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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 14, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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one local school had to deal with the message that had to deal with violence. >> abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley spoke to terrified students and their parents. >> reporter: three hours after students huddled under their desk. >> may daughter texted me that the school was in lockdown. >> he was underneath the desk in the dark. >> i was in class and i got word that there was a viral picture going around. >> reporter: the message was scrawled in a boys bathroom saying i am sick of this. i am shooting the school tomorrow. bet not come. >> we couldn't, we couldn't
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leave. >> i was crying at first. i was having anxiety earlier trying to calm, but i calmed myself down. >> there were no guns found. no indication of any sort of threat that took place or will take place. >> reporter: as a precaution, san lee andro high school will be closed tomorrow. they rallied after they were released at 1:00 p.m. no one was laughing. >> stuff like that is something that we can't joke about. this isn't funny. >> reporter: i am leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> accused parkland shooter nikolaus cruz appeared in court
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today. charged with 17 counts of first degree premeditated murder. today's appearance comes a day after prosecutors announced they would seek the death penalty against him. also hearing more 911 calls. >> help is on the way. please stay on the phone with me. >> there are people here. they are bleeding and they are going to die. >> that young woman told the dispatcher she could see bullet holes on the walls. and believed the suspect was still on the loose. >> students made their way to the football field and gathered for 17 minutes. one minute for each of the 17 victims of the massacre. the students hugged and chanted. bay area university walking
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out of classes at seven this morning. students gathered for a rally. students also braved this wet weather at berkeley high school. > sky 7 flew over market street as thousands of students marched. >> reporter: students at san francisco school of the arts walked out of class to make a statement against gun violence. joined a national movement called enough. they are calling on congress to act now on gun control. >> this can happen anywhere. happen to any student. when i am afraid i am going to t get killed. >> reporter: parading their message through song and through
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performance art. >> we are just asking to be alive. it only takes seconds to die. >> reporter: also taking action by registers to vote. >> it is important that we have a chance to make a difference. we are the future and we are going to be making future difference. >> reporter: mayor mark farrel called it inspiring. >> this is where change is going to happen. we are not getting it out of waus washington, d.c., we have to do it at the local level. >> all great movements started with the students vice. >> reporter: junior class president -- why are we going to be in class if we are going to be sitting sheep. why would we go to class if we do not feel safe there.
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>> reporter: the group marked through the city all the way to the water near girdli square. >> students in sacramento join state attorney general javier becerra this morning. 17 empty desks were arranged in front of the school. students also held a 17-minute of silence. >> expressing their voice and their will to action. >> a number of gun control measures have been introduced in the state capital. north of los angeles, students held a die in.
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in washington, d.c., students held a moment of silence in front of the white house and then marched and chained themselves in front of the capital. >> we are all moved. thank you for bringing your urgency to this fight. to the doorstep of america. the doorstep of the capital of the united states. >> i should have said they marched and chanted at the capitol. >> pelosi's colleagues voted overwhelmingly. vote of 407 to 10. purchase items like medical detectives, stronger locks and new technology. >> the nra sent out this tweet,
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nra applauds stop school violence act of 2018. we want to thank everyone who reached out to abc7 news about walkouts. here are some of your posts. post your experience using the #walk out bay area. >> driving through lafayette when it was raining this afternoon. >> big time hailing down comingg down. jake captured that hail and shared this video. spencer christian with a look at what to expect with the storm. >> calmer than they were when that hail was falling. we have area of scattered light showers from all around
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hillsburg to cloverdale. east though in the sacramento valley, we have heavier downpours. so this afternoon, we had had hd size hail in petaluma. and things are quieter right now. still this storm and tomorrow's storm will rank one on the storm impact scale. down let's take you through the temperature and rain animation. later this evening, we will get at least partial clearing as temperatures drop down into the 40s. then early tomorrow the next wave of stormy weather begins in the north bay with rain and possibly snow. and i will give you a closer look at that and the timeline later. >> now to developing news on the deadly shooting at the veteran's
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home in abc7 news has learned that the coroner will release report on the death. new information about the future of the program that the gunman targeted. >> reporter: the town of yountville holding a community gathering. a chance for the public to talk about last week's tragedy. the treatment center where the shooting happened will now close its doors. once a unique treatment center for vets with ptsd, the center will now close. >> we are without a staff, without a building and our guys are in the care of other organizations. >> reporter: spokesman says it
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had no choice. it remains a crime scene after three women were killed by veteran albert wong who had been removed from the program recently. >> our commitment especially in the memory of friends and colleagues who were lost on friday, our mission is to continue to serve the military veterans. >> reporter: supervising care of six veterans who were now treated, are now getting help through the hailey said she grieves for her coworkers. >> all i want to do is be at work right now. >> i am aware of the program. and i am aware of the need to have the program. >> reporter: directors can't say if pathway home will return to
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the campus. >> a lot of questions remain to be answered. >> reporter: meantime, a community continues to mourn. wells fargo continues to teal with fallout from a series of scandals. but doesn't seem to be to be too negative affect on the ceo. >> "7 on your side" is coming ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future...
