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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 25, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." in a sea of sea lions, rescuers spot one in trouble. >> they've come out to help her. >> how they managed to save a slippery girl with a big problem. >> good, right, girl? a pair on a motorbike spot a target on the ground. >> so watch this. >> what they try to take that he won't give up. >> oh! >> what? are you kidding me? colin furs has a system to shake the sleep out of you. >> sounds like a plan. >> find out who is in for one rude awakening. and a place of inspiration for musicians. >> playing their instruments in nature. >> see why it doesn't always strike the right note. >> ahh!
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>> oh, man! today we're here at fanny bay, over the last week or so we've had several reports of sea lions entangled in gear, garbage, mostly plastic garbage. >> the vancouver aquarium's marine mammal rescue center has been called out. there are a whole lot of sea lions out there but they're looking for one in particular. they're getting closer and they get out the dart gun, because they need to get to one in particular. >> ooh. ooh. that was cool. >> you see that one, they dart that one. did you notice something? a nylon rope around her neck. they've come out to help her. >> darted and now jumped into the water. now what do you do? >> they gave her a sedative because now they need to get to her to get that rope from around her neck. >> going to be like us on a saturday. like woo, woo!
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>> i feel like i'm in space. >> oh my gosh, it's in there. i don't want it to -- oh my gosh. sorry, big girl. >> ay-yi-yi! >> that's way worse than i thought. >> it's been there for a while. afterward they give her a shot. they don't say whether it's something to wake her back up or if it's antibiotics but she does recover and pep up a bit. >> it looks worse to us but she's a sea lion, probably a thick, heavy coat of blubber. >> they're fleshy. >> maybe it's not as bad as it looks to the untrained marine biologist. >> but the good thing is, there are people who are nearby who were able to go in and help her out. >> i feel awesome. >> what was it? >> the whole reason i wanted to be a wildlife veterinarian, helping animals out, especially those affected by us. that was really good. it's one thing for thieves to take the opportunity, when you're looking away, to take your stuff.
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it's another thing when they try to take something from you, when you're looking. notice this guy sitting there on the ground, with a dog. right there between his legs, but watch this. few guys show up on a scooter and instantly grab for the dog's leash and drag it away. >> what? are you kidding me? >> nope, i'm serious. look at that, it was quick. >> oh my gosh, don't let go. >> the guy in the back has some kind of a pull, maybe with a hook at the end. >> now what? >> the guy does not let go of that dog, though, and gets dragged down the street with the dog. fortunately because of that, they were not successful in dog napping that poor dog. >> what is wrong with people? >> i'm really glad they didn't get away with this one. this next video is inside a school in russia. concerned dad walks into this office, and he starts asking where his daughter is. apparently she hasn't come home
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from school. this is hours after school has been out, and he is trying to figure out where his daughter is. they are telling him that his daughter has been gone for a while, but she's not answering her phone. she's not responding to their text messages. there is some suspicion that she may be a runaway teenager. see if you can spot why she may want to run away. >> whoa. what is that going to solve? >> i understand his mind is probably all over the place but now vandalizing. >> but then you have to question is she safe with him? >> the staff had already notified police that this is going down, and they were waiting for him outside, and he ended up arrested. some reports we were able to figure out she was in communication with her mom. she said she was afraid to come home because she'd gotten bad grades but maybe they worked through that part. as i executed a light saber is tack this morning on my children as a tempted to wake
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them up, there must be another way. there is. colin has one of those smart home hub speaker things and has himself a son. >> i do have an ejector bed, i can't get it to control that but i'm thinking more for my son so i'll make a shaky system and get the son out of his bed and his bed goes woo! >> sounds like a plan. >> but people in california slept through earthquakes. >> he's british it's fine. he gets to almost chopping his finger off and setting fire to the vacuum. despite the setbacks with a bit of grinding, drilling and welding, we end up here. we get the general idea about how this thing is going to be shaking around. the next step. >> the mattress sits on needs mounted and needs to move freely. so sit that on there. >> now it's taking shape, gets himself a crash test dummy to give it a go. more fabrication, mounting,
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screwing, drilling, we get a rodeo. >> giddyap, little horsey. i feel like i should have my cowboy boots on. >> almost gets out of hand. he ends up mounting springs around the outside to keep it in place. turns out there was a drill issue. >> not sure the drill is going to cope with this. it's -- it's smoking away. >> so he gets himself a better drill, then treats the wood, and with help from james to program it all, we end up with this. >> turn on the bed shaker. >> that's like a motion in the ocean right there. >> he put his son in like a morning blender. >> think about it this way, as a parent you could be downstairs in the kitchen and just go, turn on the bed, and then woo, woo, woo, pow! they're awake. this is some bad flooding in
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brazil and as a result there's been landslides, it's starting to affect construction. they're saying this particular situation happened as a result of a water leak. you can hear the ground around that building just start to creek, and then suddenly it's, all just collapses. >> makes you wonder if the building is up to code as well. looks like it was thrown up and you never know when you're out in some parts of the world whether they've been following the rules. >> it's taller than the buildings. almost like the foundation just got washed out from underneath it. >> six houses were affected and the whole street was without water. >> looks like they had it roped off. nobody injured, everybody out in time and out of harm's way. >> no reports of anyone being hurt. the construction itself was patchy. residents report there had been some water leaks and clogging in the area. let's move over to thailand. >> ooh. >> this tropical storm came in from china. >> that roofing material is
