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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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released a statement announcing her passing. she visited the bay area times to campaign for her husband or raise money for republican candidates. >> her family described her health as failing. this weekend family had been gathering since wednesday. mrs. bush is one of only two first ladies in history who was also a president's mother. >> she was a kampa for global literacy. and often clashed with republicans on the issue of abortion. barbara bush was 92 years old. >> world new also have more about the former first lady coming up at 5:30. we'll move to the other top story. the number one engine failure. and there is a hole in the side of the aircraft also. >> this is a sad day. and our hearts go out to the family and the loved ones of the deceased customer. >> that's the ceo of southwest airlines talking about today's fatal accident. >> an engine exploded mid-flight killing one passenger. and we just learned it was this woman. jennifer riordan vice president
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the wells fargo in albuquerque, new mexico. >> now sou'wester says there were no problems with the plane when inspected two days ago. >> our reporter natasha chen begins the coverage. >> horrifying moems for the 143 passengers and fight crew members onboard southwest flight 1380. >> it felt engine went out the oxygen masks dropped. >> the damaged engine forced the emergency landing in philadelphia. >> we dropped from 30,000 feet to 25,000 feet. and then the pilot regained control. >> the national transportation safety board says one person is dead. seven others were treated for minor injures. passengers say the injure happened when a specie of sh rap nil broke the window. the ntsb is gathering information working to figure out what went wrong. >> it's our understanding that the recorders have been secured and we expect a preliminary read outof recorders in the ntsb's lab in washington this evening. >> bott by the way, this is the
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first passenger to be killed on a commercial airline since 2009. >> abc news aviation expert john nancy says what happened is very rare. >> it's a seldom occuren that we lose a engine in flight second one that creates debris, thirdly we puncture a fuselage and god forebode we get a window and passenger in all of which happened today. >> the plane was actually just in california yesterday. >> according to the website flight aware, the plane took off from sacramento yesterday afternoon from there it went to las vegas then denver, back to vegas then to phoenix last night. >> this morning is went to nashville and la guardia. minutes after it took off at la guardia, the engine failed and the plane was deforted to philadelphia. the same plane flew from oakland to albuquerque, friday afternoon. >> passengers on other southwest spliets react to the news of the in-flight molden. we'll have more on that part of the story. >> let's go to our
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lisa. >> kristen what happened this morning mid-air was on everyone's mine at oakland international. southwest is the largest carrier at this airport. i spoke with some passengers who heard about the engine failure and emergency landing. just as they were taking off this morning. some felt helpless a little conflicted about flying today. others meantime say what happened while a tragedy won't change flying habits much. >> these days there are so many risks you minute you walk out of your house, so it's not going to stop me from flying. that's certainly true. >> a little uneasy. but i think everybody would be hearing this situation. so you get on the flit and you hope that the airlines is taking care of what they need to. >> southwest has 500737 dsh 700s
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in the fleet. that's the type of plane involved in this morning's incident. back here live now, southwest meantime is cooperating fully with this investigation. live at oakland international airport, lisa amin glejen. >> we first aerlted people about the emergency at 12:30 with a push alert. download the app and enable the push alerts for instant updates on breaking news. and update now to breaking news in san francisco. right now an sf p. d. officer is at the hospital after a hit-and-run in the tenderloin. vic lee is across town in live in the richmond district where vic, police detained a suspect. >> reporter: that's right. i'm at 26 avenue and california here in the richmond district. as you can see the black mercedes driven by the hit-and-run suspect is still here. the csi unit is also here. they were combing through the car until a little while ago looking for evidence. the driver of that mercedes was
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transported to county jail and booked. it was mid-afternoon here in the tenderloin district at eddy and larkin. the officer was hit by the black mercedes as he was walking across the street. witnesses tell police the driver sped off after the incident. sources tell abc 7 news the officer was in plain clothes, working on an investigation in the tenderloin when he was struck. he was taken to san francisco general hospital. sources there tell us he suffered injuries to his elbow and leg and possibly to his back. the same source says his condition is listed as serious but stable. police spotted the hit-and-run vehicle in the richmond district here at 26th avenue and california street. any stopped the car which has no plates. and arrested this woman. who was behind the wheel of the mercedes. >> what did she say. >> she hasn't made any statement. her only statement i heard her say was questioning why we were taking her into custody. but there is going to be an
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inspector assigned to the case who i'm sure after miranda and all that will interview her. we didn't ask for statements at the scene and he she didn't make statements. >> reporter: vic lee. a petaluma mother is facing manslaughter charges for her son's overdose. police arrested the woman and her friend after they didn't call for help. abc 7 news reporter we all melanie woodrow spoke with a person who did. >> the initial units on scene, approximately 20 people trapped on balconies using sheets and ropes to try to get down. >> my family -- >> petaluma police say robert harrison and darnl foernsler didn't call for help as foerns letter's 16-year-old overdosed from xanax containing fentle. it hapz on this street where harrison recently moved. harrison areas roommate who didn't want to be on camera told abc 7 news he woke up around 4:00 a.m. and saw harrison and foernsler attempting to put the boy in a vehicle.
