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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. it is friday, april 13. >> natasha and mike have the day off. lisa is stepping in for mike. she has a good looking forecast for the next couple days. >> it was cold and breezy. today changes more in line with what you would like for the weekend. live doppler 7 shows basically clear conditions. as we look outside, you'll see the sun beginning to come up. it's going to be a clear start with upper 30s, livermore and santa rosa. 45 around the bay, and the coast is cool, in the low 40s. low 60s by noontime. warmer today, near 70 at the north and sound end of the bay. >> live to sky 7 where we have a
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pedestrian hit-and-run situation in millbrae. we reportedly have san mateo county sheriff on the scene doing this investigation. that pedestrian was hit just before 5:00 this morning reportedly be a taxi. the driver of that taxi left the scene. they are conducting this investigation. two of the three lanes are blocked on the southbound side at silva avenue just south sfo airport. looks like one northbound lane closed as well. we will continue covering this. we have a handful of crashes to get to. surf is up in santa cruz. huge waves expected today, prompting a warning if you go to the beach. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is there. the surfers have to be excited. how big are the waves going to get? >> good morning, jessica and reggie. those waves will be big, could
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reach 10 to 12 feet high. the morning glow in santa cruz, beautiful morning. we have clear skies. check this out. a sliver of the moon here overlooking the water. surfers know what they're doing. if you're just going for a walk on the beach. you want to be extra careful. the beach hazard statement is in effect until 7:00 tonight. it's going to impact the west and northwest facing beaches. be aware there could be rip currents and large shore breaks. people are advised to not turn your back to the ocean. why would you want to? a great day in santa cruz, big waves, beautiful weather, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. you want to be looking at the water today. live in santa cruz, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> the u.n. security council will meet today at russia's request. >> the topic of discussion will be the threat to international peace from possible air strikes by the u.s. sabd its allies.
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shortly after president trump met with his national security people yesterday, the white house said there has been no decision yet on military action in syria. his team will continue to consult with our allies about a final decision. meanwhile earlier this week the president did suggest a strike could be imminent in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack by the assad regime in syria. >> special koun set robert mueller has strong support to expand his investigation. that's according to a poll by abc news and "the washington post." he's gone beyond the issue of possible collusion with russia. the investigation has shifted to alleged hush money paid by president trump's long-time attorney michael cohen to porn star stormy daniels. 58% of those polled support the investigation, 35% oppose it. the margin is even wider where people are asked about mueller investigating president trump's business activities. in san francisco today
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former 49er and raider aldon smith will be back in court. he was taken into custody a week ago. authorities say his blood alcohol level was .4. that's five times the legal limit to drive. smith is expected in court at 9:00 this morning. a judge could order him into a substance abuse facility. at noon today, the highway patrol and mendocino sheriff's office will hold a news conference to release new information about the southern california family that plunged into a river last week. the family from southern california vanished while driving from portland, oregon, to san jose. searchers found items alongside the river in mendocino county. relatives confirmed those items belong to the family. the eel river is running very fast right now. divers plan to look for bodies once the water is calmer. san francisco launching a new program to cut down on car burglaries. it's been a real problem. it's almost impossible not to find shattered glass on a city
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street. in fact, police logged an average of 82 break-ins a day last year. those are just the ones reported. prime spots include fisherman's wharf, lombard street. the city is putting up signs and leaving leaflets on rental cars that says park smart, encouraging people not to leave anything of value in their cars. a plan to pay workers a minimum wage of $17 an hour is on hold. the board of supervisors budget and finance committee postponed a vote last night because of cost concerns. the committee agreed to work out a come moyes in two weeks that would benefit airport employees, non-profit employees and home care employees. if approved, it will go up to $16.86 on july 1st. it looks like voters could get a chance to decide whether california should be split into
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three different states. you don't have to wait until november to voice your opinion. >> we want to know right now. so go to and you can watch it update in realtime right at the bottom of your screen. we'll update the results after the story. >> you may remember venture capitalist tim draper he authored an initiative to break up the state. and now he says that it has received more than 600,000 signatures which is more than enough to qualify for the november ballot. they need to be submitted to election officials next week. the three-way split goes like this. you see there, on your screen, northern california would include the bay area all the way to the oregon border. southern california would begin in fresno and cover most of the southern state and a new simply california would begin in los angeles county and cover most of the coastal areas including orange county. even if the measure passes,
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congress would have the last word. there's actually a lot of hurdles to go through >> why do we have the drip tore northern california? anyway, it looks like most of you don't like this. 83% of you have voted have said no way, keep california as one state. thank you forgetting on your phones and sending those votes in. >> then kids would have to learn that there's more states. where would the capital be? it's very confusing. how did this happen? the investigation after the death of a teenager. he made several 911 calls after getting trapped by a folding seat inside his minivan. he was at his school. a big investigation being launched this morning. the dmv says a glitch in its system is impacting some people's payments. just 30 minutes away from sunrise. you can see how clear it is.
