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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 7, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, wild weather overnight. dangerous conditions from coast to coast. tornadoes in the south. whiteout conditions in the central u.s. with single digit windchills. storm fears closing yosemite valley and the young sailors tossed into frigid east coast waters. sam champion here tracking it all. trade war fears. the markets tumbling over concerns about a high stakes standoff with china. >> i'm not saying there won't be a little pain. >> the president now threatening china with an additional $100 billion in tariffs. we'll hear from farmers in the heartland. nightmare cruise. the trip passengers say was anything but ship-shape. >> nothing but fumes and nastiness. >> people on board expecting luxury, instead finding ear-splitting noise, noxious
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fumes and clouds of dust. the cruise line's response this morning. and prison reunion. the menendez brothers serving life sentences for killing their parents seeing one another for the first time in more than 20 years. >> lyle burst into tears. and erik burst into tears. >> the details of their emotional reunion. good morning. and let's get right to our top story. the seemingly endless winter. not that we're bitter about it. >> not at all. it's april 7th. you'd think it would not be too much to ask to be able to put your winter coats away at this point, but no, look at the map. it appears to be sparing no one. we've got trouble on both sides of the country. there's a storm system working its way up the east coast and another storm hitting out west. >> overnight severe weather in the south. at least five reported tornadoes. this is video from a gas station in shreveport, louisiana.
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>> and as we enter the wedding season, a lot of nervous couples. a bridesmaid in massachusetts posting this image on instagram and the caption reads, will it be a white wedding? >> you can see the flakes in the background. sam champion in for rob this morning. he's fresh off the plane from florida gloating about it. nicely tanned. sam, we do have the severe weather right now. but there's also a big blast of air, cold air moving in after that. >> good morning, dan, paula. good morning, everyone. yeah, all spring really is, it's a cage wrestling match between warm air and cold air that lasts for a couple of months and every time the two get together you'll get that line of snow and strong to severe storms. we have one roaring this morning that's been going all night long. we've just recently had more warnings in louisiana and, by the way, there's nothing more frightening than overnight storms and it's been a long night, a frightening night of severe storms and tornado warnings for four states. overnight, torrential rains and five reports of tornadoes from texas to mississippi. in louisiana, outside shreveport this was the scene after a
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reported tornado touched down there. this shed destroyed and thrown all across the highway. the winds wrenching this roof right from the house. this gas station destroyed, its roof across the street. downed power lines throughout the town. crews working through the night to restore service. in texas, it's the hail. up to 3 inches in diameter. >> it's the size of a tennis ball. >> this person finding hail as large as her hand. and in mississippi, severe storms across the state. this tree toppled by lightning and rain flooding the streets. and there is wintry weather. whiteout conditions making roads nearly impossible to navigate in south dakota. yosemite even closing the park ahead of time in anticipation of flooding rain. in massachusetts, strong winds causing three boats from a high school sailing team to capsize. all students were rescued. now, we told you there is a lot of weather to keep up with today. let's talk about the most intense weather this morning and that's this line of storms.
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it goes all the way to the east coast today. let's put it in motion. new orleans all the way through mobile, dothan, alabama, atlanta. you're probably getting some of that action as well. this pushes into jacksonville, tampa, savannah, as that low moves offshore. that low will bring rain as far north probably as that richmond ocean city area before it pulls out. but notice it does not become a nor'easter so it just exits. the chance for some strong to severe storms are in this golden flashing area from wilmington to jacksonville to tallahassee this morning. we will cover this outbreak of cold air, yes, another one and all the weather in the west this morning when we come back, paula. >> that map is just a mess. we'll check in with you. >> doesn't he look good with a tan from florida? >> yes. he does it all with a smile on his face. >> there he's walking out of frame. there we go. >> thanks, sam. we do want to move on now to the major political headlines of the morning and start with fears of a trade war with china that are wreaking havoc on the stock market. >> china saying it will match america's proposed tariffs. president trump is saying things may get worse before they get better.
