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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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there's no one that this isn't a nightmare for. >> shock, confusion, and potential heartache tonight after a freezer malfunction at a san francisco fertility center may have affected hundreds of patients' eggs and embryos. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. that major malfunction happened one week ago today at the pacific fertility center. coincidentally, the very same day a similar malfunction thawed thousands of eggs and embryos at a fertility center across the country in cleveland. tonight patients there and here in san francisco are understandably shaken. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen spoke with a san francisco mother tonight who is a patient at the pacific fertility center, and she is understandably nervous about her embryos. kate? >> reporter: well, dion, i've been hearing from concerned moms
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all night, and i sat down with one of them who's been a patient here at pacific fertility center for almost ten years. but at this point after the news today it's unclear what the future holds for her and for hundreds of other families. >> i'm writing to inform you about a very unfortunate incident in the laboratory. >> reporter: katie miller woke up to this letter in her inbox. >> i get the chills reading it now. >> reporter: explaining that some or perhaps all of her embryos may have been impacted by an incident at pafrk fert irritate center in san francisco last weekend. >> it's a real shock because you put so much, you know, faith in the process. >> for some people it's anger. for most it's fear. am i going to be affected? >> reporter: dr. carl herbert, president of pacific fertility center, says they've reached out to 500 of their patients who had eggs and embryos in a cryo storage tank that was compromised last sunday. zplt nitrogen level in that tank was very low. that meant an emergency filling
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which began immediately. >> reporter: dr. herbert says this type of tank failure is extremely rare but to safeguard against a future mishap he says they ordered a third alarm system for the tanks. >> we are still looking at this tissue and we're not saying this tissue is lost. yes, it may be affected, and we have to acknowledge that. >> reporter: as for katie, she has two healthy children thanks to fertility assistance at pfc. she has been going through treatments for a third child, though. a physically, emotionally, and financially taxing process that might unfortunately now be over for some pfc families. >> losing those possibilities is something that -- it's really difficult to put any kind of number on. for some people this is perhaps their only chance biological children. >> reporter: now, i spoke to katie after our interview tonight and she did hear from pfc late tonight and they explained to her that half of
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her embryos were in that compromised tank but that fortunately she has four other embryos in a separate unaffected tank. we will be following up with pfc and other affected moms tomorrow and we'll bring you the latest. live in san francisco, i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> there is hope. kate, many thanks to you. now, as we mentioned, a similar mishap happened on the very same day at a fertility clinic in cleveland, ohio. the problem with the liquid nitrogen cooling system there might have compromised 2,000 eggs and embryos. some heartbroken patients plan to sue. >> it's beyond devastating. it's like a spiritual, emotional, physical loss. >> what i had is gone. >> at this point we do not know the viability of all of the stored eggs and embryos, although we do know some have been impacted. >> university hospital has brought in outside experts to see what went wrong.
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they'll determine if the eggs and embryos are viable and they must be fully thawed and cannot refrozen. if you are a patient at the pacific fertility center and are worried you might be affected, we have posted the phone number you can call at our website, developing news in oakland tonight. police are investigating an officer-involved shooting as we speak. few details are available but we are told it's on 40th street near market street. that's just a few blocks from highway 24 as well as the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. as soon as we learn more, we will get you an update. turning to the weather now, taking a live look tonight from our camera where it is relatively quiet right now. things are going to change later this week. there you see not much going on except for? fog in this camera. spencer christian joining us with more. spencer. >> those quiet conditions will be short and live. here's a look at doppler 7. we have fog developing along the golden gate and much of the coastline right now. the approaching storm which
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comes in tomorrow ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity. it will continue through the the overnight hours into tuesday, producing mainly scattered showers tomorrow but some steadier rain late tomorrow night with wind gusts in the evening hours and here we go. forecast animation starting 5:00 tomorrow morning. the morning commute will start under dry conditions but notice we'll see scattered showers developing by midday, becoming more numerous in the afternoon hours. so going into the evening rush look for wet pavement and wet conditions as the rain will get steadier. in fact, we'll have some locally heavy downpours by about 7:30 tomorrow evening. then late tomorrow night, 11:00 or so, we'll see a wave of intense downpours, strong gusty winds approaching the coastline. that will be our next wave of stormy weather, overnight monday into tuesday morning. i'll give you a look a little bit deeper into the forecast future in a few minutes. dion? a tribute is growing tonight for three women whose lives were suddenly cut short as bullets flew inside a veterans facility friday in yountville. a memorial for these three women will take place on march 19th.