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getting set for the weekend, a nice day today with temperatures climbing into the 70s. nicer tomorrow if you like it warmer. sunday we're bringing in our storm impact scale. things turn around where we'll get cloudier and see the numbers plumb net. live doppler 7 showing the fog at the coast and the beach in santa cruz can be a pick for you. although the surf is dangerously high. rip currents a possibility. from our east bay hills camera, no cameras shaking this morning. the winds have backed off significantly. that's going to aid in our warmup today. 43 in concord. looking at numbers in the upper 30s from livermore to santa rosa. a nice looking day today to enjoy the outdoors. in the north bay, one of the warmest spots in the low 730s. alexis? >> taking a look at the roads,
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quite a few issues this morning. it's not been friday light. the worst is getting out of the central val eye. a crash at westbound 580 at the 205 merge. no details but it looks like one lane blocked. we had road work that went laterally this morning that has made it a tough drive. a four car crash has cleared, so things improving in castro valley. not looking much better according to our sensors, westbound 4 collision before san marco boulevard, that one is all clear. heavy back into the pittsburg area. >> bay area high school is warning about a dangerous game being played by students tonight. it involves role playing as undocumented immigrants and i.c.e.
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welcome back. now to the mysterious death who suffocated alone in the back of a minivan, not before he mentioned to call 911 twice. the calls are raising questions about the police response. >> the natty inquirer reports kyle plush was kneeling on the front seat trying to get fringe from the back. a law enforcement officials says
6:16 am
the seat flipped over trapping him. during his second call he made the make and operator to the operator. she didn't pass the information along. his father found his body six hours later. >> this young man was crying out for help. we weren't able to get that information to the officers on the scene and we need to find out why. >> the 911 operator has been suspended. police are trying to figure out whether this was a technical failure or if she was not doing her job properly. a controversial game tonight in solano county is very much under scrutiny right now. administrators at benicia high school are discouraging kids from taking part in a game called la migra, students playing i.c.e. agents and
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undocumented immigrants. benicia high school says the annual event is not organized by the school. they say they're worried about student safety as well as the offensive nature of the game. a san francisco bus driver pleaded not guilty to felony charges after police say he drove a high school swim team while he was drunk. last night aaron friedman picked up george washington high school swimmers from martin luther king high school. he cursed at other drivers and also hit a light pole. no students were hurt. in-n-out is reportedly suing an australian restaurant for using the name down-in-out. >> in-n-out is accusing the australian restaurant of trying to mimic its offerings and is misleading customers. in-n-out has no presence in sydney. down-in-out has two locations there. here is a look at their website. it says american style burgers done right.
6:18 am
menu items include a double burger with secret sauce. the legal bun fight may take more than a year to be resolved with a court date set for next june. >> are you an in-n-out type of person? >> yes. >> down-in out sells something called tiger style which sounds an awful lot like animal style. >> wonder if the managers get paid what we get here. >> they get bank. >> we're getting paid in sunshine today, lisa. >> we are. what a day for in-n-out now that i think about it. good morning, everybody. looking at that waxing crescent moon this morning. this is the first phase of the new moon. a lot of clear nights, i shouldn't say a lot. how about 48 hours of clear sky before things cloud up and we'll be looking at cooler, wetter windier days. the fog is off the coast and that's why we have such a nice
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vantage point out there. the sun coming up in another 20 minutes or so. beautiful today with temperatures in the 60s at the shoreline. we still have the northwesterly wind. it's going to back off. 40 in gilroy. on the golden gate bridge, look how flat those flags are. yesterday they were whipping. 37 in santa rosa, livermore cold at 39. one on the impact scale for sunday. a weak system moves in from .1 to .3 inch of rain. by sunday night in the south bay, but monday morning your commute is wet, it lasts throughout the day and the amounts look like this, from .2 to saratoga and we'll see another system by the middle of next week. enjoy today. northwesterly winds keeping it in the low to mid 60s. you get outside of the bay there, mid 60s, oakland.
