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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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shot and killed during a chase by vallejo police have filed a wrongful death lieutenant against the city. >> lawrence foster says he was running away from officers and posing no danger to them. >> he was loved. he was loved by everybody in this community. >> reporter: relatives gathered on the steps of city hall as attorney john burris announced his lawsuit against the vallejo police department. >> that officer engaged in the most outrageous, barbaric form of conduct that one can imagine. >> reporter: burris is talking about the officer who shot and killed 32-year-old ronelle foster. it happened last week near marin and florida streets. officers wanted to talk to him in connection with a domestic disturb bans earlier in the day, foster's mother says her son was not violent. >> what they did to him is wrong.
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i just want justice. i just want to know why did you do my son like that? >> your death will not go in vain, baby. >> reporter: abc7 news was the only team there when relatives toured the scene last month filled with grief. this relative says her grandmother's grief has only grown. >> she keeps calling his name, waiting for him to come down the hallway. she knows he's not coming, but that's what grief does so to you. >> reporter: burris says vallejo has been unwilling to release the officer's body cam video to clear up what happened. but late this afternoon, the police chief issued a statement saying although the investigation into this incident is not complete, the evidence including the officer body camera video reveal a different story than in mr. burris's press release. he also promises to work with to the family to be allowed to
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watch the body cam video. police hope that witnesses can help them find who shot a man this afternoon. sky 7 flew above the scene near lanai avenue. police tell us a man was shot around 3:00 this afternoon. he's being treated for a life threatening wound. officers have not said if they have identified any suspects or determined the motive behind the shooting. again, it happened at lanai and orland drive. police have called off their search for an armed man systemed in an assault. sky 7 spotted officers walking along a jogging trail around 2:40. investigators say the attack took place just after 2:00 police said the witness is described as wearing a black
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shirt and blue sweat pants. police say a driver hit five pedestrians standing on the sidewalk on illinois and 24th in the city's dog patch neighborhood. one person has died, four others are still in the hospital. >> reporter: officers responded at 10:25 this morning. >> we received a call regarding a vehicle collision that occurred here at illinois and 24th reporter: they found five people lying on the sidewalk injured, one critically. witnesses say the driver of a why gmc van intentionally ran over the victims then fled. this person who did not want to be identified said, the chain of events started with a driver acting erratically at him. >> he actually banged on his window and yelled some nonsense at me. and then threw something at me. >> reporter: he says the driver got out of his van to pick up the object he threw. another witness says five people standing nearby and the driver then got into a verbal altercation.
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>> the guy in the van was just crazy and took it to a different leg level and got out of the van with an ax and went after the guys and they took out their belts and were kind of lashing at him. >> reporter: both witnesses say the men overpowered the driver. and he ran away from them. >> the guy started to walk away and he flipped the van around, and drove it up to the sidewalk is, pedal to the metal and ran over them. >> reporter: they arrested the driver, this man, a reliable police source tells abc7 news he's been identified as 33-year-old mark dennis of san francisco. we still don't know what caused the suspect to do what he did. police will only say that it's part of their investigation. there is an unconfirmed report that he thought the five men were trying to break into his van. vic lee, abc7 news.
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commuters could face big delays tomorrow morning because of emergency repairs on a major east bay freeway. sky 7 flew above where crews fixed a bridge that carries 580 across the altamont pass. they expect the right lane to be closed for at least five hours. people who usually take that road are urged to take an alternate route. mayor libby schaaf joined oakland a's president to raise the a's flag to start the team's 50th season in oakland. moments later schaaf confirmed she's recommending the city and the port of oakland enter into an exclusive negotiating agreement with the a's for two possible stadium sites. >> i am so excited to be supporting exclusive negotiating agreement at both the coliseum and at howard terminal so that
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we double our chances to keep the a's rooted in oakland. >> and for us to be successful and achieve our promise as an organization and for us to have the greatest positive impact on oakland, we need an agreement like that. >> a's officials say they hope to have a deal by the end of the year. a new set back for owners of burned homes in the fountain grove area. they already knew their water system was contaminated. now they have learned how long it's going to take to fix the problem. wayne freedman is live tonight near vista way. >> reporter: not far away, we have lots of vacant lots all over this area. the problem is benzine in the pipes that run through the water beneath our ground. yesterday we learned how long it's going to take to restore those pipes and that's going to hold back home reconstruction.
