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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 11, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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give you a closer view. you can see the moisture up near yukia and moving our direction. the wider view on the satellite radar composite image shows the cold front move to the northwestern coast of the state and moving down in our direction. so our approaching storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. and in just a few hours we will see rain drops falling the central bart of the bay area. light to moderate showers expected. most areas leaving less than a quarter inches of rain. winds will be gusty at times. 25 to 40 miles an hour. let's take to you into the evening with the temperatures and rain. bay about 5:00 p.m. we see rain beginning to cover much of the north bay. then by 6:00 still during the evening commute we'll see the rain becoming more widespread through san francisco onto the peninsula, to east bay. 7:00 looks like it's wet everywhere. but the system, the bulk of it moves out relatively quickly leaving behind some scattered showers and may linger into tomorrow. a closer look in a few minnesota
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larry and ama. >> see you then back to the facebook story and the testimony taking more than ten hours. testimony did not hurt the stock but it appears the social media website's credibility took a hit. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie has hiemts of zuckerberg apologizing for the massive data breech. >> memphis of the house were tougher than the senate claegs the day before. represent he was such as congresswoman of palo alto asked a laser sharp question bringing the privacy breech home. >> was your data included in the data sold to the malmalicious third parties your personal data. >> yes. >> it was. the facebook survived two days on the hot seat but the company may have seen its reputation suffer based on zuckerberg's performance. a survey by the san francisco technology public relations firm taken after the tuesday testimony indicated 66% of those questions like fv but 5 a% distrusts the social network.
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critics think the disclosure could have been handled better that. >> he could have been more forth come about that and explained how he felt a bit supposed because of this. i think that was that was lacking in hem is zuckerberg was asked of agency or new laws should be created to protect i've privacy. >> it's an idea that consideration. i'm not the type of person thinking there is to be no regulation because the internet is important in people's lives but the details rflt matter. >> but will zuckerberg take the sfwleed he created a platform seeking profit and he is making the profit. it's up to people in congress to determine whether or not that profit thomas o comes at the expense of public good including the function of the dpkz and if the answer is yes it does, it's up to congress to put in the proper regulations not zuckerberg. >> david louie, abc 7 news. and facebook today also withdrew the opposition to california's consumer privacy act. the measure would provide basic
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protections for personal information. facebook facebook had previously donated money to the campaign opposed to the bill. now to see if your information was part of the breech just go to we have a link taking to you the answer. the acting ceo of cambridge analytica is stepping down. alexander taylor took over after nicks was suspended last month following an undercover report showing him boasting about cuesing secretive campaign tactic to influence elections. taylor resume his position as chief data officers at the british fireman. governor brown will deploy california that national guard troops at president trump's request but will not be doing the job mr. president trump the administration brown wrote that he will accept federal funding to add 400 guard members to help existing operations targeting gangs human traffickers and drug smugglers. but the governor insisted they will not help with grlgs
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immigration enforcement writing this is not a mission to build a wall rounding up women or children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. lawyers from san francisco and santa clara counties appeared in federal court today to defend the sanctuary policies from attack by the trump administration. a three-judge panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals heard arguments in the administration effort to overturn an earlier ruling in favor of the sanctuary policies. in nova district court judge blocked executive order threatening to cut funding from jurisdictions limiting cooperation with immigration authorities. now to new details about a car crash last night in oakland. it happened at 35th and packeten avenue around 9:00. they say the car was speeding and crashed into another car with a woman and three children inside. in the last half hour a child died in the hospital. vic lee has the story. >> it was a horrific crime. the guy was doing 100 miles an
