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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 2, 2018 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," tracking a space station stas crashes lands back to earth. overnight eyes all over the world have been trained to the skies. scientists trying to determine where the fiery space junk will reenter our atmosphere. we have the latest reports of sightings just ahead. board. president trump is expressing frustrations with trade and immigration and he's appearing to take an immigration deal to protect the so-called dreamers off the table. zblrn mommy. mommy. and the heart-stopping video of an attempted kidnapping. you hear some of the cries there for help. a young girl pulled into a pickup truck on her way home. her family recording the ordeal as they frantically give chase.
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how it all ended. even though april has arrived, march madness remains. last night's epic champion win now makes way for another clash of titans, but what happened to sister jeanne? we'll find out on this monday, april 2nd. >> announcer: from abc's news, this is "world news now." even on easter, she couldn't pull it will off. couldn't make it happen. >> you'd think she of anybody would be able to pull off a miracle but she did not. >> they did go pretty far, though. >> some of the funniest things i saw over the weekend were the crying jordan with sister jeanne standing over it in her wheelchair. >> i think we'll see a lot of sister jeanne meems coming up. we're going to start things off with that chinese space station which crashed back torth as expected. >> at one point major american cities were in its projected path. this is video of it as it was crashing into earth. live footage there. >> oh, definitely. >> but early this morning what was left of the bus-sized station crashed into the south
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pacific. our abc's cameras are everywhere. >> this footage is incredible. >> yeah. it appears it came down near tahiti but china ha hasn't yet given a precise location. most of it, though, burned up in the atmosphere. >> there were no reports of injuries or damages. >> tiangong-1 launched in 2011 and chinese space agency lost control of two years ago so it could not guide as it plunged back to earth in the was the cross your fingers and hope for the best. apparently this time it worked. >> you see do see smm footage there that we believe is of it as it it was burning up into the atmosphere. it crashed near tar heatty where is where jennifer aniston is on vacation. everybody said to be okay. now you know. >> i can stop looking up. >> exactly. we move on right now. president trump followed up his easter greerting with a stunning
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tweet declaring no more daca deal. >> the president returned to the white house with the first lady after blaming democrats for failing to protect the so-called dreamers. he also slammed mexico for not doing enough to stop illegal immigration and threatened to end the nafta trade deal. abc's terra palmieri has the detailed. >> reporter: president trump make a rare sunday appearance with the first lady. his message on easter, slamming the door shut on dreamers. >> a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of daca. and we're going to have to really see. they had a great chance. the democrats blew it. >> reporter: those comments coming just after trump unleashed about security on the mexican border tweeting care vans come, republicans must go to nuclear option toss pass tough laws now. no more daca deal. just an hour before the tweet went out, a story appeared on fox news about central americans marching through mexico to the u.s. border to shed light on migrants and poverty. >> they don't think it's illegal go from one country to another which say clear standoff with this president who thinks
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isappl y for protection under daca, a program that protects people brought into the country illegally as children known as dreamers. the president's newest rejection of daca notes a highly contentious issue. as a candidate he was strongly against it. >> we will immediately terminate president obama's two illegal executive a.m. northwest ties. >> as president, he did rescind daca but remeet peteedly said he was open to a new deal. >> we're going to deal with daca with heart. it should be a bill of love, truly, it should be a bill of love and we can do that. >> reporter: he wasn'ted border wall funding in which exchange for a deal on daca but couldn't reach a deal with the democrats. >> build that wall. who's goon pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> 100%. >> reporter: his twitter bah rage also take haim at mexico threatening to nix nafta, the trade between u.s., mexico, and canada tweeting they laugh at
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our dumb immigration laws. they must stop the big drug and immigration laws. need law. >> reporter: whatever the outcome, it's likely go to the supreme court and the earliest they can hear the case is october. >> thanks to terra there. and the epa scott pruitt is under intense scrutiny again this time under reports that he lived in a luxury concothat was coowned by the wife of a top energy lobbist. they defended pruitt saying the $50 a night lease was consistent with federal ethics rules. but abc's news found similar apartments going for $5,000 a month. sources say the rest of the townhouse was not rented out and pruitt's daughter reportedly stayed in a second bedroom free of charge. on abc's this week former new jersey governor and chris christie said he doesn't know how pru woit survive this. china is hitting back at the u.s. with new fees on meat, fruit, and ather products.
