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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 25, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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now from abc 7 live breaking news. that breaking news is happening in a tiny community near daily city where someone walked into a convenience store and shot three people. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. it happened in broadmoor. >> abc 7 reporter kate larsson just arrived on scene. what are you learning? >> reporter: i can tell you there are a lot of very concerned people out here. concerned it was their family member that got shot. police are saying someone fired shots inside a market, it's called the hillside market. we are on the border of broadmoor and daily city. the market is up the street and at 8:45 there was a shooting there. two, possibly three people were
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shot. we're hearing different reports about the status of their injuries. we believe that one person may have died and you can see a very large police scene here. broadmoor police are in charge of this investigation. however, a number of agencies throughout this area have responded, including pacifica and san mateo county. i want to show you a group of people on the corner. i was speaking to a number of folks who were visibly upset. they tell me they are waiting for information from police as well because they're concerned it might be their brother or sister or someone they know who was shot. so again a lot of anxious people here waiting to find out the details of what happened here in this market in broadmoor. as soon as we learn more official we'll bring you the latest. kate, thank you very much. we will be back in touch. to our other top story this evening. >> looking at doppler 7 where it may seem quiet now but when you
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wake up in the morning to head to work we could see something we haven't seen in a long time, rain. we're looking at a level 1 storm, a pair of systems. the first one arriving tomorrow and it is the timing that is concern. we have the cloud cover that is slowly building in at this hour. the broader picture, be the leading edge of moisture just over 100 miles away from san francisco and moving in time for the commute tomorrow. so it's a 1, a light system, less than a quarter inch but it does come through while many of us hit the roadways and there's a chance tomorrow afternoon for a thunder shower as well. so add extra time as rain returns tomorrow morning but another storm quickly moving in behind this one is much stronger. a soaking we haven't seen in almost two months.
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developing news now. a napa family has been torn apart after i.c.e. agents swarmed their property and arrested their father. >> this was one of several deportation arrests in northern california. lillian kim has our story. >> probably five or six cars stopped and they got out. >> reporter: she saw at least a half dozen immigration enforcement agents swarm her property, her husband was doing yard work behind their house where they took him into custody. >> he went to work, didn't drink or do anything wrong. we just assumed they were coming for other people who really are doing wrong stuff. >> reporter: her husband is 39 years old and came to the u.s. from mexico when he was 4. the family hadn't heard of the warnings of possible i.c.e. sweeps this weekend. they are seeking the help of
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organizations that help immigrants facing deportation. >> we feel like it's a tactic to increase fear in the community and to cause them to forget that they have rights. that's why rapid response exists so we remind people we have rights. >> reporter: daughter isabelle la says through it all she will follow her father's advise which is to study hard and cherish her right to be in the kun. >> it's why i want to go to college, and i have the opportunity because i'm a u.s. citizen and i have all this stuff. >> reporter: a family devastated but doing everything it can to bring him back home. in napa, lillian kim. oakland's mayor drew national attention when she warned of those rates. >> cornell bernard has more. >> yesterday i learned information from multiple sources that there is
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potentially an i.c.e. activity planned in the bay area. >> reporter: a stunning warning from oakland mayor libby schaaf that i.c.e. operations were imminent. but there were few details about when and where. >> it is not my wish to panic people but to ensure they're prepared with information. >> reporter: immigration advocate emma paulino ensures her community is scared. >> we want to be prepared and we want to be all together. >> reporter: councilman noel guyo question it s the public a. >> it creates a lot of fear in people. >> reporter: the rapid response network is on alert telling undocumented people to know their rights. >> we're telling people to be careful about what's going on. be sure that those who are coming after you, if you're in your house that they have a warrant for your arrest. >> reporter: the mayor says her sources say those targeted for
