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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 23, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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w take a live look at sky7. this is the traffic backup caused by the crash. most of the lanes are blocked. you can see traffic is moving very slowly. we're going to keep on top of this and bring you any more updates as they come into our
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news room. to our other top story. saying good-bye to a young man who served the community where he grew up. the memorial service about to start for marin county sheriff. thanks for joining us on this friday. deputy died on duty in a car crash last week. he was just 24 years old but left a real mark in that short amount of time. abc7 news amy hollyfield live for us in san rafael. amy? >> reporter: reggie, the marin county sheriff's department says his death will leave a tremendous void in their department that he always had a smile on his face. he was very dedicated to his community. other officers say they know this. that's why they are here. they know the toll that this death will have on the officer's family and community. they put on their dress uniforms and drive long distances from as far away from irvine and yolo county. some worked long shifts overnight and came straight
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here. these officers say they cannot imagine not being here. >> i feel honored to come out here and share my respects. >> reporter: they're here to pay their respects to 24-year-old ryan zirkle. he was responding to a 911 call when he lost control of his car on highway 1 and hit a tree. >> with any tragedy that strikes our law enforcement community, regardless of what the cause is, it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: this view from drone view 7 shows what a statement these officers make when they all come together. this is what they want the family to see today. to know they are supported. >> to show them that their loved one's life mattered. it's not necessarily about how he died or his death. it's much how he lived and what he represented. and we're here to honor that. >> reporter: detective dave wallace says he's attended almost 70 of these funerals. one of those was his brother's,
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who was killed in the line of duty. he says seeing all of these officers at your loved one's funeral makes a difference. >> for others to come and pay their respects in this way, it helps heal, it helps in the healing process. >> reporter: he's survived by his parents, two brothers and his fiancee. reporting live in san rafael, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. we are tracking developing news in berkeley where firefighters say live wires have fallen across train tracks. all trains and light rail have been stopped, including amtrak. this happened after a fire broke out near the train tracks on virginia street between second and fourth street. officials say the call came in around 9:40 this morning. no reports of anyone getting hurt. we are a one today on the abc 7 storm scale. it was an eventful morning but not this morning.
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>> this evening for evening and overnight hours, that's when the showers start to come our way. it's a one, it's light because they're scattered out there. there's more sunshine now than showers. pretty much the way it will be for the rest. day, unless you're up in the north bay. let's take a look at what's going on. some sprinkles hitting the higher elevations. it's been hitting mainly in the mountains and not in the valleys quite yet. as i broaden the picture, you can see it's quiet for the rest of us. here's where the bulk of the storm is up to our north right now. a couple areas of low pressure. cold core ones with limited moisture but snow levels that will fall down to 3,000 feet by the time this storm ends sunday morning. let's take a look at the next six hours. future radar and what to expect. you can see up across the north bay, that's where all the showers and thunderstorms are going to be up until about 4:30, 5:00. then they'll start heading down. if you have evening plans, have an umbrella handy just in case. these will continue through tomorrow morning with another round tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. i'll tell you all about that coming up in the big weather. >> see you then.
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a bad crash in the south bay this morning killed a driver in santa clara. sky7 showing you the aftermath and the clean-up that's been going on for hours on el camino >> reporter: police are calling this a spectacular crash. you can see why. that's the vehicle right over that small wall across the street from us. they still have a major investigation taking place right now. more than six hours after this crash. and they're working on that ove- vehicle to try to remove the body of the victim. police have both east bounds blocked. police say the '90 toyota camry was going the wrong way when the driver lost control at around 4:45 this morning, went over the center median, launching into the eastbound lanes before the car went over or through a small wall into the parking lot of the
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mission inn. two shipping containers being used for storage stopped the camry from going any farther. >> alcohol definitely could be a factor in this. speed is obviously a factor in this, just given the trajectory and the path of travel for the vehicle. >> reporter: now, the driver died at the scene. police don't believe there's another person inside but we'll have to wait for the vehicle to be removed to know for sure. as we come back out here live, you can see they have moved some containers out here on the scene, so the fire department can get into that vehicle. and also the vehicle can be towed away. santa clara police were hoping to have el camino open by noon. reporting live in santa clara, matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you, matt. four people, including a gunman, are dead after a possible terror attack in southern france. authorities say it started near the city of trev this morning when a man fired shots at police officers. he then went to a supermarket and took several hostages.
