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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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lots of people like to say there's no place like home. when home for months has been a single room in the motel in which the bathtub now serves as a kitchen sinks, that stretches the concept. >> my grandmother said a place for everything and everything in its place. here there's no place for anything. >> reporter: he used to live in the mobile home park where the tubs fire killed two. burned 120 mobile hopes and left 44 still standing. they are condemned and expensive to move. for john and michelle who shared a unit with her mother. there's no going back. >> no matter and no electricity. and turned the suer off. >> the former owner has given the place up. a new developer has plans for the place. but will take time. michelle, her mother and john get by on donated money. after six months living like
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this takes a toll. >> it's not like i'm alive. it's like i exist. >> he has hope a friend may buy a mobile home for him. he should know in a couple weeks. >> i'm very thankful i'm not like the people in puerto rico. that are living in tents. >> john always has context. for noting he's almost 92 years old and a former mailman. he liked to plant roses outside his mobile home. he had done so for this well. they're beginning to bloom. but no one is there to appreciate them. >> it is so symbolic. thank you. today is the deadline for some property owners to clear debris from the north bay wild fire. it applies to fire victims who opted out of a government removal program. property owners may face penalties from the city and county. stay with us for continues
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coverage of the wild fires six months later. the north bay couple killed in the fire and still getting bills months later. we have complete coverage online. including resources for survivors. >> autopsy scheduled tomorrow when a body found saturday near the scene of a misfear crash that killed five members of the same family. the body was found floating in the pacific saturday. it appears to be african american female. trying to determine if it's one of the three missing children. the family suv went over a cliff and crashed nearly two weeks ago. the bodies of five family members were recovered. police believe it may have been intentional. >> last weeks rainstorm leftd a huge mess near a popular beach. >> the parking lot and picnic areas remain off limits. after a flash flood left a ton
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of mud and debris in the wake. there's no telling when it will be cleaned up. >> live with details. >> a million people visit this beach every year. for the time being, there is no parking for the beach goers and here is why. mud, rock and debris now fill this parking lot. 316 spaces to be exact. it looks like a river and could be days for all this water to subside. >> reporter: you have to see it to believe it. flooding left most of the beach parking lot damaged, destroyed and unrecognizable sfl it looks like the rushing river with the water running through the parking lot. >> it's a mess. >> reporter: a mess is right. there's mud and debris everywhere. compliments of last weeks atmospheric river which caused
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the creek to over flow and reroute through the picnic area. >> the amount of mud and rock. and material that has come out of the creek and into the parking lot is a rare event. >> reporter: check this out. the north end of the parking lot collapsed. dropping off six feet. taking picnic tables with it. a water fall has been created. water flowing out to the ocean. >> it's crazy. i have never seen it like this. i was just here in january. it's so weird. >> reporter: the baech is still open. but you have to cross the river to get there. here's what the flooding looked like saturday when the water started rushing in. today we found a bob cat starting the big job of clean up. it koent be easy. the lack of a beach parking lot has created a street parking nightmare. >> tough parking today. >> yeah we had to wait about five minutes for a guy to leave
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a spot. and there were people challenging us for >> there's no estimate on when the lot will be cleaned up and repaired. and reopened. complicated the lot is owned by a county. and the other is owned by the national park service. and damage estimates are still being made. a what a mess. >> more rain believe it or not is on the way this week. today it was gorgeous. >> a live look from the tower cam. a little bit of cloud cover there. besides that absolutely stunning. >> we wanted to hold class outside today. >> spencer standing by with the forecast. >> the teacher made us stay in the classroom. you know how teachers are. here's a look at live doppler. it has been a lovely day around
