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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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studio in san francisco. >> dry roads in san jose for these drivers. but again, not for much longer. the rain is coming. >> weather anchor spencer christian is tracking the storm. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 and rain is covering virtually the entire north bay. pockets of downpours indicated by the yellow and orange there. just east of healdsburg. quite wet. up and down highway 29 and highway 12 in sonoma county. drenching in parts of the north bay right now. now the storm ranks one on the
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storm impact scale. light intensity. there are isolated yet brief downpours. most areas receive less than thn .30. where it is headed next in just a few minutes. >> thank you. you can track the rain where you live with the abc7 news app. two days of testifying before congress took its toll on facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. off interrupting him before he had a chance to complete his thoughts. david louie has highlights of zuckerberg apologizing for that massive data breached. >> reporter: representatives such as congresswoman of palo alto asked a laser sharp
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question that brought the breach home. >> was your data included?nclude >> yes. >> reporter: the company may have seen its reputation suffer based on zuckerberg's performance. a survey taken after tuesday's testimony indicated 66% of those questions like facebook but 55% distrust the social net work. critics think zuckerberg had handled it better if he had been a victim too. >> and explain how >> i think it is an idea that deserved a lot of consideration. i am not the type of person that thinks there should be no regulation. i think the details on this
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really matter. >> reporter: will zuckerberg take the lead? >> he is an individual creating a platform seeking seeking seeki if the answer is yes, it does come at the expense, it is up to congress to put in the proper regulations not zuckerberg. facebook stock continued to rise during zuckerberg's testimony. gaining almost a percentage point even though most of the market was down. yesterday facebook stock posted biggest gain in almost years. ceo of cambridge analytica stepping down. taylor will resume his former fr
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position. >> to get caught up on anything you may have missed and to learn how to find out if your personal data was taken to your facebook account, you can turn to our website governor brown agrees to deploy national guard troops at trump's request but not for immigration enforcement. in a letter to the administration, governor brown said he will -- human traffickers and drug smugglers. the governor insisted they won't help with immigration enforcement writing quote, this will not be a mission to build a new wall. it will not be a mission to roundup women or children or to detain people escaping. >> a mom, dad, and two young
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children on a road trip and never arrive to the bay area. the last person who may have seen the family's car. >> reporter: as the search expands, recalling the terrifying moments. >> i heard my wife say, oh, oh, and i looked up and at that time, the car had kept going straight and it was going off the pavement. >> reporter: saying he attempted to go down the embankment 15 to 20 feet. >> i am yelling anyone there. >> reporter: today a highway patrol helicopter joining the search. search and rescue teams are using son nar to search the water. they were on their way to san
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jose when they stopped communicating with the family. >> really feel sad for that family. poutside the family's valencia home. >> sweet people, very nice. >> reporter: a note of hope. your neighbors will continue to pray for you and your family. chp has said river conditions are improving but so many feel helpless. >> 100 different scenarios. >> reporter: especially berkowitz. >> running back to help, it is horrific. >> reporter: divers will de determine if there are bodies inside. a judge will decide later this month if florida taxpayers will keep paying to defend. >> his attorney claims cruz is
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indigent and can't pay millions of dollars for his defense. cruz's legal team says he will plead guilty if prosecutors drop the death penalty. a crash in oakland that left a 9-year-old girl dead. an accident at 35th and paxton avenue. the suv was speeding. and the driver of the vehicle ran away after being revived with cpr. >> reporter: the driver of the toyota and the children were rushed to the hospital. the driver is in critical condition. a 9-year-old girl died today at the hospital. the other two are stable. >> it was a horrific crime. and the guy was doing 100 miles per hour coming down the street. >> reporter: saw it all. a toyota corolla driven by ay ay
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woman with three children in the car. the toyota was near this intersection when the suv crashed into it. three men in the suv ran off. he says the driver was unconscious and neighbors came to his aid. >> after they revived him, give him mouth to mouth, he ran across the street. >> 30 feet, it was parked over there and they end up over here. >> reporter: neighbors say speeding is an epidemic here at 35th avenue. even though flashing lights and this sign hanging in a nearby crossing. >> people drive down from the freeway and just like a month and a half ago there was a younger lady that got hit.
