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the economy here crosses the border both ways all the time. >> reporter: fernando lives in tijuana but works in the united states. protests are planned on the mexico side of the border as well. he thinks the wall is a waste of money. >> i don't think the wall will stop people crossing the border. >> reporter: trump says it will fight drug trafficking and unauthorized immigration. questions still remain as to how the trump administration will pay for the wall. >> it doesn't really matter to me if he comes or not. we cannot change anything. he's the president regardless. he can do anything he wants. defense secretary james mattis is in the afghan capital of kabul this morning and is outlining what a victory in the country would look like. the u.s. has been at war in afghanistan since the year 2001. he addressed reporters on the way to kabul and said victory won't be won by military action but would be a political
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settlement between the taliban and the government. mattis says he'll meet with the president of afghanistan and top u.s. commanders. today's visit is mattis' second since president trump announced his administration would take a more aggressive approach to the conflict in afghanistan. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. it's 4:30. if you're just joining us a quick update on weather and traffic where you live. you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike? reggie, thank you very much. here is an area of low pressure we can see. the broad area that will slide in. and once we get through this initial cold front and its steady rain this morning, this is what will bring us showers and the potential for thunderstorms today and tomorrow. let's take a look at what's going on as far as your temperatures. this is the warmest morning we're going to have all week am some of us are in the low 60s around the bay and even up to concord is 63. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. steadiest rain during the morning commute. then we'll transition over to
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showers as we head to lunch and then we'll throw in the possibility of lightning, thunder, and small hail as we head from 4:00 to 7:00. it's going to be breezy today. but if you get caught under one of these thunderstorms the breezes could be faster, and the rain could be a little bit heavier. snow level today about 4,500 feet. maybe 4,000 feet as we get to the evening hours. i'll have more on this and tomorrow's chance of thunderstorms coming up. here's alexis. good morning, mike. so far we're off to a fairly quiet start. i do think it will get a lot busier, though. give it an hour or two once we get into the heart of the commute and we have the rain mixed in. we are looking very quiet on golden gate bridge. southbound 101 no issues from the north bay. it's probably the soggiest commute if you are one of our earlier risers. so far drive times looking good. westbound 580 tracy to dublin. we had a crash on westbound 205 just to the east of here that did clear a few minutes ago. 680 dublin to mission boulevard
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in the green at 14. northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino. you're looking great at 16 minutes. developing news now, san francisco police have released body camera footage of an officer involved shooting that killed a 19-year-old man. video shows police ordering jesus delgado to put his hands up. he was hiding in the trunk of a car. at a heated town hall meeting, investigators say after they fired a nonlethal beanbag round delgado pointed a gun at the officers and fired. that's when ten officers returned fire with 99 rounds. delgado was shot 25 times. many are frustrated at the amount of force that was used. delgado's brother expressed bitter anger towards police. >> one of the reasons you're not sorry you're able to finish your day, go home, look at your kids in the eye and tell them you love them. my mom doesn't have that anymore. >> delgado was a suspect in an armed robbery. the district attorney is still
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investigating the shooting. happening today classes will resume at solano community college. its campuses in fairfield, vacaville and vallejo were evacuated due to bomb threats. a male voice said bombs were on all three campuses. a female caller made the same threat. college administrators issued evacuation orders. law enforcement swept the area but found no issues. lawmakers are teaming up with california state university and university of california students to push for more education funding. they were in sacramento yesterday to make a proposal. the csu system wants an additional $171 million while uc wants $105 million. officials are threatening to raise tuition. now to a war of words over what is a big problem in the bay area, affordable housing. a berkeley student lives in a trailer in hayward with his parents, two sisters and brother. he says the camper is not