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the bay area. it remains that way. despite the few high clouds. current temperature readings are amazing for this hour. 74 degrees here in san francisco. 74 oakland. 79. 80 gilroy. and half-moon bay. the giants are taking on the diamond backs at 7:40. it will be partly cloudy. hazy sunshine. temperature about 65 degrees dropping into the 50s later in the game. the warm weather is just so awesome. hot down in southern california. this may not last very long. a storm approaching that will bring light rain beginning tomorrow. and then by wednesday we'll see temperatures drop sharply. it will get cooler and in addition to getting wetter. >> thanks. the new york home and offices of president trump personal attorney michael cohen were
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raided today by the fbi. major news. cohen is under scrutiny for his $130,000 payment to a adult film actress stormy daniels. after her alleged affair with trump in 2006. his attorney says the raid was taken after a referral by special counsel robert mueller. the president called it a witch hunt. >> it's a disgrace. attack on our country and attack on what we stand for. >> we confirmed the fbi raids but a source close to cohen says it was noft connected to muellers ongoing investigation of russian meddling. >> a bill raring patients to be notified when their doctors are placed on probation for sexual abuse by the medical board. he was joined by victims of former u.s. gymnastics doctor
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larry nassar. hill says he wants to avoid future cases of abuse at the hands of ifs physicians and surgeons. >> they have to notify the insurer. hospital or clinic about the probation status. the patients receive no notice. left in the dark and susceptible to future abuse. >> the state medical board tells us they'll take a position on the bill later this month. san francisco police broke up a burglary ring that appeared to be targeting the chinese community. this is surveillance video of a crime. in the left hand corner is a homeowner opening her garage. not knowing there were burglars inside her home. police say they identified 30 suspects accused of stealing close to $3 million in money, credit cards and jewelry. the burglaries started in november of 2017. served several search and arrest
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warrants over 90 days in several bay area cities and las vegas. these ten people have been arrested. they had give ups and multiple pieces of stolen property. when they picked them up. >> we have arrested ten. there are at least four more that are imminent for arrest. 16 we will continue to investigate. to what level they were involved. >> investigators think the chi nose community was targeted because it was the lunar new year and families keep cash, jewelry and valuables inside their homes. >> police say the man suspected of sexual assault may have committed other similar crimes. he was arrested yesterday. police say they found evidence connecting him to the armed sexual assault of a teenager on a trail near -- on march 28. he's also been lijed to a similar attack in oakland on march 4. anyone with information is asked
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to please call the police. investigators are blaming an online hoax for shutting down schools. and other cities around the bay area. the school district says it learned of a potential threat and passed it onto police. they shut down the elementary school and high school. which share the same campus. police believe the threat was part of dare that originated with an online gaming community over seas. the challenge was to see who can generate the most school evacuations in the u.s. schools in pittsburg, and south san francisco were also those among the ones affected. >> stay with us more fall out for facebook. founder mark zuckerberg is on capitol hill. before this weeks hearing on the privacy scandal. when he's planning to say and what it could mean for the social media giant. >> a stand against a new proposal to stem use of force.
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why the bill puts more lives at risk. plus. they understand that they're doing this for the country. and we'll make it up to them. >> president trump says farmers could take a big hit from the trade tensions with china. we'll explain. >> i want to take a live look outside. this is the camera look lg towards oakland. the mcarthur ma
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mark zuckerberg set to testify before congress tomorrow and wednesday. about scandals facing his
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company. he met privately with lawmakers today. the 33 year-old will appear before a joint house senate committee tomorrow. and he's going to testify about the companies ongoing data privacy scandal as well as russian interfeern in the 2016 presidential election. in a copy of the opening statement for his wednesday testimony. he is expected to say quote. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility. and that was a big mistake. it was my mistake and i'm sorry. i started facebook and i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here. certainly a expected on % wednesday on capitol hillment we want you to weigh in. should he resign from facebook? you can vote right now. there's no need to log in or sign up. click on vote. it's easy. we'd love to hear from you on the question. joining me now. tech crunch editor at large.
