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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's 5:00 a.m. about to get up and hit the roads this morning. know this. it's going to be a little wet out there. that's right. live doppler 7 showing the storm hitting the bay area as we speak. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. a wet monday, february 26th. natasha and alexis are off this morning. of course, sue and mike helping us navigate all of that weather. >> the road may hit back this morning. because it is wet. even where it's not raining right now, we had drizzle roll through and spotty showers. your roads could be wet even though they're not covered in green like with live doppler 7 from concord through about orinda and oakland and towards san francisco and northward. let me broaden out and show you how the storm is moving through. spreading from north to south
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across the neighborhoods. once we get past that, the 12-hour planner is going to show that we do have a chance of some showers. as we head into the afternoon hours, each a chance of thunderstorms with brief heavy rain and lightning and thunder. sue? >> we're checking 680 through-wall nut creek right now. just some flashy lights through the screen. we have reports of an accident on westbound 24. as you leave 680 and transition to westbound 24, a car flipped and apparently out of lanes before fish ranch road. i'm not seeing much in the area. it's not blocking lanes. that's good news. it is a result of very slick roads. again, to the santa cruz mountains, a new accident northbound just near little moody curve and this is blocking the right lane. >> sue, thank you. >> san jose's mayor is warning residents of potential federal
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immigration raids. he's now the second mayor in the bay area to do so. >> reporter matt keller in san jose this morning. >> reporter: good morning reggie and mayor wants to address the concerns and fears because of the rumors of i.c.e. operations. he wants the immigrant community here in the city to go about their normal business. he did release a statement over the beakend. he said, regardless of the truth of the rumors, my message to the immigrants remains the same. we have your back. this started when libby schaaf warned that i.c.e. operations were i am nept. there are i.c.e. operations happening every day and it's unclear what the mayor is referring to. immigration advocates say the community is scared while oakland councilman knoll guy yoe says it isn't helpful. >> you have to be strong. we want to be prepared and not to be in panic.
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we want tock all together. >> what it does do is create a lot of fear in people. kids don't go to school tomorrow, people don't go to work tomorrow. >> reporter: the rapid response ntwork in santa clara county is telling undocumented immigrants to know their rights. there are a lot of -- we have a link to that on our website, reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. developing news now. police are looking for suspects in a triple shooting that took place in the parking lot of a convenience store near daly city. >> happened last night at the hillside market in broadmoor. two people died. a man and woman. another man is recovering at the hospital. officers believe the victims and the suspects may know each other. unclear exactly what led up to the shooting, but police say they don't believe there's a danger to the community. a college basketball coach facing domestic violence charges in san francisco has returned home now to san diego.
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new video shows smith walking through the baggage claim at san diego international airport. the university of san diego basketball coach was staying at the marriott near union scare wi square over the weekend. a woman at the hotel called for help. she was hurt, taken to the hospital. after she says she got into a fight with smith. >> stated that the person that she had the physical altercation with and caused her injuries was someone that she was involved in an intimate relationship. >> sfpd arrested smith at oakland airport. he bailed out of jail. he took a flight back to san diego last night. the woman's injuries are not life-threatening. the university of san diego says the university of san diego says it's against smith and is now investigating. this week begins the slow return to school for students and teachers in parkland, florida, after 17 people were killed. there's growing pressure on the
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broward county sheriff to explain his department's response to the shooting. abc news reporter kendis gibson has more. >> this morning, an inside look at stoneman douglas high school. students carrying these videos with abc news as they return to the school for the first time since the massacre that left 17 people dead. >> it's heavy. after like imagining what went down and seeing the building again, it's like -- it's a lot. >> thousands of people, including students and parents, attended a voluntary campus orientation. >> it feels sad. i'm not going to lie. it feels a lot of backpacks in classrooms that kids were not or able to take the day. so you see a lot of students crying. >> the freshman building where the massacre happened will never be used again. the superintendent says it will be torn down and likely the scene of a memorial park. meanwhile, florida governor rick scott now calling for an investigation into the shooting response as the broward county
