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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 30, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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mike. i'm feeling good. >> yeah, it's a little warm in the studio, isn't it? >> well, i'm looking forward to the warmth today. >> absolutely, going to be warm again today, near record-high temperatures. and then we'll slowly let the heat out as we head through the weekend. but it will still be very comfortable to be outside. all right, here's a look at what's going on with the winds. and we've got calm conditions out there, to less than 5 miles per hour. all right, so let's talk about what's going on with walnut creek. you can see, we're looking south there. and on 680, looks pretty clear. this is one of the areas that's going to hit like 84 degrees today. so we've got upper 40s to mid-50s at 7:00. by noon, we'll be around 64 at the coast, 67 at 4:00. look at those low to mid-70s around the bay and land to near 80 at 4:00. back into the 70s. enjoy a great weekend. if nobody's going to work, alexis, how can they leave work early to enjoy this weather? >> i guess they're just not going to have to. they can enjoy it all day long, checking on our traffic maps,
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yeah, we have almost exclusively green, all the way around. one little red spot here, westbound 580 approaching altamont pass, you're down to about 29 miles an hour. that drive time still right around 30 minutes, though, tracy into dublin. and we do have reports of some debris on the on-ramp to 580 be on the lookout for that. still looking good, westbound 92 across san mateo bridge. those vums a little bit heavier, but no major incidents right now. next traffic update coming up around 6:10. >> alexis, thank you. a new body camera footage is being released of a incident that left a man dead. >> on the right-hand side is what a witness saw driving by the scene. san francisco police shot and killed the $21-year-old suspect. abc news reporter amy holyfield live where that family's suspect spoke at an emotional town hall meeting. >> reporter: it was, reggie. the family of that suspect say that they back police and the police officer's decision to use
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lethal force. but others were critical of the police department, an interesting twist at that meeting last night. before we show you this video, we do want to warn you, it is disturbing, it's hard to watch, difficult to listen to. it is from the body camera that the police officer was wearing. it does show the chaos inside that barbershop. police told the crowd last night that 21-year-old jehad eid stood up and fired first, that he fired nine rounds at the officers and they returned fire. two officers firing 26 rounds. you can hear the barbershop owner yelling "i have kids" four bystanders were hit in the cross fire, some were angry that police were shooting with so many people around. >> that's all messed up. there are dads, brothers, everything, husbands in that shop. >> a lot of people in the room here were involved in the incident. so -- but we don't have the scientific evidence right now, as we speak, to determine which
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bullets hit who. >> reporter: an officer was shot in the leg. you can see him in this cell phone video, crawling on the ground outside the barbershop, trying to get to safety. relatives of eid apologized last night. his uncle said he was a sweet kid, but relatives say they understood t understand the consequences of his actions. the district attorney is still investigating. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. mendocino county authorities continue to investigate the death of two women and their six adopted children. their suv plummeted off of highway 1. authorities say they found no evidence the driver hit the brakes before going over the cliff. that suv was found monday. the family in photos, at least, appeared to be happy, but we're learning that neighbors called child protective services after their son complained of being hungry. neighbors say the boy told them his parents withheld food as punishment. and new developments after
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two teachers in a tamalpais school district say they were harassed by their own students at school. the marin ig reports that the district is planning mandatory sexual harassment training for teachers, staff, and students starting next month. the training consists of 90-minute modules with video instruction and discussion. there are now two administrators, one male, one female, who will record and investigate sexual harassment complaints. president trump is threatening to hold up the trade agreement his administration finalized this week with south korea to gain more leverage for talks with north korea. the president made the remarks during a speech in ohio yesterday on infrastructure. make sure that everyone in the trade deal is treated fairly. president trump's remark comes as the two koreas have announced plans to hold bilateral meetings next month. and a pretty big update this morning from russia, saying it remains open to normalizing ties with the u.s. and other countries, despite moscow's decision yesterday to expel 60
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u.s. diplomats. the new comments come from president putin's spokesperson this morning. russia says it was simply forced to retaliate after the u.s. expelled 60 diplomats. and yesterday, the u.s. ambassador also announced the american consulate in st. petersburg was ordered to close. so right now it is an eye for an eye, it seems that these, quote, good ties are not likely to happen soon. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. a santa cruz county correctional officer has been fired following his arrest on suspicion of sexually assaulting a female inmate. deputies took officer marco del real into custody on wednesday. sheriff jim hart says the alleged incident took place last july at the county's main jail. >> del real's action is an embarrassment to our profession. and it sickens me that this happens or happened in one of our facilities. >> sheriff hart says that he has ordered a full review of jail
