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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 29, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. breaking news in sonoma county where a man has died
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after a crash at sonoma raceway. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. get to kate larson live. what are you learning? >> reporter: a 75-year-old man is dead. opening night of the wednesday night drag racing program. big turnout, about 190 cars. ca. sonoma raceway is pointing us in all their years, first time somebody has died. races happening earlier in the day. objective of the program is give people from teenagers to professionals a safe place to race. staff do inspect each car. man was driving 1976 ford pinto, going at least 100-mile-an-hour when he hit wall at 6:00 p.m.
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only driver at the time. before the fatal race, had taken one prior lap, everything seemed fine. >> had a full roll cage, proper harnesses, helmets and safety gear appropriate for his class. our safety record speaks for itself. it's a tragic accident. we're grieved by it. >> reporter: after the crash sonoma raceway shut down the event. it is under investigation and unclear exactly what happened. told that next wednesday's races will go on as planned. kate larson, abc7 news. back to you. thanks. i-team is learning new information about the death of apple engineer and problems he experienced with tesla in the months leading up to the crash that claimed his life friday. >> victim's family says he
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complained about the autopilot before the accident. >> reporter: walter wong's family tells me he took it to the dealer saying it veered toward the same barrier that he hit on friday when he died. exclusive video from the chp's multidisciplinary accident team and national safety board inspecting the tesla model x involved in the fatal crash on friday. taking out control module, tucking into evidence bag. ntsb told me they recovered that module and infotainment module today. >> going to work with tesla to download and see what data is available to give us insights what was going on in the accident sequence. >> reporter: learning more about
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the victim. 38-year-old walter wong, wife and two kids. worked as programmer. past november got a job as apple engineer. bought new tesla. showed to friends and former coworkers. we spoke with two outside of electronic arts. >> he was proud. i remember a little bit of jealousy. >> reporter: spoke with his brother will. confirmed he was on the way to work at apple before he drived. before the crash complained that the car would swivel towards that barrier on autopilot. took in for the issue but couldn't duplicate it. family is telling me they provided invoice to investigators. took the car in because veering to the same barrier. how important is that information?
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>> it's been received by chp and they've been acting on it for some time. >> reporter: blog post says tesla owners driven that stretch of driveway roughly 85,000 times. 200 successful autopilot trips per day on this exact stretch of road. chp confirming another crash 11 days earlier. these photos raise another question. crash attenuator in proper condition and way it was before walter wong's crash, collapsed after a different accident. will wong texted it should have saved his life. seen videos of similar crash with cushion and driver walked out unharmed. >> did great stuff on games some viewers will know him for. >> reporter: remembering contributions to the gaming world and friendship in trips to
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the gym. >> get together, work it out. he would be keeping me safe. what spotters do. i know very much he did the same thing for his family. >> slept with his kids when they had nightmares. painted his daughter's nails, let his daughter paint his nails. everything awesome you should do as dad he did. >> reporter: raising money to help with the funeral and life after death. posting the link at for the i-team, abc7 news. cal trans is reviewing what happened to the safety barrier that walter wong hit. cooperating with the investigation. tes tesla e-mailed us, couldn't find anything suggesting that customer complained to tesla about the performance of autopilot. there was a concern raised once but navigation not working but that's not related.
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palo alto police are increasing patrols in area where a man pointed gun at woman's head and assaulted her. jogging near tesla when an armed man pulled her off the path and assaulted her. sky7 was above. >> resources and others actively working to locate the suspect and bring him to justice. >> victim was injured but will recover. 30s, 5'10", black sweatshirt with a bear logo on it. man who plowed through five pedestrians and drove away is now in custody. man struck has died. >> reporter: 33-year-old mark
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dennis after they say he mowed down five pedestrians with van and took off. dog patch, 24th and illinois. >> backed up really fast, turned around and head-on through the men like they were bowling pins. >> five men were sent to the hospital, one died. another in critical condition. unclear what triggered the incident but witnesses say dennis was acting erratically before. throwing things and getting out of the van and chasing them with ax. >> he was crazy, took it to different level. got out of the van with ax, went after them. took off belts and lashing at him. >> booked on suspicion of murder and assault with deadly weapon. witnesses say will never forget the sheer horror of what they just saw. >> i froze because i thought how did he do just that, with no hesitation.