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police say the gunman killed three people and then was shot and killed by police. the suspect has been identified as a 26-year-old man. police say he is a petty criminal who was considered radicalized and had been under police surveillance. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack. new at 11:00, former 49er and raider aldon smith in trouble again. he turned himself into police after violating a domestic violence restraining order. police tell us the order stems from an alleged incident earlier this month involving smith and his fiancee. his fiancee called police saying he assaulted her in her apartment. police say smith will be processed for three counts of misdemeanor violations of a restraining order. smith has been suspended by the nfl since 2015. we're getting new details about the suspect killed in a shootout that left a san francisco police officer and four other people injured. abc7 news has learned learned ld
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was jihad eid's own family that called police. shots rang out after police confronted him inside the amazon barber shop. he had a violent past that included an armed robbery conviction. outrage continues to grow in sacramento after a police shooting of an unarmed black lives matter preventeded people from getting into the hawks/kings game. they locked the entranss after protesters surrounded the arena. you can see how empty it was. the outrage erupted after sacramento police released the body cam video. clark's girlfriend struggling to find answers to help their two children cope with their father's death. >> i have to wake up every morning to my kids asking me, where's daddy? let's go get daddy. i just tell them, daddy's always going to be with us.
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>> police confronted clark after getting a call about a man breaking into cars. officers believe that clark posed a threat when they fired 20 shots but, in fact, he was want holding a gun. he was holding a cell phone. sack men toll kings principal owner took center court after the game. he said the organization recognizes people's right to protest peacefully. >> we'll work really hard to bring everybody together to make the world a better place, starting with our own community and we're going to work really hard to prevent this kind of a tragedy from happening again. >> also expressing the organization's deepest sympathies to clark's family. you saw it on abc7 news a short time ago. president trump holding a news conference to announce he is going to sign a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. early this morning the president threatened to veto that same
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bill, raising the spectre of yet another government shutdown. mr. trump said he was considering a veto because his border wall had not been fully funded. after having lunch with defense secretary mattis, it appears the president changed his mind. >> there's a lot of things i'm unhappy about in this bill. there's a lot of things we shouldn't have had in this bill but we were in a sense force -- if we want to build our military, we were forced to have. >> the president said he would never sign another bill like this again. if you're driving in the south bay later today, you may run into problems. the big soccer match at levi stadium that's expected to cause traffic delays. let's look right here at our -- can you believe this? our abc 7 building. we're housing puppies. it seems this puppy knows exactly when the
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today is national puppy day and we're celebrating in the absolute cutest way possible. with lots of puppies. they're in the building. meteorologist mike nicco is upstairs with how you can make a difference. who do you have here? >> i have dakota here. i'm about to take a nap like dakota is. yeah, i'm talking about you. how did you know that? isn't he a cutie? it's national puppy day. we have puppies on 7.
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this is our fourth consecutive day of doing this with our perfect pet partnerers. we have buffy from the humane society and lisa from marin humane. we'll talk about what this means to you guys and anything else that may be going on in your neck of the woods. you're on the peninsula, so tell us what puppies on 7 means to you guys. >> it means an opportunity to showcase our puppies and talk a little about our shelter. we're located in burlingame, our adoption center. we're an open door shelter. we not only have puppies and dogs and cats and kittens, we have every possible adoptable animal, including reptiles and snakes. >> who is this? >> this is haley, a 2 1/2-month-old, we believe, rat terrier mix. super sweet little thing. >> if i can bring lisa in here. don't get too far away. he knows who you are -- or she does. that's why she was coming over. who do you have here? >> i have dusty. she's one of three sisters we brought today. dakota is one of her sisters. we transferred her in from an
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overcrowded shelter in bakersfield. a lot of bay area shelters will help out other shelters who have problems with overcrowding. there's not as much spay/neuter. she was brought in with her mom -- or they were brought in with her mom. >> don't mind if we kiss. >> get a room, mike. >> pda, my bad. >> they've been fostered in a lovely foster home. if you can't bring in an animal, you can volunteer and have foster puppies or kittens. it's a great way to help out. >> what does this day mean for you? we'll start with you. >> for the peninsula humane society, it's an opportunity just to come down to the studio. it's always fun to see people continue to go into at these adorable pets. >> we appreciate you being here. you can follow us online or on our app.
