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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 27, 2018 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, stormy aftermath. porn star stormy daniels alleging a one nightstand with the man who would be president. >> he's like wow, you, you are special. you remind me of my daughter. >> but would it matter to voters? reaction from the first lady's team and what daniels' lawyer is now threatening to reveal. plus, following in their footsteps. hundreds of thousands march on washington to protest gun violence. >> i'm here because i want things to change. >> we're with survivors from the parkland school shooting, how they gathered the strength to honor lost friends and launch their fight for the future.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. good evening. thanks for joining us. today the white house continuing to deny allegations from porn star stormy daniels that years ago she engaged in a one-night stand with donald
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trump her interview attracting a massive audience, but what effect will it have on voters? and is there more to the story we have yet to learn? here's david wright. >> reporter: it doesn't get much more tawdry than this. >> he's like wow, you are special. you remind me of my daughter. >> reporter: stephanie clifford, a porn star who goes by the stage name stormy daniels, sitting down with anderson cooper on "60 minutes" for a blockbuster interview, to dish about her alleged affair with donald trump at a celebrity golf tournament back in 2006. >> did you want to have sex with him? >> no, but i didn't say no. i'm not a victim. i'm not -- >> it was entirely consensual. >> oh, yes, yes. >> how does your client feel today now that she's finally told her story? >> well, she's certainly pleased that i think the american people gained some insight into her as a person and also had an
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opportunity, really, for the first time to gauge her credibility. >> reporter: today "nightline" sat down with stormy daniels' lawyer, michael avenatti who's been taunting the president with tweets all week long. >> i think people came to the interview with a lot of preconceived notions as i did admittedly before i met her the first time about who she was, and i think she blew a lot of that out of the water last night. >> reporter: but at the white house, a very different view. >> with respect to that interview, i would say the president strongly, clearly and has consistently denied these claims. >> reporter: and from mar-a-lago, silence, the president and first lady arrived there together friday evening, but the president returned to washington alone sunday night. melania trump chose to stay on with the couple's son for spring break. today this tweet from the first lady's spokeswoman. while i know the media is
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enjoying speculation and salacious gossip, i'd like to remind people there is a minor child whose name should be kept out of news stories when at all possible. that child, less than six months old when the alleged affair took place. >> did he mention his wife or child at all in this? >> i asked, and he brushed it aside and said oh, yeah, yeah, don't worry about that. we have separate rooms. >> reporter: for the president, already facing massive protests from women, these allegations aren't likely to endear him to women voters in the midterms. >> voters are embarrassed by all of this. they don't want to hear about it, but they do expect accountability. if a law was broken they expect the lawbreaker to be punished, to be held accountable, and if that doesn't happen, they'll do it themselves on election day. >> reporter: frank luntz believes the political fallout for trump will be minimal. >> i don't see this instance as having a significant impact or even a measurable impact on
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donald trump's favorability our credibility. people have essentially made up their minds. >> reporter: at the time of the alleged affair, trump was also allegedly cheating with a playboy bunny, karen mcdougal sat down with anderson cooper on cnn last week. >> did he ever use protection? >> no. no, he didn't. >> reporter: last month in response to a "new yorker" article, a white house spokesperson says trump denies having an affair with mcdougal, but the two womens' stories have eerie similarities, including that comparison to his daughter. >> you're smart girl. >> reporter: mcdougal claims her affair lasted ten months. daniels says hers was a one-night stand. michael cohen has admitted to paying daniels $130,000 in the
