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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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in the 5,000 block and is unoccupied. the tree trimmer did not fall from the tree. firefighters brought in an aerial ladder to gain access to the body. some neighbors weren't aware of what happened, although others were told to shelter in place until it was confirmed that pg and e crews had turned off power to the line. they had to follow procedures for their own safety. >> at first we are concerned for our own safety. we wanted to make sure that the power was turned off. so we waited for pg and e to confirm that there is no power going to the lines and that the electricity can be grounded so it's safe for us to go up. then we have our own rigging system to keep, to make sure our workers don't fall as we go up there and recover the body. >> reporter: sky 7 was on the scene ago fir scene as first responders
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arrived. page mill was blocked off to protect residents and driver until the power was cut off and the recovery operation was completed. we saw a number of children playing. we suggested to one mother in spanish that she might want to take her son inside to guard him from the graphic scene. she quickly did so and was grateful for the advice. pg&e has called in additional crews to help to extract the body from the tree. they are assisting san jose fire who keeps extending and retracting their ladder. we are live in san jose, david louie, abc 7nes news. >> thanks very much. there is wild weather across northern california right now. >> check out this hail in sacramento, shot by matthew ortiz. you can see the hail coming down really hard. >> ooh, and take a look at this
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picture. this is hail buildup. in fact, there's so much it looks like snow. >> it does. this is a live look outside from our east bay hills. is this wild weather headed for the bay area? >> let's get to spencer christian for a look at the forecast. >> some of it has moved into the immediate bay area already. here's a look at live doppler 7. there are numerous lightning strike, still are in the sierra foothills. hailstones. a lot of it has moved from napa county to sonoma county. we have pockets of downpours and heavy rain, gusty wind and possibly isolated hailstones down into american canyon, over to the sears point area. this is moving in a line southward and southeastward. you can expect the stormy weather in concord to swing down into berkley by 4:20 or so.
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by 4:30, it should be moving into oakland, then down into livermore. by 5:00 or so to union city. so this stormy weather is going to swing down through the east bay and likely compliate the late afternoon and early evening commute just a bit. this ranks one on the storm impact scale. we can expect scattered showers, once again chance of small hail and lightning strikes and a wintry mix of freezing rain and maybe even snow above 4,000 feet. it will be swinging down, the stormiest areas, down into the messen town -- and around mst. hamilton we wil see a wintry mix. from hail to snow, this is not the sierra, but the foothills near the reservoir. >> we got these incredible shots
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of the snow that fell overnight. it looks like a few inches in at least some spots. the cattle that grazed the area didn't seem to mind too much. >> what a difference a day makes. take a look at this time lapse video from mt. hamilton. there's a lot of sunshine yesterday and slowly the rain begins. and now, look what it looks like today. lots of snow. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking this unusual winter white force. >> you think it's cold where you live, go about 1,000 to 2,000 feet up and it's below freezing, cold enough to prg precipitation. you can see the wintry mix. we launched sky 7, giving you that gorgeous view over the highest points of mt. hamilton, and you can see just that winter wonderland of a dusting of snow. just feels cold looking at that
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picture. where we want the snow is in the sierra. look at this. this is the sat loellite image last week. take a look at the snowpack, only 18% to 25% of normal. statewide, 22% of average. but live doppler 7 showing you right now, we do have light snowshowers working over the sierra, but a significant snowstorm will move in to the sierra later in the week bringing feet of snow. spencer christian will be back to talk about that and the chances for more rain in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. from that to fear of mudslides prompting santa barbara county authorities to issue a preevacuation advisory for those near burn-scarred areas. heavy rains triggered slides in mau mont
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montecito. it sis the lowest level of the advisory system. >> students and parents reported a threat on social media. >> melanie woodrow is live for us from the school with more on this. and melanie, police have determined the video was related to a prior threat in another state. >> reporter: exactly. and they are now saying that this is tied to a social media post that was out of seattle washingtseattle, washington for another school also named lincoln in tacoma, washington. still, tense moments for parents and students this morning. parents like lorina smith pick under their children fearing the worst. >> i noticed on social media they were saying there was a threat that they were going to shoot the school up today. >> reporter: school officials say the threat spread rapidly, from one social media platform to another. >> lincoln families heard about a snapchat that was going around to lincoln students that referenced an instagram post, and the instagram post
