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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 28, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> i am dan ashley. >> and i am ama daetz. d the victim's family said walter complained about the tesla's auto pilot before the accident. >> reporter: the family tells me he took his tesla to the dealer. on multiple occasions, the vehicle veered toward that same barrier. and national transportation board inspecting the tesla model x involved in the fatal crash. we spotted them taking the control module out of the vehicle. the ntsb told me they recovered both the restraint module and
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in info tanement module. >> what might give insights into what was going on during the accident sequence. >> reporter: 38-year-old michael huang had a wife and kids. he bought his new tesla, posting a picture on his facebook page. we spoke with two outside electricon arts today. >> he was proud. >> reporter: i spoke and tested with his brother today. he makes a startling claim that before the crash, walter complained seven to ten time the car swivelled towards that
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same barrier. the victim took the car in because it kept veering to that exact same barrier. how important is that information. htha recaseived by the chp and have been acting on it by sometime. >> reporter: tesla would not comment on the there are over 200 successful auto pilot trips per day on this exact same road. tesla also posted these photos that raises another important question. the safety barrier in the proper condition and the way it was before walter's
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and the driver walked out of it unharmed. >> he did some good stuff on great games that i know viewers will know him for. >> reporter: friends are remembering his contributions to the gaming world. and his friendships during trips to the gym. >> we could get together work it out and he would be there keeping me safe. i know he did the same thing for his family >> slept with his kids when they had nightmares. he did everything awesome that you should do with a dad. >> in just the past few minutes, tesla e-mails me a statement saying we cannot find anything suggesting that the customer ever complained. auto pilot's performance is unrelated to navigation.
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clearly there is more to the story. more to come. more to investigate. >> thank you, dan. >> again, we still don't know if the auto pilot feature was engaged in the crash this videos from tesla's youtube page shows how it works. it uses cameras and radar to maintain speed and change lanes without any help. tesla updated its software requiring drivers to keep their hands on the wheel. this recent video from tesla's website shows the car driving through the streets without the driving touching the wheel. tesla stock dropped again losing 7% of its value. stock has been in the red for four of the past five trading
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days. the car maker keeps having trouble hitting its production targets. originally said it would be making 5,000 cars a week. the number is closer to 1,000 according to bloomberg. >> another protest march over the police shooting death of stephon clark. protesters have been stopping traffic within the past hour. let's show you a live picture of sacramento right now where you can see there are a lot of people on the streets. clark's death is attracting national attention and folks have come out there in sacramento to let the public, police and officials know they are not happy with what happened. reporters asked about president trump's reaction at the white house today. >> certainly a terrible incident. this is something that is a local matter and something that should be left up to the local authorities. >> highway patrol officers have stopped marches from getting on
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to interstate 5 so far. laura anthony live more from sacramento where a wake took place today. >> reporter: there have been no protesters here. this wake has been going on all afternoon. a steady stream of mourners to come here to the church to pay their respects. tomorrow the funeral is set to begin in the late morning and among those who will be here, one of america's most famous preachers. >> he has changed the world. this is it. >> reporter: the aunt of stephon clark says his death will not be in vain not after he was shot multiple times by sacramento police ten-days ago. >> this baby right here, good child. he wasn't a bad person at all. he did not deserve it. i am going to say it again. he did not deserve it. >> i never thought in a million years that it would happen in
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sacramento. oh. just a little bit too much for me. >> reporter: sacramento police, claims clark's shooting came at the end of a foot pursuit and he was a suspect in several car break ins. officers apparently thought he had a gun, it was just a cell phone. on tuesday night, clark's brother and other protesters disrupted community meeting held by the sacramento city commending police chief for releasi releasing aerial and body cam. clark's funeral is set for thursday morning. among those expected to speak, the reverend al sharpton.
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>> when you have to lay them on the ground and leave them there, that is when you know it is final. >> reporter: in sacramento, laura anthony, abc7 news. a teenage girl was sexual assaulted this morning. the victim told police she was jogging near tesla headquarters when a man pulled her off the path and put a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her. the suspect is in his 30s and wearing a black sweatshirt. the chp says bodies of two o women and three children were found monday after their suv went off a cliff. the sheriff calls the scene confusing saying there was no skidmarks and no indication why
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the vehicle went into the motion. believing all six children were in the vehicle. one has been identified as this boy. the photo went viral after it was taken at a protest in portland oregon. he was offering free hugs in the protest not to indict a police officer in the death of michael bro brown. lawsuit was filed by seniors. abc7 news reporter a new set back for owners of burned homes in the fountain grove area. now they have learned how long it will take to fix.