6:20 am
69 at fremont, 70 in san jose. if you're looking for something to do today, starts the northern california cherry blossom festival for the week. the sunnier, milder day will be tomorrow and the game tonight mild, 60 at at&t park. in the 50s by 10:00.10:00.10:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast, more rain wednesday and thursday. good morning alexis. >> good morning, lisa. we haven't caught much of a break trafficwise either. we've had heavier volumes and quite a few incidents. we're looking for a problem at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights on around 5:22 this morning. we reportedly have a crash involving a truck and sedan in lane four. we've been scanning all over, not seeing it right now. chp on the way to the scene. really tough morning out of tracy. westbound 580 at the 205 merge. chp is not there yet so they can't give us details.
6:21 am
but possibly have the left center lane blocked. you are definitely heavy on 205 to 580. tracy to castro valley, one hour and 20 minutes. northbound 101, highway 85 to san jose airport, no problems. highway one to san francisco, all green. the dmv says it had technical difficulties processing credit and debit card payments starting march 27th. if you paid your vehicle registration or renewed your driver's license, there could be a delay completing the payment. it's online and phone transactions. out won't receive late fees. the dmv says all payments should be settled by the end of the day. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, we worked with hood line and have great events to review for you.
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good friday morning. if you're headed to the coach, beach hazard statement. through the evening northwest early swells ten to 12 feet. half moon bay already at 13 feet. sneaker waves and strong rip currents are a possibility. it's going to be sunny and nice. low 60, lighter winds. you get to santa cruz, 69. this weekend kids can do hands-on science in oakland or
6:25 am
you can join the circus. >> we have a lot to tinker with this saturday. >> my new friend sam put a soldering tool in my hand which hasn't been a thing since seven grade shop class. on saturday, the museum's tinker fest gives you and your family tools to work on projects like taking apart a car and disassembling a plane engine. >> electronics and soldering has this intimidating feel to it. what this activity does is shows you that, a, of course you can do it, because you're awesome. it is this kind of relaxing activity and you come away with this awesome pen with a little switch on it. >> i did this right? >> you did it right. >> that's never happened before. >> take that shop class. >> another option this weekend, running away to the circus for a
6:26 am
night at last. the circus center in cole valley is letting you try trapeze, juggling and clowning for five bucks. afterwards you can watch a trapeze act. >> also the group foxy presents a walk in theater, a movie projected on a big screen that you sit outside and watch. bring a blanket, get some snacks. this weekend is "the florida project," my favorite film of the last year. best of all, that screening is free. >> you heard me talk non-stop about "the florida project." >> i still haven't seen it. >> here is your chance. you can go tonight. you don't have to pay anything. to see times and locations, go to and we'll link you up with hoodline. calling all book worms, amazon opening up another book store in the bay area. >> only an abc, former fbi director james comey giving his first interview since being fired by president trump. we have a first look. major updates on new ways to
6:27 am
get around. a local leader is clearing up a rumor about a new
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ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. we're live in santa cruz this morning. look at this view. we're waking up and so is the sun. >> the beach sure does look beautiful. there is an advisory issued with huge waves expected today. calm right now. look at that.
