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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 8, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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noises? >> more than i wanted to know. welcome to "world news tonight." a horrific attack. dozens killed in an alleged dozens killed in an alleged chemical strike. families among the dead. children seen being hosed off. as president trump delivers a forceful message, slamming syria and its, quote, "animal" president. and calling out russian president vladimir putin by name, warning there will be a skyscraper. what we're now learning about the victim, and the search for a cause. the wild weather tonight. a passenger plane skidding off the runway. dangerous travel as a snowstorm moves east. a freezing monday morning for millions. plus, the hockey team tragedy.
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an entire community stunned. 15 killed when a truck collided with a bus, many of them just teenagers. and now, what caused the fatal crash. and, tony robbins apologizing. the superstar life coach. what he said about the me too movement. the outrage that caused one fan to take him on in front of thousands. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the horrific attack overseas. and the forceful threat here at home. the pictures coming in. a warning, they are difficult to look at. children being hosed off, treated after an alleged chemical attack that reportedly killed at least 40. president trump vowing on twitter, a big price will be paid. slamming syrian president bashar al assad, and calling him an animal. and calling out vladimir putin by name. it was one year ago president trump launched tomahawk missiles
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into syria, but last week the president suggested the possibility of pulling troops out of that war-torn nation. we'll have more on the white house reaction in a moment. but we begin tonight with ian pannell in london. >> reporter: tonight, serious questions about whether these images prove the syrian regime just attacked its own people with chemical weapons again. a war crime. the strikes came after dusk saturday, following a months-long barrage of attacks in the district of douma, near the capital, damascus. what happened next is difficult to watch. patients pouring into makeshift clinics with burning eyes, struggling to breathe. at least 40 dead, choking on an unknown substance. once again, the regime of syrian president bashar al assad, backed by the russians, has denied using chemical weapons, claiming these videos are fabricated. they've said the same thing repeatedly in the past. it's been just over a year since a similar strike in
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khan shaykhoun. >> tonight, i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> reporter: there have been at least a half dozen suspected chemical attacks in syria since the president launched those air strikes, which were meant to deter. tonight, the russian foreign ministry warning against any new military intervention and claiming that the fighting in the area that has left men, women and children buried in their own collapsed homes has now stopped. it may be impossible to verify who carried out this latest attack or what it was. but the agony, suffering and death of syria's children is beyond doubt. the question tonight, what does america and the world do about it? >> those images so tough to see. and ian pannell joins us live. we've seen the horrific images before. you've covered this war in depth. what do you expect from the international community and the united states to stop these attacks?
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>> reporter: it's a really good question. the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting tomorrow. washington has made it clear, all options are on the table. unless there's immediate and concrete action, it's hard to see any of this bothering or stopping president assad and his allies. >> thank you. president trump was set to meet with his senior leadership on month. for more on the white house reaction, let's get to tara palm palmeri. >> reporter: tonight, president trump, faced with the graphic images of dead families and suffering children, didn't wait for verification before declaring syria's actions a chemical attack. "many dead, including women and children, in mindless chemical attack in syria. president putin, russia, and iran are responsible for backing animal assad. big price to pay." in addition to slamming syrian president assad, trump attacked russian president putin for the first time on twitter. the president's homeland security and counterterrorism adviser made it clear, military options are open. >> i wouldn't take anything off
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the table. these are horrible photos. we're looking into the attack at this point. >> reporter: it's a striking contrast to the president's recent words, that he would be willing to pull 2,000 u.s. troops out of syria. >> by the way, we're knocking the hell out of isis. we'll be coming out of syria, like very soon. let the other people take care of it now. >> reporter: but after today's events, that may no longer be an option. it was pictures of innocent children, victimized by a chemical attack last year, that provoked his first military strike against syria. >> i will tell you, that attack on children yesterday, had a big impact on me. big impact. >> reporter: tonight, republicans calling for the president to stick to his tough line. >> if he doesn't follow through and live up to that tweet, he's going to look weak in the eyes of russia and iran. so this is a defining moment. >> tara joins us live from the white house. tara, republican senator john mccain is being critical of president trump for those remarks where he said he would
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pull troops out of syria? >> reporter: that's right, he put out a scathing statement, saying assad was emboldened by american inaction when the president announced he'd be pulling troops out of syria. mccain questioned whether the president will follow through on his tweet and, quote, do anything about it. >> tara, thank you. >> now to new developments on the deadly fire in trump tower. a resident of the 50th floor did not survive the blaze. now, questions about whether a sprinkler system would have helped. fire investigators probe what caused the fatal fire. here's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: tonight, fire investigators looking for the cause of this deadly fire, 50 floors up. debris falling from the trump tower, home of the president's penthouse and the global headquarters of the trump organization. one resident warned to get out. >> michael cohen, trump's lawyer, texted me and said, are you in the building?
