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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you. and it is certainly a nice day out there. having some graphic problems with the pretty picture up there, but you can take my word for it, starting out clear, temperatures in the mid-40s, but warming up today, warmest day of the week, looking forward to it. temperatures 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. so look being for mid-60s in the san francisco, 75 in san jose. low to mid-70s in east bay valleys. a sunny day all day, but don't get used to it, clouds increase, brain on the way for sunday. colder air sunday nice. the pent gone agon is about give us an update when the
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strikes on syria. president trump saying mission 34ri accomplished. russia plans to call an emergency session of the united nations. u.s., great britain and france launched air strikes. and this was in response to the suspected chemical attack last weeke weekend. russia claims that most of the missiles were shot down. the u.s. and its allies are not ruling out launching more missiles. >> we are prepared to sustain this response until the syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents. >> we agree it was both right and legal to take military action together with our closest allies to alleviate further humanitarian suffering by degrading the chemical weapons capability and deterring their
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use. >> bashar al assad appeared to be unfazed. this is video he tweeted of himself walking in to an office in the capital of damascus. we'll have a live report on the situation in syria coming up in about 30 minutes. russia is a taunstaunch ally of syria. and their ambassador says insulting the president of russia sis unacceptable and suc actions will not be left without consequences. the sthe here is a look and you can see all commercial planes are see steering well clear of syria. pentagon officials say that planes in syrian air space were notified before the strikes. back here in the bay area, local syrians are reacting to the strikes.
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katie marzullo has the story from the south bay. >> i'm always happy to see any action that could undermine the regime's ability to harm more syrians. >> reporter: she is a syrian american from her home in san jose, she said that she hopes the strike was not a one time event and she offered praise for president trump. >> he said the future lies in the hands of the syrian people. i was very inspired by that. if this strike is going to allow the syrians to come together and decide what future we want for our own country, than be it. >> reporter: and this former jerusalem bureau chief and middle correspondent for the "post" -- >> the question is whether this is part of a broader strategy or more of a symbolic strike, will they be able to get everything and most critically whether or not this will risk escalating. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers were quick to criticize, some called it unconstitutional. and that president trump needs to come to congress before he makes another move.
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>> this president for too long has been too reckless to be left alone and unchecked. >> reporter: katie marzullo, abc 7 news. this morning the nation's biggest police force is on high alert. the new york police department says its counterterror officers have been deployed in and around the city. and san francisco police tell abc 7 it is not deploying any additional units at least for the time being, but officials say that they will be prepared to respond as necessary. happening today, we know of at least one protest planned in the bay area over the air strikes in syria. the answer coalition is holding an event at 5:00 tonight in san francisco. it is scheduled to start right in the heart of the city at powell and market. according to the group, it will be over by 7:00 p.m. it is not clear if they plan to march down market street. and in oakland, police are investigating a homicide near 880.
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you can see there is two motorcycles on the ground. it is unclear what connection that they have to the case. police did close down the high street off-ramp. there is no word yet on a suspect description or if any arrests have been made. police are also on alert where kids have been playing a game that is called immigration. >> school getting a lot of heat because of the name. >> reporter: a large group of high school students gathered. upper classmen chased the younger students catching anyone they can. here it is called a spanish word for immigration implying for some i.c.e. agents chasing undocumented people.