6:30 am
pretty. good morning. friday, april 13th. >> natasha and mike have the day off. the rest of us are here including weather from lisa argen. >> we had clouds yesterday and it was cool. today, different story. right around where we should be for this time of year. the fog is off the coast. northwesterly winds backing off. live doppler 7 shows we're basically clear around the bay. looking at numbers in the mid 50s by 10:00. not too hard to take. by 2:00 in the mid 60s in hayward and fremont. 70 in antioch. by 7:00 p.m., still in the 60s and we have our giants game tonight. 10:00 we're in the upper 50s. beautiful picture. this is our exploratorium camera. northwesterly winds still keeping it breezy on the bay today. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, lisa. we've had plenty of issues on the roads this morning even though we have pretty decent weather. taking you to the bay bridge toll plaza, if you look at the
6:31 am
red circle, i believe i found the collision within the toll plaza. it looks like they've moved everything over. this is a two-vehicle crash involving a truck and a sedan. this is just in between the cash lanes and hov lanes. that is no longer a blocking situation. it's not terrible through the maze. those metering lights have been on. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, one hour and four minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord still recovering from an earlier crash, in the red at 33 minutes. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 16 minutes. developing news in millbrae. sheriff's officials say a pedestrian has major injuries after getting hit by a taxi at the intersection of el camino real and silva avenue. they say the collision happened before 5:00 a.m. and the taxi drove away. sky 7 was over the scene a short time ago. you can see the debris still in the street. two lanes are closed because of this investigation.
6:32 am
the brutal death of an east bay business owner has her family in shock and police outraged. >> this morning investigators are still looking for the people who beat and killed a restaurant owner closing up for the night. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in alameda. amy? >> reporter: alameda police say this case is their top priority, calling this a selfish and vicious act. 61-year-old cindy le just closed up the family restaurant in oakland and then she drove to alameda to pick up her husband and her daughter's boyfriend at their alameda restaurant when they were all attacked. we have surveillance video that shows the robbery and the beating. all three of them were hurt, but le was beaten in the head and was killed. her customers say they are devastated, and that she will be missed. >> i respect her a lot, so i had to come in. >> that's terrible.
6:33 am
just uncalled for. we're so sad. >> reporter: the attack happened outside their restaurant, pho anh dao on webster street in alameda at 10:30 friday night. police say their entire investigative team is working this case, but so far they have not made any arrests and they have not released any suspect descriptions. reporting live in alameda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. a pedestrian died after being hit by a car on interstate 580 in oakland. it happened near high street just after 9:00 last night. chp closed three westbound lanes on the interstate while they were investigating. all lanes somewhere been reopened. investigators have not said what led to this crash. >> only on abc 7 news, tesla's response to this week's abc 7 i-team interview with the widow of tesla owner
6:34 am
they released investigative information before it was vetted and confirmed. the ntsb released a letter criticizing tesla in response ts our investigation. 38-year-old walter huang died after his tesla model x hit a safety barrier on highway 101 last month. his car was on auto pilot at the time. ntsb chairman says it's unfortunate that tesla by its actions did not abide by the party agreement. uncoordinated releases of incomplete information do not further transportation safety or serve the public interest. huang's family claims tesla blames him for the tragedy. tesla plans an official complaint to congress. the chp is investigating two shootings that closed two freeways wednesday night. we first brought you the story
6:35 am
yesterday morning. the first shooting happened near treat boulevard. officers say someone threw bottles at the victim's car. the victim thought a bottle broke his window but later discovered it was actually a bullet fragment in the are ka. only a short time later on highway 4 exit there was another shooting apparently triggered by road rage. a stretch of the road has cameras, but one contra costa supervisor would like a similar system along 580. >> our constituents don't care which jurisdiction or agency has responsibility. they want to feel safe in their cars. >> we should note that the good news here is no one was hurt in either of those shootings. it's been more than one week since fremont police officers shot and killed a man after they say he pointed a gun at officers. now this morning there's word that video of the shooting from police body cameras, patrol cars
6:36 am
and nearby surveillance cameras is in the hands of police. the shooting happened last thursday at fremont boulevard and nicolette avenue. while the fremont police department has all that video of the incident, none of it will be released to the public. the department says that's because the video is considered evidence. we're just two days away from former fbi director james comey's first sit-down interview with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> the interview comes as comey gets ready to release his brand new memoir. in that book comey likens president trump to a mafia boss. the interview that will air on sunday, comey talks about meeting with president trump to warn him about alleged encounters with prostitutes in moscow. >> i started to tell him about the allegation was that he had been involved with prostitutes in a hotel in moscow in 2013 during a visit to the miss universe pageant and that the russians had filmed the episode.