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the most common side effect is low blood sugar which can be life-threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor about all your medicines and medical conditions. check insulin label each time you inject. taking tzds with insulins like lantus mafailure that can lead to death. stay together with the lantus $0 copay. ♪ let's stay together talk to your doctor or visit >> charged with massive fraud by u.s. regulators for her action
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while leading palo alto based blood start up. agreed to settle the case and pay $1,000 fine. the securities and exchange committee claims holmes mislead for years. remembering stephen hawking. passed away at the age of 76. >> taught us more about space time and gravity >> you can see the logo on the computer attached. hawking worked with intel on special projects.
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hawking's work in ast stro physics is foundational to his peers. >> and so it is a great loss to science and the community in general that he is now passed away. but will always have his contributions. >> one of hawking's most famous quotations was remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. stocks fell on wall street as banks and industrial companies posted sizeable losses. the dow drops all 250 points. nasdaq lost almost 14. and s&p dipped. the ceo is reaping a larger reward. the board of directors has voted to give ceo tim sloan a raise.
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ma federal sanctions are in place until the bank fixes its problems. a former equifax executive has been indicted on insider trading. being served as the chief information officer for equifax. >> retail giant toys "r" us sell all 800 of its stores. >> reporter: shoppers at this tay r us in emeryville left with more than what was on their shopping list. deep discounts. >> a bathing suit for her. let's see what else? shoes. >> reporter: offering 50% off as
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news broke not the only one closing. >> kind of surprised. >> reporter: the retail giant has been in business six decades. today's toys "r" us parents were yesterday's toys "r" us kids. >> it is fascinating to see these huge stores closing. >> reporter: filing for bankruptcy in september. >> i used to work for a private label that sold on amazon. so i could see why this is happeni happening. >> reporter: as many as 33,000 losing their jobs. a spokesperson for toys "r" us said the retailer had no comment at this time. a welcome break in the rain but more is coming. >> absolutely. spencer christian is here with the latest. >> more on the way.
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look at live doppler 7. conditions mostly quiet. few showers passing through the north bay. and in the sacramento valley, you see lightning strikes in the atmosphere. things are getting more stable here. view from sutro tower. current temperature readings are in the mid-50s. 50 degrees in gilroy right now. check out this view. looking west ward from emeryville. sun is shining brightly in the sky. 53 in santa rosa right now. mid-50s in napa, novato, fairfield. and the live view from mt. tam. another cold storm bringing in mixed precipitation tomorrow and friday. maybe freezing rain and possibly snow. snow level will drop down between 2,504,000 feet.
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that is low for bay area snow levels. and a dryer pattern through late saturday through monday. looking at our storm impact scale storm ravrnks one. occasional showers. brief downpour and breezy. brief chance of hail over night tomorrow. clouds gathering again. rain moving in early tomorrow morning up in the north bay. overnight lows will be in the upper valleys. we will see that partial clearing after about 9:00 p.m. or so. but right around midnight into the early morning hours, into the commuting hour we will see rain spreading. cold showers and snow. and throughout the day, we will see those showers passing through and they will be chilly
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and could produce hailstones much as they did today into tomorrow night. we project the rainfall total will range basically from .25 tt .5-inch. still little bit on the chilly side. winter storm warning remains for elevations above 4,000 feet. and second one goes into effect 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and that is for locations above 3500 feet and snow quite heavy at times. we expect snowfall totals to range from one to three mix of wit witr witr here in the bay area, tomorrow, friday, and early saturday.
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saturday by the way is st. patrick's day. and two dry days on sunday and monday. and showers move in again on tuesday which is the first tay of spring. >> thank you spencer. >> bragging rights for
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san francisco international airport which celebrated the launch of new flights. airport tweeted this picture of an interjet plane. there will be three flights per week to three sessions. >> the pie for these companies came from niles company. today is pi day because it is march 14. 314. and pi begins with the numbers 314. pi is a ratio of the circle circumference. today's celebration was started on the france exploratorium. >> all right. well speaking of being impressed. the oscar nominations of the food industry came out today.