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>> to say going after undocumented people, that is offensive. >> reporter: the district sent an e-mail warning of the unsanctioned game. >> my initial reaction was yay, they get out and run and have some fun, it is a game. but then when i heard about it being racist, i wasn't too happy about that. >> i don't mind. because i'm hispanic, too. i don't really mind. >> reporter: elijah's mom didn't mind either. >> i think it is awesome that they do something outside rather than playing video games. >> how did the school district react if they pretend that they are going after jews or kkk going after blacks? i think they would look at it differently. >> reporter: a rebrand for a game that we're told has been played for decades. >> time for fun. >> reporter: the venetia police department have written citations because there are many young drivers chasing after young people running around in
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all black clothing. mountainview police released body cam video of officers talking to nasim aghdam just hours after she shot at youtube. >> you don't want to commit suicide or anything? >> police didn't see anything that would suggest that she had violent plans. and a dispatch log details how it unfolded. it says reporting party asked if she had a visitor's or temp badge and she ignored it and started shooting at people. moments later aghdam took her own life. this 9-year-old's family gathered to comfort each other
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and say good-bye at her vigil. she was killed in a hit and run crash tuesday night. three others were hurt including her mother. the suspected driver surrendered to police yesterday. >> didn't just destroy our lives, but his own life as well. and i know his family suffered. so we'll be praying for him and i forgive him. >> the funeral is scheduled for monday. now to those controversial electric scooters in san francisco. the city's public works department conducted a sweep of scooters blocking traffic. city officials say that the department seized 66 of the scooters. the city says that the three scooter companies, bird lime bike and spin will have to pay $125 per scooter to get them back.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of washington, d.c. where we will from a pent goagon braeiefing. >> -- launched precision strikes against assad regime targets associated with the use of chemical cal weapon this is syria. we launched the strikes to cripple syria's ability to use chemical weapons in the future. we were joined by the united kingdom and france who demonstrated solidarity in addressing these atrocities. americans are united in condemning syria's inexcusable use of chemical weapons which no civilized nation would tolerate. we are encouraged by the support we received from the senators and congressmen on both sides of aisle. we are also extremely proud of the united states service members who carried out this
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operation last they demonstrate uncovwavering current and commitment. and this operation was carefully planned to minimize potential compallateral damage. i can assure you we took every measure and precaution to strike only what we targeted and what we successfully hit every htake target. this does not represent a change in u.s. policy nor an attempt to tee pose t depose the seian regime. t syrian regime. they were justified and in response to the use of chemical weapons on its own people. we do not seek conflict in syria, but we cannot allow such
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grievous violations of international law. our goal remains defeating isis by, with and through the coalition. but we will not stand by passively while assad backed by russia and iran ignores international law. the assad regime actions in april 2017 and again on april 7, 2018 show they ever abandoned their commitment to the international community. and resorted to illegal tactics against the innocent syrian people. we call upon russia to honor its commitment to ensure the assad regime dismantles it chemical weapons program and never uses chemical weapons again. we support our kin ldiplomats. and we look forward to working with the united nations envoy to
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syr syria. in an effort to main ttain tran city, general mckenzie will provide an overview. >> i will talk about the strikes that we executed. first graphic up please. as you heard from the president trump of the united states, the united states, unite ed kingdom, frach france conducted a proportional coordinated strike in response to the syrian regime of the use of chemical weapons. this combined strike was directed against three distinct syrian chemical weapons targets and i'll show them to you on the monitor behind me. the three facilities or were
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fundamental ca fundamental components of the w regime i the government centedevelopment. and the storage facility and the chemical weapons bunker facility. this strike aimed to deliver a clear and ambiguous message to the syrian regime that their use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is in-excusab in-excusable. we selected these targets carefully to minimize the risk to innocent civilians. we're still conducting assessment, but initial indications are that we accomplished our object i have its without material interference. i'd use three words. precise, overwhelming and
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effective. let's go back to the first slide please. the first target, research and development center located in the greater damascus area, we deployed 76 missiles. 19 were joint missiles. as you can see, assessments is that the target was destroyed. this will set their program back for years. and we also destroyed three buildings in metropolitan damascus. next slide please. second target, the storage facility located just west of homs, 22 weapons were deployed. this target was attacked by all
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coalition forces. our tomahawks, british storm shadow and then the french missiles went against it as well. and gfrns tagainst the third target, the bunker facility, we deployed seven missiles. again initial assessment is that it was successfully hit. i'd like to talk about the specific platforms that were part of this strike. all weapons hit their targets at very close to the designated time on target of about 4:00 a.m. in syria which of course is 9:00 here on the east coast. i want to give you more defamilies whdefamily details about the platforms. the class cruiser fired 30
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tomahawk cruise missiles. in the eastern mediterranean, the french frigate fired three versioning before and in the mediterranean, virginia class submarine fired six tomahawk missiles. in the air, 19 joint air to surface standoff missiles. in addition, british allies flew a combination of tornadoes and typhoons. french allies launched scalp missiles. taken together, these attacks on multiple axises were able to overwell, the syrian air defense system. also important to note that we flew a variety of defensive counter air, tanker and
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electronic warfare aircraft in support of these operations. none involved in the operation were successfully in-gaenlged by syrian air defenses. and we have no indication that russian air defense systems were employed. we are confident that all of the missiles reached their targets. at the end of the strike mission all of the aircrafts safely returned to their bases. we assess that over 40 service to air missiles were employed by the syrian regime. and most of these launches occurred after the last impact of our strike was over. it is likely that the regime shot many of these without guidance and we assess that the defensive efforts of syria were largely ineffective and clearly increased risk to their own people based on thes discriminate response. when you shoot iron into the air without guidance, it will come down somewhere. by contrast the precise nation of our strike and the care which or team planned and executed significantly reduced the risk
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of collateral damage to civilians. in summary in a powerful show of allied unity, key deployed 105 weapons against three targets that will significantly impact the syrian wregime. i want to edge if a simphasize s double the size of the last strike and it was a multinational effort. demonstrating our unquestionable resolve. i'd like to close by noting that since the strike we have not seen any military response from actors within syria. and we remain postured to protect our forces and those of the coalition should anything occur.
