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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 28, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> we don't want people to be caught off guard or surprised by what's going to happen over the next three to four days. hi everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7 showing how dry it is this morning. you can see, it's not too breezy out there. the flags not too unfurled there at the for i buildings. we'll look from the roof camera. waking up much colder this morning. there's frost in the inland valleys. increasing clouds, low to mid-50s at noon. still dry. maybe a random shower. best chance of a stray shower at 4:00. the showers start spreading at 7:00. we'll top out in the mid to upper 50s at 4:00. low to mid-50s at 7:00. let's find out about that dry morning commute with sue. it's dry right now for sure. it's looking pretty good. this is a real tough corridor to get through as you probably know if you drive it on a regular basis. stretches through albany and berkeley. it's looking pretty good now as you make your way towards the bay bridge. we have an accident on the bay bridge after the metering
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lights. but it's off to the right-hand shoulder. it should not be affecting your drive. roadwork out there still in lanes through oakland. it will be out there for a little bit longer. northbound and southbound 880 between 23rd and 29th both directions. we'll check back in a couple of minutes. sue, thank you. now to a huge move by a major gun retailers. >> dick's sporting goods, one of the largest chains just announced it will no longer sell assault-style rifles in any of its stores, including its hunting focused brand which is field and stream. it's not stopping there. abc 7 matt keller outside a dick's store in san jose with the rest of the announcement. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. dick's had removed assault-style rifles from its stores after the sandy hook massacre several years ago. here in california, it's not legal to sell them. you wouldn't see them in the stores here in san jose or all across the bay area anyway. but this is obviously a big statement from one of the biggest sporting goods stores in
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the nation. and this is happening now. it's coming directly from the company's ceo. edward stack says the new policy is in response to the florida school shooting. killed 17 people two weeks ago. stack says they're removing assault rifles from the 35 field and stream stores. dick's will no longer sell high capacity magazines or any gun to anyone under 21 years of age regardless of local laws. he spoke exclusively on gma to george stephanopoulos. >> to think about the loss and the grief the parents and kids had. we're going to take the guns out of our stores permanently. >> no chance you're going to reverse this? >> never. >> are you ready for the backlash? . we are. >> reporter: stack describes them as staunch supporters of the second aemt. but he wants to raise the minimum age for purchasing a firearm. you can see the whole interview on "good morning america"
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starting at 7:00. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. at the live desk, watching live images coming in from parkland, florida. we saw moments ago students arriving at the stoneman douglas campus, the high school where 17 people were killed. the first day back. you can see all this law enforcement there. extra protection for them. they're on a modified schedule. the police officers greeted them as they start their first day back. counselors will also be on hand today, as well as indefinitely. abc news reporter diane macedo has the latest. >> this morning, a difficult return for students at stoneman douglas high school. >> i don't think anyone is physically or mentally prepared to walk through the gates. >> a modified schedule starts today two weeks after a former student opened fire killing 17 people. >> i don't know if i'm going back to school yet, to that school particularly. i want to finish school and
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graduate, obviously. i don't know if i want to go back there yet. >> the freshman building where the shooting happened will stay closed and all off-duty broward county law enforcement officials will be there to greet the students. the school's principal said there's no need for backpacks. get ready for healing. >> meanwhile the officer who company toured the suspect was honored. he was reluctant to call himself a hero and got emotional talking about that day. >> when you come against evil like that and you have children at home that are about that age, it's very close to my heart. it was difficult. but i'm so honored that i was able to be a part and do my part. and take this killer into custody. >> reporter: it's not just americans showing support for the students at parkland. scientists in antarctica posted this. marjory stoneman douglas, you're love is so strong for you, it