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i said, yes. he said, you had better get out, asap. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters rushing to the scene. six were injured. these photos, taken by a worker in a building next door, show what the firefighters in yellow jackets were up against. the heat and heavy smoke, too much for the resident of the apartment found engulfed. todd brassner was rushed to a local hospital and pronounced dead soon after. the 67-year-old resident was a prominent art dealer who was friends with andy warhol. his apartment, along with the others on the residential floors of the building, had no sprinklers. built in the early '80s before sprinkler systems were mandated, trump tower is a 58-story, all glass, luxury building with offices and residences. according to "the new york times," nearly two decades ago, president trump, then a real estate developer, fought against legislation requiring sprinklers. one complaint, cost.
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would sprinklers have made an impact on how firefighters would have got into this unit? >> it doesn't affect getting in. the intensity of the fire would be greatly reduced by sprinklers. >> reporter: the building was not evacuated and the fire was contained to one unit. the first family was in washington and according to the fire chief, the fire did not reach the first family's private residence. tom? >> thank you. next to the wild winter weather. now more than two weeks into spring. the high plains slammed by snow. a passenger plane from las vegas skidding off the runway after landing in sioux falls, south dakota. already this weekend, slick conditions on the roads in oklahoma blamed for spin-outs and crashes there. more on the freezing start to the week with sam champion in a moment. but first, kenneth moton on the scene of the massive landslide in east pittsburgh. >> reporter: winter not going away quietly, blasting millions tonight from coast to coast. it looks more like february in south dakota. 4 inches of snow in sioux falls,
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where wintry conditions caused this plane to slide off the runway. wind chills in the 20s this morning from oklahoma to north carolina. in oklahoma city, icy roads blamed for more than two dozen accidents this weekend. and in louisville, kentucky, they're just over it. down south, ten reported tornadoes, from texas to louisiana. a mangled mess of debris outside shreveport. new video of an ef-3 tornado in jacksonville, alabama, last month, showing just how fast these twisters move. april storms also slamming the west coast. in oregon, strong winds knocking a tree onto this portland house. up to six inches of rain in northern california flooding streets and swelling rivers. in western pennsylvania, landslide emergencies. >> you heard a loud crash. and i thought it was a car crash or something. >> reporter: route 30 near pittsburgh collapsed 40 feet. mud and debris slammed into an apartment complex below. no injuries, but 30 people evacuated. resident dan martin praying his
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home is safe. >> i'm concerned and hope i'm not going to be the next one sliding over the hill. >> reporter: tom, officials say they're dealing with 70 active landslides in the region. crews haven't been able to completely secure the area after hillsides like this one came down. >> 70 active landslides. kenneth, thank you. let's get right to sam champion. sam, there's still snow on the radar but also good news. >> the one little system that drops snow from the dakotas to illinois. 7.5 inches in aberdeen, clear lake 6.5 inches. as the system shifts east, there's less and less snow. chicago, a few flakes in the morning. look at l.a., vegas, phoenix. look at that beautiful orange color. watch it spread east as we get into wednesday because this is the warmth that will take over a good part of the country. wichita wednesday at 80. dallas, 81. new orleans 74. des moines, 68. they got some snow today.