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jennifer golick was a therapist. her brother told us she was an amazing, smart woman and her family is devastated. she leaves behind a husband and a 7-year-old daughter. jennifer gonzales shushereba was nearly seven months pregnant. her husband said she will always be remembered for her unconditional love and incredibly giving heart. he says jennifer and her two colleagues dade doing the work they were so passionate about. and christine loeb rer dedicated her life to helping veterans heal. abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo spoke with one of her close friends tonight. she had arrived friday to visit loeber for the weekend. carlos joins us live outside a growing memorial in front of the pathway house in yountville. carlos. >> reporter: well, more and more people keep stopping by to drop off candles and flowers in front of the pathway home. tonight i spoke with a friend of the executive director of the program who is still trying to come to terms with what happened. what was supposed to be a fun
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girls' weekend never materialized for morrow turner and her college friend christine loeber. >> surreal. crushing. but just taking it hour by hour. >> reporter: morrow was visiting from the east coast to hang out with christine but was left waiting outside her apartment for hours on friday. >> she was supposed to be there. she was supposed to have the day off. and she wasn't there. >> reporter: later that day she realized christine was one of three women killed in the hostage standoff at the pathway home in yountville, where she served as executive director of the program aimed at helping veterans with ptsd. >> she was always just looking for new ways to help them cope with what they were dealing with. even though this job was so exhausting and difficult, she didn't want to give up on it. >> reporter: those who knew the women say they were dedicated to their profession as the community prepares to honor the victims at a memorial at the lincoln theater on march 19th, many continue to pay their respects outside the pathway
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home, including other treatment providers. >> it's just difficult to see that some of my fellow people in the industry, that just put their heart and soul and their passion into helping change a life can be struck down and -- in the service of that. >> reporter: for mora she will remember her college roommate as a caring, selfless person. >> she just brought joy to every room she walked into. >> reporter: with the mission to help our country's veterans. in yountville, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. >> more details are also emerging tonight about the gunman's time days leading up to the tragedy friday in yountville. a relative says albert wrong told them he was angry at staff members at the pathway home and he wanted to get back at them. wong had been asked to leave after being found with knives two weeks ago. wong's brother, tyrone lampkin told the press democrat, "whatever happened out there, he didn't say he was going to shoot anybody. he said he wanted to get back at them, talk to them, yell at tem, not to kill them." as part of abc 7's take action
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campaign we vetted the most comprehensive list of local resources for veterans and their families on our website. just head to to take you why ally. and if you'd like to pay tribute to the three women you can head to our abc 7 news facebook page with you can share this badge. a pilot is expected to survive after his small aircraft crashed in western sonoma county this evening. you're looking at video shot from a highway patrol helicopter as it approached the scene in valley ford. firefighters used the jaws of life to free the 73-year-old aviator from that small plane. the chp helicopter crew then rushed the sebastopol resident to santa rosa memorial hospital. bay area residents making big bucks all without quitting their day job. >> i grossed just over $16,000. >> up next, ways you could score a lot of cash, and there is an art to it. plus we'll take a look at live doppler 7. things may look pretty clear right now, but this may be the
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last time in a while. spencer
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back now with a live look at the bay bridge from our south beach camera. we do want to tell you all lanes of the bay bridge in the westbound direction have just reopened. the chp had been investigating reports of shots fired on the upper deck there. they couldn't find any evidence of a shooting, though. well, could you use some extra cash? tens of millions of americans report having a side hustle, something other than your main job that brings in money. perhaps it's especially needed here in the bay area. we tracked down two side hustlers who are on a whole other level, making six figures in just one year. abc 7 news anchor natasha zouves
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explains. >> what i love about it? i don't know. it just gives me life. >> reporter: this isn't just shopping. it's side hustling. >> i can't explainit. >> reporter: six days savannah sarkissian brosso spends at least six hours a day this way, seeking treasures wherever she can find them. i caught up with her. the goal to find items for cheap to spot clean skiles, photograph, and post on the reselling app posh mark. posh mark takes a 20% cut and she pockets the rest. in a year and a half she says she has made $115,000. she has 1,000 items listed at any given time, ships out 20 ot. how did she become a power seller? savannah left a job with the city choosing to be a mom every night and day instead. >> i really just wanted to sell some things from my closet. i gained almost 100 pounds when i had my twins and thin lost it. my body was not the same.
