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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 26, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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central valley from the south bay commuters. we have an accident coming through the santa cruz mountains. it's been out there for some time blocking the slow lane. both directions are super slow. both north and southbound near little moody curve or redwood estates. give yourself plenty of time. you may want to take 92, as it looks like this is just really backed up, especially in the northbound direction. >> thank you, sue. san jose's mayor is warning residents a potential federal immigration raids and he's actually the second mayor in the bay area to do so. >> matt keller is live in san jose with more. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. mayor sam liccardo says san jose police do not participate in i.c.e. operations and they want people in the immigrant kpunt to call 911 if they have an emergency. mayor mayor liccardo issued a statement and said regard letters of the truth of these
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rumors, my message to our immigrant residents remains the same. we have your back. >> advocates say the community is scared and a councilman says it sparks more fear and may lead to people not going to work or school. the rapid response network in santa clara county is on alert telling undocumented people to know their rights. >> telling people to really be careful about what's going on, be sure that those who are coming after you, if you're in your house, they have a warrant for your arrest. >> reporter: an i.c.e. spokesperson operations are happening every day and it's unclear what mayor schaaf is referring to. mayor liccardo says san jose has a lot of resources online for the immigrant community. you can find those on reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. developing news now. police are looking for suspects in a triple shooting that took place in a convenience store near daly city.
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>> happened at the hillside market in broadmoor. a man and a woman died. another man is recovering at the hospital. officers believe the victims and the suspects may know each other. it's unclear what led up to the shooting. police do not think there's a danger to the community. a college basketball coach facing domestic violence charges in san francisco has returned home to san diego. this new video shows allen lamont smith walking through the baggage claim at san diego international. the university of san diego basketball coach was staying at the marriott near union scare with a team over the weekend. they were in town for a game against usf. police say a woman at the hotel called for help yesterday morning. she was hurt, she was taken to the hospital and after she said she got into a fight with smith. >> stated that the person that she had the physical altercation with and supposedly caused her injuries was someone that she was involved in an intimate
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relationship. >> sfpd arrested smith at oakland airport. he bailed out of jail and took a flight back to san diego last night. the woman's injuries are not considered life-threatening. the university of san diego says it's aware of the accusations against smith and is now investigating. happening today, it's the start of the slow return for school for students and teachers in parkland, florida after 17 people were killed there. >> many students went back for a voluntary campus orientation. the building where the shooting happened will be torn down. the school will likely build a memorial park there. >> feels sad. i'm not going to lie. feels, you know, a lot of backpacks in classrooms that kids were not allowed or able to take that day. you know, you see a lot of students crying. >> so despite that orientation, we should note that classes officially resume this wednesday. meantime, 74 republican florida
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lawmakers are urging governor rick scott to suspend the broward county sheriff. they accuse him and members of his department ignoring warnings. the sheriff says he will not resign. >> such a happy moment for these kids. the stoneman douglas varsity hockey team is bringing much-needed positive news for the grieving parkland community. the team won the state championship yesterday. >> this wasn't for us. this was for the 17 victims. we played for them. so passionate, so emotional. it's all for them. >> this last week has been rough. hockey takes away the pain and the thoughts and our get away and just play. we came here to win. so we did. >> a huge congratulations to them. must be so difficult to put aside all the emotions. but the stoneman douglas team actually had a wild ride. they entered the championship tournaments the lowest seed and
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knocked off the top seed on the way to the title. >> they have amazing kids at that school. a big supply of drugs is off the streets of san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. take a look at this. san francisco police tweeted out this photo, what they say is 470 bundles of heroin, meth and cocaine. the busts happened on 8th and mission streets. police arrested one person. this is part of the department's effort to shut down drug operations in the tenderloin and soma areas. a woman hit by a train is expected to survived. it happened last night at the north concord martinez station. she was on the platform when she was hit. the crash caused major delays for riders headed towards bay point, pittsburg and san francisco. senator dianne feinstein explaining why not getting an endorsement at the convention is a good thing. if you want to skip the line at the airport, today is your
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lucky day. in february, trying to erase the thoughts of how dry it was with a chance of rain this morning. it will be march. coming in like a lion with several chances of rain and several chances of rain and stronger
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welcome back at 6:10. car sales sky rocking in sonoma county following the october wildfires. the press democrat is citing experian which reports new car registrations jumped 9% last year. a record of more than 22,000 new cars are on our local roads. the wildfires damaged or destroyed thousands of cars forcing people to buy replacements. wildfires accounted for more than a third of of the car sales last year. we'll start with moderate showers on skyline boulevard just to the west of burlingame. in mondayter a and towards half moon bay and looks like 92 and skyline boulevard could be a few puddles there over the next 15 to 25 minutes. talking temperatures right now. look at this. upper 40s to low 50s through san francisco. ocean beach the warm spot at 52. cool spot, sunset. 48 degrees. 50 in richmond and pittsburg.
