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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  April 7, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> rain is tapering off this morning across much of the bay area. will the weather dampen your plans this weekend? it is saturday, april 7th. good morning, and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are certainly off to a wet start across the bay area. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan inner lisa argen and tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> this system is quickly abruptly exiting the bay area. here's live doppler 7. you can see how fast it is been moving the last few hours. but this system brought over six inches of rain to mount tam. now it's heading south. you see heavy precipitation along big sur with areas of orange and red. that line moves up through highway 5. a flood watch is still in effect until 11:00 this morning that's due to poor drainage and runoff. we could see some flooding on the roads and small streams. mud and rock slides are still
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possible. this is for parts of the north bay and parts of the santa cruz mountains. it's not quite over. this area of low pressure will continue to wrap around so we could continue to see spotty showers throughout the day. they will be very life. you might want to have a light jacket or umbrella handy. stray showers are possible alone the east bay or along 101 in gilroy. overall, temperatures will be mild. partly cloudy skies conditions for the afternoon. we will be dry tomorrow and into monday. in the north bay, the rainy wh has caused some fallen trees on the live wires. crews are currently out trying to make sure it's safe for residents there. cornell barnard is live in mill we'll with the details. >> reporter: quite a sight here where the power is out to this entire mill valley neighborhood. this is the reason why. this 150-foot tree has toppled onto bigelow avenue. it stood we are told in the yard
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of a home to the left on bigelow. we are just a couple of blocks from downtown bill vall bill v y it fell during the rainstorm at around 6:00 a.m. today. it got the attention of neighbors, many say the sound of power lines pop something sparking when the tree made contact with the lines was incredible. listen to this. >> i heard the transformers build, the popping and all the electrical stuff going out. they reckon that's probably a 150-foot oak. >> reporter: when we showed up there was actually smoke rising from those power lines. firefighters showed up. so did pg&e. they cut power to the entire neighborhood. and that smoke did go away. we are also told that there are several other trees that have fallen in mill valley. certainly not quite as large as this one. fire fighters and police are now
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investigating that. we don't know when power will be restored to this neighbor or when this tree can be removed. we are live in mill valley this morning i'm cornell barnard, abc7 news. in the east bay, 60 homes are without power right now near grand and san jose in alameda. alameda municipal power says the outage was caused by a blown transformer. crews are working to replace the transformer and say it will be several hours before power is restored. pg&e crews restored power to more than 10,000 customers in san francisco. the outage started shortly after midnight in lower knob hill. power was restored to all customers there just before 4:30 this morning. the utility says underground field equipment failure caused the outage. >> you have to turned around. >> take a look at this. a large tree came down in walnut creek last night blocking thighs valley boulevard. the tree took down power lines.
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you can see them spashing is smoke. chp closed the street until the tree and the wires could be removed. abc7 news was also in mill brae. a tree fell on hillcrest boulevard blocking the only exit from the cul-de-sac. public works were on hand to clear out the tree. the free was this the yard of a home but fell into the street and no one was hurt. in the east bay the storm was also topplingtry trees this. one fell on to a home in lafayette. the heavy rain flooded out roads in the north bay last night. carlos asido has the details. >> reporter: the sound of rain can be peaceful at time but flooding is always a concern for north bay area residents. >> i heard it all night longs. i could hear it. i looked at the window and it was flowing pretty good. >> reporter: residents in this mobile home park live next to a creek. >> i thought for sure we were
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going to be under water. they must have come around and cleaned the drains. >> reporter: no homes were flooded but a portion of the roner park expressway was closed after it was overtaken by high waters. even with closure signs up some drivers decided to chance it. many of the rural roads have been flooded out forcing drivers to turn around. not so for joe richardson. >> it's never deep here. so we always go this way. >> reporter: you are not intimidated by these waters? >> no, not on this road. >> reporter: it's always safer not to take the risk. this driver was forced to stop and come back. >> there was already a rescue out here earlier today. you get stuck in the water and you don't think it's that deep. it gets deep quick and you don't know it and it's too late. >> reporter: as long as the rain is steady these residents don't seem to mind it one bit. >> we like it. we need it. let it rain. >> reporter: carlos asido, abc7