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policies and procedures as well as ordered all jail officers to be outfitted with body-worn cameras. the sheriff will also increase the number of surveillance cameras inside of the jail. plans for the first hotel in mission bay are a step closer to becoming reality. san francisco mayor mark farrell and other city leaders broke ground on the project yesterday. the marriott soma mission bay hotel will have 17 stories, 250 rooms, conference spaces, anda a rooftop lounge. so why there? very good reasons. the rooms will feature views of at&t park, twin peaks and it's being built across from at&t park and about a half mile walk away from the warriors new arena development. iphone users will be happy to hear this. apple says it has fixed the slowdown issue on older models. >>. there are new developments this morning about the man found in northern california. he's accused of running away with a minor. never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here's a look at the holiday
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weekend. record highs possible today. a wind shift, a little bit cooler as we head through the weekend. you'll notice it most at the coast. coast. the
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good check of time. it's about ten minutes after 6:00. i want to go a little deeper into the holiday forecast. look what's happening today. 70 at the coast. 80 around the bay. 84 inland. but as we head towards saturday, things cool off at the coast. more significant sunday with a little less sunshine, also. the best time to be at the coast will be today or tomorrow. notice our temperatures drop out of the 80s by the time we get to sunday. here's a quick look at the san mateo bridge and mass transit. yeah, maybe a little stuffy in some of the spots today, as we reach the 80s once again. quiet if you're on the roads and the ferry. no worries out there. a quick look at what's going on in the south bay today with my 12-hour planner. 56 at 8:00. about 8 degrees warmer at 10:00. and look at that, 74 at noon. 80s from 1:00 to 5:00 and still 69 at 8:00. all right, for the north bay, we're going to have 47 this morning, but look at that. 71 by noon, hanging around near 80 this afternoon. back to a comfortable 64 at 8:00. quick look at tonight's temperatures, upper 40s to
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mid-50s, about the same as this morning. commute's not the same as it was yesterday, though. >> no! >> here's alexis. >> exhibit "a." check out the bay bridge toll plaza. we still do not have those metering lights on. almost feels too good to be true, but we are going to enjoy it while it lasts. we are seeing a little bit of heavier traffic once you get to about treasure island. we are seeing a 12-minute drive across the bay bridge into san francisco. we have investigated here. no blocking incidents right now. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, you're in the green at 19 minutes. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo, you're in the green at just 9 minutes. iphone users can now decide if they want to turn off apple's default setting that slows down to preserve the battery life. yesterday, apple released its new ios versions for iphones and ipads. the new settings are only available for the iphone 6 and 7. iphone came under fire after it was revealed the company had been slowing the performance of iphones with older batteries.
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it's 6:14 now. we have new developments in an amber alert case that made headlines last year. a former teacher who ran off
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with a 15-year-old student is changing his plea to guilty. tad cummings was found with a student in april after a 39-day manhunt. cummings is charged with transporting a minor across state lines to engage in sexual misconduct. he initially pleaded not guilty, but his attorney filed a document in federal court yesterday. san francisco bidding to host the democratic national convention in 2020. "the examiner" reports mayor mark farrell sent a letter to the dnc chair saying that he wants san francisco to be considered as host city. he says it would send a strong message to president trump. the letter is the first step to submitting a formal bid. it's been a long time since it was ear. in fact, all the way back to 1984. a chinese space station that is expected to fall to earth on easter sunday highlights a growing concern over space junk. >> yeah, it's estimated there are 29,000 pieces of space junk today. lockheed martin has just completed a radar station in the marshall islands called space fence. it's capable of tracking thousands of objects at a time. >> when the new objects are
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detected, we'll determine if they are new to the catalog or if they trace back to one of the objects that was originally in orbit and perhaps broke up or maneuvered or changed its orbit. >> tweeted about stoneman douglas student, david hogg, writing that he was -- >> sorry about that. all right -- >> that's sparked outrage online. >> all right. for where the chinese space station will fall, the map shows the area, scientists are not exactly sure where the pieces will land. they say the school bus-sized station is tumbling as it false and that makes it somewhat hard to predict. all right. let's go over to alexis now to see what our traffic doesn't look like. >> yeah, i know, i kind of sound like a broken record today. there's about five people heading into work and school. we've got some extremely light volumes. so if you are one of the few that does have to head in, we'll you'll have a really smooth commute as a consolation here.
