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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 14, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hundred years found. >> the
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. live where you live -- this is abc 7 news. >> the light of a new day reveals the damage caused by a missile strike on syria led by the u.s. and two of its allies. the white house hopes it has crippled syria's nuclear weapons program. >> president donald trump is calling the attack a success. it came in response to allegations that the syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people. >> reporter: the u.s. is out with a stern warning for syria. >> if the syrian regime uses that poisonous gas again, the united states is locked and loaded. when our president draws a red
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line, our president enforces the red line. >> reporter: that threat made hours after the u.s., britain and france launched 105 missiles on syria. >> good is an accurate work. >> 60 tomahawk cruise missiles. new weaponly from new b-1 bombers. >> it's stealth il. it's difficult, if not impossible to detect on radar. so they had no chance against it. >> a research center north of damascus was reduced to rebel. the white house says it's one of three chemical weapons facilities destroyed. the strike came six days after that alleged attack by syria's president bashar al assad. >> these aren't actions of a
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map. they are crimes of a monster. >> presidet trump tweeted a perfectly executed strike last night. mix accomplished. the u.n. security council rejected a resolution from russia. russia and syria continued to maintain that last weekend's chemical attack was fabricated. abc news, washington. >> now here at home anti-war demonstrators gathered to speak out against the missile strikes in syria. >> here's more on the various views on yesterday's attacks. >> hands off syria. >> dozens gathered on market street to take a unified public stand. >> thank you, sir. >> against u.s. military involvement in syria. >> the u.s. has no right to attack syria, sovrge nation. we want to stop the bombing.
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>> friday night, the united states and allies launched more than a hundred missiles aft three chemical weapons storage and research sites, retaliation after a suspected chemical attack on civilians a week ago. >> why would we send these huge missiles. it hurts me inside that this is what my country does. [ speaking foreign language ] >> mean time, this woman listened to a voicemail message from her cousin soon after the bombs landed in syria. though all of her relatives are safe, she admits, they all want more action from the u.s. >> it's not enough. it's not sufficient. it's not going to make an impact on the ground that the syrian people will feel and see. >> reporter: according to this senior fellow at the hoover r hoover institution, more missiles could launch in a matter of weeks. >> it's not a one and done. i think there's a possibility the united states will repeat it. the idea was a good idea.
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i do think it was a good idea. >> currently there are 2,000 u.s. troops stationed in syria. >> lawyers for president trump and his personal taupe will be back in court monday. they're trying to stop federal prosecutors from accessing materiel they claim to be protected by attorney general privilege seized during a raid of co hhen's office and home. white house principal deputy press secretary said there's not been -- no wrongdoing. >> the president has maintained there's no collusion with russia or michael cohen. >> a team will review the documents before attorneys get access to it. that means nothing seized will be improperly used or breach
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client confidentiality. former fbi director james comey talks with abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos about his dealings with president trump before he was fired. it's tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. right before abc 7 news at 11:00. >> someone fired shots near where a traffic officer made a stop. the chp doesn't believe the officer was targeted. one woman heard the shots and saw what happened next. >> suddenly, i heard just a one police car was parked there with the truck. i saw the police jump into his car and chase him doichb the read. >> oobs
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car. they're trying to see if they're linked. >> downtown walnut creek a fire broke out inside a restaurant. that blaze broke out just after 6:00. firefighters kept the flames from spreading to nearby businesses. the restaurant hasn't said when it will reopen. >> bay area college and high school students today geared protesting one of the country's biggest gun shows. a small group showed up at the cross roads of the west gun show call for stronger gun laws. >> i'm not saying i'm against guns. i'm saying i am against gun violence and i want to do everything i can and i want lawmakers to make sure they can do. >> one gun show attendee said he didn't have a problem for people
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pushing for stronger gun control but he believes current background checks are enough. >> starbucks is apologizing after accusations of racial discrimination. >> bob brooks from film shows us the viral video. >> it was early thursday afternoon. cell phone video captures the moment two minutes sitting inside the starbucks on 18th and spruce were asked to leave. the reason why? the manager called police saying the two men were trespassing because they did not purchase anything. >> what did they do? they -- >> they didn't say anything. >> you can hear patrons puzzled. today we spoke with their attorney. she says her clients wrp waiting for a third person to conduct a business meeting. >> those what thousands of people do every single day across the united states. starbucks have created a
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community where you can gather in whether you like coffee or not. >> in the end, this is a case about race and companies in the age of social media like starbucks will have to be held accountable for discriminatory actions. >> she said her clients had been released from jail. the story started to go viral and the politician commissioner weighed in today. >> according to employees the they had seen these two males come in. they sat down. after being seated they decided that they needed to use the restroom. starbucks said that according to their company policy, they do not allow nonpaying members or nonpaying people, the public to come in and use the restroom. >> he also says when the officers arrived the two men were asked several times to leave but didn't. he says that's when they were arrested. >> these officers did absolutely nothing wrong. they followed policy.