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he called 911. when police avoid the boy was unconscious and later died. police say harrison and foernsler appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. foernsler initially gave a false name and said they was the victim's cousin. she later admitted she was the victim's mother. >> it's very sad that a mother has to go that far and doesn't call 911 to help her son out. >> neighbors said they woke up monday to lots of police activity around the vehicle outside the homing. >> i saw a backpack and other other things leaded. >> harrison had a loaded fireman and syringe. he was booked on child endangerment being in procession possession of narcotic processes. forns lerk booked on manslaughter, child endangerment and two outstanding warrants foshag rob ary. both are expected to be in court wednesday. in petaluma, melanie woodrow. authorities tonight are trying to term the cause of a huge fire at the -- damaging
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multiple units of a san jose apartment complex. this is cell phone video of flames leaping from the summer wind apartments on mclaughlin avenue 6:00 this morning. fire crews arrived later to find people trapped on balconies doing whatever they could to get down. >> the initial units on scene, approximately 20 people trapped on balconies using sheets and ropes to try to get count. >> my family, my family is really, really family. they are really family. i think we have the last ones rescued. >> paramedics treated 15 people at the scene for various injuries including breathing problems. four needed to go to the hospital. in all 36 units are now uninhabitable with the red cross assisting victim was temporary shelter. happening tonight, a special celebration if he oakland coliseum. te a's celebrating the 50th anniversary by allowing fans into the game froh. gates opened a short time ago.
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our reporter leslie brinkley is live outside the cs definitely expected a massive crowd there leslie. >> reporter: as you know a's fans are incredibly devoted. and in fact there are 30 a's fans were here back when the coliseum opened in 1968 and the a's are seating them tonight in the exact same seats they had 50 years ago. >> i just love baseball. >> 82-year-old imagjean was here in 68 and has the opening day pin on her hat to prove it. >> it was just exciting because they were new here completely. and i just fell in love. >> i remember eating the kraut dogs that's what i remember. but we were young. we were down at different seats then. >> the first pitch last time 50 years ago was ronald regan governor at the time throughout the first pitch. >>s these are the throw back
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jerseys the a's will be wearing. all seats are free. prim o sections reserve. all other seats are first come first serve. >> we have rsvp around the capacity of the stadium 60,000. we're looking forward to a big crowd and laflly and exciting and fun. >> let's go. >> fans lined up down the street at when the gates opened. free parking. die hard talgters set up with steaks and swag. >> my whole family is a's fans i got with them. >> average attend innocence 2017 was 18,000 a game. it's hoped after oing a 60,000 fans at once will generate exit willie kpieltment for a new stadium and keeping the team in oakland. >> not only have we been here 50 years but plan on being here 50 more. >> in oakland, abc 7 news. now one person who has been with the cet a's since the first season in oakland is steve, the
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team's equipment manager started in 1968 as a ball buy are boy and shared memories with abc 7 news. >> when they first came out here they hired five kids. i went down and talked to the then equipment manager. and said i'd like the job. oin what it entails. and joe dimaggio said what school you go to. >> i said st. joe's in alameda. >> he said alhe is a catholic better hire him. i we could tell we had the nuclear lease of a good club. there was a historyia with football and now baseball oakland was a big league town. from the equipment and home clubhouse manager. there are only so many of those positions only 30 in marilyn league baseball. when you have a job that's one of only 30 you get to appreciate it. it's not what's kept me here it's why would i leave?