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>> you've been lan briefing on the air strikes. he yut lined where the strikes were made. we'll continue to follow the story. but for it's just my eczema again,t. but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine.
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warriors are trying to be champions. and fans remain confident. harrington has more from oracle arena. >> reporter: oracle arena is turning gold, with 19,000 shirts draped over the chairs ahead of the game. the process takes three hours. but senior director of arena operations says it is all for the fans. >> it is important to fans i feel this they use this as their uniform, it makes them feel like part of the team. they get loud, they are proud, it really activates them to be ready for the game. >> the postseason shirts include the warriors slogan strength in numbers. we found fans scooping up merchandise at the team's store. and even swag for the grandmother. >> she said get me one of those, so that's what we did >> reporter: and a very noticeable postseason addition are these giants decals of some of the stars like kevin durant and mcgee.
6:23 am
in this picture, he is 40 feet tall. the team has been plagued with injuries this season. steph curry is expected to sit out during the first round. fans are confident that the dubs will go all the way. >> warriors under pressure, they always do their best and usually win the game, you know, so it is exciting. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. game one against the spurs is right here on abc 7. coverage begins at 11:30, tipoff at noon. and then keep it here for after the game with all the highlights and live postgame interviews from oracle arena. starting out with live doppler 7, we have fog off the coast, but waking up with clear conditions here. probably one of the warmest day
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for the next seven days. we have wild weather coming our way. 50 oakland. 44 in gilroy. and from emeryville, a quiet start out there. winds are calm, 44 santa rosa, 45 in livermore with 50 in concord. 46 in floriin novato.novato. clear sky, notice the flag flat here. so those onshore independent with the backing off just for a day. so warming trend today and then cold air tomorrow night and breezy conditions with more wet weather on monday. rainfall a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. and low snow levels down to 3,000 feet. so while you enjoy the above average temperatures today, clouds and rain. >> referee: by 2:00 tomorrow.
6:25 am
and then it pushes south. 6:00 tomorrow night, some showers. and the south bay morning commute, showers begin. a few peeks of sun and that acts to destabilize the atmosphere and that is why we could see some storms and heavy down pours. so about a half inch from oakland to san francisco. maybe a third of an inch in mountain view. and snow totals, yeah, can you believe this? we're getting into mid to late april an foot of snow. it's been a strange season for sure. 11 inches at tahoe city.ty.ty.t. so 65 in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland. so average high temperatures this time of year should be in the up are 60s.
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how about 73 in santa rosa? so a nice day for the beginning of the cherry blossom festival. and tomorrow cooler, breezy, the rain arrives. and we won't even see 60. so tonight with clouds increasing, once again mild with 40s and 50s, the rain holds off though until midday tomorrow. accuweather 7 day forecast today enjoy all the vit thamin d. monday it will feel plusserry. a break on tuesday, but then clouds and temperatures on the mild side.blustery. a break on tuesday, but then clouds and temperatures on the mild side. download our app to keep track of all the weather. cherry blossom festival, parade in the mission, a nid day. >> so muching for on. grab the
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>> the eighth grader thought it should have a new school anthem, so he sat down and wrote one. >> i started rapping stuff and everybody was liking it, so i just kept doing it. and when it was like you should take to the next level, i thought i could make a legacy. and so even when i leave the school, the song will still be playing. >> and it will be in a music video that jayden and fellow students filmed.
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glad to have you with us. let's have a quick look of the weather. lisa is tracking an impressive forecast across the bay area. >> yeah, for a day anyway. a live look outside walnut creek. it will be a nice day if you want it warm and sunny. 52 in the city. 50 oakland, mountain view and san jose with 43 half moon bay. looks pretty out there. 44 santa rosa and livermore. concord, 50. lots of sun today and by noontime we're well into the 60s around the what i and ibay and .
6:34 am
by the afternoon, we're well into the 70s inland. warmest out of the next seven. enjoy the evening, clouds will increase and we do have rain on the way to speak of. i'll tell you about it in my accuweather 7 day forecast coming up. now to the crisis in syria. the united states and its allies launched a missile strike russia is calling for an emergency immediating. >> and i can assure you we took every measure and precaution to strike only what we targeted. and what we -- we successfully hit every target. this operation does not represent a change in u.s. policy. nor an attempt to depose the syrian regime. >> molly hunter is in london with the latest developments.