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51 in belmont. very mild morning. 46 in santa clara. look at that. 49 in american canyon and petaluma at 48. now, it is raining right now in walnut creek, as you can see, on 680. if you're going to be out and about today, be ready for rain and showers. it's going to be cooler also if you're exercising. at the beaches, it's going to be quite breezy. be ready for that. take a look at today's storm. hour by hour coming up next. how about your commute? here's sue. >> it's a sloppy one out there due to the rain and we do have a lot of solo spinouts out there. let's go up to rohnert park. we have an accident involving a pickup truck pulling a boat. it's flipped over on to the two right lanes much you are seeing slow traffic towards that scene. we have a bad situation near whipple on southbound 880 with a vehicle overturned on its roof blocking middle lanes of traffic and at least three or four vehicles involved here. center lane blocked. so if you can, you can use 238
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on the sideline there or a side street, mission boulevard. it looks like it could be a while before it's cleared, guys. >> okay. sue, thank you. ending robo calls for good. the creative company that claims it can do more than stopping the annoying phone calls. >> interesting. >> interesting. america is losing the battle you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can alws look forward to what's next.
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keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track the storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. and here's what that 1 on our storm impact scale actually looks like. a live picture from the walnut creek camera. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking this number 1 on our storm impact scale and we'll be talking to him in a few moments. this is just coming into our live desk. firefighters checking for hotspots right now after knocking down a fire at a strip mall. the two-alarm fire started about 3:15 this morning at the mall on alvin avenue at fontaine road. it damaged several businesses in the building and spread to the building's attic. the cause is under investigation. no one was hurt. new this morning, childhood obesity is a growing problem in the u.s.
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according to a new study in the journal of pediatrics. researchers looked at 1996 to 2016, and here is the interesting information. they found very young children, so we're talking about ages 2 to 5, had severe obesity that was now 14% of that population. it had grown from 1999 to it was 9%. pretty significant jump. it's a bmi greater than the 95th percentile and as far as the specific groups, african american and hispanic children reported higher rates of obesity. family members and co-workers hope a $10,000 reward will help to find a top health researcher who vanished without a trace more than two weeks ago. 35-year-old timothy cunningham works as an epidemiologist at the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. nobody has heard from cunningham since he left work early after
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feeling sick on february 12th. his family found his dog, car and wallet at his home. atlanta police do not suspect foul play at this time. senator dianne feinstein trying to down play a possibly politically embarrassing moment. >> in the race for united states senate, the vote wos no consensus. >> democrats failed to give feinstein or her opponent kevin did he leon an endorsement at the democratic convex in san diego this weekend. deleon is branding himself as a fresh face for progressive. feinstein admitted that it's a tough time to be an incumbent while taking a shot at the same time at president trump. >> this is not an easy time to run for office. i have never seen the preside y presidency, i'm going to say it, as disgraced as it is today. >> here's how her campaign is spinning it.