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i.c.e. sweeps were wanted for immigration violations and not for crimes. she doesn't believe she's breaking the law with the warning. >> i did seek my legal counsel on my situation. >> reporter: i.c.e. told abc 7 news there are i.c.e. operations every day and it is unclear what the mayor is referring to. san jose's mayor has agreed to share if he has heard anything about i.c.e. raids. he tweeted a statement stating regardless of the truth of these rumors, my message to our immigrant residents remains the same, we have your back. he said his police force does not help in i.c.e. operations. a college basketball coach arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after a game in san francisco. kate larsen has details on where
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the alleged assault took place. >> this is the university of san diego's men's basketball coach la mont smith. police say he assaulted a woman while on a school trip to san francisco this weekend. >> the police received a call regarding a disturbance in a hotel. >> reporter: police say they showed up to this marriott, just after midnight. officers spoke to a woman who was hurt and had to be taken to the hospital after she said she got into a fight with smith. >> she stated the person she had the physical altercation with and who supposedly caused her injuries was someone she was involved in an intimate relationship. >> reporter: sfpd arrested smith for domestic violence, assault with force to create great bodily injury. he was held at county jail until sunday night. on saturday before the alleged assault took place he coached
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the game against usf, which san diego won. he coached at both santa clara and st. mary's. >> the woman's injuries are reportedly not life threatening. the university of san diego says they are aware of the accusations against smith and are investigating. students at a florida high school where a gunman killed 17 people are getting ready to return to their classrooms. marjory stoneman douglas held an open house for students and their parents. they were allow today come on campus and make changes. they're promising to make their voices heard at election time. >> it's our generation. columbine was 19 years ago. now that you have an entire generation of kids growing up around massive shootings and now they're able to vote explains how we can have the change. >> teachers have work days on
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monday and tuesday, classes are set to resume on wednesday. a surprise this weekend at the democratic convention in san diego. >> in the race for united states senate, the vote was no consens consensus. >> neither dianne feinstein or kevin deleon picked up enough support. de-leon has been branding himself as a fresh face. feinstein addressed the committee admitting it was a tough time to be an incumbent while taking a shot at president trump. >> i have never seen the presidency, i'm going to say it, as disgraced as it is today. >> feinstein's campaign said it views deleon not getting the endorsement a victory. a car slams into a car, it's a miracle a child was not hurt.
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the flu killing drug that works in one day, where patients may soon be getting it. and a little later. >> some much needed joy
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a few moments and a few feet helped a family avoid a tragedy in southern california. >> a mother and her son just left the baby's room right before a car barrelled into that part of their home. >> reporter: 14 month old ace will likely get more sleep than his parents tonight. they keep envisioning what could have happened had the car seen on their surveillance video,
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slammed into their house moments earlier. >> i got done changing his diaper, i did laundry today. i was putting away some of his clothes and he was helping me. >> reporter: the car flipped and slammed into ace's room. his crib now crushed, be the wall caved in. >> i heard the screeched and we started feeling what felt like a huge earthquake. >> marie called her husband, alex who was five minutes away from home. >> i'm always changing his diaper in there, so she's. i thank the lord he wasn't in the there. >> the police said the driver wasn't drinking and the driver and passenger claims he was going 40 miles per hour. >> the report from the people were that he was street racing and a car pulled in front of him so he had to swerve out of the way and that's why he drove into my house.
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>> reporter: another car is seen on the video speeding in the same direction. the driver and passenger were not injured. but they say the close call will have a lasting impact on their family. >> sure it was an accident but this is a family. you did this to us. it's like we're never going to be the same. >> reporter: what a close call. >> you just heard from reporter melissa mcbride. police are trying to verify if the car that crashed into the house was involved in a street race. the nation's largest animal protection organization is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. two of the leaders have resigned after complaints against them became public. now northern california women give their reports to dan noyes, a report tomorrow at 11:00.