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sheriff comes under pressure to resign. 74 republican state lawmakers sent a letter to governor scott urging him to suspend sheriff scott israel, a democrat, accusing him and his department of ignoring repeated warning signs about the suspected shooter, despite the mounting questions, the sheriff says he's not going anywhere. >> it was a shameful politically-motivated letter that had no facts and, of course, i won't resign. >> kendis gibson, abc news, new york. it was as the stoneman douglas varsity hockey team bringing much-needed positive news to the grieving parkland community. the team won the state championship yesterday. >> this wasn't for us. it was for the 17 victims. we played for them. so passionate and emotional. it's all for them. the last week and a half has been rough. hockey is just kind of takes away all the pain and all the
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thoughts to kind of get away and just play. just we came here to win. that's what we did. >> yes, they were able to pull off that victory just a few days really after that horrible tragedy at their school. the stoneman douglas team entered the championship tournament as the lowest seed. they knocked off the top seed on the way to the title. >> good for them. a big supply of drugs is now off the streets of san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. take a look at this. san francisco police tweeted out this photo showing what's part of 470 bundles of heroin, meth and cocaine. the bust happened on 8th and mission. police arrested one person. this is part of the department's effort to shut down drug operations in the tenderloin and so ma areas. senator dianne feinstein is trying to down play a political embarrassment. >> in the race for united states senate -- the vote was no consensus. >> democrats failed to give feinstein or her opponent kevin
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did he leon on endorsement in san diego this weekend deleon has branded himself as a fresh face. feinstein addressed the convention saturday, admitting it's a tough time to be an incumbent while taking a shot at president trump. >> this is not an easy time to run for office. i have never seen the presidency, i'm going to say it, as disgraced as it is today. >> feinstein's campaign tells us that it views deleon not getting the endorsement as a victory. tracking some scattered showers moving through the santa cruz mountains. if your commute takes you through there, it could be slick in spots. that's going to hang around another 45 minutes or so. the next batch will come in towards 7:00, 8:00. here's a look at temperatures. mid to upper 40s throughout our inland east bay neighborhoods. the cool spots, you have to go up an elevation.
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mt. diablo at 34. concord the warm spot at 50. more 50s in san carlos, napa, novato. 47 in san jose. up in the hills, los gatos about 39. pacifica, good morning, at 47 degrees. here's a look at the exploratorium camera looking back at san francisco. you can see a few drops on the lens. if you're out and about today, rain steady and showers this afternoon. it's also going to be cooler if you're exercising. at the beaches, also going to be breezy there. let's take a look at the peninsula. steady rain at 8:00. then showers from noon to 2:00 and another chance at 2k6. low to mid-50s. up in the north bay, the steady rains ending by 8:00. mostly cloudy and about 44 degrees. we'll be in the mid-50s by noon. 54 and scattered showers possible. thunderstorms, 55 at 2:00 to 53 at 4:00. they're over and you're down to 49 at 6:00. we'll take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast,
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number 1 storm and a number 2, moderate storm coming up. we're going to the south bay. taking a look at your drive on 280. under the 17/880 overcrossing. not bad here at all. you're looking at an 8-minute drive from san jose. kwe do have problems in the santa cruz mountains. let's check back on highway 17. we had a right lane blocked near little moody curve. this is the second accident in the morning. sensors remain green which means traffic is getting by just fine. just remember the roads are very wet. thank you, sue. america is losing the battle against childhood obesity. the two groups new research says most at risk. are you tired of wasting your time with robo calls. the app that promises to turn the tables on spammers. the tables on spammers. >> it's
