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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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koo according to associated press, a dozen officers just went into the home. >> a resident is still locked down in the home. obviously a major update. >> we are expecting law enforcement to update us any minute now. this is a live of yountville, the podium where they will be speaking. we will bring you this update live as it happens. >> in the meantime, let's bring you up to date on what has transpired. this started with a shooting at the veteran home of california, yountville. and here are the scanner transmissions. >> possible active shooter, subject with a rifle, holding three people hostage. >> part of the initial dispatch on this case. ground zero of 240. it is labelled the pathway house. right there in orange in the middle of the house. the pathway house is a
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residential program for post nine/11 veterans. >> team coverage with the story with reporters stationed in yountville all day. let's begin with wayne freedman. >> reporter: good evening. the helicopter that has been sitting here all day left to the south. there is the veteran's home over my shoulder where the actions that gone on all day. law enforcement converged on this point earlier 10:00, 10:30 this morning. if they weren't inside this morning, they were residents were not let inside. they were told to get off the course, and that would be for their own safety. their reactions ranged from concern to frustration. >> go to your room, put all your
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furniture by the door and hide like cowards. we are veterans, we will take this man out in a second. let us do that. that is what we do. >> reporter: what is your biggest concern right now? >> safety. not one getting hurt. >> it is unfortunate with everything going on, the school shootings and nothing surprises me in this day and age anymore. it just doesn't. >> reporter: as we look at the veteran's home now, we can see a few lights in the but mostly the building looks empty. most of this that has happened today has gone on in one room. no one was hit on either side. sheriff deputies were talking to the suspect. had not identified to the suspect. and we have no idea whether anything inside the home has changed. we are hoping to hear more from the press conference and it may be significant that after all
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this time the california highway patrol left the scene. so like everyone else here, as we have done all day, waiting for news and hoping it turns out for the best. live in yountville, wayne freedman, abc7 news. thank you. yountville is a small town in napa known mostly for wineries and themed restaurants. the veteran's home is opposite side downtown. driven through yountville to see how visitors and residents have handled. >> we have done a good job to make sure this area is safe. >> 80 napa high school students were caught in the lock down and had to be evacuated.
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this snapshot of the school vehicle. they were rehearsing for a play and they were safely evacuated by 2:00 p.m. we are waiting for the latest news conference from officials on the scene. there are different police agencies. and there are at least three tactical teams on the scene there. we talked with fbi agents earlier this afternoon. ex-fbi agents and they both mentioned that patience would be a big part of this. you want to try to establish negotiations with the person inside. and try to establish a rapport with that person inside. and hope that it all ends peacefully. >> they have had a hard time reaching him. they tried the cell phone. they tried phone numbers inside the facility and no answer
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there. so just establishing the communication has been challenging. and for folks who are tuning in, i want to remind you what happened is that a man with a rifle went into the pathway home at about 10:30 today. first took seven people and then released four people and kept three hostages. and right now, let's listen in to see if the news conference is about to get underway with the california highway patrol. >> thank you for being here. again, i know it has been a long day. i appreciate your patience. i wish i had more information to share with you. we have a dynamic and active situation up at the veteran's home. as of right now we don't have additional information to provide you with. >> how do you know the people are still alive? >> we have tactical teams that are forming plan examinto move forward.