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connected to a sewage system, has no heat, and now the owner is evicting them. the owner who wants to remain anonymous says she allowed the family to move in for a couple weeks as a favor for someone at church. the family has been there now three months rent free. chamu says he has been paying $650 a month. >> and now he's saying that we treat him bad, that he has given us money. what money? trying to do something good to help someone became a nightmare for us. >> i wouldn't be living somewhere without paying rent. that's a little absurd. >> the city sent a letter to the owner saying no one is allowed to live in the trailer. he says his struggle underscores the housing problem for thousands of students. let's open up the window on san rafael and you can see it's raining right now as we look out on 101. temperatures up there in san rafael at 60 degrees right now. most of us in the mid to upper
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50s. you are the warmest. let's take a look down in the south bay, the last to get wet, you're dealing with it this morning. you're not escaping it like you normally do. this is 101 and 880. you can see the rain troops falling there. poor conditions on our roads today. they'll be slippery this morning and also during the evening commute. there will still be wet spots. mass transit, a wet wait. so be prepared for that. and on the bay it's going to be a little soggy today. take a look at your temperatures, low to mid-60s. so not much warming over where we are right now. about 59 at the coast. and it's going to be a little breezy today. winds especially out over the water could gust up to 40 miles an hour whether it's the bay or the ocean. here is a look at san francisco. look at this, we're 56 from 8:00 this morning to 4:00 this evening. and you can see we have a chance to get wet just about every single period. how about our east bay valleys, a chance to get wet this morning up until noon, and then we have
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a dry patch where we'll hover around 60s where showers and thunderstorms develop during the evening hours. tonight they'll linger around but the rain won't be as widespread or steady and will be significantly cooler tomorrow. low to upper 40s. we'll take a look at that heavy snow headed to the sierra next. here's alexis. what are you watching? >> not too much this morning, mike. i do have live doppler 7 on top of our traffic maps so you can see likely a busy day on the roads. so far we're starting with a couple of major issues. no major slowdowns taking you back to a big headache. northbound and southbound lanes at 23rd avenue fully back open. they had to close a few of the lanes last night overnight to work on that power pole once again. the lines across the interstate. but everything is back open. we talked to chp and they said you should not have any issues. the richmond side of the richmond/san rafael bridge. mike showed you san rafael, pretty soggy, a few drops on our
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lens in richmond but it is going to be wet everywhere. we'll check on drive times up next. alexis, thank you. a woman who works at the veterans home in yountville explains what happened when she came face-to-face with a shooter. plus, the strange reason one california driver is contesting california driver is contesting his fastrak ticket.
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the abc 7 storm impact
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scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app. download it now. you're never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. it's going to be a much bigger storm than the one we're having here. look at how it reaches down to santa barbara this afternoon, not getting to l.a., 67 and palm springs, but look how it heads into the mountains soon and it's a more powerful storm starting at 1:00 this afternoon. winter storm warning for 12 to 18 inches above 4,000 feet. up to three feet in local areas and winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour. if you want to get to tahoe, get there before the sun sets. we're looking at 1-6 inches on the passes and overnight we're looking at 1-2 feet. even after 5:00 tomorrow the snow is going to continue. in fact, here is a look at what's going on now.
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it's kind of quiet. if you look at my seven-day forecast we have moderate to heavy snow tomorrow. lighter snow thursday. moderate snow friday and then snow showers, freezing cold temperatures saturday and sunday. this morning we're learning more about what happened when a gunman entered a veterans home in yountville and took hostages on friday. a woman in the room and released tells abc 7 news she knew albert wong well. cornell bernard has her story. >> i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: haley recalling the terror when a gunman burst into the offices of the pathway home where she works as a residential counselor. seven staffers were having a going away party for a co-worker. >> the suspect walked into the party and was just, like, horror surrounded the room. >> reporter: did he say anything? >> no. besides just letting us go, saying our names and you can go.