6:37 am
he interrupted very defensively and started talking about, do i look like a guy who needs hookers? >> comey says that it is possible but he, quote, doesn't know if president trump was with prostitutes in moscow. >> como's first tv interview will be right here on abc 7. george stephanopoulos will ask him about his tenure at the fbi including controversial firing by president trump last may. you can watch the special this sunday, two days before the release of comey's memoir. we're not quite done with the story because from our live desk this morning, we want to show you this. it's president trump's response to james comey this morning. some tweets that were sent out a short time ago saying, quote, james comey is a proven leaker and liar. virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did, until he was, in fact, fired. he leaked classified information for which he should be prosecuted. he lied to congress under oath.
6:38 am
he is a week and untruthful slime ball who was, as time as proven, a terrible director of the fbi. his handling of the crooked hillary clinton case and the events surrounding it will go down as one of the worst botch jobs of history. it was my great honor to fire james comey. very strong words from the president this morning. so that war of words between the two will continue. after weeks of railing against amazon, president trump has now issued an executive order to review the u.s. postal service' operations and finances. president trump wants a task force to study the postal servic service's pricing in the delivery market. the president has accused amazon of not paying its fair shore in postage. they have 120 days to submit a report with recommendations.
6:39 am
what a day. it's already pretty out there with calmer winds and clear sky. live doppler 7 right now picking up on the fog off the coast. this is santa cruz. isn't this nice? we have a few surfers out there and a beach hazard statement today. beautiful with upper 60s today. there they are. up there trying to quickly find that good wave. well, if you're commuting today, it should be nice on the bay. but those northwesterly winds in the afternoon will be present. otherwise dry conditions, a nice easy ride for transit. the waves are ready at 12 feet down around monterey bay. 13 feet at half moon bay and bo dag ga bay. take care if you're headed toward the shore and never turn your back to the ocean. another beach day tomorrow, if you can't make it today. 47 in mountain view with 39 in gilroy. we should stay on this, right? we're looking at mount tam, calm bay waters. 46 in novato, 39 in livermore.
6:40 am
if you're spending time in the south bay, cupertino, how about san jose? numbers will top out around 70 today. a beautiful day. elsewhere around the bay, a little cooler bay side, but still nice. not as breezy with 67 in san mateo, 68 in palo alto and tonight we're looking not as cool. so any big plans this weekend? >> you know what? i have zero plans. >> those are the best weekends to have. going to watch the dubs tomorrow and maybe catch a little sunshine before the rain comes back. >> exactly. sunday is the tougher day. >> nice relaxing weekend. unfortunately not a relaxing morning on the roads. south of sfo we have a serious situation. this is where we had sky 7 a little earl dwrer this morning. we still have two out of three lanes blocked on southbound el camino real around hillcrest due to the crash involving a pedestrian. on the northbound side we have one lane closed for that investigation. that was a hit-and-run and san
6:41 am
mateo county sheriff is still on the scene. good news in the central valley. westbound 280 at the 205 merge, the crash is clear. 7 miles an hour, 12 miles an hour as you get closer to the altamont pass. walnut creek, we haven't had many areas friday light, but this is moving along fine as you head towards highway 24. we'll check drive times at 6:50. national park fees are about to go up. we're going to tell you why it's actually good news. six months later we're visiting one of the areas hardest hit by the north bay fires. let's take a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
maybe you need little vitamin d. we have it there in the golden state today. low 70s in sacramento with 61 in yosemite. breezy here along the coast. if you're headed to the mountains, this is a shot of the bay. temperatures will be pretty mild there with upper 50s tomorrow, low 50s today and more snow moves in on sunday. that's a one on our storm impact scale. lisa, thank you. a warning for beachgoers in
6:45 am
santa cruz today. beware of rip currents and large breakers. in fact, the waves could get up to 20 feet later today. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live with what the conditions look like now. hi, matt. >> good morning, reggie and jessica. what a beautiful morning in santa cruz. let me give you a look at the sunrise taking place over the ocean. we are here at the lane, a famous surf spot. check out all the surfers that came out in the last 45 minutes or so. they're stoked. they told me it's been a flat winter. this is a good late season swell. surfers know what they're doing. if you're walking on the beach, be careful, the beach hazard statement is in effect until about 7:00 tonight. it's going to impact the northwest-facing beaches. there could be rip currents and large shore break. of course, the surfers know what they're doing and they're enjoying the big waves, but the advice from everyone is do not turn your back to the ocean. live in santa cruz, matt keller,