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the james beard named several bay area chefs. >> if you look through the list of james beard award nominees, you will see the bay area is well represented. napa valley christopher costel who is being recognized for the strount at med toe best new restaurant for the charter oak. he told me today the charter oak is sending trends that may spread to your kitchen. >> we operate our own farm and grow our vegetables. that is going to become more
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more common. san francisco for best restaurant is and also worthy of note. bennu in san francisco for choice. many more bay area nominees in national and regional categories. to see a complete list, go to our website athletes and activists join together for a common purpose. >> also ahead. in san francisco where the police commission after years of deliberations is expected tonight to adopt a taser policy. and that story is coming up. this looks bad, but the girl who was hit by this car will
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survive. the
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after years of debate and years of rejection, tonight san francisco police may finally get tasers. the police commission is expected to vote on the one thing that is holding back what police call a less lethal weapon. >> that one thing is a policy on how to use tasers. vic lee has the story. >> reporter: tonight the police commission is poised to debate and likely adopt a policy that will accept the guidelines on the use of tasers. finally approved after a decade of lobbying by place and four chiefs. commissioner expects consensus >> there is agreement on most of it. >> reporter: the police officer's association put its own taser policy on the ballot for this june's election saying the commission was dragging its feet on approving a policy last
6:31 pm
september that had already been vetted by stakeholders. poa chief says the commission's version may hinder officers in the field. >> it is restrictive in the language that is in there and that is where we have concerns. >> reporter: interim mayor backed. she says it is too difficult to make changes with a ballot initiative. >> you have to go back to the voters. and that is why it is important to keep the conversation at the policy. >> reporter: it will take time before police are armed with tasers. the commission policy still needs to go through par gai pari with the police union and officers need to be trained.
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>> watch what happens behind the tree. the 12-year-old girl that got hit by the car was taken to the hospital and expected to be all right. the seen captured by a home surveillance. you can see what the driver does to help. nothing. the car heads off. san jose police are asking the public to find that hit and run driver. opening statement for the trial of the widow of the pulse club. noor salman. defense attorneys portrayed her as a frightened battered wife who was abused for years. >> she said that she was looking forward to the jury hearing the
6:33 pm
evidence because she knows that a lot of people reported and leaked to the media have been untrue. >> the nightclub massacre happened in 2014 in orlando, florida. a san francisco woman the first to file suit over over ove storage malfunction. malfunctioi seeking $5 million citing breach of contract. specific fertility center hasn't specified how many have been affected. special town hall meeting has brought together. reporter chris nguyen has the story now from downtown san
6:34 pm
jose. >> reporter: hosted by the sjsu institute. took to the stage today to say the challenges. >> the more we can get the word out this is an actual thing, i mean, that is the biggest part, talking about it. >> reporter: olympic swimming champion and civil rights attorney has been a tireless advocate for the protection of girls and sports. >> how important it is to the guys on board with this. there is so much that the really good guys can help with. >> reporter: among the speakers in attendance rape survivor surr brenda tracy. >> we also talked about the intersection of sports and
6:35 pm
violence and gender and all of these different things. >> reporter: olympic basketball champion, ruthy bolton says awareness is key. >> i am thankful that the students will hear and we can inspire them and they can inspire others paying it forward. >> i think there will be a change. it is the best time right now to be a female athlete. >> reporter: these women coming together to turn their words to action. >> we can't let up. finally starting to make forward momentum and have to continue to push. >> reporter: in san jose chris nguyen. abc7 news. one couple enjoying their walk in bathtub while the door opened. it happened five times and they decided to call "7 on your side." local lunch spot getting a
6:36 pm
line they haven't seen in years. what all the fuss is about. any time you keep an eye on the weather and live doppler 7
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san francisco is known for tight quarters and high rent. but not just for housing but for businesses. >> as jonathan bloom found out. splitting the rent. >> i have never been to this cafe. >> reporter: some came for the fried chicken others they are here for something >> there is i makeup company on the phone. i said hey, i don't have time for that. i had no idea what was in store. >> reporter: that company is glossier. they sell mostly online but starting to dip their toes in the world of brick and
6:40 pm
>> people are kpooexcited to me us. >> reporter: inside this pop up. >> if girls can become comfortable and copy with their friends and have fun. >> businesses as roommates isn't entirely new. the nightclub >> reporter: san francisco is expensive. >> with the current minimum wage increase and obviously, the rent, it is tough to do food in san francisco. and that's why you see a lot of other long-term businesses closing down. >> reporter: just maybe this corner cafe and this big national brand could be a perfect pairing. >> put marketing behind it and help him rejuvenate his
6:41 pm
business. his fried chicken speaks for himself. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc7 news. yum. we are not in the clear just yet. >> next, a look at home more storms with an s is on its way. >> today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbre ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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in a galaxy not so far away, broken down on george lucas museum. slated for the $1.5 billion building. it is scheduled to open in los angeles in in in in in in in they got some help on "7 on your side" michael finney. >> wait until you hear this. listen to this. this couple had the kind of walk in tub that can help those with limited mobility. a side store makes it easy to step in and step out if you are
6:45 pm
relaxing in a tub full of water, the last thing you want is for the door to suddenly open. ruth and ron biglo find relief in the >> we have arthritis in the hips. >> reporter: ruth was bathing and suddenly the doors swung open. >> oh my god. >> reporter: water drained through the floor and into the ceiling down stairs soaking the furniture and room below. >> i fell and i hit hard. >> reporter: at first they thought it opened by some fluke until it happened again. >> it opened up and everything came out. >> reporter: a technician came from the tub company.