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my foot grew three sizes. my jeans grew. >> from there the business grew. peak times 8:00 to 9:00 a.m., 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. and late at night. she says look out for brands that sell fast like maywell, vince. as well as nike and adidas. overalls and denim are big right now. >> they're really special pieces. piece izz feel i wouldn't quo into another store and find them easily p. >> two denim jackets, three vintage dresses and one pair of cutoff shorts. >> we added this wonder woman patch natasha found. >> she plans to make a $280 profit. >> someone will see, it someone will appreciate it. >> from posh mark to door dash we caught up with one tech workers who left nothing to chance he created spreadsheets to t to maximize his profits and now he's sharing his secrets. >> i grossed just over $16,000 working door dash in 2017. >> by day mark ferguson is a senior manager of sales operations at action tech electronics, but this is what he's been doing on nights
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weekends, delivering food throudoo through door dash 20 hours a week. >> big events on tv whether it's game of thrones, awards shows like oscars, emmys, and of course football, football, football. >> reporter: and location, location, location. he says palo alto, mountain view and sunnyvale are great places to dash. sf is good too if you can find parking. both savannah and mark say the bay area is expensive and their littlest reasons are their biggest incentives to keep at it. >> i hope they think their dad's a hard worker. this is to create a better environment for them as they grow up. >> i've been able to pick up my kids on the daily and to me that's priceless. they have like a little performance at school where they said what their moms do. my daughter was like my mom sells things nobody wants. i was like, well, don't say it like that. she was like, well, you do. you sell cool things. it's in their blood. >> natasha zouves, abc 7 news.
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>> very impressive. we have more tips from the side hustlers. savannah reveals what kinds of clothes never sell for her on posh mark while mark shows us the one day of the year where you can make should crazy cash on door dash. we posted it all on our website, getting to the weather now. boy, soupy outside. >> it is going to be really soupy all week long starting tomorrow. so be prepared. wet pavement. and get the umbrellas handy. the rain gear, all that stuff. right now it's dry, as you ca see on live doppler 7. we've got just a few high clouds moving through the area. some low clouds building along the coastline. a little fog developing there. not much, though. here's a clear view from our sutro tower camera. thin fog moving across the street right now. 63 in san jose, 54 gilroy and 50 degrees at half moon bay. this is the view from our east bay hills camera looking out over the bay, appears to be mainly clear right now but we have a few thin high clouds. temperatures right now in the
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low 50s at santa rosa, napa, novato, fairfield upper 50s at concord and livermore. and one more line for you from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. looking back at the skyline of san francisco. and there's some evidence there of a little bit of thin light fog moving out overt city and the bay. these are our forecast features. we'll see light rain tomorrow becoming alittle steadier tomorrow night. gusty winds develops by evening. colder, stronger storms by mid-week. it's going it rain heavily at times mid-week and this wet unsettled pattern will continue through the week and into the weekend. overnight though it will be mainly dry a few clouds around, low temperatures, generally in the upper 40s to low 50s. and tomorrow as showers develop and spread across the area it will still be mild tomorrow for one more day with highs ranging from low 60s at the coast up toer 60s right around the bay. upper 60s to knorr 70 inland. let's talk about the approaching storm. the first one. it ranks 1 on the storm impact skiel scale, a light on the storm intensity. producing mainly scattered showers tomorrow but with
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steader, heavier rain late tomorrow night. it will become gusty tomorrow evening but with gusts at 24 244 miles an hour. it will be dry. clouds will be increasing at that hour. by midday in the afternoon pockets of showers developing spreading all across the bay area so the evening commute is likely to be wet for the most part and getting even wetter late tomorrow night as this wave of heavier, steadier rain moves through just before midnight. let's advance that into tuesday. you can see tuesday's going to be a wet day throughout the day. so both the morning and evening commutes on tuesday will probably be a bit treacherous. and now as you look ahead to wednesday, stronger storms move in wednesday and thursday and we'll see snow in the sierras, snow in the mountains, up north around mendocino county and into lake county and this rain is going to be accompanied by strong gusty wind, colder air. in fact, a winter storm watch is in effect for the sierra from tomorrow night into wednesday night. and finally, the stronger storms will start to taper off a little bit on friday.