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abc's tara palmeri is in washington with more. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the markets were hanging on trump's every tweet. wall street and even some of the president's closest aides have been trying to figure out if these threats are just his tough negotiating style or real policy. markets around the world tumbling after president trump's high-stakes standoff with china. the dow dropping by more than 550 points as president trump and president xi engage in a tit for tat over tariffs. >> i'm not saying there won't be a little pain but the market's gone up 40%, 42% so we might lose a little bit of it. >> reporter: trump selling short-term pain for the long-term gain of a more balanced trade relationship with china. trump igniting a potential trade war with one of the world's largest economies when he announced $50 billion in tariffs on chinese goods. this is a big switch from back in september. >> president xi and i discussed improving our economic relationship. we want a vibrant trade relationship with china. >> reporter: beijing quickly retaliated with $50 billion in
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tariffs on u.s. goods hitting american manufacturers and farmers. in iowa this corn and soy farmer told abc's martha raddatz he's hopeful that trump and xi will reach a deal before the tariffs go into effect. >> certainly with the tariffs that have been proposed, it could mean, you know, could mean some large risks. i don't want to say losses -- >> but it's money. >> it certainly could. these tariffs certainly won't be helpful. >> reporter: not backing down trump now threatening china with $100 billion more in tariffs. >> does the president think the trade wars are easy to win? is that still his view? >> i think the president feels like if he is in charge of those negotiations, absolutely. >> reporter: his economic adviser seeking to lower the heat. >> we're not running a trade war so nothing has happened. nothing has been executed. >> reporter: but admitting -- >> there is the potential of a trade war. >> reporter: wall street and main street on edge. >> if these policies were to take effect, the retaliation, at what point does it end? >> reporter: now beijing has signalled it is unlikely to crumble under pressure and
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a spokesperson for the chinese ministry of commerce said they're prepared to hit back forcefully and without hesitation. >> you asked the right question at the beginning. is this bluster or real policy and we've got some time to see what side of the fence we're on here. tara, thank you. and a quick program note. you saw that video of martha raddatz with farmers in the midwest. she'll have much more on that tomorrow morning on "this week." the brewing trade war by the way is not the only controversial initiative from the trump administration making news. >> the secretary of defense is now approving using money from the department of defense to send thousands of national guard troops to the border with mexico and abc's stephanie ramos is in washington with the very latest for us this morning. hi there, stephanie. >> reporter: hey, paula and dan, good morning. defense secretary mattis just signed a memo overnight authorizing the potential call-up of up to 4,000 guardsmen for the president's border security mission. even though the department of homeland security has not yet said how many guardsmen total will be needed. texas, which already has 100 guardsmen along the u.s./mexico
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border, is sending an additional 150 national guardsmen. arizona plans to send 150 of its guardsmen next week. now, the governors of california and new mexico have not yet formally announced any troops for this mission. it was just on wednesday that president trump signed a proclamation to work with governors to send national guard troops to the u.s./mexico border. paula, dan. >> and these troops, up to 4,000, they're going to be unarmed, by the way, coming from individual states but who will foot the bill, the federal government? >> reporter: absolutely. as of right now guardsmen will be paid by the federal government. it's still unclear how long trump's deployments will last but the president says he wants troops in place until the border wall is built. back over to you guys. >> all right, stephanie, thank you. another political headline this morning. president trump showing support for his embattled epa administrator scott pruitt even though his chief of staff john kelly has reportedly attempted to oust him. >> publicly the administration insisting pruitt has done a good
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job despite mounting questions about his travel expenses, his security detail and his connection to a top energy lobbyist. abc's kenneth moton is also in washington. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. we have new details about scott pruitt's oval office meeting friday with president trump. the ap reporting the head of the epa was reportedly making the case for why he shouldn't be fired. ethics watchdogs may be paying close attention to pruitt but it appears for now he's got the backing of the man in charge. overnight, new reports of embattled epa administrator scott pruitt's unprecedented spending. the associated press reporting that an epa official who spoke anonymously for fear of retailation said his security costs, travel expenses plus pay total nearly $3 million. this news coming just hours after pruitt met with president trump in the oval office. >> the president thinks that he's done a good job on the purpose of carrying out the goals of the epa. >> reporter: but the white house refuses to say if pruitt is on the chopping block. trump tweeting his support for the epa chief whom he said is