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>> there was a second one, just one here in front of the store. >> reporter: one neighbor calling this a neighborhood in crisis. a move to protect children from predators in their schools is getting momentum. today it passed the senate education committee. supporters say school employees have been convicted of sex crimes are under the radar. >> it is called passing the trash. allowing teachers to quietly resign and move to other schools unbeknownsted to the new employers. >> applicants would be required to filing any passed claims. los angeles prosecutors are now reviewing a sexual assault
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case against actor kevin since then, more than one dozen other men have accused the two time oscar winner of sexual misconduct. more to come. six months ago, wildfires tore that you the north bay leveling homes and businesses. >> meet the cannabis farmers who persevered even after their crop went up in school. learn why one woman was dancing after president trump signed a bill into law. big event that wil
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all this week marking six months since the north bay wildfires which left 44 people dead. thousands of homes destroyed and countless lives disrupted. the devastation even affected some of the north bay cannabis growers. taking a closer look at one farm pushing forward to come back. >> this barn went twice as far. >> reporter: the nun's fire. >> i came down here and everything was on fire by that point. >> >> reporter: eric pearson woke up to a fire storm. >> the trailer was on fire. the entire neighborhood across the street had burned or was on fire. >> reporter: the fire also
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destroyed his cannabis farm. millions of dollars in premium weed went up in smoke. >> pretty much everything from this farm last year. nothing made it to the end consumer. >> reporter: pearson and his workers refused to evacuate. all the while trying to figure out how he was going to salvage what was left of his business. >> letting folks know that we were here. so we did a lot of work with cats and dogs and you know, checking on peoples' homes and stuff like that. we stayed quite busy for a week. didn't sleep very much. >> reporter: pearson is a founder of sparc. they operate four dispensaries in the bay area. patients depend on their high quality to reveal their pain. you can now see green where the
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earth was scorched black. pearson says he is working as quickly as possible it get back up and running. taking time for roots to set in. >> we are replanting everything we planted last year. in rebuild mode. >> reporter: laura anthony, news. coverage all week long on air and online. bill to allow students to use cannabis for medical reasons on school campus is advancing. he says students with special needs or severe disabilities have to go off campus to take their medicine typically in the form of capsules, oil or cream. the bill would allow a parent or guardian to give it to the
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students. alameda county is ready to sell its share to the complex to the city of oakland. since the city controls how the land is used it is best to sell its portion to t the south bay will play host to the college national championship. the locations of the fan activities may come as a surprise. abc7 news supporter chris nguyen. >> reporter: shiny plans were revealed today for a championship experience unlike any other. >> the destination part of it is here. this area has everything we need for our fans. >> reporter: preparations underway as the south bay gets ready to host the 2019 cfp
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championships in santa clara. the event is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors from the across the country. >> this event is as much of a bucket list event as anything else in life. the facets that will be available to the fan are amazing. >> reporter: san jose plaza decesar chavez will be where the action. as well as an sbraktive fan zone san jose convention center. >> the hub of a lot of things that are happening and exciting for us because we get to see a variety of different people come in here. >> reporter: and a component. the teacher today, who was awarded a $10,000 grant by the
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foundation. >> i am excited to share with our colleagues in our school. it is all of us being recognized. >> reporter: the championship will be televised. breaking news to tell you now out of san jose. sky seven is over a rescue off sierra road. >> first responders took one person out of a car and strapped them on a gurney. as you can see, it is a long way. we will bring you any updates as they come in. stay with us. i thought a saw a sprinkle or two back there a couple of minutes ago. >> it is coming. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> we have more than a sprinkle or two in some parts.
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i got a message from a facebook friend in the marina it is raining cats and dogs. here is a look at live doppler 7. in some cases we have locally heavy downpours and tree bending wind. that is what is happening in the bay area right now. it is moving towards the south and east at the moment. this is a view from the east bay hills camera. it is 57 degrees right now. 60 in mountain view and 61 in san jose and 55 in gilroy. this is the view at mt. tam which looks like what my friend described on the marina. 60 at concord and 56 at livermore. and the view from the rooftop camera. showing just a few rain drops. and this forecast.
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wet and gusty. few showers tomorrow. sunny and warmer friday and saturday. and rain returns sunday late into monday. wind gusts, that is when we said would happen with this storm which ranks one on the storm impact scale. we can expect light to moderate rainfall. most areas will receive total rainfall under .30 of an inch. forecast animation starting at 7:00. notice how wide spread the rain will be at that point. continues pointing southward and east ward. 9:30 we will see the storm breaking up. tomorrow, we will see breaks of sunshine but there could be some
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lingering scattered showers tomorrow. overnight lows mainly in the low to mid-30s. tomorrow's highs will be mid-50s at the coast and low 60s adjusted everywhere else. nine clock tomorrow morning we will be receiving four-8 inches of snow in the see. going to be a nice little serving of snowfall. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow. spotty showers and partial clearing as well. on saturday we will see high temperatures inland near 80 degrees. on sunday, little round of rainfall develops ranking one on the storm impact scale. sunny and dry on tuesday and
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more rain on wednesday. this is a good time to get it. >> finish strong thanks. drugs and food and a national debate. the would change the rules for recipients of food stamps. breaking news, a car crashed down an embankment. >> this is in the east san jose foot hills. we are getting more information as we speak. so we will have more sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin.