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it's a retaliatory move against a trump administration's tariffs on imports of chinese steel and aluminum. penalties range from 20 phi% on meat and aluminum scrap to 15% on fruit. it's raising fears of a possible trade war between the world's largest two economies. the new tariffs start today and target more than 125 u.s. products. a north korean dictator kim jong-un enjoyed a rare performance by south korean pop stars who were visiting the north. it's the latest sign of easing tensions since north korea took part in the winter olympics and it sums cust weeks before he's set to hold talks with south korean's president about the nuclear arsenal. kim suggests having more performances more greently. >> we doll anything for k-pop. pope francis uses easter mess tithe call for peace throughout the world. he spoke to about 80,000 people in saint peelters square. he called for a swift end to the seven years of fighting in syria. the pontiff also expressed hope for an end to be fighting in the
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middle east as well as reduced tensions between north and south korea. we're tracking the powerful snowstorm. >> yes. >> moving into the northeast right now. >> you heard that right, the april snowstorm if the has already dumped snow across the midwest, travel was dangerous. some churches even had to cancel easter services. >> that's a big deal. the snow is now moving out of ohio, into pennsylvania and west virginia and is expected to arrive on the east coast just in time for the morning commute. there will be rain to the south of this weather system as well. >> the heaviest snowfall will be around pittsburgh and scranton with 4 to 6 inches expected there. i-95 corridor will first get a mix of rain and snow before it changes over to as much as 3 inches of heavy, wet snow. be very careful driving out there. >> april 2nd, right? just checking. >> this is no april fool's joke. so a consumer alert in the
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meantime. hackers have stolen the credit and debt card information for millions of shp shoppers at sax fifth avenue and lord and taylor. 5 million customers maybe affect lgd. they shopped in stores not online between may, 2017, and last month. a well reason known ring of cyber criminals may be behind the attack. sax's parent company telling customers to review credit card statements and contact companies if there are tractions that they don't recognize. and a gift made famous on the sopranos. >> they may remember this gift to billy the big mouth bass. now the sbas back. >> and engineered has reprogrammed billy to report weather with a little help from alexa. check it out. >> billy bass. >> yes. >> what's the weather like today? >> in san antonio, it's 76
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degrees fahrenheit. >> not creepy at all. >> oh, i love that. by the way, billy also has jokes. do we have that one up? >> what time is it? >> yeah. >> he goes through asking -- asking the bass ha time it is. he asked the bass to dell him a joke. the bass delivers the joke. this is my favorite hacking of all time. i can just lay it out there? >> he's all about that bation. >> -- bass. >> coming up, in the mix, the best of april fool's day. but first, the commercial jet forced to make an emergency landing after making an impact with a bird. >> also ahead, the dramatic video of a suspected kidnapping. the missing girl's family follows and tries desperately to keep up as the suspect speeds off. also a reminder to find us on facebook at and on twitter at abc's wnn. you're watching "world news now." at abc wnn. you're watching world news now. ♪harry's meeting clients...♪ ♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪
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♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪yeah! ♪he would be a less wrinkly, and winning at life.♪
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mommy, mommy, mommy. >> so that's a terrified 17-year-old girl moments after being saved from a kidnapper. eastern police say a man tried to drag her into his pickup
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truck. and another teen and her mom actually drove up to that vehicle and placed her in their truck and then sped off after the suspect. so this is a chase after that suspect. as you can see that vehicle there in the distance, they recorded it the they cornered him after his pickup bumped their cars and went into a ditch. n arrest. >>he> i and the national transportation safety board isn't help with tesla. the agency criticized the electric automaker for releasing information about a fatal crash ten days ago. tesla announced that the vehicle was in semi autonomous autopilot mode before it slammed into a highway barrier killing the driver. and april 1 spt also brought more sad news from tesla. founder elon musk sent out a tweet that he said intense efforts to raise money had failed and the company was going bunt. h -- bunankrupt.
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near photo had him knocked out in front of a tesla three as if he were drunk. had a bunch of antibioticles around him. that all was part of a joke. and we're learning more about a jet forced to make an emergency landing. >> adrienne bank ard explains what happened next. >> reporter: what began as a routine takeoff from a jfk to denver bound plane, within minutes turning to panic after a bird strike on delta flight 2836 saturday. >> we just took a bird in our number one engine, declare an emergency. >> reporter: one engine shutting down. the jet only phi hundred feet in the air whlt bird made impact. >> reporter:? >> have fire and rescue look at the engibb. we're getting pretty good vibration here. >> reporter: the pilots forced to return quickly. >> the problem with more birds being close to the ground could you ingest them into the engines and damage the engines at very vulnerable times in the flight.
