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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 25, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning rallying for change. the march -- [ chanting ] >> -- the message. >> i shouldn't go to school and expect to be shot. >> young voices making themselves heard in the fight against gun violence. >> i have a dream that enough is enough. >> and the powerful sounds of silence. celebrities joining in on the ground and on the stage. ♪ >> the big question this morning, will this national movement bring real change? breaking her silence, stormy daniels ready to give details about her alleged affair with donald trump. >> it is time to come clean.
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>> the adult film star's attorney's mysterious tweet showing a dvd. what could be on it and how damaging will tonight's interview be for the trump presidency? the mystery in mexico. the investigation into what killed a family of four on vacation in mexico. officials combing through their condo making a ruling now on the cause of death, but is that ruling raising more questions than answers? and living the dream. loyola-chicago rambling on. the cinderella team reaching the final four. sister jean cheering them on. >> so, here we come, san antonio. be careful. the ramblers are on their way. >> ready for the next fairy tale ending. hey, good morning. paula is off on this morning. well deserved day off for paula. very happy to have adrienne bankert on the desk this morning. >> thank you, sir. >> look at this incredible moment overnight. >> yes, a moment to smile. that's the coach of the loyola-chicago ramblers striding into the locker room after the big win.
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his players erupting into celebration. espn's tony reali will be here soon to talk about the team's chances as they head into the final four. >> yeah, mellow scene there. but we are going to start here with the march for our lives. and here's the big question on this morning after, what next? after all the dramatic speeches by the young survivors, after all the celebrity appearances and all the marches across the country and the world, can this movement produce any real change? >> there's no question the images were searing. this little boy in new york city holding a sign that says, i can't even bring peanut butter to school. and in montgomery, alabama, a little girl asks am i next. >> they're calling this the largest youth led protest since the vietnam war era but these young activists are taking a stand in a country that is deeply divided over guns. >> we have team coverage. martha raddatz is standing by but we start with abc's david wright who was on the front lines in washington, d.c.
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david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, adrienne and dan. the huge crowds have now moved on and the question is, can this powerful moment become a movement? that's now up to the lawmakers and the voters in the midterms. this is what democracy looks like. [ chanting ] >> i shouldn't go to school and expect to be shot. >> the legislators obviously aren't doing anything. >> reporter: pennsylvania avenue, packed from the doorstep of the u.s. capitol almost to the doorstep of the white house. [ chanting ] >> reporter: a generation that's lived their whole lives with the threat of mass shootings. >> i want to be able to come to school and not be afraid. >> reporter: making their voices heard. [ chanting ] >> we have been fighting. we've been fighting since columbine, since sandy hook, since pulse. >> reporter: among the young people center stage, the 9-year-old granddaughter of dr. martin luther king. >> my grandfather had a dream that his four little children
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will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. i have a dream that enough is enough. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and there was this powerful moment. parkland survivor emma gonzalez silently demonstrating the amount of time it took the gunman to turn her world upside down. >> since the time that i came out here, it has been six minutes and 20 seconds. >> reporter: from l.a., dallas, boston and new york city. >> we're going to keep fighting until gun control happens. >> reporter: hope it's the start of a political movement, message to politicians, do something or else. many wore marco rubio price tags. the millions in campaign contributions senator rubio has accepted from the gun lobby divided by the millions of young people in florida. $1.05.
