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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 13, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it is a wet and rainy start to your tuesday in the south bay. we're tracking a storm that ranks a 1 on our storm impact scale. be ready for it. >> this tuesday, march 13th. mike, you're going to be next few days. >> we're drying the weekend out. until then, yeah, we have a rainy commute to get through this morning. you can see the light, steady rain in green. the moderate in yellow. as we roll it into motion you can see it's hitting just about all of our neighborhoods except the inland east bay. it's marching towards you. here's a look at an easier commute this morning. damp on 680 but not as wet as everywhere else. it could be a sloppy commute with that steady rain. it will turn over to showers by
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noon and then thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. notice our temperatures are not quite as warm as they were yesterday. here's alexis with what's going on. >> i did find one of these soggier areas. the richmond side of the bridge, we checked about 20 minutes ago. we are dry now. i'd say we have steady rain moving into the area. definitely seeing some road spray kick up behind those vehicles. slow down. drive for conditions. we had a spinout crash this morning. drive times overall pretty good at 5:00 a.m. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 36 minutes in the yellow. westbound 4 antioch to concord. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco also i at 17 minutes. thank you, alexis. a report about berkeley police highlights racial disparity in the city and is asking for change. >> a berkeley city council set to discuss the report tonight. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live for us in berkeley. amy? >> reporter: hi, natasha.
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yeah, they looked at data from the police department from 2015 and concluded that there are clear patterns of bias. here is just one example from the report. black pedestrians were 3.5 times more likely to be stopped by the police than were white pedestrians. but walked away with few arrests or citations indicating people are being stopped for no reason. the report has a number of recommendations including getting body cameras for police as soon as possible and having police ask a person if they can search them, getting consent, before they do it. police did respond saying, quote, our officers received training on racial profiling and inherent bias. we have a general order dedicated to fair and impartial policing. as a department we are committed to policing our community with equity. this all will be discussed at tonight's city council meeting. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
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thank you, amy. developing news now, republicans hve abruptly ended their russia investigation. >> they say they have found no evidence of collusion between russia and the trump campaign, and democrats are outraged. >> reporter: good morning. overnight house republicans saying case closed on their russia investigation n. a surprising move to house democrats, republicans on the house intel committee announced they found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> we've seen some chance coincidences where people bump into each other at various places. >> reporter: after the year long probe they plan to release 150-page report on their findings based on 73 interviews and over 300,000 documents. president trump praised the news tweeting in all caps, the house intel committee has, after a 14-month-long in-depth investigation found no evidence of collusion or coordination between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 election. but for democrats, they're not
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done. they say the surprise announcement has only worsened on the committee. >> the problem was my colleagues viewed their job as protecting their client, the president, rather than getting to the truth, and i think that's a grave disservice to the country. >> reporter: while the house may be wrapping up its investigation, special counsel robert mueller's probe is expanding. he's issued indictments or gotten guilty pleas from 19 people. the president will be in san diego this morning to talk about immigration. one of his policies from four countries is the target of a lawsuit filed in san francisco. that lawsuit concerns the temporary protected status or tps which the president ended for immigrants from haiti, el salvador and sudan. tps allows immigrants from designated countries to live and work here while their homeland is facing a crisis like an earthquake or a civil war. the lawsuit alleges the policy
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is unconstitutional and racially motivated. the chief spokesman for i.c.e. in san francisco has quit claiming members of the trump administration spread false information about immigration sweeps here in california. james schwab says it stems from jeff sessions. he took issue with sessions saying that 800 undocumented immigrants escaped capture. i.c.e. agents were allowed inside jails violating the city's sanctuary policy. it happened at two jails connected to the hall of justice on thursday of last week. agents even interviewed an inmate. a statement was released yesterday and said, quote, we made a mistake. as sheriff i hold myself accountable. we're investigating how and why this happened. today when i.c.e. agents tried to interview an inmate agents were appropriately denied access. incoming storms are prompting mandatory evacuations in santa barbara this morning.
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officials warn it could cause flooding in and around montecito. the area was burned by the thomas fire. heavy rain could potentially cause mud slides in burn areas. that's where debris flow killed 21 people in january. the sheriff tells residents not to be fooled into thinking it can't happen again. check out our change from yesterday. look at that. we're up to warmer in some areas. this is by far the warmest and most humid morning we're going to have. it is 60. crissy field, lake merced, ferry building 61. downtown, 61. everyone else in the upper 50s waking up in san francisco. we have belmont at 61. union city, 62. walnut creek, 60. tracy, 61. everybody else in the upper 50s. to get to heelsburg at 56. you can see about 0.2 of an inch of rain has done to san francisco. it looks waterlogged.