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hour down the street. >> he saw it all at 35th and packeten avenue last night at 9:00. a toyota corolla driven by a woman with three children in the car hit by an infinity suv. according to the plm investigation the corolla was near the intersection making a u-turn when the suv crashed into it. the driver of the toyota and the children were rushed to the hospital. the driver is in critical condition. a 9-year-old died today at the hospital. other two are stable. blackwell says three men in the suv ran off. he says the driver was unconscious, neighbors came to his aid. >> after they revived him and gave him mouth to mouth he ran across the street. >> the cars car evened into parked vehicles. the impact hurled this other car across the street. >> 30 pete. it was parked over there and end up over here. >> neighbors say speeding is epidemic here at 35th avenue, eep though flashing lights and
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this sign hang over a nearby school crossing. it's gotten so bad they've taken the law in their own hands by stapling this make shift crossing sign. >> people drive down like it's a freeway. i mean -- just like a month and a half ago there was a younger lady got hit outside too. >> this we can this is the second right in front of the story. >> one resident called in a neighborhood in crisis. vic lee, abc 7 news. the driver of the suv and the passengers of that car are still at large. there is a $15,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. authorities in san jose say a car theft suspect is dead after a crash overnight. investigators say the driver lost control of the stolen car as it crossed the guadalupe overpass hid in a embankment and burst into flames. the driver couldn't get out. passers buy helped two juveniles
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get out who suffered life threatening injuries. >> family and friends of a man killed by b.a.r.t. police met with the top prosecutor in alameda county for the third time today demanding answers pl. 28-year-old tindle died after being shot by joseph mat o on the january 3rd. he was continent are confronted across the industry. the family believes the officer should lose his jb and face criminal charges. the district attorney says the office's investigation continues. mayors from california's largest 11 cities were at the stale capital to plead for more money fied fighting momilessness. they lobbied for a bill to address the grows crisis. the bill authored by assemblyman phil t. ngp provide for navigation centers and more. it's scheduled for the first committee hearing later this month. a warning in amp for hundreds of thousands of seniors living in bay area. who may be the target of fraud.
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san francisco district attorney george gascon says scams involving new medicare cards o cards are being mailed to seepiers across the country. he says there have been reports of thieves calling seniors and trying to collect money for the new cards or potentially steal personal information. >> we want to make sure that people understand that this card is coming to you freep. there is no cost to you. number two, if you get a call from someone asking you for personal information and in order to give you the card make sure you hang up the phone or tell them to go away because medicare is not going to ask you for any personal information. they already have that. also, if anybody obviously tries to charge you for this it will be the same thing. you may contacted either by phone or by email or in person. any of those things would be a scam. >> now, instead of social security numbers the new cards have a wran domly selected number to identify each patient.
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a change is meant to ultimately increase security and try to cut down on identity theft. finding hope after the north bay wildfires. >> you can do whatever you want, really, as long as you have the heart and the passion to kind of follow through with it. >> after near total destruction in the fire, the couple now thriving. plus fallen down and broken head stones, the naval cemetery lost in the shuffle between owners and what's being done to try to pick up the pieces and maria kari's stunning revelation why she has been living in isolation. >> ac look added traffic approaching 4:10. this is the kaiway, see the camera bowsing around because it's windy outside. giants game going on this afternoon. a day game. and that accounts for part of the heavy traffic in both directions. back with
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yep, this is my third one today. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. only at jack in the box. six months after the fire storms rafd raf alanda the north bay. today we take to you a family farm directly in the parting of the nun's fire. >> joining us live from bee well warms lara. >> hi, dan, the area six months ago where i'm standing was a bustling small farm. now most of the physical structures are gone. but the couple that started it is vouing to carry on their dream. >> everything was on fire. >> it was surreal and frightening for melissa and austin layli. they awoke to see a fire storm