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getting tossed around like tin foil, see how quickly it bends and warps. >> strong rain and debris. suddenly the electrical poles tilt over and go into the you anning. >> cool, electricity, methyl, and flammable gas. >> we'll wait this one out. the russian hacker is playing the trendy game let the dogs be in charge. >> he's going to be sleeping well tonight. >> see where they take him, next. get me out of this! >> they're laughing about this stunt. they're also sinking but they're not done sinking yet. >> they got to get out. >> see what happens next, coming up on "right this minute." is going to be able to provide that to their patients. sensodyne rapid relief in my opinion is a game changer. it's going to let the dentist offer their patient sensitivity relief in 3 days. it has a formulation that lays down a barrier of protection against sensitivity. within 3 days, say over the course of a weekend
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e icy hot patch. goes on icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. so you're back to full speed. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. normally when we see the crazy russian hacker he's trying new gadgets and things. today he's jumping on board with his latest trend. >> there's a turn going on, buzzfeed guava juice, i let my dogs walk me for a day. >> are you wearing a leash? do you get to pee on things as you're walking just for fun? >> no, the dogs still do all of that, however, they lead the way. so he calls his dogs out. >> they're ready for a walk. they don't care if they're walking them him or he's walking them. >> they're excited. luke has decided somewhere to go. >> they're determining the pace, the direction and everything. he's going alo the pull.
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>> they're like pulling sled huskies. >> he's going to be sleeping well tonight. >> i hope they're not where i think i'm going to go. no way. >> now we're in a river. >> yeah, we went for the green pastures and now. >> this is not selling us on the idea. >> oh well, they want to go this way. wait, guys. >> i love these dogs. i love that he's letting them choose. >> is the end of him in the video in the wilderness? >> they make their way home. >> right into his cage, he's like i had fun. every group's got that one guy, because he's kind of fun to hang out with, even if he is a bit of an idiot. >> this guy attempted to cross the lagoon in his offroad truck. this guy got in a little too deep. the smokes got wet. at this point it's still kind of funny. the truck is still running. >> he's like get me out of this! >> they're waiting for some of their friends to hook up their
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trucks to help pull him out but they're not done sinking yet. >> they got to get out. >> it's more the crocodiles i'm worried about. >> i knew i shouldn't have [ bleep ] done this. >> it was a good idea. >> no, it went we. >>. he said he finally caved to peer pressure after an hour challenging each other. who is going to do it. >> we shouldn't have done this. >> duh. >> that is going to be literally on his tombstone. i shouldn't have done this. >> hurry the [ bleep ] up. what are you doing? >> he's really freaking out because it's taking too long for the guys to help pull him out. >> guys! >> they finally get one truck hooked up. >> they must not have thought this lagoon was that deep or did they think they'd float on past? >> you are using think and thoughts and there's none of that. all right, that one truck gives and keep in mind this truck is full of water. it might as well be a 12 ton anchor in there. second truck hooked up and
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finally -- yahoo!! they get that truck pulled out of the water but the adventure isn't over yet. >> oh, look at all that water! it's gonna stink real bad. >> i'll turn it off. >> it should be off. >> he turned the truck off, but it's still running. there's all kinds of shorts and electrical issues now. word is the truck eventually stalled out. they had to get a tow truck to lift this truck. tow truck was struggling because they were on the beach. this is probably the worst decision this guy has ever made. >> there will be more though. >> oh, yeah. >> i've caused so much damage today. make sure to take this video very despacito. ♪
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>> yes! hey. >> i loved it. >> taking the scene from "big" and made it bigger. ♪ >> that's kind of what they're doing. ♪ all four of these very talented people playing despacito. >> oh, just showing out. >> this girl right here with the gray shirt walks to the end of the piano and starts doing this. >> this is the beauty of the internet, being able to see people showcase their talent, i love it. >> turns out this is something you could get for your events and your parties, but you have to be in italy if you want this particular one because this belongs to rafaela rossi from prestige events. ♪
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she has a bump on her nose and doesn't like it. >> you can barely see it though. >> but it bothers her. and so she's getting a 15-minute nose job. >> see how it turns out, next. it's a fight the kangaroo versus that flag. >> you're not so big, flag. what are you looking at? >> go home, roo, you're drunk. see what wins, coming up on "right this minute." but so began the year of me. i discovered the true meaning of paperless discounts... and the indescribable rush of saving drivers an average of $620. why does fear feel so good? i fell in love three times -- once with a woman, once with a country, and finally... with myself. -so, do you have anything to declare or not? -isn't that what i'm doing? new tattoo studiofor brow geleclare or not? from maybelline new york. just apply and blend
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have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® to meet her family. for that big moment. for that first hug. colgate total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a healthier mouth. so you're totally ready! colgate total. be totally ready for life. promotional considerations provided by -- p you
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from all the fun this winter. cortizone-10 works fast to help soothe irritation and relieve itch for 10 full hours. cortizone-10. and relieve itch for 10 full hours. turn it off, ifwith icy hot® smart only smart relief is indicated to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. this is ruby lallia. she said when she started getting on social media, she would get positive feedback, but she also got something negative. >> from my ethnic background being indian it's common to have a hump on the nose. >> she wanted to do something about it. >> you can barely see it. >> it bothers her so she's getting a 15 minute nose job. >> going ten rounds with somebody? >> 15 minutes? >> yes, 15 minutes. this woman just wanted something simple. she said she thought about rh o rhinoplasty.