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they did what they were supposed to do. >> starbucks says it's investigating the incident and send h sent out an apology saying in part, we apologize to the two individuals and the customers. we're sorry this led to an arrest. >> that video now has more than two million views on twitter. it's prompted an internal investigation within the police department. >> still ahead on abc 7 snooze at 11:00, a movie unlike any other on the big screen. an east bay crowd getting an incredible glimpse back in time tonight of newly released footage of the 1906 san francisco earthquake. >> and how this rocket launched tonight will help our country. >> and also, a local woman talks about a hard to recognize scam they fell for at coachella. a warning so you don't do the same. >> we're wrapping up a bright start to the weekend but
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. two, one, and liftoff of unite united rocket. . >> a russian rocket carrying a so it for the u.s. air force along with another spacecraft that will carry multiple experiments. it will help upgreat communications around the world. >> a piece of history unearthed at a flea market 68 . >> the rare san francisco effort quake will end up in the library of congress. you get to see it first.
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>> i knew this was going to be special. >> david keane threads the projector. >> this is the way they've done it since the 1890's really. and he restores the films. the theater was built in 1913. charlie chaplain used to watch movies here. this premier is of a film nearly lost to history. >> this is the missing niles brothers film. it's been missing for over a hundred years. we know about its existence but until now we've not known where it was. >> they shot the trip down market street in the days before the fire and earthquake. >> they shot almost two hours of the film after the earthquake and none of it survives. i think this is one of the longest surviving pieces. >> the lost footage was discovered last year at a flea market in fragile condition. >> i set up a 2kib8 camera that
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will a single frame for each frame of the film. so 8,655 frames of film later i was able to put it on the commuter. >> decent ends are seeing its day blew. >> it's blowing my mind. it's a whole part of my family history that i grew up not knowing about. >> it's like a trip down the street. >> it will be converted back to film so it will last another hundred years. >> it's scary to think there's something out there that we almostmissed. what else is out there? >> it will be posted on line after being shown in june. >> it is priceless. >> for everyone to see. abc 78 news. >> what a treasure. the lapd has confiscated $700,000 of counterfit makeup that tested positive for human waste.
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businesses were raided after a customer complaint of makeup causing skin problems. wonder why. the lapd posted photos saying the best price is not the best deal always. some of the seized fakes includes fake makeup. several people were arrested. >> we're still waiting for beyonce tonight. so far, at least a dozen people are missing coachella because of an on-line ticket scam. one of the victims from san francisco said she bought opening weekend tickets for $700 from the government tdt tiks. she got an e-mail instructing her to pick up the tickets. >> we got there and there were a couple of people. they looked confused. there wasn't anyone who had tickets. they said the man checked out yesterday. and that he was gone.