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>> reporter: she ran from the building and called 911. she said three other mental health staffers were not allowed to leave. >> i just hoped that he would also allow them to go, which didn't happen. >> reporter: she recognized the gunman as army vet albert wong who had been discharged from the program just two weeks ago. haley can't comment why but knew him well. >> he was just really struggling. he was dealt a really raw deal in life and had a lot of trauma. >> reporter: she doesn't know why her bosses were targeted. >> what i can say these three clinicians worked with him closely. they were all so caring and just incredible. >> reporter: haley hopes to come back to the pathway home to continue the good work and legacy of her three mentors. but right now she's not sure when that will happen. in yountville, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. this morning we're hearing
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from the family of one of the victims, the 42-year-old served as a psychologist. she leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter. her husband and mother shared their heartbreak. >> she was very beloved mother, sister, daughter, colleague and a friend. >> i woke up yesterday morning crying in my sleep. when i got up i was still crying and i'm still crying inside and i will be forever. >> golic was killed along with two of her colleagues. gonzalez was expecting her first child in june. one friend says she radiated goodness. she was a wonderful person. the remains of charles manson will go to a man who claims to be his grandson. a court ruled jason freeman can retrieve manson's body, which has been kept on ice in the bakersfield morgue since he died
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three months ago. he says he wants to cremate the body. manson died after serving a life sentence for a murder spree in 1989. governor arnold schwarzenegger is planning to sue big oil companies. in a podcast with politico he accused them of, quote, knowingly killing people all over the world. schwarzenegger compared them to tobacco companies saying they have known for decades fossil fuels would lead to global warming. he is in talks with several law firms but does not know when he will file a lawsuit. a federal judge in oakland has ordered the epa to designate whether the smoggiest areas in the country meet ozone pollution rules to reduce smog. the agency has until april 30th to publish findings. this comes after an october 1st deadline was implemented. ozone is a by-product of pollutants from burning fossil fuels and a component of smog. it can cause and worsen asthma, emphysema and also heart conditions. the ncaa men's basketball
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tournament starts today. more than wins and losses are at stake. how about $10 billion. that's the amount americans are expected to bet during the tournament and according to "sports illustrated" only 3% of that amount will be bet legally through nevada sports books. funny that. a spokesperson for the american gaming association says the federal ban on state-sponsored sports gambling is turning people into criminals and generates zero revenue for state governments. >> they're about to change that. it's being pushed through right now or at least discussed because, what, oregon and nevada and one other state but jersey wants it. as soon as jersey gets it looks like all the states may be able to get it. >> i see no problem with just going to vegas. right? >> my brother is going this week. he's super excited. >> i have friends that fly into vegas for the first week of the torn a.m. >> place all their bets. >> fun time. >> sounds like it. you're never more than seven minutes away from the
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accuweather forecast. grab that umbrella this morning and dress to stay dry. a look at the golden gate bridge. a tenth to a quarter inch of rain has fallen. you see the latest update. we have some moderate rain in montara. south san francisco, brisbane and possibly san bruno and even hillsborough. get ready for puddles in your commute. a light, moderate shower moved through santa rosa that will keep moving up to mt. st. helena. how damp it will be everywhere this morning. it's going to keep getting wetter as the rain will be steadier and scattered showers this afternoon. that's when we start to bring the chance up, thunder in the forecast. scattered showers, cooler tonight and the weekend is trending drier. a look at from 7:00 you can see the moderate rain moving into the central valley, the east bay and down into the south bay by
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noon. you can see it's all the way out and we start transitioning to scattered showers. brief downpours, small hail and locally gusty wind and they'll hang around during the evening commute and overnight. we have another wave or two rolling through but notice tomorrow things get quieter in the afternoon. there's still a chance scattered showers and thunderstorms. maybe not quite as widespread as what we're going to get today. by the time we get to tomorrow, another, at least, quarter to an inch of rain from the peninsula to the north bay. thursday's storm is still a two. friday is a one. we've taken the rain out of the weekend forecast. cooler than affect. not as cool as the next couple days. alexis? we do have a new issue if you are coming in from the north bay. we have a vehicle that lost control, spun out. it is now facing the wrong way in the two left lanes southbound 101 inside the robin williams tunnel. you can see some red on our traffic sensors through the sausalito area. i will keep an eye on that. no worries on injuries.