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>> reporter: in 2015 which data was last reported, there were nearly 14,000 cases of birds striking airplanes with hundreds of reports of damage. besides the potentially live threatening consequence, bird strikes come at a cost of $229 million a year to the aviation industry. fortunately in this case no one was injured. abc's news, new york. >> our thanks to adrienne there. in the next half hour, ethan couch, also known as the affluenza teen is expected to be released from jail after serving to years for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. the outrage, though, growing this morning. first, march madness ends with a thriller for the women of mississippi and notre dame. see who's cut undown the net and raising the championship trophy next on "world news now." w."
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texas tech/purdue? getting the update on the brackets here. >> i think it's probably just
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easier to just go -- >> just cross out everything pretty much? >> yeah. that's about right. of course this is for the men's. >> a lot of "x"s going on here. >> we'll take a look at how this played out for us. >> that's right. first we'll take you over to the women of the ncaa. they now have a champion after an epic final. >> and it is not the university of connecticut. for the second consecutive year, the huskies were eliminated in the final four by a buzzer beater. that set up last night's dynamic matchup between mississippi state and notre dame. >> things look good for misstate, johnson hit a three to put the bulldogs up by five with less than two minutes left but the irish fought back. just under 45 seconds left young ties the game at 58 and that set things up for the player notre dame calls the closer. >> oh, yeah. three seconds left, the irish -- oh, throw the ball to enrique,
3:19 am
she takes a couple of dribbles, and puts up the fall away three and hits it. notre dame against the easter miracle for the title 61-58. >> the game winner came less than 48 hours after the closer closed out yukon. her shot came in there with one second left. it left friday overtime ending the huskies undefeated season. >> are the yukon, are they as good as we claim them to be? >> the fact that they went undefeated again until that game i think speaks for itself. i'd say yes. >> sunday's win came by the way 17 years to the day after notre dame won its first national tight approximately the the irish have a chance for a championship double this week. men's hockey team plays in the frozen four. >> okay. >> okay. that -- that wasn't a partisan script at all. >> little fun fact. >> i think it was kind of written by somebody who has
3:20 am
something for the irish. >> perhaps. meanwhile, the men -- >> you didn't like that. >> go irish nonetheless but i did not write that. >> we're moving on, jack. meanwhile the men play for title tonight after loyola chicago and sister jeanne's miracle run of the tournament finally ended falling to michigan. >> that means the wolverines will now go on to face the villanova wildcats in the championship game tonight. here's our friend, espn's tony really. >> it's michigan. >> reporter: michigan/villanova, the national title game awaits. wolverines topping cinderella, the loyola chicago ram berries 69-57 in a hard-fought bat approximately what the could have been. this basket gave the ramblers a 29-22 halftime lead. they stretched the mar begin to ten early in the second half. it looked like another sister jeanne miracle was about to happen. but different half, different story. michigan's junior from germany,
3:21 am
mo vogner, getting his baskets. voger in orchestrating. the wolverines on to the title game looking for their first championship since 1989. >> we are really enjoying this ride. this is encredible group. i'm so happy to share it with these guys and that he deserve the world. >> reporter: for loyola chicago a dream ends but the spirit of this run will live forever. that wasn't all for heroics. villanova decimating kansas, an offensive onslaught, raining three-pointers, pouring three-pointers, 18 three-pointers in all, 95-79 the final. villanova playing for their second championship in three years. >> we're going to come back tomorrow and just be ready for monday. >> thanks to tony. >> so i had nova at least in the
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try head and shoulders two in one. wagn time now for the mix and happy april 2nd to you all. >> we made it. >> we got through april 1st and we were not on the air so we could not trick you. but we do want to show a few good april fool's tricks that went out yesterday. alexa davis's mom made cake pops. they look delicious, right? except they're made with brussel sprouts. take a bite, expect nice sweet cake. but you get your greens for the day so that's good. >> alexis lives in louisville, kentucky, so if you want to find the house to egg. the shair schertz police department posted on base book their newest recruit to the team. the bunny's name is cross hair. facebook post reads he has an extensive navy background.