6:46 am
abc 7 news. >> good advice, matt. thank you. six months after the north bay wildfires and communities are starting to rise from the ashes. coffee park in santa rosa was one of the hardest hit areas. it looked like a war zone after the fires. at least four people died and home after home burned to the ground. the signs of recovery are now everywhere with dozens of homes under construction and more than 30 others with the permits to begin construction. in fact, some of those who lost everything all leaving the area. there's a lot of people that do plan on staying. >> it's still your home, and it's just part of you. >> it's hard, but we have a lot of powerful friendships. we've been through a lot of life together. >> and the first home to start construction in coffey park is on track to finish next month. about 100 lawsuits claiming
6:47 am
pg&e is responsible for the damage caused by the wildfires will be heard may 18 in san francisco superior court. a judge will decide whether pg&e is liable for losses if its equipment was a significant cause of the damage. pg&e has said the fires resulted from several factors, including strong winds, the recent drought plus a bark beetle infestation. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the north bay wildfires six months later. our coverage will continue today on later editions of abc 7 nups. new developments this morning, the santa cruz sentinel reports the beach boardwalk is looking to reopen the fireball ride and is waiting for the state's approval. the boardwalk shut it down last year after a deadly accident involving the same ride at the ohio state fair. the manufacturer says excessive corrosion likely caused the accident? ohio. the boardwalk says it has done extensive work on its version here and it's being inspected. san ramon police identified
6:48 am
an armed robbery suspect who held up a credit union on witness. the suspect is 42-year-old matthew gordon, a transient who frequents the bay area and washington state. police believe gordon is the same suspect responsible for several other armed bank robberies in the bay area. if you have info on gordon call san ramon police. many national park fees are going up in june but not as much as first proposed. five bucks is how much more it will cost you to get into the 117 parks that charge fees like yosemite and the grand canyon. parks that don't charge a fee won't be affected by the hike. the initial plan was to raise prices at many parks to $70. a san francisco city leader is trying to clear up a rumor that officials want to outlaw scooter rental services. this follows claims by bird that san francisco supervisors plan on enacting emergency legislation to ban rental scooters.
6:49 am
supervisor aaron peskin fired back saying the city is only working to develop regulations for scooter rentals. many people have complained about scooters being ridden on san francisco sidewalks. ford is catching on to the electric bike idea which seems like a necessity with all the hills in san francisco. ford announced the partnership to expand the go like fleet with 250 e bikes. the sear -- mission bikes can get up to 18 miles an hour. you'll start seeing those starting on april 24th. now your morning money report. tuesday is the deadline to either file your tax returns or get an extension. time is ticking. 90% of taxpayers will now file their returns electronically. california officials say everyone benefits and you'll get your refund quicker. if you do mail them in. you're asked not to use staples or paper clips. those could also delay getting your refund. a live look at the new york stock exchange. it looks like we're up a bit, 76 points, a decent start to the
6:50 am
day. that's being credited to major banks reporting strong quarterly earnings. amazon planning to open its third bay area book store in berkeley. the store will be located on fourth street between delaware and virginia streets. berkeley side announced amazon would occupy that space in some form. customers can look at books and test drive their technology at the store. the first two book stores opened last week in walnut creek. happening today, it's blue or gold day. the warriors defending their nba championship. you can stop by and pick up your car flags for store today, at noon a warriors flag will be raised at both san francisco and oakland city hall. both buildings will be lit in blue and gold: the warriors begin the playoffs tonight, hosting the spurs in game one
6:51 am
tomorrow at noon. coverage begins at 11:30. also make sure to stay right here on abc 7 for after the game with all the highlights and live postgame interviews from oracle arena and wear your best blue and gold today to show support. >> these are going to be the t-shirts that are in the seats tomorrow for the lucky folks who have tickets to the game. again, you can always just watch it here on abc 7 if you don't. >> we've been inspecting them this morning. they have names on the back, probably can't see it on your tv screens, very small names. it looks like they might be fan names. it's fun to look. gail, jacob, caroline. maybe you're on here. i haven't seen alexis yet. >> oh, man. >> how about lisa argen. >> good morning everyone. if you're waiting to find out how nice it's going to be today, it's going to be a lot nicer than yesterday. we did manage some sun, but those winds, they were a factor,