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>> why indeed what a great. >> special night for him. >> absolutely. damage controlfare starbucks recent arrests have the coffee shop closing all stores for race sensitivity training. the company says it knows it has a problem. tax day and the irs website stops working? last minute filers get some good news. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. soak up the sun. showers coming i'll have the time line. and cracked iphone screens, michael
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starbucks will close thousands of company owned stores across the country for racial bias training on the afternoon of may 29th. report reporter melissa mcbride says this comes following two high profile incidents involving black men and apparent discrimination. >> reporter: starbucks customers looking for a caffeine boost
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need to go elsewhere on may 29th afternoon. when 8,000 starbucks nationwide will close so their employees, 175,000 can go through training to prevent racial bias. >> this is a big company. so they have to you know show that they care. >> the move comes after the arrest of two black men at a philadelphia starbucks who wanted to use the restroom but hadn't bought anything. before last week's incident brandon ward had a similar experience atator ens starbucks in january. he asked for the restroom code before making a purchase and says the manager wouldn't tell him but did give it to a white customer minutes later who also had not bought food or drinks. >> starbucks says the training its employees will undergo will be made available to other companies. the naacp, the anti-defamation league and former u.s. attorney general eric holder will help guide the curriculum. >> it will help the consumer feel more appreciated. from the perspective of the employee, they'll know how to
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handle situations where can land them in a hot seat. >> i think it's a good idea. >> as por the policy of making a purchase in order to have restroom access some customers say that's something starbucks may want to reconsider. >> and that was reporter melissa mcbride. the irs by the way just gave taxpayers an unexpected break. the delinquent for filing has been extended until tomorrow night at midnight after the computer system had a kay long breakdown. at one point filers were advised to quote come back on december 31st, 9999, a glitch, yeah. our reporter david louie spoke with an expert on what may have happened. >> reporter: taxpayers take the midnight deadline seriously knowing they will pay a penalty of if money owed isn't paid on time. but uncle sam was having computer problems on this mission critical day. it's computers unable to accept payments most of the day. but that's not all. tax preparers say the e. filing
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wasn't weather. 90 out of ten efile instead of submitting returns on paper. what does this say about the irs computers. >> it says the system is really really old and needs an overhaul. >> professor caroline chen teaches at san jose state. she spent 13 years as a senior tax attorney at the irs. >> it's tax day and they can't accept efiling or epayments. that's the very essence of tax day. >> the irs had a similar problem two years ago. before the filing deadline was extended it appeared many needed to file the old fashioned way. >> tax preparers need to print out the returns, taxpayers themselves will need to print out returns from their turbo tax or whatever other tax software they use, sign them and get them into the mail. >> h and r block said it's handling returns differently quote while the irs system is down we are clothing the returns which will be sent as soon as the irs system reopens and will
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be considered filed on time. >> so what will it cost to replace the old computer system in? by stom estimates over $1.0 billion. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. all right let's move on to consumer news. you accidentally crack the iphone careen what do you do. >> 7 on your side michael finney with advice. >> work phone has a crack on the corner. yours do too. sooner or later happens to the best of us. the smartphone screen cracks. a professional replacement can be consumer. consumer reports wanted to try cheaper do it yourself repair kits to see how easy orr not easy it is to go from shattered to smooth. cracked phone screens are annoying and sooner or later mm of them need to be fixed. now if your phone is not under warranty older or both paying to fix it might not seem worth it. >> it would have cost me $129 to get the screen of the 6
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repaired. >> consumer reports writes about smartphones she wanted to try a few did do it yourself screen repair kits to see how they work. brie rounded up cracked iphone sixes and fixed them for about $50. >> it was actually really hard. >> what does it really take to fix your own screen a lot of patience and skill. in addition to removing the screen you need to disconnect the home button camera, sensors and micron. not to mention melt dhees we have a hair drier without damagings phone. brie successfully did all that have. but it when it comes to the tiny screws. >> they were stripped. anyone who built anything or taken it apart knows how aggravating skripd screws imagine them microscopic. >> the phone works but it's not
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the same. >> to me the hours i put into this, the aggravation and the stress it wasn't worth it. >> consumer reports take fix it at year willie your own risk. if you want to safe money on the older phone and up for a challenge,s kits can give you everything you need. the kits consumer reports used are available online. the i cracked repair kit is from a smartphone repair company and costs about $50. the other kits you repair and the rsth both cost between $40 and $45 and are available on amazon. but boy, you saw how much work that is. >> i don't believe my phone will work right again. >> i worry about ordering the kit and messing it up and taking it outside for somebody else to do it. >> another $50. >> thanks, michael. >> thanks. now the accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. hi, everyone. let's check ou live doppler 7. clouds passing through right
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now. the radar image is looking very different in about 18 to 20 hours. 24 hour temperature change look. we are warmer 12 degrees warmer in santa rosa. right now running 9 degrees high are than yesterday at this time in concord. san jose, 4 degrees warmer there in san francisco. and here is what's going to happen with the temperature trend tomorrow it's cooling off in concord. 63 degrees. but notice toward the end of the work week into the weekend it's getting much warmer around here. if you like this warmer weather and you're craving more of it it's come. but in the short term we have showers coming which is needed. a live picture right now from sutro tower, you can see the gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge. it's 57 right now in san francisco. low to mid-60s from oakland to san jose. half moon bay 55. a beautiful picture from our south beach camera. you see clouds on different levels. the clouds gather increasing heading to tomorrow. low to mid-60s from santa rosa to livermore.