11:21 pm
here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. stormy conditions are monday and tuesday. will rank only 1 on the storm impact scale but they'll be a bit more intense on wednesday and thursday ranking 2 on the storm impact scale. another rainy day on friday back down to a 1. and some lingering showers will prevail into saturday. finally next sunday looks like it could be our next dry da
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oh, this is a treat. check it out. you're looking at a bald eagle taking care of two chicks in the san bernardino national forest. they hatched last month near big bear lake and are a sign of something much bigger. a recent canvassing of the forest found a total of 15 bald eagles. once on the brink of extinction in the united states, the iconic bird has enjoyed a resurgence over the past several decades. very special to see. larry in for shu.
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lots of injury talk for the warriors. >> yeah, it feels like the warriors are bordering on extinction. when it comes to healthy bodies. in addition to all the other injuries. a few more bumps and bruises today in minnesota. could k.d. carry them to victory almost by h introducing the prime rib from jack in the box. with strips of prime rib grilled with peppers and onions and smothered in provolone cheese and i'm challenging you to try it, martha it's on, jack. why are we whispering? try my new prime rib cheesesteak, part of my food truck series.
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introducing the prime rib from jack in the box. with strips of prime rib grilled with peppers and onions and smothered in provolone cheese and i'm challenging you to try it, martha it's on, jack. why are we whispering? try my new prime rib cheesesteak, part of my food truck series. good evening. with steph curry, andre iguodala, david west, jordan bell and patrick mccaw all out the last thing the wariors need is more injuries. but ail couple of bumps and bruises in minnesota and he in a have to settle for the 2 seed in the west when all is said and done. warriors hoping to avoid back-to-back losses for the second time this year.
11:29 pm
looking for offense, getting? from zaza pachulia. 16 points and 11 xwoords for him. kevin durant 11 for 32. most attempts he's had as a dub. look at jamal crawford. 40 years old. no. shaun livingston yes. k.d. finished with 39 points in this game. and with just over two minutes left pulls up for three. we've got a one-point game right here. but they could not handle the big cat, karl anthony towns. fade, fire, score. 31 points, 16 boards. warriors lose to fall two back of houston in the loss column. 109-103 your final. mike shumann in minnesota. >> i think the schedule and injuries finally caught up with the warriors. four games in four nights with a back-to-back and of course five injured players. and that equaled a loss here in anyone minute. >> we played some good teams. obviously the easy answer is
11:30 pm
we're a man down right now, but we're battling, we're competing and i think that's the fight we kind of need going into the playoffs. >> it is what it is. this is our job. this is what we're expected to do every night. whenever duty calls a guy's got to come in and play extra minutes. we've got to do it. we're not complaining. nobody's in that locker room screaming for guys to get back. we want those guys to be healthy and 100% healthy when they come back, and we'll figure it out in the meantime. >> we didn't make some open shots that we had. but there's a reason for that. i think we're a little fatigued. we've been playing our top guys some pretty heavy minutes lately with all the injuries we've had. man it caught up to us. the schedule evens out now. we go home and we've got a couple days before our next game and we'll bounce back. >> we expect to play well no matter who we've got on the floor, and we expect to win. we lost. we move on, try to win our next one. >> a favorable schedule the rest of the way as the warriors host the lakers on wednesday night
11:31 pm
and then they get the kings and phoenix. reporting in minneapolis, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> thank you, shu. the first place rockets a chance to extend their lead atop the west. james harden resting. chris paul slicing to the hoop to end the first half. and dirk nowitzki not going to get out on time on cp-3. rockets roll 105-82. a game and a half up on the dubs with 15 to play. abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. warriors have a pretty easy schedule this week but how soon do you really want to push steph curry to come back? that's the question for steve kerr. let that ankle rest. we've got tiger woods in contention really for the first time in five years later on in
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good evening, friends. once again i'm dion lim, and here are tonight's headlines. we just learned from oakland police the officer-involved shooting we told you about earlier has turned deadly. investigators tell abc 7 news the suspect who was shot and killed was armed and he got into a could be frontation with officers at 40th street near market. hundreds of people are being warned that their eggs and embryos being stored at the pacific fertility center in san francisco may be damaged. the center says a storage tank was compromised last sunday. a similar mishap happened in cleveland, ohio on the very same day. and a memorial is growing for the three women shot and killed at the veterans home of california in yountville. those who knew victims are stopping by the pathway home, leaving flowers and candles. a public memorial service is plans for monday march 19th.