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totally under siege. despite the president's tweet abc news has confirmed that his own chief of staff john kelly believes pruitt should go. the scrutiny magnified by this fox news interview about top aides getting hefty pay raises. >> why did you go around the president and the white house to give pay raises to two staffers? >> i did not. my staff did and i found out about that yesterday and i changed it. >> reporter: but epa officials telling abc news that's not true. they say pruitt knew about the raises and supported them. one aide received a nearly $57,000 increase. pruitt already under fire for that housing deal that allowed him to pay $50 a night for this d.c. apartment is owned by a washington lobbyist whose husband represents clients who fall under the epa's jurisdiction. >> it was like an airbnb situation. when i was not there the landlord, they had access to the entirety of the facility. >> reporter: new details about that living arrangement, abc news has learned the city says the landlord did not have a license to rent out the room. and politico reports pruitt overstayed his welcome. landlords were so frustrated with their lingering tenant,
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that they eventually pushed him out and changed the locks. that living arrangement is under scrutiny by the epa's inspector general and members of congress. the epa which is already looking into pruitt's travel says security costs were high because pruitt, the man responsible for rolling back a number of federal regulations, received unprecedented threats. dan and paula. >> kenneth, thank you. let's bring in matt dowd, our chief political analyst in texas this morning. matt, good morning. let's start with pruitt. he has been arguing this whole thing is an effort by the left to smear him. do you buy that? >> well, the left does -- is opposed to him in all of this because of what he's done on environmental regulations and rolling them back. but in this case, he's actually started the political fire himself. as the lead-in said, he has a problem on whether or not this room was rented at any sort of rate, market rate that was justified. two, who actually gave his staff the salary increases and, three,
7:12 am
all of this stuff related to his expensive travel and everything surrounding it so if this is a smear, it was actually started by the epa administrator himself. and as we know in "the wizard of oz," witch-hunts sometimes find witches. >> they certainly do and there are calls from democrats and republicans for pruitt to step down. i want to ask you about this possible trade war with china. so trump has said it is not a trade war. do you view what he said as bluster, or do you legitimately think that he's ready to go toe-to-toe with china over these tariffs? >> i take the president at his word and i think he's already launched a series of tariffs around the world especially on china. he's done this -- he's now said he's going to do it some more. china's responded to this. the problem the president has in this is not only is it affecting the economy and the stock market as we've seen over the last ten days but it's a political problem for the president. this is a problem the head of china doesn't have. the head of china doesn't have midterms he has to worry about. president trump has midterms he has to worry about, and the way china is going about their tariff response is dramatically
7:13 am
affecting those areas in the midwest and farm belt that donald trump has to depend on for his political upbringing in the course of the midterm. >> tricky, tricky business. matt dowd, we always appreciate your analysis on a saturday morning. thank you very much. >> thanks, matt. we're going to move on to news outside the world of politics now. the ufc released new video overnight of the former reigning champ conor mcgregor violently attacking a bus filled with other fighters. >> yeah, disturbing images and the new images coming out hours after mcgregor was arraigned as you can see in a brooklyn courtroom and abc's adrienne bankert is here with the charges he's facing and the ufc is less than pleased with him. >> that's one way to put it, paula. in fact, everybody is talking about this. arguably ufc's biggest name, conor mcgregor, has relished in that nothing to lose spirit in his professional fights. it's exactly what has him facing possibly a different kind of title, criminal.
7:14 am
conor mcgregor arrested, led out in handcuffs and facing a judge. allegedly caught on camera in a destructive rampage at the barclays center in new york. this video now on the ufc website. in footage obtained by tmz sports, authorities say it appears to be the ufc champ seen violently tossing a hand cart into the windows of a bus carrying other fighters. the glass shatters cutting ufc's mike chiesa in the face and then authorities say mcgregor attempts to throw a metal railing at the bus. another fighter with mcgregor throws a chair and assaults an arena employee. >> 25 male white threw a chair through the window of the bus. >> reporter: mcgregor turned himself in late thursday now facing three counts of assault, one count of criminal felony mischief. >> he person who he had the dispute with was not injured. >> reporter: reportedly the outburst stems from bad blood between mcgregor and a russian fighter. mcgregor has been known for his rage.