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news. in sonoma county, a chp officer hydroplaned into a flooded ditch last night. he was not injured but a tow truck had to pull the vehicle free. county fire responded to multiple crashes in the santa cruz mountains including this truck that tipped on to its side. lane close oous brought traffic to a crawl from the morning to yosemite valley is cancelled this morning due to floodig concerns. the park has canceled all camping reservations for today. the rest of yosemite is open this weekend but that could change depending upon the weather. taking a live look at san francisco international airport this morning. you can see the runway is glistening there with rain. so far no delays reported at sfo this morning. more than 140 flights were canceled yesterday. and average delays from nearly an hour. some flights were diverted to oakland. both oakland and san jose airports also had dozens of
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delays. >> the weather rained out last night's game against the dodgers at at&t park. it has been rescheduled as part of a doubleheader later this month. this is just the sixth rainout at at&t park since it opened, and the first since 2006. >> don't foreat the time, you can get a minute by minute precipitation forecast inside the new abc7 news accuweather app. time now, 8:07, meteorologist frances dinglasan is tracking the forecast for us. we are starting to see a break in some parts of the way. >> you could almost put the umbrella away. have it hand lee because we could still see showers out there. here's a live shot in santa cruz. it's moving south of santa cruz. it's cloudy there. i'll let know what to expect for the rest of the weekend. also ahead, a pilot dies in a plane crash in the north bay shortly after takeoff. we'll have the very latest snoon on the mend. promising news
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developing news out of sonoma county. the ntsb is investigating a small plane crash in petaluma that left one person dead. it happened around 10:30 last night on manor lane about four miles north of the municipal airport. the sheriff's office confirms the male pilot was the only
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person on board and was heading to san diego. the press democrat reports deputies patrolling the area found the crash site after spotting what looked like a structure in flames. official have not confirmed the man's identity but they believe he is 75 years old and from san diego county. seveners looking for a missing east bay woman found a dead body yesterday. abc7 news was at grizzly peak boulevard in oakland where a white prius had gone over a 100 foot cliff. the missing woman also drove a white preious. authorities haven't released the victim's name yet. authorities don't know what caused the crash. her boyfriend reported her missing earlier this week. >> i told my son, and he did know that, too, said that grizzly peak she may have gone off a cliff. >> the boyfriend was this hawaii this week and issette cutting his vacation short to return to the bay area. health official are
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confirming six case the measles in the bay area. in santa clara county five cases have been reported over the past month. another case was reported in alameda county. officials are advising all residents to make sure they have had the measles vaccine but say the threat to the public is very low. now to the major political headline of the warning, fears of a trade war with china of the it's wreaking havoc on the stock market with china saying it will match america's proposed tariffs. president trump is saying things may get worse before they get better. abc news white house correspondent tara palmieri has the latest from washington. >> reporter: markets around the world tumbling after president trump's high stakes stanoff with china. the dow dropping more than points because of the tit for tat argument over tariffs. >> the market has gone up 40, 42%, we might lose a little bit of it.
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>> selling short-term pain for the long term gain of a more balanced trade relationship with china. he announced $50 billion in tariffs on chinese good. this is a big switch from back in september. >> president xi and i kbrfg o improving our economic relationship. we want a vibrant trade relationship with china. >> beijing retaliated with $50 billion in tariffs on u.s. goods hitting soybean farmers and tech goods. >> certainly with the tariffs that have been proposed it could mean some large risk -- i don't want to say losses. >> reporter: but it's money. >> it certainly could. these tariffs certainly won't be helpful. >> reporter: not backing down, trump now threatening china with $100 billion more in tariffs. >> does the president think that trade wars are easy to win? is that still his view? >> i think the president feels like if he is in charge of those negotiations, absolutely.
