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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> the facebook data debacle expands tonight to include other silicon valley tech giants. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm alma daetz. we begin with an invitation tonight to the top brass of facebook, google and twitter. >> the senate judiciary committee wants to hear what the ceos have to say about privacy issues. it comes as facebook faces new fallout over its data security concerns. >> pep boys said today it's suspending its advertising on facebook. >> while the federal trade commission says it is now investigating the company's privacy practices. >> and now another potentially negative headline is plaguing facebook. claims that i.c.e. is using the site to find and track undocumented immigrants. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has our story. >> reporter: santa clara hosted a citizenship resource fair sunday night.
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vice mayor proud of the city's sanctuary status. >> our city is all-inclusive. we respect everybody. >> reporter: based on e-mails and documents obtained through a public records request, intercept reported that i.c.e. used back-end facebook data to locate immigrants to be deported. i.c.e. responded with a statement that reads in part, the recent accusation that u.s. immigration and customs enforcement requested information from facebook to find and track aliens for the purpose of making administrative arrests due to civil immigration violations is baseless. the intercept cited a specific example of a person tracked by i.c.e. in new mexico. facebook respond ed in this case i.c.e. sent valid legal process to us in an investigation said to involve an active child predator. even so, an immigrant rights attorney offered this advice to all facebook users. >> any time you are logged into a service, there is associated information that law enforcement could have access to that could
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help them identify your location. >> reporter: but an allegation that i.c.e. is using facebook to track undocumented immigrants is getting one elected official to take notice. >> you would never have i.c.e. be allowed to break into someone's home or come into someone's community without a warrant, without a judge-authorized procedure. >> reporter: the congressman said a person's facebook page is like their home in santa clara, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> there is this, the 2020 u.s. census will ask respondents if they are u.s. citizens. the commerce department made that controversial announcement tonight. california attorney general xavier becerra said he will true the trump administration from the question being included. it is illegal and would result in inaccurate census counts. >> the family the man sacramento police shot is seeking justice for stefan clark. they want charges against
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officers who shot him 20 times in his grandmother's yard march 18. police said they thought he had a gun in his hand but it turned out to be a cell phone. >> shoot him in the leg, shoot him in the arm, send the dogs, send a taser. why? you didn't have to do that. >> with will stand up for stephane. we will speak up for stephane. and we will fight for stephane. >> clark's shooting death has spashlgd a series of protests throughout the city. sacramento's police chief has promised a full investigation. the city council plans to have a public discussion on clark's shooting at its meeting tomorrow night. >> the man who tried to buy a gun at big 5 sporting goods in san mateo and said that he'd shoot up a school is in police protective custody at a hospital for mental evaluation. surveillance video shows the man whose identity has not yet been released in the store on el camino real friday night. employees did not sell him a gun and asked him to leave. the man told officers he was
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joking and a popologized. the president is denying all of the claims that stormy daniels made in an interview last night. while the legal battle between the two intensifies, abc7 news reporter megan hughes has the very latest. >> reporter: tonight a chass many between the stories coming from adult film store stormy daniels and president trump. daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford broke her silence on 60 minutes. >> you had sex with him? >> yes. >> the president doesn't believe any of the claims that ms. daniels made last night in the interview are accurate. >> reporter: more than 20 million people tuned in to watch those claims. the white house did not say whether the president was one of them. daniels gave an interview to a magazine in 2011 about the alleged affair five years earlier. it was never published and she said she was never paid. but afterwards she alleges she was physically threatened. >> a guy walked up on me and said to me, leave trump alone. forget the story. and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, a beautiful little girl, it
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would be a shame if something happened to her mom and he was gone. >> reporter: she did not provide evidence of the alleged threat, but she claims the alleged encounter is one reason she signed a $130,000 -- with the president's personal lawyer michael cohen. just 11 days before the election. cohen says he was acting on his own, but during the negotiations he used his trump organization e-mail address and daniels' lawyer at the time sent documents to cohen's office in trump tower. the white house says the president himself didn't know about the payment. >> i can say categorically and obviously white house didn't engage -- and claiming the deal broke campaign finance law. mgan
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washington. >> a man in the north bay is accused of having a dirty secret in his backyard. investigators say they found a homemade pipe that dumped thousands of gallons of raw sewage into roen arc park sewage system. abc7 news reporter kate larson has the details. >> reporter: one call does it all. the septic service promises to do on his website which is still up and running despite the fact he's been charged with two dozen crimes. >> they should put him behind bars, lock the key up or fine him big time. >> reporter: he was properly disposing waste water at the laguna treatment plant in santa rosa. this is what chavez should have been doing with the septic waste he collected from customers who instead detective bran enmathews said from the crimes unit, he was illegally dumping the waste on his property. >> he had retrofitted a manhole in his -- backyard of his private residence and that manhole discharged to the sewer system on his private residence ultimately linking to the sanitary sewer system.
