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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 21, 2018 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight hunting down a serial bomber of a city on edge. package bombs. a booby trap. suspicions and fear. >> if you have a suspicious box or package continue to call 911. >> a texas fedex shipping center the latest scene of the crime. now a total of six devices linked in the case. how the bomb that didn't go off may be key to tracking the killer. plus fighting for change. >> go, go, go. >> we're in saudi arabia witnessing a women's movement soon to be granted driving privileges. the surprising advances and restrictions of the desert kingdom. but first the "nightline" five. ne" five.
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♪ good evening, thank you for joining us. a serial bomber terrif eer terr austin, texas again tonight. this time one at a fedex shipping center. and that's six devices and five
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explosions lyninked to the same attacker as police appeal to public for information. >> tonight the city of austin on edge after the latest of three-week long wave of bombings in the region. >> i was on my back porch and heard the zblablast. >> killing two and injuring five more. the bomber still at large with no suspect name. >> typically people who do these type of bombs through the mail et cetera tend to be loaners, tend to be isolated, tend to be very angry. a guy thatlies alone or with a parent or on a basement of a house or on a farm outside austin, all of the above are possible. >> tonight authorities and first responders on high alert after an old military ordinance accidentally went off at a good will in the city. >> this incident is not related to any of the other incidents
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we've had here in austin. we want to reiterate to the community if you see something suspicious, if you have a suspicious box, suspicious package, that you continue to call 911. >> the latest attack early tuesday morning, a postal worker injured when a package bomb exploded at this fedex if distribution center an hour outside of austin. authorities telling abc news another explosive device has been found undebtonated in austin where this morning's bomb was shipped from. >> unexploded bomb are extremely helpful, you know how he built it, what materials he used, get dna, hairs and fibers, evidence, finger prints of the bomb. >> it's the latest shaking
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attacks in austin in five attacks in three wikileakss. weeks. at anthony house was killed after picking up a package dropped at his front door. and another deadly blast from a planted package. 17-year-old mason was killed his mother critically injured. >> we have trauma activation. trauma, head and torso. >> his neighbors horrified. >> i saw ambulance with my neighbor on the stretcher, so that was very terrifying for me. >> three miles away, another explosion just few hours later. another planted bomb critically injured a 75-year-old woman, erpz herrera. >> all of a sudden we heard skploegts a explosion and felt it move the
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ground. >> police evacuated the area and alerted everyone not to tuck suspicious packages. >> we have a pattern in this community in the past ten days we believe are related. >> authorities issuing a warning to residents. >> if you have a delivery that did not come through official mail service but instead you just found this item on your porch or in your yard and was unexpected do not touch it or move it, instead call us. >> six days later miles away, a fourth wombombing rigged to a t wire, two unsuspected bicyclists were injured. residents are afraid to walk the streets. >> we went for a walk yesterday instead of me pushing her forward i pulled her behind me i'd rather it hit me than my baby. >> than just 24 hours ago that fifth bombing in a fedex facility. >> there's something significant about austin to the bomber.
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my guess is he has a history there. he probably lives there or lives close by. he's mad about something. once he's caught we'll figure it out. >> authorities scrambling to make a connection and establish a motive. the first four victims of those three attacks all people of color but two victims on bikes were white. >> the first three appeared to be targeting a specific resident address, and whether they were targeting the person at that address or not we know they were placed on a specific doorstep at a specific home. >> investigators chasing down hundreds of leads, more than a thousand suspicious package calls from frightened residents. austin's police chief making an appeal to the public for any leads. >> we need every piece of informati information. >> decades it was a tip from the public that solved another serial bomber case, the infamous unibomber.
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>> the fbi says it cannot find a pattern and admits the long investigation has been frustrating. >> in 1990s he was most wanted man in america. cold-blooded bomber who alluded the fbi for 18 years. a ghost targeting universities and airlines. killed three and injured more than 23. the fbi didn't have much information to go on. then the uni-bomber gave the fbi more to work with when he contacted 9d media. >> this to large extent about getting attention. >> he demand two national newspapers print a manu script or else the killings would continue and in 1995 his 35,000 word manifesto has posted. >> it is blackmail the times and post exceeded. were they justified in doing so?
