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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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meeting is just getting under way, dedicated to an open dialogue over the fatal police shooting of stephon clark. >> late this afternoon, protesters gathered outside the district attorney's office to encourage the da to charge the two officers with murder. >> clark was suspected of breaking into cars and they thought he had a gun, it turned out to be a cell phone. >> leslie lhas the latest. >> reporter: here at city hall where a city council meeting is about to get under way, they're handing out signs and t shirts like this that say build black, security is ten deep everyone's having to go through metal detectors. an emotional protest in sacramento as anger continues to motivate community groups to take to the streets. today the california department of justice announced they are stepping in to oversee the investigation into the shooting death of stephon clark on march
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18 in a case that's fast becoming a national crusade about illegal use of force. clark led police on a pursuit that ended in his grandmother's backyard in south sacramento. >> gun, gun, gun! >> reporter: body cam video included an officer yelling gun, then 20 rounds were fired at to the 22-year-old. as officers arrived, one said mute and audio on both body cams went silent. clark was not armed, he was holding a cell phone. >> my team and i at the california department of justice will do everything in our power to ensure that this investigation is fair, thorough and impartial. >> we're here because excessive force was being used. here we're because there was violence on a 22-year-old man, here we're because of that not a group of protesters. >> reporter: protesters attending a city council meeting
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saying that black lives matter wants accountability. >> which want the right to express our pain, our hurt, our outrage in the wayt serves us, and our anger does not equate to violence. >> reporter: citizens want answers on current police protocol and they want changes going forward. this is a look at the long line outside. there's some frustration building here, the meeting was supposed to get under way at 5:00, they've been overwhelmed by the number of people who have showed up. they're right now halting the line, they're trying to put extra chairs inside to accommodate everyone who wants to speak and everyone who wants to make their sentiments known here in sacramento. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. our coverage of the deadly sacramento shooting continues throughout the evening. lisa amin will be live at the city council meeting.
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former supreme court justice john paul stevens said presented a controversial solution to end gun violence, calling for the repeal of the second amendment. in an op-ed published in the "new york times," stevens said in part a constitutional amendment to get rid of the second amendment would will simple and would do more to weaken the nra's ability to stymie the debate. >> the steps involve a two-thirds vote of both houses of congress and both houses ratifying. >> reporter: this comes in the wake of a student led march for our lives demonstration across the nation. some were somewhat taken aback by what stevens had to say. >> my belief is deep inside of me. my belief, my conviction.
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>> reporter: scott jackson says he's been the target of multiple death threats in recent months by those who think he should shut down his gun retail sales business. >> there's a very large population in the united states and one rule for all may not necessarily be the right thing, especially when it comes to taking firearms away. >> reporter: both sides of the argument seeking to be understood. on the peninsula, abc7 news. wells fargo is the top financier for the gun industry and is now talking with its clients. tim sloan is providing clients with feedback, it's hearing from employees, invests and others. sloan says some team members are concerned about who can buy semi-automatic weapons, but he pushed back on the idea of cutting ties to gun makers or
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preventing customers from buying guns. santa clara county sheriff laura smith is saying that i.c.e. agents entered her jail and interviewed two immigrants. smith tells the chronicle it happened on march 7 and the immigration and customs enforcement did not detain any of the inmates. sheriff smith added, we value the trust and rapport we've earned with our local immigrant community and we will not break that trust. another lawsuit against the trump administration, this time over what may appear on the 2020 census. those fighting the president say if allowed it would have a devastating impact on the state. >> reporter: are you a u.s. citizen? that simple question that's scheduled to appear on the 2020 census has brought up a series of similar complex issues. >> the effects of a citizenship question on the census has the
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effects of discouraging or intimidating noncitizens from participating. >> reporter: this would lead to an undercount in california which according to lawmakers would be devastating for the state. >> the result would be that california would probably lose a house seat and lose lots of federal dollars. >> reporter: that's why the state attorney general announced he was filing a suit to stop the trump administration. >> we're hoping that what we do is win this lawsuit, remove a very biassed question from the census questionnaire and then do everything we can to get people to participate. >> reporter: the u.s. department of commerce said the information regarding citizenship would help the justice department enforce the voting rights act. usf professor bill hinks says the last time that question was asked was in the 1950s census. >> i guess what they're thinking, if somebody admits
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they're undocumented on the census form, they're going to follow up to see if that person voted incorrectly. >> reporter: the vice chair of the republican party supports trump's proposal. >> if they're not here legally, they shouldn't slovote and we h a right to know. >> reporter: but if a temporary injunction is granted by a federal judge while the matter is tied up in the court, the matter of citizenship may not appear on the next census. and oregon family of five died when their suv went over the side of a road in a remote area of mendecino county. officers say this happened yesterday between the tiny villages of west port and rock port on highway 1 near juan creek. the location is 30 miles from ft. brag, the nearest city, so it took responders at least that long to reach the scene. two adults and three children
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died in the crash. the national transportation safety board is now investigating last week's deadly tesla crash on highway 101 in mountain view. tesla says it's unclear if the car was being driven by the automatic control system at the time of this accident. tesla vehicles have a system called autopilot that handles some driving tasks at times. tes tesla's shares fell more than 7% today, stock is down more than 20% just in the past month. now the shopping mall in cupertino may be the first to use a controversial new state law to speed up housing development. the development would include 2,400 residential units. the owners submitted an application under the new housing law, that law fast tracks new housing development
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and could force the city to approve it. homes are going up twice as fast as economic growth. nationwide home prices were up 6.2% in january compared to last year. adjusted for inflation, that's double the growth rate of the u.s. gross domestic product. in san francisco, the spike in home prices was even higher, 10.2%, the numbers come from the s&p dow jones indexes. stay with us, the stakes go up for mark zuckerberg. >> he is now expected to testify before congress about how facebook manages it's users data and local lawmakers say they want answers. stunning video shows a car hitting a trooper. he is okay and is talking about being catapulted into the air like this. plus road safety across the country and a look at why so many deadly air bags are still in use. and the company coming to our coastline. marine biologists want to ensure everyone is ready.
