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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 15, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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temperature dropped. people getting soaked getting into tradeder joe's as you using umbrellas and anything they could grab to keep dry. >> the rain came down hard before it slowed a bit. >> in the sierra snow you can is he see the snow at heaven lip mountly resort let's get to drew with more about the storm. >> yesterday's warmth a distant memory. it's about colder air and showers with it. live doppler 7 showing axe across the region right now. let's zoom in to where we have much of the rain focused at this hour hf live doppler 7 showing much of it is light. indicated by green but a few pops of yellow here and there indicate a couple of downpours as it slowly moves to the south. on the storm impact scale this evening we're tracking light to moderate showers. rainfall less than .5 of an inch. winds gusty, 20 to 35-mile-per-hour. once in cold front moves out
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tomorrow, though, we have a chance of thundershowers. we'll tell you about that in the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. and keep track of the changing weather where you live with the accuweather app download it to the phone and get the forecast on the go. barbara bush will not seek more medical treatment. her family saying snes in sailing health. in 1992 mrs. bush when he she campaigned for george h.w. bushed made an appearance in chinatown. a spokesperson says the 92-year-old will focus on being comfortable at her home in texas. former president george h.w. and barbara have been married 73 years. she is also the mother of former president george w. bush. right here on abc 7, the former fbi director fired by president trump breaks his silence. in the interview he tells auto including why he reopened an investigation against hillary clinton a week before the 2016
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evenings. there is lots of reaction in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernhard live in the newsroom with details. >> it's the interview many waiting to see. democrats and republics alike. but the president is also tweeting criticism for james comey. >> it seems curious to me that the president of the united states has fired not one but two directors of the fbi. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says she will watch tonight when former fbi centering james comey breaks his sense. >> as you headed into trump tower that day were you nervous. >>y he. >> the frrm director fired by president trump sits down with george stephanopoulos. in the interview comey alleges president trump at times zehmabled a mob boss with. he explains why he announced ds the fbi was reopening the investigation in hillary clinton's emails, a week before the election. >> hillary clinton's convinced that that letter defeated her. what do you say to her. >> i don't know i hope not.
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i sure hope not. >> comby doesn't say he handed the presidency to truch believes he admits at the time that clinton was going to be arrested. >> if i hide it from the people she will be illegitimate before she is elected >> will you watch tonight. >> yes. >> hillary from the san francisco republican party he is believes comey is no hero. he has no moral become bone it's hard to look at anything he is saying and take it as fact. >> today the president not holding back criticism tweeting unbelievably james comey states that polls where hillary hillary was leading and handling of the stupid email probe. calling comey a leaker suggesting he should be in prison. >> i think the tweets the president has been making are so far beneath the dignity of the office of president. >> more reaction to come. cornell bernhard, abc 7 news. >> and you can watch the first interview about his tell-all
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book on abc 7. the one-hour special is 10:00 a.m. followed by news at 11:00. tax trump must goe. calls for tracks fairness and transparent i. abc 7 news was in san francisco at the labor council where city leaders and activists spoke out against the trump tax, the tax reform bill that passed in december. >> trump tax is a purely partisan effort to further redrbt welt from the working and middle class to the ceos, the ultrawealthy, and big business and correspondent shareholders. >> demonstrators are demanding congress repeal the trump tax and force president trump to release his tax returns. calls to boycott starbucks are growing after two black men in philadelphia were arrested for not ordering there. starbucks ceo has apologized and is calling on the company to change the policies. reporter kim hutcher isson has a look at the controversial arrest. >> the city of brotherly love
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now in the middle of a controversy. >> doept get into a fight with them. >> many calling for a starbucks boycott following in arrest. in now viral video shot inside a philadelphia air starbucks shows two black men handcuffed and taken away. >> what did any get call for because there are two black guys. >> the man in the gray vest is a real estate investor he is heard telling officers the men were wrating to me with him to discuss a deal. the men's lawyers said they waited less than 15 minutes and did nothing wrong. >> these guys were doing what every day having a meeting undoubtedly singled out because of race. >> philadelphia's police commissioner is defending the arrest. he says the starbucks employee called police to report a disturbance and accused the men of trespassing. >> these officers did absolutely not wrong. and that they did a sfts that they were called to do. >> the men were released from custody at the police station after it became clear starbucks did not want to press charges.