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referenced a video where there was a threat to shoot up the school. >> reporter: investigators could not find the video. >> at this point, we have zero evidence to indicate this was going to happen, but we are >> reporter: by this afternoon, investigators had spoken with a student who saw the video. alameda police say the post originated from an account holder in seattle, washington. tacoma, washington police department confirmed the post was related to a threat at lincoln high school in tacoma, washington in which police had already made arrests. alameda police say that the student who posted about seeing the video did not do anything criminal. still as of this morning, some parents weren't taking any chances. >> just in case, i feel safer knowing my daughter is with me. >> we take all threats t student safety extremely serious. >> reporter: they consider it closed and there no known threats to alameda or its
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schools. parents today were notified about this incident by phone and by e-mail. live in alameda, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> thank very much. if you live near travis air force base, don't be alarmed by the explosive noises you'll hear this week. it's just a drill. base personnel are taking part in training exercises, some include simulated explosions and loud announcements from the base emergency notification system, known as "the giant voice". police on the peninsula are looking for the gunman who killed two people and injured another. it happened in broad moore near daley city. >> reporter: friends and family members gathered this morning to mourn their loved ones killed in front of this convenience store last night. they said they were too upset to talk publiclyistht bottles of have been left to remember the victims who died here. the store manager also did not
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want to talk on camera but said two groups of people got into an argument last night right before the triple shooting. >> i'm shocked and amazed and a little worried about the area. >> reporter: regular customers say they can't believe this happened here. >> a shock, because i have been living this neighborhood for around 30 years, and everything happened here. >> reporter: the shootings happened at 8:45 in a man and woman were killed. another man survived the shooting but is in the hospital. a woman came to the scene last night after hearing it might have been her daughter. >> i'm kind of numb, just don't know what to think or, feel. just want to find out where my daughter is. >> reporter: she confirmed to us this morning that it was her daughter vanessa who was killed. police have not made any arrests or said what the motive was
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behind the shootings. customers say they feel nervous being here. >> i'm just cautious. i'm going to be cautious about it, you know, just watch my step and tell my family and people around, just be careful when you go out there. >> reporter: broad more police are looking for one other suspect and other persons of interest. they think this was an isolated incident that the killer knew the victims. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a setback four the trump administration over daca. the supreme court rejected the unusual attempt to bypass the court in san francisco and take up the issue now. it doesn't mean that the justices won't eventually hear the case, it just prolongs it. they will not be able to end the program on march 5th as expected. the supreme court heard arguments in a case that could deal a financial blow to priept sector unions. it centers around a case in
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illinois. lawyers argue that people like him who choose not to join a union shouldn't be compelled to pay partial union fees. the union argues that he should pay because he benefits from collective bargaining. a large group of union supporters gathered on the steps of city hall in san francisco. the demonstration was organized by service employ he ees international and the union involved in the supreme court case. several candidates for san francisco mayor pledged their support to help local workers fight back. >> their is nis is not just an on working men and women in this country and their labor unions. it is an assault on democracy itself. >> a few billionaires have decided to launch a targeted and well-funded attack on organized labor and our workers, because they don't feel like they have
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enough. >> current mayor mark farrell also said the city is looking for ways to protect its public employees should the supreme court rule against their unions. >> stay with us. with self-driving cars, no one behind the wheel, that's about to become a reality. >> when driepevers should expec thesed vehicl these vehicles on the road. plus the multi-million dollar listing inside the
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a good monday on wall street. stocks jumped with gains again accelerating the last hour of trading as markets around the world continue to crawl back from a sharp tumble earlier this month. the dow jones rose nearly 100 points, about 1.6%. you've probably seen self-driving cars being tested around the bay area with drivers. but the possibility of this april being that those tests will no longer require a driver at all in california. so to talk more about what this means for the rest of us, antoine goodman joining us. first and foremost, this sounds like a sci-fi movie to me. what is happening with the battle with the california dmv and getting these driverless cars out on the roads for good? >> it's been sort of like most things with legislation, a slow process. they announced in october and november that they were going to move forward and finalize the wording on how they make the