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wayne freedman >> reporter: certainly there has been benzene and heated pipes leached out before. first time the water district noticed it and trying to do something about it. repairing those pipes is going it take a long time. >> reporter: clean, pure water, or is it, >> contaminated with benzene. >> reporter: that is the predicament of 350 homes or burned lots in santa rosa fountain grove fire home. plastic water pipes burned. the smell. >> kind of like a turpentine. >> reporter: santa rosa director of water says the city needs to replace five miles of pipe and the time line. >> right now, two years.
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it does feel on the optimistic side. >> reporter: the last news natalie manning wants to hear. with all of this construction, this may go on hold and her insurance money could run out. >> it is sickening. i couldn't sleep last night. it just makes me nervous and uncertain and sad. >> reporter: at best, she and her family might start living like this family because of that benzene, santa rosa supplies them with bottled water once a week, but still they have the house. >> it is nothing compared to other people. >> reporter: mark it down in the column label one more thing in the fire zone. one more obstacle between what is and normalcy. >> i just want to go home. a lot more to come.
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can the movie the matrix help solve a problem? >> one company is giving it a try. the problem and the solution are both next. i am spencer christian. one record high temperature in the bay area today. may have more tomorrow. a warm forecast coming up. meeting the demands of the 20 first get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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ross has the brands your whole family will love get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event. . a man accused of running down five people in san francisco and leaving the scene is in custody tonight. the crash happened just before 10:30 this morning in illinois and 24th street. the driver got into a verbal
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altercation and took out an ax. the driver got into his car and drove into the group. >> one of the victims died at the hospital. police have not released the names of the other victims. he was arrested after police stopped a white van. b.a.r.t. is wrestling with another problem. abc7 kristen sze is here with the story. >> take a look at this. rent rental bikes scattered on the ground creating a mess and not to mention a danger. it has become a common site ever since the dockless bike sharing
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come rolled out. you use the app to find the nearest bike and scan your code which then unlocks it. and because the bike self locks, you can leave it anywhere. most users are leaving them in responsible places but enough don't that they are working on the formal agreement with the san mateo company to prevent the bike dumping. >> 2% and three% of the bikes are left in a bad place. but folks are leaving them where they should be left. >> it is unacceptable to block pedestrian. >> and it told abc7 news today it is excited with its partnership with b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. also sent this picture
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of properly parked bikes. the service ultimately takes cars off the road and encourages public transit. supervisor faces a suggestion to step down. this follows supervisor calling on fire chief to resign following a major fire in north beach. believing that crews took too long to spray the flames with water. he later gonzalez said peskin was out of line and a huge distraction to our incident commander and members. a generous gift from a san francisco start up is having an impact in classrooms from the bay area to the east coast. >> ripple fulfilled 35,000
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teacher request to fund projects. >> david louie visits a peninsula classroom tonight where the money will have a big impact. >> reporter: a show. ripple's gift $29 million. >> $29 million i can't fathom that amount of money. i don't understand how someone can be so generous and take care of classrooms. >> reporter: sara helps to buy instruments with small donations on the site. offering a music plan is expensive. >> several hundred dollars just for the instruments. the book, each kid needs a book is $10. a sheet music is $50 for each sheet. >> reporter: support is helping
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beveny garcia to follow in the footsteps of her family. >> he was a musician. my dad's sister's husband he is also a musician. and it runs in my family. >> reporter: a music program has other measurable impact. >> i have seen a lot of growth in our kids, both behaviorally and academically. our kids are excited about coming to music. our attendance has gone up. >> field trips to classroom libraries, to robotic kits, to therapeutic horseback riding. >> reporter: the beauty of the music program is that it is open to all. any student who has an instrument to playing an instrument can do so. in east palo alto david louie. >> it felt like summer.
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>> it is gorgeous outside. spencer christian don't change a thing. >> record high temperatures today. here is a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies all across the bay area. temperatures ten to 15 degrees above the average. sfo with a high of 77 degrees today. that breaks the record. as you can see all around the bay area. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. warm almost summer like day. this is a view from the sutro tour. 70 across the bay in oakland. mountain view 73. 70 degrees in gilroy. and 61 at half moon bay. looking from the east bay hills, temperatures in mid to upper
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70s. 76 in livermore. see the spot of the moon, that is actually the moon. it will be full by the weekend. these are our forecast features. above average warmth for the next two days. record highs possible tomorrow in several locations. overnight clear skies and comfortably cool conditions. tomorrow highs will change from 70 in half moon bay to 78 in san francisco. low aids in the inland east bay. upper 70s right around the bay. baseball tomorrow season opening. los angeles angels of anaheim. temperatures range from 72 to 76 during the game.