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>> his economic advisors seeking the lower the heat. >> we are not running a trade war. nothing happened, nothing has been executed. >> reporter: but admitting. >> there is the potential of a trade war. >> wall street and main street on edge. if these policies were to take effect, the retaliation, at what point does it en. this morning, around schwarzenegger is out of the hospital. the actor and former governor had heart surgery last week getting a valve replaced. a spokesman says the 70-year-old is at home and doing well. schwarzenegger has been tweeting updates during his hospital stay, including lines from the terminator movies. facebook announced transparency tool to let people know who is behind ads on facebook and instagram. those posts will be clearly labeled, will show who paid for them and the groups who paid for those ads will have to prove their identities. at the same time, facebook announced it secretly deleted
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e-mails from ceo mark zuckerberg. on tuesday zuckerberg is scheduled to testify in washington. prepare for sensory overlead. comicon begins this weekend in san jose. katie marzullo has the story from the san jose convention center. >> comicon is open. >> reporter: with that, hundreds of costumed fans were transported from the real world to fantasy land. from "star wars" to movie stars to tv legends. >> it's never been off the air since 1957. and it plays in 80 languages all over the world. so we get a lot of very interesting people that come up and say hello. >> reporter: silicon valley comicon has something for everyone. >> i can see celebrities and artists that i have known since i was little and i growed up with. >> dressing and being anther person and just being that character for the day, i think that's the best part of all. >> reporter: but there is more to this event than meets the eye.
8:16 am
>> we look at science fiction as tomorrow's science reality. >> reporter: what better place to make that leap than the silicon valley? >> we all watched "star trek" the original series and the communicators are cell phones. on the next generation the data pads are i-pads. >> reporter: one thing technology couldn't fix, the weather. rain threatened piper the panda's big night. >> i don't like getting it wet. >> reporter: if only there were some storm troopers around to help her out. in san jose, katie marzullo, abc7 news. now an accuweather update from abc7 mornings. if you are heading through san jose it is going to be mostly dry for the rest of the day. i wanted to show you what it looked like the last few hours as the heavy rain moved through the bay area overnight. you can see this system moved south and east. right now over the bay area we are starting to see light spotty showers along the peninsula coast, along 280, daly city, along 101 in san bruno and sfo.
8:17 am
this heaviest rain, the line of showers is moving right now through big sur, south of gilroy and up toward highway 5. flood advisory still in effect through that area until 9:00 this morning pour monterey, cornell valley big sur and parts of the north bay like sonoma county. the flood advisory has been extended slew to 11:30 this morning due to small streams reaching possibly some flooding heights. a flood watch also in effect for many parts of the north bay and in the santa cruz mountains. even though the rain is over some areas will interns poor drainage and runoff so we could see floodin on the roadways and at small storms because the ground is so saturated. here's a live look at san jose. low clouds. some breaks in the cloud cover. temperatures are mild in the 50s and six.
8:18 am
it's socked right now at the golden gate bridge. visibility is limited here as well as in half moon bay. more temperatures for you, upper mid 50s through santa rosa, napa, novato. fairfield at 57. concord at 60 degrees. for the rest of the day it is mostly dry, but we still could see some isolated showers throughout the afternoon. partly cloudy conditions as well, and mild temperatures so the areas of light green show those spotty light showers popping up throughout the day. have the umbrella handy though you probably won't need it most of the time. today it will warm up into the low 60s along the coast. san francisco, 62. half moon bay, 60. freedom fremont, 65. 66 in san jose. and also san rafael, 64 degrees. here's a look at live doppler 7. notice everything has moved south and east. so if you are heading to the tahoe area there will be a lot of rain throughout the day. in fact there's also a flood watch. that's until tomorrow morning.