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there has not been confirmed communication with the gunman since 10:30 this morning. >> what about the hostages? >> same situation. i don't have any information regarding the hostages or the circumstance. i hope to have more information for you soon. but i don't have a projected time as to when we will have that information available. i do appreciate your patience. and thank you very much. >> sergeant knacky of the highway patrol. spoke with him a few times since he took over the position and he just said there is not a whole lot new to report. we have had reports that some tactical units may have gone in. still working to confirm that. and this is a view from the scene from sky 7. a lot of emergency vehicles
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still around there as the sun begins to set. >> he did confirm that they have not had communication with the gunman since 10:30 this morning when it first happened. and also, notable that they haven't had any communication held hostage as well. so obviously, nerve-racking situation. taking this cautiously. wanting to resolve this peacefully. another complexity in all of this, is this person, the gunman was allegedly involved in the program, the pathway programming treating veterans with ptsd. and removed out of the program recently. there could be some degree of instability regarding that. >> we mentioned that the officers are trying to establish contact with this gunman. this often goes unsaid but
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probably important for us to realize they also cut off other communications. so they are the only ones that can call in to his phone, cell phone, they don't want an accidental phone call setting something off. >> right now, let's check in with reporter leslie brinkley who has been there all day long. listening in on the news conference, what do you have? >> reporter: a lot of suspense building up to this 6:00 p.m. news conference, as they told you, it is an active dynamic situation. there are hundreds of officers and at least three tactical teams that we know of, three s.w.a.t. teams that have come onto the property here. they said that they have had no confirmed communication with the gunman since around 10:30 this morning. we understand the fbi is the lead agency for communicating
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with the gunman and we heard that there is no word on the well-being of the three hostages he still has. they are set up here for the long haul. i do hear some canine teams barking in the background as they leave the property. they are set up for the long haul here. i talked to a man whose wife was one of those hostages this morning. seven of them. and she was one of the four women let go from a staff meeting. and here is what he had to say. >> going away party for a couple of the staff who were leaving today. today was their last day. you know, they were having cake and you know toasting and all of that. and apparently he just walked in with the rifle. >> reporter: what did the gunman do when he walked into the part? >> i am not quite clear. >> reporter: he talked to your
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wife though? >> i think he talked to all of them. but i don't know he said much. >> reporter: he was calm. >> that's what my wife said. >> reporter: how did he choose to let go? >> three are still there. >> reporter: saying his wife was very frightened. she described the gunman was armed with a rifle, calm and smooth as he excused the four women. they escaped to a neighboring building. they were told to lie on the floor. they eased up on that lock down and have allowed some employees, some residents to leave the site. we do understand that some of the buildings right next to where that staff meeting was are still under lock down at this hour. chp was not prepared to tell us exactly which buildings those are but they are near what is
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called the pathway programs building at the veteran's home. so waiting for more information from chp as the situation continues to unfold. i am leslie brinkley abc7 news. >> if you want to check in on residents or staff there who have been evacuated, the highway patrol has a hot line for you to do so. you can call that money on the screen. >> we send out updates throughout the day. you can get the latest news sent to you just download the abc7 news app for free. >> cops, coffee, and controversy. ann coulter is coming back to the bay area after months of protesters caused her to cancel her appearances.
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find out where she is heading. we may have a little weekend rain. the accuweather forecast in just a moment. and the medical helicopter is taking off this is in yountville where the hostage situation continues. we will keep an eye on this sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. ♪ ♪
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continuing to monitor breaking news in yountville. this started as a shooting this morning and turned into a
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hostage situation at the yountville veteran's home. three people reportedly being held at gun point. the person went in with a rifle. >> there has been movement lately. you saw vehicles moving around. we have seen the chp helicopter leave and we saw a reach medical helicopter leaving the scene a few moments ago. we hope to have brand new information coming up. let's let you know the veteran's center is next to the golf course. here are some of the agencies involved. >> the chp, napa county sheriff's office, narrin county sheriff's office. napa police. >> and wayne freedman tweeted constantly throughout the scene