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who has covered facebook for years. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> we have seen some of the opening statements he is expected to make. how does that set him up for the testimony, what do you expect? >> he tried to build a fortress of facts to defend hims. he wants to make sure there's things he can point to to say facebook has been trying to fight election interference and fake news. since before 2016. he really just ran the same script. he said and over and over again apologizing. says facebook should take responsibility. and the senators will dig deeper into why facebook didn't act on this sooner. and if it ever tried to cover up what happened. >> loif your term. fortress of facts. that's what he's been trying to do. make it a defensible position. what do you think law marks expect to get from mark zuckerberg?
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you mention whether or not there is conspiracy. should have done more. what do you expect to get out of the testimony? other than the spectacle. >> they are trooing to get a sense of satisfaction. the left and right want somebody to blame for what happened with the election. the left wants a reason why president trump was elected. the right wants a reason that's outside of trumps own doing. for why he was elected and so people are looking for a reason they can pin this on mark zuckerberg. they'll find he will be very defensive and put up a strong front. saying we didn't as much as we could to get out through. but i really do expect them to try to figure out did facebook ever cover up what happened? did it know and keep this from the american public. and that could be a really damaging point if it can come out. >> that's really what they'll be digging into. >> they'll ask him over and over again not just about what he's planning to do going forward or why it didn't act sooner. or if it knew and didn't act.
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>> facebook is scheduled to begin notifying ewers today if the data has been swept up in the cambridge analytica scandal. will it help or hurt the perceived trustworthiness. >> i think the users could be shocked to learn their data might have been given to political actors that could have used it to influence campaigns around the world. meanwhile people who really do know what's been going on will feel facebook is being up front about what happened and stop finally trying to hide it. mark zuckerberg said it was crazy the fake news and actors influence the election. but he's really changed his tune. >> okay. will he resign. >> he's not going to resign. facebook users shouldn't want him to resign. because there's so much work that needs to be done right now. for facebook to prepare for the 2018 midterm election. that if he was replaced the chaos that would cause would set
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back facebook possibly years. >> to prevent anything like this from happening again, he should stay. >> at least for now. he does understand and needs to say and stay and get to work. no more apologies. get something done. >> all right. in the meantime. you can add apple cofounder to the list of people shutting down the facebook account over the scandal. facebook makes advertising money provided by users. the profits are all based on the user information but the users get none of the profit back. we spoke with him today. we'll get a listen from him coming up. let's get a check once again with our live poll. should mark zuckerberg resign from facebook? the results are on your screen. the response has been waivering back and forth. just about 70% of you say no.
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you do not think he should resign. we have the full prepared stamtd from mark zuckerberg on abc 7 the full statement. we'll stream his testimony live on our web site and our app tomorrow morning and wednesday. >> shifting gears behind me a cloudless schoolboy. over san francisco. spencer with a look at the weather. how long it will last. >> it will last into the evening hours at least. a few high thin clouds. skies are bright. it appears to be a sunny day. looking over san francisco 74 degrees here in the city. 70 across the bay in oakland. upper 70s to 80 for mountain view to san jose. and 61 half-moon bay. a beautiful shot there. 75 in santa rose. napa 74. fair field hasn't dropped off the match. over the temperature.
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here's the view from the east bay camera looking at some beautiful cloud formations there. high in the sky. it's still bright out there. forecast features showers and light rain will develop tomorrow. cooler wednesday and thursday. with occasional showers and light rain. it will be sunny and warmer towards the end of the week. right now temperature readings are mild to warm all across the state. 87 in los angeles right now. l.a. had a high of 94 earlier today. tieing its record high for the this date. it's 98 in palm springs. all over the state it's really warm. over night lows will be on the mild side. low temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. and here comes the storm impact scale. our storm coming in tomorrow that will continue to produce some rain. into thursday morning. ranks 1 a storm of light intensity. produce a tenth of an inch to a half inch. and it will be breezy wednesday
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night. forecast animation starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning. it doesn't appear this rain approaching us tomorrow will have an impact on the morning commute. the showers will swing through later in the day. it may impact the midday jog or run. or stroll. and the showers will swing through in the late afternoon hours. there could be wet spots for the evening commute. we don't expect widespread rain. highs will be in the midto upper 60s. low 60s on the coast. we skip ahead to wednesday evening. 7:00. when the next wave of substantial rainfall moves through. steadier and heavier. swing through during the over night hours and thursday morning. and wind down thursday. here's the 7-day forecast. for the next three days, we'll have fairly light storm activity. ranking only one on the storm impact scale. then we fwet sunnier and milder weather. friday and saturday. look for high temperatures saturday in the midto upper 70s.
