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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it's clear cal trans did not fix it before the apple engineer died at that spot. 38-year-old apple engineer walter wong died when his tesla slammed into the safety barrier where the 85 car pool lane veers off from 101 south and mountain view. released this image showing the safety barrier collapsed to provided no cushion to wong. the chp released information on what happened 11 days before the tesla crash 10:30 at night. 31-year-old james slammed and survived with just lacerations to his face and complaints of pain to his head, face, back, arms, and legs. arrested for driving under the influence. he expressed his deepest condolences and said, unfortunately, dan, i'm going to have to decline an interview at the moment and added, very unfortunate about the tesla driver. really sorry to hear. yes, i dodged a bullet here.
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>> it's like hitting a reinforced brick wall. >> specialized in highway safety and sued over guardrail issues in the past. he compares walter wong hitting that clamsed safety barrier to this accident at the daytona 500 in 2001. >> if people are familiar with it, the accident that killed dale earnhardt, it was the sudden stop that will kill you. >> reusable hydraulic crash cushion that has to be pushed back into place. before walter wong crashed in his tesla this past friday. >> some have a three day repair time for high traffic locations and if you look at the material in california, this thing should have been repaired within a week. again, there are a lot of questions about what happened and what went wrong, but it should have been repaired in under 11 days. >> in just the past 15 minutes,
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cal trans finally sent a statement confirming it's their policy to fix broken safety barriers within 7 days or 5 business days but storms delayed the work. as i reported yesterday, walter wong is believed to have survived if they fixed the safety barrier in a timely fashion. whether the auto pilot was engaged on the tesla and played a role in the crash and how the investigating in that and much more. >> much more to come. thank you. this is the second time in two days that i-team discovered information no one else has. search the word tesla. new developments tonight in the disturbing story of a deceased fetus found along the berkeley shoreline tuesday afternoon. an autopsy concluded the baby was over 20 weeks old. the sheriff's office said it appears to be a miscarriage, so they are now classifying it as a homicide. deputies say they are concerned for the health of the mother and encourage her to come forward so
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they can give her the care she needs. we have an update for you on a story we first saw on abc7 news at 5:00. a 3-year-old boy in fair condition and expected to survive, you'll be glad to know, after being hit by a car in san francisco. sky 7 flew over the scene at 25th and connecticut streets while police investigated this crash. officers tell us the driver is cooperating with them and drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in this afternoon's accident. happening now, san francisco police holding a town hall meeting to answer questions following a deadly shooting involving an officer and the body camera video from that day just released. you can see the officer returning fire and taking cover shortly after entering the barbershbash basher shop. reloads from behind the barber chair and innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire. the officer was shot in the leg while the suspect was killed in the exchange. others suffered non-life-threatening injuries
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and the shooting happened after sfpd received the report of the man with the gun. the investigation led them to the amazon barbershop. they're holding the town hall meeting as we speak and we'll have live updates from the meeting tonight online and on air at 11:00. moving to developing news in sacramento. today, mourners including reverend al sharpton gathered for the funeral of stefan clark, shot to death by sacramento police nearly two weeks ago. his death has sparked protests. >> here's a live look from sacramento. police, or people, rather, have been marching through downtown for hours. you can see them there in this intersection. a lot of signs held. this is the third straight day of these protests. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live in sacramento with a look at the emotions of today. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. it's all quiet here in the church in south sacramento. hundreds packed into this church
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to say an emotional final good-bye to stefan clark. it was a funeral brimming with emotion from the very start. >> you don't tell people when you kill their loved one how to grieve. >> reporter: not just for the presence of a national figure. the reverend al sharpton but also for the raw display of anger from stefan clark's older brother, who took the service in a direction it seemed even his family didn't expect. >> i am, i am. shooting a gun. >> sacramento police fired 28 rounds at the 22-year-old clark as he stood in the grandmother's backyard with the cell phone in his hand. something the officers thought was a gun. it came after a foot pursuit captured on video by a helicopter. >> we did not come for uppity folk.
