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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i just don't believe it yet. >> reporter: last week a u.s. immigration judge removed correa's removal order. he ruled that returning him to mexico would put him in harm's way. prior to his release, i.c.e. agents told correa to stay out of trouble and he'd be fine. despite the magnitude of the moment, he maintained a sense of humor when asked what he planned to do with the rest of hess hess >> i'm going to take a shower, a real shower. i'm going to put on my pjs. i'm going to have something to eat. and i'm just going to rest. and just visit with my family. >> reporter: correa plans to go back to work as a cable installer as soonas possible. the family hopes their story serves as inspiration to others facing deportation. katie utehs, abc 7 news. california farmers could pay
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a heavy price reaction on tariffs. the move will make the products subject to an additional 15% tariff. china and hong kong buy more than $2 billion worth of agricultural goods from california every year. and china's announcement sent stocks tumbling on wall street over fears of trade war. the dow jones lost 458 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 were also down more than 2% today. new developments following the deadly tesla crash on highway 101. federal investigators are unhappy tesla released information about the crash. the model x was on auto pilot
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moments before had hit a highway barrier. it is only semi-autonomous and the driver should have maintained his hands on the wheel. the agency is still developing the kaucause of the crash. dan noyes and the team have exclusive information and you can see the story he's already done on abc 7 tesla's ceo elon musk is shuffling leadership and taking direct control of model three production. they are to hit a bench mark by the end of march. he wrote that his job as ceo is to focus on ma is mowhat is mos critical and that is model three production. chp says a crash appears to have been intentional. the wreckage was discovered one
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week ago near the town of west poured. t -- westport. child protective services attempted to visit the family in the days before the crash. police got a warrant to search the family home but did not find a suicide note. also to the north, a sign of progress in the hard-hit firestorm neighborhood of coffee park in santa rosa. >> it is all about infrastructure. wayne freedman now joins us live with more from there of. >> reporter: you know you say the word infrastructure to a lot of people and their eyes might glaze over. not in the fire zone, not in coffee park. not today. instead of ripping up or carrying it off, here's a sign of progress in coffee park, digging down. >> it's a huge milestone for us, for the community, for sure. >> reporter: and for pg&e an opportunity for good news about that utility, after months of criticism of how its power lines may have sparked, leading to
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last fall's sonoma county firestorm. this morning after months of planning, pg&e began digging 15 miles of trenches in which it will lay gas and power lines. the fire destroyed 1200 homes here. >> you see these houses going up really fast many they're going to have this permanent power by the end of the year. >> reporter: that's good news for homeowners and contractors in the area. these temporary poles will disappear. >> by the time we're ready to get the homeowners in, the power will be back underground. >> reporter: others are unsure. a staging area is on 17 acres vacant lot. trucks will be moving constantly. gail ashborn nearly lost her home. she see this is work in context. when we asked about the inconvenience. >> very small.
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the noise i don't even hear anymore. >> reporter: around coffee park, that is music to displaced souls. pg&e's telling us they hope to have this work done by october 31st. they have five crews working on this. that's 25 men,12 hours a day. a lot have come in from out of town and are staying in hotels to get this work done. as to how much it's costing, pg and e is not saying. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> you can see in that shot right there, just about totally clear skies. a couple puffy clouds. >> yes, a nice day today. let's take a look from the mt. tam camera. >> spencer has the details. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. we have sunny skies as you pointed out. here's the view from the east bay hills camera, looking toward san francisco. it is 58 in the city, 62 across the bay in oakland, upper 60s in
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mountain view. this is how it looks from mt. tam, looking down onto the bay under blue skies. napa, 69. know vi novato 68. going into the overnight, we won't see temperatures drop too sharply. things get start under mainly clear skies with trusemperaturen the 50s in some places. an atmospheric river is coming in our direction. drew tuma will tell us more about that. >> the storm system that looks to move in later this week especially friday night to saturday morning does look like it has the atmospheric river connection. we're used to hearing that term in the heart of winter but we get these events in april. an atmospheric river is a narrow band of moisture.