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japan has a flu pill that kills the flu in one day. don't expect to see it in the store in the u.s. for a while. they need approval before selling it in the u.s. and the earliest it'll be available is next year. a fund-raiser took place in san jose to preserve a landmark that's been part of the city for decades. abc 7 news was at the poor house when the band played to support the dancing pig. the sign's original owner no longer exists and the city owns the land now. san jose's preservation action council wants to restore the sign and move its location. >> we can get it up and operational, which we can do. then it will become a preservation for not only today but for tomorrow. >> plans call for google to
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build on the land where the dancing pig stands. we'll have a little bit of shower activity in the morning. and then a stronger storm midweek that could rival some of the storms we've had all season. live doppler 7 tonight, cloud cover is filling in. that's the first ingredient you need if you want any rain. it moves in just as many of us are getting to and from our work and home on our monday. right now temperature wise look at this, still have spots in the 50s at this hour. so ahead of this cold front it's not too chilly compared to previous nights. and overnight tonight it will not be as cold as last night. our coldest spots in the north bay dropping to the 30s. outside the north bay drops to mid and low 30s tomorrow morning
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thanks to the cloud cover insulating us tonight. it's a one, a light system on monday. so rainfall generally less than a quarter inch of rain. it's the timing, it's during the morning commute and there's a chance of the thunder shower popping up. monday morning showers moving in the north bay first and then we get you into 6:00, 7:00 in the morning and future weather showing you the main focus of the showers, likely along the peninsula and east bay and inland. so add extra time as the commute will be slower than normal tomorrow morning. behind that cold front into the afternoon, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, watching for a couple isolated showers that will try to pop up and the heating of the day may be enough energy to create a shower in the region. so much of the bay area is under an isolated chance of a thunder
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shower popping up. if one does we may have to deal with hail and lightning. chilly with morning showers, 53 in san francisco, 55 in san jose, 55 in napa, and 56 in antioch. the sierra, a winter weather adviso advisory. could have a couple of isolated spots pick up 14 inches. what we're watching is thursday. on the storm impact scale, it's stronger, a 2. look at rainfall, widespread, probably half an inch to an inch and a half of moisture across the region. winds will be breezy as well, 20 to 40 miles per hour. we are looking at significant sierra snow fall. we'll probably measure it in feet. tomorrow the morning showers,
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light in nature, the chance of an afternoon thunder shower. dry tuesday. and then thursday, the rainy and windy day with showers lingering into friday. we'll be here at
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all new 2018 subaru forester models. now through february 28th. the marjory stoneman douglas high school varsity hockey team is bringing some much needed joy to a grieving community. >> the team won the state championship this afternoon. they entered the championship tournament at the lowest seed and knocked off the top seed on their way to the title. >> this wasn't for us, this was for the 17 victims. we played for them, so passionate, so emotional. it's for them. >> this last week and a half has been rough. hockey takes away all the pain,
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all the thoughts. kind of our getaway and play. we came to win, and that's what we did. >> not only talk about the resilience of those kids but they've been so well spoken during this process. hearing them talk to politicians all along the way. >> they have indeed. >> what a great story. >> yeah. we're all listening. >> she was here. >> warriors hit the road for the next three games on
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. steve kerr did not travel with the warriors to new york today dealing with personal issues but he will play tomorrow against the knicks.
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patrick mccall is out. they got a short practice once they arrived in the big apple. they play the next three games on the east coast. now that the all-star game is over it's time to tune the team up. >> we have a lot of mileage on us so i don't expect us to be in top form night after night. this feels like a stretch run. i think the last couple games have been good ones for us. it feels like we're rounding into form, which i think is good timing. the houston rockets were in denver. the beard added eight boards seven assists. they won 119-114. the calves hosting the spurs tp lebron james was an assist shy of a triple-double.
11:30 pm
third quarter, gasal to green. he had 32 points for san anto o antonio. spurs win 110-94. sharks and minnesota. jann ik hanson with a great backhand pass. one timer makes it 1-0 sharks. they went up 2-0. but matt cullen scores with 43 left in the second. eric stahl gets a bounce with under 5 minutes to play, sending the game to other time where spurgeon scores. madison bum gardner on the hill, allowed just four hits. all five of his outs came
11:31 pm
strikeouts and they lost third shot for justin thomas, 68, 8 under par. thomas had the eagle putt for the win. not to be. he taps for the and sudden death. list has to make it. pushes it right. thomas drains the birdie for his eighth pga tour win. number three in the world now. coming up zaza pachulia and i go one on one discussing his benching after the all-star break and the fact he's getting called out as a dirty player again. interesting interview. make sure to stay with us because kate lar sen will
