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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 26, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it's traumatizing, if it were to happen to anyone. that's just sad. >> the man then stabbed himself. he is hospitalized in unknown condition. police say this could be a case of domestic violence. it is now 4:30. if you're just waking up, a quick update from weather and traffic. we'll start with mike. >> we'll start by opening the weather window on our roof camera. you can see how dry the embarcadero is this morning. let's jump into the 12-hour planner. 38 to 44 is where you should dress for the morning. grab sunglasses. you will need them all day. mid to upper 50s at noon. still in the 50s on the coast. mid-60s, average around the bay and inland. 58 for the bay and inland neighborhoods. let's talk b. more about the traffic with a licks. >> talking about the roadways -- maybe the cash lanes in the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like they need to open up
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more tollbooths. no metering lights yet. drive times are looking good. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, you're in the green at 33 minutes. maybe a little bit of stop-and-go traffic filling in as we watch that change over from green to yellow. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 14. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, looking good in the south bay. in the green at 16 minutes. adult film star stormy daniels says she was threatened to stay quiet about the affair she says she had with donald trump. >> her interview is the most detailed account yet of her alleged relationship with mr. trump and fallout since it was reveal revealed. serena marshall is live with more. serena? >> reggie, natasha, good morning. stormy daniels, whose real name is stephanie clifford says she's speaking out to defend herself. it will mean a legal battle with the president's lawyer over that nondisclosure agreement. >> stormy daniels interview made
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air. >> you had sex with him? >> yes. >> you were 27, he was 60. were you physically attracted to him? >> no. >> the bombshell 60 minutes interview follows a confidentiality agreement she signed for $130,000 just days before the 2016 election. but daniels claims the contract is void because then candidate trump never signed it. president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen acknowledges he paid her from personal home i can -- equity line. she's liable for damages in excess of $20 million. >> it's very important to defend myself. >> even though in january she issued a statement denying the affair happened. she said she did so under pressure. >> they made it sound like i had no choice. >> after receiving this 2011 trump when trying to go public. >> the guy walked up on me and said to me, leave trump alone,
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forget the story. he leaned around and looked at my daughter. that's a beautiful little girl, it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. >> overnight, cohen's lawyer sent a letter following the interview singling out claims that they were false and defamatory. he said -- >> it is thuggish behavior from people in power and it has no place in american democracy. >> cohen insists neither the trump campaign for the trump organization were involved in the payment. >> it's the timing of the payment coming to daniels just days before the election that have raised questions over possible violations of campaign finance laws. live in washington, serena marshall, abc 7 news. now a live desk update. >> now to an update on two police officers injured in a shooting in austin, texas overnight. at least one of the officers was shot, another hurt getting away from gunfire. they remain at the hospital at
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this hour. they're expected to survive. the two were shot responding to a 911 call at a duplex. they knocked on the door. no one answered and as they were leaving, shots were fired at them. s.w.a.t. was also called in. police officers eventually shot and killed the suspect there and an investigation under way right now. reggie? >> student organizers in the bay area are looking ahead to what happens next with gun control. this is after the biggest youth march since the vietnam era. there are 800 separate rallies across the country on saturday. marchers demanded changes to gun control laws after the recent school shooting in parkland, florida. students know change won't come easy. a san jose state professor is encouraged. >> young people are taking ownership of this issue. just as we saw with the student activists during the vietnam war. >> many students say the next step is getting friends and classmates to register to vote.