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we came for the family, we came because this boy should be alive today. >> reporter: stefan was taken from us way too early. >> clark's grandmother described him as a young father who was especially close to his family. >> stefan warmed his mother's heart with his big personality and his loving spirit. >> reporter: among those as pal bearers, matt baurrnes. clarke's death is a national event and many won't soon forget. >> somebody tweeted i did the eulogy to hold a brother. we're here for the family to get justice. and to get answers. because the nation needs it. >> reporter: in sacramento, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> let's take a live look at the protesters from the streets in sacramento. this is jay and 8th. this is about a block from the golden one center where the
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kings have the game about an hour from now. you can see all the protesters there. see them speaking out and someone holding a bull horn and speaking and a lot of people have signs as they're just standing there in the street. protesters prevented many fans from attending the last two games. today, the team told fans to arrive early. we've seen a large police presence around that area. now, the protests have focused on several key locations within blocks of each other in the cities downtown. they've usually started at the district attorney's office and then go by city hall toward the golden one center. in the north bay tonight, friends and family in two counties mourn the loss of a beloved amateur race car driver who died in a crash at sonoma wednesday's drag racing series. that's the first fatality there in 30 years. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: to hear his family tell it, these are the moments that ken rambo lived for. the track in the high-octane built ford pinto dragster.
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>> you always worry in the back of your mind, but i know that if i tried to stop him, he would just be bitter, bitter, bitter. >> reporter: now he's gone. kent rambo was 75 years old, a husband for 51 years. the car he had been so proud of now rubble. accident happened last night during sonoma raceways wednesday drag races. this video shows the final run. >> we don't know how the crash happened. only what happened. witnesses say the car crossed the quarter mile mark doing 121 miles an hour and then went left, hit the wall at 80 degree angle. >> he would not have been able to race if he passed inspection. >> steve page expressed sadness about the first wednesday night drag racing desk in decades and holding it for inspection. >> kept everything. >> reporter: his son jeff described do it yourself with every little adjustment and tweak for racing.
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marilyn talked about a beloved husband and father and her patience for the adrenaline bug that led for motorcycles to drag racing. >> i like to just burn that car damn minute of it no matter how matter he loved it because i feel like it took my husband. >> reporter: tell her if he died, put his ashes in a car and speed them around the track. last night, neither she nor anyone else saw this end coming so soon. >> he was just healthy. so i didn't think racing would do anything to him. >> reporter: matt kelleabc7 new. longer travel distance for those called to serve for jury duty. there's contention whether the proposed change will increase or
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decrease jury diversity. >> reporter: alameda county residents typically called to serve jury duty once a year. >> okay. hoping to be local where i serve. >> reporter: they could have to travel farther on some cases. the executive committee is proposing moving to a countywide jury pool for all case types including misdemeanors and in all locations. the courts already operate on a countywide jury pool for felony cases. >> the view of the bench is that your jury pool shouldn't depend on what type of case you have. it should be the same for everyone in the county. >> reporter: court executive officer chad fin key believes the move will lead to greater overall participation and people within the county being called to serve less often and brendan woods strongly disagrees. >> extra layer of difficulty to get people to serve on juries. >> reporter: he believes the change will create a burden on people in lower socioeconomic
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classes. >> is gone to make the jury panels mostly people who are fluent and i hate to say this, but people who are not people of color. >> given the diversity of our county, if every jury pool is a countywide pool, i think more diverse, not less. >> reporter: a public comment period is open until early may. >> some people may not just show up at all. they may just call and say they're unavailable, reschedule and never show up again. >> reporter: if the proposed change is accepted, it will go into effect july 1st. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. a broken space station could fall back to earth. >> what local researchers are doing to protect us from objects falling out of space. >> i'm spencer christian. the hot spots in just a moment. and we are looking live inside the 7 on your side tax hotline open until 8:00.
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joining us later with the sample of the questions we're getting answered for you tonight. it's opening day. who's going to have a better year? a's or the giants? both right now at and see the results in realtime.
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the ongoing broadway chinatown street scape project in san francisco has been delayed and many businesses say it's hurting them financially. the target area is a half mile stretch of broadway between columbus avenue and the broadway tunnel. it's been a mess for some time.
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mia melendez shows you how bad it can get during the commute. >> reporter: it's behind schedule but expected to be completed by may. >> what happens in old neighborhoods where the streets in some areas haven't been opened up for a hundred years, we'll find things we weren't expecting. all of this affected popular restaurants and really well known among phfoodies. travel channel and too many others to mention. with the signature dishes, sam said it's been challenging to bring in clients. >> it's going on like that. so anybody in the business almost go down 40%. >> 40%?