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reached the south pole. diane macedo. junior rotc officers are sending their support. they created a special flag and wrote their names and ranks and it includes two mottos and two mascots. one represents their school, the other dedicated to the victims and survivor of stoneman douglas. the flag is on the way to parkland. a go fund me account passed $2.5 million now. we have put a link on our website if you'd like to donate. a sebastopol high school will be -- administrators at a high school called police after spotting graffiti when students arrived on campus yesterday. officers didn't find imminent threat but administrators decided to send students home early as a precaution. facing charges after authorities say he traveled overseas to join isis. he was arrested in tunisia in
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the process of trying to enter libya. he was arrested and served time in tunisia in 2016 when he arrived on a flight that originated here in san francisco. augustine lived with his family in keys outside of modesto. neighbors are in disbelief. >> it's kind of creepy. it's scary. that close to home. you expect that in big cities, not in this little tiny town. >> a search of laptops and cell phones reveal that he praised isis and did internet searches on how to join isis. he could get up to 20 years in prison. a class action lawsuit filed in alameda county superior court says not enough vehicles have wheelchair access. the examiner reports several bay area disability advocate groups are behind this lawsuit. members say they tested uber in alameda county. not a single wheelchair accessible uber was available during 120 tests. uber issued a statement in response and is taking the issue
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seriously and looking for ways to make its service more inclusive. top energy and environmental officials are scheduled to testify to scrap the clean power plan. president trump announced his plan to ease obama era climate change regulations. the heads or top deputies of 7 agencies will testify at a federal hearing in san francisco. they're expected to say that repealing the clean power plan ignores science and will endanger the public. the clean power plant aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emission frs power plants and speed the shift from coal to renewable energy sources. the north bay bracing for rain in the forecast over the next few days. crews in santa rosa are making emergency repairs on reebly road. it's been crumbling since the october wildfires. another big concern, protecting 1400 storm drains from fire debris and fountain grove. gravel and straw are the first lines of defense. >> upwards from an inch to 2
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inches possibly in the north bay. that's definitely a concern of ours. it's a concern because we know we'll be testing our storm dram drain inlets again. >> santa rosa received about 13 inches of rain snce october. mike, i got to wonder what they can ebbs pekt over the next 48 hours or so. >> about 2.5. last year they had about 56 inches of rain. remember all that flooding. it was brutal. they could use some rain. they're going to get it. there first and the rest of us tonight and tomorrow and in a widespread nature. let's talk about this morning. it's freezing cold in menlo park. 30 degrees there. not much warmer in redwood city. 34. up to 39 in san mateo. everybody else on the peninsula, 40 to 45. until you get to palo alto, got 31 heading into the south bay where san jose right now is about 39. we have mid to upper 30s along the east bay shore. frost in san ramon and livermore. 30 and 32. same thing in napa and santa rosa.
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32 and 31 degrees. san francisco, a nice 46. here's a look at walnut creek. looking south on 680 at a dry commute. the thing to be cautious about if you're on the bay are the random showers today. exercising, mainly dry except for up in the north bay and getting prepared for, yeah, the gully washing of water we're going to get over the next 48 to 72 hours. for the south bay, one much our drier days or one of our drier areas. one of the areas i'll see more sunshine early in the day, taking you from 43 at 8:00 to noon at 56 to upper 50s during the afternoon hours. as far as the east bay goes, about 44 this morning. 54 by 2:00. that's your warm spot. you can seep the showers finally coming in at about 8:00. in fact, the storm impact scale today is just a 1 for the scattered light showers that will become more prevalent and dominant and heavier tonight when it turnts to a 2, moderate. we'll talk about that next. sue? we're headed to the golden
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gate bridge where we have four lanes in the southbound commute and two lanes in the northbound commute. it's a nice easy ride up the waldo. we did have roadwork through and to the robin williams tunnel. that should be picked up by now. you were down to one lane for most of the early morning drive. let take a look at drive times as we're heading out. we have first reports of a motorcycle down. this one on the right-hand shoulder. it is westbound 80 near cutting in he wiel cerrito. they may have to get that motorcycle out of there with a tow truck. just be aware. here's a look at the drive time. tracy to dublin, about 40 minutes westbound on 4. highway 4 is looking great into concord. your drive into san francisco from marin county, san rafael specifically is go 15 minutes. caught on video, the heated dispute between a passenger and an airline worker over the size of a carry-on. >> car break-ins are an epidemic in san francisco. one is getting a lot more attention than the thousands of others. others. looking for a summer
