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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 20, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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customers to buy insurance policies they didn't need. this comes as wells fargo extended the deadline to submit a claim related to the class action settlement. the bank is paying out $142 million related to the opening of unauthorized accounts at the bank. the deadline to submit a claim is july 7th. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike? >> hi, boid. we talked about fog being an issue this morning. along the coast it's starting to build. you can see five miles visibility in half moon bay. let's talk tours. the 30s gone. we're significantly warmer, up to ten degrees warmer than yesterday with mid 40s out there to low 50s. the warm spots, clear lake, cloverdale, vallejo, look at antioch, already 59 degrees. 80s on the way for the weekend.
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southbound 680 the taillights headed past north main onto the 24 interchange. let's pop over to our traffic maps so we can show you this full freeway closure, putting in a bridge over 880, southbound is closed between 23rd and 29th. you can see the purple on your map. that means gridlock, really stopped there for a quarter mile. they should have this picked up within an hour or so. also closed overnight, this is e bay alameda into oakland. use an alternatebout half an hour. relief for those of us who travel across the richmond-san rafael bridge. >> the third lane on the east side will be open about 2:00 today. amy hollyfield is live in san rafael. good morning,
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>> looks like yes might be having some trouble. >> let's move on to our next story. happening today -- >> reporter: good morning, matt. the chp is already out here. they blocked off this parking lot. they're getting ready for the big ribbon cutting ceremony that they're going to hold >> apparently we're having some technical issues with amy. we're going to get back to her in a little bit. how about we move on to the next story about the first cannabis crawl set to honor 4/20. >> it's the first time we've had a legal 4/20.
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>> we've decriminalized it in a sense and that gives the people and the opportunity to have events such as this. >> just this january, california legalized recreational adult use of marijuana without a medical card. back in 2012 dea agents raided oak center dam and tried to shut it down. this is a way to celebrate progress. >> now all kinds of business around telegraph avenue are getting involved. >> i think it's great that restaurants and businesses are starting to get involved. >> these bracelets offer discounts at participating businesses. this place is already packed and on 4/20 they'll offer even deeper discounts. >> it's going to be a fun time with everybody getting a little high in a sense. it's not like everybody is getting drunk and crazy. >> it's not a dangerous thing. we're not out here in the
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streets and going all wild. >> still many law enforcement agencies plan to add patrols friday. in oakland, lisa lisa lisa lisaa leezian, nbc 7 news. derrick al men nah and max harris are accused of ignoring fire codes at the ghost ship warehouse. the fire in 2016 killed 36 people. both men remain in jail despite numerous attempts to have their bail lowered. >> almena's wife has given an exclusive interview. she says she doesn't know why her husband in charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of 36 people. >> i don't believe what happened that night is the fault of derek or max. >> whose fault was it? >> i think it was a terrible tragedy, a terrible accident. i think the fire happened really
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quickly. i think there was chaos. i think people were scared. i don't think people knew how quickly it was going to go up. >> micah allison tells dan she wants to set the record straight about what happened that night and what led up to the tragedy. she wants to counter the story that's been out there since the fire erupted. >> more on the interview on and you can find complete coverage of the ghost ship fire including all the i-team's reports. new developments in confiscating illegally parked dockless scooters. 130 have been picked up in the last two weeks. they were deployed throughout the city last month in three counties. mountain lion spotted yesterday. no mountain lion was found by
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police. a mountain lion was caught by home security cameras in the alum rock area. >> we definitely are not walking, i'll tell you that much. we love to walk in the evenings because we have beautiful views. right now we're steadfast and staying more or less around the grounds. >> wildlife experts believe mountain lyons may be leaving the habitats in search of food for their cubs. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we'll start with temperatures in san francisco. we're 49 in many neighborhoods, especially away from the water. castro mission, glenn park, sunset, ocean beach, at 51. lake merced at about 53 degrees. you can see a little haze out there, especially as you look closer to san francisco and to the right side of your screen which is over towards the ocean. that's some of the fog that's developing. that's the only concern i can
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find on the roads at least weatherwise this morning. your commute planner, watch out for the glowing and reflecting sunshine off the calm water today and seasonal temperatures if you're on mass transit. kind of cool this morning, mild to warm this afternoon. in the south bay, 53 degrees at 8:00. noon we're already up to near 70 degrees, in the 62 62 62 62 62 east bay valleys, 53 at 8:00, by noon 71, mid to upper 70s as we head through the afternoon into the early evening hours and down to about 65 degrees by 8:00. pretty nice forecast there. that's just the beginning. we'll take a look at the 80s when we come back in a few minutes. we'll take a look at traffic. you ran through some fog. >> i did a little over the waldo grade. not too bad, not limiting visibility. once you get down to the golden