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it does contain heavy wind and strong rains. 30% of our rainfall comes from these atmospheric river events. what we're tracking as we get you to later this week, friday night we're looking at the water vapor in the atmosphere. storms feed off of this energy. the brighter colors you see, the yellows and oranges, are the higher amounts of water in our atmosphere. essentially, the heaviest rainfall. right now, that band of rainfall does look to set up somewhere between santa barbara and san francisco later this week. spencer christian will talk about the finer details with this storm system, where it will impact your day on friday and the full concerns in the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. the latest snow survey in the sierra show that officials va good but not great numbers. the department of water resources measured 31.2 inches. storms last month provided a
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dramatic boost. snowpack is 52% of average. a dry start to most of the winter, but most of southern california back into drought. a 13 year old boy was found alive after slipping and falling into a sewage pipe in los angeles. after a frantic >> reporter: 13 year old jesse hernandez, found alive and talking after spending 12 terrifying hours dripping wet in a cold drainage tunnel in the underbelly of the los angeles sewer system. >> it's with happy hearts that all los angeles city agencies are able to state that we have found jesse hernandez. >> reporter: it all began during a family picnic for easter sunday. hernandez and hayis friends climbing a chain link fence to play into an abandoned should. the rushing waters sweeping him
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away. >> the water and sewage is flowing approximately 15 miles per hour. >> reporter: fire, police and sanitation department crews scrambling into the overnight hours to find him. rescue teams using cameras mounted to flotation devices to scour a network of more than 6,000 feet of drainage pipes, finally tracking him down. >> in part of this systematic search, the bureau of sanitation was opening up a hatch to place a camera, and that's where we located jesse hernandez, alive and talking. >> reporter: rescuers say he was found in a four foot hole with a small space above his head, giving him just enough air to breathe. the first thing the teen asked for, a cell phone to call his family and let them know he was safe. hernandez was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and decontaminated from spending the night in a sewer pipe. he's already home recovering, reunited with his very-relieved family.
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abc news, los angeles. the san leandro police department leasthosted an autis awareness day. pictures of the branch posted. officers will wear the patches this month, which is autism awareness month. a growing war of words between two bay area tech titans. the criticism from apple ceo tim cook over the recent facebook scandal and how mark zuckerberg is hitting back. plus. >> with the increased falling trees we have an increase rix of flooding. and the most distracted drivers in the nation, where the bay area ranks and what you can do to get your loved ones to focus on the road. >> we're going to focus on the south bay roads, this is 101 in san jose. northbound looking clear as usual. and 8a is m
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has your love for tacos turned into an obsession?.
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my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today. new at jack in the box. there ya' go. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is hitting back at apple ceo tim cook. he responded to cook's recent criticism of facebook and its handling of the cambridge analytica scandal calling it extremely glib. during a pod cast interview on box, zuckerberg defended facebook saying an advertising-supported model was the only way to continue building a service that is free. the disagreement appears to be building a competition over which company, apple or facebook, is more trustworthy. david louie reviews what each
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ceo said and gets reaction from a long-time tech analyst. >> reporter: it's rare to see two high profile ceos disagreeing in public. >> now all of a sudden, that trust is coming into question. and when that trust comes into question, you see a lot of companies volleying for position to say wait a minute, we're still a trustworthy company. you can still trust us. >> reporter: tim cook kicked off the exchange in taped interview on msnbc. he was asked how he would handle the problem in which 50 million uszers were compromised. >> i wouldn't be in that situation. >> reporter: he says facebook is advertiser supported. >> we can make a ton of money if we monday advertised our customer. if our customer was our product. we could make a ton of money. we've elected not to do that. >> reporter: facebook ceo mark