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telling abc 7 news that deleon not getting the endorsement is a victory for feinstein. you probably received robo calls at one point or another. >> i think everyone has. now an east coast company developing an app and it actually thinks it can defend you from phone, scam artists and telemarketers that's creative. it works in two ways. first it blocks more than 200,000 phone numbers known to be robo callers and second, it uses answer bot to shut down spammers. here's an example. >> hello? >> i have a baby here that's sleeping. >> oh, sorry about that. >> isn't that fascinating. robo calls rank as the top complaint to the federal communications commission. the agency believes americans get nearly 3 billion robo calls a month. sometimes it feels like 3 billion you get alone. >> i want to use that as my
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outgoing message. sorry, my baby is sleeping right now. >> you'll be fine later on. watch out if you see a dark cloud coming. the chance of a shower or thunderstorm will be with you this afternoon. this morning, i'm watching steady rain. you still have a dry commute. but that steady rain is getting really close. the showers and storms this afternoon. stronger storm for wednesday night into saturday morning. then we'll have a brighter and drier but still cool weekend. you can see just passing over the dunbarton bridge and out of the sunol grade, that's the leading edge of the wet weather. it's getting down to the bay by 7:00 easily. some of the heavier rain in san mateo. he broaden the picture, you can see the dividing lane of the steady rain and the colder, breezy, blustery air that will bring us a chance of showers and
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thunderstorms this afternoon. so from 7:00 on through 9:00, from san francisco southward and oakland southward, that's where the best chance of rain is going to be. it turns over to scattered showers by 9:00. still over the peninsula in the east bay. but by noon, the clouds open up. the gray you see there, that means grab the sunglasses. for the lunch-hour, be ready. see the green develop rapidly through 4:00 at least. all the way up until 7:00. that's when the snow level drops down also to 2500 feet. we could get a gudusting on the higher elevations the. overnight, it will become breezy. rainfall totaltotals, as you ca, once they pop up, come on, up to a third of an inch of rain. down to about a tenth of an inch of rain. 7-day forecast, what you're going to see is a break tuesday. a moderate storm for thursday. becomes light friday. by saturday and sunday, dry. sue? >> we have at least a half a dozen solo spinouts around the
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bay yar due to the wet roads. we're going to check in on the worst ones. we had a problem westbound 24 near fish ranch road. that's been cleared. a problem central lafayette. look at all the slow traffic toward the caldecott tunnel. give yourself plenty of time. there was an incident at pleasant hill road west 24. i'll check back on that and plenty of problems in the santa cruz mountains this morning. this accident is north 17 near redwood estates and traffic is very, very slow. backing up now towards scotts valley. give yourself plenty of time. thank you, sue. there's a movie being made about the person who created flaming hot cheetos. did you know that he was a janitor. >> a superstar from the east bay came back home to treat hundreds of kids to a special movie screening. here's rob marciano on what's ahead on "good morning america." good morning. coming up on gma, students in florida preparing to return to stoneman douglas this morning as the gun control debate heats up
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in washington. we're live from the white house we're live from the white house and parkland, florida
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welcome back. almost 6:25 on this monday morning. the entire bay area under a threat of thunderstorms this afternoon with that cold breezy
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air comes in with some hail, lightning, thunder and snow down to 2,000 feet. then look at that. a stronger storm coming in thursday. 2 moderate on the storm impact scale. up to 1.5 inches of rain. we desperately need it. >> thank you, mike. this is super interesting. the back story behind a popular snack inspired a bidding war in hollywood. >> flaming hot cheetos is being turned into a movie. it's all because of this man. rchard mont ness discovered a secret formula for it while working as a janitor at a frito-lay plant. he said a machine malfunctioned leaving some of the cheetos without the use cheese dust. instead of throwing them out, he took them home and spiced them up. >> what would happen if i put chile on a cheat owe? there are so many ideas and so many things you can do right now that people haven't seen them yet. >> i love this guy.
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>> he says he took his idea to the president of frito-lay after the company encouraged employees to quote, act like an owner. he's now the executive vice president of multicultural sales at texaco. a film on his life coming to a theater near you. >> i would watch that movie. sounds interesting ziefrnts hundreds of kids got to watch black panther for free, but also with senn day ha. >> the actress and singer tweeted this photo at the bay street theater last night. the oakland native returned to her hometown and organized a screening for 300 people. so cool. she invited kids from the east oakland youth development center and oakland school of the arts. she's been here a couple times recently. because her mom used to teach at a school. >> i love it. always giving back. it is a huge day for anyone who is in a union. also, we've told you about a drug that claims to kill the flu in just one day.
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at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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we're going to start off with a live look at doppler 7. >> yes. have a wet commute on the storm impact scale.
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it's monday, february 26th. thanks for joining us. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. it's not an all-day soak center. >> no. a morning commute soaker unfortunately. some could have lightning and hail and snow down to 2,000 feet. the storm is 1, light ohe after evening hours. we had moderate rain around san. the latest scan has turned it back to green, asfr y n cor th . the south bay, the last two hours of the commute, you'll be wet finally. scattered showers, thunderstorms had afternoon. temperatures cooler than yesterday. mid-50s.also, sue. take a plook at the richm d richmond-san rafael bridge. you can see the droplets on the camera and on the ground there. we have a bit of a backup.