3:26 am
his small size will allow him to access small enclosed areas as needed for searches. and espn reporter darren rovell tweeted limited time only products. they included chili lime burritos twink keys, bacon crisp cereal and rita's pizza-flavored ice. i would try them all. >> again. >> i would try them all. i'm not saying they're all going to be good but would try them. >> that sounds pretty good. i sent out a tweet yesterday saying kenneth moton would be named the anchor of the show today. >> i think a lot of people were hopeful about that one. >> sorry. and by a lot of people she means her and jack. >> really. no. >> so interesting story here archts a camera found two years after it was lost in i completely different country more than 10,000 miles away. more than two years ago japanese
3:27 am
university student lost her camera in the ocean near okinawa japan. while the owner was scuba diving at the time. the camera was discovered by school kids and their teacher on a beach in taiwan. >> how'd the pictures come out? >> there they are. >> wait, they really did? >> it was in the case. so -- >> that's so cool. >> they survived all that time. >> that's a really good case. kudos. okay. well most kids love the idea of getting a visit from the easter bunny, but one particular classroom visit didn't go quite as planned. check it out. [ kids >> we just keep watching it and watching it again. >> oh my god, the kid -- the easter bunny walks in, thinks everybody's going to be happy. oh my god. that poor kid.
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this morning on "world news now," if april showers bring may flowers, then what about a april snowstorm with the possibility of a bomb cyclone and a polar vortex ahead of a possible nor'easter this weekend? what's that give you? >> is that all? >> that's it. also this morning there are investigation dollars under way after a sheriff's vehicle hit a protester in sacramento. plus, we're hearing for those hoping for change after the police shooting death of stephon clark. and that hour, the mega church pastor facing 30 years in prison. >> he's set to durn himself into police as soon ased to. but here with the spiritual adviser to several presidents is accusech doing. and american idol hofls, there are so many questions about last night's episode. why was chris harrison there? wow. and why did katy perry throw a
3:31 am
chair? and did will bring us snacks like he promised? we'll break it down in the skinny on this monday. it's april 2nd. >> announcer: from abc's news, this is "world news now." >> 85 degrees in singapore yesterday. >> oh, yeah. welcome home. >> thank you. >> welcome home, buddy. >> i was tanning. >> i'm sure you're so happy to be back. >> it was so awesome being back. >> how was it? >> it was great nil found out what the temperatures would be like here. >> just four. >> i went tlofr because they said -- >> we had a beautiful week while your gone. weather was great. >> was it? >> yeah. gorgeous spring-like temperatures all week. >> i bring in cold just like my heart. we are going to start with that fast-moving spring snowstorm zeroing in on the northeast. >> the radar shows the snow right now over western pennsylvania and west virginia with heavy rain south of there. the storm blew through cities like cincinnati, columbus,
3:32 am
indianapolis, and pittsburgh over the past few hours. >> it hit the midwest first of course snarling eastern traffic for many. there are hundreds of fender benders and a more serious pileup on interstate 80 in wyoming. >> let's get more on the timing of all of this from paul williams. good morning. >> good morning, diane and kandiss. this low pressure system screening along like a nor'easter causing morning snow throughout portions of philadelphia as well as new york up towards portions of massachusetts, including in boston but then quick-hitting snow sliding across cincinnati, ohio valley region, philadelphia, up towards boston, slick travel mainly at night. then a secondary blast of cold air monday going into tuesday will make for disruptive snow along 29, 94, as well as 90 including problems in billings, rapid city, fargo, marquette, even close to chicagos that snow continues to be spread occur tes sitd of that cold air on top of this precipitation. we're look at possibly 6 to 12 inches from minneapolis over
3:33 am
towards green bay. candace, diane. >> thank you. and president trump is reeling against democrats in mexico tweeting, quote, no more daca deal. >> the tweet followed a fox news report on care vans of immigrants coming through mexico's southern boarder and hiding to the u.s. and he echoed, of course a fox and friends guest who said congress should pass tougher immigration laws. >> the president also called on nox stop the flow of drugs and people saying they're looking to take advantage of the daca program for young immigrants. and he threatened to end the nafta trade deal which is now being renegotiated. an explosive new bach that comes out this week as identified kellyanne conway as the number one leaker in the white house. conway is the president's counselor and former campaign manager. the author ron eled kessler told cnn conway once forgot she was o r ea. he s aid her targets included former chief of staffer reince priebus. the president's daughter ivanka ya california and son-in-law jared. no comment from the white house
3:34 am
