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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 13, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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controlled av controlled avalanche. >> get the moisture out. >> you can hear it and see the snow coming. >> these guys are enjoying this really cool sight as they see the snow rushing down the mountain. >> towards them. >> wait guys, run, run. snow is crashing right in front of the entrance of that tunnel. the crew are running away. >> i think the equipment is about to get snowed in too. >> we also have video from the other side. it looks like a flood. >> essentially i would be like go hide in the tunnel. >> takes over the entire road, covers that tunnel. >> there's the guys on the left. >> i guess they won't take that
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tunnel today. >> it does look like almost white water crashing up and over that. >> the person recording gets clo closer and you can see the snow going down the side of that mountain. >> suddenly it is -- >> hey, no injuries were reported. i'm going to go with it includes animals too, okay? eventually the snow appears to stop. they did have to shut the road down while crews spent hours careeni cleaning all of of it up. >> this is june. she is just getting home. she has only been in this house a month. she turned the keys over to the folks. when she got back home it wasn't so humble. it was wonderful. it took her breath away. it furnishes homes.
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she had been living in the house for a month. she said they had sheets in the wi window. so to her seeing a curtain is a big deal. after she looks at the family room and living room she go sboos the kitchen they have place settings and a crock pot and pots and pans. she said do you want to see your room? she said no. i want to see the kids rooms first. i love that they tailor every room to each child. >> yes. they don't just fill it with stuff. they really try to find a flavor for the family. zb look at mom's room. it looks like something out of the a nice little bed and breakfast. when she opens the door -- >> oh, my goodness. >> please tell me there's one of
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those foot massagers. she probably needs it at the end of every day. >> this is probably not what she expected. >> you heard her say any little bit would have helped. >> go to the web site, a couple of guys were out. that guy there with that red hat on, he is a nature photographer. he seems to be very interested in snow right in front of him. dropped his phone. what's going on? >> what? no. >> like i said wildlife photographer, he understands the area where he lives.
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essentially they kind of borrow into the snow. he is sort of a sign that was there. he got his buddy to set up the camera. he kind of goes in. >> yes. >> and there are some people kind of raising your point as well. >> why can want they let the thing sleep? >> it's not harmful. at the most will have to find a place to borrow down into. >> the bird has homies. believe that. >> you have this beautiful ocean. you're a kangaroo hopping it out. kangaroos plays down by the ocean. >> i have never seen a kangaroo
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on a beach. >> you ever feel like it was being shot by the australian tourism board? >> yeah. >> that's it. >> katie fordporter is a shoe collector. >> it is about 400 pairs of shoes. >> just a woman. >> the most i ever had i think 150. >> 150 pairs? uh-huh. ? of shoes. >> i wish i had all of that money back. >> that's why i don't could wnt mine. >> how many feet does she have? >> just two. you can't wear all of those shoes. >> yes. you can. and she does. >> it changes them every 20 minutes. >> perhaps she has high heels
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and boots in various colors. some are off brand and most of all they are just pretty. >> based on what her collection is i feel like she is a very artistic create ifr mind. >> i like the color. i find it an artistic object to own and wear about. >> i think the shoes just call to her. >> it's a soul connection. >> like what does she do if she wants to go for a run or comfortable? >> i can still sit down and put my shoes on and have a look at my feet. >> she remembers the very first pair of shoes she bought at age 12. at age 19 she was a pro. he has a great plan with it. >> find out what they are up to. >> he has got to kids to block the road. >> yeah.
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closed captioning provided by: gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. he was jumping. the police shoed up and took pictures. he got himself a new toy. >> no one else has ever done it. >> they have custom built a bmx run. he has a great plan with it. he is gone with it.
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he starts blocking off the road in the middle of london. he is essentially y you imagine there was that many people. en inevitably it turns out ryan is a bit of a silver tongued devil. >> he was talking about the production company. it's fine. it's >> nevertheless the party can continue. back flips. people having a great time.
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cops are back. >> he is talking to the police. we cleared this with westminster. he's cool. >> officer, can you tell the people you are stopping the movement? >> stopping the movement through escalation. >> instead of getting the situation out of hand having hundreds of really crazed fans start tearing up the place against no worries. everybody is being respectful. it's so cool.