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rubio issued a statement saying in part, i respect their views and recognize that many americans support certain gun bans, however, many other americans do not support a gun ban. some gun right supporters held counterprotests saturday. >> we know that one of the unsafest places in the world are gun-free zones. these school shootings continue to happen in gun-free zones over and over and over. >> reporter: but that's not how it seems to 17-year-old suzanna barna, a photographer for "the eagle eye," the stoneman douglas high school newspaper. what does it mean for you to be here today? >> it means everything. it's incredible to see this happen because of what happened to us, the tragedy and just like that good is coming out of it. >> reporter: you really did get the sense out here that this was a coming of age rally. a lot of the young people participating not even old enough to vote but that isn't
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stopping them. in fact, you get the sense they're just getting started. the big question now, how is that likely to change the debate here on pennsylvania avenue? dan and adrienne. >> yeah, and it's important to remember this is only a month after that dreadful school shooting. david, thank you so much. >> and they will be able to vote soon. >> that's true. in a very short time. the young survivors were at the center of much of the attention but there were plenty of celebrities on hand lending their name, voices and checkbooks to the cause. >> stars from ariana grande to george clooney to paul mccartney getting involved and abc's kenneth moton is also in washington this morning covering that angle for us. kenneth, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and adrienne. no doubt the stars of this movement are the students, but to keep this fight in the spotlight, to keep the momentum, they'll likely needed the support and financial backing of those famous voices. ♪ come together >> reporter: star power boosting
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the march for our lives. >> msd strong. >> reporter: from singers ariana -- ♪ let's go >> reporter: and miley. >> i just find myself lucky to be in the presence of all of you wonderful people fighting for what is right. >> reporter: to broadway actors lin-manuel miranda and ben placke. ♪ tomorrow there will be more of us ♪ >> reporter: celebrities in the entertainment and music industry lending a hand in the coast-to-coast call for gun reforms using their powerful voices for activism. ♪ we will rise up >> reporter: in los angeles -- [ chanting ] >> this is an issue that affects us across the board, not just in classrooms but within our own communities. >> we need to come to some understanding that human lives are more important than gun sales. >> reporter: in d.c. spotted
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standing with hundreds of thousands of marchers, george clooney and his wife humanitarian lawyer amal clooney. the couple donating a half a million dollars to the cause. and in new york, paul mccartney honoring john lennon. >> one of my best friends was killed in gun violence right around here. >> reporter: stars also flooded social media to show their support like many of the activists who took the stage. celebrities also called on young marchers who will soon be 18 to get involved and vote. dan and adrienne. >> paul mccartney making a poignant reference to his friend john lennon who was shot in central park right near that march. kenneth moton, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we're going to turn now to the next story that is likely to dominate our political discussion in the era of trump, stormy daniels. >> tonight's the night for her big interview with "60 minutes" in which she will apparently discuss her alleged affair with trump. but speaking publicly may violate the terms of her nondiclosure agreement. abc news white house correspondent tara palmeri is in
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west palm beach with the story. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and adrienne. that's right. it's the first time president trump isn't punching back on twitter and interest in this interview could eclipse any major announcements or staff shake-ups coming out of the white house. adult film actress stormy daniels threatening the trump presidency in her quest to tell her story about their alleged affair. in a prime time interview, daniels breaking her silence about the alleged affair she claims started 12 years ago, just months after melania had given birth to barron. it's less about the sordid details of a relationship. it's the alleged cover-up. >> it is time to come clean. >> reporter: president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen acknowledges forming a delaware-based shell company to pay daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence. cohen says he was acting as a concerned friend. the money, he says, personal funds from a home equity line. daniels signed the deal just days before the election. the white house has denied the president has any connection to the agreement. >> it's impossible to know where it ends up but certainly there is precedent for a sitting u.s. president to become embroiled in litigation. >> reporter: daniels sued trump