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the right lanes are the fastrak lanes. you are slow and go approaching outs a.n.sp this one is a pretty bad accident. due to t lanes are open but the an overturned vehicle before tennyson. avoid the area if you can or take mission boulevard. developing news in broadmoor where a shooter killed two people in a store. >> amy hollyfield is live in broadmoor at the police station with more. amy? >> reporter: jessica, i just spoke with the police chief. they're still looking for who did this. police spent the night at the crime scene gathering evidence. they have returned now to the police department. this shootings happened at about 8:45 last night in front of the hillside market on hillside boulevard. two of the victims died. a man and a woman. the chief told me they were
6:31 am
young adults, about 20 years old. a third victim is in the hospital. one woman got a call from a friend who lives near the store. she told her to come to the scene. she was worried the woman's daughter may have been shot. >> then she called me back and she was crying. she said that -- they said that my daughter had gotten shot and wasn't moving. that's it. that's all i know. i don't know anything else. so we're just kind of here, i'm kind of numb. just don't know what to think or feel. just want to find out where my daughter is. >> reporter: this happened in broadmoor. that's an unincorporated area surrounded by daly city. they're looking for several people. haven't made any arrests. they haven't said the motive but they think the victims and killers knew each other. they don't think anyone in the
6:32 am
public are at risk. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. now a live desk update. we are tracking developing news at our live desk. sun sunnyvale have two in custody. they're accused of running from police during an investigation. police say it all started with reports of a possible shooting and they say as of right now, they cannot confirm whether shots were actually fired. no one was hurt. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. in napa, a family has been torn apart after i.c.e. agents swarmed their property and arrested the father yesterday morning. family of an undocumented 39-year-old man recorded video of a half dozen i.c.e. agents arriving at their property. they found him in the backyard. he's been here since he was 4 years old. the family feared it would one day happen but hoped they were a low priority for i.c.e. >> he wasn't -- it's not like he
6:33 am
was a problematical person. he wasn't doing anything wrong. we assumed they were coming for people who are doing wrong stuff. >> he always told me he didn't want me to do drugs. i had hoped he'd be here. that i should try hard in school and whether i make it with my teache -- the grades with my teachers to suck it up. i try to keep that in my head. >> the north california rapid response and immigrant defense network. teachers at the florid high school where a gunman killed 17 people are preparing for students to return to campus. classes resume exactly two weeks after the deadly shooting. stoneman douglas held an open house yesterday. parents around students were allowed to come back to the campus and make any schedule changes they'd like to make or request any services they need. the three-story building where the massacre took place is
6:34 am
cordoned off by a chain-link fence. it will be demolished as well. it's also covered right now with banners from other schools showing support. meanwhile, president trump vowed to tackle gun control this week after the florida high school shooting. he proposed banning bump stocks, raising the age limit to purchase semiautomatic weapons and tougher background checks. he will likely face resistance from members of his own party and the nra strongly disagrees with his proposals. >> the position is you do not want to raise the age? >> that's what the nra came out and said, that's correct. >> the president talked about banning these bump stocks. is the nra prepared to back that? >> the nra made it clear that the atf needs to do their job and make sure their definitions are consistent. the nra called for this before the president made a statement. >> right now, neither house speaker paul ryan nor snoenatee
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majority leader mitch mcconnell have commented. limit the power of public employee unions. the justices will decide whether those who choose not to join a union still have to pay union dues to cover the cost of negotiating labor contracts. a man challenging an illinois state law says being forced to pay dues violates the freedom of association. bay area unions and elected leaders will hold two rallies to urge the court to keep the law as it is. one starts in san francisco at noon, the other at 12:30 in san jose. menlo park police are looking for a man who fired a rifle in a backyard because he was upset about a loud party going on. a s.w.a.t. team spent several hours looking for him. neighbors called 9-1-1. >> it was pretty crazy. the lights, everything, set up in front much our house. their table, everything, it was like a -- kind of like a part of
6:36 am
a movie, i guess. >> the s.w.a.t. team raided a home yesterday morning after getting a search warrant. the suspect, jose gutierrez was gone. they believe he's still armed with rifle. police say he's driving a silver honda accord with california license plate 5zck 527. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> this is what you need to be prepared for this morning. this is broadmoor, about an hour ago. 88th street and edge worth avenue. you can see some of the lights, each moderate rain coming down. making everything slick this morning. if it hasn't made it to your neighborhood yet, let me show you where it is. it's starting to move into sunnyvale. los altos hill crossing over 237 to the heart of the south bay. it goes all the way to sunol gra grade. the heaviest, into san mateo and down to the southern sections of half moon bay. temperatures up to 19 degrees warmer because of that.