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zuckerberg has shot back on the ez kra klein show on the fox news site. >> i find that argument that you're not paying that somehow we can't care about you. to be extremely glib. and not at all aligned with the truth. >> reporter: facebook is under pressure from congress to explain its privacy practices. but the sparks are flying here in silicon valley. >> i think we will see this go on for a while. and i think we could see other companies get involved. because fundamentally, what's at stake here is trust. companies that have become incredibly powerful and important and frankly have been some of the most trusted companies for a long time. >> reporter: in palo alto, david louie, abc 7 news. >> facebook has lost an estimated $80 billion in value as its stock fell in the wake of the cambridge analytica data scandal. april is distracted driving awareness month. a new study shows two bay area
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cities are among the least distracted driving cities in the country. country. the here with me today. this is interesting findings. i was surprised to see where the bay area lands. you found that new jersey was one of the worst. >> it was one of the worst. we saw an average using the data that people in new jersey were using their phones once every 4.7 miles, and it was a really big problem. and we don't know exactly why new jersey's worse than everyone else. maybe it's because they've got terrible traffic. maybe it's because we're so chill. but we do know this is a big problem across the entire. >> the west coast seemed to do an a little bit better. any idea why? >> maybe paubecause we're so ch or laws that have been enacted. we have seen on average one in every six miles, so it's
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certainly a big problem. and distracted driving is a problem across the entire u.s. >> where do some of the bay area cities rank on the list? >> san francisco is third and oakland is second. so we're way up high. >> of the least. >> of the least-distracted driving cities. >> that's actual laly, it's har because it's good, but you look over at people in their car and see them doing crazy things. it's still happening a lot. >> another surprising result that we saw is that teens and parents were driving and distracted almost the same amount. >> really? >> yeah, absolutely. we were very surprised by that result. and what we saw was that, you know, this is all about creating positive communication amongst the family and making sure that families are safe on the road. that's life 360's mission, and it's about setting a positive example for your kids, and the parents were nearly as bad as the kids were. >> you have to practice what you preach. you also found that time of day was a factor as well.
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what exactly did you find? >> we found that the evening rush hour was by far the worst. almost twice as likely to be distracted while driving. we see that all over the life 360 data, whether people are rapidly accelerating or slamming on brakes because think looked down at their phone. so by far rush hour is the worst nor distracted driving. >> i wonder why that is, people are coming down from their day and checking things last minute? >> i think people are frustrated that they're in rush hour traffic and are trying to get somewhere, they're like, i can check this one text and they shouldn't. thousands of people are dying every year because of it. >> anythingq we can do to be safer? obviously don't be distracted. >> it's hard. states are trying to legislate, and there have been laws that have been passed. but it comes to communication amongst your family, and as an individual you really want to change and be a better driver. life 360 does have tips for you
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guys. tell, let your friends and families know that you're on the road and really use an app like 360 that can tell your family when you're done driving or, you know, put, ignore your phone. put it on do not disturb mode so those notification aren't bugging you and you aren't worried about what i might be missing or pull aside if you are going to use your phone and you can't do anything about it. and finally, the distraction for me and a lot of people is too much. just stash your phone away. and don't even pretend it exists. >> thank you for coming in and giving us this information. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> take care. >> thanks a lot, guys, for the information. looking outside right now instead of my phone. and spencer christian is here with a look at weather. >> there will be no distracted forecasting. things are calm. we have sunny skies across the bay area right now. mild conditions. this is the view from our rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero.
