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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 20, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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who served. >> families of jennifer loeber, dr. jennifer golick. >> we all loved jennifer and jen. this is their gift and it's their legacy that we keep this going. >> reporter: the three worked at pathway home, a treatment center for vets with ptsd. their lives cut short by albert wong who was removed weeks before the shooting. >> if you are a pathway graduate, stand up and be recognized. >> reporter: veterans >> jen was one of you. >> reporter: jennifer gonzales' dad said they had just celebrated their wedding anniversary, the couple expecting their first child. he remembers during the wildfires she drove to help
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others. >> and then she would make the rounds to the evacuation centers, college, looking for people that needed help. particularly looking for vets. >> reporter: at the end of the ceremony relatives were presented with american flags. in yountville, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. it is 4:31. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic starting with mike nicco. >> let's look at live doppler 7. he healthy radar returns. we'll get some sprinkles out of this. probably going to have to wait several more hours. at 7:00 looking at 49 to 53 degrees. everybody is double digits warmer. mid-50s at noon. and by 4:00 we're still in the mid-50s with periods of rain and keep the umbrella handy this evening. more rainy areas with mid to
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upper 50s. here's a look at the commute again with alexis. i have some great news for drivers trying to get out of alameda. yesterday we told you about that major problem for folks using the posey tube. we had that emergency road repair. they were thinking they would reopen one lane at midnight. work got done ahead of schedule. both lanes are back open. you should have no backups leaving alameda this morning. a quick check outside, the bay bridge. traffic heading into san francisco. enjoying light volumes. drive times up next. developing news about the facebook controversy that has its stock taking a beating and some users deleting their accounts. this morning the company is calling an emergency meeting for its employees. this all goes back to the way a political firm was able to access 50 million accounts. matt? >> reporter: facebook is holding an open meeting for all of its
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employees at 10:00 this morning so they can ask questions about this controversy. they're not the only ones with questions. lawmakers want some answers calling for ceo mark zuckerberg to testify. this comes after a research firm allegedly obtained access to 50 million facebook accounts in the u.s. cambridge analytica is accused of using that to sway your vote. britain's channel 4 shows the firm giving an undercover reporter a sales pitch and also promising ways to trap rival candidates. facebook has banned cambridge analytica. >> facebook appears to have lost control of their data. we're supposed to have agreements when we use an app, hey, i'm okay with you taking my data. very not okay. >> reporter: facebook says it's
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too early how they'll notify the 50 million. facebook stock dropped more than 6.5% yesterday. reporting live in menlo park, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> the #deletefacebook. people were upset their profiles were sold. mark zuckerberg has been silent on the data link publicly. users were advising others on how to delete their accounts which you can do in a few steps. we have the information how on our website. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in a fight over a california abortion law. it requires anti-abortion pregnancy centers to inform clients about family planning services offered by the state including contraception and abortion. state officials say the law is aimed at informing women of their health care options. they say it forces them to deliver a message in direct
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conflict with their message to encourage childbirth. a man shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police officers is turning to the oakland police department. 28-year-old tindal was killed by joseph matu. body camera video captured. the parents say he was wrongfully killed. the family has held several protests at b.a.r.t. board meetings. they're planning on holding a meeting. the department is investigating the case. they're asking the district attorney to bring charges against matu. san francisco fire investigators have concluded saturday's fire when north beach was accidental in origin. the three-story building where the fire happened has been red tagged. a supervisor claimed it took firefighters 20 minutes before water was put on the flames and called for fire chief hayes wright to resign. some disagree with the charge. >> uninformed if anything. i think calling for a third
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party investigation when i think -- i have pictures that show the firemen going into the main entrance. >> it may have looked like we weren't putting water on the fire but we were evacuating our members and setting up ladder pipes. >> an emergency relief program to assist the seven businesses damaged in the blaze. students and faculty are urging leaders of the cal state university system to say no to a planned tuition increase. the group will gather in long beach where the board of trustees is meeting. they will demand more funding from the state rather than from their pockets. tuition will rise $228 per semester if the board says yes. according to students for quality education, tuition at the csu has risen over 300% since 2000. california students who are successful in the community college may be guaranteed a spot in a uc school. during a town hall meeting uc
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president janet napolitano says she wants to admit all qualified students by the fall of 2019. she has asked schools to raise the rate to 70% making room for an additional 32,000 undergraduates by 2030. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather testimony. 52 in the sunset. sunny side, lake merced to 56 in the financial. a look at emeryville where it's dry right now but that is all going to change as we head throughout the day. caution for everybody as it's caution for everybody as it's going to be wet. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we may get to 60 in the south bay. a look at our hourly temperatures starting at 8:00 when it's dry. by 10:00 we have some rain
