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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 3, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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david muir is coming up. >> for tonight, breaking news as we come on in the west. an active shooter situation inside the youtube headquarters. a woman with a gun. the building on lockdown. employees led away with their hands in the air. terrified witnesses. injuries reported. what we've just learned about the suspect. the tornado threat right now. watches tonight in eight states, from arkansas to ohio. more than 50 million in the storm zone. rob marciano standing by. troops to the border. president trump vowing a new crackdown on illegal immigration, saying if congress won't act, he will. the hot seat. the epa administrator facing a string of damaging reports, calls mounting for him to step aside. what the white house is saying about his future. danger on the tracks. first, this close call for one trucker.
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then this. both in the same state. tonight, the new questions about rail crossing safety. and the boy swept into a los angeles sewer, surviving nearly 13 hours. tonight, telling his story. and good evening and welcome to "world news tonight." i'm tom llamas, in for david. and we begin with that breaking news from california. the active shooter emergency at youtube headquarters in san bruno. one of silicon valley's most high profile companies. police cars responding to 911 calls from inside neighboring buildings. outside, other buildings also put on lockdown. multiple agencies responding to the scene. heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams going in. agents securing the scene, allowing people to come out, but with their hands in the air. and tonight, we know the shooter was a woman. she's now dead, and four others are injured. abc's senior national correspondent matt gutman starts us off.
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>> reporter: shots fired during the lunch hour at the video colossus youtube. the upturned chairs, the bullet casings and the police emergency calls. >> active shooter at 901 cherry. >> reporter: now tragically familiar, but not this -- a female suspect. >> so, confirming she is the suspect? >> affirmative, what we were told. >> we did locate a victim with a -- what we believe to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. it's a female. but the investigation is still ongoing. >> reporter: this is believed to be the first mass shooting by a female since at least 2010. law enforcement sources say the shooting appears to be the result of a domestic situation. the first call came in at 12:46 local time. two minutes later, police arrive. they're in formation as they move up that staircase. >> this is crazy. we're on lockdown. >> reporter: inside youtube, employees witnessing the violence. one product manager writing on twitter, "i looked down and saw drips of blood on the floor and stairs." >> upon arrival, officers encountered employees fleeing
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from the building. it was very chaotic, as you can imagine. >> reporter: police moving forward, finding hundreds of youtube employees, their handles raised. s.w.a.t. teams advancing in this parking lot, clearing the building and searching employees. >> we are clearing the building and searching the building in a slow, methodical manner. >> reporter: victims taking refuge in a local bar. >> i told them to come inside for safety. and there was three of them, actually. one was bleeding in the face. one was shot in the foot. >> inside the carl's jr. in san bruno. medical air. >> reporter: this man tended to one of the wounded in a nearby business. >> gunshot wound. so, i put a tourniquet on her to try to help her. the ambulance came and then they took her away, put a real tourniquet on her. >> reporter: hospitals and police reporting at least four victims have been hospitalized. >> and matt gutman joins us now. what do we know about the victims' conditions right now? >> reporter: tom, three people remain hospitalized tonight at san francisco general.
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one of them is a man in critical condition. the other two are women, one of them in serious condition. now, law enforcement sources tell us that terrorism was likely not the cause here, rather, an interpersonal relationship gone very bad. they say that that female shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. tom? >> matt gutman leading us off with that breaking news. matt, thank you. and abc's zachary kiesch is there on the scene in san bruno. zachary, good evening. >> reporter: tom, still an active situation here in san bruno. you see the fire ladder behind me, and that awning just beyond it. that's the youtube headquarters. 2,000 employees ran out of there when shots rang out. at least one injured employee ended up at that carl's jr. right there. this is a business district right here. one business owner tells us that one woman came in with a bullet lodged in her shoe, another employee came in with blood on the face. and we're seeing employees just all over the place with nothing but cell phones in their hands.
