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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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team coverage. >> reporter: patients having come in and out today. just aware of what has been happening, some aware as far as this malfunctioning and clinics across the country double checking to make sure their procedures. receiving a word that a freezer malfunction may have affected patient's eggs and embryos. >> i think they should have had some other back up in place. >> reporter: kristina nelson faced timed with >> our em brieios
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viable. >> reporter: her hopes of having another child is unclear. reaching out to 500 patients who had eggs and embryos tha been affected. regulating fertility centers said in a written statement, we will do everything we can to understand how these incidents occurred and how we can help our members work to prevent. >> this woman did not want to be identified. some of her embryos were in the failed tank >> the hard part is that they don't know what is happening with it until they freeze -- or unthaw the eggs or embryos so we don't know if it was compromised or not. >> reporter: she along with other hundreds of patients have
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to wait. a second lawsuit has been filed against a ohio clinic where a similar thing kristen sze. >> reporter: they follow an ohio couple who filed a class action suit yesterday. they were hoping ivf would bring them a second child but he and his wife got word friday that their two embryos were no longer viable. >> have this taken away and to be just, your hopes and dreams destroyed. >> reporter: now i faced time with abc7 news correspondent today says this will be changes after these incidents and asked her whether couples should store
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their embryos in other clinics. >> they should be spaced out in different tanks. >> reporter: parents don't need to be worried about birth defects. she explains the worry is they are less likely to be fertilized or implanted. starting to see our first moisture. thick and dark sky looming over san francisco. showing rain soaking tright now >> you can see the heaviest concentration of rainfall right now down in parts of the south bay and over to the east bay, we got pretty good downpours in the milpitas and along portions of
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the 680. ranking one on the storm impact scale. as you can see on the forecast animation after 7:30 this evening, showing the showers becoming more wide spread. as we approach the late night hours and more coming in for the morning commute. now, keep track of the changing weather conditions where you live with the abc7 accuweather app. you can track live doppler 7 on the go. three hostages and a gun man may have been dead for several hours. state senator also shared how s.w.a.t. team had many good reasons to wait for hours before entering the room. >> some of them may have knew what was going on but the strategy was an abundance of caution to make sure that law enforcement didn't create a
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situation and put them in harm's way if they were still alive. >> students and staff are in mourning after losing psychologyist jennifer gonzalez. >> reporter: hi, well, many of those veterans in the pathway home program many took classes here at napa college. the connection doesn't stop there. the school was a partner with pathway and one of those killed on friday jennifer gonzalez worked her three days a week. >> she wanted the best for veterans and from everyone. >> reporter: lynette cortez word side by side with jennifer gonzalez. >> she had just announced last
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week that shec was pregnant. she didn't want to know the gender and the fact that she won't know is terrible. >> reporter: gonzalez's coworkers set up a memorial. the larger healing effort has become including a comfort dog, erin a golden retriever trained to bring peace. college police way. >> we are hearing this happen and hearing the names it was impactful. we realize there was a tie to the college and people that we knew. >> reporter: here is loeber making a presentation to the college board of trustees.
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>> as a program we don't want to men myself symptoms. >> reporter: those who knew both women say their work will continue at napa college. >> welds still be doing this. just a matter of heart for us. >> reporter: in napa, laura anthony. we are learning more details about what shooter entered the room. >> it was horror surrounded the room. >> >> reporter: did he say anything? >> no. besides just letting us go. saying our names and saying you can go. and i hoped that he would also allow them to go. which didn't happen.
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>> she recognized the gunman from army vet wong. she didn't know why he targeted them. cautioning people not to jump to any conclusions about this obviously troubled man. janine de la vega spoke with a vet and a psychology expert and has this report. >> reporter: albert wong walked into a veteran facility where he had been treated and shot three women who worked there. wong was a veteran who suffered from ptsd. tom plant says many folks who suffer from the disorder also suffer from other mental illness. >> was it pst, or was it
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schizophrenia, who knows. >> reporter: jeff wilson depends on his service dog to help him. >> she alerts me to it before it gets to a level that i need to pull away. >> reporter: wilson says ptsd should not be blamed for the shootings. >> peoples' gut reaction saying it is ptsd and a veteran and that is why he did it. >> this has nothing to do with ptsd, this was premeditated. >> reporter: saying there were warning signs but behavior can't be predicted. >> if they are very isolative, they have poor social relations these are signs.