6:35 am
>> that's right, he has done it in a very specific and very limited way. overnight president trump finally launching air strikes targeting the syrian government. >> i ordered the united states armed forces to launch precision strikes associated with the chemicals weapons capabilities of dictator bashar al assad. >> reporter: the u.s. used double the number of weapons compared to last year's strike, hitting three different facilities. the syrian government responding shooting anti-aircraft missiles. theresa may making the announcement hours later. >> these are about deterring the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: this was in response to the horrific videos
6:36 am
that showed women and children frothing at the mouth struggling to breathe. >> these are crimes of a monster. >> reporter: but bashar al assad tweeting video of position himself walking into the officer with a caption good morning resilience. and we are not scared he says. but last night's strike a oneoff according to u.s. secretary of defense james mattis, but he left the door open for more. vladimir putin is calling for a u.n. security council emergency meeting. molly hunt, abc 7. and now to the interview
6:37 am
with james comey. he speaks out for the first time since be fired by president trump. maggie rulli has the latest. >> reporter: fired fbi director james comey is holding very little back. >> honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but i don't know whether the current president of the united states with prostitutes peeing on each other in moscow. >> reporter: comey offers a description of his first meeting with then president-elect donald trump on january 6, 2017. first briefing trump mike pence and other key members of how the russians interfered with the election. >> and then the conversation to my surprise moved in to a pr conversation about how the trump team would position this and what they could say. no one to my recollection asked so what is coming next from the russians? >> reporter: and then comey says he met with trump alone wanting to inform him about salacious details in the now infamous michael steele dossier,
6:38 am
including allegations that he was filmed with prostitutes in moscow in 2013. >> he interrupted very defensively and started talking about do i look like a guy who needs hookers. and he says he may want me to investigate to prove that it didn't happen because he said if there is even a 1% chance my wife thinks that is true, that is terrible. and i remember thinking how could your wife think there is a 1% chance you were with prostitutes peeing on each other? >> reporter: the president >> reporter: the president quick to hit back saying virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired. the president continued on to say it was my great honor to fire james comey. >> all that and more in the first television interview right
6:39 am
here on abc 7. you can watch it tomorrow night at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. still ahead, it is being brilled as billed as a four day celebration of college football, why it could be the biggest thing co coming to the south brey in
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if you like to expeerment around the house, you might want to check out tinker fest. this is the second year for the event. tinkering is encouraged. there are hands on activities for people of all ages. and the highlight might be the take away kids there will be a car. doors open at 10:00 a.m. and also today san francisco will celebrate the life and work of cesar chavez. he was a laborer and civil rights leader. a parade and festival are planned for this morning. parade will start at 11:00 a.m. festival held on 24th street. that goes until 5:00 p.m. and we couldn't have asked for better weather. >> yeah, for today. if you ever plans for tomorrow, you my want to think about the indoor plans for sunday and maybe this on the agenda from
6:43 am
santa cruz, can see the water looks really nice. beach hazard is over. temperatures in the upper 40s right now. it will be a mild to warm afternoon. we'll talk when the warmest temperatures today near 80 in some spots with cold air on the way for the second half of the weekend. >> yeah, boardwalk going to be b busy. and the nba playoffs just hours away. we'll hear from the savings are in full bloom at ross. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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for the latest home trends, at big savings - you've gotta go to ross. warriors begin the playoffs today right here on abc 7. they will host the spurs in game one of the nba playoffs. coverage begins at 11:30 and keep it here for after the game for all the highlights an postgame interviews. last night the giants tried to go up 2-0 in their series again the pad dwra dwras. here morning's sports report. >> good morning. giants in san diego. first time pitchers named ty ever started against each other in all baseball history.
6:47 am
celebrating orange friday. padres could not do anything early. and tyson ross struck out five, hunter pence swing and a miss. in the fifth, ross helping his own cause with a bases loaded single. to the sixth, a 2-0 game. renfro, a fly to right. he has to go backwards. it is over his head and a standup double. and the next batter a bloop to right and renfro scores. 3-0. padres take it by a score of 5-1. he's reading a book. what are you doing at a game? a two run blast, 2-0 as. and why do you go up with your beer to catch it?
6:48 am
and in the 7th, a three run bomb and mariners would add on the final 7-4 seattle. and it is the warriors minus steph curry and spurs minus came would i leonard. unclear if he leonard will ever play for san antonio again. but curry was back at practice yesterday. did some shooting drills. he will be reevaluated today. and seeing him out there is reason for optimism. >> good to see him moving around.