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possible and it just continues with temperatures right around 56 to 57 degrees all the way through 8:00. as far as the east bay shore we start at 50 and mainly dry at 8:00. to 10:00. maybe a few sprinkles in there. some steady rain hits us by noon and through the 8:00 hour. temperatures will rise a little bit as the system gets closer and pulls more warm air up from the south. in fact, look at the lows tonight. low to mid-50s. also look at all the green out there hanging around as the rain will continue. right now i'm seeing some light to moderate rain off the coast. but for the most part it's dry. which should mean a good start to our morning commute. let's see if that's true for alexis. what are you seeing? so far so good this morning. no major issues. just a handful of small trouble spots. nothing to slow you down this morning. looking at some very light volumes. on southbound 680 through walnut creek, we're not seeing any
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major delays. if we were going to have any particular slow spots westbound 580 tracy to castro valley. you're still in the green. northbound 101, highway 85 to the san jose airport. we do have one crash on the counter commute side of 580. we'll head back there up next. drama as some of the people battling to be san francisco's next mayor hold a debate. one candidate left out decides to invite herself. flames forced them out of their homes in december. now an approaching storm is forcing hundreds of families to evacuate again. evacuate again. new questions about
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc 7 mornings. it's 4:42 on this tuesday. look at the wall of water. 66 at fresno. 58 in sacramento. but check out tahoe, 45 degrees. winter storm watch. up to 20 inches locally from tomorrow morning, 11:00 to friday morning. it's hard when it's a wet snowfall to gauge exactly the ratio of moisture. snow will hang around through
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saturday. following breaking news from san francisco right now. san francisco firefighters responding to a fire in the city's knob hill neighborhood. the five-story residential building fire has been contained. they say reportedly a female from a fourth story balcony. you can see in this tweet here an unknown displaced at this time. it's unclear how many people were woken up by this, affected by the huge fire. amy hollyfield is at the scene. neighbors in southern california face a mandatory evacuation order starting at noon. a powerful storm expected to arrive this afternoon. it could dump 5 to 10 inches of rain in the region including
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ventura and santa barbara counties. both were ravaged by wildfires in december. officials are worried about the potential for mud slides like one that killed 28 people in january. evacuation centers will be open to help families forced to leave their homes. prosecutors in manhattan decided against pursuing a sex abuse case against disgraced producer harvey weinstein. now governor andrew cuomo wants to know why. cuomo has asked the state attorney general to look into that decision, and the spur for the request came from a new york magazine article which suggested the d.a.'s office may have been improperly influenced by weinstein. time's up and a powerhouse group of industry women to fight systemic sexual harassment called on the governor to investigate. san francisco's top mayoral candidates squared off except for mark leno. his campaign said he had health problems. a gate crashing candidate filled his vacancy in what turned out to be a spirited discussion. abc 7 news reporter kate larson
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has that. >> reporter: as jane kim, london breed, angela alioto and richie greenberg walked to their seats, another san francisco mayoral candidate took center stage. >> stop pulling on my shirt. >> reporter: amy farah weiss fighting for a spot on stage after she was not extended an invitation because she is polling at less than 5%. but in true san francisco fashion, the rules were set aside and moderator scott schaefer handed weiss a mike. san franciscans filled the castro theater as current president of the board of supervisors london breed sparred with former president of the board angela alioto. >> i will say that i'm the only candidate running for mayor that actually served as mayor during the time when, sadly, we experienced the crises. >> you are not the only one who has been through a crisis. >> reporter: the only republican on stage, richie greenberg, was met with a lot of opposition
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from the crowd. while discussing the city's homeless problem he said san francisco should not be so hospitable to the homeless population. >> throwing money at this issue is not helping. >> reporter: jane kim called out neighboring cities and counties for not doing enough. >> when counties like marin refuse to have a 365-day shelter system, that's a problem. >> reporter: the mayoral election is in june. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> well, it wasn't boring, so there's that. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. tell us about the rain that's coming. >> it's going to get pretty active in a couple of hours and will stay that way. it's one of those where it's going to rain off and on for a while. our storms have made progress towards us. they are going to put a squeeze play on us the next three to four days. the exploratorium looking dry. you can see the light reflecting from the streets off the solar panels there. all of them. there's a ton of them creating a
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lot of electricity which we appreciate. rain possible through saturday. from 7:00 to 9:00 you can see the green coming ashore. by 9:00 it starts reaching the ground as the dry layer will be moistened by rains that will evaporate and moisten it. look how we have it everywhere but the south bay. this computer model is underdoing the amount of rain. there's a lot of moisture out there which means we'll have rain all night. it will keep things wet for tomorrow morning's commute and you can see that moist flow from the southwest all day tomorrow and into the evening hours. every once in a while you see a yellow pop up there. that's a moderate push of rain. so the best chance of having a dry commute possibly in the south bay and inland east bay. that's when we'll see more moisture reach the ground.
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tomorrow morning everybody is driving on wet streets and it just continues to get wet as we head into the evening hours tomorrow. now the secondary push of the storm comes in thursday. that's when it gets wet and windy and when we introduce a chance of thunderstorms all the way through friday with a little bit of hail. notice the warmer weather next week. how about the commute this morning? hi, alexis. one of our only issues is on the lighter side of 580 in the livermore area. eastbound 580 we have a crash involving two semis and an oil spill there. still waiting for a caltrans sweeper to arrive to get that totally cleaned up. they were saying they may have to close more lanes than that. we haven't gotten any information in about 40 minutes. metering lights should happen around 5:40. amazon releasing new details on how shoppers are react to go its grab and go store.