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sharing pictures and videos and you can follow him at wayne freedman. abc7 news bay area. arresting four suspects over the past several months. these four suspects. investigators say the suspects used cloned debit cards as well as gift cards to steal money from atms around the east bay. janine de la vega has the information. >> reporter: your identity could be stolen and so can your money. >> very scarey. and very alarming. >> reporter: a very observant fremont police officer noticed this mann acting suspicious. police say he had large amounts of cash but no atm cards. officers frowned his brother in
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possession of cards, cash, and debit cards. they install a skimmer inside close-up the pump and the next person who comes here has no idea that all of their information is being stolen. >> that skimming device is bluetooth enabled which allows a person with a laptop to park nearby and whenever somebody uses their atm card, their credit card, that data is transmitted to the laptop. >> reporter: the suspects responded in five bay area counties. they also want consumers to be proactive checking their financial statements. >> usually i only use the credit. but that is hard to know. >> i pay inside with the cashier, never in the machine. >> reporter: why? >> to make it more secure. >> reporter: police in fremont arrested two more men in l.a
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counties. they are still looking for three additional thieves. in fremont, janine de la vega, abc7 news. a coffee shop has turned away police officers in uniform and refused to serve them. carlos saucedo went throughhrouh find out why. >> reporter: it is who they refusing to serve is a controversy. >> they have a right to do so. >> reporter: men and women in law enforcement. >> refusing service to a police officer in our community is outrageous and is not acceptable. >> reporter: a business owner who doesn't agree with the
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message. >> a message that we don't need police officers and that is a bad message. >> reporter: it started last month when it was put on their web side place, talk with your neighbors not your police. a sergeant went in and was refused service. the association stepped in and sent them a letter. we tried to go inside and kicked us out. they say it is more about taking a stance against police brutality. if anybody is being assaulted or robbed wouldn't you want to call the place? >> no. we will handle it as a community. >> i can tell you that the
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police officers, the majority are good individuals. >> reporter: the officer association is still waiting for a response to their letter. in oakland, carlos saucedo, abc7 news. wide spread fog is going to become more wide spread overnight. low clouds overing over the bay. this is the view of the surging low clouds from our east bay hills camera. it is currently 52 degrees here in san francisco. 61 in san jose. gilroy 57. check out this view from mt. tam. 60 degre 60 degrees in santa rosa. 55 in novato. and here is a view at the golden gate where it is foggy and
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getting worse. spotty showers this weekend. steadier more wide spread rain with wet patterns next week. hre is our storm impact scale showing the approaching system ranking only one. light intensity. tomorrow's highs will range from about 60 at the coast to low and mid-60s at the bay. notice from 8:00 through tomorrow morning through most of the tay won't see much in the way of rainfall. going into sunday, the same picture, lingering clouds, maybe pockets of light rainfall and that is about it going into late sunday evening. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after we get through the weekend of spotty light sprinkles, we will have rainier weather pattern for most of next week. wednesday could be a wet and
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stormy day. ranking two on the storm impact scale. and don't forget to advance your clock one hour this weekend. thanks. coming up next, facebook hits it out of the park
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nac . stocks rose sharply today after the government reported a big increase in hiring last month. today marks nine years since the beginning of the current bull market the second longest since world war ii. dow gaining 440 points today. nasdaq went up 132 and the stock in netflix reached an all time high. former president barack obama and first lady michelle obamalea formally in stock with the company and that is why stock went up. agreeing to a deal. just yesterday youtube tv announced the deal to stream all baseball playoff companies.
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verizon has a deal. it has been a headline making week for california politicians. they have been called out by top-ranking republicans. >> find out how those attacks could turn into an advantage for democrats. update on
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>> announcer: live, breaking news. we just learned a short time ago that armed officers marched into the veteran's home. a gunman has been holding three people hostage. the gunman got into the building 10:30 this morning during an employee party. and minutes ago, a lot of employees leaving the home. the chp spoke with reporters less than a half hour ago.