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rules, and january is when they said this is something we're going to go forward with for approval and now we're seeing an april deadline for when it's going to happen. and we're going to have companies apply for permits to test self-driving cars on the road without a human being in it. >> during these tests of driverless cars there's always been a human in the back seat or an enclosed space. what can people expect to see on the roadways as they're running errands, going to work or school. >> what you'll see on the road is not a human being in the car, but a human being has to be monitoring the car remotely. that means in a center somewhere, with, by directional communication, there will be a human being watching the car and being able to take control of the car remotely like with a stari steering wheel you'd see on a video game. >> you said something pretty interesting to me during the commercial break, that you will
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actually trust these self-driving cars more than you trust humans behind the wheel? >> right. the thing about self-driving cars is they're actually too cautious. if they run into something they don't understand, they stop. they assess the situation, and that means sometimes you get stuck behind a self-driving car that's driving a little slowly. but the things about self-driving cars is they don't blink, they don't get distracted by incoming messages or facebook. the car's always watching the road. so you never run into a situation where someone's distracted. that's sort of the point of self-driving technology. we're trying to get away from the point where 90% of accidents are caused by human error. >> i now the testing could potentially start in april for these drievleerless cashes, but wh -- cars, but what about the every day joe or jane? >> it's accelerating. right now we're at a point where
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they can test, and shortly we'll get to a point where auto makers and startups will be able to apply for business permits to use self-driving cars. a lot of automakers are thinking 2020, 2025. >> thank you for be being here. >> oakland celebrated the opening of a parking garage that is the first of its kind in northern california. abc 7 was on broadway when schaaf was there. it as a fully-optimized parking space. >> this space behind us here was originally seven parking spaces. and we've been able to convert that into 39 parking spaces. >> a forward-future-looking approach to solving the urban transportation challenges of today, but especially of tomorrow. >> you're now looking at video from city lift showing how the hive works.
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you pull into a garage, and the machinery literally lifts your car and moves it into its own space. pretty slick, obviously. spencer christian is back to update the forecast for us. spencer, will this interesting off and on rain continue? >> i like the way you put that. interesting. it's going to continue that way for a while. we've had very stormy weather in the central valley, numerous lightning strikes, but from fairfield to vallejo into parts of napa and now into marin, we have isolated downpours and reports of isolated small hailstones, and you request see how dark the clouds are over the golden gate. a few minutes ago we had bright blue, at least bursts of bright blue. these are our forecast features. we'll see windy, chilly conditions once this area of storminess moves through. and another stormy pattern, a rather significant one will develop late wednesday rather and continue into thursday and
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friday. right now wire're looking at 41t north lake. mainly 50s around the bay, a few locations see temperatures dropping into the 40s right now. we have a storm ranking one on the impact scale, a storm of light intensity, but it's produced scattered areas of intensity. scattered showers will be with us through the evening hours. and a wintry mix of precipitation may fall in the higher elevations above 2,000 feet, maybe freezing rain or snow. in the overnight hours skies will start to clear. it will be cold notice in communities. low to mid-30s. windy in some spots and around the bay it will be quite chilly as well with lows in the upper 30s. we begin the day with sunny skies, but it's going to be windy and chilly, getting milder and mild iriner into the aftern
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hours. temperatures will drop sharply after sunset. for the next several hours into the overnight hours and into early tomorrow morning we'll see gusts from 25-35 miles per hour through the coast, the central bay area, into the delta. it will be windy right on through the day. winds will start to taper off a little bit into the early evening. but still breezy tomorrow evening. we have a wind advisory in effect from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. this is for much of the north bay, the three north bay counties of napa, sonoma and marin, gusts of 50 miles per hour. and then we get thursday's storm, which ranks two on the storm impact scale. it will produce rainfall totals of half an inch to an inch and a half, wind gusts 20-40 miles per hour. rain continues to sweep on through and intensify on thursday, dumping fairly
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significant snow in the sierra. many areas will end up seeing two to four feet of snow. much-needed snowfall, but it's tough to get all that at once. you can see what kind of an active and stormy week it's going to be. once the next wave of rain arrives late wednesday, it's just going to get stormier and stormier through thursday and friday before tapering off on saturday. be prepared. >> things really have changed in the past 24 hours. preparations for oscar sunday are already getting under way. >> look at us now. and on the night that often celebrates young, fresh-faced stars, this year the academy awards is recognizing some women with an a little more experience. plus, the big donation thanks in
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don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. >> we are less than a week away from the oscars.