so far. the streets are quiet in sacrament tomorrow but as the community awaits answers about the fatal shooting of stephon clark, new charges are pending about a grandmother hit by a deputy cruiser. >> reporter: the california highway patrol investigating the moments leading up to and after a sheriff's vehicle hit a grandmother protesting the death of stephon clark. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: it happened during a vith it. police say protesters approached both their cars yelling and kicking them. but watch as this woman is hit by a deputy's car and then it pulls away. her family says she's suffered injuries. some protesters in sacramento lashing out saying this is another example of police acting recklessly. two weeks to the day that stephon clark was killed. since then, outrage across the country over this footage showing police chasing clark after a 911 call alerting them that somebody was breaking into cars. officers say they believed he
3:35 am
had a gun and opened fire. >> shows your hands. >> reporter: later only finding a cell phone. an autopsy commissioned by the family reports he was hit eight times. in baltimore a rally for racial justice. >> this is a systemic problem of killing unarmed black men and women across this country and has been going on for decades. >> reporter: the city with its own tensions between the community and police following the death of freddie gray in the spring of 2017. criminal charges were brought against multiple officers in that case. none were found guilty. back in sacramento, protesters this weekend hoping clark's death leads to change. >> let's take our outrage, but let's use it for something positive. >> reporter: the family tells us the womans released from the hospital and that she's still in a lot of pain. they also tell us that deputies reached out while she was in the hospital to see how she's doing. however, the family has retained an attorney and the sheriff's office will launch an internal investigation. zachary kiesch, abc's news, sacramento.
3:36 am
>> and we're getting police body cam video from another violent confrontation. video from louisville shows officers responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle. one officer asked the people in the car to get out. they refused with one asking why they're being harassed? when the second officer opens a passenger door, police say 20-year-old kevin eubanks points a gun at him. the officer yells gun and shots are fired. the officers weren't hurt. eubanks is recovering. the case under investigation. the pastor of a houston mega church cho served as an advisor to president bush and obama is expected to surrender to authorities today. he is denying allegations that he and his business partner duped investors in a $3.5 million chinese bond scheme. caldwell was in church for easter service and he insists the bonds are legitimate and called the charges frivolous. he also says he paid everyone who asked for their money back. thousands of teachers are taking part in rallies and walkouts today in kentucky and oklahoma demanding higher wages
3:37 am
and better classroom resources. the protesters in oklahoma come on the heels of a $6,100 pay hike, but teachers there still make well below the national average. they also say their students were short changed and not nearly enough money was slate ford education programs and suppliers. the demonstrations follow a successful nine-day strike that gave west virginia teachers a 5% raise. we survived the remnants of china's first space station have now fallen to earth the the spacecraft had about in a slow decent for weeks and at one point parts of the u.s. were in it's projected path. the bus-size station burned up over the south pacific near tahiti. there are no reports of injury or damage from the debris. >> whew. >> yeah. so a kentucky couple is proving divorce isn't forever. >> no. haired holland and lillian barnes had five kids together before splitting up in 1967. a breakup herald says was 100% his fault. >> oh, yeah. >> but the pair stayed friendly over the years and in december
3:38 am
they started talking about maybe getting back together again. >> okay. so, and in a couple of weeks, more than 50 years after their divorce, herald and lillian are, in herald's words, walking the last mile together. >> they're getting remarried. >> herald is 83, lillian say younging, she's 78. haired said she didn't think she'd ever speak to him again. he got fooled. and he's learning the right things by to blaming the divorce on him, he's saying the right things, it was 100% his fault. >> the question is what did herald do that took her 50 years to forgive him. 50 years it took him to finally win her back. this is lillian's fourth marriage, herald's third. big congratulations. the ceremony is april 14th. >> i thought you were saying there might be a fifth and a fourth marriage for them. at this pace. >> they still got time. >> they still have time. >> he says he doesn't think they
3:39 am
ever stopped loving each other. >> awe. >> we don't know if lillian agrees with that statement. congratulations to the happy couple. >> all right. well, coming up, a motorcyclist helmet cam captures quite an incident happens just feet away from him. he had moments to react to this. we'll tell you thousand played out. and later in the skinny, maybe you spent your easter like mark wahlberg did, or maybe not. we'll see how celebrities enjoyed the holiday. you're watching "world news now." the celebrities enjoyed the holiday. you're watching "world news now." , pro. bro. with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance
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looking at a crash just outside of dallas captured on a motorcyclist go pro. mow leek flipped off his motorcycle when that car ran a red light hitting an suv and another vehicle in front of him. the other driver suffered minor injuries. malik says he only suffered a few scrapes. amazing that everybody was able to walk away from that crash. >> very lucky. we're learning nebraska new details about a crash that killed a washington state couple and at least tleef their children. authorities are now saying the suv's plunge off a california cliff was intentional.