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and these are the forecast features, dry and mild the next two days, but rain arrives in the north bay thursday night. we will have rainy and windy conditions on friday and saturday. 58 degrees in san francisco right now, 62 across the bay in oakland. most areas are in the low to mid-60s. we have mid-70s from the north bay. 77 in antioch right now. down in the south bay, almost 70 at san jose. still relatively mild. overnight it won't get very cool. low temperatures generally in the upper 40s to right 50. the 12-hour day planner for tomorrow indicates mainly sunny skies at 7:00 in the morning. it will be getting a little milder by noon or so. temperatures rising to the mid-60s in many locations. we'll see mid-70s inland by 4:00 p.m. and that will hold on until after sunset. giants play their opener tomorrow, taking on the seattle
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mariners, sunny and breezy with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. almost ideal baseball by san francisco standards, baseball weather i should say. look for 71 at san rafael. oak larng oakland 67. toward morgan hill, look for mid-70s as well. let's talk about the approaching storm coming in thursday night but will intensify into friday. and it will intensify into saturday. we'll see gusts 25-45 miles per hour. there are concerns about flooding and power outages. starting 10:00 thursday morning, we'll see the light to light to moderate rain moving into the north bay. on friday, when it expands, it intensifies. so late friday commute is
4:22 pm
probably going to be a wet and treacherous one with pieshds of heavy rain and strong, gusty wind. the main storm concerns, hydroplaning. moderate concern for trees toppling, power outages, stream and creek flooding. low concern about river flooding. we'll keep watching that. because we do expect several inches of rainfall in some area locations. two more dry and mild days, tomorrow and wednesday. rain arrives thursday night, main lay t mainly the north bay. the storm will rank two on the impact scale on friday and saturday before we get some partial clearing on sunday. and then some calmer weather next monday. >> thank you, spencer. well, easter may be over, but the celebration continues at the white house. president trump thanks the person behind the annual egg roll. and another sign of the season,
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south african leader, winnie mandel ha h mandela has died following a long illness. she married nelson mandela in 1958, while he was in prison she became a leader in the apartheid regime. her activism was marked with run-ins with the law, including a fraud conviction. even so, she remained popular. winnie mandela was 81. dwayne johnson is known forf his outgoing ways, but it wasn't always that way. he went through a dark time as a teenager, crying constant laly. his mom attempted walking into traffic and committing suicide in nashville.
4:26 pm
she was pulled back to safety. he and his mom have found happiness and he hopes his experiences will help others. pot has been proposed as a lower-risk alternative to fighting chronic pain. however, some research suggests marijuana may encourage opioid use. they find evidence that legalization may reduce the prescribing of opioids. another twitter tirade from president trump, this time about daca and illegal immigration. next, who the president is pointing fingers at and what the white house has planned now. and teachers walk out of class, the effort to get better paw and funding for their classrooms. and it's a disaster you can't prooepare for. what you can do to
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. a san jose man who spent the last six months in the custody of federal immigration officials has been freed. jubilation erupted when he came
4:30 pm
into the arms of his family. he was to be deported, but an immigration judge released him saying he faced persecution if he returned to his native mexico. the coffee park neighborhood was deaf state statemented during the wildfires. president trump host the the easter egg roll, but his mind was on anything but daca. >> reporter: daca is currently stuck in the courts, and congress on recess this week is unlikely to take up any legislative fixes. the president's tweets and comments seem to coincide with a fox news segment. president trump celebrating easter at the white house. with a message for dreamers. >> they had this great
4:31 pm
opportunity. the democrats have really let them down. it's a shame. and now people are taking advantage of daca. that's a shame. >> reporter: but before greeting visitors for the 140th egg roll, mr. trump was on twitter, writing about caravans of people traveling through mexico and calling on congress to act. he claimed daca is dead because of democrats. and now everyone wants to get onto the daca bandwagon. but the president was the one who ended dau chasm tca. and he is the one who injected a democratic deal that would have fully funded his border wall in exchange to for a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. he said any dial shoueal should of love. >> if they come to me with things i'm not in who have wilom going to do it. >> reporter: his tirade came after this report from fox news. the semi-annual protest march
4:32 pm
takes those seeking political asylum to an official ouu.s. border point and none of them would qualify for daca. those tweets reiterated as he walked into easter service. as part of that twitter storm, the president also threatened nafta as trade negotiations with mexico continue. serena marshall, abc 7 news. the trump administration appears ready to revoke california's ability to impoise stricter vehicle emission stand ards than the federal government. scott pruett announced that the emissions limits are not appropriate. the administration is taking aim at california's clean air rules which are much more stringent than the federal ones. the trump administration is also filing another lawsuit against california, this time over federal land transfers. it gives the land commission the