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make sure you have the umbrella to keep you dry. if you're exercising, you're going to perspire more than normal because of the humidity out there and you think about going to the beaches not only will you be dodging drops but that's where some of the breeziest conditions will be today and some of the coolest weather, 59 for you. 62 to 64 for the rest of us. lake port at 57. a look at the south bay. we're hovering in the 60s from 8:00 all the way through 4:00. you can see the steady rain turning over to showers after the lunch hour and more showers during the evening as we drop down to 56 by 8:00. up in the north bay we're going to turn over to showers by 8:00 and keep them going through 2:00. may be a lull from 2:00, 4:00, and more showers 6:00 and 8:00. temperatures in the low 50s this evening. we'll drop down into the upper 30s and low 40s in our deepest north bay valleys. much cooler tomorrow. more showers. i'll give you an hour-by-hour look coming up. alexis? i have a feeling this is the way the morning is going to go.
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another spinout crash in the south bay, northbound 680 just before you get to mckee road. someone lost control. they're now facing the wrong way and blocking the left lane. so not seeing any delays in the area. i will keep an eye on that am you can see from live doppler 7 it's raining right there, too. no surprise. that was likely due to slick travel conditions. a look outside at the south bay right now. san jose 101 and 880 starting to increase. yeah, we have some steady rain. a decent amount of water on the roadways. drive for conditions. mass transit may be the way to go today. ace 1 out on time. no delays. 42 trains in service for b.a.r.t. capitol corridor off to a good start. the family of a man shot and killed by an officer are calling for a justice. they plan to go to the district attorney's office to demand joseph matu be prosecuted for
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killing him on january 3rd. continue daal's parents claim their son was wrongfully killed. body camera video shows matu responding to shots fired. he found two men struggling, screamed for them to show their hands and then fired three shots. matu has been on desk duty because of threats on his life. the legal sale of recreational marijuana has apparently not been the cash cow berkeley officials hoped it would be. the berkeley city council slashed the city's recreational cannabis tax rate in half to 5% at yesterday's meeting. it's an attempt to attract and keep businesses in town. critics say it's unclear if new business alsooff set the loss of revenue to the city. happening today controversial conservative commentator ann coulter is speaking in mountain view. police are preparing for the worst hoping for the best. coulter will speak in a mostly residential area of the city. any protests would have to be held on a sidewalk or designated free speech zone. coulter's talk is sponsored by the liberty forum. >> we're not on a college
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campus. this is a private event. only registered guests will be allowed to attend. i don't think we'll have that same kind of people here at our event you might have seen at berkeley. >> last april coulter's speech was canceled by threats of violent protests. about two dozen officers were handle the event plus private security hired by the sponsoring group. police have monitored chatter about protests and say it has been quiet. stormy daniels has a new proposition for president trump. the offer on the table that expires today. it's a new age in hollywood. after frances mcdormand's speech at the oscars about inclusion, one production company is making a change. a change. we
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the abc 7 storm impact scale, today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. you can see some moderate rain moving through san francisco right across the bay bridge, just moved across the richmond/san rafael bridge and that means there will be more puddles to navigate. all of our neighborhoods shaded in the color that means a thunderstorm threat is here today and tomorrow. isolated chances of lightning and small hail and the snow
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level dropping down to around 4,000 feet as we head through the evening and overnight hours. the northeast cannot catch a break. we are dealing with our rain, but look at this. they're dealing with a lot of snow and we're expecting more snow, flooding, and howling winds. a blizzard warning in effect maine, new hampshire and massachusetts. this is new hampshire this morning already experiencing a lot of snow and this is the third storm in less than two weeks which explains why they just have so much on the ground. i also want to show you the live picture from new york right now also dealing with that bad weather. a lot of snow headed to the area today. snowfall rates could be two inches per hour and some residents preparing to get out of the storm's way. take a listen. >> making a plan to get out if it does, which we didn't last time. we had the national guard come and take us out.