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san jose, all green traveling conditions on all of our area highways. it wi 280, 101, even that is looking okay through the downtown stretch, 280, 87, 85, we're all in the green. we are certainly enjoying that. a quick check of walnut creek. southbound 680, still some pretty decent volumes heading towards highway 24. and some earlier trouble on the northbound side here at treat boulevard. looks like that has totally cleared in and out from the right-hand shoulder. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. i'm sure the ideal traveling conditions have a little something to do with that, too. >> i bet. and they're ideal at sfo. it is mostly clear right now, with temperature of about 55 degrees. no arrival delays expected today. what i do expect, partly cloudy conditions. our last chance at some record high temperatures, as a slow cooling trend will bring us back to average. but we'll have to wait until wednesday of next week, and thursday and friday, a chance of rain. the high pressure is being shoved off to the east. it's allowing the high clouds to kind of roll in and encroach upon us today.
6:18 am
but, it's still going to be warm. 80 to 85 down in the south bay with san jose's 83 tying a record high. 75 in millbrae. you're the exception. everybody else right around 80 degrees. right around 70 at the coast today, with mid- to upper 70s downtown. south san francisco, sausalito, north bay coast right near 70, also. but inland from 79 in petaluma to calistoga at about 84 degrees. man, isn't that a nice time to visit wine country? 74 in berkeley to 79, union city. oakland, 75. fremont, the warm spot at 80. and if you're heading to wine country in livermore, 84 degrees, a little bit warmer, but plenty of shade out there. pittsburg and fairfield at about 80. all right, try to start the year, 2-0. the as and the angels, 74 at 7:05, dropping down to 65. you may need a coat. heading up to tahoe for the holiday weekend, temperatures flirting with 50 to near 60. a good 10 degrees above average. high clouds and sunshine, but you'll still want the sunscreen. for us, near 80 inland tomorrow. and that's it. 60s and 70s all the way through about wednesday.
6:19 am
and then when that chance of rain comes in, it's light on the storm impact scale. temperatures are back in the 50s and 60s. all right, talking about snow. let's talk more with alexis. >> yeah, it is the toyota tahoe report and there's not much of it right now, thankfully these resorts did get a decent amount of snow the last couple of weeks. so the base totals still looking healthy. squaw alpine, 68 to 142. heavenly, 26 to 24. no chain requirements. you should have a really easy drive if you are heading to lake tahoe. 88, 89, 80 and 50, we do not have any restrictions at the moment. sugar bowl, about 3 hour and 22-minute drive right now. sierra at tahoe, 3 hours and 14 minutes, depending on where you're leeing fr inleaving from. kirkwood, about 3 hours and 40 minutes, should be a great long holiday weekend for you. back to guys. just coming into our live desk, the czech republic has just announced that they've extradited a russian man to the
6:20 am
u.s. who was wanted for hacking numerous american companies and those companies include some real big tech firms based here in the bay area, like linkedin and dropbox. in fact, the most well-known case was in 2012 against linkedin, that's headquartered in sunnyvale. he has been jailed in prague for about a year and a half. in fact, we reported his arrest in october 2016. and his hack into linkedin servers reportedly compromised the credentials of 100 million users, information like names, passwords were sold off to other hackers. he was just flown to the u.s. overnight and he will now face a trial. back to you. >> all right, jessica, thank you. looking for something to do this weekend? we have two words for millionaire. >> nasa is issuing a challenge to anyone who can look up to the sky and snap a photo. but first, here's a look ahead at what's on "good morning
6:21 am
america" at 7:00. >> coming up on "gma," white house cabinet shake up as president trump fires the head of veterans affairs, replacing david shulkin with his own white house doctor, admiral ronny jackson. david shulkin joins us this morning with what
6:22 am
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's expand a little bit on the
6:24 am
record highs today. i think livermore's got the best chance. 84. that's one degree warmer. san jose, i think you tie yours at 83. napa, you're within 1 degree. sfo within 2 degrees. but oakland and san francisco, you fall about 6 degrees short. still, very comfortable today, though. >> mike, thank you. 6:24 now. if you're looking for great food this easter weekend, how does a gourmet sound and something called millionaire bacon? we teamed up with our partners at hoodline to find the best in the pay area and let's start with the good stuff. this, my friends, is millionaire bacon. and you were saying it's like what? >> like a party in your mouth. >> the bacon is cured in a mix including molasses, habanero, rum, and whiskey and slow roasted for ten hours. it comes from the kitchen of chef brandon peacock, who won "chopped," by the way. this easter you'll see singa