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you have outdoor plans, lts take a look at saturday. waking up to rain and you can see it hangs around for the better part of the day. each snow dropping down to 3,000 feet. by sunday morning, we start to clear out and sunday afternoon, a little bit of sunshine and dry weather. thank you, mike. the fbi and ncis are investigating a haz-mat incident at a military base next to
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arlington national cemetery, not far from the pentagon. 11 marines were -- several marines started feeling a burning sensation on their faces and hands. the haz-mat unit surrounded a building which houses a marine corps administration battalion. they sent the envelope to be checked out at the lab in quanti quantico, virginia. they're being monitored now. the epidemic of car break-ins in san francisco keeps getting worse. the latest, though, caught abc 7 news' attention because of who it involved and where it occurred. the head of the firefighters union filed a police report on monday. this is his third time having his car broken into. the latest juone made him mad because it happened in broad day lieutenant outside of city hall. >> i was thinking my alarm must have been going off. nobody said or did anything. >> he vented on twitter using
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sarcastic hash tags. city is fine and tagged interim mayor mark farrell. the incoming budget should help fix the crisis. he's talking about perhaps more staffing. a woman's battle with united airlines after a worker said her carry-on bag was too big to bring on the mane. >> in fact, it fits in the measuring rack. details from kendis gibson. >> in this first look for gma. >> you're telling me this bag doesn't fit in here? >> the friendly skies? >> you're telling me that this bag, this purse here doesn't fit in here? this is what you're telling me? >> yeah, it doesn't. >> not so friendly for 27-year-old natalia travel with her mother from chicago to newark when, according to them, a knew you auto nighted airlines airlines agent stopped them from checking in because of the size of her mom's carry-on. >> the agent placing it on top.
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>> rules are rules. >> you're telling me this bag doesn't fit in here? what are you talking about? this bag fits in here. >> the agent was fed up and started to storm off. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., did those two women actually make it on to their flight? with your gma first look, i'm kendis gibson. >> i have been there. i have fought this fight. >> it didn't go well. muni riders fortunately are having a better time on their transit option. for the second year in a row, 70% of riders gave an overall rating of excellent or good in a survey by the municipal transportation agency. it's the highest satisfaction level on record. approval has been going up every year since 2010. about half of muni's 200 million annual riders use it to commute to work. counting buses, trollies, streetcars and cable cars, there were 80 different routes through the city and more than 3500
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stops. happening today, a food pantry will be sell wrating a grand opening in hayward. it's in partnership with the hayward unified school district and the food bank. families are invited. there will be free breakfast and books at 9:00 a.m. before it opens to the public at 10:30. officials say their goal is to expand food access to low-income children and families in the east bay. you have a chance to be an oakland athletics hall of famer for a summer, kind of. >> i think this would be really fun. the a's are looking to hire people to be the hall of fame racing mascots for the upcoming season. the mascots run in a race during home games, interact with fans and part of the in-game entertainment. we have a link at plus you get to hang out with stomper. that's pretty cool. >> absolutely cool. >> that sounds like fun, too. be a nice job to have. get to watch the game. get to hang out with people. i like that. let talk about what's going on. we're going to hang out with a lot of rain am hopefully your
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friend has an umbrella if you forget yours. quiet in san jose. 280 at 17. this will be the last area that sees wet weather out of this storm. you can spread afternoon showers, especially across the north bay. moderate to heavy rain and breezy as the full weight of that storm arrives tonight and it keeps on going all the way through saturday. here's a look at the initial storm. but then if you watch the curvature of the clouds back out to here, that's an atmospheric river starting to develop. that will get into the system. the reason why we'll have three days of wet weather. today you see the sporadic nature of the showers. they'll be random this afternoon. temperatures below average. everybody gets that. about 54 to 58 degrees. tonight, you can see much heavier rain. the yellows, the oranges and each reds showing up between ukiah and cloverdale. the cold front that will bring a brutal time tomorrow during the morning commute. here's the way it plays out.