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. >> the company is no longer replying to e-mails and no one picks up at the customer service line. >> all right. as folks wait for beons say, this is the band jungle at the coachella effectively festival goers are enjoying themselves. the band's rocking out late into the night. waiting for beyonce to take the stage. tomorrow night, cardi b performs. >> well, that's sh let's check the forecast. i think we got some rain on the way. >> yeah. drew is standing by. >> we've got a lot of changes headed our way. we're talking about a great start toot week. sunshine and warm temperatures today. different story tomorrow. get ready for cool air and rain. live doppler 7 already see changes to the map. earlier today we had clear skies. tonight, high clouds move in
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ahead of the next cool front. temperature wise it's not all that chilly 59 in san jose after an afternoon spent in the 70s, 54 in san francisco. oakland right now at 56. here's the call from accuweather. the next 12 hours, the clouds thicken overhead. that will keep temperatures in the mid 40s to lower 50s as it gets you into sunday morning. here's the set up. you can see the clouds moving in from a west-to-east fashion. this is all ahead of a cold front well off to our north and west. the wider picture shows you the cold front is very thin but it will sink south and bring us our next chance of showers. the storm impacts on sunday. a level one, a light, quick-moving system. rainfall letz than a half of an inch and the winds as that front moves through here, they will be
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gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. future weather, let's time out your sunday. we start out at 7:30 in the morning. it's a dry sta rt to the morning. if you have outside activities, you'll be fine. later on, the clouds will thicken overhead. the rain will arrive in the north bay around santa rosa by 4:00, 5:00, beginning to move through oakland and san francisco. then it shifts south. towards 6:00 in the evening we expect showers to make their presence known in the south bay and inland as well. it's a quick moving line of showers. by 9:00 behind it we're tapering to an isolated shower to round out the day tomorrow. rain estimate is kind of what you would expect. less than half of an inch of rain. i think if you pick up a quarter of an inch of rain tomorrow, you should count yourself lucky. a wide range of temperatures
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tomorrow where the cold front moves through the north bay. hooiz lim highs limited to the south. a little bit of snowfall coming to the sierra. some spots like donner could pick up a foot of snow identity of the storm system. plan the next seven days for you. there's the afternoon showers. an isolated shower monday morning, perhaps a thunderstorm. but it's cooler. we dry out midweek. friday and saturday, the sunshine returns and the warm air comes back. >> 70s. >> it's going to be nice again. >> drew, thank you. >> sure. >> come for the soft linens, stay for the gostly apparitions.
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can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. . >> if you're brave enough you can represent a so-called
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haunted state room aboard the former super liner ship docked in long beach. >> the queen mary claims to be one of the top 10 haunted places in the united states. and state room b is said to be the most haunted. >> no guests have stayed for 30 years, at least nobody who came back totell about it. >> ha-ha. >> it was rented out yesterday since it was friday the 13th. it rentsz for $499 a night. good luck getting that out of me. >> yeah. >> what were you laughing at? >> we talked about escape rooms. >> oh, yeah. >> there's a panic button. >> yeah. ok. all right, guys. warriors hold serve in game one. the sharks showing off their skills to take a 2-0 lead over naim at the pond.
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great day of postseaso
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. abc sports brought to you by by river rock casino. >> steve kerr has been saying his team needs to bring it up a notch for the postseason. when i asked him today if this was the best performance in the last three weeks, he said how about three months? good timing. steph curry still working out, rehabbing his knee. on track for a return in round two, they'll re-evaluate next week. mcgee got the start. 11 of his 15th half in the first half. second quarter, klay thompson starting to heat up. slash. spurs just don't have the
11:30 pm
firepower. former st. mary's gael throws the pass. third quarter, iguodala, no. look at this tip-in. oh, my. draymond green gets into the action, passes on the dunk. does it up. clay, another tray. 11 of 13 shooting for 27 points. warriors win game one 113-92. >> i never look at it like that. i look at it as we weren't playing well. we get back to the basics of what we do, which is defend and push the tempo. >> we know this team is going to make some huge adjustments and be more aggressive. we're looking forward to playing again. >> we can't fool ourselves. the spurs in this position before. we have to come out with the same intensity we did today, bring it on monday. >> did you watch the game? >> yes.
11:31 pm
>> what did you think? >> it didn't work very well. >> probably the best you've had in about three weeks. >> maybe three months, but yeah. >> all right. sharks went duck huntings in anaheim and bagged their second win in two tries, taking a 2-0 series lead over anaheim. two wins on the road in the playoffs? unheard of. shark fans showing up at the pond. ducks scored just 40 seconds into the game but san jose shots. dylan's shot goes wide. sorenessson is there. later couturier on the back hand. seconds period hoe tomas hertl beats gibson with the back hander. oh, my, what a goal. that made it marcus jones, 28 saves and none better than right here encory perry with 44 seconds to go. sharks win it 3-2, take a
11:32 pm
commanding 3-2 series lead. game three monday at the tank. >> we're tough to play against. you've got to earn your way to beat us in a game. we've definitely carried that mind set here into the playoffs. >> it's really good for us. >> all right. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. stanford football coming up. stick around. sleep's overrated. how far is this to have two teams in the flaufs tamtd. >> says a man lacking sleep. >> 12 more days.
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. live where live, this is abc 7 news. age attack followed syria using chemical weapons against his own citizens killing at least 40. >> in richmond, the highway patrol searched for clues for someone who fired shots along interstate 580. they checked a bullet riddled car in berkeley. >> starbucks is apologizing after arrest two people in philadelphia. the men say they were waiting for a business partner.