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make sure to check your flit status ahead of time. this is new york. i've seen the most cancellations to new york this morning to jfk airport. there's already more than 1,000 flights canceled already for today. check your flight. >> it looks miserable. i'm happy to be here. investigators in austin, texas, are looking into mysterious explosions that could be hate crimes. >> alex perez has the details. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" investigators on the hunt for a possible serial bomber. the incidents killing two, injuring two others. >> this makes us believe the incidents are related. >> reporter: authorities say they were not delivered by mail service. instead, in each case a mysterious, average sized letter box package was left on the victims' front door, left without a knock or doorbell
5:16 am
ring. >> the victims had gone out and they have handled them in some way or another and we've had the explosions occur. >> reporter: the string of explosions at 6:55 a.m. when 39-year-old anthony house was killed. a next door neighbor who heard the explosion attempted to help save his life. >> he looked with a glazed over look on his face and immediately collapsed. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m. the latest on the investigation. with your "gma first look" i'm alex perez, abc news, austin, texas. it is 5:16. adult film star stormy daniels is willing to return the money she says she received as part of a 2016 agreement not to discuss her alleged sexual relationship with president trump. she says she will return the $130,000, an offer to settle a lawsuit she filed against the president. president trump's lawyer says the money came from his own home equity credit line.
5:17 am
she says he knew what he was going on at all times. >> i've run out of superlatives to describe this explanation we've heard from mr. cohen who now expects the american people to believe that he took a home equity loan out on one of his homes in order to pay $130,000 on behalf of a billionaire running for president. "the new york times" reports president trump's attorney has until 9:00 this morning to respond to the offer. former raider aldon smith was in court to face domestic violence assault, false imprisonment and vandalism charges. police say the 28-year-old attacked his fiancee inside her apartment on march 3rd. he turned himself in to authorities three days later. the raiders released smith following reports of the alleged incident. he had not played for the team since 2015. a woman in arizona had a wedding day she'll never forget and not for the right reason. take a look at this. police near tucson arrest add
5:18 am
woman for dui yesterday. you can see she's in her wedding dress. she was on her way to the ceremony. the sergeant who post this hed e picture included advice, don't drive impaired. until death do we part doesn't need any help. what happened to her friend? doesn't she have a friend who could drive her? >> yikes. >> moving on. hundreds of people took part in a gun violence town hall, a young activist from parkland, florida. >> students from newark high school had the opportunity to ask questions. he empathizes with school shooting victims. his own father was killed in a terrorist attack in lebanon. >> when people say stick to sports, stick to coaching, watever, means nothing. we all have a voice. >> he's a citizen first. he's a patriot first. i just have tremendous regard
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for him. he has nothing to gain by doing this. he just wants to make an impact. >> kerr urged students to register to vote and make gun violence their number one issue. sales force founder marc benioff announced he will donate $1 million to the anti-gun violence march for our lives. benoff posted this on twitter. motivated to join the many who are passionate about the safety of all kids and i'll give $1 million to march for our lives. together all of us can make children's health and safety our number one priorit. he's asking people to join them on the 24th. it's 5:19. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. at the bay bridge toll plaza puddles developing, the windshield wipers going there and heading over to kensington, berkeley, emeryville, richmond and could be laying down some puddles. be careful there. we have some moving over to oakland right to the south of
5:20 am
the bay bridge. watch out for that. if you're traveling through the santa cruz mountains it is very slippery as light to moderate rain is falling and the san mateo bridge which is wet. you can see the drops hitting the camera on the eastern side of the san mateo bridge. everybody slowing down like alexis says. rain, then showers. that's my first accuweather highlight. p.m. snow level about 4,000 feet. that's also when hail will roll into the forecast. a chance of thunderstorms will linger through tomorrow. i do have a quiet weather pattern for the weekend. here we are at 7:00, still moderate showers inside of the steady, light rain. it transitions as we head to noon over to a little bit of quietness, just a few random showers out there. and then as we head into the evening commute at 4:00 all the way through 7:00, another line developing along the coast and that will keep going during the overnight hours. but then tomorrow after 9:00 a little drier air moves in and we'll have a chance of some
5:21 am