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you can see from noon to 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, there's random showers south of the north bay. definitely see more radar returns up there. then by midnight, everybody is getting moderate rain, if not heavy at times. then at 5:00, here's your cold front coming on through. and during the morning commute, right in the heart of the bay, we've got the yellows, the oranges and finally exiting the south bay by 3:00, but then here's another batch coming in for the evening commute. that's when the snow level starts to lower. down to about 3,000 feet. that's when the chance of thunderstorms with hail develops tomorrow afternoon and more of those type of storms for friday and saturday and then by sunday. we've got sunshine. hi, sue. >> it's go to the san mateo bridge from hayward across the cause way and towards foster city. you're looking at about a 15 to 16-minute drive. those taillights are headed in the westbound direction. green is good. our early morning commuters out of the central valley are experiencing some delays. we do have a motorcycle
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accident. it's cleared to the right-hand shoulder. it's near cutting. they may have to get emergency crews in there. apparently the rider of the motorcycle has injured his hand. we'll be following that to see if any lanes are blocked. real quick, a look at your drive times. if you're traveling to walnut creek from, say, martinez, you're looking at less than ten minute from walnut creek on to highway 13 and oakland westbound on 24. a nice looking drive. there's your central valley commute. tracy to dublin, just about 45 minutes now. sue, thank you. the san francisco mayoral candidate has filed a complaint in superior court to force london breed to remove her acting mayor designation from the ballot. he says it would mislead voters in the june 5th election because she's no longer the acting mayor. she was, though, when she filed her paperwork to run. weeks later, she was replaced by mark farrell. her spokeswoman says it doesn't allow her to change the designation after the deadline to file for nomination. the warriors will get back
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to business tonight in washington. yesterday, they spent the day with some school kid from kevin durant's neighborhood in maryland. it was the team's idea after the president withdrew the invitation for them to visit the white house. they took them to the african american history and culture museum. they wanted it to be a private event. there was no media allowed. we found what steph curry was doing on instagram. >> what's up? >> they said they don't like you because you snake. >> kids say the wildest things. >> you were defending me, right? >> did you understand what that kid said? >> he said my friend told me that he doesn't like you because you're a snake. steph said you were defending me, right? and he agreed he was. in any case, the warriors face the wizards at capital one arena. you can watch it on espn. i took you on a little journey
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there, didn't i? >> all right. this next story is very sweet. indispute bli. 5:21 now. tennis great serena williams will play in her first tournament since giving birth. this is how her husband welcomed her back. he put up four billboards instead of three where the tournament will be held. greatest mama of all-time. featuring images of their daughter alexis. now she's the greatest mama of all-time too. looking at those is better than watching the movie three billboard. >> i still haven't seen it. >> you don't need to. coming up, the 7 things you need to know. barbra streisand her beloved dog. >> announcer: today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safely.
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it's 5:25. whether you're just joining us oregon headed up north. 7 things to know. i'm number one. the weather is going to get really dicey. 1 on the storm impact scale. but 2 tonight and tomorrow. from moderate to heavy rain. thunderstorms, hail and snow down to 3,000 feet. mike, thank you. number 2, a big announcement from a major retailer. the ceo of dick's sporting goods say the entire company will no longer sell assault-style rifles. it's also banning the sale of guns to people under 21 in response to the deadly florida school shooting. speaking of that shooting, number 3 from the live desk. students back at stone man p douglas high school in farc, parkland, florida. they're on a modified schedule and will only be there for four hours today. number 4, protests in front much i.c.e. headquarters in san francisco. organizers are demonstrating
5:26 am
after i.c.e. officers arrested 150 people since sunday in the central valley and northern california. number 5, we're following your hump day, wednesday commute with the bay bridge. metering lights have been turned on and you're seeing the cash folks buzzing right on through. the fastrak ers not so much. you're looking at a 30-minute drive from hercules into san francisco including the backup here. it will start to back up as the metering lights o are on. number 6, a new lawsuit against uber. disability groups says uber doesn't have enough bheel chair accessible vehicles and that's discrimination. a royal first in london this morning. the duke and duchess of cambridge on stage with meghan markle and prince harry. the first official public event where both couples have appeared together. they talk about their plans for the rest of the year. you can definitely see that baby bump going on. that was pretty cool. >> barbra streisand loved her dog so much, she made two more.
5:27 am
she cloned her beloved coton deactual air. the 14-year-old dog passed away last year. a lab used them to create violet and scarlet. to tell them apart, she dresses them in red and purple shirts. she bought a third dog. she says the cloned dogs have different personalities even though they look like shaman >> don't forget to please adopt. lots of dogs need it at your local shelter. >> true. the major new flights coming to ma nmineta net airport. a live look at parkland, florida. we mentioned the students are back in class. there's a heavy police presence there. i'll have a full story next. it's 5:27. we're having a better day. hope you are too.
