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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 29, 2018 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, the killer ride. a co-owner of what was dubbed the world's tallest water slide now under arrest, facing murder charges after a ten-year-old boy was killed on the ride. the new indictment saying the danger was known to park officials. the history of mishaps ignored and former employee tells us what he saw. >> plus new jersey. >> let the fist pumping begin. >> we're with the jrzy shore crew back with a final reunion can they act like a dultds. >> welcome to my crib. party's here. >> snooki giving us ab exclusive tour of the team's new digs. >> hello miami. >> and a preview of the high
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prosecutors say was preventable saying the co-owner constructed the tallest slide in a reckless bid to outdo his competitors and tonight you will hear what he told us the day the ride open. >> it was dubbed the tallest water slide. 17 story free fall. taller than the statue of liberty, riders reaching speeds up to 50 miles an hour and the name the amusement park company chose for it was verruckt which means insane. in 2016 that thrill ride came to a grisly and prosecutors say murderous stop when ten-year-old was decapitated going down the water slide. two of the designers on tuesday and ride's construction company has been charged on 18 counts including reckless second degree
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murder. jeffrey wayne henry and john sully and henry and sons construction company also charged injuring 13 others including 4 minors. and lsz indicted former director tyler austin miles and the water park on 20 counts including involuntary manslaughter. >> it's unusual for a company to get charged criminal and more unusual for the individuals who run the company or are responsible for the actions to be charged criminally. >> the indictment says the design of the ride guarantee the rafts could go air born in a manner that could severely injure or kill the occupants that's what happened in summer 2016 when caleb schwab was killed after his raft went air
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born. two others suffered facial practice yourd. >> they call that insane. >> i was there when the ride first opens in 2014. >> literally not for the faint of heart. >> it was deemed not for faint of heart. >> there were life guards. safety checks. and on this day at least a park employee at the top of the ride reading a two page liability agreement. >> there's a risk inherent to the fall. >> yet they knew the water slide was quote a seer youpsly dangerous piece of equipment yet opened it anyway. >> should i be concerned they are still using jack hammers and saws on this ride. >> i have no idea what they're doing. >> but you're saying it is safe. >> oh, yeah this ride is probably the safest speed slide ever been built. it's been tested, evaluated. >> prosecutors say neither of
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those things were true, the indictment says warned executive s about break failures at least 29 timeouts and yet they were never fixed and rider where's getting hurt 6789 nathan campbell was a life guard at the park and employees like him would be asked to volunteer to test the rides. >> the brakes just didn't work and hit the end of the ride and flipped off. >> he was able to walk away. >> i never wanted to be close it to it, on it, work for it, i didn't even want to be close to it because that happend. >> brittany hawkings was celebrating her birthday when she too had a close call. >> you are speeding down this hill and can't get your balance. the raft went air born and i was flown up and my seatbelt came off. >> brittany said she was terrified. >> we were going up that second hill and gravity again lifted
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the raft and i came crashing down on my back and couldn't move. i had three slipped discs in my back that still give me trouble today. >> he decided to build the fallest water slide for spur of the moment bid foreextreme water park series. much the testing was done a year prior to the opening. many of the challenges capture bid the show. >> tipped over and kill every sand bag in there. >> prototype of the slide even constructed in texas rafts seen flying off the slide. >> how much over budget and how late. >> we were way over budget. >> according to a statement -- >> according to a statement -- - the indictment even going as far
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as claiming miles lied to investigators withholding daily safety reports that contained incriminating information when issues. his lawyer said he never delayed or covered up any incidents nor covered up on the day of the accident involving schwab. >> you have to look at each of the defendants individually can't lump them together and say they will all get convicted or acquitted. they will all have a day in court. >> compared to the rest of the country kansas's laws are less stringent. >> at the time the state had no mandated laws that required an inspection at every set up or any ride safety analysis that should have been performed by an outside independent agency. >> but those regulations were beefed up after caleb's death. last year i spoke to his parents
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about that tragic day. >> i still can remember him sitting on the floor saying come on we're going to go to the park and he just lit up. he was so excited. >> that day the schwabbed piled their four boys including ten-year-old caleb into the car and it was special august day because admission was free for families of state legislators like scott. >> six went to the park and five came back. >> upon arriving the schwab's say caleb and big brother nathan went right to the top of the 175 skafl old and took off. >> he said brothers stick together i know dad. >> it was the last time they would see him alive. big brother was at the bottom waiting when the unimaginable happened. >> he was screaming.
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>> nathan ran to tell his mother but was impossible to explain what he seen. >> there was a gentleman who wouldn't allow me to come close enough to see what was going on. he kept saying, trust me you don't want to go any further. >> on lookingers conferring the family's worst fears. >> i need to hear you say it, is my son dead, he shook his head and i said i need to hear it he said yes your son is dead. >> in a statement monday caleb's death was an unforeseeable accident and vowed to fight the allegations. >> accident. >> but i think you and your attorneys believe that negligence caused it. >> oh, yeah. it's an accident. but there's an accounting because someone was negligent. >> for "nightline" i'm matt gutman. >> thanks it's matt and jeffrey henry in a jail in texas pending
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♪ and we're back now with the reality stars who made towering contributions to our culture, introducing into our
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lexiconphrases as dean tampa laundsry and beat up the beat. the kids from "jersey shore" are back and all grown up-ish. >> hello, everyone! >> and ready to party. >> going harder than we've ever gone before. >> one of the most famous cast in reality tv history reuniyouu in miami for "jersey shore" family vacation. >> let the fist pumping begin. >> snooki. jwoww. mike. vinny. ronnie. arguably all grown up with careers and spouses and even children. >> we've part yied hard before but never seen anybody funnel wine. >> seems like some things never change. >> this is a vacation from our real lives. we really took advantage of it. >> i wonder in those six years obviously some you have didn't leave on good terms, right, so in those six years what has happened between your relationships with each other?