6:46 pm
>> and they had no answer why and no idea how to fix it. >> reporter: it happened five times in all. yet technicians found something wrong. >> it must have been operator error on your part. and we said not four times if a row. >> reporter: the couple asked for another tub. they said another 10,000. we contacted american standard and they agreed to give them a new tub. saying we replaced the bathtub at no charge. we stand by our product and be the thousands of successful installations. >> so nice to lay back there and know we are not going to get washed out of the tub.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: more room for bathers to go in and out. free of disasters and a lot more relaxing. i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is open on weekdays. the telephone number is (415) 954-8151 and you can reach me on my facebook page. >> like the hitting the slopes. 22 veterans are in a week long trip to ski and stay at squaw valley. let's take a live look at heavenly mountain resort. it has been snowing off and on all day and you can see it there. here in the bay area. storm brought in a mix of conditions.
6:48 pm
grateful to our abc7 news viewers and staff to share your pictures with us. >> good shots. spencer is back with the updates. >> we may have the old meat yore logical variety. conditions are quiet and calm. spotty conditions right now. storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. may see brief downpours and mixed wintry precipitation. hail, and breezy. lightning may flash tomorrow. in the early morning hours, best chance of rain in the north bay. it will sweep south bay and east ward. late afternoon tomorrow,
6:49 pm
lingering tomorrow but flashes of sunlight shines through. so on we go to the accuweather seven-day forecast. cold storm tomorrow. then partial clearing late saturday. saturday is st. patrick's day. two dry days and tuesday spring arrives. also showers arrive on tuesday and continues on to way. knowing like spring showers to bring spring flowers. >> all right. lots going on. >> larry beil is here. we need the latest. >> starting for us and kevin durant. it might as well be kd against everybody. we will have the latest on clay
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. good evening. warriors host the lakers tonight. or more accurately, a small group of guys wearing warrior uniforms will take the
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both splash brothers are out. they called up chris boucher. you got bell, i guodala, curry, green, mcgraw. here is a serious concern. what we thought was a sprain for cl klay thompson is much worse. steph curry still recovering from that tweaked right ankle. the starting back court is out a minimum of four games. >> i would love to be out there playing every game down the stretch, to be out there with my squad. but at this point, there is enough time that you know, not just me, we have a bunch of guys banged up that we can prioritize health and understand that we
6:54 pm
need to all be ready to go and build our momentum up and get ready for the play mckinnon has blazing speed. this is from a pre season game and this is 108 yards for the touchdown. mostly used as a back up tail back in minnesota. he is 25-years old and he is not a big guy. only 5'5'9" 205. where does that mean carlos hyde? cleveland. the nfl network reports hyde will sign a three year contract with the browns. led the niners in rushing.
6:55 pm
last year by far his best. the four-year veteran played all regular season games for the first time rushing for 937 yards. >> motivation in the contract there. browns fans have long memories. he once tweeted cleveland sports are horrible lol. that was back in 2011. he wasn't lying. niners are adding beef up front. signed richburg. he can play center or guard. and here he is committing a plenty but that was all the video we can find of him. richburg just got rich, five years 47.5 million. how badly does derek carr want to win? went to the airport to personally welcome jordy nelson.
6:56 pm
also going to visit the seahawks and saints. reportedly most interested in the patriots. all right. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. new starbucks is about to opening. where it is opening is big news. a city in yountville grieving. welcome back to our dear friend and colleague ama daetz welcome back. >> so great to be back. >> we will break you of that feeling. >> i am ama daetz, and for larry, and spencer, thanks for joining us. >> you have to take a first step to take a stand.
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the job of everyone here to share your story. >> to tell the truth. >> help you understand the truth. >> empower you. >> empower your family. >> whether you are worried about your daughter at work or son at school. we are here to connect you with local experts and resources whenever you need them. >> anyone can cover local news but takes a trusted ally to even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures
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and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a software salesman from elmhurst, illinois... a cybersecurity research director from half moon bay, california... and our returning champion, an investment analyst from hoover, alabama... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny, ladies, and gentlemen. zach is doing well because he's very bright and because he brought along his own cheering section. his family is up there, just cheering him on.
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allison and peter, i hope you have support in our audience as well. i'm sure you do. good luck to all of you, though. here we go, into the jeopardy! round. and today, you deal with these categories... sounds like fun. each correct response... followed by... ...because they are already questions. and then we have... and finally... [ chuckles ] zach. tv ticket for $200. zach. -what is "veep"? -that's the tv show. ticket for $400. zach. -what is "house of cards"? -yes.


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