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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  April 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right here on abc 7, former fbi director james comey breaks his silence for the first time since being fired and gives us rare insight into the white house administration. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> president trump has some harsh words for former fbi director comey hours before his full interview here on abc 7. >> now comey claims the president at times resembled a mob boss and comey explains why
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he reopened an investigation against hillary clinton a week before the 2016 election. >> there's lots of reaction here in the bay area. cornell bernard is live in our news rm with that part of the story. >> tonight's interview highly anticipated. bay area democrats and republicans eager to hear what comey say. the president already tweeting a storm of criticism for comey. >> i will be very interested to see what the director of the fbi has to say this evening. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi says she'll be watching tonight when former fbi director james comey breaks his silence. >> as you headed into trump tower that day were you nervous? >> yes. >> reporter: the former fbi director fired by president trump sits down with abc george stephanopoulos. comey alleges president trump at times resembled a mob boss. he explained why he announced the fbi was reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's emails a week before the election. >> hillary clinton's convinced that that letter defeated her.
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what do you say to her? >> i hope not. i don't know. i honestly don't know. i sure hope not. >> reporter: comey doesn't say he handed the presidency to trump but admits he believed at the time clinton was going to win. >> she's going to be elected president and if i hide this from the american people, she'll be ill-legitimate the moment she's elected. >> reporter: she'll watch the interview but believes comey is no hero. >> and my opinion he has no moral backbone. it's hard to look at anything he's saying and take it as fact. >> reporter: today the president not hodding back his criticism tweeting incredibly james comey states that polls where crooked hillary was leading were a factor in the handling of the clinton probe. >> i think that the tweets that the president has been making are so far beneath the dignity of the office of president. >> reporter: more reaction to come. cornell bernard, abc 7.
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you can see comey's interview with george stephanopoulos tonight beginning at 10:00 p.m. in developing news, former first lady barbra bush is in failing health and won't seek additional medical treatment according to family spokesman. jim mcgrath says the decision to not seek treatment follows conversations that bush had with her family and a recent series of trips to the hospital. this is video of bush to a visit of san francisco's chinatown back in 1992. the 92-year-old former first lady focus on comfort care and says she's surrounded by family. mcgrath did not disclose the nature of bush's health problems. the family released a statement read not guilty part, it will not surprise those who know her that barbra bush has been a rock in the face of her failing health, worrying not to herself mpg thanks to her abiding faith but for others. showers and downpours are dotting the bay area as we take a live look outside at the conditions you see that precipitation on the lens right there from our walnut creek
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camera. meteorologist drew tilla joining us now to let us know how long the rain last. >> we started out yesterday with sunshine. now today rain has returned to the region with a storm system slowly making its way to the south. live doppler 7 behind me showing an active picture. i want to zoom in to the focus of that cold front. live doppler 7 showing you those showers moving from a northwest to southeast fashion, so moving into the south bay within the next 90 minutes or so. on the storm impact scale this evening will have light to moderate showers at times. it won't be raining the entire evening. rainfall pretty minimal. those winds gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour. future weather later on this evening by 6:00, those showers really focused in the southern half of our viewing area and likely another round of showers moves in early monday morning. tomorrow, though, we do have a chance of thunder showers popping up. we'll detail that in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. we're getting a better look
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at the damage caused by a coalition strike on syria that president trump calls a success. satellite images before and after give us a look at the targeted buildings that the pentagon says were chemical weapons facilities. they are wiped away with burn marks still visible. friday's attack was in response to the alleged chemical attack in syria. russia's leadership says that attack was faked by western intelligence. the treasury department announce sanctions against russia on monday. >> russian sanctions will be coming down and they'll go directly to any sort of companies that we're dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons used. >> chemical inspectors are now in syria to investigate the alleged chemical attack. hundreds of people today march from the lake amply theater to the plaza in oakland to say no to wars at home and abroad. >> the people united will never defe defeated. >> there you hear them protesters took to the streets calling for peace across the