6:37 am
let's go to the south bay. we're pretty much in the mid to upper 40s until the hills in los gatos. san jose 49 right now. 50 in alameda and san francisco. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the rain still coming down. let's use this as the backdrop to talk about caution. no matter using mass transit, roads or bay. we're going to be wet, steady this morning. breezes are going to kick in. we'll have a chance of thunderstorms as we head from noon into the afternoon commute. won't be a steady rain, not all of us will be wet for the evening commute. but you can see for the morning commute, completely different. how about the kids. a wet walk and the bus stops will be wet also. isolated showers 11:00. 3:00 thunderstorms are possible. dress for upper 40s to mid-50s. 50 to 25 mile per hour gust this is morning. the same at noon. we kick up about 20 to 30 at 6:00 with the fastest winds up to 35 do 40 miles per hour tonight. we'll talk more about this storm
6:38 am
coming up soon. sue. rain and brake lights is the deal around the bay area. check out the san mateo bridge for sure. we have a 25-minute drive across from 880 through the toll plaza and the flat section causeway up towards the high-rise and towards 101. give yourself plenty of extra time. lot of red on president maps there. that represents slow traffic. we had a pickup truck pulling a boat. northbound 101 in rohnert park. it's a crash near golf course. you can see the backup now at northbound 101. lots of problems today. we have live or that in alamo. ao intoulockthere.ti caution southbound 680. in the south bay, deputies looking for three suspects in a rash of burglaries. santa clara county sheriff's office released these photos. the trio is wanted for break-ins in the los altos hills in recent weeks. they're offering $1,000 reward for information leading to an
6:39 am
arrest and conviction. tsa pre-check enrollment is back at oakland international airport. pre-check allows you to get through security faster. there's a line specifically for pre-check passengers. you can leave on your shoes, jackets and belts when walking through metal detectors. it costs $82. it's good for five years and you cn sign up at the oakland airport for the next two weeks. enrollment open weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. we have a question the two of us has been debating. do you feel comfortable have autonomous cars on the road? >> that is your question this morning. you can vote right now at you can see that voting here on the bottom of our screen. you don't have to register. you don't have to download anything. you can go to that website and click what you want on the bottom of your screen. >> there's a reason it's a big topic. we'll explain when we come back. i'll never search for a parking spot again. it may be perfect for the bay
6:40 am
area. also the popular -- hea heartdisease and high blood pressure. the big board right now. wall street is up. wall street is up. dow jones industrials
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track today's storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. welcome back. 6:44. the same storm is producing light to moderate snow in the sierra down to 2,000 feet. most areas 8 to 12 inches. up to 8 inches at 12:00 this evening. the storm will race down to fresno and santa barbara by the evening hours. so cal will be dry with mid to upper 60s there. here's a look at the snowfall amounts through today's storm. then look what happens with that next storm coming in thursday, friday and saturday. 4 to 6 feet of snow. could it be the miracle march we've been hoping for? that's a good beginning. here's a quick look at the seven-day forecast. a break tuesday into wednesday. best traveling days and the best traveling day after the snow will be sunday. jessica, reggie? >> thanks, mike. san jose's mayor is warning residents of potential federal immigration raids and he's the second mayor in the bair bay
6:44 am
area to do that. >> matt keller is in san jose with more. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica. mayor sam liccardo wants to address the rumors that there are going to be i.c.e. operations here in san jose and the intensifying fear surrounding that. he's encouraging immigrants to go about their normal business. he released a statement over the weekend. it says regardless of the truth of these rumors, my message to immigrant residents remains the same. we have your back. all of this started when oakland mayor libby schaaf said i.c.e. -- are imminent. >> it is not my wish to panic people but be sure they're prepared with information. >> i.c.e. spokesperson told abc 7 news there are i.c.e. operations happening every day and it's unclear what the mayor is referring to. mayor liccardo says san jose has a lot of resources for the immigrant community online. we set up a link to that on our website.