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alleging the agreement was void because then candidate trump never signed it. cohen and the president fired back in federal court claiming daniels has breached the agreement more than 20 times and that they'll be seeking at least $20 million in damages. bracing for backlash from trump and his legal team daniels' attorney michael avenatti tweeted out a picture of a dvd in a safe with a cryptic message, a picture is worth a thousand words. >> how should people know if ing there's anything on that dvd? >> if people think i'm bluffing, they should ask the opponents in countless cases i've had over the last 15 years if i'm generally a guy that bluffs. >> reporter: this just days after former "playboy" model karen mcdougal told anderson cooper about her months long affair with trump. >> were you in love with him? >> yes. >> and do you think he was in love with you? >> he was, yeah. >> reporter: according to the white house president trump and the first lady will not be together when the interview airs. president trump leaves for washington this afternoon and melania will stay behind with
7:11 am
their son barron. the first lady's office told abc news it's part of their spring break tradition. dan, adrienne. >> all right. tara, thank you very much. let's bring in abc's martha raddatz who is in washington where she's going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning to you. let's set aside whatever personal peril this creates for the president and his relationship. how much political peril, if any, does this interview pose for the president? >> well, dan and adrienne, as you know, a lot of people watched that karen mcdougal interview, and a lot more will probably watch the stormy daniels interview tonight. but i think we all have to remember that after that "access hollywood" tape, really nothing happened. he was elected president. people put that aside so tonight when they watch it, i think a lot depends on how much detail she gives. can the detail be proven in any way and, of course, what president trump's response is to that. >> good points, martha. you were at the march as well
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yesterday. the images and speeches moving, but in a country that is deeply divided over gun rights, is this movement genuinely poised to make any concrete progress? >> well, you know, i have to say you really felt that yesterday. the pennsylvania avenue, as it is, david said, was absolutely packed. i talked to a lot of people. there was such a passion there and a lot of those kids talked about moving forward, they talked about the elections and they talked about the midterm elections. so that's where they're really concentrating their power on political change. you certainly get the feeling there will be change and we haven't really seen an anti-gun rally like that in this country that large. so you feel they have the momentum but we've heard that before. but they are determined to keep this going. >> yeah, we heard things like this after newtown, so we're really going to have to see, but interestingly and i know you'll talk about this on the show this morning, you also spent time this week in arizona with young people who are gun enthusiasts. how do they view these marches? >> yeah, you know, i think we
7:13 am
all have to remember that there is another part of america, a big part of america, that is very pro-gun, and in these communities, they shoot guns, they shoot trap. they hold on to their weapons and they will explain that they don't want anything to change, that they give the argument that it's the person who is shooting the gun, not the gun itself. so those are the people that those young people at that rally yesterday will have to change, will have to convince, will have to compromise. we had a wonderful conversation with both sides of that debate on these young people who all said i think we can compromise, so maybe there will be change, but we have to remember that there's another part of america, there's a big part of america that doesn't want that change. >> as we keep saying huge divisions in this country on this issue. martha, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and i want to remind everybody martha has a big show this morning with complete analysis of the march for our
7:14 am
lives. she will go one-on-one with mark kelly, the co-founder of giffords: courage to fight gun violence. plus former joint chiefs chairman mike mullen and bush national security adviser stephen hadley discuss john bolton's appointment as national security adviser. that's coming up on "this week" right here on abc. right now let's get to ron and the rest of the day's headlines. good morning. >> hey there, adrienne, good morning to you and dan, kayna, sam, good morning to you. not in addition but my friend sam here and good morning, everyone. we are going to begin in texas with new details about the recorded confession of austin serial bomber mark conditt. congressman michael mccaul saying that the 23-year-old called himself a psychopath and said he felt no remorse, this in a video confession that was left behind, conditt is accused of killing two people and wounding several others in a series of package bombs. he died himself by blowing himself up in a car as police were closing in. and breaking news in italy. the italian news says they received a warning of a ter
7:15 am
attack in the italian capital. a man hunt is now under way for the 41-year-old suspect who is also a known drug dealer. in north carolina, newly released police body cam video showing a deadly confrontation inside a huntersville hospital. you see there the police behind their shields firing at a 76-year-old patient dressed in a medical gown roaming the halls with a gun. that suspect was killed. the d.a. says that police fired when the man pointed his gun at them. this was last fall. the officers were cleared of all charges. and more problems or prospective problems for the british firm cambridge analytica. the company already under fire for its use of information obtained from facebook users while working for the trump campaign. it is now being investigated for possible ties to the brexit vote that led to britain leaving the european union. the british parliament is now looking into allegations that cambridge analytica could have used data to influence or try to influence the referendum, the brexit referendum in 2016.