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globe, including america's involvement with syria, palestine, afghanistan and the violence against people of color on our very own soil. >> there's a war being waged on black and brown bodies in this country and with this administration, the very meek and mild reforms that were in place because of obama are being rolled back and you hear i.c.e. agents and police officers saying they feel like they've been unshackled. they were unshackled before. who knows what's coming for us now. >> demonstrators also denounce the war on women citing sexual violence and reproductive rights. there were calls to boycott starbucks after police arrested two black men because they were waiting to meet someone in the shop and had not ordered anything. the ceo is apologizing. kim hutchinson has a look at the arrests. >> the city of brotherly love now in the middle of a controversy. >> reporter: many calling for a starbucks boycott following this arrest. this now viral video shot inside
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a philadelphia area starbucks shows two black men being handcuffed and taken the man in the gray vest. he's heard telling officers the men were waiting to meet with him to discuss a deal. the men's lawyer said they waited for less than 15 minutes and did nothing wrong. >> these guys were doing what people do every single day. they were having a meeting and they were undoubtedly singled out because of their race. >> reporter: philadelphia's police commissioner is defending the arrest. he says the starbucks employee called police to report a disturbance and accused the men of trespassing. >> these officers did absolutely nothing wrong and they did a service that they were called to do. >> reporter: the men were released from custody at the police station after it became clear starbucks did not want to press charges. meanwhile, the video has sparked major reaction on social media with many calling for a starbucks boycott. >> what did they do? >> reporter: starbucks is apologizing to the men and to
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customers, saying they quote, clearly have more work to do when it comes to how we handle incidents in our stores. kim hutchinson, abc 7. >> investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire inside a residential hotel in san francisco's north beach. abc 7 news was at columbus avenue and broadway after firefighters contained the flames to just one unit inside the hotel. one man went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. his next door neighbor told us what he heard and saw just after 9:00 this morning. >> i heard the fire alarm. i looked in the window right away and saw smoke coming out from the window. it was the room right next to me. i got kind of scared. i ran outside my room. >> this morning's fire burned just a few blocks from where flames gutted a vacant apartment building. that fire forced several businesses to close. engineers have a pricey plan to stop the tower in san francisco from sinking right correcting its lean at the same time. the "san francisco chronicle"
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reports the engineers are confident drilling piles down to bedrock stabilize one side of the 58 story condo high rise while the other side continues to sink until the building straightens itself out. the job is estimated to cost $2 million to $5 million and take two to five years. the building's general contractor is already working on the city for permits. most of us time don't have time to spare when we're trying to get to work, so cal tran thinks its come up with a way to get us moving. does it mean passengers will have to wait to board. details about the new pilot program that starts tomorrow. also a tax tour. a loo
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. trump tax must go marches and rallies are taking place acolorado california calling for tax fairness and city leaders and activists spoke out against the so-called trump tax, the gop backed tax reform bill that passed in december. >> trump tax is a purely partisan effort to further redistribute wealth from the working and middle class to the ceos, the ultra wealthy, the big business and corporate shareholders. >> demonstrators are demanding congress repeal the trump tax and force president trump to release his tax returns. starting tomorrow your commute on cal tran make go smoother. they're launching a pilot program that allows all bicyclists to board bike cars first. the idea is to make the boarding process smoother and faster.
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the bikers board first program will be tested only on northbound trains at the mountainview and redwood city stations from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on weekdays. commuters who take 101 in the north bay notice a difference on their drive. cal tran says crews this morning shifted southbound 101 through the narrows. the alignment features a new raised section of highway and a new bridge. this is all designed to et flooding in the area. fans waited for a year and from their reaction, it seems to have been worth it. ♪ >> beyoncé killed, slayed, murdered. you name it. she did it all. she had special guest join her on stage. we'll have a look coming up. i'm meteorologist drew tuma will continue to track those showers along with gusty winds this sunday evening and tomorrow there's a chance of a
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thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline. what stage presence, right? queen bee expressed her gratitude with an outstanding two hour marathon performance at coachlea's opening weeked. she entertained the crowd of thousands. and reuniting with destiny's child on the main stage. she even handled wardrobe malfunction like a boss. i mean take a look here. she's dancing, singing doing her thing and actually holding on to her outfit all without missioning a beat. you can barely even notice. beyoncé canceled her headlining performance last year because she was pregnant.
