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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 2, 2018 12:37am-1:07am PST

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xx. the boorish broodish behavior tolerated in the past will be no more. there is a new day on the horizon. >> a monumental message, finding messengers. tonight, icons of female empowerment. in today's me too moment. >> it is a different world. we will no longer be silenced. >> our journey with oprah, a year in the making. >> where are we? >> we heard a cry out in the universe. >> and the formidable forces behind a "wrinkle in time." >> you realize i am a leader and manager. >> taking the reins of the male dominated entertainment industry. >> it is hollywood needing to reflect the real world. >> and dolly parton, a lifelong champion of children's literacy taking on sexual harassment as
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she did decades ago in her movie "9:00 to 5:00." >> i am going to get the gun of mine and change you from rooster to a hen with one shot. >> with a message for the working women of tomorrow. >> you have to realize you have got your own strength. >> this special edition of "nightline" "icons of change." will be right back.
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>> announcer: this is a special edition of "nightline," icons of change. good evening. thank you for joining us. as the me too movement triggers seismic shifts in our culture, powerful voices continue to emerge. tonight, we hear from icons of female empowerment, oprah, reese, mindy. they're not just actresses, media moguls with their own empires fighting they say for equality and inclusion. ♪ >> where the quest begins. >> this is the backyard for the murrays. >> when i first met with oprah on the set of wrinkle in time just outside l.a. >> action! >> we had no idea that just one year later she would come to embody the hopes and dreams of a new movement. >> the best part of the me too movement is not just what is happening in hollywood, but that across the land and across the world even, we have been able to encourage and inspire other
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women who are waitressing, who are nursing, we have been able to let them know that their voices matter. >> hi. >> hi. >> this interview with four of hollywood's most powerful women, oprah, alongside reese witherspoon, mindy kaling, and director eva duvernay. >> we will no longer be silenced by harassment in our industry or any industry. >> it is about hollywood needing to reflect the real world. >> i am a leader and manager. part of employing people is making sure it represents and a world that you want to see behind the scenes as well. >> we heard a cry out in the universe. >> reporter: these women are more than the stars of the film. >> to be a warrior. >> they have formed a sisterhood, bridging age and race. >> it is about saying the boorish, broodish behavior that we have tolerated in the past will be no more. there is a new day. >> on the horizon.
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>> it was that speech at the golden globes that got the world talking with the billionaire mogul run for president. >> i am definitely not running. >> i know that you say it is not in your dna. >> uh-huh. >> not in your spirit? >> it is not. >> wouldn't oprah winfrey say go out of your comfort zone? do what scares you. >> you have to always be led by your inner gps regardless of how many millions of people are telling you to do one thing. inside yourself, there is your own personal guide that says, this is the way. >> i was with her, i was there in the room that night. and i talked with her the next morning. and, i think she considered it for about two hours. it was so brief. and she just made the decision. >> two hours? >> it's hard when you have people like eva, my dear friend. you have gayle, going, what i think it is a sign. i don't think it is a sign. a sign of what? it was a speech.
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okay. >> have you guys talk to her. >> reese and i are running her campaign. she would say so now. >> it's part of our campaign for her to say, no, no, no. >> presidential run or not, oprah want shying away from politics. recently donating half a million dollars to the march for our lives, that gun control rally in washington organized after a mass shooter killed 17 people at stoneman douglas high school in florida. >> these young activists remind you of the freedom riders of the 60s. >> yes, these young people have said enough. we are fed up and we are not going to allow -- the kind of violence and -- and the killing of ourselves and our friends, to, to continue in the way it has. >> it is a message that may resonate with fans of a wrinkle in time. the children's classic about a girl named meg. >> this is her father. >> and her quest across the
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universe to find her dad. and her self-confidence. >> it's epic fight of good vs. evil. what does, is this a parable for our times? >> you know really a love letter to young people. about finding the light within yourself in these dark and divisive times. >> cut, nice. >> she presided over the massive operation. >> it is like being the general of an army. >> 900. >> 900 people in charge of. >> the oscar nominee the first woman of color to direct a live action film with a budget topping $100 million. >> we are in search of warriors. >> her first big statement, recasting the book's young heroin as an african-american. >> you are kidding. >> played with 14-year-old storm reid. >> i think well rounded stories in hollywood should be inclusive of people of all colors. don't see that hardly enough. >> for myself there were no the disney movies with little girls that looked like me and storm. >> they play meg's parents. >> what if we are not just in
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the universe but the universe is within all of us. >> pine once again surrounded by strong women. as wonder woman's boyfriend, directed by patty jenkins. and now this. >> i found with patty and eva particularly, i guess a concentration and awareness of something bigger. that they're putting something bigger out into the world. >> it's pretty much like christmas. every day. >> what is it like working with her, seriously? >> 24/7 inspiration. >> mrs. what's it. >> mrs. who? >> no, mrs. what's it. >> mrs. witch. >> be a warrior. >> and mrs. who are the supernatural goddesses played by reese, oprah and mindy. >> you are hollywood powerhouses, writing, directing. how does that reflect on the movie and reflect back on you. >> i was ecstatic when i knew i was working with these two. they are the definitions of that. >> their costumes and makeup, channelling their powers.
