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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 28, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PST

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she pulls off. >> oh! yikes! >> ooh! >> wow, that went all kinds of wrong. >> she fell right on her head. >> the pump is still in the tank as she pulls away, when the atent ant trips over the hose and when the entire casing comes down. >> how is this not the driver's fault? >> when i first looked at it, i thought it was the driver's fault as well. people point out maybe the attendant should have put the hose back in before she took the money. reports are she paid and that's why she was pulling off. she wasn't trying to take off and diss the check. >> it was 50/50, in the muscle memory once i paw you're done, you drive off. >> okay, thanks for your payment, have a nice day, that automatically makes you think i'm good to go. >> i'm surprised the hose didn't rip out of the machine. in the past that's what i've seen happen before. in this case the attendant's shoulder is broken and the driver is under investigation for dangerous driving. over to chile, this is all this woman's fault, all of it. >> ooh! ooh! >> oh!
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oh! hit the wrong pedal? >> yes, of course. >> even if we had one pedal, people would still figure out how to press the wrong one. >> she got mixed up leaving this parking lot and goes flies across the street into the next building. luckily, she didn't hit anybody. you notice this woman here sees her and jumps out of the way and as she crosses the street those people jump out of the way as well. >> she must have had her engine going like crazy. you can see how the window she shifts into drive and goes vagt off. >> the mini van driver was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. life could be a little lonely especially if you're just a little bit different. ♪ ♪ if you don't know, now you know ♪ >> superheroes, trying to change that a little bit. ♪ you're stronger than you think ♪ >> we've got some famous faces here in their latest music video
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called "they don't know" featuring demarcus ware, snoop doggg and steven beatty. ♪ so don't you feel ashamed >> steven's written songs for madonna, justin bieber and bruno mars. i think we know those people, sound familiar? >> names ring a bell. >> steven's written songs for superheroes before but demarcus ware, former dallas cowboy, champion super bowl ring holder as well, da marcus' son has adhd, can be a big problem for young kids. they learn a little differently. demarcus decided to get into the singing game and try to make others with the disorder feel a little bit better. ♪ you're not alone ♪ there's others just like you >> i think it's great when athletes can take something that affects them on a day-to-day basis and use thaek platform.
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>> you hear the distinctive voice of snoop. ♪ in you don't know, you won't know so let me give it to you quick ♪ >> he's in cartoon character he's even swaggy. >> it takes away from the fact you don't have to look at their diagnosis as a hindrance, rather as just something different that they have to approach different. ♪ because if you don't know, now you know, know, know ♪ ♪ oh, you know now, yeah, you do ♪ leo is one heck of a skier. in fact, he takes us on his very first run of the season in the famous valley of valdesaire. >> the video is sped up in part but when he takes those jumps, they actually slow it down so you can appreciate his talent. >> he's kind of good. >> oh, we've seen this park before. this is a really cool resort
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where they build these freestyle features right into the canyon of this resort. it's awesome. >> it looks like it was groomed pretty nicely. >> not everyone need apply. you need to be pretty good on the skis or snowboard to do this and if you can't just watch the video like the rest of us and enjoy what others can do. >> he's going to finish up doing the same thing the way it started. >> notice at the beginning the video started on a screen and it's going to end in the fact same way. >> cool. >> well done, well done. >> yeah, man, is that like a submission for line of the year? i know they do that. >> we're not sure but leo has one line of the year two different times. so good. how can you top a run like this? do it at night, and he does that exact thing. >> woo hoo. >> oh, wow, this is way harder at night. >> no way. >> yeah, especially because you can't see where the heck you're going. he is wearing a light to light
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his way but i also think there are flares to guide him through. you see that? >> somebody stuck maybe little solar lights or something in there to mark his path. >> woo hoo! >> then again he knows the lines really well. he titled this last video "navigating through work" so he obviously knows these routes to do these successfully at night. >> woo hoo! ♪ as this jukin video proves, some people are just pure trash. dude, stoplight gets out of the car, goes to the truck in front of him, climbs in the back and straight up takes the trash can out of the back of the truck and walks back to the car with it. >> ha, ha, ha! >> much so the amusement of the person behind the camera. >> did they steal his trash can and he took it back? >> that is exactly what's going on in this video. >> that's something my daddy would do. awesome. >> it is so bizarre. >> that was tay getting out of
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the car. they were at home and they heard a banging. these people in the truck turned up and they stole for some reason their trash can. well, tay and his brother weren't going to sit there and let it happen. they jump in the car, go driving around and eventually by coincidence at a stoplight go that's it! that's our bin. >> you got the trash can. >> tay isn't going to let them get away with it, gets out of the car and takes the bin back. >> for people who think it's not that big of a deal, in some cities you have to pay to get another one because that one is the size of you. >> on the side it's painted in big numbers is their house address. so it's like mate, what are you doing? >> so they knew for sure that was, in fact their can. >> they knew it was the right one. i'm amused to wonder what everybody else is kind of thinking is going on.