8:19 am
snow levels are very high. but they will start to drop tonight. there's also a flood warn forth the truckee river. this is in the truckee area. be careful there. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. this level 3 storm is over. what we will be dealing with isolated showers throughout the day. mild temperatures in the 60s. and then tomorrow, bright and breezy. we'll be warming up. check out monday. near 80 degrees inland. spring warmth returns. and then on tuesday, increasing clouds with a chance of showers. looks like wednesday will be rainy and breezy. then we've got leftover clouds on thursday. then drying out for the end of the work week. i think the weekend, if you have outdoor plans, the grounds will be soaked but it will be mostly dry. >> glad to know we got most of the rain out of the way this the early hours of the morning. >> you can do stuff outdoris. just ahead the project to develop candle stick
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avocado festival in mission way comes back for its second year. 22 street vendors will gather to show off avocado dishes. did you know a recent study found folks who eat avocados are healthier than people who avoided it. they are also delicious. have a tasty and healthy weekend. for more ideas on what to do check out our hoodline section on i'm swres ka castro, abc7 news. jessica, thank you. a unique bay area bachelorette party. there were no games, no strippers, no alcohol. just lots of heart. bride to be erin jackson met her friend at the san francisco marin food back where she decided to celebrate her new life by helping people who struggle with theirs. >> it is different. >> maybe can think about a time where the contrast of giving back and going out and
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celebrating do work to the. if it works for a bachelorette party it can work for a lot of things ♪ we will say i do >> they are -- ♪ going to the chapel and they are gonna get married ♪ that's all the singing i'll do today. they are going to do that but not before packing up dozens of boxes of food for the less fortunate. time now is 8:256789 there are new developments in the plan to revitalize the old candle stick park. according to the san francisco business times the developer of the planned 635,000 square foot shopping mall has put the prj on hold. five point holdings would not confirm that to abc7 news but its ceo says the company is still discussing the retail configuration because of the current economic instability in retail. five point holdings says it wants to quote make sure the project had work for the future. today is governor jerry
8:26 am
brown's 80th birthday. he was born in san francisco on april 7th, 1938. he answered st. ignatius high school and entered jesuit seminary. he graduated from uc berkeley in 1955. the governor's press office tweeted out this picture of a newspaper article when he turned 40 in 1988 when he was the first time around. he is in his fourth term. a horrible tragedy in canada as a truck plows into a bus carrying a youth hockey team, killing more than a dozen people. first as we head the break, here's a live look outside from our mount tam camera. you can see it's a little breezy out there and clouds are had you evering above. we will get a check
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chase. make more of what's yours. good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 morning. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan. she's tracking the conditions where you live. >> the heaviest rain has pushed through the bay area and it's making its way south right now. here's live doppler 7. over the last few hours it quickly cleared. it is moving south of gilroy now and past san jose. the heaviest rainfall through the big sur area, the areas that are orange and red, that's where the precipitation rate is close
8:30 am
to .8 or .9 of of a inch the storm is moving quickly. in the ata mont pass we are still seeing light rain. yellow or moderate rain moving through. half moon bay, zero miles of visibility. the winds calmed down quite a bit as well. a earlier wind advisory in solano county has expired. here's a look at how the day plays out. we still could see some spotty showers throughout the day. for the most part we will see partly cloudy conditions and mild temperatures. i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of the weekend. chris? >> frances, thanks. in the north bay the rainy weather has caused fallen trees onto live wires. crews are currently out working to get the power back for residents there. cornell barnard is live in mill valley with the latest. cornell? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the storm definitely leaving its mark here. the power now out to this entire mill valley neighborhood.
8:31 am
check it out. this is the reason why. the 150-foot tree has toppled onto bigelow avenue. we are told it stood in the yard of a home to the left of bigelow. it fell during the rainstorm about 6:00 a.m. certainly got the attention of neighbors. many say the sound of power lines popping and sparking when the tree made contact with the lines was unbelievable. >> it's huge. >> reporter: just the noise and -- >> yeah, the transformers blowing. >> >> reporter: did you wonder what it was? >> i knew what it was. >> reporter: when we showed up, there was smoke coming from these power lines because the tree made such a direct hit onto them. we are not certain how many homes have lost power. pg&e is in the neighborhood
8:32 am
trying to figure out when it can restore power to the neighborhood. but it's going to take a long time. tree crews are now showing up on the other side of the tree to figure out a game plan, when exactly this tree can be chopped up and hauled away. i just spoke with the homeowner just before we went on the air. said this tree is 150 years old. he was very upset that it has fallen. we're live in mill valley this morning. abc7 news. >> what an incredible scene. glad to hear the homeowner is sa safe. >> the threat of flood forced the closure of the yes semty valley to visitors. while the rest of the park remains open the most popular section has been closed down as a precaution. we have more. >> reporter: for many, a spring break trip to yosemite was cut a little short. >> they called an evacuation. after 5:00 it's all closed up.