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>> 40%. >> reporter: to add to all of this, the massive central subway project which ends here in chinatown. but it starts all the way back here at fourth and king. nearly two mile extension done by december 2019 after a 12 month delay. >> still going down. not like before. >> we've been working with the community from the beginning of the work that was being done at central subway. we continue to work with the community and the merchants to address their concerns. >> reporter: some businesses compensated, the damage has already been done. leanne melendez, abc7 news. space debris could fly from the sky. the space station about the size of a school bus has stopped sending data back to earth making a controlled reentry impossible and a crash into the atmosphere inevitable. abc7 news reporter david louie
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said this is the concern over space junk. >> reporter: there's no keeping a lid over the space junk, 29,000 a day and could grow to ten times that number. a single collision in 2009 between two spacecraft over siberia created estimated 2,000 pieces of debris. space junk can be full size satellites no longer in service to fragments the size of a softball or smaller, regardless of size, pose serious threats to other satellites and people on earth. gravity can cause objects in low orbit to hit the ground unless they burn up with the earth's atmosphere. lockheed martin completed this station in the islands as the air force creates what's called space fence. >> with some of the current radars, you can just track one object at a time. space fence is literally capable of tracking thousands of objects at the same time. >> reporter: that is important as the technology tries to create a catalog of what's out
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there and project their movement. >> when the new objects are detected, we'll determine if they are new to the catalog or if they trace back to one of the objects that was originally in orbit and perhaps broke up or maneuvered or changed its orbit. >> reporter: the location of the next generation radar system is strategic because space junk at some point crosses the equator. you'll be able to observe more objects. however, optical telescopes are tracking space junk. this is the space tracking facility in the santa cruz mountains. they look for threats by determining if an object is debris and on a wild track. a similar installation has just been completed in australia. in the santa cruz mountains, david louie, abc7 news. all right. record warm temperatures are possible today and tomorrow. >> that's right. spencer christian is live on the roof of the building here at the
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abc7 news studios. we all should be up there. it's gorgeous. >> earlier at 4:00, it was pretty hot up here but getting cooler and more pleasant now. come on up and join the party. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies across the bay area and as you have no doubt heard already, a day of record warmth. the numbers in red. all record high temperatures for this day. 82 in san jose and 81 in marketfield and sfo and san francisco. 77 oakland and 84 in san rafael and 86 in santa rosa and many other locations in the 80s as well but these were record highs in this location for this day. looking at blue skies mainly now over san francisco from sutro tower. oakland, 70. mountain view, 79. san jose 80 and gilroy 76 and this is a view of the western sky. this is 80 degrees in santa rosa and napa, 76.
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83 in concord and 78 in livermore. let's go to the beach. santa cruz beach to be specific. these are our forecast features and have the warm pattern holding on. breezy and cooler weather over easter weekend and a chance of rain late, late next week. overnight, look for mainly clear skies and we'll see low temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. see highs once again well into the 80s in our inland areas and low 80s in the north bay at santa rosa and concord, and 83 down south at san jose and 80 degrees at paolo alto. the beach forecast for tomorrow, highs right around or just above 70 degrees in most bay area beaches but santa cruz get up to 79 and the uv index will be high, so be sure to take your sunscreen along if you're going on out in the sun. we're not, the only part of the state getting this exceptionally warm weather in this span of heat, statewide tomorrow with
6:21 pm
highs in the low 80s. redding and sacramento. mid to up 80s in bakersfield and 95 in palm springs. the highs in the first column are the projected highs and tomorrow, you could see the average high temperatures for tomorrow's day, march 30th, and then the difference. san francisco will be 12 degrees warmer than average tomorrow. santa rosa 15 degrees warmer. and going to easter weekend, we'll see a bit of a cooldown on saturday and the cooling begins and nice and breezy and mild on saturday and sunday but not warm as today and tomorrow and the cooling continues on monday which is going to be a pleasant day. looking ahead, the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see that there won't be much of a change in the temperature range after tomorrow, that is. once we get to saturday and sunday, we see a fairly steady stream of mild weather coming our way but late next week around thursday or so, a little bit more cooling and a slight
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chance of the first rain we will have seen in quite some time. >> thank you so much, spencer. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is he
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your side hotline is packed with tax experts to answer your questions. >> it's a great resource. been here since 4:00 and staying here until 8:00 p.m. tonight. stay with michael finney. >> thank you very much. you can contact us via facebook. we've got people that will help you with your tax questions there or you can give us a call at 415-954-7621. right now from united way is kelly. your program is earn, keep it, save it. >> that's a free tax preparation coalition here in the bay area. 200 locations to help you do your taxes. >> i can show up and you'll do my taxes. >> for free. 100% free. >> how do we contact you? >> find a location by calling 211 or visit >> good news for low income folks on the california return. >> that's right. the california earned income tax credit recently expanded. income limit is now $22,000 up from 14,000 last year. >> huge increase. >> yes, and now self-employed
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workers can claim the credit. >> you had to work for someone else and now you can be self-employed and get the tax credit? >> you can cash income or 1099, miscellaneous, qualifies now for the credit. >> kelly datsun from united way. thank you for joining us and we'll be here until 8:00. reporting live from 7 on your side offices. michael finney. >> be sure to join michael finney tomorrow in san jose. tax experts on site from 4:00 to 7:00 at santana road at san jose in the evening. taxes one issue the president raised in regards to amaz amazon. >> what action he could take against the largest online retail retailer. electric scooter are the latest option in the bay area but new problems and the potential for new
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. for the moment, they're not prohibited.