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tom? >> much about the youtube shooting following a common pattern, the shots ringing out, the lockdown, the massive police response. but what was different this time? the suspected shooter was a woman. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas on what we're learning about her tonight. good evening, pierre. >> reporter: tom, good evening. you're exactly right. it's rare to hear women being involved in this type of shooting. the secret service just released a study that examined attacks from last year. all were carried out by males. incidents do happen. the san bernardino attack also in california involved a we mall shooter working in concert with her husband. but tonight, an intensive investigation is under way to look into her background. authorities including the fbi will be trying to identify family, friends and associates for every available detail. and the atf will soon trace that gun and that may produce additional leads. it's very early in this investigation, tom. >> pierre, thank you.
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next, we are also tracking extreme weather at this hour, including tornado watches across eight states. from arkansas to ohio. large hail bouncing off the ground in yellow springs, ohio. you can see it right there. flood rains washing out this road in union county, indiana. 50 million people in the path of severe weather tonight, and abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano joining me now. rob, you're tracking this tornado activity, possible tornado activity? >> reporter: two reports of tornadoes, one with damage just east of dayton, ohio. you can see that cluster just past columbus. another line is moving down through little rock. that's where we have the tornado watch up until 8:00, 9:00. and then watches extended through texas and louisiana past that. cold front pushes east tonight. strong mid-level jet with this, so we could have damaging winds along it. snows wrapping around the back side of this. by 2:00 p.m., the cold front hits the east coast with strong thunderstorms there and then wrapping around that, more winter-like wind chills come thursday morning, tom. >> all right, but reports of tornadoes touching down tonight? >> reporter: and a higher threat for the next couple of hours. >> rob, thank you.
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let's turn now to politics. we move on to president trump's new proposal on border security, vowing to send the military there until he can build the wall. twice today at meetings with the presidents of baltic nations, the president talking up that claim, saying he is talking to defense secretary jim mattis about it. but there will be hurdles to overcome, because there are legal limits to using the u.s. military on u.s. soil. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: the president seemed to catch his own aides by surprise, proposing, potentially, his most aggressive idea yet to secure the border with mexico -- using the u.s. military. >> we have very bad laws for our border. and we are going to be doing some things, i've been speaking with general mattis, we're going to be doing things militarily, until we can have a wall and proper security. we're going to be guarding our border with the military. that's a big step. we really haven't done that before, certainly not very much before. >> reporter: a short while later, he was asked to clarify his remarks and said this -- >> we are preparing for the
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military to secure our border between mexico and the united states. we have a meeting on it in a little while with general mattis and everybody. and i think that it's something we have to do. >> reporter: among the people most surprised by the president's idea to use the military -- the military. multiple officials tell abc news there have been no specific proposals yet developed to use the military on the border. but the president has been told recently that he has the authority to deploy national guard troops. that authority, however, is limited. the military cannot be used for domestic law enforcement such as detaining illegal border crossers. this latest idea comes a week after the president proposed, via twitter, using the military budget to build the wall. but that idea, almost certainly not within his authority, has been put on the back burner, according to a senior white house official. >> all right, let's get to jonathan karl, joining us from the white house. and jon, mexico tonight is
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responding to the president's proposal to secure the border with the u.s. military? >> reporter: the mexican ambassador to the united states has issued a statement, saying that he is seeking clarification from the state department and the department of homeland security. and tom, the ambassador adds this, "we share the idea of a secure border, but we do not always agree on how to achieve that goal." tom? >> jonathan karl for us tonight. jonathan, thank you. next, the russia investigation has resulted in its first criminal sentencing. dutch lawyer alex van der zwaan ordered to serve 30 days in prison for lying about his work in ukraine with two targets of special counsel robert mueller's investigation, one-time trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his deputy, rick gates. with that sentence of prison time, mueller is signaling that he is taking a tough line. next, epa chief scott pruitt is still on the job tonight, despite a growing cloud of controversy. today, pruitt scrapped obama-era fuel standards for cars and trucks, a key piece of president trump's agenda. the president and chief of