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mid-60s on the coast. beach weather. cooling begins sunday. only a few degrees. and will be a cooler still next monday. we have three days of some intervals of showers and rain. >> lots of shorts out there. >> it was a day for that. >> star wars fans the newest trailer for solo a star wars story is here. >> plus what the bones are telling
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♪ getting in the groove. the 12 remaining american idol contestants hit the stage for special lek duties tonight. celebrity duets tonight. train is set to perform. and catch some of the top 24 finalists as well. all of the american idol excitement airs tonight at 8:00.
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right here. >> as if that's not enough excitement. a new trailer is offering fans a look at solo, a star wars >> young hans solo. woody harlson. and donald glover. the movie arrives this theaters may 25. it's getting close. it's second star wars film following the 2016 film rogue 1. solo is proused by lucas films. which owns abc 7. and you can see the entire trailer. >> a new movie a quiet place is
4:26 pm
making noise at the box office. and a stunning $50 million on its opening weekend. we have a look at the recent thriller movie come back. >> reporter: for a quiet place, silence was golden. with its $50 million opening weekend. the second biggest this year. the horror thriller. directed with a crystal clear family in peril concept. it got big ups on twitter from horror og steven king. whose it used that clown and that balloon to would you like us to stop now? king tweeted a quiet place is an extraordinary piece of work. terrific acting. but the main thing is the silence. and how it makes the camera eye open wide in a way few movies manage. 2017 saw horror films gross an estimated $1 billion.
4:27 pm
thanks to get out. best picture nominee. using horror elements to adren liz the piercing insight into race and class. proving horror is the movie genere. that always climbs out of the grid. >> much more still to come. the national guard is on its way. the troops on the way to the u.s. mexico border. >> and the woman baring it all. people are taking steps to fight type 2 diabetes... ...with fitness ...and farxiga, the pill that starts with "f". farxiga, along with diet and exercise, ...helps lower a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's one pill a day... ...and although it's not a weight-loss drug, it may help you lose weight. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction... such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing,... ...stop taking and seek medical help right away.
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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once again here are the stories making headlines this afternoon. damaged destroyed and practically unrecognizable. no telling when repairs will be made to the parking lot. dozens of parking spaces were washed out to sea while others are covered in rock and mud in the wake of friday's storm. the park service says they are assessing the damage to come up with a repair plan. we caught up with apple ceo and cofounder. who had choice words about why he quit facebook. he says the social media platform was a good idea but the management didn't do enough to
4:31 pm
protect privacy of the users. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is in washington dc ahead of the expected testimony on capitol hill starting tomorrow. world news tonight tweets about today's fbi raid. at the offices of president trumps personal lawyer michael cohen. the fbi acted on a referral from special counsel robert mueller. president trump has not ruled out military action against syria after a suspected chemical weapons attack that killed 40 people. including women and children. we have the story. >> reporter: president trump describes the attack in a rebel held area of syria as heinous and atrocious. and nor now regarding a u.s. response he says nothing is off the table. >> reporter: the monster responsible for attacks has no conscience. not even be shocked by pictures of dead children. >> ambassador nikki haley vowing the u.s. will respond after
4:32 pm
chilling images. in syria. at least 40 people killed in the rebel held district. near the syria capitol. less than a week before, trump said he to pull u.s. troops out of syria. this alleged attack possibly slowing that process down. >> do you want to syria? >> we'll make a decision. but we cannot allow atrocities like that. >> syria president denies using chemical weapons claiming the videos are fabricated. syria activists claim they took video of russian specialists visiting the site of the attack. there were no traces of chlorine or other chemical substance used against civilian. president trump publicly denounced russian president vladimir putin. blaming him for backing asad.
