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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 10, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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a park visitor has something in her happened. >> and this giraffe wants to get it. >> see this rookie mistake. it's a competition for the best in could be way more fun. he has five reasons to love teachers. >> number one -- >> how one man's tribute is striking a nerve. >> it blows my mind. >> we are breaking down the best
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on the web including new action from the new season of deadliest catch. >> some of the best television you can watch. >> now captains talk rivalries and reveal big secrets. >> when it gets crazy we do wear brown pants. there's an assumption when you go through one of the drive throw animal parks your car will give you protection. this is at the west mid-land safari park. this woman has food and this giraffe wants to get to it. >> somebody starts to roll up the window. >> dude. >> dude, you shouldn't have done it. >> of course. >> that was a stupid thing to
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do. >> that thing busted. >> are you all right? >> they were afraid that giraffe may have been hurt and the woman too. they started honking so the game keepers could come check the giraffe out. they say it was fine. >> some times you don't need humans to give animals a hard time. animals do that to each other. this was back in i want you to pay attention to penguins over here on this miniature iceberg. watch what happens. this is the drama. nope. not on my ice. nope. we don't want nope. >> i think you need somebody
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that is more ufc. >> a right hook. >> yes. he did. anybody thinking of taking up parachuting give me a couple of minutes. >> oh. >> that's fine. he's fine. >> don't get ahead of yourself. it's a four and a half minute video from the australian parachute federation. >> intentionally pushing the envelope, going for the extra shot of adrenaline. >> is there a crock in the water? >> no, but almost a crack in this guy's spine. >> oh. >> tumbling through the >> oh. >> they are like rag dolls. >> yes. >> they slammed so hard.
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>> it's the whole video. it's hard to watch ch it's not just about the fail, guys. i wouldn't do that to what he is actually going to do is find two people parachuting. thread the needle. boy did they thread it. >> they are too close. >> oh. >> yes. >> how close does he get? he looks like he goes under the canopy. watch. >> he does go under the canopy. >> he could have slapped his way on the way past. >> this time we have five reasons we should all love and appreciate teachers. >> number one y'all do what i do screaming early in the morning.
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i be ready to be the best dad i can be. >> he is into it. >> number two shout out to all of the teachers spending their own personal money. >> that blows my mind. it is ridiculous. >> if parents don't step in teachers do have to step up. this video he uses comedy to explain a serious situation. >> three, how you grade my child's exclusively and care about him individually. >> he said he doesn't really want to sign paperwork, let alone 20 papers.
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>> this little boy over here paying. this child probably got lice in the bed. >> they deal with so much. >> number five -- >> i think everyone should agree with on this one. >> it is probably the most underpaid position in the u.s. the judge and lawyers making all of those laws, they had a teacher. y'all are the real mvp. >> have you ever pretended to be asleep to avoid doing something? >> always. i'm pretty sure i'm asleep now. >> so is kingston. despite how hard katherine beker tried she cannot get this four-year-old bulldog to get his lazy butt off his couch. he is not her dog. she is helping a neighbor out. >> katherine finally gets sleepy dog up.
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>> here's food. food. yeah. >> this little cutie pie mowey was posted to our facebook page. he just discovered his tail. there i love it when dogs do this. i'm winning. i'm losing at the same time. >> apparently it's the fist time mowie discovered its tail. >> it will not be the last. >> tina piper posting to our facebook pagement she likes dog videos as mump ch as we do. >> get all of your dogs. >> oh. >> what is the puppy doing? >> this driver made a lot of bad decisions. >> the first bad decision was that this driver decided to dripg a drink and drive. >> find out what other bad cloiss were formulated. >> plus he bought himself a 3d
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trust icy hot when for powerful relief.down, >> closed captioning provided by: so you're back to full spe. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. the first bad decision is this driver decided to drink and drive. the driver is in the vehicle up ahead we are this particular drunk driver also has a traffic policewoman hanging out of the window. >> and they are flying down the highway. >> yeah.
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this all apparently happened after a traffic stop. ? officer was talking to them and half in the car when the driver started taking off down the road. >> you can't just let go. >> her strength ran out. officers went over to help get her over to the side. however if you go back to the same person that posted this first you can see this picture right here. the perpetrator has been fully identified. no information on whether they have been found or charged. let's head to ukraine. the people in this white lexus want to turn left. there is something and the police are there. they decided to negotiation with the police. kicked through the window.
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the officer open up the doors and are like time far chat. the drive ser like no. bye. he will be facing criminal charges. >> you'll never get away. >> right. thinking is so not thinking. >> couldn't have said it better myself. >> i see these things on like like 3d plirinter. apparently you 3d print a house. >> he discovered 3d printers. >> now he want to hich himself a house. >> he buys himself a 3d printer and starts putting it together. >> 3d house printing is being
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done in some parts of the world. >> he is not going have to have that. s he is going to stick to the more traditional. >> 3d printing. >> rookie status. >> so he thinks he will build a house out of those? >> this is rookie status. >> i have issues printing a piece of paper. >> expectations? >> day four. >> he has been working on this for days. >> have to give him credit. zb he has great lighting in there too. a plant right at his doorstep. yeah. it's priceless according to him. >> priceless or worthless? >> worthless. >> yeah.