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now from abc 7 live breaking news. thanks for sticking around for another half hour of abc 7 news. we're continuing to follow the breaking news in broadmoor tonight. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. we are getting information into the news room of multiple people shot in a market. kate we saw you talking to people who were in fear their loved ones were involved. >> reporter: that's still the concern for people on the scene. but unfortunately i did just hear from the police chief of broadmoor pd he tells me two
11:36 pm
people died, a third person is being treated at the hospital tonight. the shooting happened outside the hillside market in the parking lot. that's just about a block up the street. we are on the border of broadmoor and daily city right now. there are multiple police agencies right now investigating. we're told this happened around 8:45 and there are multiple shooters who were there looking for, right now they're not sure or thai at least they're not saying yet what the circumstances of the shooting are. however they do believe that the victims and suspects may know each other. as we just were talking about, there are some people here, families -- concerned families who are waiting on the corner trying to get information. i spoke to one mother who's concerned that her daughter may have been shot. >> they said that my daughter had gotten shot and she wasn't moving. so that's it. that's all i know. i don't know anything else. and so, you know, we're just
11:37 pm
kind of here. i'm kind of numb. just don't know what to think or feel. just want to find out where my daughter is. >> reporter: that's leigh who you just heard from. i asked her if she called her daughter's cell phone. she said she's called it many times and it's going straight to voice mail. you can imagine her concern and fear right now as this police investigation continues. she did just speak to the police but she said she doesn't know anything more at this time. we'll keep you informed as the investigation continues. the police chief did say while they are looking for the shooters and they'd like to find out who they are and catch them, they're not concerned for the immediate safety of this neighborhood. that's the latest here in broadmoor, i'm kate larsen, abc 7 back to you. >> we appreciate the update. we'll try to keep you posted throughout the newscast but also
11:38 pm
abc 7 pressure is mounting for the sheriff's for the failures down in florida. he said he won't step down. >> all of this happenng as gun safety remains a top issue across the country. >> reporter: alumni of marjory stoneman douglas high school marching sunday in honor of the 17 victims of this school massacre. as this last victim is laid to rest, sunday afternoon students and parents returning to high school for the first time since the shooting for a voluntary orientation before classes resume on wednesday. at the same time the broward county sheriff is facing pressure to resign over repeated failures to investigate the alleged shooter's warning signs and the school resource officer taking cover and not confronting
11:39 pm
the gunman. >> of course i won't resign. >> reporter: they're sending a letter to the governor asking him to suspend him. the letter signed by 73 republican lawmakers. in new jersey parkland student survivors addressing a rally for gun legislation. >> i do not know what god i can trust that allows this to happen time and time again. >> the national rifle association still resisting a ban on assault weapons or a of bump stocks. >> she's serving the people of the gunmen, not the people of the nra because 99% are safe and responsible people. >> reporter: congress likely to pick up the debate when it returns tomorrow.
11:40 pm
family members hope a $10,000 reward will help find a top researcher who vanished without a trace two weeks ago. he works at the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. no one has heard from cunningham after he left work early feeling sick. his family found his dog, car and wallet at his home p the police say they do not suspect foul play at this time. an east coast company has developed an app it believes can save you from scams. it blocks more than 200,000 numbers known to be robo callers. and they waist smamer's time for you like this. >> i have a baby here that's sleeping. >> sorry about that. >> robo calls rank as the
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complaint to the samsung revealed the s 9 and s 9 plus. there are no dramatic changes but perhaps the biggest upgrade is the camera. it features the ability to set up video on your lock screen. a fingerprint scanner has been moved next to the camera or if you choose you can use your face. and there's something else samsung is introducing to challenge apple. >> now you can use your front or back camera to map your unique facial features and expressions and create emojis that actually look like you. amazing, right? >> preorders start next week. the phones are supposed to hit
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shelves on march 16th $700. the bigger model is ken worthy won't be leaving south korea empty-handed. >> he visited a dog meat farm so he and his partner plan to adopt one of the dogs. >> as soon as her vaccinations are complete she'll join the pair in the u.s. a veteran who survived world war ii and a third grader. the incredible story and how an entire class is pitching in to help tonight. live doppler 7 tracking our next storm
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tonight, america strong. good neighbors and where acts of kindness can lead. >> connecting an eagle-eyed
11:46 pm
third grader and a world war ii veteran. we have the heart warming story. >> reporter: you're a kid in a schoolyard and you see this happening across the street. a house going up and what do you do? here's what third grader jake beaver did. >> i saw a bunch of flames and smoke so i told my mom. >> reporter: with that a life was saved because the world war ii vet who lived there, max wilson, was asleep inside and it was jake and his mom who woke him up. >> they were hollering get up get up. >> reporter: he did get up, losing everything in the house, which was tough losing his wife a few months ago. and then something happened at mark twain elementary. >> the kids wanted to do something. it's part of their kindness. >> they started drawing pictures for max and making cards for his birthday.