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one of the most famous gun sellers has filed for bankruptcy. remington outdoor made guns for 200 years. they had plans to file last month. remington plans to continue operations and reduce debt by $700 million through bankruptcy. facebook is facing more questions about privacy this morning. the website reports facebook has collected contact names, telephone numbers, text messages from android users for years. facebook responded saying it only collects the information from users who allow it. the company says the information is kept on secure servers and not used. it's used to improve people's experience. that came as mark zuckerberg apologized for the cambridge analytica scandal in full page newspaper ads. he said we have a responsibility to protect our information. if we can't, we don't deserve
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it. it's accused of improperly obtaining data from 50 million facebook users to manipulate u.s. elections. british investigators raided the london office over the weekend. both cambridge analytica and facebook deny wrongdoing. police are looking for an arsonist who set fire to a church basement. this happened in the sunset district as parishioners celebrated palm sunday yesterday afternoon. the service was held in a building used for social events because the fire damaged the main church. arson investigators say the fire started in the basement and was no accident. >> they said that there were accelerant marks on the floor and it looked like it was intentionally set. >> flames gutted rooms used by preschool and the church's sunday school. no word on how much the damage will cost to repair. the sonoma county sheriff is warning the public that a homeless man could be a danger to the community. here's a look at 47-year-old timothy cot letter. investigators say he tried to lure a young girl into his car
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on wednesay in larkfield. the girl refused to get in. an at&t worker helped authorities track down his car. he was found at a local rescue mission. he was arrested friday. then he was later released on bail. happening today, secretary of energy, rick perry, begins a three-day visit to the bay area. he will kick off the trip today with a tour of the lawrence, livermore and scanned i can't national laboratories. tomorrow he will tour the berkeley lab. perry wraps up his bay area swing on wednesday. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. start with temperatures in san francisco. 42 in potrero hill. the cool spot. in the ferry building, 49 and 48 for the warmer sports. sunset marina at 47. everybody else around 44 to 46 degrees. let's take a look elsewhere. having a hard time getting some of these reporting station toss plot. we'll look at that later.
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here's a look at walnut creek looking south on 680. clear sky out there and dry. look at this. commute planner, green everywhere. no rain or fog on the roads. mass transit, cool to mild. breezy at times on a ferry. here's a look at the east bay valley. 53 at 10:00, noon 60 on the way to 67 by 4:00. back to 58 by can have to 8:00. for the peninsula, start off at 45. low 60s heading through the afternoon hours. a whole lot of sunshine in our forecast in the beginning of a warming trend. i must say congratulations. >> final four. >> michigan and kansas. >> hopefully we face off in the championship, right? >> that's the only way it will happen. >> be fun if it does. >> basketball gods were good to mike and i over the weekend. the traffic odds are good to you this morning too. off to a quiet start on the roads. up to the richmond area on the
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traffic maps much we've got a minor issue. we have reports of a disabled vehicle. so that is reportedly blocking one lane right now. i'm not seeing any red on the traffic centers. everything looking green approaching the bridge and then here's a look at the area on the traffic cameras i should say. just a few vehicles headed towards us. ideal traveling conditions. we don't have any maj jorn incidents today. one minor trouble spot from the east bay. we'll talk about that coming up next. coming up, major tension in the middle east. missiles shot overnight causing -- >> a new twist in the rivalry between the a's and giants. the gut wrenching choice giants fans had to make to save 20 bucks. first, it was a flame first, it was a flame thrower.
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it's 4:42 on a monday morning. wall to wall sunshine across the state today. low to mid-70s in l.a. and palm springs. 58 in monterey. 50 today in yosemite and 38 in tahoe. there's a ton of snow to ski on. temperatures getting back to average tomorrow. warmer than average wednesday through saturday.
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tensions are high in the arabian peninsula this morning. officials in saudi arabia have intercepted ballistic missiles. they were fired at four target areas and air defense forces are reporting that all seven were destroyed. but unfortunately, fragments rained down on a few residential neighborhoods, as you can see here in this video. one man was killed. the iran-backed group is blamed for this missile attack. you may know that historically saudi arabia and iran have been at odds. officials say this hostile act from yemen threatens regional and international security. >> jessica, thank you. streets surrounding the pedestrian bridge collapsed in florida are now open to traffic. >> it's been two weeks since it fell killing six people, including a student at a nearby florida university. three others were injured. the bridge collapsed five days after it was constructed.