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braerg are bearing down on their farm. an infern of later dubbed the nuns fire. >> it was terrifying to see the flames coming towards us and being told to get out like fast. >> the whole ranch next to us was burning. winds were coming about 60 miles an hour in our face. grabbed the -- some business documents, laptop, the puppien a pretty much headed out. >> it looks like we need to plant a little more thyme. >> into neither majored in agricultural but they cultivated an idea, to create a small farm dedicated to producing healthy sustainable produce and eggs. they called it be well. >> after falling in love with food and health, this was the closest we could get to actually helping to try to make a difference. >> just insane, i used to be a million building now nothing but ash. >> the growing business was just beginning to thrive when the fire came roaring their way that
4:14 pm
october night. >> all the be well animals made it. >> but somehow despite the nearly total destruction they found when they returned the next day, all of the animal, goats, cows. >> hi, chickens, you are alive. >> even the chickens had all survived. >> everything can be replaced. everything can be remade and you can do whatever you want really as long as you have the heart and the passion to kind of follow through with it. >> and we're showing you the really only surviving structure, that's a greenhouse after this fire roared through here. the family is using insurance money, applying for grants to get back on their feet and reable the physical structures that were here six months ago. if you'd like to learn more about be well farms, or to offer assistance, you can fine more information on our website, abc 7
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live in glenn ellen, laura antinglyny. >> do stay with abc 7 news for kinning coverage of the north bay wiechlds six months later. we'll have coverage all week long. coming up at 5:00, the viral song. we will have more on that. all right now back to mark zuckerberg's second and final day of testimony on capitol hill. robert ever hart is an assistant professor at santa clara university business school and joining me now. if you have to give mr. zuckerberg a grade since you >> i'd give him a b minus. i think i did quite well. he stayed on message. he didn't argue with the congressman very much. and kept his cool. but i don't think he addressed the concerns people have about sending information to facebook, that being networked with all friends and sent back to them to give them a political message. i don't think he addressed the worries and concerns people have about it. >> if a b mine sus a good grade in your book i want to take your classes but it seemed a bit more
4:16 pm
contention issues than yesterday. some of that it political pos touring because it's televised but how much was because of frustration with the zuckerberg answers, in particular when he asked are you going to change the business model? what substantial changes are you willing to make that was kind of. >> i think that's -- you got really to the core of the issue. people expect mark dob a leader of an industry. he is a leader of a large almost month op liftic company with a lot of big affect what we do how we perceive the world. so people are asking him for answers, how are we solving and make that private? he is thinking of himself it appears as i'm a leader of an entrepreneurial company, defending it. its interests. so there is a disconnect between what he is trying to communicate and what people are trying to get out it's ening content issues. >> we started out in my garage we're not in the garage anymore. >> right. >> we have 2 billion users. along those lines zuckerberg admitted -- i was shocked by this- -- facebook collects data
4:17 pm
from people who haven't signed up for the network they call this for security purposes. does that mean they're basically watching everybody and how alarmed should we be about that if at all. >> it's something to be alarmed about. you know, what facebook has become a media like abc. and when they few abc data is collected the shows we wind chill. and modify other shows. when you have facebook taking preferences connecting it with other peoples sent out to governments even, so that my opinions get manipulated now i'm afraid of the company. and i want to know how this large company that i have almost no say over is going to treat me and my friends. >> going forward, i taut it was interesting. elon musk, the entrepreneur was among those saying, we need some regulation on social media. >> right. >> even zuckerberg said he is not totally opposed to regulation. is that destiny here in this
4:18 pm
case. >> i think it's inevitable. and the reason is that this is a large company. that -- and we are uncomfortable with a multibillion-dollar company that we have no say over how they act with our data. and the second thing is we're very, very uncomfortable with what they choose to do and how it sells on. what is going to happen inevitably is we have to treat these as public media that woe give them, say licenses to access the internet back bone. and enforce good behavior at the threat of taking the license away to use the internet. and. >> wow! >> i think that might be a way to look at it as you are now become a successful large thing, you have a social purpose now we need to enforce social action. >> like the f.c.c., you know, exactly on your channel. you are required to act socially and responsibly. i think we have to have something similar with facebook. >> professor thank you forio are