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today's market sell off began after president air strike on syria. the president is promising to take military action after the deadly chemical attack in syria this past weekend. president trump opening telegraphed his next move on twitter and mocked russia's threats to shoot down missiles. his early morning tweets reads, russia vow to shoot down any and all missiles. another tweet reading russia
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needs us to help with their economy. something that would be very easy to do and we need all nations to work together. mandatory drug testing for food stamps recipients. testing would own affect 5% of recipients. the drug testing topic has been brought up before. a lawsuit was thrown out arguing testing will be costly and cumbersome. next, a look at the local plan to help out homeless students and their families. >> this year will be my last year as member of the house. update on breaking news that we are tracking. a rescue underway right now
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and that breaking news is in east san jose where first responders rescued a person who went down an embankment. >> pulling the person from the car and put them on a gurney. there is no word on how the car ended up that embankment. a school in san francisco may open its doors as a homeless shelter for students and their families. >> those families will have cots, and security. >> what it would take to put it all together. >> reporter: for years, record numbers of evictions. >> or they are living in an sro and they are considered homeless by the federal government and by the city of san francisco because it is considered
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inadequate housing. >> we have a housing crisis in san francisco and the bay area and trickling into our schools. >> reporter: both the principal and vice principal came up with a plan to house some of their families at the school. >> they are not focused because they are stressed out where they are going to sleep that evening. they are tired. >> reporter: the san francisco unified school districts estimates more than 2,000 of their students considered homeless. they are often referred to as housing insecure students. meaning they don't have a safe and secure place to sleep at night. the idea is to house 20 families inside one of the gyms. >> they would be able to relax, not have to think about where they are going to spend the night. >> reporter: supervisor ronan is now spearheading the proposal. the money to fund the shelter
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would likely come from city hall and private donations, the cost would be between the mayor of th of th cities in california saying it is time to tackle tackle tacklee urging the legislature that would pass a bill that aside money in the budget. >> this is what separates our cities from becoming the next great american cities. >> as a born and raise san franciscan, it is something that has been plaguing our cities for decades. >> traditional funding sources
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and traditional implementation methods are not doing enough quickly enough. >> now is the time to set aside funds while the state enjoys a major surplus. >> lawyers in court today to defend their sanctuary city policies. hearing arguments in the administration's efforts to overturn a ruling in favor of sanctuary policies. however, almost a dozen california cities are taking action against the state sanctuary status and siding with the government. fountain valley, san juan
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capistrano and yoreba linda. house speaker paul ryan is not seeking re-election. his departure is a blow to members. house minority leader nancy pelosi says despite our differences, i commend his steadfast commitment to our country. during his final months, democrats are hopeful that he joins us to work constructively to advance. this year my last year as speaker of the house. you all know that i did not seek this job. i took it reluctantly, but given this job everything that i have. and i have no regrets whatsoever for having accepted this responsibility. >> reporter: ryan will leave
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washington passing one of his goals. >> ernest selfless and focused approach that has defined his entire career. >> reporter: the speaker says he wants to spend more time with his family. >> what i realize is if i am here for one more term, my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend dad. i just can't let that happen. >> reporter: ryan will serve out his full term before retiring in january. >> he gave it his job. he did an effective job and raised a lot of money. i think it took a toll on him. >> reporter: facing an up hill battle to retain the majority in the house. president trump weighed in on ryan's decision tweeting speaker paul ryan is truly a good man, and while he will not be seeking re-election, he will leave a
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legacy. >> i believe it's future is bright. today the president signed the bill that paves a way for victims -- look at what is happening behind him. see that woman dancing? her name has not been made public. but she has been identified as the first person pa page .com. fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet. they can contain more than vitamins. how about pesticides. >> where foods like
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beans found in brazil, ecuador and the ivory coast. nestle does plan to bring it to america but so far has not said when. the new list of the best and worst produce when it comes to pesticide residue. >> number one, avocados. >> sweet corn, pineapples cabbages -- >> all good stuff. compiled by environmental group. they analyzed tests done by the usda. scientists washed and peeled produce and still found pesticides on 70%.
6:41 pm
strawberries ranks the worst on the dirty dozens. one strawberry contained the residue of 22 pesticides. >> the list also includes spinach, nectarines, apples, cherries, pears. we posted the list on our website >> eat organic produce, and always washing your produce. next, another look another k and how much rain we will get. >> today's storm is level 1 on
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an effort is on by the vallejo neighbors and get g city together.