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and monuments around the world going dark saturday night to mark the fourth annual earth hour. new york city's empire state building, rome's colosseum and the eiffel tower in paris among the sites switching off their lights to call attention to climate change. earth hour began 11 years ago in sydney, australia. it's now spread to more than 180 countries. a lot of countries. finally, a former football star is selling off one of his prized baseball cards to pay for his dream home. former denver broncos guard evan mathis is auctioning off his 1951 mickey mantle card estimated to be worth $3.5 million, which would eclipse the current record, $23.1 million for honus wagner's 1909, 1911 baseball card that sold a couple of years ago. as dan was pointing out, honus played for what team? >> the -- >> the pittsburgh pirates. >> dan was all -- >> he is the consummate sports expert. >> that's right, pirates.
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>> they're in my ear telling me time to change the subject. weather. that sounds like something good to talk about. >> is it that time already? >> you like to save me. >> i do, sir. does this go in the i owe sam box now? i love that even better. hey, let's get to the wall. we have a lot to talk about but as we walk over there i want to show you snow. snow opportunities are dwindling. as we get into spring. wytheville, virginia, 30,000 without power during the storm and a lot of accidents, two inches an hour of the snowfall there. now check out what was going on in indy, as well. indianapolis snow, 10 inches plus in that area. this is one of the top march snowfalls ever in indianapolis. i think it comes in as like their second, so with that out of the way now this snow has left the area and we'll concentrate on strong storms during the next 48 hours and may be three so look from san angelo to oklahoma city and not just today into tomorrow but the following as well. this will be a strong area right along that dry line which is just an invisible border of where the moisture hits the dry air.
7:18 am
we w but much warmer throughout the week ahead. storm impact scale today, high elevation know and random scattered showers. overall temperatures will be cool, well below average. mid 50s san francisco and the >> so in the deep south we do have an area probably some four to five inches of rain coming this week, so we've got to get people ready. >> i saw miami on that map, 80 what? >> 81. >> that's a hint. >> yes. we like to point out that sam predicts the apocalypse every
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week here on the show for other parts of the country then retreats to miami to enjoy the sun. >> he'll be on a plane shortly. >> what happened to that account i had, that account -- >> iou. >> that's over. >> it's like the weather, it changes. >> you'll wake up and dan will be on your couch bringing sunscreen. >> that's right. >> thank you, as always, sam. >> thank you all. now to the story we mentioned at the top of the show. the ultimate cinderella team is a fairy tale come true for fans. >> the loyola-chicago ramblers trampling kansas state becoming only the fourth 11 seed team to make it to the final four. tony reali is here with all the highlights. tony, good morning. >> a lot of college basketball fans with a smile on their face this morning. one of those times in sports when you're watching something and it's right before your eyes and you still don't believe what you're seeing. i give you the 2018 loyola-chicago ramblers. >> on the take. townes goes. >> reporter: one of the most improbable, incredible, inconceivable runs in ncaa tournament history.
7:20 am
the loyola ramblers are headed to the final four. >> i don't even feel real. i can't even put it into words. >> reporter: you know who else is going, sister jean. >> so here we come, san antonio. be careful. the ramblers are on their way. >> reporter: it was never in doubt. this three-pointer put loyola ahead. >> richardson. >> reporter: and they never looked back. >> richardson. yes! >> down by double digits, richardson. >> reporter: the celebration was madness. it's already a fairy tale ending for this cinderella team. only three other 11 seed teams have ever made it this far in the ncaa tournament. >> it's a group, man. we've been so connected all year and we got so much love for each other. >> reporter: buy loyola and their resident chaplain are rambling on and preparing for next week's showdown against number three, michigan. >> wow. okay. 14 wins in a row, tony. so how are fans reacting?