6:45 am matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. tonight at 11:00, the nation's largest animal protection organization is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. two high-profile leaders of the humane society of the united states have resigned after complaints against them became public. former employees, northern california women, give their first tv interviews about the group's leadership crisis. that's an exclusive i-team tonight at 11:00 p.m. japan claims to have a drug to kill the flu in one day. it's a possible rival to tamiflu and should hit store shelves in june in japan. don't expect it to see in the united states any time soon because the earliest it could be available is next year. they need approval from u.s. government regulators before selling it here. a new study reveals the popular dash diet may not help fight heart disease and lower blood pressure, it could also
6:46 am
reduce depressionment. >> dietary approaches to stop hypertension. it consists of lots and fruits and vegetables. low fat or nonfat dairy. limited sugars and sweets. a study to be presented in april found older adults who follow the dash diet compared to the western diet had an 11% lower risk of depression. western diet is high in saturated fat, sugar. >> it warrants more research. but we should take a holistic view on conditions and our behaviors and the more we can integrate that, the better. >> authors of the report say future studies are needed to help people keep their brains healthy later in life. now, your morning money report. a sauce retired from mcdonald's menu is making a comeback. customers can ask for szechuan sauce while supplies last. mcdonald's brought back a
6:47 am
limited batch in october after rick and mortgage i featured it on an episode. there was so much demand, mcdoblds promised to offer it again. black opinion they are, the fourth film ever to hern more than $100 million in the u.s. in the second weekend. the marvel blockbuster made $108 million in the box office this weekend. that's pushed the domestic ticket sales to $400 million. black panther has earned $700 million worldwide. disney is the parent company of both marvel and abc 7. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. trading gets under way this morning, you can see we've been having a pretty good morning. up 205 points. that is just shy of 1%. 25,5818. we're getting ready for the kos o. oscars. hollywood's most glamorous show a week away. >> doesn't look like much. the walkway will be the entrance of the 90th academy awards. construction under way around the dolby theater.
6:48 am
crews closed down hollywood boulevard last night to set up press risers, fan bleachers and pre-show stages. and apparently, some people are pretty excited about that. >> yeah, baby! 90. >> like oh, my god, yes! >> okay. p taylor is hoping to get a spot on the bleachers to see her favorite stars. you can watch the oscars live on abc 7 on sunday, march 4th. that's this sunday, jimmy kimmel is once again your host. >> it's exciting. northern california's first fully automated parking garage. imagine never having to hunt for a spot again. this is video from city lift. it shows the automated garage and how it works. you drive your car into what's being called the hive. that's where you set it down on that platform. then robotic equipment does the
6:49 am
rest. it moves your car between different levels and finally finds a space for it. the idea is to squeeze more cars into less space than garages that you typically have to drive through and find your own spot. the garage is on 24th street and broadway. i love looking at that video. >> i know. i'mesmerized by it for some reason. speaking of cars, do you feel comfortable having autonomous cars on the road? >> it's one thing having it parked autonomously. but what about driving autonomously? you don't need to register or download. just vote real quick. >> we're asking you that because as of today, regulators are expected to clear the way for automakers to test totally autonomous vehicles. >> instead of a person behind the wheel, which is the case until now, automakers would be required to have a remote operator ready to take control
6:50 am
if they need to. companies will have to report where they're going to operate these cars. they have to notify local authorities and they have to have a plan in place to communicate with law enforcement. those driverless vehicles could be on california roads as soon as april. >> right now, looking at the poll, reggie, a lot of people are uncomfortable with that idea. a lot of people saying no. they don't want to see those cars on the roads. it's happening whether you like it or not. >> 64% saying you're not quite ready for this development. mike, do you see these driving around? there's one driving around our building at abc 7 all the time. >> the black toyota highlander, i believe. >> i see it all the time. absolutely. hi everybody. little skittish about about those also, especially when they're manning them like drones. here's what's going on in san francisco. it's still raining here as we look
6:51 am