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>> we are. this year the academy awards is recognizing older women in the top acting categories. >> marci gonzalez has details. >> reporter: one said people don't reward people my age, up for another best actor's nomination at 68 years old. but meryl streep's quote is contradicted in another category. >> here we are. the nominees for performance by ang tress actress in a supporting role. >> reporter: the average age, 55 years old. >> women of a certain age have not had the opportunities that men of a certain age have always been afforded. that is finally starting to change. and it's been a really long time coming. >> reporter: the young els est e category is octavia spencer who is 45 years old. the oldest, jessica tandy at
4:26 pm
>> i am on >> look at us now. >> reporter: recognized by stars across mediums and genres. >> 20 years ago, we were pretty washed up by this stage in our lives. so that's not the case now. we've proven, and these actresses and so many more are proving that we are potential and powerful and viable. >> reporter: marcy gonzales, abc news, los angeles. >> now back to that best actress category. three of the five are over 406789 one 40, one of the favorites, francis mcdermott. president trump critical of the response to the deadly school shooting in florida. >> i believe i'd run in, even if i didn't have a weapon. >> from the bay area to washington, the ongoing battle over gun control. and a frightening flight. those are flames coming from the
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here are the stories making headlines now at 4:30. an arctic cold front brought some snow to higher elevations in the bay area. you see from sky 7, bringing us the foothills northeast of san
4:30 pm
jose. mt. hamilton also received overnight snow during storms. the national weather service says the last time it snowed in san francisco was on this date seven years ago when snow fell all the 20way to sea level. oakland mayor libby schaaf says ice action was possible and now she's receiving angry messages and threats over her decision to go public. laura anthony will have a full report on abc 7 news at 5:00. today president trump increased his calls to arm teachers following the parkland, florida massacre. abc news reporter kenneth moten is live in washington for more on this story. >> reporter: president trump says it's time to turn grief into action after the deadly florida school shooting. he's also turning up his attacks
4:31 pm
on the response to the massacre. president trump face-to-face with the nation's governors, demanding action to protect schools. >> we have to take steps to harden our schools so that they're less vulnerable to attack. >> reporter: the president wants to ban bump stocks. the nra against that, and president trump's push to change the age to buy rifles from 18 to 21. >> there's nothing to be afraid of many if they're not with you once in a while, that's okay. >> the president's spitill supportive of the concept and to try to pretend that's being influenced by one group is ridiculous. >> educatorshould responsibility of packing heat in first grade classes. >> reporter: the debate comes nearly two weeks after the florida school massacre in
4:32 pm
parkland. president trump harshly criticized the response to the shooting. the broward county sheriff's department is investigating claims deputies waited rather than rushing in during the rampage. scot peterson resigned. video showed him failing to confront the shooter. >> the way they performed was frankly disgusting. i really believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon, and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too. >> reporter: peterson's attorney released a statement saying that the allegations against the form form former deputy are unfounded and not true. the president is calling on schools to take action on school safety rather than waiting on congress. >> is congress expected to act anytime soon on gun control? >> reporter: congress is back in session. today we saw lawmakers on the floor of the senate and in the house, talking about the parkland massacre, talking about gun control. they were reading the names of
4:33 pm
the 17 people who were killed nearly two weeks ago at this point. but at this point, we do know there is no vote planned on any type of legislation. dion? well, this morning, students, parents and grandparents in palo alto called for stricter gun laws in the wake of the florida school shooting. matt keller has the story. >> reporter: the pouring rain didn't stop about 100 high school students from rallying on the sidewalk across the street from their palo alto campus this morning. several drivers going by also showed their support for the students' message. >> we want gun control. and we don't want what happened in florida to happen here. >> reporter: they're following the lead of some of the students from parkland, florida where 1people we17 people were killed.