6:49 am
you know, not close to playing. >> well that is kind of a buzz kill there. but the warriors may not need steph in round one. again, we'll have it here at noon. see you then. have a great weekend. we're looking at a beautiful start out there. here is a look at the golden gate bridge where you can see it is nice and clear. so temperatures this morning are very mild. in fact looking at 50s. so if you are stepping out, you basically don't need much in the way a heavy jacket. 50 in concord. and so 6 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday in the inland valleys.
6:50 am
so our warming trend continuing. spring storm arrives on sunday. and we're wet, chilly and breezy on monday. we'll have a one on the storm impact scale late tomorrow into monday with rainfall anywhere from a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch, a chance of a thunderstorm on monday and looking at the snow levels down to about 3,000 feet. so here is the timing. we go through the morning hours with the clouds and by about 2:00 in the afternoon, it is raining up in the north bay. it pushes into the south by by about 6:00 and with that the colder air moves to move in. so by the morning hour, we are looking at rain. in fact the rain will be overspreading much of the bay area true abohrough about 10:00. and with sunshine, we could see? thunderstorms. so an interesting day on monday with some downpours and perhaps some snow down to around mount
6:51 am
hamilton around 3,000 feet. but look at the totals, anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a half inch in san francisco. look at redwood city, with the late season storm, it is kind of hard to believe that we'll see that much rain and this much snow? t in the mountains. over a foot by kirkwood. so a vigorous late season system on the way today. but not today. it is all about spring. we'll be in the mid-60s and breezy winds. elsewhere around the bay, it will feel pretty good with numbers climbing through the upper 60s. how about 68 today in oakland. 75 in san jose. low 70s in napa and the accuweather 7 day forecast featuring the sun, the warmth today, 60s on the coast, low 70s around the bay. storm impact scale sunday into monday, a one.
6:52 am
and question have twe have the g tomorrow. and monday it will be strange with the rain and the snow. by take us break, wednesday, thursday more typical of what we would see in april. so you will need all the gheear with the shorts and rain gear right through monday. >> i was going to say, yeah, from the sierra to the south bay, a little bit of everything this weekend. >> sort of like last week, about that was atmospheric river. but enough that it is unusual. >> all right. lisa. thank you. south bay will play host for the 2019 college football playoff national championship. and earlier this week organizers unveiled their plans. and the locations of the fan activities may an sbe a surpris some. plans revealed for a championship experience unlike any other. >> infrastructure is here, people power is here. destination part of it is here. this area has everything we need
6:53 am
for. >> preparations are under way as the south bay gets ready to host the 2019 cfp national championship at levi stadium. the event first tweak of january is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors from across the country. >> this event is as much a bucket list as anything else in life. and to have a chance to experience it, it will be amazing. >> aside from the game itself, officials are planning to host multiple events downtown including a free out door music festival as well as an enter ta interactive fan zone. original joe's think it will be busier than super 50. >> a hub of a lot of things happening and sgiexciting becau will see a variety of people.349
6:54 am
teaming up to support bay area educators. interest i >> i'm excited to share it with my colleagues. it is all of us being recognized and that is everything. >> and the national championship will be televised on espn on january 7, 2019. next, thousands of people descend on japan town for the
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the cherry blossom festival returns to the city by the bay. it features two weekends of activities and expected to thousands of visitors. it runs from 11:00 to 7:00 p.m. next accepted will sunday next sunday will be the grandp parade. >> and yeah, in the 60s there, 6 will for a high this afternoon. and 67 across the bay. 71 napa, 75 in san jose. breezy along the shoreline. 7 day forecast, rain arrives midday tomorrow for most of you. and we'll see a lull before cold rain and thunderstorms potential for monday and then it looks like tuesday is a nice day, clouds and slightly average wednesday and thursday.
6:58 am
so really the sunday/monday time frame is a little unusual and make sure that you are prepared for that. >> and of course you can always follow along with the abc 7 news accuweather app. thanks for joining us. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook and instragram. "good morning america" is next and we're back with another full hour of news, weather and sports at 8 ong a.m.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, strike on syria. >> a short time ago -- >> the u.s. joined by france and britain launching a missile attack designed to punish syrian president bashar al assad for his suspected use of chemical weapons against his own people. the targets in the crosshairs with brand-new images coming in this morning. team coverage with "world news tonight" anchor david muir right there in the region. firing back, president trump taking to twitter name-calling james comey following george's sit-down interview with the fired fbi director describing a one-on-one meeting with the president. >> how graphic did you get? >> i think as graphic as i needed to be. plus, the new trouble for trump's personal attorney, michael cohen. also this morning, deadly


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