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good morning on this wednesday, february 28th. it is 5:30 in the a.m. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. we're tracking a 1 on the storm impact scale. >> 1 for today. most of the day will be pretty quiet. it's during the evening and overnight hours when it goes from a 1 to a 2. you can see that there's a little bit of light rain in the green and a little bit of light snow into the north. that's the moisture coming back ahead of the storm. we'll see increasing clouds today. my accuweather 12-hour planner. after starting off cooler, 40 to 45. low to mid-50s at noon. best chance of a shower up in the north bay at 4:00. the rest of us will start getting them at 7:00. sue? >> pretty quiet out there now. we're monitoring your drive from
5:31 am
san rafael into san francisco just past the northgate mall and president civic center. a 15 to 20-minute drive into the golden gate and san francisco. the richmond-san rafael bridge. a couple of stars on the cash-paying lanes. otherwise, you're looking at an easy ride across the span over towards san rafael from the richmond side of things. we'll look at drive times for you in just a sec. we're also focused on this motorcycle that's down. it's not blocking a lane. right-hand shoulder, westbound 80 near cutting boulevard in el cerri cerrito. tow truck en route. we'll follow that to see if they have to block off a lane for you. developing news about the i.c.e. raids happening in the bay area. we're expecting a big protest in downtown frsan francisco. >> they say the oakland mayor blocked i.c.e. from arresting more. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi natasha. in that statement, i.c.e.
5:32 am
confirmed this operation, saying it's called keep safe. did not say whether this sweep is over. so there will be a protest here in front of the i.c.e. offices calling for these arrests to come to an end. i.c.e. did confirm that the agents made about 150 arrests in northern california since sunday. they say about half of those arrested have criminal convictions. they called out oakland mayor libby schaaf saying her warning may have impacted their efforts to make arrests. here's what she said over the weekend. >> yesterday i learned information from multiple sources that there is potentially an i.c.e. activity planned in the bay area. >> reporter: i.c.e.'s deputy director specifically called her out saying, quote, 864 criminal aliens and public safety threats remain at large in the community and i have to believe that some of them were able to elude us thanks to the mayor's
5:33 am
irresponsible decision. the mayor is not sorry. she says she did nothing wrong. what she did is making national headlines all over twitter this morning. in newspapers on the news as this debate continues over what she did, there will be a protest here at noon in san francisco. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. now a live desk update. at the live desk, a live look at florida. right now, classes have resumed at marjory stoneman douglas high school there. two weeks after 17 people were killed on that campus. this is a live look at the campus where you can see the sho sheriff's department is there. they greeted the kids a few moments ago. i want to show you the big moment when they arrived. they were handed flowers as they headed into the building. the school day is shortened to four hours all week long to help them transition back. school counselors will be
5:34 am
available throughout the day today and indefinitely to help students and staff. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. san francisco police have released graphic body cam video showing the barrage of gunfire that ended in the capture of a homicide suspect. >> it's a lot to takein, especially early in the morning. it started when police tried to arrest joel armstrong, who officers spotted inside an rv earlier this month. police say armstrong fired two rounds at officers. seven officers fired approximately 65 rounds back after hearing gunfire from inside of the vehicle. police released the body cam video during a town hall meeting last night. >> get more ammo! get more ammo! >> you can hear them yelling get more ammo. incredibly, no one was hit in the gunfire. armstrong eventually surrendered. he's accused of killing a man, wounding another and carjacking
5:35 am
a driver near the panhandle on february 16th. 5:34 now. happening today, the suspects arrested in connection to a deadly shooting in broadmoor are set for a first court appearance. the pair will be arraigned in san mateo county. police say they killed a couple at a hillside market on sunday. a third victim is expected to sauer viiv. they got into an argument that led to the shooting. the newly formed stationary advisory group meets for the first time at city hall tonight at 6:00. we learned the google village will be located near the dir done station transit hub. many residents fear a new campus with thousands of high-paid employees will make the housing crisis worse. dozens voiced their concerns at a meeting with the group silicon valley rising last night. >> you think long-term in the future, we'll be able to afford your own. >> we're coming up with a plan for what we need to see from
5:36 am
them. investments in affordable housing and investments in the public education system. >> silicon valley rising finalized a list of five principals it wants. fighting displacement, ensuring family, supporting jobs. mitigating traffic and community oversight among those. aaron peskin is conducting a -- to get a alerted you to this problem earlier this month. it was supposed to cover the out of service boxes and covered some with towels and electrical tape. supervisor peskin will ask for a report on the boxes covered with towels. they use the old 19th century telegraph technology that sends a message to the nearest fire station. if you live near or in the south bay, they're getting ready to launch nine new flight options.