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watch these numbers in new york, chicago, washington, louisville, all getting 70 degrees if not above 70 degrees. this is the first taste of spring-like weather for a good part of the country. >> sam, thank you. moving on to members of the national guard are now mobilizing. the white house defending the president's order after a spike in illegal crossings. here's marcus moore in texas. >> reporter: tonight, the trump order, in motion. up to 4,000 national guard troops heading to the u.s./mexico border. 250 here in texas, in what the department of homeland security is calling a growing migrant crisis. >> we've got a leaking boat on our border and we're all quibbling with how much water is in the boat, how fast we're bailing it out. >> reporter: dhs says attempted border crossings increasing 200% in march, compared to last year, when illegal border crossings were at historic lows. >> we don't know if they're murderers, if they're killers, if they're ms-13. we're throwing them out by the hundreds. >> reporter: the president, frustrated by a lack of progress
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in building his wall, now sending in the guard. but the newly arriving troops won't work as law enforcement, instead advising border patrol agents. >> this is where we welcome them. >> reporter: sister norma pimentel runs this catholic charities group that assists migrants. she is worried about the military presence. >> it's important to keep our country safe. i also think it's important never to overlook the human aspect of these families and their needs and why they're coming. >> reporter: dhs says thousands of people try crossing into the u.s. illegally every single month. tonight it's unclear how long those national guard troops will be along the border. >> marcus, thank you. next tonight, a community rocked, and a nation grieving, after a bus carrying a junior hockey team collided with a tractor trailer. ten players among the dead. 15 total. as questions swirl about what caused the deadly crash. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, investigators have the unimaginable task of determining the cause of this horrific
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crash. it killed 15 people, mostly teens. this happened when a tractor-trailer and a bus carrying the humboldt broncos, a canadian junior hockey league team, t-boned on a rural road. the heartbreak felt across canada and the hockey world. this moving photo of three of the surviving players holding hands from their hospital beds reaching around the world as millions of dollars have poured in to support the families. from everyday people to teams in the national hockey league. >> tonight is going to be hard for our community. it will be one more step in the process of healing. >> reporter: the team's head coach among the dead. >> he loved the boys he coached. >> reporter: the players, ranging in age from the teens to early 20s were on their way to a semifinals match. professional and youth teams paying respects. >> offer a moment of silence. >> reporter: the chicago blackhawks and the winnipeg jets
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wearing broncos jerseys in tribute. tom, canadian prime minister justin trudeau will be in attendance at a vigil tonight, ahead of the multiple funerals scheduled in the days to come. tom? >> adrienne, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. the demolition disaster. what caused this silo to collapse in the wrong direction? what it destroyed. plus, tony robbins apologizing. what happened in the middle of one of his seminars that involved the me too movement that outraged so many? police say a man brought an assault rifle onto a party bus killing three people. tonight the manhunt under way. >> this is abc world news tonight sponsored by allstate. stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself.
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including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell you doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. needles. fine for some things. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". back now with an apology from tony robbins. the outrage he caused in a middle of a seminar while discussing the me too movement. all of it caught on camera. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: he's the best-selling self-help guru known for rousing speeches,
5:47 pm
>> massive action, if that doesn't work, try something else. >> reporter: daring stunts, and celebrity followers like oprah. but tonight, tony robbins taking heat after these comments. >> i'm not knocking the me too movement. i'm knocking victimhood. >> reporter: fan nanine mccool standing in front of this packed san jose arena, pushing back. >> i hear you mischaracterizing the me too movement. >> reporter: then this exercise, now drawing anger. >> when you push someone else, it doesn't make it more safe. it just makes them angry. >> reporter: robbins saying some men in hollywood, now afraid to hire women. >> because i was just with somebody the other day, very famous man, very powerful man. and he was saying how stressed he is because he interviewed three people that day. one was a woman. two were men. the woman was better qualified but she was very attractive, and he knew, i can't have her around. it's too big of a risk. and he hired somebody else. >> reporter: the founder of the me too movement, calling the video "deplorable," taking robbins to task on twitter. "if you talk to more survivors
5:48 pm
and less sexist businessmen, maybe you'll understand what we want. we want to live a life free from shame." >> reporter: tonight, robbins with a mea culpa that read in part, "i apologize for suggesting anything other than my profound admiration for the #metoo movement," saying he too was a victim of abuse. something he spoke about with abc's robin roberts in 2016. >> i suffered so much, i hate suffering. i'll do anything to help somebody not suffer. and to live a life they deserve. >> reporter: robbins also saying sometimes the teacher has to become the student. he said he wants to become connected with the women of the me too movement. >> erielle, thank you. when we come back, the major recall involving 350,000 popular trucks and suvs. and the fiery wreck on the side of the road. the drivers who pulled over to help. what happened next, when we come back. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis
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time now for our "index." and the manhunt under way in northern illinois. police say one of the guests on this rented party bus pulled out
5:52 pm
an assault rifle and began shooting other passengers. three people killed. that driver keeping the bus going as he called police. officials tonight asking for the public's help in finding 22-year-old raheem king. they say the alleged shooter is still armed and still on the loose. and to the crash in riverside county, california. bystanders using sledgehammers and sticks to try to rescue the driver inside this flaming car wreck. police say in spite of heroic efforts, the teenage driver couldn't be saved. the cause of the crash is still not known. now to the major recall. ford recalling about 350,000 trucks and suvs in the u.s., canada, and mexico because they might be in a different gear than the one shown on the indicator, increasing the risk of rollaway accidents. potentially causing a crash. the recall covers certain 2018 f-150 pickups and expedition suvs. and to denmark and the images just coming in of a demolition gone wrong.