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you know the drought has overtaken us. but the miracle mark, wednesday, saturday, a stronger storm is on the way with heavier rain. i'll tell you all about it coming up. jessica? >> a woman hit by a b.a.r.t. train in concord is expected to survive. b.a.r.t. officials say it happened about 8:30 at the north concord martinez station. the woman was on the platform
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when she was hit. it caused major delays towards the bay point and san francisco. >> car sales are skyrocketing in sonoma county following the wildfires. ex peerian reports new car registrations jumped 9% last year. a record of more than 22,000 new cars are on local roads. the wildfires damaged or destroyed thousands of vehicles forcing people to buy replacements. wildfire victims accounted for a third of overall sales. childhood obesity is a growing problem in the united states according to a new study in the journal pediatrics. the national health and nutrition survey from 1996 to 2016. they found a significant increase in severe obesity among kids 2 to 5 years old. severe obesity is a bmi greater than the 95th percentile. african american and hispanic children reported higher rates
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of obesity. one person is dead after an avalanche in washington state. authorities say five snowmobilers were buried at crystal springs snow park about an hour east of seattle. the group was taking a lunch break at the base of a slope when the avalanche hit yesterday. rescuers dug all of the victims out of the snow, two were unconscious. one later died. conditions in the area are extremely hazardous. family members and co-workers hope a $10,000 reward will help find a top health researcher who vanished without a trace more than two weeks ago. timothy cunningham works as n epidemiologist in atlanta. nobody has heard from him after feeling sick on february 12th and leaving work early. his family foubd his dog, car and wallet at home. atlanta police do not suspect foul play at this time. tsa pre-check enrollment is back at oakland international airport. pre-check allows you to get
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through security faster. there's a line specifically for pre-check travelers. you can leave on your shoes, jacket and belt when you walk through the metal detectors. costs $82. it's good for five years. you can sign up at oakland airport for the next two weeks. the enrollment office is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. i new study shows a high demand for more hours at san francisco libraries. according to the examiner, libraries i should consider adding hours because visitor traffic is consistently high. from opening to closing at most locations. the study recommends adding hours on sundays and fridays. the examiner also reports the library commissioner says there are budget restraints. but they're going to revisit the issue at a later date. >> i'm all for that. i love the library. try to go there on a sunday and it is closed. i learned the hard way. >> that's disappointing. >> it was a nice walk. it's okay. you know, i'm all for more hours at library. >> i appreciate you finding the
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silver lining. if you're walking today, it would be wet. >> today is a good day to stay indoors. >> if you can during the morning. all of us getting out on april monday morning in the commute. one of the areas where we've seen drizzle and light rain moving in. we're looking south on 680 in walnut creek. let me throw over my accuweather highlights. we've got a steady rain this morning. right in the heart of the morning commute and showers and even thunderstorms for the evening commute. stronger storms on wednesday night all the way through saturday morning. still cool weekend after that. you can see moderate rain after that south of point reyes. you can see an lakeville highway, possibly moderate rain between petaluma and sears point and towards novato. darker green means light to possibly near moderate rain. the leading edge is now starting to move towards the san mateo bridge. pretty fast-moving storm. it will touch all of us by 7:00.
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as you can see right here, with the green and the yellow, which means there will be moderate rain at times. then by 9:00, the best chance is going to be down in the south bay. then by noon, that's gone. we get a little bit of a break. notice the clouds opening up. that's the white and gray you see there. that sunshine will add enough energy to the atmosphere and that cold pocket that will drop the snow level at 2500 feet. you see showers and thunderstorms develop and every once in a while, you see pink and white in the higher elevations. by the time we get to 9:00, done. rainfall amounts, anywhere from a tenth to possibly a third of an inch. we'll see increasing sunshine tomorrow. an increase in clouds wednesday out ahead of a 2. a moderate storm that will taper to a 1 friday into saturday morning and then you can see the 50s with a little sunshine by sunday. hi, sue. good morning. we're headed back to walnut creek. we have reports of an accident southbound 680 near north main. it is in the center divide. it looks like it's raining there. you can see drops on the cameras.