11:36 pm
getting to some breaking news now, we have just learned all five passengers in a helicopter crash in new york city's east river have died. the pilot is the only one to survive. you are looking at pictures taken of the helicopter shortly before tonight's tragedy. investigators believe it was on a photo shoot, stopping at landmarks like the freedom tower and statue of liberty. abc news reporter aaron katersky has more from new york. >> reporter: this dramatic video showing the moment a private helicopter lost control sunday night crashing into the east river here in new york. >> we heard something, and we -- we looked back at the water and there was something floating on the water. >> rescue divers in the water. >> and we were all calling 911. and then we didn't see or hear anything. and then we saw the yellow raft and then someone on top of it. >> reporter: there were six people on board the euro copter as-350. only the pilot was able to
11:37 pm
escape. >> the pilot freed himself. the other five did not. so police and fire divers enteshd te entered the water and removed the other steep. >> reporter: the skies over new york city constantly buzz with helicopters carrying tourists and business people and others. crashes are not uncommon. in 2005 there were two separate incidents the same week. a salvage crew has been called in to pull the wreckage from this dark, murky water. the ntsb is sending a team here to determine what caused the helicopter to crash. at this point it looks to be an accident. the pilot has been able to talk to investigators. cairn katersky, abc news, new york. president trump is set to visit california on tuesday. his first trip here since taking office. he's supposed to arrive on tuesday with one of his main stops being in san diego. the president will get an up close look at eight designs for the border wall he has been pushing to build. also on his agenda a fund-raiser in los angeles, where guests will pay up to $250,000 to attend. a colorful celebration with a message today in oakland.
11:38 pm
♪ abc 7 village for a rally and march in honor of international working women's day. the large crowd wound its way through the streets, many of them holding signs supporting various movements. organizers say they are focused on a lot more than just women's rights. >> it's a really scary time at all levels of government and we just want to make sure oakland continues to be a sanctuary city and continues to protect our immigrant communities. >> women's day dates back to 1909 when the first celebration took place in new york city. it technically falls on march 8th but organizers of today's event decided to hold their rally on the weekend. a back yard mystery is unfolding tonight in florida. police are investigating human remains discovered behind a home. they're trying to determine if they belong to a husband who hasn't been seen in more than two years. and adding to the mystery, they say his wife never reported him
11:39 pm
missing. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: investigators turning their attention to the wife of a florida man after police recently discovered human remains in his own back yard. >> she is a person of interest, and we are keeping close tabs. >> reporter: authorities say 36-year-old michael shafer may have been missing since october 2016. no credit card or cell phone activity. but no one reported him missing until this february, when a friend called asking for a wellness check. that's when law enforcement went to the home he shared with his wife, 35-year-old laurie shaver. deputies say she told them she had not seen him since 2015. but investigators noticed something odd. what seemed like a fresh layer of concrete near a fire pit. and asked to bring in a cadaver dog. she refused and asked for an attorney. >> we kind of had hoped that didn't get confirmed. >> reporter: authorities obtained a warrant to search the property that shaver lived in with his wife and two kids, one 10-year-old and one 7.
11:40 pm
officials finding an arm bone under that concrete near the fire pit, later finding more remains and clothing. laurie shaver's attorney saying mr. shaver was unliked by many and that he provided law enforcement with names of people mr. shaver had problems with. adding "as for mrs. shaver she is not responsible for her husband's demise." investigators are waiting on dna tests and dental records to i.d. the remains. they are hopeful that an autopsy will give them some clues as to the cause of death. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. a pair of earthquakes rattled part of northern california this morning. seismologists say a 3.4 magnitude quake hit 7 miles from hollister just after 10:00 this morning. a minute later a 3.0 magnitude quake was recorded in the same area. there is no report of injuries or any damage. a group of teenagers rallied today to highlight the value of making others feel welcome at school and to prevent young people from feeling isolated.