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especially because the bin doesn't fit in their car. >> how you going to fit this -- >> i don't know, we have to figure it out. >> they end up dragging it all the way home. >> ha, ha! caden doesn't like what some of the other kids are saying to him. >> they said go away little boy, you can't play with us. >> who doesn't want to play with caden. >> excuse me? >> see his strategy for bullying next. it's the escalator prank disguised as a public pickup, sort of. i don't know if i would call this a pickup as much as a just creepy drive-by. see if anyone plays along coming up on "right this minute." rodney -- mastermind of discounts like safe driver, paperless. the list goes on. how about a discount for long lists? gold. mara, you save our customers hundreds for switching almost effortlessly. it's a gift. and jamie. -present. -together we are unstoppable.
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closed captioning provided by -- caden, my caden, he's here
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to teach the youth. >> you know what i hate? bullies. >> we all do. >> i hate bullies, too. >> i went to the park and i asked somebody if i can play and they said go away, little boy. you can't play with us. >> who doesn't want to play with caden. >> excuse me? >> excuse me? >> he shares that sense with you, christian. >> i'm appalled, just like him. >> just breathe it out. i might have to incorporate this very ritual into my own life. >> don't be petty. don't be petty. that's my rule. >> i'm going to start singing that, too. wake up in the morning, lord help me not to be petty because i ain't ready. >> they were even legos. >> what? building bricks? >> building bricks. >> lame.
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>> you can't be bully on a budget. >> who are these people anyway? >> go tet together. >> get it together. he doesn't want to play with them anymore anyway. >> he's cooler than them. that's it, i'm done, it's official. this video was the straw that broke the camel's back. if i don't visit iceland in the next year, i will go insane. >> this does look incredible. >> it looks especially incredible in this pretty stunning video put together by martin heck. it's called 100 hours in iceland, that's exactly how long basically he had but he was there with a spankin' brand new camera, and as you can see, he sets it up and doesn't really matter what direction he's pointing it in or what time of day, it's iceland. it just looks incredible. i just want to go to experience serenity. peace. quiet. do a bit of green bathing, just, can you imagine what the air smells like there?
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probably smells like nothing. the thing is, what's one of the huge draws to go up north, the aurora. he sets up his camera late at night when they decided ed td up. >> this is one of the biggest problems with iceland, i hate the cold but to see the aurora you want to go in the wintertime when the best viewing options. i kind of want to go in the summer so i can see the flowing rivers and waterfall. >> buy a jacket. >> maybeily' have to go twice. these days there are so many easy ways to pick up people, like just swipe right or left, and then there's this way. swipe yourself up and down the escalator. the guys over at button heads are doing it over and over again. >> did they go later? >> it's so awkward. >> you might do that to the wrong person.
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>> open mouth to perfection. when people get into your space quickly t catches you off guard. she didn't know how to process is. >> how about you don't expect strangers to touch you. >> that's maybe the problem. some people are more amused than others. the guys generally tend to like it, when a cute girl caresses their hand. >> amazing they didn't jump over. >> someone will. >> i don't know if i'd call this a pickup as much as just a creepy drive-by. there's nothing you can do about it. the person was moving in the opposite direction. no way to make an interaction even if you wanted one. >> gets back on the other escalator and starts going up where i am sure she broke his heart when she told him it was just a prank. i think that's mom with her two kids coming down the escalator and she also gets ka recaressed. >> it would be great if mom was like, see you, kids. >> time for a change. one of them spots the camera and
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tells her immediately that was a prank. >> mom was like, can't you just let me have my moment? give me one. >> it gets creepy when he grabs a lollipop. >> what? >> he does a double take, like did that really just happen? was that an accident? and then he just turns around, and starts questioning his own existence. this dog he does window. >> what is he using for glass cleaner? >> funny dog videos, next. slow mo guys are dropping stuff. piano. >> that's like all the cartoons when they were a kid. >> see what it looks like in slow mo coming up on "right this minute." while not to waking zeus. and this is charlie not coughing while getting really into nana's party. nothing lasts longer than delsym for powerful cough relief.