7:15 am
the documentary "notorious" shows the rise of the young fighter whose wins have led to multiple millions of dollars. ufc president dana white calls thursday's violence a disgrace. >> we as an organization need to make sure that this never happens again. >> now, three of tonight's scheduled fights are now canceled after two athletes were injured by broken glass and there was another fighter with a pack of men who accompanied mcgregor in his tirade. he's out as well so we will certainly hear more about this. >> he was stripped of his title just a couple of days ago before this incident. >> prior to the incident unrelated to this incident, but, again, some type of beef between him and possibly some other fighters. >> bad blood. >> that video is incredible. all right, adrienne, thank you. let's check the forecast yet again and get it back over to sam. sam, that video behind you looks like classic april. >> yeah. no, no, it's a little different. good morning, dan, paula. good morning, everybody. hey, let's talk about this a bit. we'll show you a couple places where we've got some snow.
7:16 am
my self-defensive headline is there's less snow on the board this weekend than in the weekends past. how is that? but start with this in massachusetts where we're normally trying to push 50 degrees plus and temperatures and we've got this cold air in place, so every bit of moisture comes down in the form of snow. paducah, kentucky, hello, hometown, paducah. nws says they got almost an inch of snow and the most they've had in april since 1971. let's show you the cold air that opens up again over the next three mornings. we're just going to put it in motion. watch how far south it goes, oklahoma city, little rock, houston, new orleans, dothan, alabama, 41. then by the time you get to monday morning, boston, windchill of 19 degrees. we're not done with this cold air yet. so we'll get a few warmer days that will pop up periodically but we're really in a chilly pattern and with that cold air here comes another run of snow, most of this, minneapolis, roches >> good morning, i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan, we are in the final hour of this level 3 rm
7:17 am
66 in san jose. then we will west coast we've got you with rain, flooding even some mudslides. all that coming up in the next half hour. >> more good news. >> something to look forward to. thank you, sam. appreciate it. let's send things over to ron. and, ron, just some devastating news out of the hockey world. >> yeah, that's right. we're going to begin with that fatal crash involving a bus carrying members of a junior hockey team. this happened in canada. at least 14 people were killed and 14 others injured when the team bus was t-boned by a truck while the bus was on its way to a game in the province of saskatchewan. three of those people on the bus in critical condition this morning. investigators did not say what caused that truck to crash into the bus. in southern california, a 49-year-old man is in custody this morning for allegedly setting off two explosive
7:18 am
devices at a sam's club. one of those explosions caught on camera. this store's security video shows the moment police say the two homemade bombs went off inside the sam's club in ontario, california, east of los angeles. shoppers running away as smoke filled the aisles. >> it wasn't like shaking, earth-shaking big explosion but it was like a low sound like a boom. >> reporter: store employees managed to put out the small fire started by the explosions. no one was injured in the blast. shortly afterwards someone inside the store noticed this man, hugo gonzalez, acting suspiciously and called 911. gonzalez was arrested after the incident which occurred on thursday but not before leading police on a short chase. authorities say they found more bombmaking materials inside gonzalez's car and at his apartment. >> we did recover additional materials that could possibly be used to manufacture an explosive. >> reporter: just two weeks ago a small fire was reported at the suspect's home, the cause undetermined.
7:19 am
now, authorities say they don't know if a possible motive for gonzalez allegedly setting off the explosive devices. police say he was not a store employee and had no known criminal history. in florida, the last student wounded in the fatal shooting at stoneman douglas high school was released from the hospital and he's criticizing the broward county sheriff and the school's superintendent. a lawyer for 15-year-old anthony borges says both of them failed students and himself by allowing this suspect in that shooting, nikolas cruz, to continue attending the school knowing that he was dangerous. borges was shot five times during that shooting in february. he was released from the hospital on wednesday. in ohio, four teens who admitting to throwing a sandbag off a highway in toledo which struck and killed a motorist, 22-year-old marcus byrd. they were sentenced on friday. the teens 13 and 14 years at the time will go to a youth center for an undetermined amount of time. the attorney for the byrd family called the sentencing outrageous. facebook's ceo mark
7:20 am
zuckerberg announcing new requirements for its online advertisers. zuckerberg says the company plans to vet political advertisers. users will see on screen indicators that what they're seeing is a political ad and noting who was funding those ads. zuckerberg announcing the new measures as a way to try to combat interference in future elections. finally, houston astros champions thanking a local mattress store owner for a generous gesture for his generous gestures after hurricane harvey. jim "mattress mack" mcingvale got his own world series ring, not a replica, a real one. mattress mack became known as a houston area when he opened the doors of his store after people were left homeless by hurricane harvey. before the series he also promised rebates to mattress owners if the astros won. they won and he refunded 10 million bucks in rebates. >> wow. >> 10 million dollars. >> that's a lot of mattresses.