8:33 am
>> reporter: cars and rvs streamed out of the park because the yosemite valley, the most popular area, was closed. >> the valley is closed. that's because of some of the specific impacts that could happen. we might lose power. there could be impacts to our sewer system is we wouldn't be able to have active rest rooms operational at that time. we might have problems with our water system. we might have to shut the water off for the buildings and the lodging in the valley. >> reporter: it forced some to change their plans. >> we chamber if australia. we wanted to visit here but it looks like we have to go before 5:00. maybe head back another day once it's open. >> reporter: but these we spoke with seem to be willing to make the most of wham what time they had in the park. >> we came in this morning. planned to come up for the day. it's been beautiful. it's been fun to see the park in clouds. beautiful in a different way. >> reporter: the park service sis the plan is to reopen the yes semty valley as soon as the weather permits it. >> season the storm passes we will get our crews out there
8:34 am
assess systems, our power systems, sewer system. make sure that things are operational and we are going the reopen the valley as soon as week. >> reporter: gene haagenson, abc7 news. when you see stormy weather where you live take a photo or some video and share it with us on social media using the #abc7 now. please, make sure you are in a safe place before you take that picture. developing news, at least 14 people are dead, and 14 others are injured after a bus carrying a canadian junior hockey team was involved in a crash. media report a tractor trailer t boned the bus in saskatchewan last night. 28 people including the driver were on the bus. three of the injured are in critical condition. officials have not identified any of the victims. the humboldt broncos, made up of players younger than 20, were on their way to a game at the time of that crash. defense secretary james mattis has signed a new memo calling for the deployment of
8:35 am
4,000 troops to the u.s./mexico border. that deployment starts right away. texas and arizona officials announced plans yesterday to deploy about 400 troops. it comes just days after president trump's order for troops to help target illegal crossings and drug trafficking. texas, which has the longest border with mexico, sent its first group of national guard members last night. arizona plans to send 150 troops by next week. new mexico and california have not announced plans to send troops so far. happening today, a memorial for thousands of filipino and american soldiers who died during the baton death march. this is the 76th anniversary of the march. allied troops fighting the japanese during world war ii were captured in the philippines. they were forced to march 60 miles without food or water to a prison camp. nearly 11,000 shoulders died. there will be a wreath laying ceremony and rifle salute at around 9:00 this morning at the
8:36 am
san francisco national cemetery. still ahead on abc7 mornings, cryptocurrency. is it really the money of the future? there is a big name who banking on it. a look at whether it's also worth your bet. first here's a live look first here's a live look from our san rafael cam. i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. first here's a live look from our san rafael cam. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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welcome back, everyone. time right now is 8:38.
8:39 am
we are taking a live look outside at the exploratorium camera pointed at the testimony district. good news for your saturday morning. the rain is slowly making its way out of the bay area. how is the rest of the weekend shaping up? frances will answer that for us coming up. happening today, recreational salmon fishing begins. but the rain might keep some people away. the monterey herald says the lack of salmon also deterring some fishermen on this opening day. the number of salmon caught south of pigeon point during last year's re'sal season was 46% i don't remember than the average from 2012 to 216. fishermen are allowed to catch two salmon per se. coho and steel head are off limits. the season will remain open until the end of the month. time now. >> 8:39. meteorologist frances dinglasan tracking the forecast for us. we are already seeing change this is morning. >> yeah, definitely. the level 3 storm has moved through the bay area and we are starting to see a lot of breaks in the rainfall. some cloudy conditions still out there. here's a live shot in tahoe.
8:40 am
the wet weather is moving their way. they are death definitely flooding concerns into the sierra and the foothills into tomorrow modern. details coming up. also next, can you hit five homers in a game and still lose? the a's answer that question in anaheim as the a's and angels combine for 22 runs.