5:37 am
according to mercury news, southwest will fly to orlando, spokane, st. louis and add a flight to midway airport in chicago. the san jose city council is on plan with this. in fact, it's expected to approve landing fee waivers to help airlines offset the cost of launching these new routes. frontier is adding new service to atlanta, cincinnati and colorado springs. and delta will now go to new york's jfk. good wednesday morning. let's get you ready for the coldest morning this week. everybody colder except for half moon bay compared to 24 hours ago. the north bay, one of the biggest drops in temperatures. pretty chose to napa at 33. freezing cold temperatures in novato, 30. petaluma, 30. along with sebastopol. santa rosa and ukiah at
5:38 am
bre brept wood at 41. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. they'll pick up this afternoon, the breezes. we'll say it's good to be on a ferry today. could be wet spots especially across the north bay during the evening. mass transit, watch out for the frosty stops this morning. so san francisco, 49 this morning, we'll hover in the low 40s with mainly cloudy conditions until the steadier rain starts to come in after the 6:00 hour. for the peninsula, mostly cloudy this morning up until 10:00. 50 and then cloudy with mid-50s through 6:00. then after that, you'll get your chance of rain. in fact, if you don't get any rain today, which the south bay is not going to, pretty much you'll get it later tonight, thursday and friday. 100% of us. each saturday is looking pretty wet. an hour by hour look coming up next. what are you seeing, sue? >> we're checking your drive from mill valley into san francisco via the golden gate
5:39 am
bridge. it's very light out there. two lanes north and four lanes for your southbound drive. up and over the waldo grade, through the robin williams tunnel into san francisco. we'll pop down to san jose. traffic is moving nicely. 280/17, the headlights towards cupertino directly under the overcrossing. you get a bearing for where you are. first reports of an accident in sebastopol on highway 116. it's blocking the roadway there. if that is part of your normal commute, we'll check back and see what the police department, how it is affecting your drive. hopefully it will be out of lanes. no problem on 101 through rohnert park and south and northward. >> sue, thank you. someone is targeting tech bus this is the south bay. authorities hope that money will lead them to the vandals. papa john's versus the nfl. the league now in need of a new official pizza this morning. the prices were like really high. i was like, it's not going to
5:40 am
work. >> with prom
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(door bell rings) (cell phone vibrating) ♪ hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello.
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hello. hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. (cell phone vibrating) hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪ think about traveling around the state, today is the best day to get out there. temperatures 61 in san diego. los angeles and fresno, more sunshine there. we run into valley rain and mountain snow. it will hit tahoe this afternoon. in fact, winter storm warning starts at 4:00 this afternoon
5:43 am
through 10:00 saturday evening. 16 inches possible at 2,000 feet. 5 feet possible down to around 4,000 feet. up to 7 feet possible in spots. so if you're traveling this evening, fine, but then it starts to get real dicey by tomorrow evening. a foot to two feet of snow. by friday evening, we're looking at 3 to 4 feet of snow already. natasha? a charter bus company is offering a 10,000 reward to stop a rash of bb and pellet gun shootings targeting buses. at least five buses have been hit between woodside and cupertino. some are tech buses carrying google and apple employees. buses are not clearly marked. so chp officers don't believe the tech workers are being targeted. the chp increased patrols along interstate 280 where most of the shootings occurred. congress investigating the growing number of close calls at airports, including sfo. >> if that 59 feet had finalized
5:44 am
in a tragedy and if it happens in the future, we're all going to be held to account. >> that's concord democrat describing how close an air canada flight came to hitting a line of planes in july. he spoke during a house hearing yesterday. abc 7 news asked the retired airline captain if pilots faced more challenges at sfo than at other airports? >> i don't think any of the incidents are alarming. and it really -- none of them have anything to do with the airport, per se. s any airport with parallel runways, it demands vigilance. >> runway incursions have soared 83% from 2011 to 2017. he says the faa and ntsb agree that developing better cockpit voice recorders to document incidents could help explain why they're happening. an east bay teen is helping
5:45 am
make dreams come true for as many girls as possible during prom season. >> carly glasson is opening a free pop-up prom dress shop. she started collecting the dresses and partnered with another who offer donated dresses to teens. they combined their inventory and found a storefront in alamo plaza. >> it would be awesome to have the same dress opportunities that i could have. >> the pop-up will take place the first two weekends of march. if you have a dress to donate, you can drop it off now at the shop at alamo plaza. new this morning, the u.k.'s two hottest couples made their first official appearance together this morning. we're talking about meghan markle and prince harry and the duke and duchess of cambridge. they were on stage to talk about the charity work they plan to do. markle not quite part of the royal family yet. she will be pretty soon. she joins harry, kate and