7:21 am
>> good for him, though. >> he's known for his generosity there in the houston area, so it's just amazing to see him be honored. honor where honor is due, right? >> i love that, adrienne. >> wow. good guy. good guy. >> that's why we honor ron claiborne every saturday and sunday. >> is that why? >> honor where honor is due. >> now we know. >> he's trying to drum up business for his new store, mattress ron. >> mattress ron. appreciate it. >> check your local listings. >> it doesn't have a ring to it. >> apparently you make good money so it's not a bad deal. coming up on "gma," the case that riveted this country now two decades after being convicted of killing their parents, lyle and erik menendez reunited. their emotional first face-to-face. plus, misery at sea. passengers sharing pictures of the construction site on their cruise saying they were exposed to chemicals, dust and noise. we'll tell you how this particular cruise line is responding. and lin-manuel miranda from "hamilton" quarantined from his 8-week-old son. the potentially dangerous
7:22 am
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ab 7 mornings. all news all morning. >> i'm chris any. pg&e crews restored power to more than 0,000 customers in san francisco. the outage started shortly after midnight in lower knob hill. power wrasse restored to all customers before before 4:30 this morning. pg&e says underground field
7:28 am
equipment failure caused the outage. turning to weather now and meteorologist frances dinglasan. >> some of the heaviest rains moved through your area overnight. here is live doppler 7. this system is quickly exiting. heaviest rain is through gilroy and moving south and east. there is a flood watch in front due to drainage and run off through 11:00 through most of the north bay and parts of the peninsula and mountain regions. warmer by tony and into monday. chris. >> thank you for joining us. the news continues right now with
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click, call or visit a store today. welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, wild and deeply unfortunate weather. we're looking at dangerous conditions from coast to coast, tornadoes in the south. whiteout conditions in the central u.s. with single digit windchills on april 7th, people. and there's another storm system working its way up the east coast. >> no one is spared the wrath of mother nature or of sam champion this morning. also happening today -- we love you. also happening today and tomorrow more than 100 town halls are being held across 34 states. student organizers behind the march of our lives movement will meet with lawmakers to discuss gun control laws in their respective states. there will be a town hall this afternoon in speaker paul ryan's home state of wisconsin. it is still not clear if he will attend. and best buy breach.
7:31 am
the retailer is warning its customers that their payment information might have been compromised. thbreach happened back in october. customers will be contacted individually if they were affected. best buy is the latest company to report a breach. delta and sears both reporting similar issues last fall. yes, ron, i know you're feeling it. what is going on? it's becoming all too common. >> delta, best buy and sears. >> and sears. >> okay. >> check your statements, everybody. you got to stay on top of it. >> good advice. coming up on the show, the blues cruise. passengers saying their luxury trip was like a floating construction site with flying dust and jackhammers. what the cruise line is saying this morning. but we're going to start here with the two brothers, partners in a crime in a sensational murder case reunited after decades apart. >> erik and lyle menendez who were convicted over 20 years ago in the brutal killings of their parents are in the same federal prison and abc's marci gonzalez joins us with l.a. with more on the two brothers who managed to keep a close bond after all these years. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, paula
7:32 am
and dan. that's right. they weren't allowed to talk to each other on the phone so they communicated through each other's wives. they wrote letters. even played chess by sending their moves back and forth through the mail. and now after applying to be in the same prison multiple times over the years, that request was finally approved. this morning, the menendez brothers back under the same roof reunited in this southern california prison for the first time in nearly 22 years. >> lyle burst into tears and erik burst into tears and they hugged each other for several minutes. they didn't say anything for a few minutes. they just hugged each other. they were both crying. >> reporter: lyle and erik menendez convicted of murdering their parents inside the family's beverly hills mansion in 1989. >> i was just firing as i went into the room. i just started firing. >> reporter: claiming it was an act of desperation after years of sexual abuse by their father. but the prosecution arguing it was a plot to gain their parents' fortune. >> lyle and erik menendez have been found guilty of murdering their parents.