11:37 pm
their attorney claims starbucks was racist because the men are black. >> new developments tonight on a story we've been following closely for six months. three elderly residents have been died since being evacuated from the oakmont senior living facility in san jose during the north way wires. >> a class action suit is being changed to an lawful death lawsuit. here's information you'll only see here. >> oakmont senior living is build as a luxury retirement community. >> it was a beautiful version of hell. >> on october 9 during the tubbs tire, the residence burned to the ground. sherry says her 92 mom barely made it out alive. >> i feel awful. >> this is her in the hospital after the fire. >> that's all we have is each other. >> she passed away two months later. >> she never had a good day after that.
11:38 pm
she was in so much pain. i mean, just in agony. >> two other residents also passed away after the fire. both related to the two women who rescued all of villa capri's residents. >> all i could think about is getting all these people to safety. >> her mother passed away last month. she said the employees didn't know what to do. we. >> we wanted to help and asked them if they had a plan. they said no. they were waiting on their director. >> they said all of our communities have evacuation plans. maintenance worker andre blakably. >> i wasn't caught it if they do. >> this attorney says all she's seen is a one-page document. names of points people, some of whom she says no longer work there. she filed a unlawful death case. she said law enforcement
11:39 pm
prevented them to re-enter the area to shuttle some of patients to save but police say there were no roadblocks. >> we were not stopping anyone that night. >> the response to her lawsuit reads plaintiffs failed to take quad precautions that would avoided or diminished her injuries and damages and didn't act in a manner a almost person would have in like or similar circumstances. she said the center is blaming victims who can't see, who can't hear, who's afraid, who hasn't been out of bed in two years, to blame her is upsetting. >> a judge granted the request for an expedited trial. it's been set for august. just ten months after the fire. >> they blew it so massively may the jig is up. people know now that this is not
11:40 pm
the place that it was pretending to be. >> we reached out to the living center's attorney for response and did not hear back. >> at least three deaths are being blamed on a storm that's hit several states with heavy rain and snow. you can see the conditions drivers faced near minneapolis. 50 mile nourp winds have made visibility worse by blowing snow across the race. hail fell in texas. one tornado hit arkansas and thousands of people lost power because of the storm. >> on to the hunt for a hurder. the accused wife on the run right now. tonight police say she killed again. this time targeting a woman who looks just like her. here's the report. would tonight a cross-country manhunt for this accused killer. police believed to be behind two murders in two states. they say she gunned down her
11:41 pm
husband david in their rural minnesota home in march. taking off in their white cadillac escalade soon after spotted at a iowa casino. the marshal joining the search as she allegedly fled to fort myers, florida. where she befriended tz pamela hutchinson who she killed. >> no connection between the two women miss say except their striking physical similarities. >> too same fire arm was used in both homicides. >> authorities say they found hutchinson ace purse in disarray. all cash, credit cards and i.d.'s removed. according to politician, she was last seen sunday in corpus christi texas. border control now on alert. she's wanted for murder, grand
11:42 pm
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. >> this is a live look at coachella's main stage. believe it or not, there she is. beyonce took the stage a few minutes ago. >> you can s crowd having a fantastic time. we have some special intel saying she sang the song "formation" moments ago. this is from our secret source. >> you mean drew? >> a secret source. beyonce will be back again for the second week at this same time next saturday. >> you should see. one of his eyes is darting to the screen watching her.
11:46 pm
>> one eye's over here, the other's on the forecast. >> he's so talented. >> i know. >> a bus driver in michigan cooperate believe their eyes. >> two women she knew. what fold was a reunion. >> it has been a heartbreak of linda's life that when family photos war taken, a child was missing. in 1968 linda gave birth to her eldest, a little girl and gave her up for adoption to a family that loved her and raised her and gave her the name molly. >> they were told that i had an african-american grandmother and that my mom was young. >> she never forgot her first baby. >> it was hard. >> then a twist of fate when one of molly's friend, a bus driver saw something in the face of one of her regular passengers. >> at first it's trust your faith. but then i have noticed they have the exact same hand.