4:33 pm
>> over a year ago a suspected gas attack in syria prompted president trump to order military strikes on a syria airfield as a warning. experts say that response wasn't effective and the president says within the next 24 to 48 hours. how the administration plans to respond this time sfl nothing is off the table. >> the u.s. is asking for a an independent inquiry to chemical weapons attacks. >> big change at the border with mexico. today arizona governor announced the state will deploy 225 members of the guard. to support border security. we have the latest. >> reporter: 225 arizona national guards men heading to the mexico border to support president trumps fight against illegal immigration.
4:34 pm
>> this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. they will join hundreds of texas national guard troops who mobilized there this weekend. in total the federal government could deploy up to 4,000 guards men for the what the department of homeland security is calling a growing migrant crisis. >> we have a leaking boat on the border. and we'll quibbling with how much water in the boat and how fast woer bailing it out. >> saying the president is responding to attempted border crossing increasing 200% in march. this weekend in san diego, a horse trailer carrying at least 18 people over turned in what border patrol says was a human smuggling operation. in new mexico border wall skrux is expected to begin this month. since the president is frustrated by lack of progress in the wall. sending in troops maybe the only option. >> we have no idea who they are. what they do. where they came from. we have no idea what their records are. we don't know if they're murders
4:35 pm
or killers. >> the newly arriving troops will not work as law enforcement. but advise border patrol agents. >> the governors have not said if they will participate. and unclear how long the deployment could last. >> meantime president trump tried to ease the fear of american farmers worried about the becoming pawns in a trade war with china. >> they are great patriots. they understand that they're doing this for the country. and we'll make it up to them. and in the end they'll be much stronger. >> now mr. trump cautioned there will be quote a little work to be done. but didn't elaborate. last week china threatened to impose tariff on 128 u.s. products. in retaliation for tariffs the president announced on chinese alum numb and steel. they will hit farmers hard.
4:36 pm
the same voters who helped elect president trump. >> new york city fire marshalls are investigating the cause of the blaze and expect to have more answers tomorrow. however. investigators do believe the fire was an accident caused by some kind of electrical malfunction. we have learned the smoke alarm was not working when the fire broke out on the 50th floor. in an apartment. >> a spokesman for bill cosby is calling for increase security after a topless protestor came within feet of the 80 year-old comedian. she jumped a bare cad and rushed news cameras before turning to cosby. the woman is an actress who appeared on several episodes of the cosby show. she had the names of his accusers written on her body. it happened as he walked into a philadelphia courthouse for his sexual assault retrial. he's charged with drugging and molesting a woman in 2004.
4:37 pm
defense efforts to dismiss a juror delayed opening statements. >> a stand against a new use of force bill. why they say it would put them at risk. >> the caravan of immigrants president trump spoke about least week appears to have disappeared. but supporters of immigrants rights say they're still planning to help. >> there's rain on the way. how does that factor into the
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
new details on a proposed use of force bill. >> the bill would raise the standards for police officers to use deadly force. >> today law enforcement groups voiced their opposition to the bill. and we're live in fair field. why aumps officers say it's a bad idea. >> police chiefs from all over the bay area gathered here today to issue a joint statement. they say they are dumbfounded they were not inclouded in efforts with the proposed bill. we have not seen the exact language yet. a member from sacramento and another from san diego introduced this in response to the stephon clark shooting in sacramento. police shot and killed an unarmed man in his grandmother's backyard. the legislation would increase the legal standards of when officers can use deadly force.