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community event is being put on. you'll find it at the first baptist church of san francisco. for all the information, go to we'll hook you up with hoodline. you were like, bacon, doe nuts. >> when you the hoodline, it's always the most delicious things you've ever seen in your whole entire life. >> that's my goal. >> and when i do it, it's different. the trump administration is about to roll out new rules that will impact your gas mileage, and that is not all. and we have an answer for concerned residents in the east bay after reports of loud noises and a bad smell coming from the chevron refine prrefinery. a lot of people are happy to be on the ground this morning after a terrifying flight. the head of the hud agency the head of the hud agency could be in hot
6:27 am
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pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. good morning. it is friday, march 30th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. and obviously, for a lot of you, it's a holiday weekend. so what you got, mike? >> i've got some really nice weather to be outside. there'll be enough fog cover occupy there that hopefully the sunburn potential will drop down. but the temperatures will still remain very comfortable. hi, everybody. nothing coming out of those high
6:30 am
clouds right now. it is bone dry on live doppler 737 here's a look at my accuweather 12-hour planner. about 73 at noon, but we jump from the low to mid-70s to near 80 at 4:00 as record highs are possible once again. and make reservations early if you want to eat outside this evening. look at that. 71 to 74 at 7:00 around the bay and inland and 60 at the coast. let's find out what's going on with traffic. alexis has a lot of good news so far this morning. >> yeah, we do have a few new incidents to talk about here, mike, but none of them causing a major delay yet. this is 87 around the san jose airport. we have a new solo vehicle collision reported right around 101, that is already off on the shoulder, though. so not looking at any major delays there. we do have one new problem in solano county, as well. westbound 80 in vacaville, just before you get to the 505 connector. a two-car crash. that is blocking the left lane, but no delay yet. also have a problem on 101 in
6:31 am
san jose. we'll head there coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, alexis. several sick passengers pjose triggered a massive an emergency response. >> news reporter matt keller live with what happened. hey there, matt. >> reporter: good morning, ngatasha and reggie. you've probably felt turbulence on a flight before, but have you ever felt anything like this? >> you felt like you were on lately roller-coaster, just up and down. >> reporter: oh, boy, that's how one passenger described a delta flight from minneapolis last night. the hours of turbulence started a chain reaction of illness. san jose fire department said two passengers vomited, followed by five more. >> at one point, i mean, it was -- she was kneeling down in an aisle and i found a bag and gave it to her. >> low-level oscillation, just kind of back and forth the whole time. we got stuck in a sway and never really left it.
6:32 am
>> reporter: the plane landed just before 7:30 last night. emergency crews were waiting. those who had been sick were told to stay in their seat while everyone else got off the plane. the fire department said ultimately, no one was taken to the hospital. reporting live in san jose airport, matt keller, abc 7 news. developing out of richmond where loud noises coming from the chevron refinery caused some concern for residents overnight. >> the noise was the result of steam pressure release. one caller to the abc 7 newsroom said she heard 15 to 20 loud booms just after 11:00 p.m. and she was seeing two flames flaring. they usually just see one flame. city leaders are assuring people that things are okay. chevron richmond tweeted out late last night, saying it understands the concern neighbors felt as a result of steam pressure relief and apologize for how this may have exacted the evening. more than a dozen people may need a new place to stay this morning after a fire at a san mateo apartment complex. it broke out on north delaware around state street around 10:00 last night. firefighters did manage to
6:33 am