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>> we grew as a family. >> definitely. >> last year when we did a small reunion on another network it made us realize how much we missed each other and got in a group chat together which sounds corny but it brought us together. every single day we talked. >> our group chat is amazing. >> the day we left the house we were texting each other. we have this unbreakable bond. >> i think it's the best time for now. >> i think we missed each other long enough. >> we were going to come back it had to happen and they pick now. >> and other shows are coming back like "will and grace" and "roseanne." >> i'm a criminal. >> brought back the duck phone. >> i stole it from our old shore house. feel like if we do a reunion you have to have the duck phone.
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>> nicole known as snooki gave "nightline" first look at the digs. >> this is the dining room where we have under is dinners and walk into grand master kitchen. these water melon put it in the blender with vodka, watermelon, that's all i know. >> oh, my god. >> no thank you. >> okay. well good luck in your interview. >> thank you, momma. >> hello, miami. just look at the view. and the buildings. they light up. oh, hey. best part of the house. you want to do the tour with me. in the daytime you see sting rays, dolphins and sharks. >> we get coconuts. >> we open it and drink it because it's healthy. coconut water is healthy. >> when have you opened it for a drink? >> just lie. >> now we're going in, we have a
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sleeping situation. >> not guilty. not guilty. >> my god, stop. >> their chemistry something mtv president chris mccarthy hopes will translate a second time around. >> one of most iconic friendships and the cast is so young while their lives have changed an they had are at different coming of age moments we all want to the break out and escape. >> the world was first introduced to the "jersey shore" in 2009, the show entertained fans for six seasons with its over the top portrayal of a lifestyle fueled by fighting and party and tranning. >> it was a version of the real world except seven different types of people put seven of the same type of people together. that's why they really gelled an
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hollywood chemistry and had friendships and were like a little family, that also had sex with each other. >> from snooki's arrest though the charges were later dropped. >> and the infamous note. >> october ale waitresses breasts. >> those iconic moments would help the turn into a cultural phenomenon. >> we knew it would be a good show, never know when you will have lightning in a bottle. and you can have it ten times but it n does the always work. it took off and hit new levels we didn't think were possible. i think it redefined for us what is a hit show and how do we think differently about our programming. >> are you surprised by all of the things that have become so sort of legendary and synonymous with the show. >> it's amazing to me. all of the things they take out of it. >> six years later people are still watching old episodes. that's amazing. >> at the height of its
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popularity the show grew close to 9 million viewers. with stars like snooki, the situation, and pauley d reportedly bringing home $2.5 million per season. >> it didn't seem produced at all like they were being themselves. they were sleeping with a different person every night and n didn't care that they were being seen as alcoholic people who are quite promiss cuous and i think that was fascinating for america to watch. >> it was most popular show in all of mtv history and all of tv unscripted so it was massive. >> the cast has remained the public eye since the show went off the air in 2012 with spin off series, book deals and of course weddings and babies. >> jwoww and snooki versus been successful teaming up on various you tube type of shows.
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pauley d is a really successful dj. >> but the last six years haven't been one giant party for the entire cast. mike s or the situation has been in and out of rehab twice for addition to pain killers. >> people are surprised to hear you're sober. >> 289 mon months. >> before i got here i was two years sober so had a strong a version to recovery. >> he pleaded guilty for tax evasion. >> it's similar to recovery take it one day at a time. i can't change the court case but i can change myself. i can change my eaction to certain circumstances. so i can become a better person. >> it's like they really matured into the good people they always were. it's just the slightly more adult vrersion of them and then there's times they are not adult at all which is why we love
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them. >> despite the fact first episode hasn't airs family vacation has renewed for a second season. >> so excited. >> so thankful for. >> my liver is still punching me in the face. >> yeah the hang over. >> for sure. >> for "nightline" in new york. >> next hear why "roseanne" has a new reason to laugh. [ laughter ] >> announcer: abc news "nightline" brought to you by -- ou by -- es-benz glc... ...with its high-tech cameras and radar... ...contemporary cockpit... \ . \ . ...what's most impressive about the glc? all depends on your point of view. lease the glc300 for just $449 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz.
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♪ finally here tonight, can "roseanne" save america? ♪ last night's "roseanne"'s reviveal scoring a blockbuster 18.22 million viewers more than the series finale in 1997. >> classics really do hold up. >> candid pore trait of a divided family in a divided country. >> first let's say grace, jackie, would you like to take a
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knee. >> twitter exploding with love for the number one trending show, the star tweeting you're all wonderful here's to making america laugh and talk again. "roseanne" as always bringing everyone to the table. [ laughter ] thank you for watching "nightline" and as always we are online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page. thank you again for watching and good night. ross has the must-have styles and brands get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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