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staff, john kelly, both called pruitt to tell him they have his back, at the same time that the white house has him under investigation. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: with calls growing for him to fire his embattled epa chief, president trump today was pressed on where he stands. >> scott pruitt, sir? do you support scott pruitt, sir? >> i hope he's going to be great. >> reporter: overnight, the president called pruitt. his message, according to an administration official? keep fighting, we have your back. but privately, sources say the president is frustrated with all the controversy. white house lawyers are now investigating pruitt's living situation, after abc news reported on his alleged sweetheart real estate deal. pruitt renting a room in this d.c. apartment last year for just $50 a night, far below the cost of similar units. the owner, the wife of a lobbyist, who has energy clients doing business with the epa. today, new questions about that relationship. while pruitt was living in the apartment, the epa green-lighted a major pipeline project for a canadian energy company
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represented by that lobbyist. in a statement to "the new york times," the epa says any attempt to draw a link between the deal and the living arrangement is "patently false" and insists the lease on the apartment was "consistent with federal ethics regulations." and that lobbyist says he "has not lobbied the epa during the trump administration." pruitt is also under fire for reportedly giving two top aides large salary hikes, even after the white house refused to sign off. using a little-known loophole, pruitt did it anyway, giving one aide a nearly $57,000 pay raise. administrator pruitt, do have the president's support? was it a mistake to rent that apartment? >> and mary joins us from washington. mary, some republicans are now calling for pruitt to resign. and i understand, it didn't happen there, but he just commented about the cloud of controversy surrounding him? >> reporter: tom, two republicans are now calling for pruitt to go. and just now, in an interview with "the washington examiner," pruitt rips into what he calls
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toxic washington, saying his critics, quote, will resort to anything to stop the trump agenda. tom? >> mary bruce with that new development tonight. all right, mary, thank you. no end in sight for the teacher protests in oklahoma. hundreds of teachers atcapital, there, legislators, asking for more funding for their schools. many schools across the state have canceled classes again tomorrow, the third day of the action. next, the dramatic video of accidents at railway crossings. one day after we showed you a train slamming into a truck in georgia. video of another accident emerging, this one also in georgia. the driver getting away just moments before that happened. abc's steve osunsami with the question -- how safe are america's railroad crossings? >> he's so screwed. >> reporter: federal railroad officials tonight say that on average, what's about to happen in this cell phone video takes place about three times a day in america. this was in the suburbs north of atlanta on monday. the truck appears to have bottomed out, trying to cross
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the railroad tracks. and there's a sign here, warning trucks to keep away. a crew member on the train had to be hospitalized. witnesses say the truck driver got out in time. >> when the train struck the truck, it was the biggest, loudest boom. >> oh, god. >> reporter: just two days earlier, here it is about to happen again, about an hour west of atlanta. this time, it was a tractor trailer stuck on the tracks. last year, 155 people were killed in these train collisions, including four who died at this railroad crossing in mississippi. there are more than 1,300 of these accidents at railroad crossings every year, and the calls for change are getting louder. tom? >> steve, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the high-end smash and grab. a pair of suspects caught on camera, breaking into a jewelry store. a huge haul. and what authorities are asking the public tonight. plus, the chilling new twist. the suspect who allegedly killed
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back now with a bizarre twist in a grisly murder case. an aspiring pastor accused of fatally stabbing his wife, telling a 911 dispatcher he took too much cold medicine. now, new court documents that may reveal a chilling obsession with a very violent film. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: investigators say they discovered the secret life of a north carolina man who said said too much cough medicine is to blame in the alleged killing of his wife. >> i have blood all over me and there's a bloody knife on the bed. and i think i did it. >> reporter: 29-year-old matthew phelps, an aspiring pastor, was charged in september for fatally stabbing his wife after making this 911 call. >> i took coricidin.