11:41 pm
abc 7 news was at oakland's lake merit when a group called beyond differences shared its message of inclusion and friendship and love. the students say sometimes all it takes is saying hello. >> so beyond the fact that you're making someone else feel welcome and safe you also understand yourself on a deeper level. so there's a benefit to everyone involved. >> we're trying to help embrace your differences and trying to make you feel happy because you're different. >> it's a great message. organizers believe ending social isolation can reduce violence in schools. quite an honor today for a world war ii veteran in the sacramento suburb of elk grove. joseph seaver turned 101 years old this past thursday, and today he received a surprise gift as a birthday present. the key to the city. his granddaughter felt he deserves a little recognition and wrote a letter. after the honor joseph has a small request that shouldn't be too difficult to accommodate.
11:42 pm
>> if they can let me in city hall, that would be wonderful. >> oh, he is precious. seaver celebrates a lot of birthdays. he has 11 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren, and 14 great great grandchildren. next at 11:00 tonight, meet the son on a mission for his dad who gave so much for fighting for our country. i'm spencer christian.
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folks got a look at the future today during a festival filled with technology. abc 7 news was at san francisco's pier 48 for world's fair nano. the weekend event features the latest in tech, futuristic talks, and interactive art and what's believed to be future food. the organizers' ultimate goal is to grow the event into the skoch a six-month world's fair that millions attend. a son on a mission for his
11:46 pm
dad, a war veteran. the technology that brought them even closer. abc 7 news reporter john donvan has this story. >> reporter: like so many who served jason frye came home from iraq 13 years ago with a body that needed to adopt. in his case it was his right arm. that's his little boy robbie in the picture. back when the technology was pretty standard. but just recently jason got an upgrade, a prosthetic that doesn't just look cool, it functions so very hand-like. and who do you have to be to get an assist so innovative? well, you have to have robbie who's your son because he's the inventor. a high schooler now, a wiz at robotics who wished his dad could play video games with him but -- >> every time it was always the same response, you need two hands for this. >> reporter: so a while back robbie took his skills and built a controller that his dad could use. >> which i thought was really neat. >> reporter: but not half as neat as the next project, giving his dad a new right hand, one
11:47 pm
modeled literally on his left but also made workable. >> and then i modeled that whole thing online and 3-d print td and i assembled the pieces afterward. >> reporter: so here's jason actually holding a baseball, his new hand grabbed and picked up. a nice feeling. >> i thought the arm was really cool, and i was really proud of robbie. >> reporter: and all it took was 13 years of waiting for a smart kid called robbie to grow up some and to figure it out. john donvan, abc news. >> so special. all right, shifting gears to the weather now. if you liked seeing the sun, you'd better wait because rain is on the way and it's going to stay here, spencer. >> you're right about that, dion. he with might see some flashes of sun tomorrow but it will be a mainly cloudy day. here's live doppler 7. we go right into the approaching storm. the storm impact scale indicates this one ranks 1 on the storm scale. a storm of light intensity coming in tomorrow and intensifying overnight a bit into tuesday, producing mainly scattered showers tomorrow steadier rain overnight. windy by tomorrow evening. and here we go. forecasts starting tomorrow morning. it will be a dry morning commute but we'll see showers expanding and becoming more widespread by
11:48 pm
afternoon. the evening commute tomorrow might be a little bit wet, but it's going to get even wetter on tuesday. look at this wave of steady rain coming in late tomorrow night continuing into tuesday morning. that'll k the picture greeting commuters tuesday morning. it will continue through much of the day into the afternoon and it'll probably be a wet commute in the evening as well. then we go into wednesday, when the next storm, a stronger, colder, windier storm comes in. that continues into thursday. finally falls apart on friday. and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you what you've already seen. it's going to be a week of wet weather. >> oh, boy. back to sunday again. next sunday. >> it will be the next dry day we get. >> spencer, thanks. larry in for shu tonight. >> yes. the storm that's brewing with the warriors is one that's filled with injuries unfortunately. kevin durant on the mindset with 15 games left and that 1 seed kind of slipping away. plus, i think everybody would say golf is more fun when tiger woods is in contention on a
11:49 pm