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she decided to get filler in her nose so she went to this man. >> dr. beautiful. >> this is dr. esche in london and can he work with somebody's nose using hyalauronic acid. >> it's injecting a filler that will lift the skin above the bump. >> yes and he's just molding your nose to where he feels like it's perfection. he says it can last six months to a year. >> okay, so it isn't like a permanent solution. she can try out the new nose, give it a test drive and if she doesn't like it, return it. >> exactly. that's why she liked this idea. both talked to refinery 29 about this process and she wanted to try this before she tried rhinoplasty which is invasive and more expensive. he numbs her up and shows people how he does it. >> good. >> after it's done, after the doctor feels like it's smooth and it's perfect. >> since having the nonsurgical nose job i feel more confident and the filler has done the job
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of getting rid of the hump on my nose. >> it is straighter. >> the question i want to know is why do people go on social media and say your nose looks funny. why would you waste your time? >> they're called trolls. >> you have to go with the motion of your life and do what makes you happy. go home, roo, you're drunk. this roo at the 5th hole in queensland, australia. > you're not so big, flag. what are you looking at? >> i'll take you out. >> pretty much exactly like that. looks up to the flag. stand still. stand still. >> oh my gosh, that roo is being taunted by that flag. >> help me out with this flag. why is this roo like this? >> exactly what you said, i have no other reason. >> this thing must have found something that put it in a certain mental state. >> we've seen so many videos of this outside australian clubs. >> he looks over at the camera, what? you want some of this?
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this is completely different but still just as amusing. little boy in china decided to figure out his way to build himself a billiard table. >> good effort. >> i love it. >> somewhere along the way he got himself a cue and balls. i don't know if i'm ever going to come across a table so i will make my own, just dog some hougs in the clay and he'll be the next pool pro. >> if he can master the game in those conditions, imagine what he could do in a nice, smooth table. >> that being said i hope some pool pro or snook pro decides to send this kid a table. >> please do! it's a chinese game show, and the question is, who eats the cotton candy faster? >> no! >> no, she did not just do that.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room
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for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card. and voila, you don't need any cotton balls. musicians often find inspiration when they're out in nature, playing their instruments. that's what's happening with this young lady. ♪ >> ahh! >> oh, man, she had the greatest shot, too. it was so poetic. >> she was playing a popular thai song, she had her camera
2:27 pm
rolling, i'm sure she thought she was going to nail it. >> ahh! >> ahh! >> oh god, i'm sorry, i'm a horrible person. >> she's laughing, too, it's fine. >> i hope her guitar didn't get ruined. >> everything is all wet in this jukin video. >> she'll never be able to perform that song again. >> or when she does she'll make sure her hammock is secure or do is inside. this next video has everybody on the internet pretty amused as well. this is a chinese game show called "i am the big winner." well, your girl is the big winner, okay? they both got their cotton candy and game on. >> no! no she did not just do that. >> oh yes, she did. reports are that while he was trash talking her, she was already figuring out in her mind how she was going to take him down. and she did just that. >> that makes perfect sense. >> the contest is just who can eat it the quickest. >> put the audio on this.
2:28 pm
>> it's the way she stands as soon as she's done. >> he's got his eyes closed, has no idea he lost so bad. >> and of course it's gone viral because women are always better at everything. >> and when you win, it's because we let you. >> ha. that's our show. we'll see you next time on a fresh episode of "rtm."
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