4:41 pm
it would only allow officers to use it as a final option. when there's imminent threat of injury or death. authors say the goal is save lives, police say it will do the opposite. the california police chief association along with members of the california peace officers association met today saying this would put officers in their communities at risk. >> use of force situations are dynamic split second decisions. requiring officers to wait for back up and causing officers to second guess themselves in life and death decisions will lead to an increase in the number of severity of victims injured. >> police here show us use of force simulation exercises. to demonstrate how fast a dangerous situation can escalate. the authors and supporters of the legislation argue that current law protects police but not the public. it allows them to use lethal force during a reasonable
4:42 pm
threat. the bill wants that language changed to necessary threat. reporting live in fair here's a look at live doppler 7. bright skies and thin high clouds. the storm is on the way. it ranks one on the storm impact scale. rainfall totals range from a tenth of an inch to half inch in the wet locations. and breezy at times. tomorrow here's the day planner. partly to mostly cloudy. light showers around noon. and the afternoon just isolated drizzle and the sunsets tomorrow evening it will be dry with partly cloudy skies. rainfall totals for the 3 day event range from two tenths of an inch in the south bay. to a half inch arn the bay. and north bay perhaps half inch. that will be the wettest region.
4:43 pm
here's the 7-day forecast. again each of the rainy days tomorrow, wednesday and thursday will rank one on the storm impact scale. it will be wet over or damp over the three day period. and become sunny sp milder friday. much milder still saturday. highs get into the midto upper 70s. and gradual cooling into early next week. >> spring has sprung. >> it has indeed. >> taking to the streets of atlanta to honor the late reverend doctor martin lookouter king jr. and his civil rights legacy. >> i couldn't believe i had this another bill in my hands. >> months after a couple was killed in the wild fires. their family couldn't escape the bills that continued to come. my day starts well before i'm even in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer
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it's been sick months since wild fires swept across the north bay. killed 40 people including a world war ii veteran and his wife of 70 y y >> reporter: this couple met in first grade.
4:47 pm
they had been high school sweethearts and were together until the end. the fire wiped out everything from furniture to love letters. one thing did live on. the bills that kept coming long after they died. >> i got a phone call from my brother. >> reporter: she will never forget that night. >> he told me there was a big fire. and the parents house burned down and they died in the fire. >> reporter: her mom and dad. 98 and 100 years old. died together in the atlas peek fire. >> i was ontd phone and i couldn't believe my ears. i said chuck are you kidding me. >> reporter: they went to the burned out home in the neighborhood. >> it was just all gray ashes. it is hard. the way they went was very difficult. >> reporter: as they continue the grieve the loss of their parents the family was troubled by one nagging loose end. >> the crazy scenario with
4:48 pm
trying to close out an account. >> reporter: weeks after they died. her parents got a bill for interthet and tv. she told them her mom and dad died in the fire. >> i need the death certificate and appear in person at a store. with the bill. >> reporter: it took hours but a store clerk said the account kp and charges were cancelled. >> i believed her and the next month i got another bill. >> reporter: this time. they charged her parents for service in november. long after the couple died. and demanded the october payment. plus a late fee. she spent another two hours at the store. >> she said it's all closed out. no problem. then in december, we got another bill. >> reporter: again they cancelled the charges. when january came around. so did yet another bill. >> i really couldn't even think about it. i couldn't believe i had another
4:49 pm
bill in my hands. people told me this. you should call michael finny. >> reporter: we contacted >> 35 minutes later i got a call. >> reporter: they said unfortunately we made mistakes handling the account. we made the corrections some time ago and apologized to the family. we're working to make sure it doesn't happen again. now she hopes her parents can rest in peace. >> i hope they are enjoying even. i hope they're dancing. >> reporter: they would have celebrated 76 years of marriage on march 20. and their children say they would be happy to know someone took care of the last loose end. >> that at&t promises disaster victims shouldn't have this trouble ever again. >> now. stay with us for continuing
4:50 pm