contain the fire to one of the units at the four-story apartment complex, but unfortunately there is smoke and heat damage throughout the building. the fire chief says up to 20 people could end up being displaced. at least no one was hurt. the contra costa county sheriff's office has started publishing the release dates of inmates on its website, including undocumenteded immigrants and some say that is helping i.c.e.. >> sheriff authorities say the new practice is in response to a request from organizations that assist with inmates' reentry into public life. before 2018, none of that information was published online. in the east bay, a dive team helped pull a submerged car from a pond in fremont. witnesses say one person was in that car when it plummeted into a pond behind rancho arroyo park just before 7:00 last night. a witness saw a man swim away. police say he was the only person in that car. officials say he was driving recklessly just before the
6:34 am
crash. in sacramento, protesters took to the streets again, calling for police to be held accountable for shooting and killing an unarmed african-american man. yesterday, funeral services were held for stephon clark. the reverend al sharpton joined clark's family for the funeral. he delivered a eulogy while standing beside clark's older brother. >> we came for stevante, we came for the family, we came because this boy should be alive today! >> also yesterday, the union representing sacramento police officers called the deadly shooting of clark justified. they claimed that clark took a, quote, shooting stance when officers confronted him in his grandmother's backyard. b.a.r.t. police are defending a move to make an officer involved in a deadly shooting eligible for a possible promotion. on monday, b.a.r.t. police said officer joseph mateu could begin a training course to become a field training officer. mateu shot and killed shaleem tindle while responding to gunfire in january. a lawyer for tindle's family
6:35 am
says he is stunned mateu would be considered for promotion, given that an investigation into the shooting is ongoing. tindle's family is demanding the officer be fired and prosecuted. and some important news coming in from the war on terror. the u.s. military announced overnight two coalition soldiers were killed and five others hurt in a right sioadside bombing in. but reggie, to be clear, we don't know quite yet if those victims were american. >> thank you, jessica. those deaths come after president trump made a surprising announcement yesterday that u.s. troops will be leaving the country. >> yeah, his message came just hours after the pentagon highlighted the need for u.s. troops to remain there for the immediate future. >> we're knocking the hell out of isis. we'll be coming out of syria, like, very soon. let the other people take care of it now. very soon. very soon. we're coming out. >> the u.s.-led coalition has made significant progress against isis, but the group has not yet been destroyed. approximately 2,000 u.s. troops are in syria working alongside
6:36 am
syrian democratic forces. all right. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. check out the hills. los gatos, 66. los altos hills, 61. everyone else pretty much in the low to mid-50s in the south bay until you get around mill pepitt 59. and san jose, about 58. 58 now in alameda, nearly 58 in lafayette, danville, livermore, napa 54 at the bottom. 56 in san francisco and 54 at half moon bay. look at the colorful sun rise developing on the exploratorium. skies look a little angry out there with that red. that's just a sign it's going to be a little warm. whether you're going to the beaches, the bay, or out and about, we're calling it good. wear your spring fashion and grab the skrae screen. 74 at 4:00 and 76 at 7:00. that's mainly downtown. we have some cooler conditions
6:37 am
as you get closer to the coast. the high today in the sunset, 70. engelside and the marina in the upper 60s. let's go over to the east bay, 54 at 7:00, 69 at noon, 76 at 4:00, 68 at 7:00. all day, clouds mixing with sunshine. 75 in oakland to about 80 in fremont. here's a look at the lows for tonight. upper 40s to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. 53 in fremont, san francisco, 54 in san jose, the warm spots. and a sneak peek at the holiday weekend forecast shows temperatures will drop, but they'll still remain very comfortable and dry all the way through easter sunday. all right. so, traffic? >> yeah, there's not too much of it. >> a pretty easy week and it got easier today. >> yeah, i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have to have a big party in about 22 minutes. >> where is everybody? >> if they don't flip on these metering flights. yeah, they're not heading to work or school today, that's for sure. still no metering lights at 6:37. that is very rare occurrence. enjoy it while it lasts.
