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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 30, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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people could end up being displaced. at least no one was hurt. coming up on 4:30, if you're just waking up to once hello there. here's a quick update on your weather and traffic. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike. >> hi, everybody. a few high clouds out there, otherwise, pretty clear from mt. tam. we'll stay in the mid- to upper 60s along the coast from noon to 4:00. look at those low to mid-70s. another great day to be outside for lunch. 78 to 80, we'll flirt with records once again this afternoon and a gorgeous evening on tap. 60 at the coast. 70 to 74 for the rest of us. weekend forecast coming up soon. here's alexis. >> mike, i want to take you to walnut creek. so the lighter side to have traffic, northbound 680 around treat boulevard. if you look closely there, i do believe we can see this issue. this is a solo vehicle spinout collision. to me it looks like that vehicle with its hazards on is off on
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the shoulder. so the far right lane, i just saw a trooper head through on the southbound side. i'm guessing we are looping through to head back northbound. we'll check on that again com up around 4:40. tracy to dublin, 26 minutes. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, 13. and northbound 101 to cupertino, just 16 minutes. new this morning, loud noises coming from the chevron refinery in richmond startled people overnight, even forcing symptom city leaders and chevron to assure folks that things were okay. chevron said overnight, though, the noise was a result of steam pressure relief and the company issued a statement saying in part, quote, we apologize for how this may have impacted your evening. there is no need to shelter in place. one caller to the abc 7 newsroom said she heard 15 to 20 loud booms just after 11:00 p.m. last night and had seen two flames
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flaring rather than just one. if you heard or saw anything bizarre there coming from the chevron refinery, there is no need to worry this morning. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. happening today, a driver accused of mowing down five pedestrians before leaving the scene is scheduled to be arraigned. 33-year-old mark dennis is being charged with one count of murder, four counts of attempted murder, and assault with a deadly weapon. it happened wednesday in san francisco's dog patch neighborhood at 24th street and illinois. police say dennis got into a physical altercation with the five victims before driving on to the sidewalk and plowing into them. one of the men, 43-year-old alisio lopez later died at the hospital. police were table to quickly find dennis and arrest him. b.a.r.t. police defending a move to make an officer involved in a deadly shooting eligible for a possible promotion. on monday, b.a.r.t. police said officer joseph mathieu could begin a training course to become a field training officer. mathieu shot and killed a man while responding to gunfire in january. a lawyer from tindel's family
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says he is stunned mathieu would be considered for promotion given an investigation into the shooting is ongoing. tindel's family is demanding the officer be fired and prosecuted. former raider alden smith has until next tuesday to appear in court or face arrest on a domestic violence case. smith failed to appear yesterday for arraignment over a march 3rd incident in san francisco. he's accused of beating his girlfriend and biting her on the wrists. the judge put a bench warrant on hold after smith's lawyer says his client had not missed a court date before. some important news coming in from the war on terror. the u.s. military announced overnight two coalition soldiers were killed, five others hurt in a roadside bombing in syria. but to be clear, we don't know if these victims were american. this comes right after president trump just made a surprising announcement yesterday that u.s. troops will be leaving the country very soon, dumbfounding the military. abc's serena marshal has more
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details. >> good morning. the statement seemed to catch the pentagon and the state department by surprise and it even seemed to go against the president's own policy of not foreshadowing military movements. president trump making a promise of a troop withdrawal from syria. >> get the hell out of isis. coming out of syria very soon. let the other people take care of it now. very soon. very soon. >> reporter: the surprise statement came during a speech on infrastructure and even seemed to catch his own administration by surprise. >> i have not seen the president's comments myself. >> reporter: the possible 2,000 u.s. forces from syria, where there is still a significant isis presence, and the battle continues daily, goes against statements from the commander in charge of troops in the middle east. centcom saying just a day before that the u.s. mission in syria strictly focused on the defeat of isis. and it is our intention to continue to focus on the aspects of isis that still need to be addressed. the u.s.-led coalition has made
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significant strides against isis, but the group hasn't been destroyed. and the battlefield, more conflicted, including syrians, kurd iranians and russians as the syrian civil war continues to ravage the country. serena marshal, abc news, washington. leaders in california and other marijuana-friendly states want to have a cannabis summit with attorney general jeff sessions. the aim is to try to resolve the conflict between state and federal laws over the drug. marijuana is illegal at the federal level, but 29 states have legalized it in some form. happening today, many offices will be pooling their money for a different sort of march madness with the tenth largest lottery prize in u.s. history up for grabs. tonight's mega millions jackpot is estimated at $502 million because no one has matched all six numbers for 23 straight drawings. it's not easy, of course. the odds of winning the jackpot, about one in 303 million. download the nbc news alert and enable push alerts to get an alert about the numbers as soon
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as they're drawn again. all right. never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we have some microclimates across san francisco. ocean beach and sunset up to 52. all the way to the financial district at about 60. 57 if you're coming through the ferry building marina and glenn park. let's take a look at some other neighborhoods. 55 in richmond, 48 in palo alto. look at tracy and pittsburgh at 56. 46 right now in fairfield and petaluma at about 48. daily city, 60 degrees. look at santa cruz. it's going to be a pretty nice day to be at santa cruz. high clouds and sunshine, our warmest day of the rest of the forecast will be today at the beaches, around the bay, light breezes. and if you're just out and about, spring fashion, absolutely. it's going to be that warm. here's a look at our east bay valleys. 54 at 8:00 this morning. 65 at 10:00. and look at noon, 73, but we'll be near 80 from 2:00 all the way through 6:00. down in the south bay, 57. looking at 65 at 10:00. then the high clouds start to kick in.