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heads up. they will be sending chp vehicle and a tow truck to the scene. you may find slow traffic through there momentarily. elsewhere, we have an accident, looks like it's moved to the shoulder. it is southbound 101 near sfo. chp has been informed. not a lot of slowing there. but we'll check back in a couple of minutes. thank you, sue. >> sue, thank u in the gma first look, there's a warning about instant pot, one. most popular gifts of last christmas. >> some owners say devices have melted. details from gio benitez. >> in this morning's first look, it was one of the most talked about brands of the holiday season. >> it's the instant pot. >> tp does slow cooking and pressure cooking and makes rice. >> it blows everybody away. it's instant pot. >> one woman crediting her instant pot with helping her lose 80 pounds. >> it makes cooking healthy food
5:20 am
fast. >> one mode of instant pot have not only been cooking. >> i first noticed the separation in the front. >> this is what mother of three discovered on her instant pot multicooker two weeks ago. the bottom melted. the wires scorched. >> i was scared. glad i found it. before i tried to use it again. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll tell you how to check if your model is at risk. with your gma first look, i'm gio benitez, abc news, new york. you probably received a robo call at one point or another. an east coast company developed an app and police can defend you from scam artists and telemarketers. it works two ways. it blocks more than 200,000 phone calls known as robo callers. second, it uses answer bots to shut down spammers. here's an example. >> hello? >> i actually have a baby here that's sleeping. >> sorry about that. >> wow. >> robo calls ranked as the top
5:21 am
complaint for the federal communications commission. the agency believes american get nearly 3 billion robo calls a month. some athletes leave college early for fame and fortune as pros. every now and then they return to finish their degrees. just like the nfl's youngest player who came home to california. juju smith-schuster wore his pittsburgh steelers uniform on his first day of school after returning to classes at the university of southern california last week. smith-schuster played at usc for three years before being drafted by pittsburgh. his mother urged him to resume his education. >> honestly, the nfl is great. i got to come back and finish strong. thank you. >> his day at usc included visiting some of the professors who taught him before he left college to turn pro. >> coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day.
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the superstar who brought the crowd to his feet at a charity bash for the victims at the southern california mudslid mudslides. a veteran owes his life to a third grader. how an entire class is pitching in now to help. the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy. drive safely. drive safely. >> track
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blue diamond almonds in our almondmilk. cad for by our family of almond growers. blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. olay regenerist shatters the competition. hydrating skin better than prestige creams costing over $100, $0, and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good hou. olay regenerist.geless. check this out. 5:24 on a monday. storm scale of 1, light. third of an inch. that should say thursday. periods of rain and showers. an inch of rain, excuse me. in our maughan tans. not a foot. >> number 2, police are looking for suspects in a triple shooting that happened in the parking lot of the hillside market in broadmoor near daly city. two people died. another man in the hospital.
5:25 am
number 3, we have your back. that message coming from the mayor of san jose after a word of possible immigration raids put a lot of people on high alert. this all started when the mayor of oakland issued a public warning that i.c.e. operations were imminent in the bay area. >> number 4, teachers at stoneman douglas high school are preparing for students to return to campus. classes resume wednesday on a modified schedule. >> number 5, we're following your monday morning commute. it's a wet one out there. metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the slick roads where the carpoolers are driving through. your drive from america lease into san francisco, 35 minutes. but that will be delayed even more with the metering light situation. number 6, japan approved a drug that claims to kill the flu in just one day. the pill is seen as a possible rival to tamiflu and should hit the store shelves in japan pretty soon. it could be available in the u.s. next year. number 7, oscar preparations under way in hollywood.
5:26 am
crews are setting up fan bleachers and stages outside the dolby theater. you can watch it live only on abc 7 this sunday. speaking of celebrities, a pop superstar surprises fans at a benefit concert in southern california. >> ♪ >> that's right. katy perry made a guest appearance yesterday in summerlin. it honored firefighters, first responders and survivors of the thomas fire and mudslides. funds raised will help people who lost their homes and help for counseling for first responders and nonbudgeted emergency response equipment. a world war ii veteran is alive thanks to a quick thinking third grader. he was playing in the schoolyard when he noticed the house across the street was on fire. >> i saw like a bunch of flames and smoke so i told my mom. >> they were hollering get out,
5:27 am
get out. >> that man, max wilson, is a veteran. he was asleep at the time. jake and his mom woke him up. he got out but lost all of his belongings. over the past month students at the iowa elementary school raised over $2,000 for him. they made cards for the veteran's 95th birthday. he was obviously emotional when this all happened. they presented him that check last week. looks like they have a new friendship there. >> what a sweet third grader. good for him. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news. including what's happening today that could mean driverless cars on public roads later this year. we just got an
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my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions. the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. if your loved one is experiencing these symptoms, talk to your parkinson's specialist. there are treatment options that can help. my visitors should be the ones i want to see.