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workers were adjusting tension on two rods at the north end of the span when the structure fell. the speedy construction process used to raise the bridge in one day is being scrutinized. warriors head coach steve kerr says steph curry will not play in the first round of the playoffs after injuring his javale mcgee fell into him. >> he disagreed with kerr. >> hopefully i prove what coach said wrong and get back in as psoon as possible. right now, who knows? just try to do my job in the rehab process and get back as soon as i can and control my presence with the team and everything anyway i can while not on the floor. curry will be reevaluated april 14 ht. a parking surcharge for
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giants fans attending game one of the bay bridge series. >> abc 7 news was at the coliseum where there was an ultimatum of sorts. say go a's and pay 30 bucks to park or don't say it and pay 50 bucks for parking. many giants fans found the $20 savings to be enough to give up their allegiances for a second. some diehards would rather take a hit to their wallets than cheer on the a's. >> going to be 50 for parking unless you say go a's. >> we say go giants. i'll go the a's if they don't play my giants. sorry. all good. >> let me get you your receipt. >> part of a helping to keep this place open, i guess. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was so shady. >> the a's president announced the surcharge on saturday to lure new fans to a's games. the team celebrating its 50th season in oakland. >> by the way, the giants won.
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>> 50 bucks for parking. >> that's cheap. >> is it cheap? >> for most sporting events and concerts, don't you think? >> really? >> i don't think it's cheap. but in general as far as it goes, that's not terrible. >> i think for baseball, it's a fleece. 82 home games and you're going to pay 30 to $50 for parking. >> that's crazy. >> not right. the forecast is free. >> always. that's why i can say that, right? good morning everybody. let's take a look at what's going on. i'm sure it's cheaper if you have season tickets. you can see how clean it is out there. dry pattern develops. cool nights and afternoons ahead. pollen could be a problem as more things are going to burst as we head deeper into the week. the jet streams, to the north, to the south. we're in between. a period of dry weather. look at the temperatures today. mid to upper 50s along the coast until you goat santa cruz at 61.
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richmond, lakeport, palo alto, morgan hill in the 60s. let's see where we end up tonight under a clear sky. we'll have temperatures that will dip down into the low 40s in our deepest inland valleys. the rest of us in the mid to upper 40s to 50 in san francisco. let's take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast and what you're going to see. 70s return to the inland neighborhoods tomorrow. 70s for all of us wednesday. for the home opener for the a's on thursday, we could push 80. same thing on friday. then back in the mid-60s to mid-70s for saturday and for easter sunday. let see if alexis has good news for you this morning? >> i sure do. starting off quiet on this monday morning. we may see lighter volumes the next couple of weeks with a lot of folks on spring break. one new issue in the east bay. westbound 24 near fish ranch road. disabled vehicle reported outside of caldecott tunnel in
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the slow lane, the far right lane. if you're leaving orinda towards the bay bridge. walnut creek, southbound 680, light volumes approaching 24. we'll take a look at mass transit coming up just before 5:00. elon musk announced new boring company merchandise is coming soonment. >> in a tweet, there will be lego-like looking bricks to create sculptures and buildings. they'll be bored in the middle so not heavy. the first kit lg ancient egypt, the first kit lg ancient egypt, including pyramids and a >> what? >> the report says apple is planning to change the design of its smartphone. >> imagine a robot that can mick i am your facial expressions. a possible new phone from apple. >> an analyst says therapy working on a phone to double as a tablet.