isolated thunderstorms. that's it. so out of this storm we're getting the heaviest amount of rain today. a lighter round of rain tomorrow. and then the second storm comes in thursday, moderate. it will taper to a one. and then a little bit cooler than average. it's trending dry saturday and sunday. things are starting to get busier here in the traffic center, mike. a live look at the san mateo bridge and you'll notice a couple vehicles with their hazards on. towards the bottom of your screen a two-car crash for westbound 92. approaching the san mateo bridge, looks like they have been pushed off to the shoulder. one of many incidents that has started to pop up here. we also have a new one for marin county commuters. south of state route 37. we have a two-car crash that is now blocking the two left lanes and a backup approaching as well. emergency crews are arriving on the scene right now. and things are improving in santa rosa. we had a vehicle that left the
5:22 am
roadway and flipped over just before steele lane, north of santa rosa that has cleared. never did get an update on injuries in that situation. next traffic update in less than ten. >> alexis, thank you. matt damon and ben affleck's production company is the latest to adopt inclusion writers for projects moving forward. the move comes a week after winner frances mcdormand sparked interest during her epic oscar speech. it is a contractual clause that requires a certain level of diversity. many people had not heard of the phrase before. a "black panther" star said he would add the clause. when something major happens in beyonce's life she lets us know in a big way, her upcoming concert tour with her husband jay-z. this video on beyonce's instagram account received more than 5.7 million views in less than 24 hours. the couple's on the run tour
5:23 am
will come to levi stadium on september 29th. i think at least a million came from this building and one of our producers who is beyonce's biggest fan. >> isn't it true everything is better in black and white and slo-mo and with a fan? >> and with beyonce standing next to you. >> true. the seven things you need to know. five americans stranded on an island in antarctica. how they were rescued after spending several days in a frozen tundra. no tundra here but we have a lot of rain today
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watch. rain is hitting the bay area. there is flooding on 280. we'll have a live report. and number three, the incidents are starting to roll in. we have about a dozen crashes right now. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. check out things under the light. it is quite rainy at the moment. have not gotten word that the metering lights have been flipped on but, boy, it looks like it. you have a five-minute delay in san francisco. number four, meanwhile a blizzard warning is in effect for parts of the northeast. snow causing travel headaches. more than 1,000 flights already canceled because of this. and check your flight status. our rain plus their snow. expect delays. body camera video shows an officer involved shooting in san francisco. investigators say officers fired 99 rounds. an armed robbery suspect jesus de delgado was shot 25 times. racial disparities outlining
5:27 am
the latest commission report. it says even though african-americans make up less than 10% of the population in more likely to experience use of force from police than white residents. and number seven, president trump is heading to san diego this morning. he's going to inspect the eight prototypes for his border wall. rallies are planned for and against that wall on both sides of the border. we are tracking developing news. the argentine navy says they have rescued a team of american scientists from antarctica. >> they reached four u.s. scientists and a contractor from an antarctic ship after they could not get to them because of the thick sea ice. officials say all five with in good health after being airlifted by helicopter on to a ship. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including state lawmakers joining students in a fight to stop college tuition from increasing. the secretary of defense making an unannounced trip to the middle east. how we could still have a victory in afghanistan.
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the full story next. 5:27 in the a.m. and we are watching slick roadways. a live look at san francisco's embarcadero showing
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this is your heads-up, grab an umbrella before you head out the door today. rain is expected across the bay area. you can see the rain drops covering the bridge right now. good morning on this tuesday, march 13th. don't be surprised, we have warned you it is raining today and will be for a little while. >> the entire morning commute. let's get right to it. we'll start with live doppler 7 showing downpours heading to vallejo, napa, american canyon, san rafael back to san pablo and
5:31 am
over san francisco and oakland right now. they are all heading up to the northeast. everybody's getting wet this morning. light rain and steady with moderate downpours. then we'll transition to showers and our higher elevations. a chance of lightning and hail as we transition to showers during the afternoon hours through tomorrow. so that's the 1 on our storm impact scale light. my accuweather 12-hour planner, temperatures are going to be in the 50s and 60s all throughout the day. so what's that steady rain doing to your commute? guess who has the answers? guess what it's doing? it's not good for sure. a live look on top of our traffic map. just about everyone, you're getting some type of rain. it may not be particularly heavy but enough to flip on the wipers. our latest roll over crash, this is, i believe, the second roll over, but a handful of spinout crashes, too.