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>> eric thomas has the story. >> the oldest military cemetery on the west coast. >> reporter: took me on a tour today. a place of strong emotion that dates back before the civil war. >> it's the passion and the love. it is the magic of the place. >> reporter: from 1856 to the 1920s. enlisted members and families who died were buried here. a total of 900 graves. but when the navy closed the base in 1996 the city of vallejo it left more money for the cemetery. volunteers cut grass and keep the weeds down, but say they
6:46 pm
need federal help. getting the federal government to come on board. >> if we don't move this forward, to me it is a slap in the face to not only our veterans, those that have served and the entire city of vallejo. >> reporter: last night, the city council approved a letter. that may be the only way to raise the millions needed. retired colonel says the cemetery here should be up to the standards of military cemeteries. >> reporter: thom thomas.
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could have a significant impact. the study published compared state by state differences in life expectancy expectancy expey >> hawaii ranks first. people born tre expectancy of 8..3 years. coming second, california. people could live to crediting disneyland, yosemite and amazing cannabis. >> worst is mississippi life expectancy is 74 years. today is national pet day and thank you to abc7
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shared their pictures. >> bring the little animals, inside because the rain is coming. >> exercise a little puppy love. protect them from the rain. >> the rain is here now, but will probably be mostly out of here by the time the day begins tomorrow. the storm ranks one on the storm impact scale producing light to moderate rain right now. isolated downpours. winds gusting. 8:00 tonight as we start the forecast animation, still be fairly wide spread. notice between 8:30 and 10:00 p.m. breaks up. that will be the pattern overnight into tomorrow. for the most part, looking like it is going to be a dry day tomorrow although a cool one. warming on friday. near 80 degrees inland on
6:49 pm
saturday and on sunday, showers late going into monday morning. dry break on tuesday and more rain comes in on wednesday. we need it. especially here near the end of the rainy season. >> thank you. all things warriors in sports. >> larry beil is here. >> they might play minnesota or might not. a million possibilities. attempting to sort out the warriors and their many possible
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good evening. giants had a couple of walk off wins on their first home. ending with a thud and losing record against the pretzel is bigger than he is. this pitching stuff is easy right? in the fourth gold member does what he always does. giant crushed 2-1. bottom five, posy two run cloud of his own much we are tied 3. why ever throw him a strike? d backs go on to win
6:53 pm
margot of pad dres. it is on, the gloves go flying g and wow. that is actually not a nice move to avoid what would have been a strike. and big hay maker miss. fines and suspensions will be forth coming. warriors cap a long, strange injury filled season. at times appears even coach steve kerr has no idea what he is going to get from the squad. tonight's games are all complete. dubs know they will host a game one at oracle. whether or not the warriors can flip that post season switch without steph after losing seven of their last 12. >> i think there should always be a question in your mind if that switch is unflipped.
6:54 pm
you know, as a basketball player, you know it don't work like that. i think anybody capable of it, we are. so, i don't know try to view it at flipping a switch. i just don't think we played well. >> four games tonight. on this, the final nights of the regular season. it is like a gigantic cube. with authority. and minnesota up five. moments later, rose with a bomb to crawford to butler in the back. leading 86-83. the spurs visiting the pelicans. anthonyown the lane, look out. if the pelicans beat the spurs
6:55 pm
which will probably happen, warriors could face the spurs. grizzlies at thunder. needing 16 rebounds that is a lot to average a triple-double. get out of my way. 16 by the third quarter and here is steven adams, the big kiwi with reverse. 114-99 okc in the fourth. finally got called up to the lakers last night. ingram is a 32-year-old part-time math tutor who happens lit it up.emendous shooter. finished with 19 points against the rockets. becoming an instant fan favorite. >> dream come true. it is cliche. it is real. it is. this is what you have wanted. it is what you have played in
6:56 pm
this league for. it is everything you wanted. it speaks to his love for the game. i mean you don't make a lot of money when you play in the minor leagues. >> that is an under statement. 20 grand a year for the past ten years. that is why he is doing the tutors. he has a shot, hopefully he gets a shot next season. >> join us tonight tv 20. bison araving. the message he has for california voters. line up
6:57 pm
goldbergs. we have to work. so we can't watch it. that is this edition of abc7nys. we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> and i am ama daetz for all of us here, thanks for joining us tonight.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship! here are today's contestants -- a junior at furman university, from baton rouge, louisiana... a freshman at tufts university, from los altos, california... and a freshman at georgia tech, from memphis, tennessee... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome again to our program. 15 players have qualified for the college championship this year. by the time we get down to our 2-day final match at the end of next week, we'll be down to three players. what's going to happen today?
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