>> we're still he getting rain in these places. we could get up to .15. maybe a third of an inch if you're caught under a thunderstorm this afternoon. down in the south bay, we're still playing the anticipation game. get out there now because the rain is knocking on your door. it will be there probably within 25 minutes. a.m. rain, chance of p.m. thunderstorms. tonight, breezy, cooler, partly coudy. drier. stronger storms for thursday. here's a look at some of the more moderate showers in san carlos, redwood city. spring street, middlefield road to san carlos avenue. broaden it out. it goes into the santa cruz mountains. if you're headed down skyline boulevard, definitely going to be puddles there. we also have yellows showing up in the east bay right now. the yellow is possible as you can see on the future radar. starting in about seven minutes. that moves through the south bay. by 9:00, it turns over to showers. then you can see we open up just a little bit to a little sunshine at noon and then look
6:52 am
at this. a second chunk of energy comes through with the scattered showers and thunderstorms. hail in the valleys. snow elevation down to about 2500 feet. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the breezes blow in drier air and bring us sunshine tomorrow. wednesday night into thursday. that's when the 2 rolls in. a moderate storm. going to be a good one. here's sue. slick roads around the bay area. we've got rain, rain, rain. golden gate bridge, rain and windy here as well. traffic is flowing nicely. but we have so many solo spinouts, so many accidents, so little time. let's get to it. southbound 880. better news at mission. i should say at tennyson. we had an earlier overturned accident cleared out of lanes. hopefully, we'll get recovery soon as we flashback. we've got a backup all the way to 238 and beyond southbound on 880. give yourself plenty of time. up to the santa cruz mountains,
6:53 am
the fourth possible incident. one just moved out of northbound 17 near redwood estates and apparently now southbound there's an accidents blocking both lanes of traffic through the santa cruz mountains. we'll zoom out and show you the backup there. it's starting to improve northbound, but southbound, yeah, we'll check on that in a couple of minutes. ouch. 17 a problem all morning. sue, thank you. new this morning, a special announcement from disney. >> in honor of black panther's record breaking success. they're making a donation to the boys and girls club of america. it will expand their s.t.e.m. program, that's science, technology, engineering and math. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. >> very exciting. next, the seven things you need to know before you go. looking live. we're keeping you up to date on the rainy drive this morning. including live doppler 7 on your screen throughout the break.
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coming up on 6:58. bl just joining us or headed out the door, seven things to know. a look at live doppler 7. you may be dry right now, but
6:57 am
you're about to get wet for the rest of the commute like here in south beach. a chance of a shower at noon, more sunshine than rain. this afternoon, get ready for some thunderstorms. number 2, it's a wet, sloppy commute out there. back to the bay bridge where the roads are very, very slick. we've had multiple accidents. the better news is we've had an accident in rohnert park that's cleared. northbound 101. it was a big -- a big rig pulling a boat. that is now out of the lanes. number 3, police right now are looking for suspects in a triple shooting that happened in the parking lot of the hillside market in broadmoor right near daly city. two people died, another man is hospitalized. number 4, president trump says the deadly massacre at a florida high school is at the top of the agenda at the national governor's association meeting today. 17 people died. he said he will make school safety a top priority. number 5, don't panic if you hear an explosion at travis air
6:58 am
force base today. it's only a drill. travis is conducting a week-long exercise. it will include sirens and loud warnings from the base's emergency notification system known as the giant voice. number 6, oakland airport screening travelers for tsa pre check over the next two weeks. it starts today. you can apply at the enrollment center in terminal 2. number 7, oscar preparations are under way in hollywood. crews are setting up the fan bleachers and pre-show stages outside the dolby theater. you can watch the oscars live on abc 7 this sunday. who are you pulling for? >> the weather. >> seriously. >> supposed to be good? >> by sunday, yes. but it's going to rain tomorrow, it's going to rain thursday. >> on the red carpet. >> friday and possibly saturday morning. >> okay. >> ifing rs crossed. >> hoping sunday the weather good morning, flooding emergency.
6:59 am
towns across the midwest under water right now. rivers rising. drowning homes. and at least a dozen tornadoes ripping through the heartland. now another dangerous storm targeting the flood zone. students and teachers return to marjory stoneman douglas high for the first time since the massacre. as the sheriff faces mounting questions and calls for his job. an abc news exclusive. the mother whose life changed in an instant when a 3,000-pound tree fell on top of her and her young children in central park. now she's telling her story for the first time. >> it's scary. they were little. i was just worried about them. >> as she prepares to file a $200 million lawsuit. fire on the plane.


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