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>> reporter: based on the hundreds of times chavez allegedly emptied his tank illegally on his property, detectives believe he avoided almost $130,000 in fees to this water treatment facility. and while the crimes may be motivated by money, there are also detrimental to the environment. >> it's going to pollute the ground. kids play in it, our family plays in it. they'll get sick. unless it goes into the groundwater. >> reporter: chavez was previously convicted. he is due back in court in may. kate larson, abc7 news. >> the city says alameda's washington park is safe days after a man was crushed by a tree that fell while he was watching his daughter play softball. abc7 news was in alameda today as city crews inspected the trees. an area where the monterey pine fell on the man friday night is off limits. another check of the trees will happen in the coming weeks.
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the city says the afternoon at the juan creek bridge 30 minutes north of -- >> dave ka val says the team is offering to buy the land from oakland and alameda county outright for $135 million. kaval is expected to discuss the offer with city officials this week. >> the a's spent their evening at a different ballpark across the bay. game two of the bay bridge series took place tonight at&t park. abc7 news reporter lilian kim talked to fans excited about a new season. >> reporter: it was the giants' first game at at&t park this
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year. the exhibition match up between the giants and the a's drew thousands of fans from both sides of the bay. >> my husband is a giants fan so kind of we both come and give each other a bad time and it's kind of time to get the season started. >> reporter: no apparent tension at this family rivalry, but there is hardware at stake. a trophy made from steel recycled from the old eastern span will go to the winner of the bay bridge series each season. >> i'm looking forward to it. any time you have a chance to win some hardware, that's a good thing. so, we'll both be battling for this. >> reporter: of course the excitement will be next week for the home opener, the giants versus the maraners. and giants fans we talked with are feeling optimistic about the fact madison bumgarner will be out with an injury the first two months. >> hopefully it will pickup. i'm sure it will start slow, but, you know, it's a long season. 162 games. >> hopefully the bats can um alive this year. it's been a while since our bats have done something so let's put it together!
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>> reporter: as excitement over opening day grows so does the price gouging. at last check spots in the lot are going for $110 on stub hub. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> ouch. tonight's game ended a half hour ago with the a's winning 9-2. larry will have highlights in sports. >> stay here with us. a lost cat caused a big scare for some neighbors. >> we're not just talking about an indoor cat here. >> he stood looking there at me and i said, ooh, mama mia. >> that's a big kitty. ahead, hear from a whom who came face to face with a very curious mountain lion. >> take a look at a wrong turn in san francisco. what a driver blames for this mistake. >> and out of the running movies made by a bay area company are now banned from competing in the prestigious cann film festival. >> i'm meteorologist
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a mountain lion proved to be a little too friendly for neighbors in southern california. reporter rob hayes from our sister station in los angeles has a look. >> reporter: the cougar was roaming through several back yards along the azusa greens country club golf course spotted around 6:15 this morning. police hoped she would leave. she didn't. >> originally we were going to try to get it to kind of leave on its own and go back up into the foothills. eventually for public safety we decided the better option would be to dart it because it wasn't making the quick escape we were hoping it was going to make. >> reporter: california ask fish and wildlife officers darted the cougar. they say the mountain lion is a fully grown female, blind in one eye, no cubs, not tagged, just enjoying a short dart nap before being cut loose. >> we're going to take it up
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into open space, sit with it for a while. i have biologists and supervisor on the way to make sure it's okay. >> reporter: meantime the mountain lion's morning visit an adventure for 91 phyllis. you can see the big cat trying to get into her home. she's right on the other side of that glass door. >> ooh, my! >> that will wake you up in the morning. >> i grabbed my chair because it was right in my door. my kitchen door. and he stood looking there at me like that and big blue eyes, like that. and i said, ooh, mama mia. >> reporter: rob hayes, abc7 news. >> big cat. well, taking a wrong turn in san francisco can add minutes to your drive time or a lot worse than that. look at what happened this afternoon. sky 7 was over the safe way in the castro district where a car with an uber sticker on the windshield wound up on the steps. the driver told business insider that uber's gps app told him to
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go down the stairs. >> well, if the app tells you too. >> right. >> one place you will not find netflix is at this years' cannes film festival. organizers banned films from netflix from competing from the top award because the films aren't released in theaters. also banned from the festival, selfies. they are no longer allowed on the red carpet. >> all right. if you like the weather today, you're going to really like the forecast. >> oh, yeah. meteorologist sandhya patel has all the details for us. hi, sandhya. >> hi, dan and alma. we're going to see even warmer weather than we saw today. certainly we'll be seeing more of this. take a look at the sunset, 7:27 from our east bay hills camera. it was a beautiful view as the sun was going down, a few wispy clouds passing through. occasional sun, high clouds throughout the workweek, but temperatures will be going up. so, get ready to feel the warmth. i do want to show you the temperature trend as we head into the next few days, and that is it's going to be warmer over
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the next couple of days. so, now let's take a look at what's going on in terms of live doppler 7 and we'll see that there is a little bit of cloud cover right along the coast, but overall skies are clear across the rest of the bay area. showing you the reservoirs now, take a look at the first column. that's percentage of capacity. the second column is percentage of average historically speaking. we are doing pretty good around the state. you will notice lake shasta about 105% of average, percent of capacity, 83%. it certainly can hold more water. don pedro, 89%, folsom lake 85. you will notice the percentage of average is above, which is looking good. we will certainly take any more rain we can get because the rainy season we are behind, anywhere from about 53% of average in san jose all the way to about 66% of normal in oakland. and as you take a look at the statewide snow pack, it got a boost from all the snow recently. statewide 58% of average. march 1st, 24% of normal.