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chp was just heading to the scene when i walked up here. more details in just a few. right now drive times are looking okay. westbound 580 tracy to castro valley in the green at 42 minutes. highway 85 to the san jose airport at 12 and northbound 280 between 1 and san francisco wide open at nine minutes. lyft is growing faster than uber. the company announced that yesterday. its fourth quarter revenue grew 168% compared to last year. uber saw 61% growth. however, uber is still much bigger. they reported more than $7 billion in revenue last year compared to lyft's $1 billion. a southern california man is fighting a fastrak ticket for allegedly driving without a valid transponder. the problem, his car was never in the bay area. according to the orange county register the ticket claims the man was on i-680 when he drove in an express lane but he says he was in class at the time. transportation officials say the
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cameras sometimes fail in very rare cases because a letter can be obscured. he plans to contest the ticket with fastrak. from technology to journalism, how apple is branching out by acquiring a new app. we can all make an effort to we can all make an effort to be kind to othe
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all right, we're back at 4:53 on this tuesday. you're never more than seven minutes away from the
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accuweather forecast. here is a look at our chances of rain. i put some percentages on there. 100%. all of us thursday, about 90% of us friday, and then there's only a 20% and 10%. if you want to keep track of the weather conditions where you live, use the abc 7 weather app. you'll get updates from our weather team and you can track live doppler 7 on the go. apple getting into the digital business. >> the details in this morning's "tech bytes." this today's "tech bytes" apple is making a major expansion into the world of journalism. >> the tech giant announced it's acquiring a digital magazine service that charges $10 a month for access to more than 200 magazines through an app. no word yet how apple will use the service. apple music has 38 million subscribers, up 2 million in a month. and there's room to grow. an executive claims 2 billion
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potential music subscribers worldwide. texas companies promising to redefine affordable housing. it claims it can now use 3d print technology to build a house for only $10,000. the home is about 650 square feet and meets building codes. the company is hoping to build 100 of them in el salvador next year. >> they'll test it out and we'll take that here in new york. >> those are your "tech bytes." you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather seven-day forecast. 7:00 thursday morning rain moving into the north bay. spreading across all of our neighborhoods as we head throughout the day. scattered showers and thunderstorms. notice by friday evening we see clearing, maybe go out friday evening without worrying about getting wet. a slight chance of a few showers near the coast during the overnight hours. look by saturday afternoon to the evening hours getting rather quiet. our total precipitation out of all these systems we're still looking at an inch in the south
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bay to an inch and a quarter around the bay to an inch and a half to nearly two inches across the north bay. a good soaking. here's alexis. good morning, mike. we did have an issue if you were traveling from the north bay. fortunately that has already cleared. inside the robin williams tunnel a vehicle lost control, spun out. it was facing the wrong way in the two left lanes. they were able to get that off to the alexander off ramp and all lanes are back open. we did have stop and go traffic the last time we checked. that has cleared and things are looking better. rain is picngup. a stack up in the cash lanes on the left. if you're using fastrak or the car-pool lanes you should have no issues. we'll take a look at drive times at 5:00. alexis, thank you. do you consider yourself a kind person? a new study using data shows empathy may be in your genes, at least partially. researchers looked at data from 46,000 customers and compared it with a scientific empathy survey and they believe that about 10%
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of the set of differences in empathy is due to genetics. the study confirmed that women are on average more empathic than men. a first look at quintuplets that arrived via c-section in january. the proud parents chad and amy kimball posted these pictures of their five bundles of joy on youtube. their names are lincoln, noel, grayson, preston, and gabriella. they are enjoying their two older sisters. this is a very busy time for mom and dad. next at 5:00 a.m., does berkeley have a racial profiling problem? >> the findings of a new report by the police review commission has the city council's attention. and, boy, you'd better pack a really heavy jacket if you're going to the east coast today and also pack your patience. flights affected this morning. i'll have an update next. the san francisco sheriff saying after jail staff violated the sanctuary city policy.
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>> it is getting very close to 4:57 in the a.m. we are keeping you up to date on that weather and the related traffic issues, if there are any. you can keep up to date by looking at your screen. you have to take a first step to take a stand. >> it's the job of everyone here at abc 7 to share your story. >> to tell the truth, help you understand the truth. >> empower you. >> empower your family. >> whether you're worrie about your daughter at work or your son at school, we're here to connect you with local experts and resources whenever you need them. because anyone can cover local news. >> it takes a trusted ally to do your story justice. your story justice. >> find your ally at
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it is a wet and rainy start to your tuesday in the south bay. we're tracking a storm that ranks a 1 on our storm impact scale. be ready for it. >> this tuesday, march 13th. mike, you're going to be next few days. >> we're drying the weekend out. until then, yeah, we have a rainy commute to get through this morning. you can see the light, steady rain in green. the moderate in yellow. as we roll it into motion you can see it's hitting just about all of our neighborhoods except the inland east bay. it's marching towards you. here's a look at an easier commute this morning. damp on 680 but not as wet as everywhere else. it could be a sloppy commute with that steady


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