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beach forecast, the uv index will be high. you might want to apply sun screen. or maybe more than a little bit. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will see further cooling over the weekend under mainly sunny skies. nice mild, pleasant and dry easter weekends. it remains mild and going to remain dry. this weather is beautiful, isn't it. >> certainly. >> thanks. first facebook and now netflix. what news has customers dropping account. and join "7 on your side" michael finney on friday. he will answer your questions and your tax questions. and your tax questions. tax experts on-site to help you
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stocks continue to drop but not nearly as badly as they have earlier this week. the dow lost nine points. the s&p dropped by seven. facebook rose a few cents.
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and apple and google dipped. netflix lost stock today naming susan rice to board. she was in that role during 2012 attack in benghazi which left americans dead. the attack was a result of af a spontaneous protest which was not correct. get out your phone, we want you to join the news cast. >> tonight we are talking facebook, deleting facebook. let us know what you think. >> place, spacex could
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a mother we want grieving her son shot dead by police as feet away. her lawyer announced a lawsuit. the shooting happened six
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ago. ending with a shooting which the officer said was in self defense. >> eric thomas explains the department will now have to defend itself against a lawsuit. >> he was loved by everybody in his community. >> reporter: ronnel foster was 32-years old. his family said he will never see them grow up. >> if you have never lost a child, you will never know what i am feeling. >> reporter: their attorney announced he was filing civil rights and wrongful death lawsuits. >> he was shot in the back of his head and three times in the back killing him on the scene. >> foster was shot and killed at the end of a police chase that
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began in florida and marin street. police had wanted to talk to him about a domestic disturbance but he ran through an ally w way. police were not available for on camera late this afternoon, police chief issued a statement saying although the investigation into this incident is not complete, the evidence including the officer body camera video reveal a different story than in mr. burris' press release. a family battles its grief.
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>> she is sitting on the side of the bed calling his name waiting for him to come down the hallway. she know he is not coming. she is not crazy. but that is what grief does to you. a group of parents sharing their concerns about sex education classes. some believe the school adopted the new curriculum without getting proper input from parents. they say it is not age appropriate. across america, tech companies facing a shortage of developers. that number is expected to reach half a million over the next decade. abc7 chris nguyen takes you to a developer conference.
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>> reporter: inside moscone west. >> i thought this world was way too advanced for me. >> reporter: thousands of so-called trail blazers are finding their way to this conference put on by salesforce. >> it has been rewarding as a company founder. >> reporter: these students learning from the experts. >> it is what every teacher dreams of. taking education outside of the classroom out of those four walls. >> reporter: jesse was in an accident two years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury. doctors told him to new a new language so he chose to code. taking classes on salesforce
6:34 pm
free learning platform. >> be building a company to help other veterans to get employed as well. no records >> reporter: drought could reach 12,500. executives say it is all about empowerment. >> nobody wants to be automated out of a job. we want to empower everybody to learn these skills the company is hiring for. >> reporter: a community of learners connecting with tech in ways they never thought they would. facebook said it is taking steps to make it easier for people to control their privacy including making data settings easier to find. >> following the debacle, we want to know what you think about deleting facebook.
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go to and let us know your opinion. you will see a real time result on your screen. earlier we heard from ben goodman vice president of strategy and innovation. he said many facebook users were bli blindsided by the scandal. >> what they didn't think about the secondary use of that data how it could be used beyond their intention. >> recent study found 40% of facebook users don't realize how much they are sharing online. live votes coming in at it is time, getting closer. various responses. if you get a call from an out-of-state number, odds are you won't answers.
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>> michael finney has a look at the numbers game they are playing in order to get you on the line.