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>> history might say yes. linda patrick recognizes ideas that her husband and family had received from brother ted. i interviewed her in her first television interview 20/20 homicide. secret life of a unibomber. >> when she said i think your brother is a unibomber, i said this is nothing to worry about i've never seen ted violent. >> but their suspicions kept growing. >> they posted the first few pages of the manifesto on the screen in the library and dave went with me and as he read the first page his jaw dropped. >> i thought i was going to read the first page and turn to linda and say see i told you so but at a emotional level it sounded
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like my brother's voice. >> the family made the wrenching decision to contact the fbi. >> thought about the families that were bombed. there was one in which the package arrived to the man's home and his little two-year-old daughter was there. the room wh he opened the package. luckily she left. and his wife left. and then he died. and there were others. so i spent those days thinking about those people. >> that tip from patrick would end up being the linchpin to lead to ted kizski in 1996 at his trial he was diagnosed with a serious mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia. >> he exchanged for life in priz kbroon. >> he is still in prison behind
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saudi saudi arabia. ♪ ♪ the saudi crown prince meeting with president trump discussing the future of his rapidly changing country. in just a few months the women of saudi arabia will finally be grabt
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n grated the right to drive. seen by many as sign of modernization. but as our reporter shows us there's still a long road ahead. >> a women's boxing class. >> go, go, go, go. >> in, of all a places saudi arabia. the country where dominant image of women is this. but here for these women it's about power. physical, mental, personal power. >> the last thing i expected was to see saudi women bofling. >> hitting a pad or punching something makes you feel happy and empowered and strong. >> throw your left. bring it back to your face. >> this is the first and only female boxing and kick boxing trainer in the kingdom of saudi arabia. a true revolutionary. >> what would you say to americans who just have this stereo type about saudi women and saudi arabia and the
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society, they think terror and oil. >> there's so much more to us, and to saudis and to saudi arabia. >> saudi arabia is changing fast and this man is driving the change. future king of saudi arabia, crown prince mbs as everyone calls him. right now is on the tour of the western world. the 32 years old image plastered across vehicles and billboards visiting the queenueenueenueenun palace and today meeting with donald trump. it's a massive pr push to install moderate islam that is open to the world. >> saudi arabia an ancient land rooted in tradition and bound by a strict all encompassing interpretation of islam but today this country is changing. >> for decades here women have not been allowed to drive and couldn't travel without
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permission of a male guardian or even show their hair in public. with you on a recent trip everywhere we went the change was pal ability. back at the gym after the work out this lady puts on her long head scarf still required dress for saudi women in public. >> mine is actually pretty colorful. >> she tells us those bright colors were unheard of just a decade ago. so much forbidden for so long we talk about the country's strict past. >> before it was scared of religious beliefs if you were sitting with a man that were not your brother or father, whatever, they would actually they could jail you. >> at the restaurant we meet her sister, who is a film maker. >> i always say i was born with a camera in my hand. >> they grew up in saudi arabia and went the to college in the states and she's just finished a
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documentary about saudi women. >> life doesn't go back. >> there's nothing we have gone through that other nations have not gone through. >> we struggle with this idea of what and who is a saudi woman. because it's not, you know, one thing doesn't tell that story. >> right now she can't tell her film in her own country, there are no movie theaters here. that's soon to change as well. >> action. >> we visited the set of the first commercial feature film ever shot in saudi arabia just as the government announced movie theaters will open this spring. ♪ >> and in the desert. >> this is incredible, rap, in saudi arabia. this concert would have been unheard of in this country a year ago. maybe a few months ago. one thing remains the same, this barrier, men on this side. women on the other side. >> for years the repressive regime here banned all concerts. all mutzic. even recorded music in
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restaurants. afterwards we catch up with the promoter. >> it's time for us to change. >> it's time for change. >> it's our time. >> it's your time. >> yes. >> it's incredibly young country nearly 70% are under 30. one of the biggest changes has yet to occur. >> night at the races. should be fun. this race track is one of the only places will you see women driving. go-carts. >> after decades of pro test and campaigning, saudi women will finally be permitted to drive this summer. for now some women come here, the roar of the engine, the smell of gasoline, the sense of freedom. >> you love driving. >> yes. >> out on the track. >> wish me luck. >> good luck man. >> juan shows me the ropes. a natural who has been coming here since it's open. >> who won. >> i won. >> is there anybody in your family or friends who say why you should not drive. >> yes.
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all my family and friends. because [ speaking foreign language ]. >> that is the spirit of young saudi arabia. this is one of the reasons the government is changing because they know that young people, they want it. >> while women will be able to drive, they will not be able to move around freely. women will still require the permission of a male guardian to go anywhere. >> saudi arabia is one of the most challenging places, basically, as a woman your access to resources and opportunity is very much depend ant on the will of the man responsible for the family. >> and for some giving women the ability to drive is giving them too much liberty. >> going to the grand mosque in the old city it's huge and hugely important. and hugely conservative. >> signs of the old saudi arabia
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still strong here. it's all men. no women are allowed. after prayers we tried to talk to people. >> do you like to change the greater freedoms for women? . >> there are changes i like but i'm opposed to the driving. >> it's clear saudi arabia is still nowhere near a free country. >> we should tell you we are not free to go where we want in this country. our itineraries are pre-approved by the government and everywhere we go we have a minder with us, a guide, someone who is probably spying on us, to be fair trying to keep us safe in a country a lot of people don't like westerners. people we talk to are not free to speak, we are not free to go where we want, this is still a very repressive country. >> and then there's the war in yemen, their neighbors to the south. saudi arabia leading a bombing campaign and blaimed for much of
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the misery. privately they hate the war our vietnam. >> do you support the war in yemen. >> this is political. >> to be honest i'm a little frustrated. it's really hard to get people to talk honestly about certain subjects, politics, soon as you raise it, you hear our leadership is great, we trust them, there's no problem. this is a wall. >> there is so much tradition in this country and that tradition is so powerful. and yet if anyone can break down the walls that still exist here, hala and her sluggers might have a shot. >> do you love your country. >> i do, actually, i really do. i feel what i'm doing is necessary. in so many ways. and i know we use the word empowerment so much but it really is that. >> the desert kingdom may never
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