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meanwhile, the video has parked major reaction on social media. with many calling for a starbucks boycott. >> what did they do? what did they do. >> starbucks is apologizing to the men and customers saying they quote clearly have more work to do when it comes to how we handle incidents in our stores. kim hutcherson, abc 7 news. palo alto police need your help to catch a bank robber who disguised as a construction worker. surveillance cameras captured the image in inside of a brafrm bank on friday. detectives tell us the man pulled out a handgun and demanded money before 5:30 on friday. he grabbed cash from the drawer after the teller moved into a back room. witnesses say the man appeared to be in his 30s. abc 7 news was in san francisco's north beach after a fire broke out inside a residential hotel starting around 9:00 a.m. at columbus avenue and broadway. paramedics rushed want man to the hospital for smoke
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inhalation. officials tell us the fire started in his room. other tenants returned to rooms. tensions mount following airstrikes on syria? response to a chemical weapons attack. >> syria's ally russia claims the chemical attack never happened. now the u.s. is considering new sanctions against the country. plus the planet hunter is launching tomo
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president trump has declared mission accomplished after the airstrikes targeting chemical facilities in syria. >> protesters maerchd against the attacks in oakland today. call for of an end to covert wars. the airstrikes were in response to last weekend's suspected chemical attack in syria. and reporter james longman has the late freft beirut. >> the ruins of the chemical weapons famts set back years according to the pentagon. a scientific research center north of damascus reduced to rubble. two other facilities were destroyed. >> the the cripple are good words. >> look at the before and after images. it targeted building wiped away. walk and turn marks still visible. the precision airstrikes were more limited than expected and
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many fear bashar al assad may be in possession of chemical weapons. the president responding criticism to his initial mission accomplished tweet. the syrian was specifically carried out with such precision, that the only way the fake news media could demean wasabi my use of the term mission accomplished. the strikes drawing sharp reaction from russia, the kremlin still saying the chemical attack was faked by western intelligence attention agencies. the treasury department announcing sanctions against russia on monday. >> russian sanctions will be coming down. and they will go directly to any sort of company that is were dealing with equipment related to assad and kelmle weapons use. >> chemical inspectors are in syria to carry out an investigation into that alleged chemical weapons attack. >> and while the u.s. has warned further airstrikes are a possibility still russia is adamant that further military action would bring global kay wos o ohs. >> well look at this, the white house press second clarified a tweet that drew alt of questions
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about its validity. sarah sanders tweeted last night the president put out advisories on notice inside the situation room as president is briefed on syria. >> california congressman ted lieu tweeted in response look carefully at this picture. potus and wasn't vice president pence in peru at the time. >> today sanders tweet add response as i wanted the sarah put the dafrtss on nasdaq friday. the photo was taken thursday during syria briefing. >> well, we can agree on this. it's spring but soon feeling like winter again. >> and that means rain, cold and even hail and snow. meteorologist drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast. >> the warriors will not take the spurs for granted at game two after a 123 point beat down a with the sharks come home with
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nasa's next mission launch being tomorrow will begin an unprecedented search for life supporting plan et cetera. >> it's pretty interesting. the transiting approximate survey satellite or tess for short will launch on a spacex
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rocket. t.e.s.s. is a telescope featuring four cameras tracking 85% of the sky around it out to a distance of 300 light years away. >> it won't give a clear look at plan et cetera instead tracking the chemical signatures of plan et cetera revolving around stars. and they expect to find hundreds of new worlds come capable of supporting life. >> back on earth, abc 7 news was in san francisco when vintage cars took center stage in nob hill. car enthusiasts descended on mason street out the hotel where you look at many exotic cars taking part in the 28th california me lee. the 1,000-road ral will take drivers on across small towns in northern california. >> the last few days people spotted whales in the bay. they say it was more active before being captured on video which is always the way this works. in recent years hump back whales have been chasing food beyond
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the golden gate bridge as the west coast populations return from near extinction opinion. and any tv reporter people are always active before the camera is turned on. >> of course kind of like what we saw outside not long ago. drew tuma actually saw snow in the camera. >> a little light snow. >> yeah. >> we saw a couple of flakes flying in the sutro tower camera moments ago. it's an indication of how cold the air is overhead right now. you feel it at the surface certainly. 24-hour temperature change double digit drops. right now the cold front responsible for the colder air has been brought shourps to the region. we zoom in a little bit closer across san francisco and oakland right now. live doppler 7 gets down to street level. light showers at this hour indicated by the light green you see. as we sink so the touting. what you notice in the south bay you get robbed of the showers. the rain shadow effect happening at this hour where the santa
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cruz mountains steal a lot of the moisture before it hits san jose. but what we notice as the dryer air fills in over the past hour or so, we do anticipate say around 7:00, 7:30 to see drops dropping in san jose. we'll take to the sierra. look at this. live doppler 7 showing thunder snow indicated by the lightning strikes in the sierra. it's an indication we have heavy snow falling at this hour. look at the 24-hour temperature change. the warm air of yesterday long gone. 18 degrees cool fler novato. 230 degrees cooler in livermore. 21 cooler in antioch than this time yesterday. instead of 70s and 80s like we were on saturday, today we are in the 50s. 54 round in oakland. chilly 58 in san jose. we're currently at 52 in san francisco. overnight tonight it's chilly, 30s and 40s the name of the game. and isolated showers moving through over the next 12 hours. the storm impact scale, the current system, level one, light system tonight into monday.