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>> i want someone to dress up for me as halloween. that's my dream. >> i was going to say somebody hopes the three pack of us as dolls. girls get to play with us. >> from the first time we saw our costumes, we said i want that doll. >> now they have one. >> this moment right now is my dream come true. i loved barbie and my ladies are holding the barbies. >> i was saying this. this is your most proudest moment. i went, you have no idea. when you started out with a corncob doll, this its -- like out of this world. yes. >> yeah, a lot of talk about what they represent, the body sizes. one of this. they're all different body sizes, shapes, face sizes, cultures. >> is there such thing as a wrong size? >> oprah is really enjoying playing with her doll. >> ha-ha-ha. >> yet all that on-screen diversity and inclusion matters most in communities where families may not be able to buy
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tickets. which is why amc theaters and color of change are offering free screenings. >> where are we? >> so many inner cities there is no movie theater. i'm from compton. until this day in 2018, no movie theater in compton. >> one of the great joys was to see her, experience the film for the first time. i was thinking of not just her, but all the brown girls around the world who will see this incredible image and images of adventure and wonder and, and empowerment, in a way that, that, no one has experienced before. >> reporter: despite all the progress, women are still far behind in screen time. a new report found only 24% of leading roles in 2017 went to women. down from the year before. even fewer of those roles going to women of color.
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as the the leading lady, storm says she realizes the benefits of having these women as fairy godmothers. >> you were quoted as saying you thought of eva as a second mom. >> yes, she -- >> oh. >> oh. >> i'm sorry. >> don't be sorry. >> she has really fought for me. on set she was just there for me. and, she made me feel comfortable because this is my first lead role. >> it means me so much to hear her say that. i don't have children by choice. then i met storm, she is the only young person i ever felt that way about. >> with eva when i told her i was pregnant, she started to cry. you know, for someone to just have that instant joy for you. i'm a single mother. to have that was very moving. >> reese, what are your tears
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saying? >> i just love all these women. a real gift to be surrounded by women, sentient and caring. i remember storm said, thank you for making me the lead and not the best friend. >> oh, my gosh. >> see, this is maternal energy. >> this, this is, strike one, two, three, four, five. i have never seen that happen. where five people were crying in an interview. >> sorry. >> sorry. >> up next, dolly parton with powerful message for young women and exciting news about her movie "9:00 to 5:00." ♪ her movie "9:00 to 5:00." ♪ ♪
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this special edition of "nightline," icons of change continues. dolly parton has been a hard-charging woman thriving in a man's world for decades. taking on sexual harassment in the work place long before hash tags existed. now she is being honored for her good work away from the spotlight. here is abc's david wright. >> backstage with dolly parton. even after more than a half a century, performing, she still says a little prayer. this isn't the sort of room she is used to performing in. >> miss dolly parton! >> this is the library of congress. >> i'm just so proud and so honored to be here today with you. >> the audience here, too young to know dolly parton's 25 gold and platinum records. her nine grammy awards. ♪ jolene >> they wouldn't know the lyrics
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to sing along with 3,000 songs she has written including "jolene". >> no, not even "i will always love you." ♪ and i will always love you ♪ dolly parton wrote that and recorded it first. in fact, this audience, may not even be aware they're in the presence of country music royalty. >> cheese! >> everybody say cheese! >> how does it feel to be called a book lady. >> i never thought about being the book lady. the painted lady, yes. >> this week her foundation, the imagination library, crossed a milestone. 100 million books. given away for free. to promote literacy. she created the imagination library to honor her father. >> my dad couldn't read and write. i wanted to do something to make him feel part of something special.