4:19 pm
time. >> my pleasure thank you. all right thank you, gentlemen. time to get a check on the weather and find out when rain returns. hours away for much of the bay area. a look at live live doppler 7 you can see the moisture up in yukia, mendocino county to the dloefr dale area moving to northern sonoma county hitting all of the bay area in the next few hours. this is the view of loud cloudy skies northward. temperature temperature at 58 in san francisco. 60 in oklahoma and np 57 in gilroy. 59 rather in gilroy. 57 at half moon bay. a look at some interesting cloud forms over the bay looking westward from emeryville. 5 a right now in santa rosa, napa 58. 59 in noft an. 59 at livermore. one more live have you looking over the bay from our south beach camera downtown frist. the forecast features, showers developing now with us tonight with gusty winds as well. we'll see spotty showers lingering tomorrow. and it will be warmer and drier
4:20 pm
friday and saturday. but another round of rain develops sunday and monday 22 up at yukia aband 18 to 22-mile-per-hour gust all apprehend. the proechlg impact storm ranks one. light to mature showers and maybe of an occasional bereave downpour. most areas receiving less than a quarter inches of rain. as i mentioned the wind is gusty, 20 to 45-mile-per-hour at times. the forecast animation starting at 5:00 this amp. notice by that time much of the north bay will be getting this wet worth. light to moderate rain. it sweeps southward about 7:00 or so seeing the rain covering the most of the bay area. the evening commute begins dry but turns wet before it's over. later tonight we see the storm breaking up into pockets of scattered showers. late into the early morning commute. overnight lows will be mostly in
4:21 pm
the mid-40s. we'll see upper 30s in some of the inland valley locations where it's a bit chillier. and then looking ahead to tomorrow highs range from breezy mid-50s at the coast to right around 60 near the bay and low 60s in the mildest inland locations. snow will fall in the sierra from this storm. going into the day tomorrow to midday tomorrow we see the snow accumulations ranging from maybe about six to 12 inches generally across the central sierra. back to the bay area the ac rgt seven-day forecast, so, again, tomorrow morning well see grnd the morning hours we may see spotty hours but don't expect widespread wet weather tomorrow. even get some partial clearing. friday and saturday, it turns mild. high temperatures by saturday will be in the upper 70s inland, low to mid-seventies around the bay. on monday -- sunday, rather, it cools down a bit. showers redevelop and continue into monday sort of wet and breezy on monday. and then tuesday and wednesday
4:22 pm
of next week we get drying out again. we keep getting the pattern of two days of rain. two days of sunny skies, two days of rain. it's okay. >> at least we goat the little break in between. >> it's nice yeah. >> thanks spencer. okay. a fan goes to the extremes to get trl swift's attention. why it didn't work the way he wanted. and a rookie for the lakers. this is unbelievable. proving age is just a number. his inspirationa (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening)
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(car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ mariah carey is no longer living in isolation after seeking treatment for bipolar disorder as the singer told people magazine she was diagnosed when she was hospitalized in 2001. but she didn't want to believe it. she admits to being in denial and feared someone would expose her. care o carey says she was so terrified she would lose everything she convinced the only way to do it to deal with it not deal with it tp taylor
4:25 pm
swift making headlines not something she did but one man allegedly did to try to win her over. the 26-year-old bruce rally accuse ds of robbing a bank in connecticut then driving to her rhode island mansion where he threw some of the cash over her fence. he told police he did it to impress the pop star. riley was swiftly booked. he is being held on $100,000 bond. >> well it worked. the man behind the new show on abc has so much confidence he is the star, executive producer and. >> you probably know him better as the guy you like liked on scrubs. you see his face you'll know. >> reggie aqui talked to him about his return to its. >> this remind me about real life sisters in the silicon valley in the baifr it's people leaving a comfortable job t something new. >> this guy work at npr are alex
4:26 pm
blumberg and said someone should create a podcast channel no one has monthized it he said maybe i should do it. he decided to do something mete. making a podcast about a guy starting business starting business. i heard it and that i thought it was incredible and a great premise for the family come it zbla if i had the internet when i had starting it would be a different story. >> that don't feel true, dad. >> no, it doesn't. >> you can catch alex, inc, tonight at 8:30 on abc 7. well still to come president trump promises military action in syria. plus. this year will be my last one as a member of the house. >> we'll tell you paul ryan is stepping down. and remember this video. why the security guard who dragged the passenger off