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>> and macy's wants to make it faster for you to shop. here's "tech bytes." >> in today's "tech bytes" amazon dishes on its grab and go store. >> the store opened two months ago in seattle where you just grab your groceries and walk out. your amazon account is then charged. >> customers are returning regularly but amazon admits customers ask is it really okay to just leave? the company is not discussing plans to expand. and macy's is jumping on the self-serve bandwagon with the app allowing to bypass the sales clerk. >> the app will give customers the option of scanning and paying for products with their smart phones. back to amazon. jeff bezos has a new best friend. you may have seen boston dynamics spot mini, a dog that can open doors. >> he got a chance to take spot for a walk. >> and bezos played the bottle flip game against the robot. >> they both weren't that good at it. >> neither are we. those are your "tech bytes." national puppy day just three days away now and we are so excited here at abc 7.
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>> that's because it's our time to hold a bunch of puppies and show them to you on a live stream and live on the air as we try to get them adopted. you'll be able to see it on beginning at 4:30. we're going to be helping find forever homes for these local puppies. right now we'd love it if you sent us a photo or video with the #puppieson7. post it on your instagram or twitter feed and we will be able to find them and show them online or on the air. still ahead, open for business, santa rosa takes another big step in the recovery from the north bay wildfires. >> it's really sad. >> it pulls on your heart strings a little bit. time to say good-bye to a boardwalk icon. >> you saw jeff bezos taking a >> you saw jeff bezos taking a robot dog
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the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app. download it now. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i wanted to show you the sierra snowpack increased 50% to 100% so far this month. and it could increase about another 10% to 15% with this next storm that will pound it with heavy snow. and we are following
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breaking news from san francisco. a fire in the city's knob hill neighborhood in the area of jackson and poke. we told you about this minutes ago. this live image of what's happening there right now. this is a two-alarm fire that happened at a five-story residential building. it has been contained. firefighters say they were able to rescue a female from a fourth story balcony. right now the building is evacuated. you can can see firefighters still out there. they have the ladder trucks still propped up against the building. it is unclear exactly how many people live inside the building, how many people have been evacuated this morning. we have these live images from our reporter, amy hollyfield and her photographer out there right now. they are talking to people out there, gathering information. we will have a live report for you shortly. that is the latest from our live desk. it's 4:54. an icon that has greeted visitors at the boardwalk for nearly 60 years is about to go away. the ferris wheel at the
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boardwalk is coming down and work is under way to demolish it. the seats already off. park officials want to replace it with something different, possibly a more modern version. >> i loved riding on it. it was one of my favorite parts of coming to the boardwalk. it's sad it's coming down. >> it has been featured in several tv shows and films like 1987's "the lost boys." a closed department store that had been closed for the past five months by the wildfires is finally back in business. the store is located in northwest santa rosa on airway drive. it suffered damage in the october 8 fires. shoppers say the reopening is welcome and another sign the region is recovering after the disaster. the press democrat reports the des torsion included new flooring and lighting. let's jump ahead as you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. 10:00 tomorrow evening, you can see by then we're seeing a reprieve from the first storm. let me zoom on out and show you
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what happens as we head to thursday. the atmospheric river is going to pound parts south of us. that's why there's a threat of mud slides there. you can see some rain rolling in and it's going to be quite breezy most of the day thursday as that rolls through. but then this swirling dervish will come down for thursday night into friday and bring us that chance of thunderstorms and small hail and will linger through saturday morning. we'll keep an eye on it. here's alexis. so far so good. a live look outside at 101 and 880. traffic heading northbound, very light. just before 5:00 a.m. so not a lot of company if you are about to head out the door. drive times reflecting. tracy to dublin. you're in the yellow now at 44 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord. san rafael to san francisco looking great at 17 minutes. also some great news for
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commuters. robots to help construction crews get the job done faster. >> it's called s.a.m., short for semiautomated mason. can lay 3,000 bricks a day. a construction company in new york is using s.a.m. because they just can't find enough masons to keep up with all the work coming in. the company was founded by former google engineer who grew up working in his dad's construction business. >> i like the human story behind the robot story. very nice. next at 5:00, what's happening that could mean the end of fur sales. >> sky 7 caught a controlled explosion in the south bay. what investigators found inside a home. plus, breaking news in san francisco. a fire in knob hill. a live look and you can see firefighters talking to our reporter, amy hollyfield. we will check in with her for an update after the break. plus, a decrease in car break-ins. what
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> happy first day of spring. >> it's tuesday, march 20th. >> last night was really quite beautiful. walking around the city, loved it. and then it all changes, mike. >> head outside at 9:14:29. >> what happens? >> that's when spring starts. the vernal equinox, the sun is directly over the equator and directly over the equator and starts heading north. there will be a few


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