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so, almost a little bit over double that. temperatures right now 40s, 50s. here's a live picture from our sutro tower camera. it's a beautiful view, mainly clear in the morning. warming trend continues tomorrow, and our dry pattern holds through the weekend. first thing in the morning when you get going, upper 30s to low 50s. it will be cool enough to where you'll require a light jacket. for the afternoon we'll go short sleeve weather. really mild in the south bay. 73 santa clara. san jose, lose gatos on the peninsula, nice and sunny. redwood city to menlo park, 62 in half moon bay, downtown san francisco 68 degrees. north bay temperatures you'll be primarily in the 70s except in places like sausalito, 69 degrees, 75 in santa rosa. above average in many areas in the east bay 70, oakland san leandro had inland. 73 in concord, 72 in livermore. if you're looking for rain, april 3rd, april 4th, it looks like some rain may be trying to sneak in here so we will look for those april showers. until then, accuweather
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seven-day forecast milder weather for your tuesday, warming trend pushes those temperatures up into the low 80s. wednesday through friday inland. 60s coast side and then a little cooler for your easter weekend. certainly not expecting any rain on sunday. temperatures will be in the comfort zone, low 60s to mid 70s, dan and alma. >> all right, thank you, sandhya. >> very good. coming up next, this new bride's commitment to her unconventional groom. >> and it's all rooted in love. tomorrow on "good morning america," zach
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this florida woman went out on a limb for love and a
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100-year-old ficas tree. >> she married it over the weekend to save it from being chopped down. karen cooper vowed to protect and preserve her century-old groom before her officially do. >> neighbors witnessed the ceremony. they grew up climbing the tree and sitting in its shade. they appreciate cooper's commitment. >> her husband is the strong silent type. >> good one. top that, larry. >> he's got nice branches. old family roots for the giants, but he plays for the a's. mark hannah sent his family home rather unhappy tonight in
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abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good morning. mark hannah grew up in san jose,
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went to cal, grew up in a family of giants fans, but he plays for the a's and that raises problems for the bay bridge series which continued tonight at at&t park game two. this is how i feel coming back from vacation. no score in the second. hunter pence singles in buster posey. safe and it's 1-0 giants. derek high deep and we are tied at 1. you didn't see a lot of base balls travel that far in at&t park. to the 5th and mark at the plate. here's what he told us before the game. >> i was a giants fan growing up. >> really? >> yeah. i get to disappoint my entire family when i beat up on the giants. >> get ready to be disappointed, fam. mark hannah crushed deep to left center giving the a's 2-1 lead. he's not done. in the 10th he helps the a's break it open. seeing eye single. that's an rbi right there. four hits tonight. a's are up seven runs late.
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9-2 in 10. dusty baker spent a decade with the giants. skipper was not brought back after the world series loss in 2002. but tonight he is back as a special advisor to giants ceo larry and he wants to make it clear he is not here to succeed bruce in any way. >> that was the first thing i did. i asked brian to make sure we get bruce's blessings. i'm here to accent bruce and to help the team win. >> sharks in chicago looking for their 8th straight win. got to keep that beard going on the streak, right, kid? a break away. evander came so hot lately. shoots and scores on anton and we're tied at 2. rick of the black hawks denied. martin jones' incredible save between the legs. look how close that puck is, right there. it was almost over. we go to a shoot out. kevin labanc deeps, top shelf on the backhand. that is nasty. sharks win it 4-3.
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they have now won eight in a row. warriors, they're playing the pacers tomorrow night. one all-star should be back and that is draymond green who is probable. he practice tilsed the first time in a week. lingering shoulder issues, pelvic injury plus the flu. steve kerr says if his all-stars get healthy, the warriors will be fine come playoff time. >> regular season playoffs we can beat anybody in the league without steph. our guys know that. it's going to be hard to beat anybody without steph, k.d., clay and draymond. i'm going to have to coach a lot better for that to happen. we're very confident we're going to get the other three guys back here soon. >> let's hope so. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. looks like draymond tomorrow and kevin durant back on thursday. steph and clay going to take a little while. >> at least we get those two. thanks, larry. >> all right. abc7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning.
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we'll be right back. well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story.
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all right. another week is up and running. we appreciate your time as always. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm alma daetz. for sandhya and larry, thanchs for joining us tonight. jimmy kimmel live, charlize theron. >> enjoy. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, charlize theron, from "unsolved: the murders of tupac and the notorious b-i-g," josh duhamel, and music from lord huron, and now, good news, here's jimmy kimmel. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for watching, thank you for coming. very nice of you [ cheers and applause ] it's almost too nice. i want you to know for those of you we are sending warm wishes to tho i


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