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temperatures head into record territory this week.
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facebook ceo is expected to testify before congress in the next few weeks. >> reporter: sources telling cnn money today that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will testify in front of congress in a matter of weeks. >> i'm going to look at that with interest because i think facebook has some explaining to go. congress has taken a hands off approach to these social media companies, but it's rather inescapable from the lessons we're learning from the 2016 election. >> reporter: the senator
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judiciary chairman invited zuckerberg to a hearing on privacy on april 10. no word on whether with zuckerberg will attend. >> we need to know how social media has been compromised. >> reporter: last week zuckerberg gave cnn money this conditional answer when asked if he would testify before congress. >> i'm happy to if it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: today he turned down requests from british lawmakers to testified about facebook's platform. >> facebook used to be this benign platform in which you could share pictures with your family and friends, it's becoming a weapon and it's being used by foreign government. >> reporter: we still don't know the extent that facebook gathered information by the women who use it. a woman from marysville is
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alive after surviving 10 days all alone in the snow. sheryl donovan was driving to work when she took a wrong turn. heavy snow was falling and she ran out of gas near the tiny town of comptonville. she was stuck in her car with no cell service, a little bit of water and some books to cruise f use for insulation. last friday, when the snow stopped falling, she walked to a highway. someone -- shehehehehehehe dehydration. last year's deluge of rain did some serious damage in ma mariposa county. large chunks of parking lots came look, historic buildings that stood the test of time are in disrepair, pummeled by the
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water and debris. >> it came through here and it was pretty intense. pretty intense. >> reporter: tracey massey shot pictures and video of what became a river running across the main road through groveland. >> this is from my front porch. i couldn't get out, it was all surrounded. >> everything's wet so you can't live it too high. >> reporter: we met karen gaston as they were cleaning up after the fire and put priceless belongings here only to have them ruined by yesterday's flood. >> you got to do what you can do. it's so much worse for some people. >> reporter: for the family and friends of 60-year-old john onesto, the father of four went missing in the storm. >> with more time passing and after have been seen the carnage
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of the flash floods and the condition of the car, it's becoming much more unlikely that he'll be coming home. >> well, john was driving home when the road beneath his car gave way. the sheriff says they're no longer actively searching for him. you have to see this, a utah highway patrol trooper says he has no ill will toward a driver who hit him as he was walking to help another person by the side of the road. watch, the whole thing was captured on dash cam video. scary. the trooper says he blacked out but later he called it mirr miraculous that he only suffered four broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade. he talked about the woman who hit him. >> she came up and was very apologetic. she's not to be vilified. she did make a mistake and i
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think she's learned from it. >> the trooper says the cars should have been traveled much more slowly on that snowy road. an auto recall that started 10 years ago may still be affecting you today. tekata air bags. >> what is now the biggest auto recall in u.s. history actually began back in 2008 and it's not even close to evover. faulty air bags have led to 15 deaths and hundreds of injuries in the u.s. alone. and more than 26 million potentially deadly air bags still need to be replaced. >> the highest risk areas are places with a lot of humidity and warm temperatures, think puerto rico, florida, texas, louisiana and parts of california. >> reporter: david freedman was acting administrator of the national highway and traffic association when the recall went nationwide. he's now the director of the
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advocacy division of consumer reports. >> manufacturers need to do more to help people understand how deadly these air bags are. but at the end of the day, it's your responsibility to get your car fixed right awayive it's got one of these defective air bags. >> reporter: finding out if your vehicle is involved in the recall is simple. >> look for your vin number, on the lower left hand side of your window or doorjamb and plug it into >> the list of recalled cars is growing, so if you have checked your vin number before, consumer reports says it's important to check it again to see if your vehicle has been added to the
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list. hi there, everyone. if you have stepped outside, you know how nice it is, it's mild to warm outside, no rain showing up on live doppler 7 right now. instead we're in this warming trend, most of you are running warmer than you were yesterday. 9 degrees in san jose, 7 degrees warmer in san francisco, and if you like what you see, then you're going to like the upcoming forecast. take a look at our highlights. we're basically looking at the warming to continue the next two days. record highs are possible thursday, and there is mild cooling coming on easter weekend but we're not expecting any problems with regards to the egg hunts for the little ones or for the older ones as well. here's a live picture from our abc7 news exploratorium camera, it's just a beautiful blue sky right now, and as we look toward mt. diablo, you see the moon and some high clouds just passing