5:47 pm
i know it can make you feel good, so -- a lot of times, i can't sleep at night. >> reporter: an autopsy showed lauren phelps was stabbed 123 times. new court documents show police say phelps was "obsessed" with the movie "american psycho," and that his private instagram shows him dressed as the main character, a serial killer. and according to court documents, a friend told police that phelps "expressed interest in what it would be like to kill someone." bayer, the makers of coricidin, tells abc news, "there is no evidence to suggest that coricidin is associated with violent behavior." >> this is about stabbing someone 123 times. that makes it a lot harder to blame it on just about anything. >> reporter: phelps is behind bars tonight. he's being held without bond. we have reached out to his attorney. we have not yet heard back. tom? >> eva, thank you. and when we come back, the high dollar heist. police looking for this couple. take a close look. the clue involving her hair
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. time now for the index. and the man who designed a kansas waterslide that killed a boy is under arrest tonight. 72-year-old john schooley, met by agents at dallas-ft. worth airport as he arrived on a flight from china, now facing a second degree murder charge. he and a co-owner of the waterpark accused of building what they called the world's tallest waterslide in kansas without the proper expertise. 10-year-old caleb schwab died on the 17-story ride back in 2016. an indiana fire department mourning two of its own killed in a deadly plane crash. pipe creek firefighters kyle hibst and david wittkamper killed during a plane crash at marion municipal airport. their small plane, you see it there, slamming into a parked jet that had just landed, ripping off its tail and causing
5:52 pm
their aircraft to crash and ignite. the crash remains under investigation. in sarasota, florida, a high dollar heist at a jewelry store. two thieves in matching disguise using a crow bar to smash the display cases and grab up to $100,000 in jewelry and rare coins. now, take a look at this couple seen earlier in the day at a neighboring store, asking suspicious questions. a similar braid on the female suspect also linking the two incidents. police would like to talk to them. and 50 years ago today, dr. martin luther king delivering what would be his final speech, saying he has been to the mountaintop. and this. >> and i've seen the promised land. i may not get there with you, but i want you to know tonight that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. >> and a programming note, we will be live in memphis tomorrow night for the 50th anniversary of his assassination. and when we come back, the survival story.
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finally tonight, the miracle rescue from the underground drainage system in los angeles. 13-year-old jesse hernandez speaking out about his ordeal, saying he wasn't sure he was going to make it out alive. here's abc's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, the boy at the center of that miraculous sewer survival, saying he intentionally left rescuers a clue, handprints along the pipe walls where he was trapped. >> so they could see where i'm at and where i'm going. >> reporter: 13-year-old jesse hernandez now talking about that 25-foot easter plunge into a toxic current. receiving only scrapes and bruises, but fearing for his life. what were you thinking about during that time? your parents, your family? >> yeah, my whole family. i don't want to lose it. >> reporter: then jesse slogged his way more than half a mile to a hatch. there, he waited more than a dozen hours. this is a sewer, what -- >> it smelled nasty. >> reporter: smelled pretty gross, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: finally, rescuers following his handprints, opened that hatch, pulling him out.
5:58 pm
jesse asking for a phone. what did you say to your mom? >> mom, i'm okay. where are you at? come pick me up. >> reporter: come pick me up. immediately, huh? his father, getting an unexpected apology. >> he says, don't get mad, i lost my phone. i was like, don't worry about the phone! >> reporter: the missing phone likely gone forever. the missing boy, back home where he belongs. whit johnson, abc news, los angeles. >> incredible he made it out alive. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
5:59 pm
>> i knew it was gun >> how good samaritans came the aid. >> we have our crime lab folks out here and the coroner out here and it will be a long night. >> the focus turns to figuring out exactly what happened and why. good evening, i am eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> and i am ama >> female. >> one of the first police officers to respond to the youtube campus this afternoon describes finding victim after
6:00 pm
victim. law enforcement raced to the scene reporting an active shooter at the company's headquarters. san bruno police tweeted within minutes warning people to stay out of the area. the atf also responded to the scene and the fbi are on scene as well. >> not far from other corporate offices and the bay hill shopping center. you are looking at a google earth video of the area. >> you can still see a couple of police cars off to the left. you can see an officer there in the street. you can see that intersection is still blocked off. police said they would be doing this investigation into the night. scaling back as hours went on. but this is going to be a lengthy investigation. on the top left that is the headquarter right there. that is a lunch area where people could


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