7:33 am
>> reporter: the siblings sentenced to life in prison. one of their last times together, their 1996 interview with barbara walters. >> we'll spend the rest of our life in prison. but if i'm not -- if we're not put in the same prison, there's a good probability i will never see him again. >> reporter: but a prison board deciding there was no reason to keep them apart. in february transferring 50-year-old lyle to this san diego correctional facility where 47-year-old erik has been since 2013 then moving them into the same housing unit this week. after decades apart, the infamous brothers now able to see each other every day. >> the only help you can give them is prayer. >> reporter: and they are not in the same cell, but they do get to spend time together as they serve those life sentences without the possibility of parole. all of their appeals have been exhausted, though, family and friends say they have not given
7:34 am
up hope telling us if more evidence surfaces, they will try to push again for another trial. dan and paula. >> the story continues to fascinate. marci, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. let's check the weather with sam champion who is in for rob this weekend yet again with a backdrop of -- >> spring. >> -- these lovely spring images. >> the problem in the west, guys, and good morning, again, everyone, the problem in the west is as it's been cold in a good part of the country, it's been warm in the west so getting significant snow melt in places like south tahoe. and they've been getting an awful lot of rain since thursday as well, so this is a big water situation there. but look at the west coast. as you wake up this morning, saturday morning, winter storm warnings, flood alerts, wind alerts, winter weather advisories covering just about everywhere. the next system in portland and oregonish is about a 60-mile-per-hour push of wind so damage in that area. when you get to the dry winds down in the southern end of that front toward vegas, 30, 40, 50-mile-per-hour gusts are possible with that. then let's deal with some of the
7:35 am
rain. we've had some heavy rain northern california on into oregon, washington as well. this will continue. this storm will move into the rockies, but look at those rainfall totals all the way up to 4 to 7 inches. so this is a powerful push of air. this system has tapped into a big push of moisture in the pacific that we'll call an atmospheric river which is just a heavy current of moisture moving across the ocean and you'll hear that topic a lot good morning i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan rain dying down. flood watch >> all of that weather was brought to you by pronamel, gang. >> because we're smiling. >> ding. >> ding. >> we're smiling. >> ron is not smiling. >> he is smiling. >> well, reluctantly. >> that's a smile for ron. >> you're shooting at his feet. >> yeah. >> thank you, sam. >> a smile to keep from crying. >> thank you for putting up with our ribbing, as well. >> my pleasure. honestly it's my pleasure.
7:36 am
>> dan's ribbing. >> paula is on my side. >> i am. >> she is. >> did you know that? >> for now. >> we've formed an alliance. >> coming up on "gma" -- ron is always a switzerland. coming up on "gma," the luxury cruise that passengers are calling a nightmare. why some wanted to abandon ship. the cruise line responding this morning. and kate hudson shocking her fans with a big reveal. adrienne is going to have that in "pop news." little hint? >> that was the reveal, that dress, right? that dress was the reveal. >> we all know everything now. >> nope. that's not the reveal. >> that's not what you meant, okay. , okay. >> nope. important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪
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7:40 am
so they took what they thought was going to be a luxury cruise but instead they say it was a construction site. >> yeah, that led to loads of complaints about jackhammering, dust, fumes. i know. and more. and abc's erielle reshef joins us with more on this story. what a nightmare vacation, erielle. >> sounds like it. good morning, dan and paula. it was supposed to be a picture perfect getaway on the open seas. passengers boarding the ship expecting peace and quiet but they say their trip was far from smooth sailing. ear-splitting noise, noxious fumes, clouds of dust. passengers on board this norwegian cruise line ship say it was far from the relaxing two-week vacation they were expecting. >> it didn't take too long for
7:41 am
us to realize, you know, a couple of days in that there was a lot more construction going on than what we would have thought would have been normal for a cruise. >> reporter: more than 2,000 travelers boarding the norwegian "sun" in miami bound for l.a. but as they traversed the panama canal, passengers describe their hotel at sea as more of a construction site. >> but remember to smile. you're on norwegian "sun." >> reporter: many later posting photos, videos and complaints to this facebook page claiming they smelled the chemicals. >> nothing but fumes and nastiness. >> i was sleeping sitting up because the cough was so bad and i spent the rest of the cruise sitting in the bed because of the cough. >> reporter: fended off plumes of dirt. >> all dust that we're all breathing in. >> reporter: and dealt with an unrelenting racket. norwegian cruise lines issuing a statement that read in part recently norwegian "sun" underwent enhancements.