11:47 pm
then they started going to their piggy banks. >> going to their allowance, searching through the sofa cushion for change. >> reporter: so successful were they, when max came by school to help give jake a police department award, max got the surprise, a check that deserves to be called giant because it seems that's what these kids' hearts are, giant. >> love seeing stories like that. >> good to see both of them smile. >> you bet. let's see if we have something to smile weather-wise. if you like rain, you do. >> yes. wide doppler 7 showing you the picture, it is sinking south and moves in tomorrow morning. on the storm impact scale, rainfall less than a quarter of an inch. it's the timing during the morning rush tomorrow. and there is the chance of a
11:48 pm
thunder shower in the afternoon. you see showers around santa rosa and sinking south. by 7:00 in the morning much of the region from san francisco, oakland seeing the showers for the morning rush. you see the showers out by the afternoon tapering. a lot of 50s on the board. 55 in oakland, 55 in san jose, and 55 the high in napa. light showers tomorrow, a sunny day on tuesday. by wednesday the clouds come back and we're tracking a storm on thursday. >> what a change after such a calm pattern. >> i like it. >> he's been smiling for two days about this. we have a look at sports. you can add russell westbrook as another player who thinks zaza pachulia is a dirty ♪
11:49 pm
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. last year in the playoffs warriors center zaza pachulia was called a dirty player after the spurs star rolled his ankle taking him out of the playoffs. while many think it was unintentional, they're calling it into question against as zaza pachulia was tangled up last night with westbrook. was it intentional? not sure. many around the league think it was, the league will take a look at it. >> obviously it was intentionally. ask me, was it intentional, nobody touched me, fell over my leg, tried to hurt me. >> you think that's somebody the nba needs to look at?
11:53 pm
>> they need to look at it. >> do you think he's a dirty player? >> for sure. >> as i looked at every angle nick young's foot caught zaza pachulia if he wanted to hurt russell he could have fallen a lot harder. i give him a pass on this one. nba might think differently. i talked to him about his play, he's coming off the bench but the true professional he is, he never complains. i asked him about how difficult this is. >> it's been tough. the nature i have, it's competitive nature, you want to play, be a star, get most out of it. but understanding it's all about the team and contributing and helping the team. end of the day, i still got who i am and i still got the way i came to this point and nobody gonna take from me just working
11:54 pm
hard and being zaza, it's all about helping the team. contributing as much as possible. we all want to play. understanding that and coaching job is tough. but most important thing is winning the championship. >> that's a whole different mind set, right? coming off the bench as opposed to starting the game. how is that adjustment? >> it's different. that's when you have to use your experience and that's when you have to just, you know, be more mindful where, you know, adjusting personalities and around different sets. but at the end of the day still playing basketball. we have a system offensively, defensively, and just go out there and play and do the right things and play basketball. >> a true professional. of course, he'll be starting according to matchups. stanford's women
11:55 pm
basketball's game was cancelled falling the death of coach david lang. i think it was the correct move after such a sudden passing. game will not be rescheduled. next up will be the pac-12 in seattle. the cal and the huskies, christine strong underneath the basket as we basket as was west. anigwa finished with 12 points. bears go on to win 83-67. nascar in atlanta, 28 laps to go and if your car looks like trevor baines we advise you to pull over, he did. on the restart, kevin harvick, who led with a great jump, never looked back, taking the check erred the flag.
11:56 pm
>> johnny lindberg, his engine explodes, gets tangled in the parachute. the 68-year-old was alert and responsive. he was taken to the hospital and his daughter, courtny force went on to win the event. he's a 68-year-old man going through that. just unbelievable. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. we'll find out if the nba is going to fine zaza tomorrow and kd was in a shoving match, that could bring some fines also. >> watching those raisers they're sitting on nigtro, arent they. >> yes. but safety has gotten strong, so pretty safe. but a 68-year-old man. >> still.
11:57 pm
>> it's amazing. and then his daughter has been racing for years and she went on to win the event. >> it gives us hope. >> exactly. >> are you going to a second career? >> i need a third career. got a little rain coming. >> a little bit in the morning. so prepare for a slower morning commute and then we track a stronger storm on thursday but the rain is coming back in. >> that's it for tonight i'm dion lim. dion lim. >> i'm fire fighting is a very dangerous profession. we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis.
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i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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catherine, do you know this guy? he's jeremy's security guy at the firm. uh, his name's dan, um... dan kubiak, former police captain of d.c.'s second district. scratch that -- former dirty police captain of d.c.'s second district. resigned in '08 when rumors surfaced that officers in his precinct were serving as muscle for andre butler, notorious d.c. drug lord. quinn: this is weird.


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