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>> tactical teams trying to decide how to move forward. >> the hostages are employees of the pathway home, a counseling service for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. abc7 news spoke with a man who lives at the home. >> go to your room. put your furniture by the door and hide like cowards. we are veterans, man, we'll take this guy out in a second. let us do that. that's what we do. i wouldn't kill him first, i would shoot him in the leg and try to disarm him. >> no one is no into be injured. and brand new information just in. >> let's go to reporter lestly brinkley. what's happened? >> reporter: we are seeing what you are seeing, lots of vehicles, steady vehicles
6:31 pm
leaving the property. i just saw the s.w.a.t. team leaving. i just saw a hostage negotiating team leaving. maybe two-dozen ambulances leaving. i talked to an sei spoke who represents employees here, and he told me they are evacuating a critically ill vets and the medical staffs and nurses to go along with them out of the property. as you can see, car after car, steady stream of vehicles leaving here. so we are waiting for validation from chp. and we are hoping they will do a press conference to confirm this is concluding or over at this point. she reporting on the signs we are seeing which is a lot of
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police cars leaving the scene and leslie is still trying find out. we did put together a full background about it and you can find it on our website, >> check out the latest decision to our allies in action. go to to get action, find help and find an ally. you have heard highly charged attacks towards towardss president trump. chris nguyen has some incite. >> 85% of them are criminals and the mayor of oakland went out ad warned them all.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the trump administration upset on the decision of mayor to inform the citizen. >> how dare you. >> reporter: many people keeping a close watch. republican strategist is a research fellow. >> republicans in california on immigration are just as conservatives. it is an issue will unify republicans to a larger degree. >> reporter: some say attacks can turn out to be a gift to the california democrat party. >> the long-term political impacts, what i think these attacks fail to recognize that california politicians are responding to the median voter
6:34 pm
here in the state. so they are actually delivering good representation for california voters. >> reporter: president trump will visit california. >> we have a large voters that are being impacted by president trump's policies. >> reporter: in the south bay chris nguyen, abc7 news. conservative commentator ann coulter is coming to the bay area. mountain view police department tells abc7 news it will have officers present at theenue. coulter's last two scheduled visits in berkeley sparked large
6:35 pm
protests. freedoms being violated. a decade olds practice that attempts to -- potentially harmful to a patient's mental health. conservatives are saying lawmakers are it shall. >> counselors and others and telling them you can't even discuss this idea of sexual orientation unless it is the view we want you to discuss. you can't question. telling them you can't talk about the moral issues implications unless it is the government's verification. cindy chavez has decided not to enter the race for san jose
6:36 pm
mayor. i will continue my efforts as a county supervisor to work with the mayor to solve our housing affordability crisis to protect and grow the middle class expand mental health service, rebuild san jose's broken public safety infrastructure. only two qualified for the race for mayor. don't answer this question until you know where your umbrella is. are you ready for the weekend? huh? >> i don't know where my umbrella is. but will want to see the
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we are following a wild story? san francisco. the highway patrol is investigating an armed robbery that shut down 280 connector ramp to southbound 101. chp says the suspects were armed but no shots fired.
6:40 pm
the suspect sped off and nobody was hurt and the freeway has now completely re-opened. take a look at what fairfield police seized while arresting a subject. this was found during a search of a home. the suspect is jammal montgomery. new details in the deadly police shooting in the san francisco mission district. victor navarro flores appeared in court charged in robbery. a female suspect has not been charged. and police killed a third suspect. officers will hold a town hall on monday night to address community concern about the
6:41 pm
shooting. experts warn that the flu season is not over yet. 22 states saw high flew-like illnesses during the week of march 23. state officials say influenza activity remains elevated throughout the california and expect more weeks of flu activity which could continue through the spring. the biggest music event is back. next a look at what is new
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tickets are still available. second saturday is a free outdoor event that brings hundreds of vendors in the area and it will happen every month. this weekend marks the return of sunday streets in san francisco. the community event will shut down a stretch of valencia street to cars. people can walk around and enjoy the neighborhood and support local businesses. sunday street takes place in deferent parts of san francisco and enjoying its tenth year. american idol makes its highly anticipated return to sunday night here on abc7. ♪ >> reporter: the blockbuster show that has produced more mega stars than any other is back. >> it is full of goodness, and hope and dreams coming true.