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welcome back. we showed you the warriors losing to the timberwolves earlier in the show. with steph curry and a whole bunch of reserves hurt. the warriors really have to rely heavily now on kevin durant, who went for 39 today. and k.d. stopped to talk with abc 7's mike shumann in minneapolis after the game. >> all right, k.d. tough loss here. tough road trip. three games in four nights. but you've got to give minnesota some credit tonight. >> they made shots tonight. i thought they did a great job. making it tough on them all night. they relied on karl townes who's been playing great all year. draymond did a great job on him but sometimes the ball goes in the basket. you've got to give them credit. >> how tough has it been with the five players out with injuries including steph curry for you guys? do you feel like you've got to carry more of a load? >> yeah, most definitely. being one of the guys that can create off the dribble it's a little different not having
11:53 pm
steph out there. but you know, the great thing about this game is that you've got to figure stuff out. the ball just didn't go in the rim. >> in some ways it might be better as we go to the playoffs. some guys are getting some minutes they normally don't to get confidence in their game but at the same time don't want to wear out the starters. >> it is what it is. this is our job. this is what we're expected to do every night. whatever duty calls, guys have to come in and play extra minutes, you've just got to do it. we're not complaining. nobody's in that locker room, you know, screaming for guys to get back. we want those guys to be healthy and 100% healthy when they come back, and we'll figure it out in the meantime. >> are you guys still thinking about the 1 seed? how do you approach it? >> we just want to play great ball. obviously, houston's been playing great. we haven't seen them losing for a while. with us we're a little banged up and we lost a couple in a row, and we won't wait for our guys to get back but more importantly we want to play good basketball, good solid basketball on both ends of the floor, take care of offense, defense, turnovers, and rebounding and we'll be fine. and when that time comes we'll
11:54 pm
be ready. >> you've been carrying the load so much you've got a little ice on your shoulder. are you okay? >> i shot too much tonight. >> k.d. looking forward to getting back to the bay area. back to you guys. >> thank you, shu. selection sunday turned into disappointment sunday for st. mary's. left on the outside looking in at the ncaa field of 68. the gaels went 28-5. they were among the first four out. they just missed out. strength of schedule for randy bennett was obviously the key. so now st. mary's and stanford are in the n.i.t. they will host games this upcoming week. virginia, xavier, villanova and kansas are the 1 seeds. the pac-12 got three teams, in arizona, ucla and usc was snubbed. tiger woods last won a golf tournament in 2013 but he was in contention down to the final hole today at the valspar championship in florida. paul casey, another guy who hadn't won in eternity, goes back to 2009.
11:55 pm
69-65 in the clubhouse tied for the lead at 10 under. tiger two shots back on 17. we're showing you this long putt and you know why right now because it's going in from about 50 feet. 9 under par. tiger one shot off the lead. meanwhile, patrick reid, the co-leader on 18, needed a two-putt to force a playoff. and this is your nightmare here. this is coming right back down the hill. and he would bogey the hole. so tiger needs another long birdie on 18. this would force a playoff year. and just wide right. paul casey wins the valspar championship. a cool 1.2 million bucks. but of course tiger is almost always the story. >> i was close. i had a chance today. unfortunately, i just didn't quite feel as sharp as i needed to with my irons. i was playing a little conservative because of it. made a nice putt at 17, gave myself a chance going to 18. the only thing you can do is leave it short, and unfortunately didn't get it
11:56 pm
there. nascar in phoenix for the ticket guardian 500. kyle laerns finished 18th. might be time for this guy to start driving the 42 car. today relatively clean race. 120 laps to go. paul menard spins, hits the wall. finished 36th out of 37. it was green the rest of the way, and kevin harvick wins for the third straight week, which is amazing. leading the final 22 laps. and he takes the checkered flag. baseball. arizona spring training. giants-pad padres. hunter pence having a rough spring. this is grand, though. grand slam. so spring just got better. giants win 5-4. closer mark melancon threw one inning, gave up a homer. also struck out one. raiders punter marquette king. he's quite the athlete. threw out the first pitch for the a's and cubs. bringing it. sean minaya on the hill got four innings. got some help from matt chap hwan who's among the best fielding first basemen of the game. chapman at the plate was 0 for 15 until that.
11:57 pm
high, deep, and aloha. and the a's go on to win by a score of 7-2. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> so pleasant. that was nice. >> that was me saying good-bye? >> no, the aloha. >> going to sleep. >> going to a nice beach somewhere. not in bed. >> dream of beaches. >> dream of abc 7 news. thanks so much. on behalf of all of us, have a wonderful night.
11:58 pm
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