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mid-70s at noon. low 80s from 2:00 all the way through at least 5:00. and still 69 degrees at 8:00. tonight, it's going to be a lot like this morning. we'll have high clouds and temperatures running in the upper 40s to mid-50s. it actually was a little hot in my house yesterday. >> oh, my gosh, yeah, same here. we're right on the line. we're in the east bay, but we don't have ac and it got a little toasty. >> you have allergies? afraid to open the windows or anything? >> no, we did that, but still a little bit too hot. you can't win, mike. we're going to complain no matter what. sorry about that. and we do have an issue, actually, to talk about on the roads right now. this is actually the lighter side of traffic. northbound 680 in walnut creek, you're seeing all traffic stopped right now. not many vehicles heading that way this time of day. but we do have a crash reported right around treat boulevard and also some debris reported on the left-hand side. so we had a vehicle off on the right shoulder with its hazards on. i think they're working on clearing that debris right now. i will keep an eye on that. that should not be a major issue for long here this morning.
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and again, that is the lighter side of things. one more trouble spot in oakland has popped up. westbound 580 connector to eastbound 24. that is reportedly closed right now to clear a solo vehicle spinout crash. next traffic update coming up in less than ten. alexis, thanks. another fight brewing between california and the white house. at stake, the quality of the air we breathe and the mileage our cars internet. but not just [ any internet.] it's "you've never gamed with speed like this" internet. it's "all your teenagers streaming at once" internet. it's "i can get up to one, two, three, four, five mobile lines included?" internet! it's internet from xfinity that makes your life simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month
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all right. let's take a look at what's going on at 4:41 across the entire state. see some fog possible in the central valley. otherwise, high clouds are starting to roll across most of our neighborhoods. that's going to take the temperatures down just a little bit. 79 in l.a. still very hot in palm springs. look at that, 96. low to mid-80s, sacramento, fresno. 67 in yosemite. tahoe at 59. here's my seven-day forecast for tahoe. temperatures still in the mid-50s to around 60 with some rain possible next thursday. we may get some too. i'll tell you all about it, coming up. >> thank you, mike. new rules the trump administration is ready to roll out could affect everything from your gas mileage to the air you breathe. the administration is set to abandon tough greenhouse gas emission and fuel standards established under president obama. the epa plans to replace them with weaker standards it will unveil soon. among other things, the plan
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would be a blow to california's aim to boost fuel economy to 55 miles a gallon by 2025. in sacramentos, protesters took to the streets again calling for police to be held accountable for shooting and killing an unarmed black man. yesterday, funeral services were held for stephon clark. the reverend al sharpton joined shark's family for the funeral and he delivered a eulogy while standing beside clark's older brother. >> we came for devante, we came for the family, we came for this boy should be alive today. >> also yesterday, the union representing sacramento police officers called the deadly shooting of clark justified. they claim clark took a, quote, shooting stance when officers confronted him in his grandmother's backyard. three wrongful death lawsuits have been filed by families of victims of the montecito mud slides. they're suing utility company southern california edison. the civil lawsuits allege the company's failure to maintain electrical facilities caused the thomas fire to break out in december. that fire, in turn, created
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conditions for the deadly mud slides in january. southern california edson won't comment on the lawsuits until the investigation into what caused the thomas fire is complete. coffee drinkers in california will soon get more than cream and sugar with their brew. >> yeah, a judge has ruled that retailers must include a cancer warning, alerts customers to a potentially dangerous chemical in brewed cups of coffee. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington tells us more. >> it's a downer. >> reporter: coffee drinkers learned their cup of joe will soon come with a cancer warning. starbucks and other coffee shops must include a cancer warning because of a carcinogen that is produced during the roasting process. >> it's kind of comical. i want to laugh about it. >> it doesn't surprise me. i'll still drink it every day. i think in life, everything gives you cancer. >> reporter: a nonprofit filed a lawsuit against dozens of companies that make and sell coffee, including starbucks and 7-eleven. so just how worried should coffee drinker be? >> they're not likely to drop dead tomorrow because of the