5:46 am
william to talk about their royal foundation. the event was held in london and the american actress and soon to be royal said she was, quote, very excited to begin her work with the royal foundation. back to you. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the rain we can expect later today. >> it's a good thing. kind of a lazy rain. it's a lighter rain. how about that? it will get intense tonight through tomorrow. hi everybody. want to get you prepared for the upcoming atmospheric river. it's been seven weeks since we had the story of this storm of this caliber. so excited. i keep talking too fast. try to pull it back a little bit. here's a look at sutro tower. it's bouncing around a little bit. not only cloudy today with random showers. it will be breezy by the afternoon hours. heaviest widespread rain will be tomorrow, with showers and thunderstorms lingering friday into saturday. today, you can see our best chance up in the north bay. most of us around 54 from half moon bay to san jose at 59 degrees. a little cooler around lakeport and ukiah.
5:47 am
low 50s there. rain more widespread and heavier. yellows and oranges tonight. as we dip into the 40s to 50s. milder than this morning. here we are at noon today. you can see a few splotches of green out there. that means some light, random showers. those will continue during the afternoon hours. then the cold front starts near the north bay. you can see everything really increasing in intensity during the latter parts of the evening hours until midnight. just about all of us are getting moderate to heavy rain. at 5:00, the cold front sweeps through. another batch of moderate to heavy rain that will last the way until about 2:00. then we've got another chunk of energy. look at the snow levels develop tomorrow evening. that's also when the thunderstorms will develop. that snow level will be about 3500 feet. the snow level going into friday and into saturday will start to drop down to around 2500 feet. we can get a dusting like yesterday morning friday and saturday out of the scattered showers and thunderstorms that will develop. by sunday, we're dry. sue?
5:48 am
we're taking a look at some of your problem slow spots with our traffic maps. first of all, just under an hour to get from tracy up and over the altamont pass and livermore. you're bogged down highway 4 into concord for a 30-minute drive there as well. in fact, let's take a look at your mass transit options if you're up and at 'em this morning. 47. b.a.r.t. trains on schedule. not so far. ace trains 1 and 3 are on time. a quick look at some of your current drive times out there. from highway 4 to the maze, 21 minutes. bay bridge, 11-minute backup. you can get from hercules into san francisco. if you go to sfo this morning from san francisco, less than ten minutes. >> sue, thank you. now to a government warning about shopping online. the report finds that some popular items sold on major sites may actually be fakes. the counterfeit items are travel mugs, cosmetics and phone chargers.
5:49 am
the companies named are amazon, e-bay, walmart and sears marketplace. it's importnt to know that the questionable items are sold by third-party sellers, not by the websites directly. rebecca jarvis spoke about it on "good morning america." >> by the way, not all third-party sellers are selling fakes. there's a couple of telltale signs to tell you whether or not you're buying a fake. for example, the reviews. if you're on amazon, you can see if someone is a verified purchaser if they've actually bought the product they're reviewing. also, check the price. if it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> heard that one before. the nfl in need of a new official pizza. papa john's and the league are ending their sponsorship deal. the ceo criticized the protests going on during the national anthem. he later apologized and stepped down as ceo. they're not divorcing from the
5:50 am
nfl altogether. it will keep individual partnerships with 22 individual teams. we're days away from the oscars. looking live at the dolby theatre in hollywood. abc 7 news anchorion lim will be reporting live at 5:00 p.m., jimmy kimmel hosts the 90th oscars. imagine a grocery store without plastic. new at 6:00, the company rolling out that ambitious goal one aisle at a time. first, video showing a freeway rescue. the person caught running on intertate 80. the wingspan the size ♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit
5:51 am
♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at
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5:53 am
let's talk about the rainfall. the best chance of slick streets in the north bay. there may be spotty showers. but it's tomorrow's morning commute. already about a quarter to .75 independence of rain from the south bay to the north bay. tomorrow's evening commute, we're looking at possibly 2/3 of an inch of rain and the rest of us over an inch of rain. tomorrow will be hard to get around. this doesn't each take into account how windy it will be tomorrow. we'll talk about that in less than three minutes. thanks, mike. check out this freeway rescue recorded with an infrared filter. pretty scary. the chp was called in to berkeley for reports of someone running around on interstate 80. they found a 16-year-old girl. it turns out she had been missing and considered at risk. happening today, slow down and follow the law whether traveling by car, bike or on foot.