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>> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. facebook career mark zurg berg finished two days of testimony before congress. he was pressed by house members on whether and how fischer tracks users after they're off the platform. zuckerberg said the social
4:30 pm
network collects data from people who haven't signed up for facebook. for security purposes. governor jerry brown respond the to president trump's request to put national guard troops at the mexican border. he tweeted this letter saying 400 additional troops will deploy. but added they won't be used to enforce immigration. a mother who lost hers 16-year-old daugherty thanked president trump as he signed a measure to combat online sex trafficking. the law weaken willing illegal shield for online services that host abusive content. president trump promising action on tweeting there will be airstrikes in response to a chemical attack. abc news reporter in washington. with more. >> reporter: that's right larry. president trump signalled he is ready to strike on syria any day now. tweeting russia should get ready for a strike on the ally. president trump working with the national security team and european allies, planning military action in syria. even announced a missile strike
4:31 pm
on twitter. openly telegraphing the next move he mocked russia's threats to shoot down missiles fired at syria. tweeting russia views to shoot down any and all missiles get ready russia because they will be becoming nice new and smart. you shouldn't be partner was a gas killing animal who kills people and enjoys it. president trump has frequently criticized president obama for revealing his military strategy on syria and in 1350u tweeted we sh stay the hit out of syria. >> i'm not telling you anything about any response i do. i don't talk about military response zb. >> about a year ago president trum ordered a missile strike on the syrian airfield this three days after similar images of a chemical attack carried out by bashar al assad. >> we're still assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies were still working on in. >> defense secretary mattis headed to the white house to talk strategy after the president signalled he is ready to strike again. washington hawks worried that the president's threats are just
4:32 pm
bluster. >> we have to follow through on what we say or not say that we're going to do these things. >> russia vetoed a u.n. resolution to investigates the attack in syria. rich a after the u.s. vetoed a russia promote. >> russia choose protecting a monsters over the lives of the siever people. in a follow-up tweet president trump was softer on russia saying the replace has never been worse but that they should come together to stop the arms race. reporting from washington, terra, abc 7 news. thank you. president trump took to twitter again to vent over a special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. the president tweeted much of the bad blood with russia is caused by the fake and corrupt russia investigation. the president proclaimed enacts and more. mueller is a republican appointed by rod rosenstein, also a republican. meanwhile, a bipartisan group of raurmgs is taking steps to protect mueller if the
4:33 pm
president fires him without cause. the legislation would give any special counsel a ten-day window in which he or she could seek expedited judicial review of firing. scheduled to be taken up by the judiciary committeed to. the government of algeria declared three days of mourning after the horrific crash of a military transport plane. 257 people killed when the aircraft went down outside the capital of aljeers. most of the dead were army personnel and families. witnesses saw flames coming from the wing of the soviet-made plane before process went down. that plane was on its way to the moroccan board where there are hundreds of refugee camps. house speaker paul ryan is not seek seeking re-election and will retire when the term rmts retros. >> a blow to gop mefrms who saw the wisconsin republican as a stable and policy oriented leader. we have the bombshell announcement. >> reporter: this year will be my last one as a member of the
4:34 pm
house. >> >> reporter: the speaker of the house will step aside. >> you all know he did not seek this job. i took it reluctantantly but given it everything that i have. and i have no regrets what so far for having accepted this responsibility. >> reporter: ryan leaves washington have accomplished one of the primary goals passing sweeping tax reform. >> like a true leader paul he said is it up to the plate. he answered the colleague's call with the ernest self-less and focused approach that has defined his entire career. >> the speaker says he wants to spend more time with his family. >> what i realize is if i'm here for one more term my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend dad. i just can't let that happen. >> ryan will serve out his full term before retiring in january. >> he gave it his all. he did an effective job trying to lead the conference keeping it as as unified as he could. he certainly raised a lot of money. i think it took a toll on him.