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we have at least one fan here at the station. i have no idea. >> major league baseball celebrated the jackie robinson, 71st anniversary. his wife, daughter and son were on hand in city field in queens. robinson was the first african-american in the major league playing with the brooklyn doggers. they retired his number 32. they made jackie robinson day an annual event in 2004. now your accurate weather forecast with drew tuma. >> we're tracking a cold front that is brought rain back to the region along with some chilly temperatures. live doppler showing you the action across the region much of us seeing a couple lighting showers. along the peninsula, we are seeing showers from half moon bay over to san mateo in son san
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francisco even into the east bay. walnut creek, concord right now, even light isolated showers around oakland and more steadier rain falling in the north bay from now. we still have some wet weather to get through. the wider picture show you on wide doppler 7 the motion of this cold front. it's very slowly sinking from the northwest to the south and to the east. areas like the south bay right now you have yet to see the rain but that move in within the next 60 minutes or so as this front moves through. as it does, it is whipping up those winds right now. look at the wind gusts at oakland. 40 miles per hour, 25 in hayward. 22 in mountainview and these winds are bringing down much cooler air. look at our air temperatures right now. you can definitely see where that cold front has already moved through in the north bay. we're in the mid-40s to lower 50s. ahead of that cold front in the south bay where we have yet to see the rain, we're still
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holding warmer in the mid-60s right now. overnight tonight as that cold front moves through, it's going to drop even colder air in here the next 12 hours. so tonight upper 30s to mid-40s. we'll be a chilly night with on and off showers moving through. the storm impact scale tonight into monday. it's a level one. a level system with light to moderate showers at times. rainfall minimal. less than half an inch. but there is the chance monday that a thunder shower could pop up. future weather -- let's time this out for you. 7:00 p.m., mainly the focus is in the south bay with the showers. we'll get a brief break in the action but early monday morning another round of showers moves through for the monday morning commute we will have to dodge a few drops and future weather shopping you even mt. hamilton with this air of pink and white on your screen not on the question to see a dusting of snow on our highest heels. future weather monday morning these pops of yellow very
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isolated in nature. there's that chance of a thunder shower popping up. the storm prediction center has placed the entire bay area under an isolated chance of thunder shower popping up on monday. if one does our biggest threat is lightning and small hail. we'll be tracking that for you. highs on your monday. get ready for this. this is a reality check. much cooler air. we'll be stuck in the 50s with scattered showers and the chance of a thunderstorm for your monday. have that jacket with you the entire day. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we warm up and brighten up on tuesday. we see another chance of a shower coming in on thursday morning. that's our last chance. by friday, saturday and sunday, sunshine and warmth returns and yes, we're going back into the low 80s, 70s, this time next weekends. tomorrow morning you'll dodge some drops as you head to work and school. >> thanks. we got sports coming up. >> we have lawyers and sharks
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announcer: now abc 7 sport with mike schumen. >> warriors officially flipped the switch to the regular season to the post-season. combined 51 points and energetic play on both ends. the 21 point victory. here they are at practice today. this is a seven game series and san antonio make adjustments for game two. >> i've seen this a million
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times as a player. broadcaster, coach. you go out there in game one and you hammer a team and feel good about yourself. it's almost automatic. they're simmering, they're seething. we're feeling pretty good about ourselves. next thing you know, it's 20-6 to start out tomorrow because human nature means that they're going to play harder than we are. >> lebron james never lost an opening round series as his clan faced cleveland. stevenson throwing it down. pacers up celtics hosting the bukds minus irving. four seconds left tied at 96. terry row jeer hit the three. boston up three. only thing milwaukee can do is catch aoo middleton gets it. he drains it from way out.
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he had 31. sends this game to overtime but the celtics would get the win. jayson tatum with a pretty reverse layup. 113-107 that final. when you start a playoff series on the road the goal is to steal one game. the sharks did better than that winning the first two games in anaheim. sharks return to the danger tomorrow night. last year the ducks lost the first two games at home against the oilers but won four of the next five and took the series. >> but we've all been around the league for a long we know how important the next game is. >> always pay attention at a baseball game. good thing the net was there. trying to prevent their third loss to the padres. wow. giants scored their first run with san diego. got the next ten.
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the only one to hit a home run. feeding time for the sea gulls. padres win. two run shot, fourth of the year. only runs oakland would get. first of the season cuts the lead in half, 2-1. seven innings allowed just two hits. he improves to 2-2. a's go on to win that 2-1. a's go on to win that 2-1. okc taking ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step.
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00. he's strapped but not with a work belt. the bank robbery has you asking to look behind the sky. >> that bring a new set of skills to the search for life. >> question, yum or yuck and there's only a half hour left to decide. >> heinz is letting people to decide if it should make a mayochup. 55% in favor of this mayo checkup. the vigorus nodding. >> thousand island has relish in it. some texture.
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>> that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. i am welcome to "world news tonight." the comey showdown. just hours away. the fired fbi director speaking out in our abc news exclusive. president trump's counterattack before the interview airs, suggesting comey should be in jail. that he's a, quote, "slimeball." comey now responding. the breaking headline tonight about the health of former first lady barbara bush. her family saying the ailing 92-year-old will not seek further medical treatment. a deadly spring slam. a twister outbreak across the south. new tornado watches in effect as another snowstorm buries the midwest. putin's threat. the russian president, saying there will be a price to pay for another missile strike against syria. courtroom face-off. the president's personal attorney, due in federal court. will he come face to face with


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