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closing days of the 2016 presidenti presidential campaign. >> the question becomes why then? why suddenly days before the election did he decide, you know what? i'm go being ing to pay this wo $130,000 just because. >> reporter: neither the president nor the trump organization was aware of that transaction, cohen insists, or the non-disclosure agreement daniels signed. >> this whole idea that there's some separation between the trump organization and mr. cohen personally in connection with this is a bunch of nonsense. >> reporter: why is that significant? >> it's very significant, because there are some serious questions being raised as to whether this conduct constitutes violations of campaign finance law. >> reporter: common cause has filed complaints with the federal elections commission and the department of justice. >> this is a serious issue, because americans have a right to know who's spending money to influence their elections. >> reporter: the president has
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yet to comment publicly on daniels' allegations, his friend, chris ruddy spoke with trump this weekend. >> he said he thought much of the stormy daniels stuff was a political hoax. >> reporter: it's understandable why the president of the united states wouldn't deign to answer the allegations of a porn star. >> bill clinton answered the allegations. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman, ms. louensk lewinski. >> this is about the coverup. this is about a search for the truth. >> reporter: why open all this if she was happy enough to sign the confidential agreement. >> the president doesn't have the gumption to answer this? >> reporter: you're taunting him. >> i'm stating a fact. >> reporter: avenatti has taunted him with this cryptic photo, a computer disc in a
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safe. if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is this worth? >> i'm not prepared to tell you anything that's on that disc. >> reporter: is that the blue dress? >> the dvd? you know, i don't know. it could be. it might be. >> reporter: perhaps the most chilling allegation daniels makes is that in 2011, after she'd sold her story to a tabloid, an unknown man approached her and her daughter in a las vegas parking lot. >> a guy walked up on me and said to me, leave trump alone, forget the story, and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said a beautiful little girl. it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. and then he was gone. >> reporter: avenatti admits he has no evidence the alleged thug was connected to michael cohen or donald trump. michael cohen's attorney sent him a cease and desist letter, denying any connection to it and demanding a retraction and apology. your response?
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>> it's not even worth the paper it's printed on. >> reporter: now the president and his lawyer are threatening daniels with financial ruin four breaking the confidentiality agreement. the issue, whether the confidentiality agreement is enforceable because trump himself never signed it, to be decided by federal court. >> stormy daniels' legal team is making a lot of arguments to get out of this agreement. none of them are that strong. >> reporter: today stormy amended her complaint. >> he knows i'm telling the truth. >> reporter: president trump embroiled in a scandal that may not bring down his presidency, but certainly would seem toe taint it. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. up next, we're with parkland school shooting survivors at the march for our lives. terfest. at red lobster with exciting new dishes like dueling lobster tails and lobster truffle mac & cheese. classics like lobster lover's dream are here too.
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new $1 nacho fries from taco bell. taste what's next in fries. sfx: bong "nightline" continues. it was by any measure a massive political protest. hundreds of thousands of people inspired by traumatized teenagers, calling for policy changes to stop gun violence. "nightline" special correspondent joined the parkland survivors at the historic d.c. march. >> i'm in d.c. so joaquim didn't die for nothing. this is what this is all about. >> reporter: they arrived with their loved ones to march for those who couldn't. >> i don't even know what's going to be happening there. i just know that we all need to be together. >> reporter: tell me why you're
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here today. >> i'm here because i want things to change. >> reporter: the students of parkland. each with a story and a purpose on their biggest day yet, at the march for their lives. the crowds are stretches as far as the eye can see. the crowd is revved up. and they're ready. >> welcome to the revolution. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: on stage, an all-encompassing chorus. >> we say no more! >> reporter: representing many whose lives have been touched, from an elementary student from virginia. >> i am here to represent the african-american girls whose stories don't make the front page of every american newspaper. >> reporter: to a high schooler from south los angeles. >> i learned how to duck from bullets before i learned how to read! >> reporter: how would you describe the energy and emotion of the crowd that came out to d.c. today? >> i think we're all just fed up and that we want things to change. we're ready for things to be done. and if people don't want to do it, we'll do it ourselves.