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for natalee manning of fountain grove, this is all that remains of home sweet home, a scraped lots, plans to rebuild, and now another problem piled on top of so many old ones. >> it's sickening. i couldn't sleep last night. it just makes me nervous and uncertain and sad. >> reporter: she already knew about the benzine contaminating water pipes to some 350 lots here, it's a byproduct of the fire, but now the city says five miles of those pipes need replacing, a $45 million project with a crippling timeline, according to the ceo of the company that runs the water. >> right now two years does feel on the optimistic side. >> reporter: where many homeowners have already put their houses on the market, it feels like a low blow. natalee might be able to get her home rebuilt, but not before her
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insurance runs out. at best, she and her family might start living like raja, their neighbor, they survive with only water provided by the city, what flows through the tap remains contaminated. >> i know it's another crisis, but it's not going to impact our people. >> reporter: mark it down in the column labelled one more thing in the firestone, one more obstacle between what is and normalcy. >> i just want to go home. the north bay wildfires inspired software developers so assemble emergency kits for people in disaster zones. abc7 news visited san francisco's moscone center where they put the kits together. some kids will go to p where people arecoueo rtri stil many basics following hurricane maria last year. a man accused of driving his suv into several people at
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oakland international airport is expected in court tomorrow. juan pablo of oakland faces felony reckless driving charges, investigators say he did not have a license and they don't think he knew how to drive. pablo is accused of jumping a curb and crashing into the building. also facing charges, the driver of a charter bus who officers arrested for dui after a crash on the golden state bridge. the chp says angela teasely's blood alcohol level was nearly four times the legal limit when she was arrested on sunday. the richmond woman is accused of driving a bus, heading to a casino on sunday when it crashed into the guardrail on the bridge. passengers say teasley was driving erratically and at least one passenger called 911 before the crash.
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our media partner the bay area news group reports today that the california supreme court has revoked mark peterson's license. he resigned last june after a grand jury found he illegally spent campaign donations on personal items then lied about it. pie peterson was sentenced to three years probation. dozens of iphone owners are now taking apple to court over slow phones. apple disclosed last december as we reported to you that it slowed down old phones to preserve battery life. apple has said that move was designed to protect phones from shutting down during certain function. but the lawsuit frautd fraud encouraging people to by updated models. you know how hard it is to set your privacy settings on facebook? well, no more.
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plus raising eyebrows, a south bay company known for photo shop as a new tool that allows users all over the place. and the insatiable demand for developers. one bay area developer is working to bridge that gap. warming up for
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deleting the facebook train the -- cambridge analytica misused personal data. so what do you think about deleting facebook? you can see folks have used and they weighed in with their emojis. you can see most people at the moment are saying keeping mine or it's time to delete.
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yeah, strong opinions on either side, not so much in the middle. there's several new developments today, by the way regarding facebook. three messenger app users are suing the company. they say facebook violated their privacy by collecting logs of their phone calls and text messages. meanwhile facebook has targeted data mission book in third party facebook apps. until now, bounty scheme has focused on rewarding those who find security weaknesses. this morning facebook announced an overhaul to its security and privacy settings and this is what it will look like. the old version and the new version that's a little bit
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easier to understand is on the right. meant to be more intuitive and easier to navigate. facebook is also including in its design a privacy shortcuts menu, as wells a new feature called access your information. it's a really straight forward way to keep from posting certain information on facebook. facebook said they made the move after a loud and clear message from users. arvedobe is partnering with several companies to track your moves online. >> a lot going on, i'll tell you, it's all about a new initiative, the san jose company is partnering with dozens of companies which include bands like subway, strand a the nfl. adobe says these companies will be able to taylor their ads and
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make them less annoying that they currently do. it's done by analyzing past sign ins from partner companies, adobe says no personal data is being exchanged among the companies. alaska airline is planning to cut some routs through sfo, nonstop daily flights through ft. lauderdale, mexico city a and -- alaska airlines is merging with virgin america. alaska's spoke woman tells usa today the airline is keeping 30 new routes it's added to california since december 2016. you probably know all about wild pack, that's the company which sends out those coupon books that you get in the mail every month? it's now including $100 checks in some of its failings. the idea is to encourage people to go through the envelopes of coupons instead of putting them
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in a drawer or just tossing them out. valpac says it will mail out the checks randomly through the coming year. the checks are redeemable for cash. if you get one of these, call me, i want to take a picture of it and see what's going on. thousands of people are in san francisco this week for sales force's annual development conference. the company is focused on making sure a new generation learns the sk skills to become new developers. >> reporter: at first glance it cash somewhat overwhelming, this is trailhead dx, the conference put on annually by sales force. >> there's no specific type to be a developer. i never thought i would be the technical type. i never thought i would get into this world, i thought it was way
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too advanced for me. >> reporter: thousands of trail blazers are finding their way and they're doing it as a community. jesse was in an accident two years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury. as part of his recovery, doctors told him to learn a new language, so he chose to code, taking classes through free online learning plat firm. he now owns his own sales force consulting firm. >> not only do i have my life back, but having a company that helps other veterans get on their feet as well, there's no words i can use to describe it. it's incredible. >> reporter: america's developer drought could reach 5,000, the gap between the number of jobs being created and the number of skilled workers to fill them. sales force executives say it's all about empowerment. >> nobody wants to be automated out of a job, nobody wants that. so we want to empower people to learn these skills that companies are hiring for.