6:38 am
we do have a little bit of heavier traffic once you make it on to the bridge. but boy, we will certainly take that here this morning. not looking so great for the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 has filled in and we do have reports of a possible collision right around the high rise. it seems like we have the left lane blocked. so we are working with chp to get some more information on that. in the meantime, we know we have a new crash on northbound 101, just north of mckee road. this is involving a motorcycle. so one left, possibly two left lanes are blocked here and you're backed up to the 280/680 split. it's not perfect, but overall, it's still fairly light. next traffic update coming up in about ten minutes. >> thanks, alexis. new rules the trump administration is about to roll out could affect everything from your gas mileage to the air you breathe. the administration is set to abandon tough gas emission and fuel standards established under president obama. the epa plans to replace them with weaker standards it will unveil soon. among other things, this plan would be a blow to california's aim to boost fuel economy to 55
6:39 am
miles a gallon by 2025. reggie, on a somewhat-related note, this is just coming into our live desk. abc news has just learned that the epa chief, scott pruitt, worked directly with top energy lobbyists to set up a $50 a night rental room in a prime capitol hill building. it was co-owned by the lobbyist's wife. vicky hart, the property's co-owner, and her husband, energy lobbyist jay steven hart, have been called a lobbyist power couple. and this story matters because of the price. it could be considered an improper gift, because the rental wasn't market rate. but regardless of the legality, it's a perception problem for the head of the environmental protection agency or epa. there is a gift rule. it's unclear if hart, the lobbyist, was trying to influence the agency. we expect a lot more to come out on this story soon. back to you. >> all right, jessica, thank you. happening today, a driver accused of mowing down five
6:40 am
pedestrians before leaving the scene is scheduled to be arraigned. 33-year-old mark dennis is being charged with one count of murder, four counts of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. it happened wednesday in san francisco's dog patch neighborhood at 24th and illinois. police say dennis got into a physical altercation with the five victims before driving on to the sidewalk and plowing into them. one of the men, 43-year-old eliseo lopez later died at the hospital. police were able to quickly find dennis and arrest him. leaders in california and other marijuana-friendly states want to have a pot summit with attorney general jeff sessions. the aim, to try to resolve conflict between state and federal law. marijuana is illegal at the federal level. but 29 states have legalized pot in some form. the trump administration lifted an obama-era policy that kept federal authorities from cracking down on the pot trade where the drug is legal. well, advertisers are backing away from a fox news host about her comments -- after her comments about a high school student and parkland shooting
6:41 am
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6:44 am
snow season. this is about where we're going to end up, 57% of average. there's still plenty of snow for you to get to and ski on. it is going to melt a little bit. 59 in tahoe today. low to mid-80s, sacramento, fresno, 72 in monterrey. 79 in l.a. 96 in palm springs. here's a look at the seven-day forecast, in case you're off next week, we have temperatures in the mid-50s to 60. unfortunately, it looks like it's going to rain thursday and friday. maybe some high elevation snow, but definitely going to be some cement at the lower elevations. >> mike, thank you. new body camera video is being released of the shooting that injured a san francisco police officer last wednesday. >> san francisco police shot and killed a 21-year-old suspect. abc 7 news reporter amy holyfield is live in san francisco where that suspect's family spoke at what was an emotional town hall. amy? >> reporter: it was emotional, reggie. we want to warn everyone before we play this video that it can be disturbing to watch and also to listen to. last night in the meeting, the
6:45 am
uncle of the man who was killed told the crowd that he was a sweet kid, but in a twist the family said that they are not upset with the police department for shooting him. police did show that body camera video last night. you can see the chaos inside that barbershop. officers told the crowd jehad eid stood up inside that barbershop and that he shot first, that he fired nine rounds. officers returned tire. there were two police officers who shot 26 rounds. eid was shot 18 times. four people inside that barbershop on geneva avenue were hit in the cross fire. a relative of the 21-year-old who was killed read a statement from the family. >> we understand the resulting consequences of jehad's actions and stand by the officers who made the decision to use lethal force. >> reporter: now take a look at this cell phone video from outside the barbershop. you can see an officer crawling on the ground, trying to get to safety. he was shot in the leg.