5:32 am
this is not too far from daly city. northbound 280 at serramonte. it is on its roof blocking two middle lanes, lanes two and three. emergency crews just arriving on scene and you see the yellow. that's a heavy pocket of rain that just pushed through. 280 at 17, so can't say this enough, slow down and drive for conditions today. we'll check on drive times up next. president trump will visit san diego. the president will inspect the eight prototypes for his border wall. protests are set across the border in tijuana, mexico. mr. trump says it will prevent drug trafficking and unauthorized immigration. questions remain about how the trump administration plans to pay for it. u.s. defense secretary james mattis is in kabul this hour on an unannounced visit saying he believes the war in afghanistan
5:33 am
can be won just not on the battlefield. mattis says that he's defining victory has a political statement with the taliban. last week officials gave congress a decidedly mixed forecast for afghanistan. they said that while afghan forces are getting better the taliban likely to threaten stability in this year in 2018 the u.s. has been at war in afghanistan since the year 2001. >> thank you, jessica. we are learning more about what happened when a gunman entered a veterans home in yountville and took hostages on friday. >> haley rekdahl recalled the moment the gunman stormed in. she works as a residential counselor at the pathway home where they were having a going away party at the time. she says the suspect, albert wong, walked in without saying anything. he let her go but three other staffers were not allowed to leave. >> and i just hoped that he would also allow them to go,
5:34 am
which didn't happen. he was just really struggling. he was dealt a really raw deal in life and had a lot of trauma. >> rekdahl hopes to go back to the pathway home to continue to do the good work and honor the legacy of her three mentors. this morning we're also hearing from the family of one of the victims, dr. jennifer golick. she was a psychologist. golick leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter. golick's husband and mother shared their heartbreak. >> she was a very beloved mother, sister, daughter, colleague and a friend. >> i woke up yesterday morning crying in my sleep, and when i got up i was still trying and i'm still trying inside and i will be forever. >> golick was killed along with two of her colleagues, dr. jennifer gonzales and pathway home directr christine loeber. gonzales was expecting her first child in june. one of lober's friends said she
5:35 am
radiated goodness. she was a wonderful person. developing news now, san francisco police have released body camera footage of an officer involved shooting that killed 19-year-old man. police ordering jesus delgado to put his hands up last tuesday. he was hiding in the trunk of a car. at a heated town hall meeting investigators said after they fired a nonlethal beanbag round delgado pointed a gun at the officers and fired. that's when ten officers fired 99 rounds. delgado was shot 25 times. some are frustrated at the amount of force used. delgado's brother expressed bitter anger to police. >> one of the reasons you're not sorry you're able to finish your day, go home, look at your kids in the eye and tell them you love them. my mom doesn't have that anymore. >> delgado was an armed robbery suspect. the district attorney is still investigating the shooting. it is 5:35 now.
5:36 am
if it's not wet where you are now it most likely will be at some point this morning. >> matt keller is live for us in san mateo. how is it looking, matt? >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. it's wet outside. we have a light rain here in san mateo and things are adding up. we're in the 7-eleven parking lot in between 101 and downtown san mateo. you can see we have some puddles here that are starting to take shape in some of the roadways. nothing, though, like the puddle i saw on 280 in san yeah, that was some roadway flooding there on the bird avenue exit off the northbound 280 and you could see how much water was on the road and there was nothing there warning drivers that you were going to run into that. no chp officers, no cones, nothing around to spotlight that roadway flooding, so that may be a reality for a lot of people
5:37 am
driving this morning running into some flooding out there on the roads or at least some puddles. so you have to be worried about hydro planing out there. of course a lot of people are coming in to get their coffee at 7-eleven. as i'm standing in the rain looking at the mega millions and the powerball. $420 million for the powerball. $318 million for the mega millions. i'm standing in the rain. i'm going to go inside and i think i'm going to play the lottery. back to you in the studio. i guess he's feeling lucky. did he have an umbrella, too, or is that why he's feeling lucky? you're never more than seven minutes away from your forecast. a look at what's going on is the sfo. flight arrival delays because of the low clouds and wetness. look at the temperatures. 59 to 62. that's our spread in our neighborhoods. that is very mild. head up in the hills, 54. mt. diablo 58 degrees. upper 50s to low 60s around the bay shore.