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>> reporter: but people questioning whether this move the political needle. >> fight for your lives before it's someone else's job. >> i heard the first shots, first seven or eight. and just heard more and more and more. >> i could hear that the shells cracking, because when a gun shoots you kind of can hear the cracking of the shell. >> my brother was in a class above me. he said my teacher's dead. i just told him, don't move. and i love you. and we're going to get out of here. >> it was kind of like my whole future was just like wiped out. >> thought it was all a dream. i woke up the next day thinking, i was going to text him or something, and i just couldn't. the day after was my birthday. and my boss saw me. he said, dude, you're completely changed. you don't look like a kid anymore. i could just see it in your
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face. i said, i know. >> reporter: the unimaginable, yes, s yet increasingly familiar dominated the news cycle. but their time, the students refused to give up their storey. their cell phones as weapons in a battle that suddenly struck home. barely a week after the shooting they headed to the capital, demanding more than just thoughts and prayers. >> are you willing to actually act on anything? >> reporter: that same day in washington, sam zeif with these powerful words for the president. >> i don't understand why i can still go into a store and buy a weapon of war. >> reporter: and two weeks later the world watched as these
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students went back to school. >> i have no idea what it's about to be like when i walk in. cause we can't go back to normal. >> reporter: far from the spotlight, some of the first and seemingly impossible steps to rebuild what life once was. a rec. basketball league, stepping back on the court for the first time since the shooting. one of the students, joaquin oliver had hand-picked this team before he was gunned down. and he asked his dad, manuel, to be his coach. dylan wore his best friend's jersey, joaquin's number two. >> he played in the jersey. all those games felt different. >> take care, buddy. >> still doesn't feel right. we were all only there because
12:57 am
of him. >> just like clicked right away, you know. like kind of corny, like love at sight, but i swear, i swear. >> reporter: victoria gonzalez was joaquin's girlfriend. she said it still felt like he could walk through the door any minute. >> like he's faking it, whatever. it's like, i don't even, all the days of this month have merged together. >> reporter: in grief, time trekked onwards, and on a state level, progress for some. >> the governor has just signed a new bill to put in place some gun restriction. >> reporter: in part, age restrictions and a controversial program to arm some teachers. four weeks after the world learned the name "parkland", a quiet morning at brooke harrison's home. >> today marks the anniversary of when the shooting happened.
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so we're going to have 17 minutes of silence at the football field of my high school. >> reporter: hours later, brooke and her fellow students walked out of their classrooms, demanding change, joined by 3,000 other schools around country. but for victoria, her focus wasn't on the political. her struggles to get through each minute of every day. >> i'm just not ready yet, you know. i definitely want to be a voice eventually. but i need to build them up first. >> reporter: on saturday, hundreds of thousands descended on washington in what is said to be the largest protest against gun violence in u.s. history. >> they know if there is no assault weapons ban passed then we will vote them out. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: under the signs. >> justice for douglas! >> reporter: through the chants, victoria seemed to be finding that voice she knew was there all along. >> we're all here from parkland to march for joaquin and all of the kids around america.
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>> reporter: do you feel like you are getting closer to finding your voice as an activist? >> before i walked out there today i didn't tell anyone how i felt about guns. once i walked out there today i knew exactly what i wanted to say. so i've definitely taken a step forward. >> reporter: what emotion are you going back on that bus with. >> right now i'm feeling inspired. because there are so many people that are teenagers. we're standing up for what they believe in. it just shows you that anyone can do it. if teenagers from high school can do did we can definitely do it. >> reporter: normalcy shattered in six minutes. teenagers turned act vests in six weeks. >> you're either for us or against us. if you're against us, you're out. that's how it is. >> reporter: for "nightline," washington, d.c. >> when we come back,
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and finally tonight, to me, she was a sister by choice, a dear friend and charter member of the "nightline" family. gone too soon. heather vincent holly began working for "nightline" in the early days, alongside a fiercely determined yet merry band of journalists led by ted koppel. that's her giving rabbit ears to kermit the frog. heather grew up fancy in detroit, michigan, working her way up from an entry-level job to the executive ranks at abc, nbc, bet and beyond. she had a dazzling smile and a personality to match. that's her dancing at my wedding. her signature sassiness helped her book legendary, high-profile guests. she was a true mentor and inspiring boss who attracted a legion of devoted friends from
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her hometown in detroit to her adopted hometowns of new york, new jersey and most recently, atlanta. she wasn't born with sisters, but so many considered her one. she was a loving wife and fiercely-dedicated mother to her remarkable twins, carrie and robbie. she poured her spirit into them. heather died unexpectedly last week at the age of 58. >> and yet heather's vivaciousness lives on through all the people she loved and those of us who forever
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