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>> reporter: in san martin, janine de la vega. >> as part of abc7 take action, we vetted the most comprehensive list for veterans and families. former raider and 49er aldon smith appeared in court today. pleading not guilty to attacking his fiance and he turnedself in three days later. he hasn't played for the team since 2015. three northern california college cam passes had to be evac waited because of bomb threats. the call came in about noon today. a male voice said bombs were on
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all three campuses. a female called in making the same threats. law enforcement swept the campuses and found nothing. sonoma county sheriff deputies responded to those targeted homes just after 3:00 in the morning. looking for marijuana, police tracked them to a novato residence. where residents were asked to shelt ner place. that order has been listed. ann coulter is headed to the bay area. >> i think it is important that we allow her to speak. >> what police expect to face in the small community of mountain view. >> what you need to know about the cost of visiting an emergency room.
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ann coulter is speaking in the bay area tomorrow. it will be her first bay area appearance since threats last
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time. >> reporter: this time, the venue is a private facility. the ifes hall. so any protest would have to be held on a sidewalk or designated free speech zone. >> we are not on a college campus. only registered guests will be able to attend. so i don't think we will have that same kind of people here on our event that you might have seen at berkeley. >> reporter: several streets expected to be closed. and a child care center located next door. mountain view police already post can no parking signs. access will be provided only for residents for the immediate area and those holding holding holdig this is the stage and auditorium where she will speak tuesday evening. chairs set up for 600 who should
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be the group's largest turnout in groups 15 year history. >> if they do go that route, there will be a collective discussion between the police department and planners to see whether it is going to continue. >> reporter:. >> the title she gave us is in trump we trust. i believe she will be talking about the trump administration and the actions they have taken over the course of their 14 months in office. >> reporter: in mountain view, david louie abc7 news. president trump heading to california tomorrow. he will headline a fundraiser i los angeles. law enforcement in each of his location expect demonstrators for and against him.
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>> president trump talking about immigration but today a first of its kind lawsuit was filed in san francisco over one administrator's policies concerning immigration. >> reporter: the suit was filed in u.s. district court in san francisco. the plaintiffs say if they are not successful more than 200,000 immigrants and just as many children will have their lives up ended. it is the first time children born in the united states have been part of a legal push back against the trump administration's change of policy. for their parents who have temporary protective status. it allows immigrants from designated countries to live and work here while their homeland is facing a crisis like an earthquake or civil war. president trump is doing away with this for haiti, nicaragua, and sudan.
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the lawsuit alleges that is unconstitutional and racially motivated. >> indeed it was tps that president trump was talking about when he spoke about his opposition from permitting the entry of united states in -- >> reporter: the move to terminate tps status, would send this mother of two back to el salvador. she has been here since 1993. >> this is my country. i have nothing in el salvador. >> reporter: one of 14 plaintiffs including five children claiming they would be forced to leave with their parents or forced to stay here without them. >> it turns my dream into a nightmare. >> reporter: the deportations would take effect next year.
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carolyn tyler abc7 news. >> 2,000 people rallied outside the state capital to change the bail system. supporting senate bill ten. the bill calls for replacing california's current cash bail system. backers believe many poorer californians stay in jail longer because they can't afford bail. >> it penalizes the poor much more than are a threat to society. this is unjust. >> governor jerry brown and other key democrats support replacing california's cash bail system. pushing for more education funding. the csu system is asking for an additional $171 million while uc officials want $105 million.
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threatening to raise tuition in response to the funding shortfalls in the recent proposal. weather outside changing rapidly. >> it started already. you can see the area most heaviest concentration right now which had a moment ago been around the san jose area is pushing south towards gilroy east ward. there is more rain to follow. this is the view from our rooftop camera looking at wet conditions on the embarcadero. it is 60 degrees in san francisco and in oakland. safe seven half moon bay. this is the view upon low 60