5:38 am
it's 56 in pacifica. and also santa rosa for our cooler spots. here is a look at 87 and san jose. you can see it is definitely wet. all of us driving on wet streets this morning. no one's immune from the wet weather. so we'll call it poor because it is slippery. maybe not quite as slippery this evening as the rain will become less steady and more scattered. mass transit, yeah, your wait will be wet this morning. and on the bay it will be soggy. a look at our temperatures today. we're not warming much at all. a cold front is creating these showers and the steady rain. there's cold air behind it. we're going to stay in the low to mid-60s throughout the afternoon hours. in fact, we may even drop a degree or two as we head towards the afternoon and into the evening hours. look at this, mid to upper 50s along the east bay with a chance of a shower just about every time except for 4:00. on the other side of the peninsula, same thing. chances of a shower from 8:00 to 8:00 with 4:00 being the
5:39 am
exception. your temperatures in the upper 50s and dress for much cooler conditions tomorrow. still wet during the commute. lower to upper 40s. we'll take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast with a drier weekend coming up. here's alexis with any new hot spots out there. >> we have a lot of issues to get to here on the roadway this is morning. i will take you to the latest in the south bay. i have an update on this issue northbound 680 before you get to mckee road. that crash has been pushed off to the shoulder. that was one of several spinout crashes this morning. yet another one on northbound 87 just before you get to curtner avenue blocking the two right lanes. that's a tough spot. looks like a box truck involved with another smaller vehicle. a live look outside at the embarcadero. san francisco is soggy. across the bay bridge there and on to the city streets they're slick. i just can't warn you enough. we've had a lot of spinouts and roll over crashes already today. drive times not terrible yet.
5:40 am
tracy to dublin in the yellow at 39 minutes. no delays 680 dublin to mission boulevard and northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino still looks good. you're in the green at 16 minutes. alexis, thank you. it's 5:40. classes will resume at solano community college. >> they were evacuated because of bomb threats. a call came in at noon saying bombs were at all three campuses. a female caller made the same threat. administrators issued evacuation orders. law enforcement swept the area finding no issues. teaming up with california state university and university of california students to push for more education funding. they were in sacramento yesterday to make this proposal. the csu system wants an additional $171 million. the uc system wants $105 million. the university officials are threatening to raise tuition in response to the funding shortfall in the recent budget proposal. coming up, a woman who works
5:41 am
at the veterans home in yountville explains what happened when she came face-to-face with the shooter. plus, the strange reason one driver is contesting his fastrak ticket. and march madness has arrived. fans placing big bets on their brackets. 5:41 in the morning. 5:41 in the morning. it is wet out there.
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hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. ♪ ♪ hello? can i help you? hello! hello? hello!!! hello hello!!! ♪ the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1.
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that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app. download it now. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather foreast. welcome back. we just turned over 5:44. i wanted to show you what the storm was going it do to the rest of the state. the rain will get down to l.a. by the evening hours. won't get to palm springs, 86 there. rain turning to snow as it heads into the high country at about 4,000 feet. it will turn over starting at 1:00 and will last through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon and that's a winter storm warning. head up before the sun sets. 1-6 inches and then tomorrow morning already 8 inches to 16 inches on some of our passes and then it will keep snowing all the way through at least saturday morning. a look at what's going on right now. heavenly is kind of quiet. that is all going to change rapidly. and we'll have moderate to heavy snow tomorrow. a little bit of a break
5:45 am
thursday, moderate snow friday and snow showers could leave a couple inches saturday and sunday. look at the temperatures well below average. you can get there. it's going to be great. the remains of cult leader charles manson will go to a man who claims to be his grandson. a court in kern county ruled jason freeman can retrieve his body which has been kept on life at the morgue since he died four months ago. he says he wants to cremate the body. manson died in a bakersfield hospital serving a life sentence for his role in an infamous murder spree in 1969. he was 83 years old. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is planning to sue big oil companies. in a podcast with politico ayala cuesed them of, quote, knowingly killing people all over the world. he compared them to tobacco companies saying they knew fossil fuels would lead to global warming and he is in talks with several law firms. he does not know when he will file a lawsuit. a federal judge in oakland has ordered the epa to designate weather the smoggiest meet ozone
5:46 am