8:41 am
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good morning, everyone. here's a live look outside at san francisco international airport. where the weather is causing some arriving flights to be delayed by an average of 34 minutes. we will see if crews will be able to catch up throughout the day. if you are heading out to the airport be sure to check your flight status before you go. in sports, just three games left in the regular season for the warriors before the nba playoffs begin. they take on the pelicans at oracle arena at 5:30 tonight. the giants and dodgers are scheduled to play this afternoon. following yesterday's rainout. official moftd gametime back two hours to 3:05. the a's are in anaheim to battle the angels. first pitch there is at 607 p.m. last night oakland's bats were hot hitting five home runs. but was it enough to beat the angels? abc7 sports director larry beil
8:44 am
has more in this morning's sports report. >> reporter: good morning, eveybody. giants rained out on friday night. the a's opened a weekend series in anaheim. built a 6-0 lead. what could go wrong. a with three homers in the tirs two innings. lowrie, joyce and semien with their first of the year. ohtani. 450 feet off of daniel gossett. angels come back, down 6-5. swinging a's keep on swinging. matt chapman, his third of the day. a's back up, 9-5. matt olson, his second of the season. a's lead 9-7 but their bullpen is flammable. a chapman throwing air. angels tie it up. then a three run homer, 12-9, angels. yes you can hit five homers in a
8:45 am
game and lose. 1-9, angels is the final. to the mast terse. round two at augusta. nice weather that's going to change. first round leader jordan spieth start offed with a double boeing. tied for foured at minus 4. tiger woods is happy to be back at augusta and playing. back is okay. not happy with this shot. into the trees on 5. takes double boeing. 75 on the day. ten strokes off the pace. the leader is patrick reed, minus of the after a 6 under 66. they are expecting bad weather for round 3. we will have to see who survives that. >> nba cavs and sixers. iverson is wearing a giants hat. styling. sixers were up by as many as 30 in the first half. ben simmons, attacking the rim. trim double, 20 points,ble, 20 , boards, 13 assists. lebron a triple-double, 44 points, 11 boards, 11 assists and one facial right there.
8:46 am
three-point game with three seconds to go. long pass to lebron. he was fouled early. they said in the act of shooting. that was a gift. so three free throws. makes the first. misses the second. now he's got to miss intentionally on the next one. watch larry nance jr. almost tip it in. would have been overtime. instead the sixers win their 13th straight 132-130. at the soma arts cultural center in san francisco this weekend it is the decked dubs against the world art show. giant picture of steph there. cool stuff. over 50 local and national artists with their own takes on the dubs in various media forms. that is spectacular. a portion of the proceeds go to the rl home sank wear for the nurturing of animals. this exhibit is only open this weekend. the show will close on sunday. that's it on weekend sports. have a great day, everybody, and dry one if you can. i'm larry beil.
8:47 am
now an accuweather update. >> i'm frances dinglasan showing you live doppler 7. over the last few hours we have seen the heavy rain moving south past san jose and gilroy right to you. for the north bay we could see spotty showers. light showers through parts of daly city and on the 1 to 1 near the airport as well. but if heaviest band of rain is south of big sur. some of those southern areas could see heavy precipitation rates, over half an inch an hour. but it is moving quickly. there is a flood advisory in effect until 9:00 for parts of monterey and along 101 as well. in the north bay flood advisories as well through parts of sonoma county until 11:00 a.m. even through parts of solano county. that one is extended until 1:15. because the system has moved east and some of the small creeks have reached flood stage. it's expected to die down and recede over the next few hours
8:48 am
but there is a flood watch in effect until 11:00 this morning for many parts of the north bay and even some of the santa cruz mountains. even though the rain has ended some of those areas have poor drainage and due to the runoff we could see flooding on the roads and small streams. even mud and rock slides are still possible over the next few hours. chances decrease as well over the next hours. a live shot of san jose. gray skies overhead. not too much rain. san francisco currently 56. oakland, 58. san jose 60 right now. stockton right now at the golden gate bridge, limited visibility alone the coast. more temperatures for you, mainly in the 50s. santa rosa, 55. napa, 57. concord at 60 degrees. and here's how the day plays out. you notice most of the rain has already moved south and east. but we will see partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. those pop up showers are possible throughout the day. have the umbrella handy. you probably wasn't need it. temperatures are mild because of
8:49 am