4:35 pm
>> he faced an uphill battle to retain the majority in the house sources say he didn't want to leave the gop if it was the minority. party president trump weighed in on the decision tweeting speaker paul ryan is a truly good man and while he will not be seeking re-election he will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question. we are with you, paul. >> i am proud of what this congress achieved. i believe the future is bright. >> on capitol hill, karen kafa. in a statement house miernlt leader nancy pelosi said despite differences i commend his steadfast commitment to our country during his final months democrat are hopeful he joins us to work constructively to advance better futures for all americans. united airlines now facing a it new lawsuit over the infamous dragging of a passenger off a flight last year. this one from the security officer who did the dragging. james long was fired for forcibly removing dr. doud from the plane a year ago this month. he is suing the airline and the
4:36 pm
city of chicago claiming he wasn't properly trained to respond to the situation. no comment so far from united. the dr. settlewood the airline fo an undisclosed sum shortly after the incident. well former house speaker john boehner apparently changed his mind about cannabis. we'll explain. plus. >> they say i'm inspiring others but i received that inspiration to keep going. >> what a great story. the rookie making a big name for himself. i'm spencer christian looking at increasing clouds ahead of the next storm hours away. i'll have the accuweather forecast in a moment. and looking at the bay bridge toll plaza smooth sailing there. you can see the breeze though with the flags on the right. traffic good right now. stay with us. back after this. the savings are in full bloom at ross. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross.
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an inspiring story on the basketball court. a 32-year-old player who refused to quit the game he loved made his nba debut. >> we say 32 like it's ancient but it is for an professional athlete. he stole the show at the ingram center in louisiana. here is alex stone. >> welcome to the nba. >> >> reporter: 32-year-old around ingram making the nba debut. >> on his way again. >> for the past decade he has been on the lakers minor league team. he thought the season was coming to an end when i was given a surprise. >> we have to move the exit meeting up to today because of the l.a. lakers want to call you
4:40 pm
up. >> wow! >> congratulations, man. >> thank you. welcome to the league. >> i appreciate that. i appreciate that. thank you. >> the lakers coach praising ingram for his dedication. >> it speaks to his love for the game. i mean, you don't make a lot of money playing in the minor leagues. >> the oldest rookie in half a century. the part time math tutor had an amazing game sinking 4 out of 5 three-point shots scoring a total of 19 points. the crowd behind him the entire time. >> ingram, three. yes! >> also cheering him on his wife and two young daughters. >> i thought he was calling to tell me when he was coming home. but when he said he was being called up to the lakers, i literally lost it and started screaming. >> the coach delivering the game ball to him when it was all over. ingram stopped by espn and spoke about what kept him motivated all these years. >> i had a lot of support to do it it.
4:41 pm
i received inspiration from a lot of people. they say nirp others. but i received the inspiration. >> alex stone, abc news. incredible. >> it's so cool. i don't know with what's more remarkable, the fact that he is a great math tutor and does that the off season or shoots 48% from three and still not in the league. it's -- i mean, some nba team whether the lakers, warriors could use a guy. >> yes pick him up. >> 48% is outstanding let's hope he gets a job 9:45 nba next season. >> now the accuweather fork forecast with spencer christian. we will look at live doppler 7. cloudy sky for much of the bay area and rain dwefrlg in the north bay ransing quickly. seward and east ward. the ranking one on a impact scale. producing light to moderate showers. most areas receiving under a quarter inch of rainfall. and the wind gusty at times, 20 to 45-mile-per-hour during the evening. here we go taking you into the evening with temperatures and the advance of rainfall come
4:42 pm
down from the north, about 5:00 or so we'll see rain covering much of the north bay. but mainly light rain. temperatures generately in the mid-to upper 50s. bennie by 6:00 p.m. rain pushes down through san francisco to the peninsula, east bay. now the evening commute will be underway at that point. and won't be heavily impacted by the rain at this point. but 7:00 it's much wetter across the region. that will slow down the remaining portion of the evening commute. then getting into the late night hours we'll see the rain taper off to widely scattered showers. the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow morning we see a few lingering showers. but partial clearing will take place which by midday or so. friday and saturday look for sunny skies and warm. but then showers likely to develop again on sunday and continue into monday and finally clearing on tuesday and wednesday. a couple days of rain. couple days of sun that's the pattern. >> on the weather roller costar. >> we are indeed. >> thanks spencer. it's the budding business of