rules to reduce smog. the agency has until april 30th to publish findings after the trump administration missed a deadline to implement the rule. ozone is a by-product of pollutants from burning fossil fuels and a component of smog. it can cause or worsen asthma, emphysema and heart conditions. the ncaa men's basketball tournament starts today and there's a lot more than wins and losses at stake. how about $10 billion? that's what americans are expected to bet. only 3% of that money will be bet legally through nevada sports books. and so a spokesperson from the american gaming association says the federal ban on state-sponsored sports gambling is turning people into criminals and generates zero revenue for state governments. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast especially important today and the next few days, mike. right now the hot spots are along the east bay heading down
5:47 am
80 from hercules into the maze and across the bay bridge and into san francisco. you can see the yellow and orange there. that's where we could have puddles. that's where the windshield wipers may need to work faster. to the santa cruz mountains, some moderate rain falling there. a look at what's going on at 87 in san jose. my accuweather highlights, we're going to have steady rain with embedded moderate showers and then we'll just have showers. that means the steady rain will end by lunch and then we'll have hit-and-miss showers. some of those could produce thunder, lightning and small hail. the same thing tonight through tomorrow but it's going to be much cooler tonight and also tomorrow. and i have some good news if you have weekend plans trending drier. here we are at 7:00. you can see the line along the cold front moving through. cold front is by us by noon and that's when you see a little bit of a break out there. a little sunshine. then that sunshine will help irritate the atmosphere enough that, there you go, by 4:00 we're starting the evening commute and we're starting to
5:48 am
get wet once again and then you can see by the end of the evening commute we could have the thunderstorms start to roll in and continue during the overnight hours into tomorrow morning's commute. then the coolest and the driest of the air as this system rolls in and you can see it gets rather quiet. we'll go with some isolated showers and thunderstorms tomorrow during the afternoon hours. rainfall totals you can see by the time we get past the evening commute a quarter of an inch to half an inch for most people and we're getting up to a half inch to three-quarters by wednesday afternoon. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the second part of the storm will be a two, moderate on the storm impact scale for thursday and then a one friday with snow levels down to 2,500 feet and a slow warming and drying trend this weekend. good morning. we have an issue just south of daly city. unfortunately, all lanes are stopped right now. working on clearing this crash on northbound 280 at serramonte. a smaller suv rolled over and landed on its roof. they will get this totally
5:49 am
cleared from the roadway. stick to state route 82 if you're just about to head through that stretch. that is wide open. looking off to your right you see the orange and yellow. right when that moved through, that heavier pocket of rain is when the collision happened. it sounded like someone was traveling too quickly for conditions there this morning. a little bit of better news in the north bay. southbound 101 before hamilton field. we're no longer seeing the backup from state route 37. a live look outside. very soggy conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza and we're seeing things stack up through the maze. drive times up next. and this is actually breaking news. major breaking news in a shake-up at the top of the cia. rex tillerson is out. mike pompeo is in as new director. and president trump tweeted out only minutes ago, three minutes ago, saying mike pompeo, director of the cia, will be our next -- i should say top of the
5:50 am
secretary of state, rex tillerson out and pompeo in. and mike pompeo who was the director of the cia is going to become our new secretary of state. he's going to do a fantastic job and then the president goes on to thank rex tillerson for his service. gina has kill wikill will be th woman so chosen. congratulations to all. gathering much more on the story as it's just developing minutes ago. reggie, back to you. >> this has been talked about for a long time as a possibility. it's interesting to see the timing of it now. jessica, thank you. lyft is growing faster than uber. the company announced this yesterday, its fourth quarter revenue grew 168% compared to last year. uber saw 61% growth. however, it's important to note uber is still much bigger than lyft. reported more than $7 billion in revenue compared to lyft's $1 billion. a man is fighting a fastrak
5:51 am
ticket for driving without a valid transponder. the problem, his car was never in the bay area. according to the orange county register the ticket claims the man was on i-680 when he drove in an express lane. he says he was in class in fountain valley at the time. transportation officials say cameras sometimes fail in very rare cases because a license plate holder can obscure a letter or number. he plans to contest the ticket with fastrak. b.a.r.t. needs your help to solve a movie mystery new at 6:00. first, we can make an effort to be kind to one another. your ability to empathize could depend on your dna. it's 5:51. a better day starts right here on abc 7 mornings even as we
5:52 am
has a new secretary of many state mike pompeo is in and many rex tillerson is out. it's been a fractious relationship. he was on thin ice. the relationship did not improve much. just recently this week he was blindsided on a trip to africa when president trump announced that he was going to have a meeting with -- a summit meeting with the leader of north korea kim jong-un at a time when the secretary of state said it was not time. i'm here with my colleague cecilia vega also senior white house correspondent. this has been a difficult relationship. >> from the start, george. and i'm just speaking with white house officials who tell me this
5:53 am