4:34 pm
high school students say it's important to understand the power they hold. >> we're the next generation of voters and it's important for students to realize they do have a voice and they can make a difference. >> reporter: gun control advocates stood in the rain to show their support. >> i think touched close to home for them. it's hard to ignore this when it's your peers getting killed. >> the students are absolutely right. and they're the ones who have the courage and whose lives are on the line. we should definitely listen to them. >> reporter: more student-led protests are being planned, including a national school walkout that will take place on the one-month the parkland shooting. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> a new poll shows democrats and republicans across the country can agree on one thing. they don't like congress. a new poll from the ap/orc center found that 80% of americans disapprove of the job
4:35 pm
congress is doing. respondents say congress pays too much attention to lobbyists and donors and the wealthy and not enough to their constituents of. a frightening moment for passengers on a southwest airlines flight from salt lake city to los angeles. can you see flames coming from one of the plane's engines. this happened shortly after it took off this morning. the jet circled around, made an emergency landing. no one was hurt, it all landed fine, but it was all unnerving. >> scary to watch there. actress heather locklear is free on bail after being arrested for domestic violence and battery against emergency personnel. she is said to have got noonten a fight with her live-in boyfriends. he allegedly was injured. tmz is reporting that locklear
4:36 pm
became combative with emergency personnel. the weinstein company is moving closer to bankruptcy. it has been crippled by the sexual allegations against har y harvey weinstein. a deal on a proposed sale fell apart. that deal ran into additional complications when new york attorney general filed's a law suit against weinstein and his former kwp. > -- company. two high-level, high-profile leaders of society of the united states have resigned after complaints against them 3w5i became public. they gave their first television interviews to our dan noyes. he'll have an exclusive report tonight at 11:00 p.m. severe weather is moving across the country. >> everything down in the
4:37 pm
basement is ruined, i mean, it's gone. >> from flooding to tornados to damage across several states. >> i'm spencer christian. you know the weather is severe san francisco. i'll have t
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4:39 pm
severe and deadly weather stretching from texas to the ohio valley, 12 tornados touched down in four states, killing at least four people, and now ohio and kentucky are dealing with
4:40 pm
rising rivers and flash flooding. maggie rulli has more. >> reporter: rising rivers in kentucky and ohio. >> everything down in the basement is ruined. i mean, it's gone. >> reporter: submerging homes, cars and play grounds. >> we knew this going in, moving on the river. but we didn't think it was going to get this bad. >> reporter: crews working through the night, installing the last of several floodgates. evacuations and rescues nearby. more than 100 water rescues in the bluegrass state alone. at least a dozen confirmed tornados across four states. >> it sounded like a freight train coming through. it was pretty loud. >> reporter: a 750-mile stretch of damage from kentucky to dallas. >> you've got a house that completely has collapsed on itself. >> we heard, you know, glass shattering, and it blew out a couple of these posts here on the porch and drove them through the house. >> reporter: buildings ripped apart. some homes reduced to their
4:41 pm
foundations. >> certainly. your heart goes out to them, as they are looking through what's left, the rubble of what was once a home. >> we was all scared. we didn't know what to do. so we was just hunkering down and getting everybody safe until we could find out what was going on. >> reporter: kentucky's governor declaring a state of emergency. but we are not out of the woods yet. that same system is expected to move into the northeast and bring with it rain and snow. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. meantime, an overnight snow also brought at least two inches of snow to the vatican city area. this is the most snow rome has seen in six years. it was enough to grind the city to a halt, temporarily closing schools and public transportation. but no one seemed to mind. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> we've got some pretty unusual weather here in the bay area. a line of stormy weather reaching from north bay eastward, from san rafael to the cochran area, discovery bay,