4:33 pm
option to buy federal federal fd lieutenant governor gavin newsom released this statement. we will use every tool to thwart president trump's plans to auction off california's heritage to the highest bidder. snow was falling as cosby made his way into a suburban philadelphia courthouse today for the first day of jury selection. about 125 prospective jurors answered questions about their backgrounds and ability to be impartial. the 80-year-old is charged with drugging and molesting a a a a a temple university player. the
4:34 pm
prison. he said he was a product of wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for him. tens of thousands of teachers are demanding more school funding and better pay. >> they are also threatening to go on strike. maggie rulli has the latest. >> reporter: a tens of thousands of educators walking out of the classroom. >> we are the future. our students are the future. and they need to fund our future. >> reporter: fighting for more funds, smaller class sides and less teacher turnover. in kentucky, teachers are calling in sick. >> they are literally taking my money out of my pension. >> reporter: in oklahoma, so many teachers called out, oklahoma public city schools had
4:35 pm
to can cel classes. >> this is a picture of the people inside that building that have neglected us four a decade. >> reporter: oklahoma rank 49th in teacher pay. many administrators say it does not address the overall lack of funding. >> that's the scary part. i mine, aean, are we going to b to maintain countless teachers that we already have? >> reporter: and in arizona last week, frustrated teachers rallied on the state capital, demanding a 20% pay increase. >> i can't even afford to have my kids on my health insurance. >> reporter: they're threatening to strike. many of the teachers rallying say they got their inspiration from west virginia where just last month teachers went on strike and shut down their schools for nine days until law makes eventually agreed to a 5% pay raise. ready for baseball? >> the giants home opener is
4:36 pm
tomorrow. we'll get the scoop with ceo larry bair. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in
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they have special surprises in store for fans. >> opening day, you know, is a city holiday. you know that. a bay area holiday. we're declaring that. >> even in oakland. >> everywhere! northern california. hoechi hoe opening day is very special. we will have a special tribute to marilyor lee and some specia surprises that if i told you wouldn't be surprises. >> you scored two runs. >> baseball's a crazy game. can you have, we had two 1-0 games with the same player hitting home runs. that's never happened before to start a season, ever. to have 1-0 wins with the same player hitting the home run. and that being the only run scored obviously. it was crazy, then saturday, sunday, the dodgers got us. so we're kind of back the old baseball proverb is
4:40 pm
play .500 on the road and three out of four at home. q we are feeling pretty good. >> kershaw who is probably the best pitcher. we'll put madison bumgardner when healthy up against kershaw. we're excited about the giants' team this year. we're at 30,000 tickets again. it's opening week's fun. then a big series with the dodgers right away friday night, saturday and sunday day. >> get our revenge when the dodgers come back in town. we had a great interview on the weekend. >> it's great having dusty back. who can forget 1993 when the giants almost left. we almost left san francisco. couldn't get a ballpark built
4:41 pm
and nownership group came in. dusty was manager of the year. barry bonds was mvp, it was an amazing, magical season. dusty managed for ten years, beautifully, culminating with the 2003 world series appearance. it's great to have dusty back. he's a special adviser. our head ever basebaof baseball. >> he speaks his mind. >> he also speaks spanish, which has been a vbig advantage over the years. we have some spanish-speaking players. >> what are you expecting out of longoria? >> we are expecting longoria, mccutcheon and jackson, austin jackson, we think they can bring a lot of life and energy. not only are they veteran players but player whose are
4:42 pm
very professional and have big energy and can give a boost to the core of bumgarner just going to be a fun year. are you going to come to some games? >> you're going to see me at some games. home opener is tomorrow. 60 years. the new york yankees had to postpone their home opener against the tampa bay rays because of this. yankee stadium is covered in snow. which means fans will have to wait an a little longer to see john carlos stanton in pinstripes. a make gaup game is set for tomorrow. >> no snow tomorrow for the giants' home opener. overnight, look for mainly clear
4:43 pm
skies with, we'll see mid-70s in the inland areas. later in the week, a storm is coming in. it looks like a big one. rank two on the storm impact scale. but it may produce some of the heaviest rain we've seen in some time. there's a possibility of localized flooding. here's seven-day forecast. we'll have mild weather tomorrow and wednesday. and thursday night and friday and saturday it will have expanded to most of the bay area. the storm could give us a pretty good soaking along with strong, gusty winds. >> the tee time is on thursday. >> that's what matters.