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don't get too excited. it won't be out until 2020. apple proposed a new group of emote cons to represent disabled people. >> service dogs, the deaf and people in wheelchairs. the emote cons still have to be approved. they'll be available first half of next year. a robot in touch with his emotions. >> he can mimic every human expression. he was wired with a camera that records the face of a real person and replicates the expressions in a matter of seconds. >> looks creepy. >> he does a little bit. i think i know him. those are your techbytes. that guy. >> also it reminds me of the older models on pirates of the caribbean. >> the ones in the back, really scary looking ones. >> you got it. next, what not to do when you're taking your driving test. >> if you think you're paying more at the pump, you are right. how much higher gas prices are
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expect today
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all right. welcome back. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. look how close temperatures are getting to average today. this is probably one of the coolest days this week. i'll show you what it's going to be like by thursday. who may have some 80s by then. >> mike, thank you. >> look at this. you're looking how a teenager's
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driving exam ended. as you can expect the 17-year-old flunked her road test and the dmv employee was treated for minor injuries. they believe the teen put it in drive instead of reverse getting out of the parking space. it's not clear when the teenager will be retaking the test. i hope a lot of practice is in order. >> i would say never. hopefully, at least not at that dmv. now to a high flying rescue involving alameda county firefighters. they were called to help rescue a coopers hawk stuck in a 50-foot high tree. it was entangled in fishing or kite wire. many helped in the rescue. the hawk is fine this morning. gas prices keep creeping toward the $4 a gallon mark. the average price is $.07 gallon. one of the highest averages in the nation. $3.54. st. louis has the least
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expensive gas. $2.22. earlier in the year, they said we could see $4 a gallon by memorial day this is wild. snacks, soda, now cars. shoppers in china can test drive and buy a car using a vending machine. ford and alley bab a the test center. you use an app to select the car you want. then you go to the center where the cars revolve like a wheel. users can take it for a three-day test drive. if they're happy with it, they can buy it directly through the app or try a different car. >> whoa. future is now. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. what you're looking at are highs yesterday compared to what's going to happen thursday where we'll be from 12 to 22 degrees warmer. look at concord. going from 60 to 82 degrees. here's a look at what's going to
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happen beyond that. through the weekend. temperatures are going to be well warmer than average as a cold snap hits the eastern 2/3 of the country. let's check in with alexis. >> taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. light volumes with the exception of the cash lanes. a little stacked up on either side of the toll plaza. those metering lights should flip on in about 30 minutes trying to get through with fastrak or carpool lanes. i have an update here. 28 minutes late on their website out of stockton. we just called and talked to them. there's an issue with the gps sensor on their mapping system. it's not late. so don't worry. there are no ace delays. i'm going to update my graphic. they said help spread the word. they should all be on time this morning as well. no issues on b.a.r.t. san francisco, normal service should be a beautiful day on the bay. next at 5:00. a neatly folded piece of paper told the story of a
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couple's love. it's back with their family thanks to a curious man. >> chris bowers found the note along the street in orlando, florida. it turned out to be a love letter written in 1977. bowers went to next door to find someone connected to that note. that note was inside a suitcase stolen from the couple's daughter. >> i've never opened it. i couldn't tell if anything was missing. i had no idea what was missing, what wasn't. >> we'll have a good life together and nice looking kids who will have the looks of their mother, but not her ears. they will have mine. >> the ears i have. >> both of the woman's parents have passed away. so she plans to spend time privately reading the words her father penned to her mom. >> i'm glad it made its way back to her. a shelter in place order at a school after a threat at a sporting goods store. growing outrage over the death of an unarmed man in sacramento. the call from the sacramento kings and the big name civil
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rights activist attending stephon clark's funeral. one of uber's competitors says it wouldn't have happened to them. here's a live look outside at 4:57. keeping up traffic and weather information throughout the break. you're always in the know. you have to take a first step to take a stand. it's the job of everyone here at abc 7 to share your stories. to tell the truth. help you understand the truth. empower you. empower your family. whether you're worried about your daughter at work or your son at school, we're here to connect you with local experts and resources whenever you need them. anyone can cover local news, but it takes a trusted ally to do your story justice. your story justice. find your ally at
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good morning. welcome to a new week. it's monday, march 26th. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the day ahead. >> we're going out like a lamb. it's going to be quiet this week. dry an live doppler 7 right now. let's jump into what you need for the rest of the day. looking at the east bay hills camera. not very breezy. chilly this morning. in the upper 30s to mid-40s. mid to upper 50s by noon. mild there. stay in the mid-50s at the coast. mid-60s at 4:00. warmer and drier around our bay and inland neighborhoods. about 53 to 58 at 7:00. sun doesn't set until 7:27. you get home early, you can have dinner out on the porch. alexis? >> taking a look at the roads. off to a fairly quiet start. we had one earlier i


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