7:42 am
we do recognize that during a recent sailing we did not meet the expectations of our guests, nor our own standards for which we truly apologize. norwegian cruise lines is now offering those customers on the norwegian "sun" 100% credit for a future trip of their choice. family, though, that we talked to want a full refund and do not plan to take another cruise. >> they might have gotten away with it in the era before smartphones. they're filming everything. >> it's nice they were making enhancements to the boat but probably should have been doing it maybe when the passengers were not on board. >> dry dock. thank you very much. really appreciate it. i just wanted to use the term dry dock. i'm a big maritime expert. coming up on "gma," "hamilton's" lin-manuel miranda tweeting fans about a painful health issue. dr. ashton, dr. jen ashton has her take on it in our "weekend download." download."
7:43 am
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ ♪ welcome back. "hamilton" creator lin-manuel miranda is sharing a health battle this morning and the cdc is sharing some concerning information about so-called superbugs. >> two big stories in the health department. abc's chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton joins us from boston for some perspective on both of these stories. jen, good morning. first let's talk about the superbugs. the cdc says it has detected more than 220 cases last year of a nightmare bacteria that's resistant to almost all antibiotics. how big a deal is this? >> it is a big deal. but let's put it into some important medical and historical context here. first of all, most people have heard of mrsa, resistant staph, a gram positive organism. there's multiresistant
7:47 am
drug resistant tuberculosis and now cre of gram negatives and other bacteria. these can be really bad actors. the good news, if you will, is that it's generally not an issue for a healthy person outside of a hospital. where this becomes a problem is for the critically ill patients in hospitalized settings with a lot of tubes and catheters, and when we don't have an arsenal to treat these bugs, you can get into a lot of trouble. >> so, is there anything in particular that we can do to protect ourselves? i know you said it really affects those who have compromised immune systems. >> yeah, and that's the silver lining. number one, we need to track these numbers, which is what the cdc is doing for patients. it's so important not to take antibiotics unless it's absolutely necessary and to take them properly. and then for medical professionals, antibiotic, antimicrobial stewardship is the key. we have to give the right antibiotic in the right way at the right time and it's estimated that up to half of
7:48 am
antibiotics are not given properly to humans and animals. >> let's move on to lin-manuel miranda. he tweeted his fans that he's beem diagnosed with shingles and says at first he thought it was a migraine. now he's quarantined from his 8-week-old son. is that necessary? >> it is for an 8-week-old. a couple of fast facts on shingles. number one, super common. one in three adults will get shingles. this is a reactivation of the chicken pox virus. you can't get shingles from shingles but you can get chicken pox from shingles. so the good news here, there's a newer very effective vaccine out that is up to 97% effective. it is recommended for people 50 and over even if you've had shingles, even if you've gotten the older shingles vaccine and it can be serious, you guys. if it infecks the eye, it can cause blindness. >> that is very serious. dr. ashton, thank you for weighing in from boston this morning. we're going to be right back with adrienne and "pop news" and figure out what's going on with kate hudson. >> it's national coffee cake day. we'll be right back.
7:49 am
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voya. helping you to and through retirement. "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm. here to help life go right. time for "pop news." ron wants his coffee cake. where is it? >> okay, almost. wait a minute. it is a national holiday involving the word cake. but we have to start with baby news, right? >> okay. >> oh, okay. >> we all like baby news. kate hudson is going to be a mom again for the third time. it's her first with boyfriend danny fujikawa. she shared the news on instagram with video of this gender reveal. >> ready? one, two, three. >> oh! >> can you guess? she's having a girl. >> i'm guessing it's a girl. >> this big gender reveal party is kind of a thing now. all the cool kids are doing it. >> was she legitimately surprised? she had noed? . >> she had no idea. >> it's a second kid. twins? >> i don't know. >> that video is on a loop. >> wait a minute.