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good morning. thanks for joining us. it's monday, february 26th.
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you need your umbrella today. >> you do. don't let this surprise you. it is raining in much of the bay area this morning. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> don't say you were surprised by the rainment don't be. it's going to be everywhere today. >> are you talking to us specifically? >> no, not at all. you told everybody not to be surprised. it really bothers me when people are surprised by the rain because -- anyway, the information is out there. here's a look at the storm impact. talking about you guys at home. rainfall at about a third of an inch. we've got a chance of showers and thunderstorms. so from about alamo to alameda to about san mateo is where we have the steady rain northward and showers across the south bay right now. let's take a quick look at the accuweather 12-hour planner. midday will be drive and scattered showers develop around 4:00. >> sue? >> mike works hard to make sure
5:31 am
you know that it's out there so you're not surprised. walnut creek, reports of an accident at north main. it's actually south main. that's why it looks at the limit here. because it is. the accident is farther south past highway 24. a couple of problems on 24 and specifically we had an overturn. it's now on the right-hand shoulder on the wilder off ramp. but you can see slow traffic approaching the tunnel there from orinda into oakland. that's on the grade up towards the tunnel. >> thank you, sue. developing news in broadmoor, police are looking for the shooter who killed two people outside a store. >> police have been working all night on this case. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the broadmoor police station. amy? >> reporter: hi, jessica. police may be looking for more than one person in this case. they have not made any arrests. the shootings happened at about 8:45 last night. this was on hillside boulevard outside the hillside market.
5:32 am
two people were killed. a third is in the hospital. one woman rushed to the scene when she heard her daughter may have been shot. >> i got a phone call saying that my daughter was shot and that she wasn't moving. so they told me where to come and we drove over here. we have been asking the police department all night who is there, is our daughter there, where is she. just any information. >> reporter: this happened in broadmoor. it's an unincorporated area surrounded by daly city. investigators haven't said the motive behind the shootings but did say that the public is not at risk. they think the victim and killers knew each other. reporting live from the broadmoor police department, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. we're tracking developing
5:33 am
news with our team at the live desk. sunny vale police have two in custody after a chase. they were accused of running from the police during the investigates. police say it started with reports of a possible shooting. they say as of right now, they cannot confirm whether shots were actually fired. no one was hurt. we're going to bring you more information as soon as we get it. in napa, a family has been torn apart after i.c.e. agents swarm their property and arrested the father yesterday morning. the family of an undocumented 39-year-old man recorded video of a half dozen i.c.e. agents on that property. they went to the backyard and detained the man. he's been here since he was 4 years old. the family feared one day this would happen but hoped they would be a low priority for i.c.e. >> he wasn't -- it's not like he was a problematic person. he didn't drink or do anything. he went to work. we just assume they were coming
5:34 am
for other people who really are doing wrong stuff. >> he always told me he didn't want me to do drugs. i should be able to do something -- i should try hard in school. whether i make it, it or not, suck it up and try my best and i always put that through my head. >> the family has sought help from the north california rapid response and immigrant defense network. happening today, the u.s. supreme court hears arguments in a case that could limit the power of public employee unions. the justices will decide whether state government workers who choose not to join a union still have to pay union dues to cover the cost of negotiating labor contracts. a man challenging an illinois state law says being forced to pay dues violates the first amendment's freedom of association. bay area unions thand elected leaders will urge them to keep the law the way it is. one starts at noon in san
5:35 am
francisco and 12:30 this afternoon in san jose. teachers at the florida high school where the gunman killed 17 people are expected to return to campus. classes will resume wednesday, clakter exactly two weeks after the deadly shooting. stoneman douglas held an open house yesterday. they could make schedule changes or request any services they need. ment three-story building is now covered with banners from other schools and cordoned off. meanwhile, president trump vowed to tackle gun control this week after the florida high school shooting. he proposed banning bump stocks, raising the age limit to purchase semiautomatic weapons and tougher background checks. he will likely face resistance from members of his own party and the nra strongly disagrees with his proposals. >> the position is you do not want to raise the age? >> that's what the nra came out and said, yes. >> the president talked about banning the bump stocks.