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break in the clouds right now. more waves of rain will follow. our forecast features will see more showers tonight. slight chance of thunder tomorrow. colder storm perhaps arriving midweek. current storm ranks one on the storm impact scale a storm of scattered showers. low temperatures overnight will be mainly in the throw mid-50s. relatively mild as the rain sweeps through. tomorrow morning five clock as the morning commute begins. going to be quite wet. some of these areas of yellow and orange represent steadier heavier downpours. that continues through the morning commute. and line of showers sweeping out of here. and more rain will be on the way tomorrow night into wednesday. rainfall totals we project
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roughly around a quart erof an inch to over an inch. some locations like redwood say will see .21 inches. and mainly upper 50s along the coast and snow in sierra. winter storm warning in effect tomorrow afternoon. 12-16 inches of snowfall generally above 4,000 feet. snow acoop lation plot indicates we can expect 8 inches of snow around tahoe city and 15 inches and nearly two feet at kirkwood. here is the accuweather forecast. two days of storms coming our
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way. thursday a bit stronger storm and wet and gusty. storm ranking two on the storm impact scale follow bid cold air and mixed precipitation on saturday. i was invited to join third graders at sun valley elementary school. >> who is that big kid in the middle? >> we had a great time. i was the big kid in the class and maybe not the smartest. great questions. it was a great visit and i enjoyed it. >> do you think there are future meteorologists or weather people in there? >> maybe anchors too. thank
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today's business news lyft is growing faster than uber. >> uber saw just 61% growth. however uber is much bigger reporting 7 billion in revenue compared to lyft's 1 billion. drop box filed with the fce, 36 million shares will become available between 16 and $18
6:27 pm
each. salesforce agreed to buy million worth. spotify also going public. the nasdaq increased 27 points. thanks to strong tech growth. gun control, steve kerr passionately joining the discussion. learning more what happened moments before a deadly chopper crash in new york. now the family may be
6:28 pm
i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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the big focus on gun control today. the president pushed for a new plan in wash tington and here i the bay area warriors steve kerr joined the >> live from
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>> reporter: coach kerr has been outspoken on the issue of gun violence he often retreats activists. >> when people say stick to sports, stick to coaching, whatever, that means nothing. we all have a voice. >> reporter: congressman approached coach kerr about the town hall. today's events worked as a question and answer session with many students. kerr answered candidly and told the audience about his personal connection to gun violence. his father was killed in a terrorist attack. he often passed the mic to activist from parkland florida. >> i was forced to become an
6:32 pm
expert a month ago. i am happy that i can be out here to answer questions. >> reporter: kerr encouraged young students to register to vote and make gun control and gun violence their top issue. students were already preparing for the walk out today at the edna brewer middle school in oakland. classes there created signs and banners and many with personal messages of solidarity. teachers say some students have first hand stories about the toll of gun violence in their community. >> every year, somebody's cousin, dad, aunt. >> and trump, you need to do something about this. because we watch so many people from 2017, 2016, and2016, and
6:33 pm
>> without guns, there will less shootings. new york metropolitan opera fired james levine today. accused of sexually abusing three men when they were teenagers. the mets suspended him in december. >> tonight we are learning more about what happened just moments b before a tourist chopper crashed in new york. the pilot managed to escape. the latest from new york. >> reporter: the ntsb and a dive team were on the scene. as crews pulled the mangled helicopter out of the east
6:34 pm
river. >> the helicopter is being taken to a secure location where we will be able to examine it. >> reporter: witnesses caught the horrifying image on on >> does have one diver in the water. >> reporter: the pilot 33-year-old managed to escape. he said a passenger's harness got tangled around a fuel switch. authorities are now investigating. questions about how the tourists were strapped in. those straps were so tight, rescuers shar harness. it's website saying flying safely for over 30 years. but faa shows at least
6:35 pm
accidents including one that killed nine people. >> today i am calling on the faa to issue an emergency order and suspend liberty helicopters 135 operating certificate. >> reporter: these types of tours are common here in new york city. and helicopters are constantly buzz can up and down the a abc news new york. seeming to back off some proposals. serena marshal has more from washington. >> reporter: in a series of tweets this morning writing strong improvement and strengthenening of background checks legislation moving
6:36 pm
forward. it was just a few weeks ago when he seemed ready to push republicans. >> they are allowed to buy them at 18. so how does that make sense? >> reporter: the new plan does not include that age change or universal background checks. expand mental health programs and help states to provide firearm training to specifically qualified school personnel. the nra has previously backed. >> it looks like president trump is as scared of the nra. >> primary focus is on pushing through things that we know have broad nonpartisan support. >> reporter: republicans waiting on the white house to provide political coverage on the purchase age.