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>> changes could be coming though for the latest options to help you get around in the bay area. several companies have recently launched dockless systems with bicycles and scooters. >> not everyone is happy to see them on their streets though. how cities are trying to regulate the new industry. >> scanning the qr code. >> reporter: perez unlocks in san jose. one of many recently deployed across the bay area. >> i use it to commute quickly around from place to place. i feel it's convenient and something new. >> reporter: the bikes and scooters easy to come by. download the app and found line bikes at the westfield valley fair. these are in a rack but some people say they've been dumped in the woods and left on the sidewalks as well. people's streets and driveways and i almost ran over one. neighbors say these have been here for days. >> could these sit here forever? that's the question. >> reporter: it's one of many
6:31 pm
questions, the city tries to regulate the transportation trend. >> we want to develop a regulatory framework for these companies to operate under and make sure they're safe and they're being responsible in their operations and cleaning them up at night. >> reporter: sfm sent these to bird, line bike and spin, asking them to submit a business plan to the city and also cites california vehicle code. helmets are required. you must have a valid driver's license or permit and scooters should be driven on the roadway or bike lane, not the sidewalk. it collects scooters every night for charging. >> but if there is a concern or dumping, call the company first. but if it poses a hazard, absolutely contact the city. >> reporter: douglas bikes and scooters off to a bumpy start but perhaps soon on the right path or street. in san jose, news. al din smith after he missed
6:32 pm
his court date. he claimed he had never missed a court date so the judge issued the warrant until april 5th, one week from today. if he doesn't appear by then. the troubled all pro linebacker. related to a domestic violence incident that happened march 3rd in san francisco. new at 6:00. three wrongful death lawsuits filed by families of victims of the month thomas fire broke out in september and created conditions for the deadly mud slides in january. one of the lawsuits filed by a woman who lost a daughter and stepdaughter in the the disaster. >> what i hope comes of it is that we all feel safe again. i'm afraid to live back in my neighborhood i've been in for my 49 years of my life.
6:33 pm
>> southern california edison won't comment until the investigation into what caused the thomas fire is complete. president trump said tonight he is concerned with amazon's business practices. the president accuses the retail giant of paying little to no taxes to state and local government yousing the postal system as their delivery boy and doesn't pay for products sold by third party vendors through their web site which make up nearly half of amazon sales. competitors say this is an unfair incentive for retailers to sell on amazon's platform. despite that, amazon stock went up today and so did most stocks but not enough to erase the market's first quarterly loss since 2015. amazon rose more than 1% of its value and dow gained more than 250 closing above 24,000 and nasdaq added over 100 points.
6:34 pm
all markets closed tomorrow to observe good friday. snapchat will amp 100 workers according to bloomberg. the social media company's stock fled over the course of the last few months due to a badly received criticism from kylie jenner and rihanna. the latest round of lafs to let go more than 120 workers in january. san francisco based gap announced a new ecommerce center adding 500 new jobs to the region in the next three years. lee brand. >> it's roughly $3 million in equipment fixtures and improvements. they're projecting $250 million in sales just the first year alone, so we're going to get a piece of the sales tax, property tax. >> the company is trying to beef up its ecommerce capabilities that consumers are buying more and more online. more to come here. you may get more than you order with a meal from a restaurant.