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gate bridge, it's fine for your commute into san francisco. we take a look at the eastshore freeway, emeryville, space between the car headlights. it will get a little more crowded as you might imagine once the friday commute gets under way. golden gate fields into the macarthur maze. let's check into the bay bridge toll plaza, a few folks stacked up in the left cash lanes. from hercules into san francisco, a brisk 25 minutes. once again, full freeway closure. this is in oakland southbound 880 due to road work that will delay you headed towards oakland airport. you'll want to take the detour or take 580. a straight shot down to oakland airport from the 580 exit as well. james comey has talked about them. now the memos documents his conversations with president trump are out for you to read. it will be an emotional day
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falling in tahoe. probably the last time this year. today 58 to 80 in sacramento. 73 in l.a. with sunshine near 90 in palm springs. let's talk about my accuweather seven-day forecast for tahoe. a mole lot of melting going on with temperatures above average at 55. it keeps getting warmer from mid 60s saturday. thunderstorms possible tuesday and wednesday with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, nearin% record highs by wednesday. now a live desk update from abc 7 mornings. breaking news out of houston, texas. boy it is really stunning to see. this is an 18-wheeler truck that burst into flames. it's across an entire freeway. it's shut down this freeway in houston on both sides entirely. this is the aftermath that you're seeing.
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it's burned out. the other side the where crews are working. actually everything inside of there is burned to a crisp. i saw the moment that this thing exploded. it's mind-boggling. no information yet on what the injuries are associated with this and how many vehicles were involved bru you can see the backup. it's making national headlines. happening today the body of former first lady barbara bush will lie in repose today from noon until midnight. she was 92. a private funeral will be held tomorrow. first lady mel len yeah trump, former presidents clinton and obama and their wives will attend. newly released memos by former fbi director james comey, part of the 15 pages of declassified material the justice department turned over
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to congress. janay norman has the latest from washington. >> much of those memos are pretty similar to what we already heard him say about his conversations with president trump. despite a few new details, the president says those memos show no collusion or obstruction. we're hearing from james comey in his own words, in newly released copies of memos written while he was fbi director. in them comey details what he says were president trump's strenuous and repeated denials of being with prostitutes in moscow. rachel maddow asked comey about the memos, referring to when putin said he had some of the most beautiful hookers in the world. >> he told you he had a conversation with putin about hookers? >> yes. >> reporter: the memos were released as part of 15 pages of declassified material handed over to congress.
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trump wrote, james comey memos just out and show clearly no obstruction or collusion. >> those memos say comey had serious reservations about then national security adviser michael flynn, saying he had, quote, serious judgment issues. rudy giuliani is joining president trump's legal team, helping the president deal with special counsel robert mueller and help push for an end to the russia probe. giuliani worked with mueller and the justice department. the previous lawyer team resigned weeks ago. an e. coli outbreak has caused 53 people reported being sick so far. five developed a type of kidney failure. the e. coli has been tracked to yuma, arizona, but not a specific trial or brand. at salad farm, lettuce is the
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lifeblood of the business there. the owner says they take every precaution. >> we're very particular about the vendors we use and we want to make sure that each one we do select has a background that we approve of. the cdc now says consumer rs shoulds to out any chopped romaine lettuce or salad mixes that contain romaine. nasa celebrating the hubble telescope's 28th anniversary by releasing beautiful images of a region 4,000 light years away from earth and has never been seen before in such detail. nasa says astronauts have performed five missions to install more advanced technology on the telescope over its lifetime. >> this looks like a beautiful wallpaper for your macbook or your phone. very pretty. >> i think i saw a sunset like this in fremont once, pretty
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close. >> today being 4/20, you may see it again. let's move on. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's talk about walnut creek and what's going on, one of the areas that will reach 80 tomorrow and stay there through possibly monday through tuesday. here is a look at what's going on. sunshine dominates today with more warmth building through our neighborhoods. our warmest afternoons saturday, sunday and monday. it looks like the dry season is taking control. no chance of rain the next two weeks. high pressure dominates the forecast. with it clockwise flow is going to bring us drier and brighter air. notice where the storm track is well up to the north. that's where it's going to remain. so look for dry and sunny weekend. it starts today. look at these temperatures. low to mid 70s in the south bay. going to santa cruz today, 70, near 70 for most of the peninsula. we'll have low 60s along the
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coast with hazy sunshine after the fog starts to thin a little bit. about 72 in san rafael, 76 in santa rosa to 78 in ukiah. 68 in oakland. as you head inland, temperatures in the mid to upper 70 tonig tonight, mid 40s to low 50s. my accuweather forecast, a gorgeous day for earth day. 60s at the coast. 70s and 80s for the rest of us. that will continue through tuesday. a look past the s.a.p. center, the taillights headed in the northbound direction. both directions look like they're moving just fine at the limit, no problems so far this morning. a couple areas to be concerned about, free full way closure, southbound 880 from 33rd to 29th.