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coffee they drank today. >> reporter: uc hastings law professor marcia cohen explains the lawsuit is over the presence of a >> there were claims that it was not a carcinogen anyway and they've been arguing over proof and science for all of this time. >> reporter: in a statement, the president of the national coffee association argues coffee is actually a healthy beverage. it says, this lawsuit has made a mockery of prop $65, has nothing to improve public health. in walnut creek, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> still going to drink my coffee in the morning. >> me, too. totally. there's no way. >> i need it. >> you see those warnings all over the place in california, whether it's garages or entering a theme park. they have big notices saying there could be carcinogens in the air and we still go. >> you can't win. you're never more than seven
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minutes away from your accuweather seven-day forecast. >> i hate to say sunshine, because that can give you cancer, too. so what do we say today? hmm. here's a look at what's going on outside. and you can see all that wet weather that we've been talking about down in the southeast has now moved up to new england. so no big deal for us. it's just, we're not getting any of that anytime soon. so let's talk about what is going on. central tower, looks gorgeous outside. here are my accuweather highlights. partly cloudy, flirting with record highs again today. partly cloudy, seasonal cool tonight, and tapering temperatures through the extended until we get that chance of rain coming at us late next week. all right, 80 to 85, just about the same temperatures as yesterday, down in the south bay with santa clara and san jose at 83 degrees. a little bit cooler in some parts of the peninsula. millbrae, 75. and from san mateo southward, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. near 70 at half moon bay and pacifica, daily city in the s t sunset. we'll have 79 at petaluma.
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everybody else pretty much about 80 to 81 degrees through the north bay valleys. calistoga, the warm spot at about 84. along the east bay shore, a lot of mid- to upper 70s here with oakland and richmond at 75. fremont at about 80. and as you move inland, we have temperatures in the low to mid-80s from pittsburgh at 80 to brentwood at about 84 degrees. going to the game tonight, 7:05, first pitch, 74 degrees, dropping down to 65. so it will be a little cool as the as try to make it 2-0 to start the season. all right, here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. wind shift means a little bit cooler tomorrow, significantly at the coast. coast will be in the 60s while the rest of us are in the low to mid-70s this weekend. all the way through about tuesday and we're back to average wednesday and a one on the storm impact scale for thursday. hey, alexis. >> hey, good morning. i want to head back to walnut creek where we had all traffic stopped just a few moments ago. last time we looked at this camera on 680, this is right around treat boulevard. it does look like they released traffic, but boy, we've got some flashing flights in the area
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now. it looks like we may have a lane taken away on that left-hand side. they had said it was cleared to the center divide, but i think we probably have one lane blocked. it's only 4:46 in the morning. that's the lighter side of traffic, so there's no backup, but it is something i'm keeping an eye on. also, we have scheduled construction until 5:00 a.m. northbound and southbound highway 13 at broadway. both sides scheduled to remain closed for 15 to 13 more minutes here. next traffic update coming up just before 5:00. "the new york times" is reporting that at least five companies will no longer advertise on the show of fox news host laura ingraham. the move comes after ingraham criticized parkland survivor david hogg for, in her words, whining about not being accepted to four colleges. hogg responded by tweeting a list of a dozen advertisers and encouraged followers to call them and ask them to drop ingraham. ingraham has since apologized, saying she did so in the spirit of holy week. another massive data breach. this one involving under armour's popular health app
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called my fitness pal. and will smith goes on a date with a robot. here's tech bites. >> today's tech bites, under armour gets hit with a massive data breach. >> the company says 150 million of its my fitness anticipate users were compromised. passwords, e-mails, and user names were affected. under armour says all users should change their passwords. netflix has a dream job for binge watchers. >> you watch shows and movies and write descriptions to make sure they're classified and c categorized accurately. no word on what that job pays. will smith has bad luck with cybo cyborgs. >> things got a big awkward on a date he had with sophia the robot. >> i think we can be friends. let's hang out and get to know each other for a little while. you're on my friends list now. >> smith said there's probably a design flaw. >> those are your tech bites. >> that wink was horrifying.