4:42 pm
tracy and stockton. isolated downpours, reports of hailstones. so this storm as we get into the evening hours ranks one on the storm impact scale. we have isolated spots of more intense weather happening. scattered showers as i mentioned, small hail, lightning is possible. a mix of rain and snow in the higher elevations. very cold in the inland valleys where low temperatures will drop down to about the freezing level. tomorrow will be a bright, sunny day, breezy, but milder than today with high temperatures up around 62 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast and we have quite a week of active weather coming our way from showers developing late wednesday to rainy and windy conditions, storms ranking two on the impact scale on thursday and friday. tapering off to just showers on saturday morning, but we're going to have three and a half, maybe four days of wet, wild weather coming our way. >> we sure need it. well, an exclusive address
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in san francisco, high-rise real estate prices continue to move skywards. now that appears to include the most controversial and perhaps litigated building in san francisco. wayne freedman took a long elevator ride to see what roughly $5.5 million will buy. >> reporter: we're on our way to the upper echelons, we're lass shifting roughly six inches to the north west. this is millennium tower, san francisco's version of pisa. >> you can't tell visually that it's leaning. >> reporter: if you follow the ratings, he is the 28th ranked realtor in the nation. now comes this listing with the visual accrue 2,709 square feet, asking price,
4:47 pm
$5.5 million. and to hear the man selling it? this is a bargain. >> the challenge is finding the buyers that understand the opportunity. >> reporter: which requires taking a look around this condo, selling for 30% less than the peak price when engineers noticed the building was sinking. a fix, they say, is pending. 55 floors and $5.5 million is a long way up, especially for anyone with physical or financial vertigo. everyone can see in. >> that's why there are shades. >> reporter: and they move, too. it features some $2 million in upgrades. would you like a tour of the place? at this level, you need to pre-qualify. >> we want to know that the people coming to tour this can afford it. >> reporter: so now you've seen inside. for most of us, another world, even in a controversial building, life looks different at a550 feet. does it come with oxygen? >> you seem to be doing fine.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> does it come with oxygen. a little history lesson. it officially opened in 2009. six years later in june of 2015, tenants learned the building was sinking, 16 inches since it opened. a group of tenants filed a class action lawsuit in 2016 and a few months later the san francisco attorney's office announced it was suing the developer for failing to disclose that the building was settling. settleme a trial date is set for next january. from san jose, a question asking, the ssa 1099 has the wrong social security number on it. how can she file her income tax with an incorrect statement? >> she can't, she shouldn't
4:49 pm
until the error is corrected with the social security administration. and they send an updated 1099. look, the concern here is not just with filing her income tax but making sure she's getting the correct benefit amount since the numbers are different. the quickest way to get something done here is to go to the agency's website and open a "my social security account." super easy. she'll be able to verify her earnings and make sure those numbers are correct. all the information you need will be on a link at our website, abc 7 really, everybody ought to sign in and check it out. >> chad from union city asks michael, i'm finally taking time to travel around europe and thinking about spending extra for travel insurance. is it a must, especially when traveling outside the united states? >> yes, yes, a thousand times yes! overseas, your health insurance doesn't work. so you need travel insurance to cover hospitalization.