the subtropical moisture. this system brought us temperatures in the 60s. 62 in san francisco for the giants game today at at&t park. oakland, 63 degrees. milder as we head south through fremont. and palo alto, 65. and san jose 66 degrees. in the margaret bay, santa rosa will hit 64 this afternoon. i want to show you the wider picture. this area of low pressure, you can see this is going to bring a lot of rain through oregon and washington. it has helped push the system south and east. the concern now is for the tahoe area where we have had storm reports and flooding reported along highway 50 at twin bridges. some problems there throughout the day into tomorrow. a flood watch until tomorrow morning for the sierra and the foothills and into the tahoe area. and also truckee river, flood warning there in effect until tomorrow night. and that's in the truckee area for the truckee river. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. for us, we're just going to be
8:50 am
dealing with isolated showers for the rest of the day. mild temperatures. tomorrow, bright and breezy. as high pressure builds on monday, spring warmth in the accuweather seven-day forecast with inland areas hitting near 80 degrees. then on tuesday we will see increasing clouds with a chance of showers returning. but this will be a level 1 storm, most likely to happen on wednesday at this point. breezy as well. lingering clouds on thursday before we dry out again by the end of the work week. >> definitely a springlike forecast. >> it's been impressive, this rainfall. we had some areas like mount tam get over six inches with just this system. >> frances, thanks. investing in digital current sees like bitcoin is bumpy rite ride. now a well-known investor is ready to take the plunge. >> reporter: in january, billionaire investor george sorrows called cryptocurrency a bubble. now according to bloomberg he changed his tune and is ready to
8:51 am
start trading the signatural asset some call bigger than the internet. the blockchain creates throughout trust through math. soon it will power game consoles. >> the data is associated with the character. >> reporter: even health insurance. >> the doctor having to guarantee the coin will be redeemable. >> reporter: we saw this room with companies ready for icos and hundreds more on line. >> the dangers for investors is that the vast majority of these icos are going to fail. they are essentially setups. >> reporter: early icos were too good to be true. companies raced money by selling coins that were coupons for a product that didn't exist yet. >> they were not issuing equity. they were issuing tokens and keeping the equity in the business. >> reporter: now the s.e.c. says tokens are securities just like stock they should give you a stake in the business and are subject to rules about
8:52 am
advertising, rules facebook intends to enforce. if floyd may weather endorses another ico he has to tell the whole story. >> that he is a paid promoter. >> reporter: there is still one problem. now that you have that smart investment, there is nowhere to trade it yet. >> at the moment there are no registered or s.e.c. approved exchanges to trade security toke tokens. >> reporter: that's a problem for jason day. >> the plan will be that it will be tradeable. >> reporter: he is approximate to launch buyers a stake in the film that's being made about his life. >> with each token owners receive profits from the film. >> reporter: he says it's about time average americans can take small bets on big ideas. >> we need to democraticize the opportunity to invest and create wealth. >> reporter: he worries if regulators are too heavy handed the wealth may not stay here for long. >> we want want people to have to run to offshore venues. >> reporter: in san francisco,
8:53 am
jonathan blume, abc7 news. next a centennial celebration for one of san francisco's public braurs. we will have the details of today's festivities.
8:54 am
8:55 am
happening told, a centennial celebration for historic san francisco public library. the sunset branch hoepd opened in 1918 during a whirlwind of rebuilding following the 1906 earthquake. it was officially designated a
8:56 am
city land mark 14 years ago. today's celebration will include a dance performance, smoothies, a raffle and a children's book reading. the fun starts at noon at the sunset branch on 18th avenue between judea and sir ving. le 56 is the time. a final weather check with frances. >> a lot of the heavy rain moved through. here's live doppler showing you it is heading south right now. this whole weather system brought about an inch of rain in parts highs today will be this the 60s. partly cloudy conditions. there could be a stray shower popping up throughout the day. the areas of light frein there. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. that level 3 storm has ended. we are left to deal with isolated showers throughout the day. tomorrow, bright and breezy. and check out the spring warmth
8:57 am
on monday. highs near 80 degrees for inland areas. tuesday, increasing clouds, a chance of showers. then our next system set to hit the bay is a level one 1 storm on wednesday before we dry out again on thursday and friday. >> that rain accumulated overnight. >>ite a bit. over six inches over the last couple of days in mount tam. >> thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside frances dinglasan. abc 7 news returns at 4:30. at 5:00 nba countdown gets you ready for tonight's game between the rockets and the thunder. tip of at toyota center is at 5:30. that will be followed by toyota after the game with larry beil, mike shumann, and kerry keating at 8:00 p.m. they will be talking warriors playoff implications in the tightly contested western conference. until then, the news continues now on line, on twitter, facebook, and instagram. make it a great day, everybody.
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