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>> reporter: a new generation of developers all hoping to land a top stop in san francisco. it was a warm spring day, temperatures so far in the 70s and the 80s. you had to be in half moon bay to really get some relief. 64 in half moon bay, sfo did hit a record today, the old record was 76 degrees, low 80s from fairfield to antioch, mid 70s from san francisco to oak left hand. live doppler 7 right now showing you nothing but clear skies and this is really where you want to be. santa cruz camera showing you some people just enjoying the sun and the warm weather, low 70s from san francisco to oakland. and mid 70s from mountain view to san jose. and there's another picture from our mt. tam cam. a little bit of shaking to the camera. there is a breeze coming in, who
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don't have ac, some people are saying it's just too warm. everimore is at 75 degrees. here's a look at your planner for tomorrow. in the morning, sun rise, 6:59, temperatures will be in the 40s, as we head towards noontime, quickly warming up. and at 5:00 p.m., there is a possibility of some records as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. a live picture from our south beach camera showing you nothing but blue sky. and here's another view, chim ber of commerce -- record highs are possible, then a little cooler easter weekend. tomorrow morning, mid 40s to low 50s, so you'll definitely need a light layer, then afternoon it's short sleeves weather. 86 gilroy, you're looking at temperatures ranges from the upper 70s to the low 80s.
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77 downtown san francisco. north bay, 84 in santa rosa, 80 degrees in san rafael, really above average in the east bay, 77 in oakland, 80 degrees in approximate free mon freemont. livermore, 84 degrees out toward the brentwoodn and yough air. it's 70 degrees in half moon bay, 79 in santa cruz, and if you're heading to the overwhelm opener, the angels take on the a's at the coliseum. you not only need the shades, but you will need the sunscreen for that. a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. low 70s to the mid 80s. unusually warm for this time of year. cooler day on saturday, and then easter, it's just going to be perfect, enough of a breeze coming in to drop those te temperatures, low 60s to mid
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70s, dry for the easter egg hunts, then we'll keep those temperatures through the middle of next week. download the weather app and check out the temperatures any time you want. but dan, i think most people are really enjoying this break, even though we need the rain. >> enjoying it with a little bit of guilty feeling. >> i can understand that. that sewage leak in foul territory at dodger stadium, will it be cleaned up in time for opening day against the gia giants? breaking news from the white house right now, the major departure. also bracing for tornado this is hour, residents were urged to seek shelter. and a driver hit several people, one dead. rent a bike and leave it anywhere. it's being called a mess and dangerous as well. new at 6:00, why the answer to this problem on the
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the oakland coliseum dealt with a sewage issue a couple of years back, but nothing like what hit dodger stadium last night. >> a pool of foul smelling liquid spilled on the field during last night's exhibition game with the angels. >> rob hayes look at the effort to fix the problem before tomorrow's season opener against the giants. >> reporter: game day here usually brings a sea of dodger blue. last night, a sea of dodger brown made the headlines. or smell. nostrils were paying the price, thousands of nostrils at last night's spring became against the angels. a pool of raw sewage pooling near the dugout during the fifth
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inning. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: it gurgled and spilled out for more than an hour when the game was called because of a suer this morning you could see crews trying to clean up that mess and trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> i think they need a handyman. >> reporter: the question now is should fans be given some sort of a refund or make good? >> i think so. >> what inning was it? >> reporter: fifth. >> so they have seen five innings, so why not give them half the price? >> i bet that slows concession sales. >> i hope it's not symbolic of their season. >> that's true. >> it looks like the stadium will be ready though for tomorrow's game with the giants. some folks are going head over heels for a new musical.
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>> the go goes are set to rock. first we want to thank t.g. for this picture of sausalito.
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coming up on abc7 "news at 6:00," exclusive information from the i team of a crash of a brand-new tesla. you'll hear about the complaints the owner had just before the crash. and the new figure just out by netflix that's causing some customers to drop their accounts. a silicon valley startup is giving back in a big way.
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all coming up on abc7 "news at 6:00." >> finally tonight, music from the 80s rock band the go go's will light up broadway. >> they will tell a story written in song since the 16th century. >> the main character is played by a transgender woman, that's the first time that happens on broadway. premiere in san francisco this month. >> it's got so much going on that resonates with our time, even though i'm not allowed to use the expression "girl power" it's definitely that kind of empowerment going on. >> the all female band wrote their own songs and played their own instruments. >> they will playing at san francisco's theater. world nud"world news tonigh
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david muir is coming up. >> we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. president trump and now his v.a. secretary is fired. david shulkin is out tonight. the president has just revealed in a tweet he is now nominating his doctor as the new v.a. secretary. in just two weeks, the secretary of state, the national security adviser and now the v.a. secretary all gone. also breaking at this hour, bracing for tornadoes right now. residents were urged to seek shelter. severe weather set to hit tonight. several states. thunderstorms and large hail already and rob has the track right now. the deadly police shooting. the video shot from that police helicopter. an unarmed black man killed. 20 shots fired. his brother crashing a city council meeting. protesters blocking an nba arena. also, the school shooting, and now the 911 calls.


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