departure is not related to one issue in particular. you mentioned that moron comment. tillerson never admitted he said it directly but certainly that played a reel. this departure comes as the secretary of state is in africa. had to cut that trip short. nour i'm told by the people i'm talking to in the white house that the president had asked the secretary of state tillerson for his resignation friday and this is because the president wanted to get his team in place with cia director mike pompeo at the held many toth that the conversations with north korea about that meeting between the president and kim jong-un as well as these conversations about trade that are happening at a very international global level. so this is not one thing that i'm told by the white house this felt like the right time for president trump. >> wasn't a good fit between the two and announcing career officer who he appointed as deputy director will many replace mike pompeo many. we have on the phone martha
5:54 am
raddatz, i believe -- we do not have martha right now but jon karl at the white house and, jon, this comes as the entire white house national security team has to be coming together to figure out what to do about that summit meeting with kim jong-un. >> reporter: absolutely, a decision by the president to accept that invitation to meet with kim jong-un that surprised the national security team including as cecilia pointed out tillerson himself and will need to get pompeo in place andbe the acting secretary of state but comes at a time when there is nobody there as a point person on korea, the perna had that job resigned just last month. we have no ambassador in south korea. so a lot of upheaval on the national security team particularly at the state department which as you know is the agency that is the point on diplomacy so this is the
5:55 am
ultimate diplomatic effort and now we have turnover at the top. >> jon, the president does have a close relationship with pompeo and some say his favorite member of the cabinet. >> reporter: he has a very close relationship with pompeo. pompeo as the cia director was here most mornings when the president would get his presidential daily brief. in fact, he spent a lot time here at the white house. some career cia people joked he spent more time here at the white house than he did out at langley at cia headquarters but the bottom line he has a very close relationship with the prosecutor he is and the president feels comfortable with him and undoubtedly would feel comfortable with him in this major diplomatic effort by far the most significant diplomatic effort that the president has made so far. >> cecilia vega, the president did it his way. i think this has got to be the first time in history we heart about a new secretary of state by a tweet. >> certainly that and let's just remind our audience this comes ain it this complete turmoil in the white house. the president has said there is no chaos that everything is running as smoothly but this can
5:56 am
adds to a long list of departures, hope hicks, gary cohn and now this, we are back in an issue of theturmoil. >> more than 30 top official, just 14 months into this administration. we'll get back to our regular programming right now. in some parts of the country it is "gma" and we'll have a complete wrap-up on "world news tonigh tonight". have a good day. >> announcer: this hasnnouncer:s >> announcer: this has >> announcer: this has >> announcer: this has >> announcer: this has >> announcer: this has >> announcer: this has [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager,
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♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. breaking news that i'm tracking secretary of state rex tillerson is out. the president, president trump tweeting the news minutes ago and already announcing who would be replacing tillerson saying mike pompeo, director of the cia, will be our new secretary of state. he'll do a fantastic job. thank you to rex tillerson for his service. and then also announcing this, gina haspel will be the new director of the cia, the first
5:59 am
woman to be chosen for that post. of course the president has had a contentious relationship with tillerson. we expected this perhaps to happen, although the timing today comes unexpectedly. if you remember this past summer there were reports the president had called tillerson a moron. i'm going to track this breaking story and will bring you any updates as we learn more about why it happened this morning. back to you. we'll continue to track that. welcome to tuesday, march 13th. >> all that news happening the same day the president is coming to california so that should make for an interesting day for him. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, albany, all the way up past san pablo into hercules and across to vallejo where we have our moderate showers within the steadier rain and they just keep going over the same area from southwest to northeast so puddles will
6:00 am
develop on 80 and 280 and 101. storm impact scale is a 1 for rain steady this morning, then showers, and the possibility of thunderstorms as we get deeper into the forecast. a look at that coming up next. here's alexis. i want to take you back to the roll over crash south of daly city. a sig alert and all lanes are blocked. no estimate on when we'll have the lanes back open but they're trying to clear the smaller suv that landed on its roof. this is at serramonte. they did have to shut everything down about 15 minutes ago and they're hoping to have some lanes clear soon. you want to stick to state route 82 for an alternate. westbound 80, mike told us we have moderate rain across the stretch right now. highway 4 to the maze. another 17 across the bay bridge. san francisco to the airport you're looking good in the green at 11 minutes. even though african-americans make up less than 10% of the p


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