4:44 pm
>> he plays in the morning. driverless cars are legal in california. if so, why aren't they on the roads? plus, the new tonight helping you on the road. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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this is the day that totally driverless cars are street legal in california, but there's only been one application to the dmv to conduct driverless testing. joining me now is ian sher. i read there were 50 companies working on the tech, but there's only one application for it. >> yeah. >> should we be surprised by that? >> i'm not, especially after what happened with that crash, we're in a situation where the entire industry needs to take stock of what's going on. they need to figure out what they're going to do going forward. there are a lot of legal questions to be answered, like who's responsible when a piece of technology causes this problem. all of these things need to be dealt with, and i think it's right that a lot of the companies have stepped back, put the brakes on it if you will. different municipalities saying let's be careful here. i think this is the right answer so far.
4:48 pm
>> you're talking about in tempe, a pid wedestrian was kil by a driverless car that did have a monitor behind the wheel. >> there was a monitor. this is part of the problem. a lot of us came to trust, oh, my dpogosh, this is coming, a l quicker than we thought. some of the ground work isn't laid correctly. we still haven't been able to get this stuff to be trustworthy enough that everyone feels comfortable. >> were we not cautious enough? >> you know, i can't tell. i think certainly, you would sea so -- see some people debating saying even the municipalities were going a little aggressive. i think there are questions that need to be answered that we are now coming to grips with. it's great that we're having this conversation, right? who's responsible if these things go bad. how do we program these things to be trustworthy enough.
4:49 pm
we shave airplanes taking off ad landing with computers, can we trust them to do cars the same way. we were doing the tests while we were still figuring out the answer. >> requewith planes, as you mentioned, it's designed to keep traffic away from you. while this is about making decisions about traffic. >> it's incredibly complex. but what makes me feel comfortable about this is we are taking stock of it all and really looking at it all. and these questions maight finally get answered and that means that when my 2-year-old is ready to drive, we are ready. >> you said in a perfect world, your 2-year-old would never drive. >> i want him to be not in danger. the answer to a lot of our issues in the world comes down to automation. when you've got automated vehicles, that means we will have less traffic, less fatality, all of these things will happen. so it's very promising. it's just how do we get to that
4:50 pm
future? i know it's there, but i don't know how we're going to get there. >> do you know whether it's five years or ten or 20? >> for a while, it was hookiloo like it was imminent. and then this crash happened and everyone was like oh, wait a minute. i think that's the right answer. now the question is, what is it going to take to move forward and feel comfortable. >> we'll stay on top of that. roadside assistance is priceless when you need it. and technology nowadays makes getting help just a push of a button away. but sorting through all the different types of coverage plans can be confusing. consumer reports is here to help. michael finney has the details. >> whether you've locked your keys in the car, gotten a flat tire, need to be towed or your battery died, moist of tst of t you'll need roadside assistance to hechlt whlp.