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through, 62 in san francisco, 66 oakland, san jose, mountain view, 73 degrees, the high so far in the upper 50s to the low 80s. so, yeah, it has been warm, from our sutro tower camera, seeing some filtered sunshine right now, santa rosa is at 80 degrees, concord 77 degrees. it is going to be a warm wednesday, up 14 degrees, compared to average for livermore, 79 will be the high, the average high is about 65 degrees, san jose, okland anywhere from 9 to 11 degrees higher than you should be, and san francisco 8 degrees higher than your average of 76 degrees. 60s coast side and the sun sets and we still hold on to the mild weather. the only sign that we have of cool conditions is going to be in the morning. so when you get going, upper 40s, to the low 50s, for most of
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you, under clear skies and then for the afternoon, you might as well break out the shorts and the t-shirts. look at the warmth, 78 in san jose, mid 70s redwood citi, palo alta, south san francisco, 70 degrees, and in the north bay, you're going to see those temperatures up into the low 80s for santa rosa, clover dale, vallejo, in the east bay low to mid 70s from oakland to hayward. and inland it will be a bright and sunny day. check out what's happening in the sierras. if you are traveling to head up to do some spring skiing or boarding, you know some of the resorts are extending until april and may, sunshine thursday, 50s, pretty much partly to mostly cloudy on sunday, upper 50s to low 60s, filtered sunshine on sunday with mid 50s, so definitely will be dry with some nice spring skiing
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conditions. warming continues for your wednesday, possible records thursday as we go low 70s to low 80s. warmth is holding on until friday, though beginning to moderate, and cooler over easter weekend, a mix of sun and clouds, then temperatures will level off early next week. spring salmon, the state's latest move to save a fish, that story next. coming up, more than a dozen packages with potential ly explosive contents. no charges in a deadly police shooting, reaction coming now. and severe weather heading in overnight. new at 6:00, the latest debate in the ongoing
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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all right, if you're going to the beach soon, there's an
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urgent call tonight to stay away from baby seals during this pupping season. they're looking to an increased number of abandoned pups. staff rescued 11 over the weekend. the pups needed to be brought to the center to be raised after being abandoned by their mothers. they saw 60 cases of abandonment last year, it's usually curious humans and their pets that are to be blamed for this. >> it's normal for a mama seal to leave their baby while they're out foraging for food. if there's too many people around or dogs, the mom's not going to come back for its pup. >> the best thing to do is stay away and call the center's hot line if they think there's a pup in distress. a half million baby salmon were released into the river, 2 million of the spring run fish
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are usually released, but only 1,200 adults were captured for harvest this senior. the golden association blames the 2015 drought for the lower numbers. stay with us, the a's are going old school. >> yeah, they're pulling out a robotic version of an old icon, just one of the new ways the team is welcoming the new season. share your pictures with us, with the #abc7now. >> and you may ross has the must-have styles and brands get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere.
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coming up on abc7 "news at 6:00," california sanctuary status is under attack from within. tonight we have the latest on the jurisdictions choosing to follow federal rules instead of state. we dig into the issues facing a number of bay area companies. have you heard of free range parenting? utah just legalized it. we'll translate what that means for children and their parents. that's all in a half an hour on abc7 news at k6. oakland a's fans have a new player to root for.
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>> meet parker the rabbit. >> the plan is to have the mechanical bunnies bring the balls out to the umpires if the officials give the nod. >> a presentation that was held inside another new addition to the coliseum. it's a new bar and lounge area in the clubhouse. >> we have a place to hang out and we have a great bar with games like pool and foosball, it's going to a great place to gather and watch the a's baseball. it's going to be superpopular. >> and the food stands will offer a variety tv things. let's go to the ballpark. >> tomorrow they're at the coliseum. tonight they're at the bay bridge park. >> go a's and giants. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next.
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tonight, breaking developments as we come on the air. the arrest. where they found the suspect. just as we now learn there are more than a dozen packages with potentially destructive devices, explosive powder and more, addressed to the white house, the military, the cia. and tonight here, the new warning. could there be other packages on the way? no charges. the deadly police shooting. alton sterling struggling with police, shot multiple times. the family responding tonight. president trump tonight, and the new suggestion, that the u.s. military pay for the border wall. what about the promise that mexico would pay? the horror for so many couples. the fertility clinic and their admission tonight. the number of frozen eggs and embryos lost is far higher than originally thought. the state trooper struck on a highway, thrown into the air right th


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