6:37 pm
democrats though still hoping for more. >> the president once again had to back away from what he had promised. >> reporter: ten activists still could change the conversation. a nationwide student walkout is planned later this week. more to come, a sad story of children living in poor conditions could have a happy ending. and bay area transportation is about to be transformed. new details of
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6:40 pm
tonight an update on children found living in boxes in the southern california desert town of joshua tree. >> a grass roots effort to make sure the couple and the kids have a permanent place to stay. >> reporter: it is a modest two bedroom home in joshua tree. they had prepared to buy it, but now they are fixing it up to give to another couple in desperate need. >> we decided we are going to
6:41 pm
forego and let mona and daniel have it. >> reporter: last month the couple was arrested on suspicion of child abuse after found living in squalor with their three children. but friends say the children were happy and the family was homeless. >> a lot of community. i mean people from all over the world have been, i got this, i have that. where is your gofundme. >> reporter: in nine days, the pages raised money. >> we got to prove to the court that they have a home and never abusive. >> reporter: the couple returns to court tomorrow for a kuz hearing. >> and this home is going to allow them to be together as a family that is the goal. >> reporter: organizers say they
6:42 pm
hope to have them moved into the home by this weekend. an ear infection and trip to the er
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san francisco transbaytransn terminal. transit service will start. the multistory facility which includes a rooftop park and restaurants and retailers will serve as a hub. no one wants to go to the emergency room but what if you are rushed there and later found out you are on the hook for a huge bill. >> "7 on your side" michael finney joins us now with a key detail you need to know. >> you think you are covered? maybe not. i mean wow. imagine you are very sick and you head to the emergency room only to be told by your insurance company it wasn't an emergency. and even worse, you are responsibility for that bill. more and more patients are
6:46 pm
getting stuck with big surprise bills from the er. >> when kimberly fister woke up in the middle of the night, she thought she was having a stroke and her husband rushed her to the er. >> i knew something had to be wrong. >> reporter: to her relief the pain wasn't from a stroke, but a serious inner ear infection. she received a bill for $ instead anthem said she should have called the company's 24/7 online doctor service or or urg. policies like anthem's are leaving consumers with huge medical bills and could keep patients from going to the er when they should. >> people come to us because they need us. >> reporter: how can you make sure this won't happen to you?
6:47 pm
the first step is to nth your insurance. >> check your insurers emergency coverage benefit coverage. while most insurers offer general guidelines as to what constitutes an emergency, they don't limit policy hollers. >> reporter: you have the right to do what kimberly did and that is file an appeal. filed a complaint with state insurance regulator anthem reversed. the insurer says er is a a a a a place to get care. if the patient is under the age of 15 and if they were told to go to the er by their doctor. i will post a link at
6:48 pm where you can find out more about surprise medical billing. i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is open week days from 10:00 to 2:00. my number is (415) 954-8151 and you can reach me on my facebook and through turning to our weather now. you can still see outside, it is not completely dark. >> spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> getting a little bit of a break right now in some areas but quite a bit of rain in the south bay. pop up showers to be found. storm impact scale indicates ranking run on the storm impact scale. light to moderate. overnight watch as the rain continues to fall. it is going to be a wet commute tomorrow morning as a wave of steady rain comes in.
6:49 pm
continues through the commuting hour in through the midday hours. two days of storming weather ranking only one on the storm impact scale. we have a stronger storm coming in on thursday. colder one. that ranks two on the storm impact scale. friday's rainfall mixing in with snow because of the invasion of cold air. >> spencer, thank you. >> a lot going on in sports. >> yeah. >> the men announced their ncaa brackets. coming up in sports, we will tell you who the stanford and cal women will be playing and you will hear from
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now the four time pro bowl quarter back would like to do the same to the team that led him go the seahawks. now when healthy, he is one of
6:53 pm
the league's best defensive back. but seattle decided to let him go. the former stanford star out to prove the nay sayers wrong. >> reigniting the gasoline fire. i am thankful. but this motivation, i definitely enjoy seattle and i enjoy the fans there. would love to get to play in that stadium again. trying my best to ruin their tay perhaps. the warriors will try to snap a rare two game losing streak tuesday when they host the lakers. lost to minnesota yesterday. already missing steph curry, anr iguodala because of injuries. a game and a half back of houston in the race for the number one seed. >> obviously houston has been
6:54 pm
playing great and you know, i don't see them losing for a while. with us, we are banged up and we lost a couple in a row. we want to play good basketball on both ends of the floor and we will be fine. >> just with our injuries and you know, guys getting banged up, it is very important to be healthy down the stretch regardless the seeding, more important to be healthy. >> james harden was back with the rockets tonight. when he is not scoring, he is setting up his teammates with a slam dunk. beating the first quarter buzzer with this three. the spurs defender falls down which leighs for the 31st straight
6:55 pm
stanford with 22 and ten this season to finish second in the pac 12. cal and coach lindsey sooefd a bid. six of the last seven years. connecticut, notre dame, and mississippi state are the top four seeds. putting oakland on top in the second with that solo shot of stratton. go gorkas hernandez sent his bat flying. franklin barretto delivers a 21 blast. the giants going to win by a
6:56 pm
double. world champion astros made its way to the white carlos co carlos cora was a no show. the bay area trial moves forward. what a judge decided about a key piece of evidence. a personal story that highlights the housing crisis in the bay area. a uc berkeley student lives here in this trailer with his three siblings. here is tonight's prime time line up. american idol back for its second night. at 10:00 we have a new episode of the good doctor. and don't miss abc7 news at lev. >> on jimmy kimmel liv liv
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>> good line up tonight. shame we have to work. hope you enjoy it. look for breaking news on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> thanks so much for watching. >> we will see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause] ♪ ♪
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