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space ex is making waves in the space industry again. and this launched back in august and it tore a hole in the earth's the whole closed itself up in about three hours. firefighters in menlo park have been testing a high-tech tool. jonathan bloom has a look at what it can do and how it can save lives. >> every once if a while we hear about firefighters getting lost in buildings. >> reporter: fire chief says finding walls and doors can be tough and finding victims even tougher. >> hot smokey conditions and in
6:40 pm
the old days we would crawl on the floor and listen for people and yell out and hopefully find somebody in a room. >> reporter: hand-held thermocameras with a break through. >> all of the objects in the room to allow a firefighter to make a faster decision. i have spent a lot of times in and around volcanos. >> reporter: and he set out to make a thermocamera. >> very literally battle tests. >> reporter: he stumbled on a bigger need. >> the opportunity to test this in real life conditions with real operators. >> reporter: right now working with a prototype. they will have to make this resistent to the heat. >> to take it into a live fire scene where we can use it in
6:41 pm
real heat. >> reporter: the company quake calls the device see menlo fire hopes to help with that. >> any time you can get in and out of that environment quickly as it can, that saves lives. >> reporter: the chief hopes it becomes standard equipment turning these heroes into super heroes. >> incredible technology. >> stunning. it is finally feeling like spring. experiencing near record warmth. >> a
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we continue to monitor developing news in sacramento where crowds of protesters have thinned out. they are upset about the deadly police shooting of stephon clark. you can see people in the streets there. protest marches have been peaceful so far. and twice blocked fans from going into the center before a king's basketball game. >> so are you seeing more and
6:45 pm
more calls with local area codes? michael finney "7 on your side" is telling us why. >> it catches you off guard. if you are not thinking about it, it is easy to fall for it. your couer u nsebedum by unethical telemarketers and not know about it. there is only one way to find out. and that is by accident. >> no thank you. we just finished a big remodel thank you for your call. >> reporter: politely hung up on a salesperson. this vallejo man does the same thing every day. >> and if i don't recognize it, well then, i just let it go to the answering machine. >> reporter: reactions like that have prompted solicitors to
6:46 pm
disguise their call as a local 1. >> because of advances in technology it is easy for them to send false caller ididid information. >> reporter: other time it is belongs to someone who doesn't know their number has been poof spoofed. linda eekman realized that. i could somebody else. somebody is saying i called them and i am saying nope. >> nada taylor says she this call from linda' linda' >> reporter: all
6:47 pm
federal communication center has received complaints about spoofing. >> number one, they are engaged in scams and harder to trace back who is doing the scam. >> reporter: number two, they are trying to trick you on picking up the calls. last year it levied $2 million in fines. the fines were the first action of its kind. now regulators working with providers to develop technology to authenticate legitimate calls and block spoofed ones. ones. o. pho now, we contacted verizon and t mobile and sprint and at&t. and only at&t committed voluntarily to blocking
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now, i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hot line is monday through friday, 10:00 to 2. the telephone number is (415) 954-8151 and you can reach me on my facebook page. and in san jose on santana santa >> no spoofing in the weather department. the numbers are real. >> sunny skies across the bay area. clear skies with the low temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s. then tomorrow even more warmer than today in most locations. we will sd-s. and low 80s in the east bay. look for 80 degreesn frem
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and san jose and 78 in san in si francisco. sunny skies, temperatures between 72 and 76. easter weekend looking nice. bright skies. and going into early next week, it will be breezy and pleasant as well. >> gorgeous night for opening day tomorrow. >> absolutely. larry beil has that. >> a's made plans t
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good evening, the a's open 2018 season tomorrow afternoon at home against the angels. then a surprise announcement that they may have doubled their chances of planting a flag permanently in the town. that would be a long-term deal. the a's and the city of oakland plan to enter into exclusive rights. as well as the existing coliseus site.
6:53 pm
the port of oakland city council and alameda will have to approve. >> i am so excited to be supporting exclusive negotiating agreements at both the coliseum and at how waard terminal so we double our chances to keep the a's rooted in oakland. >> we need an economic deal to hit our time line to open a ballpark by >> bum gardners broken hand, it will be tye against
6:54 pm
here is blach on his first opening day start with the giants. >> an honor to be able to get the ball first game of the year. >> unfortunately, you lost mad bum. but in sports it is the next man up and you are just as capable and you have to feel that way. >> tough losing two horses like that for us but we know they will be on the mend here and be back to help us out coming down the stretch. >> any easier opening on the road as opposed to home. >> i don't think it matters. everybody is excited no matter where you are. it is fun. it is exciting to be able to play baseball again. >> and against the dodger's too. >> there is a little bit of added adrenaline. >> for fans that don't know much
6:55 pm
about ty something that maybe people don't know about you. >> pretty normal guy, my faceit has been important to me. >> congratulations and good luck. >> thank you. >> might want to wear boots at dodger's stadium. a sewage pipe burst creating a large bubbling puddle. oldest park in the majors. they say repairs have been made. >> it is a little serious enough for them to cancel the game. so never seen anything like this. first time for everything. >> angels actually heading to oakland tomorrow and tweeted this one. last night's game was called
6:56 pm
smell ya later dodgers. >> here comes the cal cavalry. green expected back. nice to see the actual warriors out on the court. give me kd and draymond please. >> join us tonight at 9:00 kofy cable channel 13. >> something passing over. >> the tape just released faa of an american pilot talking about an unidentified flying object. three years after the death
6:57 pm
of her son at a frat party, a bay area mother hoping to spur change. that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> and i am ama daetz and for all of us here, thank you for joining us. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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