3:43 am
investigators say the suv appears to have stopped before it accelerated to 90 miles per hour and plunged over the cliff. it's unclear which of the parents jennifer or sara hart was driving. the family has a troubled past including investigations for abuse and neglect. three other children in the suv are still missing. strange story. and the so-called affluenza teen is set to leave prison today. >> we're talking about ethan couch who was 16 when he killed four people outside fort worth, texas, while driving drunk on a restricted license. his eyrntosay s affluenza claiming he's too spoiled to know right from wrong. he received tep years probation but was sent to prison in 2016 after he and his mother escaped to mexico. couch is now 20 and he'll have a 9:00 p.m. curfew and be required to wear a gps monitor in the meantime. and jury selection starts today for bill cosby's sexual assault retrial. first trial ended with a hung
3:44 am
jury. cos sbi charged with drugging and molesting a woman in 2004. dozens of women have accuse him of sexual misconduct and unlike the last trial return to five those accuser can now testify. cosby of course pleading ground producer steve bochco has died. his hit shows include nypd blue, doogie houser md. >> his hill street blues broke ground been flawed characters, fas-paced dialogue, multiple storylines that continued from week to week. the first season won 27 emmys abthe final line from morning call roll call bam a catchphrase. let's be careful out there. >> most recently he produced murder in the first, a crime dram for tnt. they say the producer died peacefully in his sleep after a long battle with cancer. he was 74. and arnold schwarzen negativer is set to be just fine
3:45 am
after a heart surgery. >> an open heart surgery team sfepd in because of comp pla occasions. >> and get this, apparently his first words after surgery were, i'm back. get it because he used to say, i'll be back. >> so. >> i'm back. >> i'm back. okay. >> i thought was cute. >> no, it was very cute. >> fine. forget it. >> who needs hollywood screen writers when have you that. when we come back, when we come back. >> we'll come back. >> okay. the singers take center stage on american idol as hollywood week rolls on. >> our analyst will gaines is back. >> there's a lot of back in that. >> we'll be back. try align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic. with a unique strain that re-aligns your system. re-align yourself, with align.
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3:47 am
. ♪ skinny skin anytime and hollywood week tips on american idol as the performers took center stage for their solo. >> big moment. our american idol analyst took time out of his schedule to watch it for us. wul welcome, will. >> i also took time out to
3:48 am
outfor snacks. >> you stopped at the neighborhood cvs i see. >> yeah. >> pick up prescriptions. >> so what happened, will? >> i will tell what you happened. we continued into hollywood week, final round last night. the judges had to cut the pool of contestants down to about 50 and we started in hollywood with 169. >> wow. >> big cuts. big cuts were made. >> so it must have been tough. >> i got to be honest, i just wasn't really feeling it and just didn't watch last night, so. >> so you so how are you going to do the report? >> it will be drama. >> april fool's. >> so much tension. there was so much confusion. >> it's all coming up, tonig >> that's not ryan seecrest. >> this is american idol. >> chris harrison is there. >> why is he there? >> it was an april fool's show. they came ton to the show and chris harrison was there as if it was the bachelor but, alas, it was not. >> cute.
3:49 am
>> if you thought the romance ended there, it didn't. of course katy perry swore that she was done with construction worker construction worker tourist trap trevor. >> tourist trap. >> look at her reaction to his performance from last night's episode. >> he wanted to make this place my home. >> oh, god. >> he wanted to make this place my home. >> children. children -- >> she sa i character. she brings a lot to the show. >> and trevor also kissed his girl frind sierra on the way out. this might be the one. >> oh. >> so while katy was pining over that man, queen of quirk i can katy turner impressed the judges with an original song about another man but this was anything but sweet. take a look ♪ ♪ i'll get back in the kitchen snoelt i'll wear my hair up for you real, real nice. ♪ >> different. different girl.