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>> the whole thing was. do you crack your -- no. >> whoa! yep. a stanford graduate student part of a team looking at the sound you just heard when you crack your knuckles. >> yum. >> i find it very satisfying. >> sure. >> researchers say they've confirmed that the cracking sound is from bubbles collapsing in the fluid around the joint as the pressure changes. researchers say if there's a large space between your knuckles, the pressure isn't loud enough to trigger a pop and that's why some people can't crack their knuckles. >> never crackled my knuckles. >> and now you know why. >> now i know why. an oakland rapper gets to the airport without his i.d. the unusual way j easy proved his security to identity. if you love to gaze at the clouds, snap a picture. how you'll be helpi inin ining .
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and michael finney will have tax experts right there on site
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welcome back at 4:52 on a friday. are you ready for a third consecutive days of record high temperatures? it's possible livermore's 84. san jose ties at 83. look at napa, 1 degree shy. and sfo, you're 2 degrees within the record high. but oakland and san francisco, about 6.
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former "sex and the city" star cynthia nixon is picking up support for her run for governor of new york from two of her cast mates. sarah jessica parker are behind her. the 51-year-old nixon is known for being an education activist and a close alliance with the new york city mayor, bill de blasio. a recent poll shows nixon trailing cuomo, 66-19%. well, this weekend, you have a chance to experience sailing aboard a pair of tall ships as was done for hundreds of years. the "hawaii chieftain" and "lady washington" will be offering tours this afternoon. the tall ships are docked in marina, giving people a look at maritime trade. the tall ships depart on sunday for crescent city. calling all you cloud gazers. nasa needs your help looking up at the sky.
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>> until april 15th, you can participate in the citizen science cloud observation challenge. anyone can upload up to ten photos a day. nasa wants all types of clouds. all the photos will be used to help validate data from its earth-observing satellites. the people who send in the most photos will get congratulated by a nasa scientist. we have more information on how to participant on our website, >> mike, you could win that easy. >> i take a lot of pictures of clouds. i like them. maybe i should do that. let's take a look at what's going on. i want to jump ahead to next week. that's our next chance of rain. some of us may have to water the dparn gardens t s or the newly plante plants. you can see through the overnight hours and into friday morning, that's when the rain could be the heaviest. by friday evening, it's gone. so we wake up thursday morning, possibly a couple hundredths of an inch of rain to a tenth of an inch of rain. as we head through thursday into friday, this particular model shows a pretty good soaking from
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a third of an inch in the south bay to half inch around the bay to nearly rly north bay. let's take a look at that commute. friday lite? >> pretty friday lite. good friday and spring break for a lot of folks, too. i want to head back to walnut creek. this is the lighter side of 680. northbound 680 near treat boulevard, you can see those flashing lights. they did just release traffic for a second time. so they've had to run a couple of breaks. we had a two-car crash. initially, one vehicle involved, but right now just the left lane blocked. they should be clearing shortly. westbound 580, tracy to castro valley, you're looking great out of the central valley, just 36 minutes. northbound 101, no delays to the southbound, and northbound 1 to 280, just 9 minutes. you still have a chance to snag tickets to burning man. tickets went on sale and were gone in less than 30 minutes.
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there's still some hope if you missed out. low-income ticket applications will be accepted through april 16th and there are limited deluxe tickets that sell for $1,200 and then a last-minute sale in early august. oakland's reveal village has just earned high marks for urban planners for helping to boost the neighborhood without gentrifying it. researchers from ucla say the 47 housing units and retail complex has helped the working class neighborhood keep its largely mexican american culture. they compared it to other neighborhoods across california, looking at factors like income and rent levels. fruitvale scored high for not driving away longtime residents. it seems you don't need your i.d. if you're famous enough. oakland rapper g easy was traveling through an airport when he misplaced his identification. no problem. just use the magazine that he happens to be on the cover of. his girlfriend, halsey, tweeted out, gerald lost his i.d. and he's trying to use the cover of
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"xxl" as part of his additional identification to get through airport security. i'm so annoyed. the singer responded, it worked. >> that's so funny. >> usually you have to go through additional screening, but -- >> apparently you're not on the cover -- zb >> if you're on a magazine, you're good. next at 5:00 a.m., the steps one school district is taking to make sure teachers are not well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started
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the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it's friday, march 30th, coming up on 5:00 a.m. thanks for being there. >> never more than seven minutes away from a gorgeous forecast. >> really nice today.
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