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everyone enjoying comfortable weather. from mount ta. millimeter it's hazy due to clouds. showers arrive tomorrow night. a big pattern change friday and warmer this weekend. tomorrow morning not as cold. thanks to the clouds insulating. upper 30s to 40s. tomorrow afternoon you notice the numbers start to come down compared to today. so it's a cooler wednesday. clouds increase from the north temperatures upper 50s to the mid-60s for wednesday wednesday and then the storm impact scale comes in. a light level one tomorrow night. looking at light to moderate showers. a slight possibility of thunder and if you do see any thunderstorms develop there might be some hail. snow level 3,500 feet. the biggest change with this system compared to what went through yesterday it's a fast mover, skirting the coast. so 4:00 p.m. wednesday the rain is offshore, 5:00 p.m. moves in along the coastline of the north bay. at 6:00 p.m. still primarily north bay. and then by 8:00 p.m. you see some pockets of yellows there and oranges. that's moderate rain moving on
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shore by 10 "p" the south bay gets it. into the wee hours of thursday morning isolated showers or two can't be ruled out especially in the south bay between 4 "a" and 5:00 a.m. in terms of rainfall totals most of you under half inch. and some areas barely anything. a few hundredths places like fairlyfield pch download the accuweather app and check out the temperatures any time. accuweather seven-day forecast. light level one system wednesday into early thursday. then we dry out, warm up, big changes. temperatures are soaring this weekend. low 80s inland. low to mid-60s coastside. the soaring is around the beau and inland. gets the showers in. we need it after that we get a chance to dry out and enjoy outdoor activities. >> thanks. a variety all right. power of beyonce, her music is about to be front
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clfrp a voice a national public radio went quiet. carl castle anchored for decades. also the beloved judge on wait, wait don't tell me. castle died from complications from alzheimer's. he was 84 years old zwloo terrific. san francisco's iconic grace cathedral host as mass devoted to beyonce. after her highly aclaimed performance at the coachella music festival. parishioners will sing along to the biggest hits, learning from the lyrics which express struggles of a marjleized and forthen. the mass is organized by the vine known for progressive theology set to a pop beat. still ahead this evening, san francisco airport picking up a special guy. >> the 49ers help provide a military family with a homecoming they'll never forget. >> and tonight at 11:00, cannabis for your pets?
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making sure your veterinarian can legally with you about it and what you need
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i'm ama daetz coming on news at 6:00, san francisco finds a solution to keep pedestrians safe from scooters. but there is something local leaders and the rental companies with agree on. also from seven on your side, the local college student who learned what not to do when you get a suspicious letter in the mail plus -- a north bay high school choir is also set to perform at carnegie hall but it took more than just practice, practice to get there. they had an amazing stroke of luck. all that plus more on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> ama thank you see you then. >> finally this evening the 49ers teamed up with the uso to give one family the surprise of a lifetime. >> abc 7 news reporter mat keller with the story. >> i'm matt kjell we are a
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special military homecoming surprise at levi stadium. this is heart warming. u.s. air force rob thomas returned home from a six-month deployment. his family thought they were getting a tour of levi stadium in santa clara when they were brought into the 49ers weight room and then this happened. [ cheers and applause ] >> thomas says he wanted to thank his family for their sacrifice during his time away. >> let's go. missed you so much. very peshl. news tonight with david muir up next. i'm kristen sze. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time and see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye.
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. tonight, as we come on the air in the west, breaking news, and it's sad news. former first lady barbara bush has died. the wife of one president, the mother of a son who became president, she was one of the the white house. the deadly explosion in midair. the passenger jet shortly after takeoff from new york city, the left engine exploding. parts of it blasting through a window, nearly sucking a passenger out of the plane. one dead tonight, several passengers injured. some passengers posting video, live from inside the cabin. the legal storm tonight. first, that crush of cameras outside court, and now tonight, what stormy daniels has now declared on national tv. and the sketch tonight. the $100,000 reward she's now offering. the major announcement from starbucks tonight. they will shut down all starbucks across the country f


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