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what kind should you get? >> many offer it as a package or an add-on to are your regular insurance premium. >> allstate and others offer additional protection by expanding your coverage. basic plans can start around $60 the first year and usually include no more than five miles of towing per request and up to four to five service requests per year. for long distance travelers, i'm for premium roadside service that can cost hundreds of dollars annually, but include hundreds of towing miles and medical assistance. >> it's important for you to narrow down your needs. if your spouse or teenage drivers drive, look for multiple coverage. >> auto manufacturers often provide coverage for their specific cars during the warranty period. and vehicles equipped with telematic, such as hyundai and
4:52 pm
toyota safety connect may offer roadside assistance so you can avoid additional roadside memberships. one thing's for sure, calling for help has never been easier. many plans have smartphone apps and use gps coordinates from your phone to provide assistance. did you know credit card issuers, such as chase bank offer roadside assistance, as does american express, which will contact a third party service and get you help24/7. don't forget to check the fine print for these services. a boutique art gallery in the mission district has something new it may want to frame on the wall tonight. the first check awarded by the we women's entrepreneurship. it was awarded to eden with the grant money, they're planning to expand to a new
4:53 pm
area. >> gun of tone of the projects excited to use the capital for is an event space in the back of m my gallery, films and fashion event. >> it is helping women launch or grow businesses in neighborhoods around the city. the effort to protect south bay residents from falling trees is not just safety concerns but flooding worries that trees are set to come down and when the chain saws will come to work. and one of the top hotels is shutting down this week. the one gist wuest who apparenty rinsed out t rented out the whole thing. and a young man's reaction to getting into stanford goes viral, and this isn't even the
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and coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, two hours of "american idol," phenomenonfoll "the crossing." stay with us for news at 11:00. 30 drought-weakened trees are coming down in saratoga over fears they could fall on people or power line. >> this comes after news from alameda when trees fell. >> we show you the tree work being done to keep people safe. >> reporter: it is simply the
4:57 pm
beginning of what's to come. crews from the santa clara valley water district are setting along the creek to bring down giant eucalyptus trees, some as tall as 150 feet. >> we've seen their health desclien. >> reporter: a big concern is the homes that line the creek. >> more than a dozen trees in the last couple years have fallen over in the creek area, but they were smaller, shorter trees that didn't cause any significant property damage. >> reporter: there are about 100 eucalyptus trees in this area, 3 30 of which have been damaged, those are the ones they say need to go. >> we're concerned about the roots and how well they're anchored to the bank. >> reporter: while officials are trying to get ahead of any potential risk, some are worried about what the removal will mean for wildlife in the area. >> makes me sad that they will be displaced. >> reporter: sue moved here 35 years ago because of the singer. >> this is the habitat that so
4:58 pm
many are deending on, especially the hummingbirds in the winter. the flowers from the eucalyptus trees are the ones that sustain the ones that don't migrate. >> reporter: officials plan on putting new trees that are drought resistant. abc 7 news. saratoga officials say the damaged trees will start coming down tomorrow and the overal removal process will last two weeks. >> you can always get the latest news anytime with the upgraded abc 7 news app. it now has enhanced live video features, more customization and push alerts to get more of the news you want delivered to your home in real time. >> larry baer wants you to be a giants fan. abc news at 5 starts right now. we're looking at probably
4:59 pm
for tat for some time to come. >> all of this is bringing a fresh shock wave to the stock market, plus. >> an emotional reunion for a san jose family. a father picked up by i.c.e. and detained after dropping his daughter off for day care. his plans for the immediate future. also the tight lid on lawmakers. and the trump administration is suing california again. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 wasn't a heck of a lot to applaud today except maybe that the trading day was over. the stock market dropped over 400 points today with investors increasingly worried about a >> and califoria is on the
5:00 pm
front line of that dispute. oranges, wine, nuts and more could take a big hit. >> let's get right to abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler in the newsroom with more on this story. >> you know last week president trump ordered tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from china. today that country retaliated, announcing a $3 billion hit on more than 100 american products, including california goods. the tit for tat maneuvering between two leaders puts california in the cross harriir. >> everybody loses in a trade war. >> reporter: he is talking about california's agriculture and wine industries. china has announced a 15% tariff on exports. the state's wine trade with china is small but growing. reportedly increasing 450% i


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