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>> what a local research found is in your food that could raise your risk of cancer. i'm michael finney here in your 7 on your side office taking questions about your concerns and you can talk to us by dialing 954-7621.954-7621.955 chblgt the po the polls still open. who's going to have a better year? a's or giants? vote at no log-in or sign-up re ♪ there are seven continents, seven seas but at celebrity cruises we'd argue more than seven wonders. for a limited time enjoy two free perks like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. plus savings for everyone in your stateroom when you book now during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event.
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earned high marks without gentrifying it. the 47 housing units and retail complex has working class neighborhood keep its largely mexican american culture. they compared it to other neighborhoods across california, looking at factors like income and rent levels. fruitvale scored high for not driving away long-term residents. more home cooking. fewer meals out. not only good financial advice but may reduce your risk of exposure to toxic chemicals. >> according to a new study co-authored by local research
6:39 pm
talking with eric thomas. >> reporter: from her office at uc berkeley, postdoctorate fellow spent two years studying the ins and outs of known as thalates. >> they can impact hormone action in the body. they are associated with pregnancy complications and infertility and also child developmental outcomes. >> reporter: no, it's not just fast food restaurants. the study said the risk is the same wherever you go. not because of what they put in the food, but because of what the food comes in. >> people who dine out had nearly 35% higher thalate levels in their body than people who eat more at home. >> reporter: a family of chemicals often found in the packaging food comes in, mainly plastics. they can alter hormones and affect reap duction, meaning the greatest risk for pregnant women and the very young.
6:40 pm
it may raise the risk of cancer. we asked the lunchtime crowd on the streets of berk lie what they thought. >> the category of guy or the person who's young and think they're invincible. >> i try to get a sense from where they're sourcing things from. >> nowadays, everything, they say, causes cancer. >> reporter: there is a solution but it's not completely giving up restaurant eating. instead, change the packaging. >> if you did reduce or remove thalates, you would see an instant drop of levels in people's bodies. >> and increase in your health. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> something to think about. fewer people cook every day and eat out so much more. we'll check in again with michael finney with 7 on your side tax hotline
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we continue to keep an eye on developing news in sacramento. protest marchers are winding down now. a dwindling crowd remains outside of the district attorney's office about a half mile away from the golden one center where there is a kings basketball game scheduled to tip off at 7:00 tonight. protests have blocked fans from going to the game twice in the last few days but not tonight. more security officers are
6:44 pm
outside the arena right now. this is all in response to a fatal police shooting in sacramento. 7 on your side is dedicated to answering your tax questions. hotline open until 8:00 p.m. >> let's check in live with michael finney once again. michael? >> reporter: you can either contact us through our facebook page, abc7 news or you can give us a call right now. 415-954-7621. we've got some of the finest tax professionals in the bay area joining us here and giving you free advice including norm golden from the california society of cpas. just told me he's been doing this for 15 years. thank you very much. really appreciate it. you've done a lot of good. i want to talk about, once you tell people how to fill out the form and they don't know how to pay. >> people think you can get an extension. that's just time to file the returns, not to pay the taxes. the taxes are still due on april
6:45 pm
17th. i tell people is you have to follow t file the return, even if you don't send the full amount. you want to avoid the penalty. send in the return. send as much money as you can. the irs will take about six weeks to process the return. they'll send you a notice telling you what you already know, that you haven't paid it. and they'll actually offer you an installment plan. >> right then. so you don't come to then. you paid us half. you owe us this much money. here's an installment plan? >> they'll send you the forms and then you can fill it out and call it up. they'll be happy to set up a payment plan. the irs wants to make sure you're filing your taxes and paying your taxes, and if you need an installment plan, they're happy to do it. >> what's the interest in penalty? >> it's about 8%. the penalty is depending how much you owe. there might be a failure to pay penalty and it's going to
6:46 pm
continue on. you can set it up. i recommend to people that you have a direct debited out of your bank account and charge you less for setting that up and then you won't have any problems in payment. >> great advice from norm goldman, cpa. great advice. he and others here until 8:00 tonight. feel free to give us a call. 415-954-7521. >> great resource. join tomorrow in san jose. tax experts on site. that's tomorrow from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m. until san >> after a series of sunny days, a break. >> the rain paid off. the drought map shows less of california is in drought than it was just a week ago. spencer is back with an update
6:47 pm
on the forecast. good news, spencer. >> good news. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies prevail over the region. numerous record highs today and may have a couple more tomorrow. overnight with clear skies. low temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s and tomorrow, we'll see many, many locations inland reaching into the 80s and low to mid 80s for the most part in the upper 70s to near 80s around the bay and 7 degrees on the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooling begins on saturday. sunday, easter sunday, dry, breezy, pleasant. highs in the low to mid 70s. a nice steady angry rank of hra. we'll have a slight chance of much more needed rain that way. >> thank you, spencer. >> what a stunning day for baseball. >> a long day of baseball. >> if you like it. sunshine. goes best with opening day victory. extra innings. how about a slice of pie? pie
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
abc7 sports with larry beil. >> nothing better than opening day on a sunny afternoon. pie time at the coliseum. a's an d angels, 27,000 on the ballpark, throws you away. matt chapman. look at him snag this foul ball up on the tarp and he's got it. a's down 4-0 until the fifth. chris davis, they call him crush. the first homer of the year. prerun rocket off of garrett richards. next batter, matt olson. solo, back to back jags and just like that, we are tied at 4.