7:21 am
>> they're deliriously inebriated. i think it is. which is a normal state for a lot of basketball fans. it's impossible -- it's an impossible run when you think of it. i saw the espn tournament brackets, 17.3 million. only 0.5% have them even advancing this far, which is not to say it's undeserved. it's a balanced team, it's a resilient team, the guys winning it for them they had ben richardson, the night before marcus townes and clayton custer and dante ingram. and, of course, sister jean who at this moment now is a meme, a bobblehead. she got her own sneakers and i was story boarding this before. let's make the movie of the loyola-chicago ramblers. who is playing sister jean? meryl streep? >> angela lansbury. >> betty white could pull it off or you have sister jean play herself and gets an oscar to go along with the four miracles she already has which i think is how you get to sainthood. >> she's got four miracles and an egot on the way, perfect.
7:22 am
>> it's the story of the year in college basketball. >> two miracles to qualify. >> you would know this. >> i'm halfway there. >> says ron. >> thank you, tony. great job as always. >> awesome. coming up on "gma," new developments this morning in the deaths of an iowa family on vacation in mexico. what authorities say happened. "good morning america" is brought to you by trivago. the hotel search, hotel, trivago.
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the a's host the giants at 1:05 and the warriors tip off at 5:30 against the jazz. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. here is lisa. >> a mix of clouds and sun and random showers on the peninsula heading along the coast down towards davenport. a little sun out there. 44 in the city and we're chilly in the north and east bay valleys this morning with the 30s. so allow for another jacket today with mid and upper 50s, partly cloudy and isolated shower. caroline. >> thank you, lisa. thank
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, the rallying for change across the country and the world, young voices making themselves heard as hundreds of thousands of people march in cities across america and, as we said, across the world. they're all calling for gun safety and for school safety. the big question, what's next after all the dramatic speeches and the celebrities? can this movement produce real change? also right now, more emojis, apple hoping to add 13 new characters to its devices representing people with disabilities. the new emojis include service dogs, prosthetic limbs and people using canes and wheelchairs. apple submitted them to the unicode consortium which reviews and approves requests for new symbols. and it's palm sunday. christians around the globe are
7:31 am
celebrating the beginning of holy week. pope francis leading prayers at the vatican this morning blessing palms and olive branches all for the crowd. >> so there's a group that approves emojis? >> who knew that? >> he didn't mention anything about holy days but he did mention the sacred emojis. >> yeah, well, i was just thinking -- >> i apologize. priorities, people. >> sam, help me out here. >> i thought, what an awesome job that would be, how do we apply for that? >> i think sam champion should have his own set of emojis. what do you think? >> let's stop this right here. >> they're probably in the works. >> somebody is probably already trying. >> the man is a walking gif and a gift. >> amen, amen on this palm sunday. well, coming up, the football star who is said to be render to surrender to authorities on a felony charge over an incident at the super bowl. wait till you hear about this story. we begin with investigators beginning to unravel a mystery in mexico. >> autopsy results from a family from iowa, it shows they inhaled
7:32 am
toxic gas while inside their vacation condo and abc's erielle reshef has been on this story. she has more now. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan and adrienne. while the autopsy results have been revealed, there are still so many questions. this morning authorities now zeroing in on exactly what inside that condo killed this family of four. this morning, new images as investigators comb the scene and test the air inside a condo in mexico trying to identify the mysterious gas that killed a family of four while on vacation. the bodies of kevin sharp, his wife, amy, and their children, sterling and adrianna, discovered in their condo friday, days after they fell out of touch with friends and family and missed their flight back home. >> their plans were to go to danville to watch the swcc spartans play in the playoff games. when we did not hear from them after that, then we knew something was wrong. >> reporter: panicked loved ones
7:33 am
later learning the worst. overnight, mexican officials ruling the cause of death asphyxiation by inhalation of toxic gases. >> it's something that obviously just overwhelmed all four of them. typically with carbon monoxide poisoning, you start to sort of get woozy and many times people open a door or window and it just goes away. >> reporter: the sharps not the first family sickened by a dangerous substance during a stay abroad. in 2015 the esmond family wound up in intensive care after a poisonous pesticide leaked into their vacation villa in st. john. >> it really damage your nervous system. it can cause long-term and short-term neurological problems. it can cause brain damage. >> reporter: they survived but with life-altering injuries. after months of investigation, the company that applied those pesticides was fined $10 million. mexican authorities say they're still testing to identify the deadly substance in the sharps' condo. they expect those results within the next ten days. while it's unclear what gas may have caused this, experts say