5:53 pm
the 173-foot concrete silo was supposed to come down in a controlled explosion, a plan reported to have taken six months to develop. instead of falling into an open area, that silo crashing into a nearby library building. no reports of injuries. an investigation under way. and, up next, the big medical breakthrough and one special little girl. why sadie says doctors put a sparkle in her heart. her incredible story, when we come back. afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to.
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introducing the suv equipped to make your first-ever happen. the first-ever ford ecosport is here. finally tonight, a medical miracle. parents with nowhere to turn, and a doctor with a bold plan. a little girl's life saved by love, technology, and a lot of hope. little sadie rutenberg is only 3 years old.
5:57 pm
and for her family, living proof medical miracles are real. >> there was so many days we just didn't know if she would make it through that day. i cried every day just hoping that something would happen. >> reporter: for the first year of her life, sadie lived hooked up to a machine that helped her breathe. sadie's tiny heart started failing her at just two months old. >> when you look at your child and they are crying or uncomfortable, and all you want to do is pick them up and put them on your chest and just pat their back and tell them it's going to be okay. it's tough. >> reporter: her problems, too complicated for minor surgery. her body, too weak for a heart transplant. and the pain, felt by everyone. >> you don't realize how great you have it when you have a healthy child. >> reporter: then a doctor at a seattle children's hospital wanted to try something different. a miniature mechanical heart valve, around the size of a
5:58 pm
dime, and at the time not yet fda approved. >> we didn't have another choice. it was this or start planning for her death. >> reporter: so the family went all-in. this is sadie getting wheeled into surgery at just eight months old. >> having this valve around is revolutionary in the sense that it opens up the opportunity for us to operate much sooner. >> there you are! >> reporter: the surgery, a success. two years later, the family can't say this enough. >> i love you. >> i love you. amazing work by dr. chen at seattle's children's hospital. >> we thank sadie and her family for sharing that story. we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir will be right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
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>> announcer: ton on abc 7 news at 6:00 an arrest made in a random stabbing of two bafrt riders. tonight a good samaritan steps. >> more rain to come for some in the bay area. though the forecast isn't all gray skies. and zuckerberg goes to washington. the head of facebook is about to go under oath to answer question base privacy and propaganda. >> abc 7 news at 6:00. starts now. >> announcer: live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. they tried to get away from him and to elude him as fast as they could. >> stalked and attacked. a woman in her 60s and her brother stabbed at an east bay b.a.r.t. station. >> tonight police have a suspect in custody. thank you for jing us. i'm eric thomas. >> and dion lim. bafrt police say the stabbing may have been worse if it wasn't for the good samaritan.
6:00 pm
>> katie utehs live with more on the dwefg story. >> reporter: the man being called a hero tonight by b.a.r.t.'s deputy police chief and that man did sustain a cut to his hand wrestling the knife away. but he is otherwise okay. the dispatch audio captured the terrifying moments following the attack. >> at 225, a knife and looks like a 4 to 5-inches male stabbing another male. >> a lot of blood. >> now a woman in her 50s in fair condition. they are siblings and did not know the attacker. b.a.r.t. police say the suspected stabber 32-year-old robert doll of bordered at civic center, seen acting erratically mumbling and making out bursts. >> aboardroom his behavior they exited at the station at 30urk


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