5:36 am
is the nra behind that? >> they already made it clear, the atf needs to do their job and they need to make sure their definitions are consistent. the nra called for this before the president made a statement. >> meanwhile, neither paul ryan nor mitch mcconnell has publicly called for a legislation on gun kriel. deputies are looking for three suspects in a rash of burglaries. the santa clara county sheriff's office released these photos. the trio is wanted for break-ins in the los altos hills in recent weeks. they're offering a thousand dollars reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. two people are recovering from minor burns after a fire heavily damaged their home in san jose. firefighters say flames ripped through a home yesterday afternoon on kerrmath drive near morrill avenue. it threatened a neighboring home but luckily firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading. no one else was hurt. the red cross is assisting the two people displaced and
5:37 am
investigators believe a cooking mistake sparked the fire. get ready to see self-driving cars on the road without anyone behind the wheel. state regulators are expected to clear the way for automakers to begin testing totally autonomous vehicles. instead of a person behind the wheel, automakers would be required to have a remote operator ready to take control if needed. companies will have to say where they intend to operate. notify the local authorities and have a plan in place to communicate with law enforcement. the driverless vehicles could be on california roads as soon as april. some of the steadier and light to moderate rain falling right now from napa, novato. that's sliding southward. watch out. the streets are going to get wet if they're not already. maybe a little bit of ponding as we get up to a third of an inch of rain. the big story outside of that. temperatures up to 20 degrees warmer this morning. starting up in the north bay, that means mid-40s to about 50
5:38 am
degrees. we've got novato at 50. san rafael and vallejo at 51. clearly the cool spot at 40 degrees. 50 in el sobrante. also in san francisco, san carlos, alameda at 51. 46 at san jose and san ramon along with tracy. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. wanted to show you how wet it was. thank you, sue, for letting me borrow this camera. the commute tomorrow, it's going to be for mass transit, cool this afternoon and wet as the roads will be and breezy, as the bay will be. san francisco, chance of wet weather through 8:00 and showers between 2:00 and 6:00. temperature hovering around 50 degrees for the better part of today. the south bay, rain from 8:00 to 10:00. a break up until about 4:00 to 6:00 when scattered showers are possible. your temperatures will top out in the mid-50s from about noon to 4:00. we'll take an hour by hour look at the rain today.
5:39 am
we've got a stronger storm coming up on thursday. that's in my accuweather seven-day forecast. how is the rain affecting the commute, sue? a lot of problems out there. the commute out of tracy, which is typically slow. now a 45-minute drive. an incident on west 580, we'll talk about that in a second. another solo spinout blocking the right lane and it's the third incident we've had since we went on the air about an hour and ten minutes ago. north 17 at little moody curve near redwood estates. traffic is stacking up behind that. very slick conditions there. in the case of road rage, westbound 580, that happened between two different cars cutting each other off, finally ended up with one of them pulled over near vasco road. it's not blocking a lane but it's scary when people in stopped traffic start yelling at each other. be cautious and take care on the slick roads. thanks, sue. a man gets upset at a loud party
5:40 am
next door. what he did next now has police looking for him this morning. more trouble for the movie company
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welcome back. 5:43 on this monday. look how far south the storm gets. down to santa barbara, fresno.
5:43 am
snow in yosemite to tahoe today. down in so cal, increasing clouds. palm springs, you'll get the rain tonight into tomorrow. a winter weather advisory until 10:00 p.m. up to a foot of snow possible. snow levels down to 2,000 feet. isolated spots could get several inches. this is what falls today. let's add to it with the next big storm. you can see anywhere friday 2 to 4 feet. by the time we get to saturday, 4 to 6 feet of snow? fingers crossed that that happens. here's a look at my accuweather forecast for tahoe. a break tuesday into wednesday. driving up there thursday, friday and saturday morning it's going to be quite a bear. you'll enjoy the skiing by sunday. jessica? >> mike, thank you. menlo park police are looking for a man accused of firing an assault rifle in a backyard because he was upset about a loud party next door. abc 7 news was on severe avenue
5:44 am
after a s.w.a.t. team looked for the suspect. neighbors called 9-1-1 at about 11:00 saturday night. >> it was pretty crazy. the lights, everything, they were all set up in front of our house. there were tables shall everything. it was like a part of a movie, i guess. >> the s.w.a.t. team raided a home after getting a search warrant. the suspect, jose gutierrez was gone. they believe he's still armed with the rifle. police say he's driving a silver honda accord with california license plate 5zck 527. >> a man it is in custody after fremont police say he robbed and sexually assaulted two women inside a store. detectives looked for clues at the party city in the fremont hub shopping center for several hours on saturday. the victims told police the man entered the store before it opened. he pulled out a gun, robbed the women and sexually assaulted them. patrol officers captured him several hours later.