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we have northbound road work from washington to high street, two lanes blocked off there. i'm not seeing any slow traffic per se through that area. earlier accident just cleared with a little remaining red on the roadway. that means slowing under ten miles an hour. westbound 84 approaching the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. it looks like they just cleared it. we'll keep following it for you. claims of abuse by celebrity chefs are getting a lot of attention. food industry workers often face serious sexual harassment from customers as well. an area restaurant has come up where a simple way to keep the staff safe. find out how it works on abc 7 news at 11:00 right after a special edition of 20/20 at 10:00. diane sawyers reporting on the hidden reality of women still facing sexual abuse. original content from netflix could soon be coming to the big screen. is a cheap are iphone
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coming? >> could netflix be heading to the big screen? the streaming service backed out of a deal to why mark cuban's theater. with the original movies playing in theaters, netflix would be eligible for hollywood awards like oscars. a less expensive iphone could be on the way. >> apple will release a new phone with a $550 price tag, bigger than the iphone x and half the price. ahead of earth day, the company unveiled the new robot named daisy. it can take apart old iphones so the phone could be disassembled. >> that's are your tech bites. san francisco's popular flower mart has a temporary new home. >> a tattoo could one day save
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for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. getting a lot of questions about the drought. you can see during the rain season which started early october to this week, it actually spread, especially across southern california. it won't spread quite as quickly because the drought monitor
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takes into account the fact that we're not supposed to get rain in the next six months. it looks like it could be a devastating wildfire because of the lack of rain, at least compared to average. the san francisco flower mart will temporarily move to the bay area as opposed to opp embarcade embarcadero. the 150,000 square foot home is under construction. they were concerned about traffic congestion and the lack of parking. the new temporary location will be in marin. the price of a hillside up for sale in san francisco has been reduced, but still pretty steep. the property at 1235 samson street on telegraph hill hit the market at $1.34 million in probably have to hire one heck of an engineer, the lot is back on the market for a reduced price of $998,000.
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the national park service is offering free entry to many national parks on saturday. it's the start of national parks week. that means free admission to many of our local parks. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we try to keep you updated on everything we can. the red sox coming in to take on the a es under sunshine, dropping down to about 58. if you're thinking about heading to the coast, we don't get a real strong offshore wind. so the warming trend is really going to be hitting inland neighborhoods harder than anywhere. low to mid 60s warmest difficult at tay. how about getting around this morning? >> not bad at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will find a slight delay for the cash paying folks in the left-hand lanes.
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your drive time from hercules all the way into san francisco including the bay bridge is a mere 25 minutes. that's not bad at all. a little slow out of the central valley. not too bad. we do have this road closure. it's southbound 880 between 23rd and 29th still in effect until probably the next 20 minutes or so. we'll check back with the chp and make sure that gets reopened on time this morning. verizon's family based program will be rolled into a new one called verizon smart family. the options will allow parents to know when their kids are using the phone, when and what they see on the phone and manage screen time. another addition is a premium option including location tracking, keeping parents updated and can send an alert if a child leaves a pre defined area. scientists developed an early warning system for people to detect cancer. it appears as a biomedical ka too like the ones you see here.
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the implant recognizes the four most common types of cancer, prostate, lung, colon and breast cancer. a brown mole forms on the skin long before the cancer becomes detectable through technical diagnosis. >> how incredible. wow. it's 4:57, next at 5:00 a.m., a reprieve for a controversial statue in san francisco civic center. tears of joy from a family as a man is released from san quentin after spending two decades on death row. coming up from our live desk, we've just learned san jose police put an end to an armed robbery at a home. the thing lasted all night long. i'll have an update. this could be a make-or-
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welcome to friday, april 20th. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm matt keller in for reggie. sue is here for alexis and mike is here. it looks like we have a great weekend ahead of us, right, mike? >> i really think so. if you've been waiting for the sunshine, i've got it for you. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we'll start with live doppler 7 showing how dry and clear the air is. here is another vantage point. a little haze out there, a little fog trying to form the grijs aolden gate bridge. mid to upper 40s. so definitely milder this morning. the coast will be around the 50s to low 60s from


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