7:34 am
they recommend traveling with one of those portable carbon monoxide detectors. >> really. >> because some places, some countries don't regulate this and some hotel rooms and condos may not have a carbon monoxide detector. >> another thing to worry about. >> seriously. >> another thing to take with you when you travel. >> erielle, thank you very much. appreciate it. let's get it back to sam for another look at the weather. on this sunday morning, sam is in for rob. good morning again. >> hey, good morning, everyone. good sunday morning. let's start with this big dip in the jet stream. this is the time of year that we start to see these. what it does is slows all the systems that are moving across the country, and that's going to become important when this low starts to be a rainmaker, and we're talking about monday all the way into thursday. it's a long period of time. a lot of rain and look at these areas shaded in red go all the way to the highest level there. four inches of rain and that's near monroe toward meridian. even in arkansas all the way into tennessee and kentucky and missouri as well. in that areas that's arkansas toward kentucky they're already one to two times their normal rainfall so it means flooding and it'll be tough and even come with strong storms so watch that
7:35 am
low, the next system that moves all the way across the country. that's the one that starts kicking all that rain in the heartland. there will be a little bit of snow in the northern line and it's one of the last times, one of the last few systems we start to see less and less snow. in case, minneapolis, you needed a little freshen up there on into duluth and most are throwing something at the screen saying we don't, sam, but you're getting it anyway. good sunday morning. cold start in santa cruz. mid to upper 50s later today. a random shower not out of the question but partly cloudy skies for the >> all that weather was >> all that weather was definitely brought to you by target. big-time spring-like weather on the board. >> yes. >> love it. love it. >> thank you. >> see how sad he is when he has
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to say that. it's incredible. >> we love you, sam. >> we do. coming up on "gma," the football star indicted on charges involving an incident at the super bowl. will he turn himself in to authorities tomorrow? and free showings. who is being offered free movie tickets and the stars behind this promotion? that's ahead in "pop news." that's ahead in "pop news." ♪ hop, two, three, four ♪ april's showers raining dinosaurs ♪ ♪ save some leaves for the omnivores ♪ ♪ now stop. okay! ♪ hop don't walk to the candy store ♪ ♪ me and my friends, we know the score ♪ ♪ c'mon everybody take a stop out on the floor ♪ ♪ say cheese if you gotta toy, gotta boy, gotta girl ♪ ♪ tell me something good ♪ tell me something good ♪ tell me something good ♪ tell me something before people invite something they want to know who you are. we're almond breeze. and we only use california-grown blue diamond almonds in our almondmilk. cared for by our family of almond growers. blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk.
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this star player for the philadelphia eagles could turn himself in to authorities as soon as tomorrow. >> yeah. a well-known name, michael bennett, facing a felony charge accused of injuring an elderly disabled woman who happens to be one of the stadium employees at the super bowl. abc's zachary kiesch has details. good morning. >> yeah, good morning. you know, michael bennett is a black athlete known for moving bodies on the gridiron. he's also been outspoken against police in the past and now he's been indicted with a felony leaving some to question if the charge fits the crime. michael bennett is an nfl vet and a super bowl champ earning a reputation as a relentless defender. this morning he's on the defense and a wanted man. >> mr. bennett then went up a 66-year-old black female and pushed her. >> reporter: police say in february of 2017 bennett
7:41 am
disobeyed orders from cops and pushed a disabled woman all in an attempt to celebrate with his family. >> patriots win the super bowl. >> reporter: the new england patriots had just pulled off the greatest super bowl comeback of all time. bennett was there not as a player but as a fan supporting his brother patriots tight end martellus bennett. after the game with a pass hanging from his neck, he rushed onto the field where a local reporter interviewed him. >> this was a storybook ending. man, it couldn't be any better than this. >> reporter: but police say he wasn't supposed to be there and that the employee he pushed sprained her shoulder. now 13 months later a grand jury in texas is indicting him for a felony violent crime. >> it's questionable as to why a year would elapse before charges were actually brought. bennett's incident with the las vegas police made national news and one can only imagine that his commentary may have had some impact. >> reporter: that incident in las vegas was just months after his brother's super bowl win. bennett, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, said he was singled out because he's black, and he was outspoken about it afterwards. >> all of a sudden i hear like somebody say, get on the ground.
