusing him and his department of "ignoring repeated warning signs" about the suspected shooter nikolas cruz. today at the governor's request the state's department of law enforcement launched an investigation into the shooting response. >> i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. >> reporter: before the rampage, deputies responded to 18 calls related to cruz. >> two of them we're not sure if
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our deputies did everything they could have or should have. >> reporter: the sheriff also investigating reports from nearby coral springs police officers who responded to the school. the claim, that several deputies were waiting instead of rushing in during the shooting. the school's resource officer scot peterson, allegedly seen on video taking cover, has already resigned. >> our investigation to this point shows that during this horrific attack there was only one law enforcement person period and that was former deputy scot peterson. >> peterson, the school resource officer who has since resigned. kenneth, students are expected to return to class on wednesday? >> reporter: that's right. students will have a half-day, because this week is all about providing emotional support. to get them comfortable inside the school. but building 12, where the massacre happened, will never be used again. the superintendent says it will be torn down, and the school will likely build a memorial park for the 17 killed. >> kenneth, thank you.
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and president trump now slamming the newly declassified democratic memo on the russia probe that rebuts the gop document released weeks ago. this, coming as the russia investigation enters a critical new week. here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, the debate over the newly declassified memo on the russia probe, written by the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff, has descended to schoolyard taunts. >> he's a bad guy. but certainly the memo was a nothing. >> reporter: president trump not just calling fox news. but misquoting the network, too. on twitter, the president attributes this quote to fox news. "congressman schiff omitted and distorted key facts." but listen closely to what the fox news reporter actually says. >> congressman schiff, he argues the republican memo omits and distorts key facts.
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>> reporter: trump's tweet omits key words and distorts the meaning. trump called schiff a total phony. today schiff shot back a taunt of his own, "wait a minute, mr. president. am i a phony, or sleazy, a monster or little? surely you know the key to a good playground nickname is consistency. i thought you were supposed to be good at this." schiff's memo is a point-by-point rebuttal of a republican memo released weeks ago. that document, written by congressman devin nunes, accuses the department of justice of basing their requests for a wiretap on a trump campaign associate on the unverified dossier compiled by former british spy christopher steele, and paid for by the clinton campaign. >> to have a secret court that gets abused like this is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: but the schiff memo insists, "doj provided additional information obtained through multiple independent
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sources that corroborated steele's reporting." now, look right below that assertion. whatever that corroborating evidence might have been is now blacked out. redacted for national security. >> i'm not surprised that the white house didn't like it and tried to bury it because it reveals evidence that goes to the issue of collusion. >> reporter: tonight, the president and first lady host a ball at the white house for the nation's governors. they're in town for their annual meeting. tomorrow, a business session with the governors. among the topics they're going to discuss, guns. >> david, thank you. next tonight, to pyeongchang where the olympics may be over, but questions about a diplomatic breakthrough are not. moments after kim jung-undescribjung-un described new sanctions as an act of war, ivanka trump seen
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seated between the president of south korea and north korea's head of intelligence. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: amid the pomp and pageantry of closing ceremonies a dizzying array of diplomatic signals from north korea. just moments after ivanka trump took her seat barely an arm's length away from north korea's powerful spy chief in that fur hat, north korea's leader kim jong-un labeling the tough new u.s. sanctions against the north an act of war. those sanctions, which the administration calls the toughest yet, include the possibility of a u.s. naval blockade of north korea. >> we're going to continue a campaign of maximum pressure. >> reporter: but just minutes later, with those dancers and lights still dazzling the crowd, a surprise diplomatic twist. north korea saying it would be willing to meet with the u.s. delegation. it would have been the highest level talks in nearly a decade. so far that hasn't happened, and ivanka trump is set to leave the region overnight. is there anything to talk about with the north? would there be anything to talk about? >> until we see some movement, the denuclearization of the
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peninsula, then there's really not a lot for us to to talk about or the conversation would change in any dramatic fashion. >> reporter: there has been more intrigue at these games. officials believe the russian cyber spies have hacked systems here, making it look like north korea did it. analysts here tell us this could be payback over russia being banned from these games over doping. tom? >> hacking even at the olympics. matt, thank you. next tonight, the armed robbery and dramatic response in tulsa, oklahoma. a mother and daughter grabbing their own guns to turn the tables on the alleged serial crook. tonight, they're speaking out. here's marci gonzalez. >> i'm just glad we're both here, and overcame something that could have ended terribly. >> reporter: gratitude after this intense showdown with an accused armed robber. the mother and daughter behind the counter of this oklahoma liquor store, confronted by this man carrying a shotgun. tina ring says her reaction was
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instinctual. >> the next thing i know, i have my gun, and i shoot him. and i get up and shoot him again. he just kept coming back at me. >> reporter: the alleged robber shot in the leg, yet relentless. wrestling the gun away, pistol whipping her. her daughter stepping in, and shooting him at point-blank range. >> i knew she was here to protect me, and she was going to be there to protect me as well. >> reporter: they run out and call 911. >> she saved my life. >> you saved my life. >> reporter: their actions helping officers track down a suspect police say they've been searching for, for weeks. wanted for at least ten other robberies. >> i feel outstanding that he can no longer go out and hurt or harm anyone. >> reporter: we're told the suspect is still being treated in the hospital. police say charges have not yet been filed. tom? >> marci, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight"
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this sunday. a major update tonight on the flu-killing drug that works in just one day. where patients may soon be getting it. fed up with robocalls and phone scammers? coming up, the new app that fights back for you. and the out of control car, crashing right into a family's nursery. why the mother and her baby walked out of the room moments before the car slammed into the house. stay with us. nick was born to move. 3 toddlers won't stop him. and neither will lower back pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. oscar mayer deli fresh ham has no added nitrates, nitrites or artificial preservatives. now deli fresh flavor is for everyone. like those who like... sweet. those who prefer heat. and those who just love meat. oscar mayer deli fresh. a fresh way to deli.