7:54 am
the 38-year-old actress -- >> triplets. >> the 38-year-old actress, you haven't seen her on social media because of some pretty bad morning sickness. it sounds like she's just happy to be a mommy again. her other two are 14 and 16 years old. let's move on to records. "black panther," the movie is setting all kinds of records. here's another big one. it's going to be the first film shown in a theater in saudi arabia in 35 years. so almost as long as kate hudson has been on the planet, they have not been watching movies. men and women will be able to attend a screening at a new luxurious amc theater in riyadh. "black panther" has already made a billion dollars worldwide to become the tenth highest grossing film of all time. >> wow. >> saudi arabia shut down all of its movie houses in the '80s but the crown prince has promised a shift and now amc entertainment reportedly plans to open 40 movie theaters in saudi arabia in the next five years so wakanda forever and ever. >> as long they have buttered popcorn. >> i hope they have not banned popcorn in saudi arabia. >> as long they have buttered
7:55 am
popcorn at the theater, yes. >> it's a good thing. >> extra butter and jelly beans, please. all right, let's talk about love. y'all know i get super geeked out to talk about harry and meghan's love story. perfect for a movie. right? it's a fairy tale so now we'll see one on tv before thewedding on lifetime. it stars murray fraser and parisa fitz-henley who look a lot like the couple in real life. >> wait. that's not the real couple? they're actors? >> they're actors. >> coffee cake, please. >> look at parisa. >> coffee cake. >> wait a minute for the cake. hold on. lifetime's movie airs next month and from all the publicity photos they've got the actors who look like william and kate and the whole family and we're just going to be watching. >> let them eat cake. >> finally. finally let's get to the cake because nothing else i've said has really gone through any of the ears here. >> we don't pay attention at all. >> none of you heard anything but cake. it is national coffee cake day. we've got your favorite coffee, guys. cut yourself a big beautiful slice. thanks to trader joe's for this
7:56 am
lovely version and, yeah. >> you know, coffee cake is just a boring sounding word for something that is unbelievably delicious. >> so good. >> something you're not going to eat. >> yes. it really is. >> it is a dying art. >> it really is. >> enjoy your cake. >> we'll see you tomorrow. nbc 7 mornings, all news, all morning. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen a. ceremony will be held this morning for thousands of filipino and american soldiers who died during the baton death march. this is the 76th anniversary of the march. allied troops were captured in the philippines and forced to march 60 miles without food or
7:57 am
water to a prison camp. nearly 11,000 soldiers died. there will be a wreath laying ceremony and rifle salute at 9:00 this morning at the san francisco national cemetery. national recreational salmon fishing begins today but the rain may keep fishermen away. the lack of salmon may also be deterring fishermen on this opening day. last season the amount of salmon caught was 46% below the average from 2012 to 2016. fishermen can catch two salmon each day. coho and steel head salmon are off limits. let's get a check on the weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan. >> the heaviest rain has passed through your neighborhood. the system is sliding south and east. we will see spotty showers throughout the i dachlt a little bit of a break for parts of the peninsula. but we have had quite a few reports. some debris flow and also some
7:58 am
flooding in area. heavier rain in the ata mont pass right now alone 580. but the heaviest line of precipitation, where it's been over half an inch by hour is heading south through big sur. up next, thousands lose power overnight in san francisco. we will have the latest on the outage. abc7 news atcal is next.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> rain is tapering off this morning across much of the bay area. will the weather dampen your plans this weekend? it is saturday, april 7th. good morning, and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are certainly off to a wet start across the bay area. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan inner lisa argen and tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> this system is quickly abruptly exiting the bay area. here's live doppler 7. you can see how fast it is been moving the last few hours. but this system brought over six inches of rain to mount tam. now it's heading south. you see heavy precipitation along big sur with areas of orange and red. that line moves up through highway 5. a flood watch is still in effect until 11:00 this morning that's due to poor drainage and runoff. we could see some flooding on the roads and small stream


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