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it is true americana. >> reporter: super star judges set on a journey across the nation. >> this is fresh because we are not going to bring the other stuff. what we are bringing is the new package. >> this has been my dream. >> reporter: to discover a new crop of talent. >> it is a gift. it is like a blessing. it is like winning the frickin' lottery and we get to give them the ticket. >> we know what they are thinking. we are going to inspire you to go forward or tell you the truth and tell you there is no shot. >> reporter: luke bryant saying when telling somebody no, it isn't easy. >> i am like, oh god. i have to tell them no. >> reporter: and don't expect
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producers to stray away from the traditional idol format. >> the show works in its core. american idol watches right here live on sunday. and you can see judges. due to the breaking news in yountville, general hospital did not air at its scheduled time. it will air tonight at 1:35 a.m. officials say the hostage situation is still ongoing at the veteran's home in yountville. abc7 news has seen a steady stream of law enforcement officers and personnel leaving
6:48 pm
the scene. >> we don't know if this shift change or crews being paired down. >> in the meantime monitoring your weather forecast and trying to figure out when the rain is returning in your neighborhood. >> doesn't look like there is much coming our way. extensive and wide spread fog right now. overnight lows will be in the 40s inland. tomorrow few passing showers. best chances in the south bay well to the north maybe some showers. in our immediate south bay area best chance for showers. over in the sierra lake tahoe mix. mild storm coming in. and mostly cloudy and dry there
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monday. here is our accuweather seven-day forecast. there is a chance of some rain. wednesday appears to be the wettest, windiest stormiest day in the seven-day forecast period. get used to the rockets, they are here. can the warriors overtake the rockets without s
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>> announcer: sports with larry beil. good evening, warriors in portland tonight without steph curry who tweaked the right ankle. the quest for the top seed in the west might have to take a back seat. honestly, the most important order of business right now is getting the ankle healed for the playoffs. last night it first looked like a noncontact injury. steph's foots appears to land on the toes and then rolls it again. steph is going to be out. the focus is life without steph.
6:53 pm
steph is out, everything changes. the whole building feels it. there is not as much energy and pace and frenzy and so it becomes a more methodical game and we played well without steph when he missed those 11 games. >> no, next man up. we've won games without steph and won games without myself and won games without kevin. and possibly clay. i am not sure clay ever missing a game. rockets going for their 18 straight wins tonight. four games behind the dubs for the top spot in the west. if they do tie, houston has the tie breaker advantage. some wondered if the partnership with the beard would win.
6:54 pm
>> that is for everybody else to speculate. some people say, is it going to work or not, never played before in their life. >> college hoops, memphis and tulsa kareem, the floater at the buzzard. got to stop the ball people, memphis, fifth in the league. among those five, the niners seem to have the most upside. might they -- tormented them for years talking about the sea hawks cutting veteran quarterback richard sherman today. remember that scene?
6:55 pm
30-years old coming off a torn achilles tendon injury. intriguing sherman says he wants to play for a contender. some golf. tiger fans dressed up and ready. tiger started on the back nine and played well approach on 13. six feet from the hole. move to three under and one back. tied for the lead which we haven't said in a long long time on 5. leading a tournament for the first time since 2013. now he would lose a stroke on his final. two back now of corey conners heading to the weekend. >> this is a very difficult golf course. the margin is very small and i enjoy that aspect where par is a reward. we will see if tiger can do
6:56 pm
it for two more rounds. rocket lose to toronto. if the warriors beat portland, they would behalf a game up on houston. and jockey for first place. >> thank you, larry. new info from yountville. reporting the mass exodus is due to a shift change and the situation there is still ongoing. so we are going to stay on top of this for abc7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. crews still on the scene. >> and that is it for this edition. breaking news on twitter. i am eric thomas. >> and i am kristen sze. good night. >> it is the job of everyone
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