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peace. nature gives me... humility. persistence. space. nature gives. give back. these special nature valley boxes support the national park foundation. promotional considerations provided by -- winding down - hard. brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. dogs, nothing else needs to be said. as you can see, this dog has gotten into the habit of sticking its head through the cat door. they tried to use a spray bottle
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to fix it. turns out that only exacerbates the problem. >> okay. >> i love it. >> i was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe it need aid thinking cap. no. >> heads back out, comes right back in. more? >> let's play the game where you shoot water at my face! >> it's like the carnival game. >> but they're scoring every time. >> somebody get this person a prize. going from that crazy dog, go home dog, you're drunk. >> is it drunk or does that good? >> it found a use that makes it world famous. >> the crazy eyes of the lickity split. >> i don't know why you don't let me out for a walk. take me out! >> that's why we don't let you out. can't take you nowhere.
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why are gavin, dan and what looks like a temporary living room? >> something's going to happen in really slow motion. >> yes, exactly, because that's what they do on the super slow show. this time they're going to drop this living room. >> are they going to be inside it? >> no, they are not, even though they almost were because when they starred to raise it up they're still in there. >> not yet. >> all right, let's get out. >> this is what it looks like in real time. >> three, two, one. drop! >> this is the science we need to know what would happen if your house was dropped from height? >> here's what it looks like in slow motion. one of the reasons why they used that tv is because they say older tvs smash better. >> the light fixture split the roof from just the force of pulling it down. >> you got to go back in there
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now and search for changes, now that the chairs are all busted. >> he's like that's not enough. they raise something else up to drop. >> piano, yes! >> that's like all the cartoons when we were a kid. >> why didn't they write acme on it. >> the good thing is no coyotes were hurt in this video. >> does it still function? >> no. >> here it is in slow mo. >> at least the keys didn't go flying. >> i was hoping for more on litratioo obliteration. it's time to experience important beauty treatment. >> tracy is waxes her eyebrows.
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his house, you go thet a light? >> actually, yes. tracy is currently in
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cosmetology school. she usually does her daughter lisa's hair and eyebrows so she can practice and why not get it done for free. her 11-year-old sister talia wanted in on the action. >> uh-oh. >> so tracy is waxing her eyebrows. >> off, like the whole thing? did you see that? good-bye eyebrow. >> not the whole thing. she's got it nice and lined up. >> talia never had her eyebrows wax. >> she's 11. i don't think so. she watched her sister do it. the very thought of it already has her tripping out a little bit. just brace yourself, little sis. >> on three. one -- >> just relax. >> ooh. that looked like a slap. >> one down, one to go. >> did she agree to the second one? >> no choice after the first. >> somebody might say no. >> no, you got to finish up. oh no!
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for those of us who have had to be waxed, we know that this is not dramatic. the tears are real. >> the dude in the background is like, nope. >> now every time tracy even goes toward the tape, talia jumps back. >> what's that? >> it's hot wax for a reason. okay, tracy starts to press it and press it. >> what was that sound? da, da, da, da! >> the price of beauty. >> she is really crying. >> but your brows look good. >> it's over. you can relax. something tells me she's not going to relax. >> something tells me she's not going to do this again.
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thanks for laughing along with us today. we appreciate it. has a lot more entertaining content. don't forget to check us out on the next all new "rtm." he says he needs the authority and he hasn't been given it. >> i can't speak to that specifically. >> reporter: and admiral rogers said they hadn't received the kind of sustained aggression from the russians, aggression that continues with the midterm elections just months away. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. north korea we're told may be helping the syrian government use chemical weapons on civilians. north korea has been shipping supplies to the asaid regime that could be used to produce weapons that gives north korea much needed cash. the u.n. report has not been released. it also says, though, north
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korean technicians have been spotted working in chemical weapons facilities in syria. the white house says it's struck a great deal on planes. a pair of updated air force ones will cost $3.9 billion. he negotiated the price down by more than $1 billion. however pentagon shows it was always in that range. after the election, then president-elect trump tweeted a cost over $4 billion was out of control. there's a bit of panic in taiwan. >> they say the island's toilet paper supply is in danger of being wiped out. the problem, the price increase. the cost of a roll could jump by as much as 30%. >> taiwanese officials are keeping an eye out for price gouging. in a statement, the economic ministry says it will call for an investigation if it notices abnormal movement in market prices.
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>> price gouging on toilet paper. who knew? how much would you pay if you were in need of a roll? >> oh, my god. let me just write a mortgage, get a mortgage loan. whatever you need, you've got me. oy. >> here you go. coming up another airline alteration caught on camera. a passenger records a heated exchange over bag size. >> when in need. and demy lovato launches her world tour with special guests on stage. that's in "the skinny." that's next. ♪ because the grass is greener under me ♪ announcer: world news weather, brought to you by c
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