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are you planning your dream get away for the summer? of course you want everything to go perfectly including the flight. 7 on your side michael finney teamed one consumer reports to see which airlines did the best, and which ones fell short. >> reporter: we all have our pet peeves about flying. >> bad customer service is my pet feet peeve. >> the kmar is terrible. >> not enough overhead backage. >> consumer reports sfrared 5 a thousand members asking them to rate flight experiences. >> one of the things that stood out to me was just how satisfied people actually are with the service that they receive by the airlines. >> reporter: but there were notable exceptions. discount carrier spirit and frontier received low marks across the board including night flight status updates, wi-fi connective and food selection. rising to the top, southwest,
4:47 pm
alaska, jet blue, jirjen america and hawaiian led the the way with economy flights. >> southwest really stood out, especially for their price transparency. they were the only one that received such high marks in terms of just how well, they explain all of the fees that get added onto passenger's ticket when booking. >> all 11 airlines in the survey received low marks for seat comfort, leg room and food selection. for many fliers prior history and experience with an airline was not a major factor when picking the flight. so why do consumers choose one airline over another? >> choose it for the price. and choose it to make sure we don't have no stop overs. >> depending on rates and so forth is how i would determine what airline i would use. >> look for price, convenience, airline that's going where we want to go. >> i'm michael finney, 7 on your
4:48 pm
side. when looking for a flight consumer reports advises you pay close attention to the ancillary fees. don't just look at the base fares. >> good advice. form speaker john boehner is switching sides in the legal battle over cannabis. boehner announced he is joining the board of acreage holding a multistate cannabis business. he says his thinking on cannabis has evolved and he will work to get marijuana removed from the list of schedule 1 drugs. including heroin there. he says he was unaltably opposed to legal gas station? 2001. we are four months into legalized recreation alcannabis and there are numerous financial issues for dan bus dealers to deal with. joining me is sonia. . cannabis companies have really minimal access to aiken banking and financial services. what can can they do what's
4:49 pm
keeping them from banking. >> it's not that they don't want to bank. banks don't want to bank with enemy. a recent study done called the business of cannabis only 368 financial institutions were actually banking with cannabis. again it was aanonymous. there is 12,000 financial institutions and credit unions available in the united states. that's like less than 4%. so what's holding them back? the banks to the pot industry is they don't want the banking charter removed by the federal government. that's what's happening right now. the work around is a lot of money orders, some cash transactions, a lot of cash actions actually right now. >> what does that mean though for tax day which is right around the corner. >> right around the corner. a lot of clients have become creative. they are scheduling certain deposits with different taxing authorities. it's the irs included. they have certain places that you can do that. but it's tricky and take ticks a long process to make the cash deposits because they are large at times. >> okay. would cryptocurrency be an
4:50 pm
option? that's what hawaii is doing, right. >> i wish them the best of luck. but cryptocurrency there is a lot of technology and risks involved. the best strategy is what a lot of people are wishing in the industry is to declassify it from a schedule i drug to something equivalent to something like over-the-counter like the asprins. because there is no documented death right now for consumption of cannabis. so why it's on par with heroin and cocaine, a lot of people in the industry are frustrated about that. >> and several cities including san francisco have actually considered opening their own banks to help cannabis businesses. could that make a difference? >> it could in the short term. but the long play as a nation think about canada. >> right. >> we need to remove the -- the classification from a schedule i to something lower. but yes it could be a short term solution. but we want the interstate commerce if we want to be competitive internationally and domestically agency well. it could help but not a real long-term solution. >> do you think we are starting
4:51 pm
to head in the right direction in getting. >> i think both parties are starting to come together and realizing that there is no objective data to really keep it at a schedule i. and i think the banking industry knowing the growth patterns which i've seen several studies -- some say by 2025 it will be $24 billion. do you want just $22 billion in cash going around? it doesn't make sense. i think both parties realize they need to come together. let's stick with the facts and declassify it from schedule i to something more appropriate. >> thank you for the insight. >> thank you. thanks ama. it appears marvel studios ha a blockbuster on its hands. avengers infinity war is outpacing the advance sales of the last seven marvel movies combined including spider-man, homecoming and captain america civil where.