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we'll track the light showers. rainfall what you would expect with a late season storm. less than .5 of an inch. but monday the chance of a thundershower popping up. future weather early tomorrow morning one in the morning we track light showers across the region. even the commute tomorrow morning i would allow extra time as we have the chance of a scattered shower through the region. once again in the hills look at this, mount hamilton indicated by pinks and whites on the screen could have flakes flying upon our hills. but monday morning our atmosphere is going to become unstable as colder aires works into the picture. so it's for that fact we have the chance of a thundershower on monday. the storm prediction center has highlighted the entire bay area for a chance of a thundershower popping up tomorrow. if one does, we could see some small hail and even some lightning. it's something we'll track. i think the best transof that would be the early afternoon. look at this. that feels told tomorrow, only in the 50s for highs with that chance of a scattered shower
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throughout the day. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show we have the cool air tomorrow, chance of a shower. tuesday it's different. brighter, warmer, dryer. it's sun to clouds on wednesday. there is a morning chance of a shower thursday. but the big err friday into the weekend sunshine and warmer air returns. now abc 7 sports. well the warriors officially flipped the switch from the regular season to the postseason where the game one spicket victory over the spurs led by k.d. and klay thompson's 51 points. and javale mcduffee on the other end of the court. sen today here at practice, the they know it's a 7-game series and san antonio will make adjustments for game two. >> i'm seeing this a million times as a player, as broadcasters, as a coach. you go out there in game one and you hammer a team. and you feel good about yourself. it's almost automatic. they're simmering, seating. we're feeling good about
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ourselves. next thing you know, it's, you know, 20 to 6 to start out tomorrow because human nature means they are playing harder than we are zblienchts today's action thunder jazz game one no okc. . 29 points, 13 boards and that monster dunk okc up at the half. paul george this is why the thunder got them this year, 36 points makes the defender fall and hits the three. westbrook within feet. steven adams for the one-handed finish. okc wins 116 to 108 and takes a series lead. lebron james never lost of an opening round as his cast faced irnd. cavs outstored in the first where. lance stephen snz something to do with that pacers up early. but indiana never gives the lead up. investigator had the. pacers take game one 98-to 80 the time. >> i've always stated even keel with the postseason, i mean i'm down 01 in the first round.
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that was down 3-1 in the finals. i'm the last guy to ask about how feeling the next couple days. >> the slam on the wear years. kyrie irving for the playoffs. four seconds lester eystad at 96 terrie rodger hits the 3. and five seconds lester. chris middleton gets it drains it from which out. 31 since that game to over time. the celtics take over. the reverse lay in had 19. boston wins game one. 113-107 that final. all right to the ice when you start a playoff series on the road the goal is to steal one game. well the sharks did better than that against the ducks. winning the first two games in anaheim. san jose returns to the tank tomorrow night but they are not going to get complacent. last week the ducks lost the first two at home against the oilers but one four out of five and took the series. >> always win the first one and not be satisfied with the split.
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so -- we've all been around owner around this for a long time we have been in this position before and been able to claw their way back flew a series. we know how important the next game is. >> all right. always pay attention at a baseball game good thing the net was here. watch this. yo. giants trying to prevent a third straight loss. the next ten starter tyler beaty gives up five runs in 3 and two third inning. three rbi, the only one hitting home run beat time for the seagulls. 10-1 the final. a's trying to prevent a sweep in seattle. facing king felix hernandez. jed lowery. see you. two run shot fourth of the year that's all they need. manaea would make the mistake in the fifth. cuts the lead in half. 2-1. but menniah outdualed king.
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emirate improves to 2-2 as the a's win it 2-1. more fl the nba and the nhl playoffs. i learned a new term today. >> what's that. >> thunder snow. >> thunder snow. >> thunder snow. >> it is rare but it happens. >> seen it. >> i'm old enough to have seen it. >> thanks, shu. >> it's a battle between over the top action and understated horror.
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well ton on abc 7 news at 9:00 be over on coffey tv. beyonce slayed with special guests who brought fans to their feet. >> and here at 11:00 on abc 7 all the reaction after james comey's exclusive interview, a reminer it aires at 10:00 p.m. followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> no surprise that a weekend started out friday on 13th ended with three monster movies topping the box office. >> the rock's rampage led the way appear remake of the classic city droig video game that choked dion up. it scored 50% on rotten tomato processes scoring a a minus and cinema scope. it grabbed $2 million more more
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than thrill are be a quiet place. truth or dare debuted with 19,000,006 times more than its budget appear ready players one and blockers rounded out the top five. >> two stair scarey for me. >> i thought they were on your list. >> do i look like a fan of this genre. >> you sit up here with us. >> that's a different kind of horror. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at nine and 11:00. >> we'll see you then. have a wonderful evening.
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>> hi, everyone! i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, joel visits the wine country and gets a lesson on how to entertain napa-style. >> that's the nice thing about entertaining napa-style -- it looks very elegant, but it's pretty easy. >> then, an inspiring entrepreneur reveals her recipe for success. >> we've learned so much, and we're always learning about specialty coffee. >> and doctor visits right in the comforts of your own home. >> the credibility was there. it was real, and it was a lot easier. >> plus, the three things that will help your baby thrive. >> most people don't know this, but the first three years of life are the years when the brains really develop in children. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪


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