7:42 am
like, you know, their guns were already drawn and it's like at that point i'm just thinking, like, is this real right now? >> bennett's lawyer telling some media outlets the nfl star has been traveling out of the country but will turn himself in on monday after he returns. interesting case here. >> really interesting case and a legal journey for him that is just beginning. >> absolutely. especially considering the time that has passed and, you know, obviously the -- >> 14 months. >> and his past experiences with authorities. >> yeah, you can't ignore that, i don't think. >> zachary, thank you very much. really appreciate it. coming up next on "gma," why picking the right time of day to exercise can actually make all the difference. that's coming up in our "weekend download" followed by "pop news." you can't ignore that, i don't think. >> zachary, thank you very much. really appreciate it. coming up next on "gma," why picking the right time of day to exercise can actually make all the difference. that's coming up in our "weekend download" followed by "pop news." yeah you can get a mortgage that avoids pmi, but there's no way to avoid mip on... . hey! this'll help. rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. so, origination fees...
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♪ time for the "download." today we all know the importance of exercise, but does it really make a difference when you do it? i spoke recently to dan pink, author of the new book "when: the scientific secrets of perfect timing." he says the answer is yes. first quickly explain why timing matters. >> well, because we know from a rich body of science that our bodies and our brains do not stay the same throughout the day. our performance changes in very predictable sometimes dramatic ways over the course of a day both our cognitive performance and physical performance. >> really it's about what your goals are. when you know your goals you can pick when. what goals are best achieved by morning exercise? >> morning exercise is best if you want to lose weight. we burn off more calories during morning exercise than later in the day. morning exercise also seems to be better for habit formation. we're more likely to stick to a routine when we're exercising in
7:47 am
the morning. the final reason, which i think is a really good reason for morning exercise, cardio gives you a very significant mood boost and it lasts a pretty long time so if you exercise later in the day, you sleep away some of that mood boost. >> i've actually really noticed that. so what's the case for exercising in the afternoon? >> it's a different case but it's a good case. exercising in the late afternoon and early evening is better if you want to avoid injury because body temperature is higher and we are literally more warmed up. the same reason many people report that afternoon and evening exercise is more enjoyable. it's less effortful and that makes you more likely to keep doing it. and the final reason, which is really interesting, is you perform better later in the day. our hand/eye coordination is better. our lung function is better. our speed is better, in fact, there's a disproportionate number of world records that were set between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., especially in speed events. >> i do both which is why i have such huge muscles. dan, thank you very much. if you want to hear more of my conversation with dan pink, check out the 10% happier podcast available wherever you
7:48 am
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you gotta go to ross. ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. as we head into "pop news," i just want to briefly remark, there are times where i wish you could hear what's in the commercial breaks then there are times when i realize we would get fired. so, kayna, what can we talk about? >> i have some things we can talk about. i think we'll all be able to stay in the building afterwards. sound good? it's a cool story. the movie "love, simon" is getting a whole lot of buzz and hollywood actors are now opening their pocketbooks for the public to be able to see it. it's a coming of age story that stars jennifer garner and nick robinson, and it's about a high school boy trying to figure out how to tell his parents and close friends he's gay.