5:45 am
the weinstein company is going bankrupt. the studio has struggled to stay in business ever since its co-founder and namesake harvey weinstein was accused of sexual assault last year. the board of trek tors planned to sell the company's assets to an investor group, rename the company and add more women to the board. a $500 million deal fell through. in a statement released last night the weinstein company says it had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. >> we're on the countdown. less than a week from today is the oscars. >> it doesn't look like much now, but take a look at this. in six days, this walkway will be the entrance to the 90th academy awards. construction is under way all around the dolby theater and crews closed down hollywood boulevard last night to start setting up the press risers, fan bleachers and pre-show stages. some people can't wait. >> yeah, baby.
5:46 am
>> oh, my god. yes! >> what? what did i just watch? >> lot of excitement. this woman here on the screen is hoping to get a spot on the bleachers to see her favorite stars. maybe she'll sit next to austin powers. >> i hope she doesn't. >> you can watch the oscars live right here on abc 7 this sunday, march 4th. jimmy kimmel hosted once again. >> oh, boy. right next to, like, gross spider-man and fake i mouse. some of the characters around the theater are not the best. >> no. you've had the encounter? >> i can sit with anyone -- anyone who has been there has seen them. >> i haven't had that encounter. now i know. thank you. here's a look at broadmoor. thanks to amy holly field. i don't know who she's w thanks for picking up the light rain
5:47 am
falling. this is 88th street and edge worth avenue. excuse me. you can see coming down light to moderate clip. that's going to be the case for all of us as we head deeper into today's storm. it's already down to the san mateo bridge. the fact that it's blurry there means the rain is falling. morning cedi rain am a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon much breezy and cooler and becoming partly cloudy and dry tonight. a stronger storm for thursday. those are my accuweather highlights. let's look at live doppler 7. you can see from san ramon across crow canyon road into castro valley, heading over to hayward, the san mateo bridge over to half moon bay. that's the leading edge of the steadier rain. moderate rain right there south of fairfax heading towards san rafael. mill valley. expect your rainfall to pick up in intensity. maybe a few little puddles developing on the side streets. maybe not as much on 101 as traffic is picking up there. you can see the entire system slowly moving northwest to
5:48 am
southeast. it will get to you in the south bay in an hour. here we are at 7:00. the intensity could pick up a little bit. look at the yellows and the oranges. pockets of moderate rain. by 9:00, you can see it's about to exit the south bay with scattered showers behind it. by noon, you can see a little bit of sunshine. you'll need the sunglasses for lunch and then you can see the scattered showers develop. the pockets of green right there. snow level down to about, i'd say, 2500 feet. diablo and hamilton and maybe the santa cruz mountains if they get touched. could get dusted with a little bit of snow and then the breezes kick in this afternoon also making it feel cooler than it has. at least yesterday. look at that. low to mid-50s. tomorrow, calmer with mid-50s near 60. increasing clouds. then the 2 develops, a moderate storm for thursday. i'll have more on that less than seven minutes away. hi sue, a lot of rain behind you there. >> we're going to walnut creek where it is raining and where we had an accident southbound 680
5:49 am
at south main. this live shot at north main. you can see residual taillights towards the 24 interchange. also on highway 24, an earlier accident. the accident is now on wilder -- the wilder off-ramp. look at the red sensors as you approach oakland from orinda. you've got a snies stretch there due to lookie loos upon this accident. the santa cruz mountains, we've had three separate incidents in the northbound direction right near mill moody curve at redwood estates. continues to be throw there and wet. use extra caution and give yourself plenty of time. >> thanks, sue. prices dropped $.06 for a gallon of regular grade gasoline the last two weeks. the national prices will go up again most likely as crude oil costs go up. according to aaa, the current price is $.23 higher than last
5:50 am
year at this time. so the average price in california, $3.33. in san francisco, it's $3.43. in oakland, $3.32 and an jose, $3.29. samsung unveiled its next line of phones. the s9 and s9 plus. the biggest upgrade is to the camera. it features new modes and samsung also adding an augmented reality ee mo it will be based on your face. a fingerprint scanner has been moved next to the camera or you can use your face as well. >> intelligent scan adapts to your needs. combining the key elements of iris scanning and face recognition. to make it even easier for you to unlock your phone in more situations. >> pre-order a start next week. phones will hit the stores on march 16th. the s9 starts at $720.