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he took pride in it. >> the coat of many colors from her childhood. dedicated the 100 millionth book to the library of congress. >> there were rags of many colors. >> reporter: of course she read it to the kids. ♪ in my coat of many colors that my mama made for me ♪ >> originally a song. >> we are country people. mountain people. my dad was from a large family. >> your mom had 12 kids by 35. >> yes. they were married at 15. mama was 15. daddy was 17. we got a set of twins. >> dolly parton's formal education ended with high school. >> i graduated on a friday night. headed to nashville on saturday morning. in 1964 with all move songs and all my dreams. >> huge hits like "here you come again. ♪ here you come again ♪ made her an international star. the rest as they say, is history. but history has a way of repeating itself. >> thinking back to the movie
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that you did in 1980, 9 to 5. 38 years. >> has it been that long? >> since you threatened to turn, dabney coleman from a rooster into a hen. >> if you say a word or make an indecent proposal, i will get that gun of mine and change you from a rooster to a hen with one shot. ha-ha. >> that movie one of the first to confront the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. the three stars had a surprise reunion at last year's emmy awards. >> personally, i have been waiting for a 9:00 to 5:00 reunion since we did the first one. >> yeah, well back in 1980 in that movie we refused to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot. >> and in 2017, we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot. >> there are always prone to be political. i said of front i am not being
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political. i don't do politics. not getting into any of that. i have a lot of fans, i don't want to offend anybody. i don't get into that. if you are deciding you may want to ask me something more serious, don't. because i am not going to answer it. >> fair warning. okay. i stay, i am not going to. yeah, i -- >> i might still ask. >> of you can still ask, but i might tell you where to put it. >> you are a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot. >> portrayed so effectively by actor dabney coleman. hasn't disappeared. >> we have a president of the united states that said the things on the bus. >> i'm not addressing that. i do not get into that. of course i have my opinion about everybody and everything. but i learned a long time ago, keep your damn mouth shut if you want to be in show business. i'm not in politics. i am an entertainer. >> also a role model. >> yes, i am. that's why i don't talk about people. >> what advice do you have to
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share with young women coming age now, facing these same issues. >> you have got to be really strong in a way that a man has been a strong in his world. you have got to realize you have your own strength. >> does it depress you that this is such a big part of the national conversation when we thought we settled that back in 1980. >> we weren't going to settle that back then. i think that is always going to be a part of our society. at least now it has been brought to the front. and, i think that everyone that's ever been abused, in any way should come forward and should be, should be, listened to should be heard. >> get your scummy hand off of me. >> in some ways that movie, 9:00 to 5:00. and the oscar nominated song it inspired are even more relevant in the era of me too. >> did i hear you say there might be a 9:00 to 5:00 reunion. >> yes, they're working on that now. haven't announced it. probably kick my butt for doing it. i've think that is okay. we have always talked about it. i would say i don't chew my
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tobacco, but once, don't mess up a good thing. don't try to redo 9:00 to 5:00. the new idea looked like it was going to bring new girls in. they're going to find us where we are, old characters that we have come with a business of our own. and we're in business they come to find us to get input on how they should help, run, run the business. >> and lily tomlin. jane fonda. >> jane, lily, me. >> i told them better get after it. it's going to be 95. before 9 to 5. >> not that she plans to retire any time soon. >> i always say old as yesterday, but new as tomorrow. because the i like to be right there involved in everything. never retire. i hope to do this until i just keel over one day in the middle of a song i wrote. >> ms. parton! >> here's hoping that day won't come for a good long time. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. our thanks to david.
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♪ finally, tonight marks the beginning of women's history month. an arbitrary designation but one that feels different this year. perhaps it's fitting that there is happy news for a brave girl who stood her ground for nearly a year now. the fearless girl statue will have a permanent place here in new york city.
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her iconic defiant stance opposite the charging bull attracting countless tourists and inspiring so many. thank you for watching "nightline." as always, we are online at our "nightline" facebook page. good night, america.
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