6:52 am
even the clouds. today we'll be sunny and warmer. visibility is great from the east bay hills camera. also the camera is not shaking. northwesterly winds with us. 39 in gilroy, 49 in san francisco. 18 in truck key. 20 at the tahoe valley airport. in the 50s today, near 60 tomorrow. 37 in santa rosa. 39 in livermore with 41 by the delta. looking at a nice afternoon today, about where we should be for this time of year. above average tomorrow. then, things change on sunday. the system will last into monday. if you have plans for sunday afternoon and you want to be outside and enjoy the sun, i would say saturday is your better day. by 2:00, marin and sonoma could be getting light rain. dinnertime, the rest of the bay area, 10:00 pushing through the south bay. your monday morning commute shows wet weather here. it does push out. the snow level is down to 3,000
6:53 am
feet, maybe a couple of inches again near south lake and squaw, home wood, why not? it's been a strange year. today in the 60s with low 70s around concord. look at the highs tomorrow. 70s returning, very mild and sunny. how about upper 70s. mid 60s around the bay. by sunday clouds increase and it will be sharply cooler and even some rain by late in the day. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, lisa. taking a look at the roads. good news for the bay bridge toll plaza. you might not be able to see it with all that sun glare. we had a two-car crash within the toll plaza. they very quickly pushed that off and it looks like it's totally clear at this point. yes the metering lights are on, but it's not terrible through the maze. i'd say lighter than the other four days of the week. heavy traffic on westbound highway 4. we had a crash that cleared about are 45 minutes ago, but you're still crawling about 15 miles per hour, pittsburg into
6:54 am
bay point. drive times looking good for our bridges this morning. westbound 580,580,580,580, you're in the green at 11 minutes. big news for sports fan, espn plus is a new streaming service, you can watch thousands of live sporting events line uding mlb and nhl. $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. you can get a free trial now. a remarkable moment, maybe my favorite story of the day. a young boy who is colorblind sees color for the first time. >> he is adorable. his name is cameron frank. he's 6 years old. he and his mom were on "good morning america." his mom said cameron couldn't distinguish between red and green. she got him a special pair of color correcting glasses, and watch his reaction. >> wait, are these my color --
6:55 am
>> yeah. >> oh, my gosh, this is red. oh, my gosh. and that's white. >> look at the sunset. >> i feel incredible. >> only had these glasses for about a week. what has your life been like since you've had the glasses? >> well, it has been amazing. there's been so much colors. >> so much color. >> what a terrific interview. cameron says there are some colors that he didn't know existed. he said his favorite color is now red. >> i love him.
6:56 am
6:57 am
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6:59 am
family's vietnamese restaurant last week. president trump responding to james comey's memoir and upcoming interview. in a tweet this morning, president trump calling comey a leaker and a liar. be careful if you led to the beach today. a warning for big waves and rip currents from monterey county all the way to sonoma county. it's beautiful out. we'll see upper 60s there. number five, look for the temperatures to climb today. 70 in our inland valleys. breezy at the coast. number six, our main trouble spotted this morning, getting out of the central valley. westbound 205 at 580, nothing blocking. down to 11 and 12 miles an hour. number seven, blue and gold day to kick off the start of the warriors run to defend their nba championship. the warriors begin the nba playoffs right here on abc 7 tomorrow at noon. don't forget to support the team and wear your best blue and gold. >> we know you're getting ready for work right now. switch out your outfit. watch tomorrow at noon and until
7:00 am
then, hope you have a great day. we'll be back in 25 minutes good morning, america.s abc news exclusive, james comey, his first interview since president trump fired him as fbi director. >> about to talk to him about allegations that he was involved with prostitutes in moscow and that the russians taped it and have leverage over him. >> inside his first meeting with trump. telling him about that salacious dossier. did you believe his denial? and that private dinner at the white house. what the president asked him to do. comey calls the president unethical, untethered to truth. the upcoming book sending shock waves through washington. his explosive new interview only on "gma" this morning. high alert. washington ready to launch an attack on syria. civilians evacuating the danger zone and russia warning the united states. david muir is live from the region this mornin


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