6:46 am
some at the meeting were critical of police, saying officers were too careless with their shots, with so many innocent bystanders in the barbershop. the police chief says that at this time, they don't know whose bullet hit who. the district attorney is reviewing the case. reporting live in san francisco, amy holly field, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. it is now eight and counting. we're talking about the number of advertisers who have pulled ads from fox news host laura ingraham's show. that comes in the wake of ingraham criticizing high school student and parkland survivor, david hogg. she tweeted that hogg whined when he said he was turned down by four colleges. >> she literally called out the survivor of a mass murder and made fun of me. who -- who in their right mind would support that? >> and so hogg reacted by tweeting out a list of companies that advertise on ingraham's show and urge ed people to call
6:47 am
them and retract their business. ingraham did apologize, but as hogg noted, it was only after her advertisers started to leave. you can hear more about this story on "good morning america" beginning at 7:00 a.m. well, cancer warning signs will soon be going up in coffee shops near you. >> a los angeles judge has ruled that coffee products sold in california have to carry cancer warning labels because a chemical compound produced in the roasting process is a carcinogen. a nonprofit group sued coffee roasters, distributors, and retailers under a state law that requires warnings on chemicals that cause cancer. the coffee industry argued that coffee should be exempt because the chemical, acrylamide, results naturally from the cooking process that gives coffee beans their flavor. all right. let's go to your morning money report. walmart may be ready to jump into the health care business. >> according to the "wall street journal," the retailer is in the early stages now of talks to buy health insurer, humana. the company formed a partnership in 2005 offering humana deals on
6:48 am
prescription drugs at walmart and sam's club pharmacies. the nation's largest health insurers have been looking for other options ata of the justice department voided an attempted merger between humana, aetna, and anthem. well, tesla is recalling a 130,000 model-s vehicles for a power steering issue. the company sent an e-mail to customers affected saying that the issue affects cars built before april 2016. that the model-s is the some model affected. they found excessive corrosion in the power steering bolts, mostly in areas with colder climates where road salt is used. it is the largest single recall of cars in the company's history. anyone who uses under armour's my fitness pal is being asked to change your password immediately. the company revealed a data breach impacts 150 million users yesterday. that's one of the biggest hacks ever. we're learning now that social security numbers, credit and debit card information was not accessed. under armour says if you used your my fitness pal password or
6:49 am
a similar one anywhere else, you should change that immediately. >> almost everyone i know uses my fitness pal. >> including me right here. if you missed out on the two-day passes for the new sonoma music harvest festival, more tickets are on sale today. single-day pass sales start at 10:00 this morning. headliners include the abbott brothers and head and the heart. the two-day event happens september 22nd and 23rd. we have more information at well, the full-time four happening this weekend and by final four, we, of course, mean the intense battle between mulan and monster's inc. >> this is the final four everyone can agree to disagree on, i guess. so it's disney versus pixar and it's, you know, it's one of those march madness spin-offs and it's become a real hit across offices everywhere. >> yeah. >> so if you want to play along, all you have to do is go to our website, we have a blank pdf of the bracket and you can stir up some
6:50 am
of that disney/pixar magic/agreement in your own office. and i should say, we did a video which you can also see. and i tweeted it out and i have it on facebook as well. and that video is all of us doing our brackets and does everyone remember who you ended up choosing in the end? >> yes, yes. >> i'm torn. >> "toy story" for me. >> "lion king." >> i was with mike. i did "lion king," although i did back and forth a lot. >> and we did "beauty and the beast." >> you two did a musical, big surprise. really shocking results. >> i am shocked. >> hey, the real final four is this weekend. you guys are cheering michigan. >> kansas/michigan fans rate here. >> and you have the first game. >> i know, hopefully i'm in a good enough mood to watch yours. >> we'll see. hopefully we meet monday. all right, speaking of the weekend, let's jump on into the forecast. you know i had a hard time getting rid of "aladdin" in that too and picking "toy story."
6:51 am
you can see mother nature coloring with pastels this morning. the rain season also ends this weekend and here's where we're going to end up, about 51 to 61% of average. pretty close to what the sierra is ending up at, also. here's a look from the exploratorium. a very colorful start out there. partly cloudy today. clouds linger, seasonally cool tonight, a lot like this morning, and the tapering of temperatures, but we won't get back to average until wednesday of next week. 83 in san jose ties a record high. 80 to 85 in the south bay again today. temperature, 75 in millbrae. everybody else in the upper 70s right to near 80 degrees on the peninsula. still pretty comfortable at the coast. this will be the warmest day at the coast moving forward. mid- to upper 70s for downtown, sausalito. 79 in petaluma. everybody else about 80 to 84 up through the north bay valleys. along the east bay shore, berkeley is the cool spot, 74. everyone else around the mid- to upper 70s there to 80 in fremont. and inland, we'll also be in the
6:52 am