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5:48 pm
too much for her to take. >> it pains me to say this but she took her life because of this incident. >> reporter: the most common offender, robocalls. they are the number one consumer complaint to the fcc. 2.9 billion of these calls nationwide in just one month. who is the real target here? >> they're targeting really the most vulnerable in society. >> reporter: this tech company in new jersey says it has a new remedy. an app called robo killer. here's how it works. first, the calls stop. the app-based service instantly protects you from more than 200,000 numbers known to be spammers, scammers and telemarketers. >> they won't ring on your phone again. you'll just get a notification. >> reporter: second, answer bots, code for fake people, who fight back for you. wasting the spammers' time like this. >> hello? >> i have a baby here that's sleeping. >> oh, sorry about that. >> reporter: the app even getting a little vindictive. >> i was trying to remember all the presidents in the united states. bear with me. >> reporter: as for the crackdown in washington, the
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department of justice just filed two complaints, one against a group of scammers that bilked $100 million out of consumers. >> zachary, thank you. up next, the search for a missing 5-year-old, what police are saying. and the breaking headline overseas. police responding to this fiery explosion. we'll be right back. police responding to this fiery explosion. we'll be right back. with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis? do what i did. ask your doctor about humira. it's proven to help relieve pain and protect joints from further irreversible damage in many adults. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 20 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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5:53 pm
and not a terror incident. and the intensive search for a little boy, back here at home. police in wichita, kansas, urging the public to come forward. saying any small detail may help. 5-year-old lucas hernandez missing for more than a week now. the fbi and county sheriff also on the hunt for answers. police questioning the child's stepmother, who has been accused of child endangerment in the past. and the new flu-fighting drug health experts are calling a possible game changer. it has just been reported that it has been approved in japan. it's called baloxavir. like tamiflu, it shortens symptom duration, but apparently it goes a step further, killing the virus with one dose, making you no longer infectious the next day. american drug makers are now working to bring the medicine here. the u.s. epidemic has been one of the worst in years, with emergency rooms trying to keep up. when we come back, a veteran who survived world war ii, and the third-grader who just saved his life. the incredible story, and the lesson we'll all learn, coming up after this break.
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finally tonight, "america strong." good neighbors and where acts of kindness can lead. connecting a third-grader and a world war ii vet. here's john donvan. >> reporter: you're a kid in a schoolyard, and you see this across the street. a house going up. what do you do? here's what third grader jake bever did. >> i saw, like, a bunch of flames and smoke. so i told my mom. >> reporter: and with that, a life was saved. because the world war ii vet who lived there, max wilson, was asleep inside and it was jake and his mom who woke him up. >> jake and his mother were hollering, get out, get out. >> reporter: max did get out, losing the house and everything
5:58 pm
in it. which was rough, coming on top of losing his wife a few months ago. but something happened at the mark twain elementary in the aftermath with all the other kids. >> the kids wanted to do something, it's part of them showing their kindness. >> reporter: they started drawing him pictures, making him cards for his 95th birthday. and then they started going to their piggy banks. >> bringing in their allowance, searching through the sofa cushions for change, looking in the car. >> reporter: and so successful were they that the other day, when max came by school to help give young jake a police department award for sounding the alarm, max himself got the surprise of the day. a check that actually deserves to be called giant. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: because it seems that's what these kids' hearts are. giant. john donvan, abc news. >> such an incredible effort. we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night. watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening.
5:59 pm
good night. university. >> after weeks of dry, rain will return. find out how wet it will get where you live. i wanted to cry, but that's not going to solve anything. >> upset but ready to fight back. a north bay woman says has detained here husband. there will be warnings of i.c.e. raids in the bay area. >> she's
6:00 pm
she say? >> reporter: this is where ice agents were gathered this morning. cell phone kr captured the moment when at least a half dozen ice agents went directly to the backyard, where they found her husband, a 39-year-old undocumented immigrant since he was 4 years old. they asked him hiss name, he replied and without incident, they had him in their custody. this was a fear the family had that one day this would happen but they were hoping their family would be a low priority for i.c.e. >> he wasn't doing anything wrong, we just assumed they were coming for other people who


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