6:51 pm
angels regain the lead in the sixth to albert pujols. hey, hey, hey, it's albert. and lifetime for him, crushed. starter kendall pulled after he gave up five runs in five innings. davis marks and four rbis. tied at five. five infielders. two outfielders and nobody in center. that's where siemian goes. scores and good night, game over, drive home safely and pie time for siemian. a's win 6-5 and mike schumann and hey, schuh. >> you mentioned nothing like opening day in any sport in the field of dreams was quite a dream today. down 4-0. they come back as you mentioned and fight back. marcus siemian, first pie in the face and i asked him afterwards what it was like. >> t tit's the first one i've actually gotten. i've been in the situation before and not came through, but it was good to come through for sure. >> it's the type of team we are.
6:52 pm
money ball, right? yeah, we just try to grind out every day and today, we came out on top. >> we've seen some walk-offs here in the past but it's a little bit excruciating. it's one, it's tough dealing with opening day because you want to make a good impression and certainly want to win a game and a little bit more nerves. to have to wait that long makes it more excruciating but the end of the day, the win is a win. >> all right, getting to start tomorrow night. 50th anniversary of being in oakland and honor some of the greatest players ever. have fun if you come out tomorrow night. reporting live, mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> giants and dodgers opening in l.a. and tie start. madison baumgardner. cory seger back-to-back. clayton kershaw allowed one earned run or fewer in the last opening day stars.
6:53 pm
joe panic up and away with two outs in the fifth. so 1-0 giants. dodgers threaten in the seventh. two on and two outs. cory garrett. the bullpen coming through and striking out. taylor looking and giants clinging to a 1-0 lead in the ninth. who's going to close? we'll find out. yankees and blue jays, john carlos stanton and wanted him this off-season. yankees got him to do this. the first at bat as a yankee gone. another homer in the ninth. so four rbis on pace for 324 homers this year. yankees win 6-1. that would be a record. warriors are getting healthier day by day and tonight, kevin durant and draymond green are expected back against the bucks and been out for a couple of weeks with a rib injury and immediately tested by the greek freak giannis u. and shoulder, flu, but he's back with the eight games.
6:54 pm
to the ice, sharks clinch the playoffs spot over the predators. i guess we're singing country music during the games. nashville, top team in the league be brendan dylan makes it 2-2 after one and then bad bounce goes to craig smith who scores 22nd of the year and right now, the predators lead 3-2. they are in the second period on a busy day of sports. really. >> thank you, larry. >> join us at 9:00 on coffee tv cable 13. automakers build cars that get 55 miles per hour. the trump administration is about to throw that idea out the window. that's at 9:00. abc7 news at 11:00. obtained all the body camera video from an officer involved shooting inside of a barbershop. at a town hall hosted tonight by police. >> coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00, grey's anatomy and then catch the new drama station 19 followed at 10:00 by scandal and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. we appreciate your time. i'm dan
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a veterinary ophthalmologist from brooklyn, new york... a writer from naperville, illinois... and our returning champion -- a nanny from birmingham, michigan... whose one-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, everyone. this is turning into a very interesting week. on every program, we have a new champion. so that augurs well for shannon and alex.
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emily, you know you're gonna have to work extra hard. good luck. here we go. now the categories, starting off with... they do, you know, every 10 years. but this time "black" in quotation marks. you know what that means. hey... and, emily, you get to start. "black" for $200. alex. -what is a black eye? -good. "black" for $400. alex. -what are the blackhawks? -good. "black" for $600. alex. -what is "back in black"? -yeah. "black" for $800.


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