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>> it's up to investigators to get answers how it escalated so quickly and why. san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. a woman suffered critical injuries tonight after suv plunged down a daley city cliff. found on muscle rock beach. unclear why the vehicle went off the cliff tumbling 200 feet to the beach below. she was only person in the suv. driving between tracy and livermore tomorrow expect delays. closed for emergency repairs. altamont path while crews fixed the bridge. may find alternate route. michelle obama's message of hope tonight to thousands in the bay area. too graphic for fourth graders, controversy over sex ed
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curriculum in the east bay. you're going to feel the heat tomorrow. i'll show you how warm comin
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angry parents in
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frustration with program tonight. >> too much too early. too much too early. >> reporter: parents made voices heard before the program began. against a new sex ed program. including discussions of sexual orientation and hiv in fourth grade. >> sexually explicit, a lot of them, especially taught for fourth grade and up. >> reporter: said the subject matter was vetted by experts. >> any instruction we have in fourth through sixth be medically accurate, inclusive and make sure the teachers are very well trained. >> reporter: california doesn't require sex ed for fourth through sixth. parents accused them of
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implementing without going through channels. >> do the right thing and involve the parents. >> why introduced now and in a rush. >> reporter: some came in support. >> more information is better. help the kids make healthier decisions and be better throughout life. >> reporter: parents would have the option to opt out. abc7 news. hearing from a san francisco firefighter who thinks a city supervisor should step down after heated exchange at fire scene in north beach. flames gutted vacant apartment building, gutted businesses on march 17th. supervisor called for fire firee supervisor to resign on the scene, saying should have been spraying water.
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wrote that peskin referred to me as idiot, accused peskin of risking lives. >> in between the command post and fire building. i had to get him out of the way. not something i should have to deal with. >> gonzales suggested that anyone who behaves like that in the future should be arrested on the spot. peskin's office has not responded to request for a comment. web stream by fs motors. partially owned by sf motors is designed to run 300 miles on one charge. could be below $4,000. drivers facing accusations of exceeding 100-mile-an-hour on freeway. say this porsche reached triple
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digit speeds on 104 and this driver also. if found guilty, could be $900. former first lady took part in question and answer session in oracle tonight. topics included the importance of education and helping young people become successful and highs and lows of being first lady. >> behind every great man, usually a great mom. warriors paid tribute to their mothers. >> draymond green and jordan bell and their mothers took part, discussion of parenting with 50 women. >> grown-ups talking and bell and green kept the kids entertained with basketball clinic. >> fun. it was warm today. >> ready for easter. sandhya patel is here. >> 10 to 15 degrees warmer than
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normal and heading into even more tomorrow. live doppler 7 right now, passing clouds. temperatures, warm, no doubt about it. sfo set a record of 77, surpassing 76, old record. san jose, san rafael, upper 70s. everyone was warm. half moon bay to escape the heat. still hanging on to the warmth from earlier. 50s and 60s. half man bay is 58 degrees. average high is 67. well above average, 83. sliding but gradual into the holiday weekend. if you have plans and it's too warm, hang in there, it will get better. look at this view from kgo roof
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camera. visibility is great. clear and comfortable in the morning. record highs likely tomorrow and cooler eastern weekend. home opener for the coliseum. will get warmer. 76 degrees. beverages to keep cool, water preferably, hydrated. enjoy the sunshine but need the shades. tomorrow is starting off comfortable. mild around most parts. almost everyone in the 50s. afternoon, short sleeves in the south bay. 83 morgan hill, san jose. yeun on the peninsula. 72 pacifica. great day to be outside. 78, 72 daly city. north bay is 80s except coast
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line. oakland and san leandro, upper 70s. inland, 82 in concord, 83 in pleasanton. beach day. ocean beach, 74, 79 in santa cruz. those of you waiting for rain, fast forward to the first week of april. models hinting at rain between april 5th and april 7th. first week could feature a complete change in the pattern. download the accuweather app and check out the trends. accuweather seven-day forecast. beach weather friday, cooling starts but don't feel it until the weekend. be nice for easter, the egg hunts. temperatures coming down next week. dan and ama. >> thanks sandhya. coming up next, how a woman appeared to take the idea of a
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okay. this is not the kind of carpool that you want to be part of. woman in florida forgot to put car in park when ran back into apartment to get money. >> look where it ended up. husband and daughter still in the car. got out safely but severe case of embarrassment. that is a carpool. >> scary. >> honey, you're not driving anymore. while the warriors heal up, looking to see who
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good evening. what do you want? a waterfront view or easy access to b.a.r.t.? a's decision on a new stadium might come down to that choice. money as well. entered into exclusive negotiations with city of oakland. two sites.