3:50 am
the judges loved katiese original song and they loved a lot of original songs last night which you don't really hear a lot of, at least in the past seasons on idol. >> we've heard a few of those this year. >> and last night they were all so good. but most contestants of course saying things made famous by popular artists. there was one contest than the pulled a will ganz and sang a song which say risk on idol. wait for katy's insane reaction to this song ♪ ♪ this time, maybe this time will ♪ >> she was moved by the holy spirit, you can pick up things and started throwing them. she threw a chair which isn't always a good sign. >> chand was apparently heavier than she anticipated. >> it was waerd had she started
3:51 am
speaking in tongues. that was the best part. >> it was easter sunday. so michael is through to the next round and a lot of my favorites are as well. >> is trevor on to the next round? >> trevor of course is on to the next round. >> duh. >> tourist trap number one. >> michelle success set lot of her voice. it was one those traumatic idol moments. she busted out a diana soson song. >> moon walk even. >> i traveled --. >> and then my man noah rai here who i love wig. he napped his way to excellence this episode. he was so tired from hollywood week they caught him napping dreaming about what else? an alpaca. >> of course. his big dream, he wants an alpaca. >> well, dream small. >> all right. will, you keep dreaming big. thank you so much for hanging with us. >> are you going to moon walk off. >> i can moon walk off.
3:52 am
>> this is -- you could do better than that. there you go. >> all right. stick around. we'll be right back. e'll be right back.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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new pantene. foam conditioner. rebell all right. check out the box office. ready player one took the number one spot opening weekend, $41 million. how about that? >> i've been waiting a while. is that the first. tyler perry's -- >> that's the second. >> scared a second place open with 17 million and black panther dug in its claws to stay in the top three, 11 million there. >> not too bad. >> second weekend in a row black panther not on top. >> now it's time for the skinny bonus round four and we have a lot of easter messages. everyone from the pope to the president posted messages over the weekend. "snl" even got in on the action with melissa mccarthy as sean spicer as eeftder bunny photo.
3:56 am
>> robert downey, jr. couldn't decide which holiday he wanted to celebrate, easter or april fool's day, so he kind of hung out in a field with an alpaca. >> might ajusts bieber told eve easter is not about a bunny and then he posted this photo, two bunnies. >> all right. >> so, yeah. how about that, justin? >> yeah, justin's still there. >> and we have sir paul mccartny wishing everyone a glorious easter but holding what? are those implants? what are those? >> have a glorious easter. okay. >> okay. >> we'll try. >> and finally, a shirtless mark wahlberg returned to social media after giving it up for lent. just hanging out in the bahamas training for the $6 million man. you know, looking like any other 46-year-old does. welcome back to social media, mark. >> all of a sudden everybody's happy that he's back. >> welcome back, mark. >> calm down. he's married with kids. >> should we look at him again? >> all right. nbc all-star anthy zafs a
3:57 am
power forward for the pelicans but he's also known for his paurl eyebrow game. so he took to instagram to announce it was time for a change. he was going to shave his unibrow. >> no? >> yeah. >> he said it was something he was thinking about for a while. he lathered up, he got his razor ready and then, the camera falls and then he reveals his new look. check it out. >> look at that. so the internet went crazy thinking he shaved off his trademark look, but it turns out it was all an april fool's joke. >> yes. here's a pic he showed off with a caption come on, y'all, y'all knew i wasn't cutting it. >> thankfully. >> and a new probromance, justin timberlake and lebron james are bff. >> king james showed up, jumped on stage with a round of shots, shots, shots, shots. >> and the crowd goes wild. they even did the little talking into their
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
have a great monday, everyone. making news in america this morning -- the calendar may say april. but right now snow is threatening to make a mess of the morning commute for tens of millions of americans. the forecast and where conditions will be the worst. no deal. president trump lashes out saying he won't make a deal to protect the so-called dreamers from being deported, as he slams mexico for failing to stop a new wave of immigrants from flowing across the border. mean time, his counsellor, kellyanne conway, under fire this morning, being called the number one leaker in the white house. this morning, how hackers may have compromised millions of accounts at two major stores. plus, an out-on-control space station the size o


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