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mr. beast has a plan. >> yes. >> next right this minute. and still to come, he reaches over to give the show's host a handshake. >> right behind him starts wobbling around. >> see what happens next. and deadliest catch is full of drama. >> now. >> not everyone makes it home. >> oh. >> hear from the cap paitains t risk it all. introducing elvive protein recharge leave-in conditioner. in just 1 use, elvive's breakthrough heat-protecting formula... ...leaves your hair with 97% less breakage... ...and 15 times stronger. ♪ elvive revives damaged hair. because you're worth it.
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brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. this is truly noteworthy. now you can try xyzal® free for 10 days. get your free sample at when you're performing in front of the thousands in a tv stud eye or out on a stage you have to be on your toes. he found this this this t interview ended. he reached over and the scene behind him starts wobbling around. when he goes back to sit down on
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it. >> oh. >> we are so happy this show isn't live. >> although it has happened. it's not live. >> we have that. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you okay? >> i caught myself. >> it moved. it was a slippery floor. it was a tall chair. >> this interview was live. as he is falling down what's catching a lot of attention is the fact that he screamed out a very vulgar word, probably the same as our word. [ bleep ]. >> i feel your pain, man. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my gosh. [ bleep ]. >> this is a concert. this guy is really into his
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song. >> >> that's right on the -- >> and this song sounds just as dangerous, just as thrilling deadlyist catch still bringing some of the best television you can watch. >> you have to man up. >> you have access to information. >> find your own [ bleep ] information. >> better drama than you find in a novela. >> i don't know about that. >> the bearing seas still kicking butt out there. so much so they with respeeren'
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they were going to bring everyone back. zb he spent 750 grand refurbishing his boat. he is already in the hole. >> i can do all of these studies. i can pull out all of the data. it means i don't make money along with the owners. >> $750,000. it better payoff. >> if you watch the show at all you know that name is very familiar. captain ja captain josh harris took yesterday off. >> no. that's where our sneak peek ends. we have jake anderson joining us right this minute. what's up, fellows? will you tell us what happened on this first part or will we have to wait? >> i'll tell you after this momentary identification. >> there's a certain rivally that goes on. at the same time you're all out
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there doing it together. >> it happens. we are all there to help each other. >> y'all have more drama going on than the housewives. >> ours was about two and a half million dollars in 11 days. when you're competing with each other you to look after each other and your business. >> what do you attribute the longevity of the show to? >> i think it's death. my father passed away and said it was most controlling tv he had ever seen in his life. >> if you're going to fight for your dreams you going to kick, scream, cry, do whatever you can do to get there. it's not fun when you have six guys lives and 60 foot seas and millions and millions of dollars of overhead. you don't have time to script that.
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>> when it does get crazy we do wear brown pants pants >> always a pleasure hanging out with you guys. 14th season of deadliest catch premiers today, april 10th, 9:00 p.m. on discovery and discovery go. >> time to find out the jigende of their baby. >> she accidently got the e-mail. >> that's
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right this or check it out on our mobile app. everybody gather up. we are about to find out the gender of rotheir baby in dalla, texas. they are now gathered in the parking lot around that truck. that is because they rigged it so that eventually it will poof out some powder in the corresponding color of the gender. this was supposed to be a surprise for both of them but she accidently got the e-mail. >> she was bummed out it wupt going to be a surprise. she wanted to make it a big deal for him. now to get that truck rolling and the gender of the baby is. >> oh. >> yeah. they will have a baby boy.
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you can see victor and roxanne are celebrating off to the side. it turns out that victor's dad is incarcerated. they asked him to be part of this celebration by writing a card for them and revealing within that card the gender of the baby. both plans kind of changed. this is where we find out victor is a stand up dude. he coordinated with dad to write a card but the message this time will be a little different. >> oh. >> so the card that his dad sent actually says mommy, will you share my last name? will you marry my daddy. now they are double celebrating. [ cheers and applause ] >> see you on the all new
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. does president trump have the power to fire robert mueller? what the white house said late today. the president now furious over the fbi raid targeting his personal lawyer. tonight, we have new reporting here, the moment fbi agents showed up at the door. facing the heat. the crush of cameras facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. his message tonight to millions of americans who are on facebook, and the griling today on capitol hill. you will hear what he was asked. will there be u.s. military action against syria, and when? what we've learned tonight, with a u.s. destroyer now in the eastern mediterranean, with missile strikes possible from submarines and b-2 bombers. martha raddatz standing by. >> the plane crash on a well-known golf course, just after takeoff, several dead. escaping the fl


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