7:53 am
actor matt bomer posted on instagram, invited people in his hometown to see it for free today and bought out the entire theater. how cool is that? >> wow. >> neil patrick harris is doing the same thing in albuquerque, new mexico, and kristen bell is also buying tickets in minneapolis. she said this movie is a knockout. she has nothing to do with the movie but wants everybody to go see it. >> sam, you said you saw it and found it very moving? >> for me it was a great story. but it's all about inclusion and about talking to people and families and i thought it was awesome. >> so go see it, everybody. especially if it's for free in your hometown, right. >> we love free stuff. also, there is no stopping "black panther." the box office megahit just became the top grossing superhero film of all time in north america. it's expected to end the weekend with about $630 million shooting past "the avengers" which came out in 2012. ticket sales accounted for almost -- listen to this -- almost 40% of box office revenue alone this year. incredible. it's made $1.2 billion worldwide. >> it's like the gdp of wakanda. >> wakanda, fantastic. this is a story we have been wanting to tell you about. i know adrienne likes this one
7:54 am
as well. there's two talented surgeons, they have these musical skills that are absolutely "american idol" worthy. dr. elvis, yes, elvis francois of the mayo clinic in rochester, minnesota, performed a cover of mike yung's debut single "alright" accompanied by dr. william robinson. listen to this. ♪ everything -- >> what? ♪ everything is going to be all right ♪ ♪ everything is going to be all right ♪ ♪ everything >> amazing talent. ♪ everything is going to be all right ♪ >> the video racking up up over a million views and dr. francois noted surgeons have a responsibility to remind patients that everything will, in fact, will be all right. >> hear that just as you're going under. >> currently one of his mentors told him it is their responsibility as they meet people in the worst time in their life to make them feel better. >> he has dreams and aspirations to help people in haiti, as
7:55 am
well. philanthropic, and he can sing. >> notice there's some waffles. >> move along. move along. international waffle day and we're celebrating the waffle and the making of the waffle iron. >> yes. >> my favorite waffle fun fact, the first nike shoes were made in a waffle iron. >> stop it. >> you know what will make this waffle healthier, just add a little bit of this. >> or a lot. >> sam, you want some of this? >> i'll eat dan's waffle. >> i made a little mess. >> sam is very health conscious and i asked him earlier do you eat waffles? and he said i'm about to. >> i'm about to. >> i'm about to. great to have you here this weekend. >> thank you. >> really appreciate it. >> you did amazing. >> thanks, i love being here. >> adrienne does not grade on a curve so you must have done well. adrienne, great job filling in. i appreciate it. paula is back next weekend. have a great weekend, everybody.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm caroline taylor. there is a pop up park, food demonstrations and a mobile climbing walk. you can walk, dance, skate and
7:57 am
play. the first of two sunday streets. today's event is on mission street from silver from 11:00 until 4:00. also, a spring tradition will be in full bloom. it's the official start of macy's 72nd annual flower show. the theme is once upon a springtime. you'll find fairy tale castles and flowers. next month some of the plants will be for sale with the proceeds benefit ting a foundation. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. here is lisa. >> hi, there, good morning to you. the sun is shining but we had a few stubborn showers. here is the live doppler seven around half moon bay, it's been awfully pesky. it will be moving through and
7:58 am
we'll see more sunshine than clouds today. a little over 43 san jose. 40s in santa cruz and 40s in the north bay and well below average, random isolated shower and mid to upper 50s. check out the accuweather seven-day forecast. warmer tomorrow and feeling like summer by the end of the week. >> sounds good. thank you, lisa, thank you for joining ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes)
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life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> announcer: "this week with george stephanopoulos" starts right now. trump unchecked and off script. >> i will never sign another bill like this again. >> the president lashing out after a chaotic week battles over the budget, his cabinet and the military, and looming in the background -- >> do you think stormy daniels and karen mcdougal lying about the affairs? >> are trump's alleged affairs a threat to his presidency and will those claims distract from his agenda? plus, another white house shake-up. >> i didn't really expect that announcement this afternoon. >> is the president eliminating dissent on foreign policy, and how will john bolton impact talks with north korea and relations with russia? former joint chiefs chairman michael mullen and bush national security adviser


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