5:51 am
the bigger plus model goes for 840 bucks. new at 6:00, the megastar born and raised in the east bay who came back home for a special surprise over the weekend. >> first a community effort to preserve a colorful sign that's been a beacon in san jose for more than 50 years. more than 50 years. >> this new garage
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back at 5:53 on this monday. this arctic front will usher in winds. not only will it be wet but 15 to 25 mile per hour winds by 7:00. by noon, 15 to 25. for the evening commute, 15 to 30 going right across our east-west bridges from north to
5:54 am
south. the fastest winds will be tonight, 25 to 35. get ready for a noisy night. thanks, mike. an effort under way to save a landmark. abc 7 news was at the powerhouse bistro as a band was supporting the dancing pig yesterday night. you may have seen the neon sign at the sap center. the original owner stephen's meat company no longer existsnd the city owns land where it stands. the preservation action council wants to restore it and move it to a new location. >> if we can get the thing up and operational, which we're going to do, then it will become a legacy for not only people today, the preservationists of today but something for preservationists of tomorrow. >> google plans to build a building on the land where the pig currently stands. the grand opening of what's being called northern california's first fully
5:55 am
automated parking garage. take a look at this video. it's pretty impressive. city lift, that's what it's called, it shows here how the automated garage works. you simply drive your car into that area. it's called the hive. robotic equipment then does the rest. it moves your car between levels and finally into its own space. the idea is to squeeze more cars into less space than garages where you have to drive into a space. it's an 24th and broadway. pretty cool to watch. good morning everyone. we're already seeing a pretty big backup at the bay bridge. the magic hour that the metering lights were turned on. a significant backup here beyond the macarthur maze. give yourself plenty of time. your drive time into hercules along the corridor is about 50 minutes much that's expanding, too as the rain is causing slick roads out there. we'll take a look at b.a.r.t.
5:56 am
might be a great way to go to avoid the roads. no issues so far with ac transit and your ace trains 1 and 3 on schedule. mike? like to see green on your map and not necessarily on mine as the rain is starting to move through. let's talk more about temperatures this go-around. 51 at half moon bay. most of us in the low to mid-50s. tonight even cooler with the breezes out there. 20s and low 30s in the north bay valleys that are sheltered from the wind. mid-30s in the east bay valleys. san francisco at about 42. here's a look at thursday into friday and saturda. waves of rain that could push us, if you look at the scale on the right, the green is possibly 1 to 3 inches by the time we get to saturday morning. >> mike, thank you. new this morning, a special announcement from disney. >> in honor of black panther's record breaking success, it's giving a million dollars to the boys and girls clubs of america.
5:57 am
including the oakland chapter. that will expand their s.t.e.m. science, technology, engineering and math programs. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. speaking of movies, new at 6:00, a movie is in the works about flaming hot cheetos. but there is a little more to the story. has to be, right? >> new numbers are giving us an updated look at the childhood obesity crisis in morning. >> and the warnings from several bay
5:58 am
5:59 am
it's a good news/bad news situation as you look live at the golden gate camera. good news, we have rain in the area. >> the bad news, it's all coming down right now as you head into work. good morning. it's monday, february 26th. i don't want to be the messenger of bad news. i will let mike nicco do that. >> hey. >> wow. great.


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