11:47 pm
>> this is molly and this is melanie. no denying they're sisters. for the first time in 48 years molly meets her sister and her biological mother linda who was apprehensive until she heard what molly said. >> i did not expect what i got. just pure love. >> all from a hurchl that proved correct. also life changing. abc news. >> what are the odds? >> ok. a warning. you're getting five seconds here to get your mind off beyonce and back on the program. >> you can do it. >> i know. she's got a second on now. got 50 seconds to do weather and go back and watch beyonce. this is coming up dry. the active picture showings you the rain has yet to arrive. tomorrow, especially on an afternoon sunday. a level one light system light hours.
11:48 pm
the winds will pick up in the afternoon. here's your planner on your sunday. the first half of your day, it's dry. you'll have increasing clouds. that rain will arrive in the afternoon. by 4:00, those showers are moving through much of the region. by 7:00, the focus in the south bay. the showers will lippinger into monday morning. we dry out then. nice and dry by next week. a rapid cooldown. >> you're done. you may go. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> he's kind of a rock star in the weather world. >> he goes by one name, which would it be. >> tuma. >> oh! >> now you can go back to beyonce. >> warriors got one of the bestt games. he was as solid after the game. his game off
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
. this is going to be a big weekend for javale mcgee, anyway. he dropped his first album yesterday under the name pierre, his middle name. then today in game one got the start. before talking about his album i asked him after the game what a beatdown does like this to an opponent's mentality. >> it makes them go back to the drawing board. this is just a first game. you got to go out the next game, especially going to san antonio with the same amount of focus we had in the first game. >> draymond was saying you were texting him. are you normally this over the top, so to speak? >> yeah. it's probably a little over the top, but i'm just really focused and when the playoffs come
11:53 pm
around, it's just like you got one shot. you lose a game, that can really change the whole series, so you definitely have to be real particular with what you're doing. >> all right. this team, nobody caresho gets the attention on this team. you get the start, zaza get the start, a lot of -- what is it with this team? >> we want to win. that's all it is. if i don't play at all, we're not oh, no, what's fog on. whatever we have to do to win, we're going to do. >> you know that's not the case on some teams. >> that's right. here, we're all in and like i say, strength in numbers. we understand it. we're going to need everybody at one point. >> i see you on the court as javale. off the court, pierre. got a new album out and 16 songs. i know you've been doing -- i don't think a lot of nba players are doing in as they come up to the postseason. you'rery leasing it. but this really means something
11:54 pm
to you, too, right? >> definitely. i warm fronted to release it before the playoffs so i can focus on basketball and get that out of my mimed. it's definite aa blessing. go out and listen. >> does he know it's going on? >> i'm pretty sure he does. >> i'm pretty sure he does. >> you've got to give him am sample. >> they were playing it. >> i can't give an example from you, right? >> i don't are sipping. i just produce it. >> what's more exciting? your release or the game one victory? >> the game one victory, definite lip. >> pierre, go out and grab his album. to the diamond, evan longori and mccutchen but they got the last laugh. will you marry me? she said why not at at&t park? ok. in the fourth, g men down 2-020 tie with one swing of the bat.
11:55 pm
2-the game. fifth inning, up 3-2. andy mccutchen with a solo bomb. tied up 4-2. hunt renfrow, are you kidding me? deep drive off corey gain. that's the game winner. 5-4, your final. all right, spending the weekend in seattle. can you tell by the weather? second inning -- i was watching beyonce. see ya. thee-run shot. allowed five runs in four innings. seventh inning down 9-5. consider this crush, crush davis. two-run shot, 9-7 game. a game featuring seven home runs, not better than daniel vogel bach there's a target and he finds it. hosting the houston dine mows.
11:56 pm
houston course request two quick goals in the second. first tomas martinez will tie it then mara manotes gives his team a 2-1 lead. quakes will respond. this shot will hit off a foot and in. this game ends in a 2-2 draw. >> all right. stappford football spring game, the offensive cardinal and versus the defense in white. 111 yards, 1 carries. that 22-yard touchdown. he was just one quarterback active all spring. everyone down due to injury. richardson, 130, 22 yards to conor wettington, fullback houston. it was announced after the game that richardson has received a scholarship. his mom and dad both plads sports for stanford. what a great story.
11:57 pm
you can tell by javale he was not just a little embarrassed but dropping an album at the same time as the playoff start. you can see the giggle. i probably shouldn't have done it then but i wanted to get it done. >> do then understand about that? >> oh, no. >> go back to watching. >> thank you. >> that's it for tonight. thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, have a wonderful ieng.
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