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coliseum and howard terminal. a's to open tomorrow against the angels in the coliseum. hope to make choice end of this year. >> so excited to be supporting exclusive negotiating agreements at both coliseum and howard terminal so we double our chances to keep the a's rooted in oakland. >> giants open in l.a. ty blach against the great clayton kershaw of the dodgers. great moment for the lefty. goal this spring just to make the roster. >> definitely honer to get the ball first game of the year. exciting. everybody is looking forward to getting the season running. added adrenaline whenever you're playing the dodgers. >> depleted dubs tomorrow.
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he's back. durant and draymond green both probable against the greek freak. taking on the talking hawks with authority. drives and lays it in for 50 on the night. towns going for a franchise record for minnesota. corner three for 54. finished with 56 points, 15 rebounds. t-wolves win 126-114 to move up into seventh half a game, six to play. dubs will play the seven seed, this is important. utah, john stockton in the house. jaylen brown knocking down the game-winning three. celtics 97-94. jazz drop to eighth, half a game behind minnesota with six to play. you know sister jean, america's
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darling. 98-year-old nun, avid supporter of the loyola chicago basketball team that's reached final four. sister jean bobblehead is out. best seller in the history of the national bobblehead hall of fame and museum within 48 hours of release. sold 5,000 in two days. she's popular. abc7 sports by river rock casino. i didn't know there was a national bobblehead hall of fame and museum. haven't been around that long. >> all right. >> abc7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and mobile please keep your shoes on! stop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy.
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all right. that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya and larry, thanks for joining us. "jimmy kimmel live." >> have a great day. see you tomorrow.
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." hidden camera catches a leopard in search of her missing cubs. >> mom's like, i smell my baby. >> how a wildlife group managed to get them back to mama. look closely at this office. >> and tell me if you see a hazard. >> why nobody else saw it coming either. >> what?! it's a classic case of -- >> what the bride wants, the bride gets. >> why plane safety instructions have never been so entertaining. >> you have a lot of confused passengers right now. and some deejays use a camera for a dice i phone experiment. >> i'm making the call right now. >> see if one of their wives will take the call. >> just push the red button, mate. >> oh! no!
1:42 am
you expect to find something sweet in a sugar cane field but some farmers in india found four sweet little things. >> oh. >> little leopard cubs. according to locals there, mom got disoriented and was separated from the babies. the farmer called wildlife sos and the forest department. they checked them out, made sure they were okay. they only had them for a few hours before they put them in a crate and put them back in the field so mom could find them and this hidden video camera captures about an hour later mom's like, i smell my babies. >> maybe the became from the deforestation. >> because of habitat encroachment, more episodes like this are happening and if we don't return the babies to mom, mom would get agitated and you'd have an agitated leopard walking around, looking for her babies. >> you don't want that. not going to be good for anybody involved. >> so the best thing to do was reunification. ri


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