4:52 pm
also selling twice as many as "black panther" at the same poun. avengers infinity war debuts in two weeks. produced by marvel studios like abc 7 is owned by by by by by disney company. >> this house? florida sits three miles north of dinned world giving a view of the nightly fireworks show. 7 bedrooms, ama, 6 bathrooms. like front property. that is filled with disney memory bealia. different rooms dedicated to different characters. every kid's dream if you're into disney. on the market for $888,000 which is a lot. but by bay area standards. >> wait, what. >> that's a bargain. 7 bedrooms, six bath on the lake under a million dollars. here it's a $3 million property. >> and those firework shows are
4:53 pm
spectacular. >> we had to add the firework. a new effort to revive a piece of military history. the effort to restore the oldest military cemetery on the west coast and the people leading the charge. right now dan with what's ahead on new at five. the kinning 5:00. alden smith went with a brool level nearly four times the legal limit plus. this is the pin cal of college football. the 2009 college football championship comes to the south bay. it could be the biggest thing there in years. and two residents in appeara county thank the men who saved their lives. those stories and more when i see you for news at 5:00 with ama. >> announcer: we've stood with the north bay to fighting fires and finding shelter, burned homes to new builds, threw the heart ache of the movement, to hope for the future. abc 7 stays. oh the story through the progress and the problems. now, we look at what we have
4:54 pm
learned and ask what's next? in a week dedicated to the north bay fires, six months later. special cov (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening)
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(car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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tonight in primetime on abc 7, 8:00, the goldbergs followed by alex i think, american housewife at 10:00, designated survivor and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. the city of vallejo and concerned residents are pushing to get the federal government to
4:57 pm
help restore a neglected piece of military history. the mayor island naval cemetery, the oldest military stem tear on the west coast in dire need of improvement. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the story. >> it's 160 years this year. yeah it's old. >> reporter: when the mayor island naval cemetery came into being abe lincoln was four yearsa away from running for president and booker t. washington had just been born. fws a place where heroes are buried. >> they went wait, way above and beyond the call of duty. >> retired army colonel nester aliga is part of a group of volunteers working to save the cemetery in years of neglect. although remember they keep the grass cut and weeds down. the grave stones are crumbling, the drainage problem haves affected it. not what you'd expect for the medal of hrn recipients. >> this history compels you.
4:58 pm
>> mirena heads the non-profit historic trust. they need money. the property was deeded to the city of vallejo when the navy moved out in 1996. but the feds left no money to care for it why both the volunteers and the is it he want the navy or the department of veteran affairs to take over the property again. >> and if we don't move this forward, to me it's a slap in the face to not only veterans those that served, but the entire city of vallejo. >> the city draft add letter saying it will deed the property toe the feds while nester head as petition drive in favor of the project that gathered 51,000 signatures so far. the local congressional delegation is also pushing hard. in vallejo, eric thomas, abc 7 news. community activists believe it will take $15 million to restore the cemetery to the former status appear pay for future yup keep. they are exploring a public
4:59 pm
private partnership to pick up long-term costs. thing for joining four news at 4:00. larry beal. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. s was your data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties your personal data? >> yes. >> zuckerberg's revelation. plus the tougher tone on day 2 what the public really thinks about facebook. also ahead the governor agrees to president trump's national guard request. but there is a catch. >> the search intensifies for a missing family headed to the bay area as hopes of finding them sadly fade. the teachers movement goes virtual, california's landmark decision. and a different kind of sleep over. homeless families living at schools. >> announcer: life, where you live thb abc 7 news. >> we have a long list of apologies in 2003 it started. >> you promised action. we're at the point where the action will speak louder than the words. >> i don't think that's hard for you to say yes to, unless i'm
5:00 pm
missing something. facebook founder mark zuckerberg faces a tougher crowd in the second day of congressional testimony in washington. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz in for kristin sze the two days have taken aing to on the ceo. the credibility may be suffering according to a fray. >> david louie has highlights of zuckerberg once again apologizing for a maeft data breech. >> the questions were tougher than the day before as facebook ceo mark zuckerberg faced mechs of the house of representatives. congresswoman of palo alto whose district includes part of palo alto drilled zuckerberg about how far he went when he became west watt ware of the breech. >> in 2015 you learned about it. >> yes. >> and you spoke to the ceo immediately? >> we shut down the ach. >> did you speak to the their ceo immediately. >> we got in touch with them. >> all of this is leading to the possible creat


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