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we'll be streaming them all day. >> i love these animals. it's hard not to adopt them. thanks to everyone who's been sending in these photos of their own dogs. if you haven't already, you can share your dog photos usi using #puppieson7 so we can share them with everybody on air and online. if you're commute takes you anywhere near levi stadium, listen up. the mexico national team and iceland are playing football tonight. 50,000 fans expected there. sa santa clara police said you should expect heavy delays around levi. we have all the details on public transportation and parking on our website, and abc news exclusive with the vallejo couple falsely accused of a kidnapping hoax. you'll hear from aaron quinn about what police told him after his girlfriend was taken and held for ransom. a live
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hundreds of thousands of people descending on washington, d.c., for a march to demand new gun control laws. tomorrow's march for life was inspired by the deadly shooting in parkland, florida. marches are planned across the nation, including in san jose, oakland and san francisco. we're learning more about the couple falsely accused of a kidnapping hoax in vallejo. in an abc news exclusive interview. denise talking about what happened after she was taken from her boyfriend's bed three years ago. now we're hearing the boyfriend, now her fiancee's side of the
11:20 am
story. aaron quinn says the kidnapper threatened to kill denise if he called 911. he went to vallejo police anyway. >> right when the police came, they kept on accusing me of, were you partying? i gave them permission to search my house, access to all my e-mail accounts because the kidnappers were e-mailing, they had my phone, my dna, interrogated me for 18 hours, called me aid murderer. telling us, if you continue to tell us this story we'll paint you as a cold, calculated murder. >> unbelievable. the actual calculated murderer, matthew miller was arrested after he invaded a home in dublin. he was linked to the vallejo case. he pleaded guilty and sentenced to 40 years in prison last year. the police never publicly apologized. this is the couple's first tv interview since the incident. you can hear more about their struggle tonight at 10:00 on 20/20 right here on abc 7.
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toys "r" us hopes to start its liquidation sales at hundreds of stores today. it was supposed to happen yesterday. toys "r" us has not said what caused the delay. on the same day it was supposed to liquidate the 94-year-old founder died. he started toys "r" us 70 years ago. toys "r" us declared bankruptcy last week and said it will close or sell its remaining 735 stores. had to put the puppies down for a little bit to help you out with your weekend plans. let's open up the weather window so you can see some clouds that are developing out there. still need a lot of sunglasses, at least wear them the rest of the day. we have a chance of showers today, tomorrow and to a lesser extent sunday. thunderstorms are possible but mainly way up in the north bay today and tomorrow. you want that spring warmth and sunshine, it's coming next week. here's where the bulk of the moisture will fall during the daylight hours. well up to our north. it will start creeping south.
11:22 am
when it does it will hit lake county. you're under a winter storm warning until 6:00. 4 to 8 inches of the white stuff up to 2800 feet, up to a foot in the higher elevations. you can see the mixture of cumulus clouds out there and the deep blue, clean air. it's a gorgeous, gorgeous 11:00 hour. it will turn that way at noon if you're heading out for temperatures in the mid-50s. chances will increase across the north bay of showers by 4:00. they'll start moving into the rest of our neighborhoods from 8:00. they actually could put down a few downpours as we head towards minute night. tomorrow morning it will be like this morning. upper 30s in the north bay valleys. low to mid-40s with showers tapering to a cloudy sky. noon to 4:00, mainly across the north bay. as we get towards the 11:00 hour, if you're out late tonight, anywhere outside the north bay where you'll be raining, it will start raining as your evening winds down. you can see by 8:00 tomorrow morning, everything has shifted down to the south. we get a lot of sunshine for the
11:23 am
most part tomorrow. by 7:00, you can see, once again, another round starts rolling through. that will linger through 8:00 sunday morning. by the afternoon hours things start to clear out. quick look at precipitation. a quarter of an inch around the bay to a third in the north bay. starting at 6:00 this evening through 9:00 sunday morning, another winter storm warning for the sierra. up to 2 1/2 feet possible. it's going to be a light, fluffy snow. it won't be that heavy, wet stuff we just dealt with. the storm you could take the one off for sunday. that's for the early morning hours. the rest of the day will be dry. look at the 60s monday and tuesday. about 20 degrees warmer by wednesday ask thursday as the '70s start to pop into the forecast. more like what it should be this time of the year. >> that's what i'm talking about. bring it back. next week looks good. >> we need a break. >> thank you, mike. in case you haven't heard, it's national, what this is. >> puppy day. >> after the break, we'll take another look at t
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we are celebrating national puppy day here at abc 7. this is the third year we've done this? >> fourth, believe it or not, four. >> so fun. basically we bring in all the puppies because we want to show them to you and remind you that these dogs need good homes. and so various animal shelters
11:27 am
from throughout the bay area have come in and you can go to our website, and stream this puppy cam and get the information about where you can possibly adopt. mike, do i have a deal for you. >> tell me about it. >> alameda, friends of alameda animal shelter, they have a special deal where if you adopt two puppies that are already brother and sister or friends -- >> bonded. >> -- bonded pets, that you get buy one, get one free. >> oh, nice. >> they also have a 50% discount for mature pets. call around, see what the deals are and hopefully you can have a new friend forever
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