coverage of the north bay wild fires. six months later. we'll have coverage all week long. a closer look at the recovery in napa county. >> hundreds marched through atlanta today to mark the 50th anniversary for the funeral of the reverend martin luther king jr. doctor kings children led the march for humanity. which followed the same path as the funeral procession. a service at the baptist church where his funeral was held. young told the crowd king continues to reign among us and calls on us to be the best we can be. dr. king was assassinated in mem tis 50 years ago last wednesday at age 39. >> university of california announced its new athletic director today. he comes to california after
4:51 pm
serving in the same position at the air farce academy. where he was the national athletic director of the year award. he boosted attendance and raised money for the athletic department. >> there's a great program here. i want to come in and be a servant leader to help us continue to grow. >> he replaces mike williams who is retiring in june. the bears won eight national team championships during his three years. >> new resident poet is not what you expect from a typical poet. here's a snippet of him as a poetry slam. >> he goes by the name of mighty
4:52 pm
mike mcgee. and didn't get a degree in poetry. he dropped out of community college. he began taking part in poetry slams in his early 20s and hasn't stopped. he's not politically correct and uses profanity. for 20 years he's been an advocate for spoken word poetry. >> people heckled me. they didn't agree with the things i was saying. there's the beauty of the spoken word. there's possibly for conflict and conversation. >> he hosts live lit ever thursday night. you can watch video of him performing on abc 7 >> an chen finger bone found in saudi arabia is providing a clue about when and how humans migrated out of africa. it shows hunter gatherers reached that area 88,000 years
4:53 pm
ago. archaeologists foupd found it in 2016. at an ancient lake side. in the heart of the peninsula. >> pilgrimage meant to gain it's not quite over. what supporters are vowing to do next. plus. >> we heard screams. this guy was stabbing people. >> new video of the arrest of a man accused of stabbing two people at bart. plus the man that stepped in. >> also ahead a unanimous ruling in san francisco. about gender and pay. >> the boys called them names but these girls now they didn't let that stop them on the ice. all that and more on the news at five.
4:54 pm
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followed by the crossing. and the news at 11. >> the caravan of immigrants from central america have dispated since reaching mexico city. >> there are those who vow to defy president trump. by crossing the border. >> reporter: the pilgrimage was meant to draw attention to the gang violence in places like el salvador and hon durs. forcing people to leave their country. >> this woman says they killed her sister. and her uncle. she was afraid she would be next. president trump antiimmigration tweets infuriated many. this one sent two days ago. >> this man seemed defiant saying if president trump wants
4:58 pm
to put troops on the border. let him do it. he vowed to attempt to cross over from mexico to the united states. so did this grandmother who told a reporter she was taking the children to be with their mother already living in san francisco. >> so they know they're going to meet their mother. in san francisco. >> reporter: the office of civic engagement says san francisco will not turn its back on them. >> that's really why we need to have compassion. and understanding. and whatever it takes for us to support people who are in need. is what the is it needs to do. >> that's not always the general consensus. >> there are millions of people in other parts of the world who are displaced and had war torn. at some point the united states can't take everyone in. >> most will ask for asylum in mexico. and they will either give up or make the long trek to the united states. in san francisco, lee ann
4:59 pm
news. >> thanks for joining us. >> the news at 5 starts now. mark zuckerberg is about to testify before congress. and the stakes could not be higher. will his apology be enough? >> new video of the double stabbing at a bart station. hear from the man who likely prevented it from being much worse. >> storm damage you might want to skip the car. the parking lot is closed. >> it's a mess. just ak sesccessing the beach i challenge. good evening. >> that breaking news is an online hoax involves threating of violence that targeted school districts. >> cancelled classes today authorities say it appears et threats are part of a dare within an over seas online gaming community to see who can
5:00 pm
generate the most school evacuations. extra officers were seen on campus. >> districts in several cities confirm to us that they also received threats. some districts in other parts of california said their e-mail originated in the ukraine. and others said switzerland. >> the fbi san francisco office says there's no known validity to the threats and working with local law enforcement. >> to the other top story tonight. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is 18 hours away from finding out if panel of u.s. senators will like what he has to say about the massive data breech. >> the 33 year-old billionaire founder is promising to protect privacy is more important than profit. some say he should resign over this. you can vote on that question. online. there's no need to log in or sign up. >> news reporter gives us a look at what's going on


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