5:54 am
milpitas police teaming up with other agencies to prevent crashes sn in accident-prone areas like school zones. they will focus on jaywalking, stop sign violations and distracted driving. it rotates to different participating cities every month. abc national news correspondent bob woodruff was in san francisco last night raising money for his foundation which helps injured veterans. he was badly hurt while covering the iraq war in 2006. he spent years in recovery. he led a discussion with business and government leaders will increasing opportunities for vets. amazon bought a product rejected by shark tank and in doing so is expanding its home security business. the online retail giant is buying ring. which makes wi-fi connected cameras and doorbells. it comes months after amazon started selling the indoor security cameras which work with alexa. the ring acquisition helps amazon better compete with google's nest which makes
5:55 am
cameras. good morning. we're following your wednesday morning commute with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. just a few brake lights across the causeway as you make your way towards the high-rise. about an 18-minute drive from 880 through the toll plaza and on the span over towards foster city. make sure you give yourself plenty of time. no stalls or accidents to report to you. we do have an accident through dixon at pitt school road, left lane blocked with an accident near highway 113. i am seeing red sensors through that area with a bit of slowing. mike? >> nk you very much, sue. let's talk about what's going to happen the rest of the week. downpou downpours, gusty winds, thunder, lightning a possibility and snow over our highest peaks. that's for thursday, friday and saturday. here's a look at the rain totals. possibly 1.5 inches to 2.25 inches by saturday evening. that's why you have to have the gutters and drains -- winds will
5:56 am
start to get 10 to 20 miles per hour. not bad for the evening commute. notice it out of southwest. it will be that way tomorrow morning. we'll be up around 30 to 40 miles per hour with gusts up to 45 possible during the day tomorrow. hold on to the steering wheels. mike, thank you. one of the biggest names in scotch whiskey is making a temporary change in the name of gender equality. starting next month, the striding pose of johnny walker will be replaced by jane walker for a limited time. it will be the first time in the 200-year history it will be depicted as a woman. this is the latest gender change for a famous pitch person following kfc which has country star reba mcentire playing colonel sander. the largest plane isn't ready for flight. the strata launch was created by microsoft paul allen. the plane has a wingspan of 385 feet and it weighs a half
5:57 am
million pounds. this was designed to launch rockets into low orbit. it's expected to make its first flight next year. 5:57 now. san francisco's state president is reporting -- major retailer will stop selling assault-style rifles. the other big story. p students resuming classes after the horrible mass shooting. we'll show you how they were welcomed back, next. welcomed back, next. the
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m., no more snooze button. time to get up. >> don't forget, it's going to rain a lot. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> trying to define a lot and when and the hail and the snow and the lightning and thunder that's coming with this
6:00 am
atmospheric river. hi everybody. it's dry right now on live doppler 7. enjoy the sunshine this morning once it comes up. because that's about all we're going to get. increasing clouds today. temperatures chilly this morning. it's frosty out there. low to mid-50s by noon. mid-50s at 4:00 with the random showers starting, especially in the north bay. more showers developing at 7:00. heaviest rain is coming tomorrow. we'll talk more about that coming up. h hi, sue. >> we're looking at the macarthur maze, it's filling in. you're moving there. no stalls or accidents in the westbound direction there. but yeah, a little bit sluggish and bumper to bumper here. here's what you find when you get to the bay bridge tolls. metering light on at 5:20 this morning. drive time from hercules into san francisco. about 45 minutes and at least 15 of that is delayed here at the tolls. >> huge move by a major gun retailer


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