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y'all can't have nothing to yourselves. >> is ththis is true, particula just going to the bathroom. >> we are in full tantrum mode. that is two-year-old isabella. her dad and mom are trying to control is situation. >> you want to drink what? >> i want to drink wine. >> it's that kind of whining that drives us to do it. >> are you 21? does mommy drink a lot of wine? >> thanks, dad. that's why she drinks. this next mom submitted this
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little display to our web site. she titled it what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine. >> these kids are in a trance. they are following the lollipop. >> i like how he is like no, no, no, no, no. this is mine. >> the little bro got it? >> can i have one? can i have one? >> yes. yes. >> okay. >> i'm glad my children have grown up. >> i want to drink wine. >> you want to drink wine? a special request from fans. wait until you see their amazing photo shoot. >> and this pilot is about to
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get your free sample at quite the internet sensation. >> a lot of you asking me to photograph these twins. >> these girls are acrobats. they are australia's got talent finalists. >> if i have to go i'm going no style. >> that's a great destination. he slides in high level comfort. he gets to australia and gets the treatment of a king. >> we are in australia. i'm so excited to be here. >> it takes him to his next destination. it is a girls school in australia. one of those students is a huge fan and he is going to bring her up on stage because he wants her
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to partake in this chal lepg. >> i would like to bring up to the stage sofie kennedy. >> it looks like she might be a ballet student. [ cheers and applause ] . >> all three of them will be part of some of the photos. >> go. >> but the challenge did you want start until about here. >> go. >> they start in that area they first met at. there let's go to the library. >> the librarian loved that. >> nobody was setting that. >> yes. just like that. got it. let's move on. >> they eventually move out to this front lawn. then they get to the gymnastics gym. for their final shot they have
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seconds left and only one opportunity to get it right. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think it's awesome he has achieved rock star status amongst schoolgirls as a photographer. that's pretty cool. [ cheers and applause ] >> check out this pilot land a crop dusting airplane on a very unusual runway. >> what? >> roll right up, whip the plane around and wait for a moment while the hatch hops open behind him. it rolls up with a fresh popper. >> this is an interesting concept. >> time is money and the money time you spend on the ground the
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more money you waste so it is full and back into the air he goes. >> that was crazy. >> yeah. >> that was so efficient. >> yes. >> military precision right there. >> and dusting crops not the only thing crop dusters are good for. from the cheers. >> that's not fertilizer. >> a gender reveal? >> yes. >> and you're having a boy as the plane cruises on by. congratulations going out to them. >> little man has mad game. >> he has got himself a lady. >> why
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whatever it is you want to do.
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boy is this little boy been struck. the four-year-old casa hips himself a lady. >> the little boy is like now or never. >> the security guard is his dad. >> dad's way of getting in with that lovely lady that he sees every day on campus. hey, junior, go on over there and help dad out. >> junior just swooped in. >> you can see the defeat in his face as he opens his little hands. she starts walking to the elevator.
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please don't leave me. i love you. when it looks like all has failed and dad starts pulling him back and it seems like she is about to go away. >> persistence pays off. >> trying to get this woman's attention far semester. >> it's enough, right? okay. have a good day. nope. he is like hey, what about this cheek? >> have to even it out. >> oh. >> and if you were wondering if they reunited again. there is this video she appears to capture herself. >> this kid has more game at 4 than i had at 24. >> at 44. >> that's a look at some of the
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best videos on the internet today. check out we'll see you next time on an all new rtm. tomorrow the heavy snow moves into the upper midwest. up to a foot of snow possible in some spots. and the south will feel the effects of severe weather. >> when will it end? if you think we're sick of it, you've got nothing on a little guy in buffalo. >> this toddler has about had it with winter snow. he is putting the blame on the people responsible, of course, his meteorologist. >> tell me why you're crying. >> because it's snow. the weather forecast. because it's snowy.
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cloudy, and cold. >> and what should it be? >> warm outside. >> check it out. meteorologist patrick hammer did not seem very sympathetic there to the little guy. he was laughing so hard he also had tears in his eyes, both he and the kid were crying, and he said he could totally relate, kid. they're both feeling the pain, but i think their tears were coming from totally different places. >> we're there with you. it's cold. and you said it would be warm tomorrow. >> coming up, a star-studded preview in "the skinny." >> as the new cast of "dancing with the stars" is set to be revealed. we have our own competition, thankfully without the judges. also in "the skinny," the '80s plastic celebrating a milestone this weekend. you're watching "world news now." milestone this weekend. you're watching "world news now." ♪ pictures come alive
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