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you need the insurance to get you back to the states, even maybe in an air ambulance. you can buy insurance as well that covers the trip itself, if you can't go, trip interruption, lost luggage and such. do not buy travel insurance from the provider of your vacation. if they go out of business, the insurance goes out of business. >> romero asks, what do you do if you have mold in your home and the ownier doesn't ficti fix it. >> it poses a danger to your health. you're living in a sub standard condition and your landlord is required to fix it. before you make that move, be careful. rentals are hard to come by, and landlords are being pretty hard-nosed. be very, very careful. if you have a question for me, record a ten to 15 minute video. you can reach me on our website
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on abc 7 tsa pre-check is back. it allows you to get through security faster where there's a line for pre-checked travelers. it cost $82 and is good for five years. you can sign up at oakland airport for the next two weeks. that is open at terminal two, weekdays at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. a studen has major bragging to do. tom tommy tran is one of six students in the world who received a perfect score on the calculus exam. he took the test in may of 2017. but school officials just revealed his score publicly today. so how did tommy do it? he says his teachers assigned him less work a week before the exams so that's when tommy decided to take the holistic
4:52 pm
approach. >> i took that extra time to sleep more and then exercise. and i feel like exercise really improves your cognition and ability to deploy knowledge. >> wow. smart kid. tommy says he's open to any internships that come his way, especially those that involve soft be softwa software engineering. i don't want to brag, but i got a perfect score as well, perfectly terrible. >> and a new program to help kids get into stem programs. how the hit movie "black panther" is playing a part. and kristin is here with what's coming up at 5:00. >> i barely passed and the oakland mayor is facing threats on social media. and dianne feinstein doesn't have the backing of the california democratic party as she runs for her fifth term.
4:53 pm
and draumatic video from texas. those stories and more when i join dan for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, two hours of "the bachelor", followed by "the good doctor" at 10:00. stay with us for news at 11:00. disney announced it will donate $1 million to the boys and girls club of america to expand stem programs. 12 communities will benefit from this donation. and as leanne melendez tells us, oakland is one of them. >> reporter: we've known that there are gaps in math and science achievement for african-americans starting in fourth grade. the boys and girls club of america has three centers in oakland helping kids bridge that
4:57 pm
gap. >> stem and education is the pathway of least resistance. if our young people are going to be successful. >> reporter: cal stanley is the president of the boys and girls clubs of oakland. thanks to tech companies and universities who partner with the clubs, students here learn some of the skills to pursue stem degrees and careers. and those high-tech skills will expand with a donation from disney, which produced the movie "black panther." the movie takes place in the fictional location called wacanda, the most technically-advanced country in the world. it has inspired young audiences, so it's fitting that we show our appreciation by helping advance stem programs for youth, especially in underserved areas of the country, to give them the knowledge and tools to build the future they want. in the movie, women are depicted as strong and technologically
4:58 pm
savvy. but in reality, according to a u.s. department of commerce report, only one quarter of women hold jobs in stem fields in the united states. cal stanley hopes these kids will see themselves in these characters. >> kids need visual aids. we all do. and if you can see it, then you request can be it. and if it request can be concei can be achieved. >> they'll make a big difference. besides oakland, disney's donation will help boys and girls clubs in 11 other cities in the country. "black panther" is the fourth film to earn $100 million in its second weekend. it made $400 million domestically. disney, of course, the parent
4:59 pm
company of abc 7. and with that is corre, thanks for joining us. that is part of this job. >> oak land mayor libby schaaf receiving threats amid a controversial decision. tonight, she's standing by her warning of possible ice raids. a tree trimmer killed, and now several homes are under a shelter in place order. the university of san diego's men's basketball coach is facing domestic violence charges here in the bay area. the action the school took today, following his arrest. >> that snow you're seeing in the south bay foot hills, it's been quite a day of wild weather. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. hail is pounding parts of the bay area right now. it is the latest wild weather today that included rein aain a even snow. >> it's been a cold and at times
5:00 pm
rainy day. people walking down market street in san francisco, going to show you, all bundled up, keep bei keeping their umbrellas handy. here we go. look at that. sky 7 shows you what fell overnight. >> stop what you're doing and look at this. live pictures from guess where, sacramento. that is hail you're looking at. it looks like snow, though, blanketing the ground. there's been reports of it falling there for the last several hours. >> it really does look like snow, doesn't it? but it is hail. all that cold weather is hitting the bay area. we want to touch base w yeah patel. >> let's get to where we are seeing heavy downpours right now in san francisco around the sunset district. street level radar, around noreaga street, it is wet, heading into the east bay, h


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