80 to 85 degree range once again. going to the game tonight, a's starting off 2-0. grab a coat, you'll need it. 65 by the end of the game. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. biggest drop in temperatures will be at the coast tomorrow and then inland when it becomes breezy by sunday, but still very comfortable. back to average wednesday and then look at next week. a storm's brewing! one right now on our storm imact scale. hey, alexis. >> hey, good morning. we are starting to get a little bit busier on the roads. i want to take you back to the san mateo bridge. doesn't look terrible right at the toll plaza, once you get a little bit closer to the mid-span, though, we actually do have a sig alert now for a crash. it's a little closer to the foster city side. so chp just issued that a few moments ago. the left lane is blocked and apparently that vehicle not drivable. that one could take a while to clear. northbound 101 before oakland road in san jose, we still have a crash involving a motorcycle. that has improved a bit, in that it was blocking the two left lanes, down to the far left lane blocked. but that backup continues to grow on northbound 101. overall, we've had an extremely
6:53 am
light commute here this morning. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, only 27 minutes. check that out. we will certainly take that. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, 14. and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, looking great. you're in the green at 16 minutes. happening today, the warriors will unveil a refurbished gym and basketball court at the salvation army army chinatown corps community center in san francisco. this is video of a previous court restored by the team. the community center court will be renamed edwin m. lee court in honor of our late mayor of san francisco, who passed away in december. mayor lee and his wife got married at the chinatown community center in 1980 and he was a lifelong supporter of the salvation army. the dedication ceremony begins at 2:30 this afternoon. a stanford graduate student is part of a team looking at the sound that's made when you -- i'm not going to do it -- crack your knuckles. >> researchers say they've confirmed that the cracking sound is from bubbles collapsing in the fluid around the joint as the pressure changes. researchers say if there's a large space between the
6:54 am
knuckles, the pressure isn't loud enough to trigger the pop and that's why some people, like myself, just can't crack their knuckles. calling all cloud gazers. nasa needs your help looking up. >> until april 15th, you can participate in the citizen's cloud observatory challenge. anyone can upload up to ten photos a day. nasa wants all types of clouds you see. all the photos will be used to help validate data from its earth-observing satellites and the people who send in the most satellites will get congratulated by a nasa scientist. we have more information about how to participate on our website, if you really like taking those photos of yourself, you might want to head to socal where a museum dedicated to selfies and opening this weekend. >> that's right! the whole place is devoted to the art of narcissism. i mean, posing for yourself. you'll find the world's longest selfie stick. it's about 90 feet along with some interactive backdrops. the museum's creator says the goal is to educate visitors about history of the selfie. that's a short history.
6:55 am
the pop-up museum opens sunday and it will be open for two months in glendale. tickets are $25. >> i'm telling you, you can open a museum about just about a museum about just about anything. well, before it was even founded, a french teenager,
6:56 am
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6:57. if you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the seven things you need to know before you go. a verdict in the trial of the pulse nightclub shooter's widow is expected in the next 30 minutes. prosecutors told the jury that noor salman lied to authorities when she claimed she didn't know about her husband, omar mateen's deadly plans. salman was arrested at her parent's bay area home in rodeo last year. number two, rauna russian hr was extradited overnight to the u.s. from the czech republic. he's wanted for hacking into major u.s. companies in 2016, i linked linkedin. the hacker reportedly sold information of about 100 million users. number three, the marin ig reports that teachers, staff, and students in tamalpais school district will get mandatory sexual harassment training. the training comes after two teachers say they were harassed by their students. and number four, our last chance of record-high temperatures before a cooling trend hits this week.
6:59 am
it will still be very comfortable, but at the coast, we'll drop down to the low 60s by sunday. number five, okay, it is party time. wive got some cake waiting upstairs and some party hats for you guys. no bay bridge metering lights the entire morning. it's friday light and it's holiday light. enjoy it. number six, you may see some long lines at the corner store today. tonight's manager millions jackpot stands at $502 million. it is the tenth largest jackpot in u.s. history. the numbers will be drawn at 8:00 p.m. number seven, a nine-ton school bus-sized chinese space station is expected to hurtle to earth on easter sunday. scientists have emphasized the danger of actually being hit by the falling debris is very small, as low as 1 in 1 trillion. but if you see it, don't go near it, because it is also highly toxic. >> i'll hide in the basement all weekend. >> i know! did you see that yellow rectangle. is that the area that we're avoiding or is that where you have to be? >> no -- >> it's like most of the world. >> you need to stay away from
7:00 am
most of the united states. >> i'll be in the bunker with miss alexis good morning, america. breaking news, show of force. russia tests a new missile after it kicks out dozens of u.s. diplomats, dramatically ramping up tension. also this morning, new fallout from those white house shake-ups. the v.a. secretary fired by president trump is right here on "gma." the fox news host versus the parkland shooting survivor. new fallout after laura ingraham targets student david hogg making light of his college rejections. >> she literally called out the survivor of a mass murder and made fun of me. >> the power of the 17-year-old's call to boycott and the companies responding this morning. the new warning about your morning coffee. can a chemical in coffee cause cancer? a judge now says starbucks and other companies must add a warning. dr. jen ashton is here. >> fitness app hack.


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