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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 21, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it is saturday, april 21st. good morning. i am chris nguyen. let's start with our forecast, here is lisa >> hey chris, we are seeing a nice day today. 51 in san francisco and as well as mountain view and vallejo and 45 in santa rosa and 47 in livermore. temperatures are warmer this morning and twoes warmer. you will notice it this afternoon. 40s to 50s to start out. 60 at the shoreline and upper 60s bay side and that's all for
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noontime. we'll reach in the 80s in san jose and cool in the coast and 70 around the bay. chris. barbara bush will be celebrated in a private funeral for about 1500 guests. her beloved houston church will welcome family members and world leaders. ntalie brunell is live in houston with more on what is expected today. hi natalie. >> reporter: hi chris, we are getting details of the upcoming funeral service, the bush family released a statement saying barbara bush selected her son jeb to deliver the eulogy. thousands were able to come to her church yesterday and paid respects in person. barbara bush requested a
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funeral. >> she would say she does not want a fuss. >> no fuss, just friends and family. he greeted the public yesterday as they pay their respects to mrs. bush. >> it was an emotional time. she was loved a whole lot. >> high profile names are on the funeral guest list, the obama and the clintons. president trump there not attend. the simple service, mrs. bush's children and grandchildren are expected to read from the bible and honor the memory. her grandson is sharing the shared comfort bush lived a full life and happy life. >> barbara bush will be laid to rest at the ground of george bush library at college station.
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she will be couples' daughter. abc 7 news. >> due to added security. president trump will not attend. 20,000 people made their way to the golden bridge park this year. dozens were taken to the hospital for fentanyl overdose related. >> reporter: you never know when it will turn foggy on golden gate park except on april 20th. the sky turned blue and gray again. it was beautiful. some thousand people packed the hill for the annual 4/27. >> i am from canada and san francisco really knows how to smoke. this is the first gathering
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since legal use were legalized. sponsor event that's still not sanctioned by the city of san francisco. >> no arrests to speak of. we did issue a number of citations beyond the park. >> a series of sobering medical calls. >> we found at least two or three did not breathe when our paramedics arrived. >> paramedics used narcan on several people. a dozen transferred to the hospital and four people declined care. people ingested the narcotic fentanyl. there is been up to five tons of garbage garbage removing from the park. by 5:30. organizers cleared the medal. abc 7 news. >> marijuana smoke was not
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limited to hippies hills. 420 participants stepped up. police kept an eye on the event from a distance. abc 7 news were in san rafael were officers were stopping people for dwi check points. the officers there know how to spot anyone who is high. >> we have officers working who are trained to look for signs of impairments specifically of marijuana and drugs. >> last night police at this check point took at least two people into custody. we have a cannabis watch section on and on our abc 7 news app for you to see of the 420 celebration and get the latest news on cannabis. san ramon police may have stopped a school shooting. they arrested a high school freshman who had plans to harm his classmates three years from
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now. katy marzullo has the details. >> reporter: a freshman has man booked into juvenile hall. investigators believed that the 14-year-old was making plans to hurt other students. administrators called the police. >> first initial reaction was i am so happy that student said something and then when i stopped and thought about it, how scary. >> reporter: in a letter to parents, the student has plans to harm his classmates in 2021. police found evidence that led credibility to the claim. the principle says "the district considers this offense to be extremely serious and will take appropriate disciplinary consequences as per california code." this mother did not want to be identified but she like many was
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grateful to the student who came forward. >> we had a conversation at the dinner table and i to my children if you see something say something. katie ma marzullo. in san jose students took their concerns all the way to city hall. students from skyline high school and oakland gathered on the football field to rally against gun violence. market street from san francisco drew protesters from a handful of schools. students vow to make their voices heard at mill valley at the ballot box in the future. a berkeley coffee shop closed its doors yesterday. elm wood cafe were covered with
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brown paper and a sign on the door thanking the community for support. the restaurant faced after an incident of an alleged racism against the cnn and biassed incident in philadelphia reminded him of the encounter at the elm wood cafe. protesters calling for affordable student housing. the group tried to set up a co-op add the university house but they never got passed the gate. protesters accusing the council not doing enough to help homelessness. affordable housing is a top priority for chancellor. state regulators have shut
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down a private -- according to a chronicles investigation, silicon valley enrolled 4,000 students mostly from other countries. it is under investigation for being a visa mill where students get u.s. visas but poor education. its founders are under invasi investigation by the irs. the university opened in 1977. time now is 5:09. our lisa argen is tracking the forecast for us. >> nice day yesterday. if you like that, you will like today. if you are in land we'll hit the 80s. 52 in san jose and 50 in heyward. temperatures are coming up, i will let you know how long this trend may last. north korea's stunning
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announcement of its nuclear program and why not everyone is buying it. >> they all started realizing hey wait a minute, we all had a growth experience of that. >> tired of dealing with pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy.
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so to get more trend for less spend, you know what to do- you've gotta go to ross. visit our newest stores in fruitvale and in serramonte center. by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. welcome back everyone, the faa has issued an emergency order to inspect hundreds of boeing 737 engines like the one involved in the southwest airlines explosion. one passenger was killed. engines with 30,000 take offs and landing must be expected in 20 days. the ntsb released this photo showing engine pieces recovered from the damaged plane. a flight headed to san francisco
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last night had to be diverted after the pressure lights came on. no one was hurt. the plane was inspected over night and continued to san francisco this morning. passengers have been given hotel rooms. time now is 5:13. ech north korea has made a surprise move. the new development comes just weeks before proposed summit meeting with president trump, brian clark has more. >> reporter: north korea's official news agency released the stunning announcement on its website, it will stop its missile program that threaten the u.s. city and it will shut down the nuclear site to improve the economy. >> we need to be careful because every treaty and promise north
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korea has ever made has been broken. we noeed to not trust but verif and verify. the north korean statement did not mention anything of the arsenal weapons. >> this is all in preparation of the potential meeting between donald trump and kim jong-un next week, kim is meeting with south korean president. president trump reacting to the news friday evening, north korea agreed to suspend all nuclear test and close up the major test site, this is very good news. big progress and look forward to our summit. no date for the summit has been set so far. brian clark, abc news, new york. happening today, it is queen elizabeth's 92nd birthday. she will attend the special
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concert as the world's oldest monarch. sting will be among those per po forming. this is a great tradition for the queen. elizabeth became queen in 1952 at the age of 25. she's reigned for 66 years. the more too movemee too mo. diane sawyers focusing on the hidden harassment that is still happening to many women. kristen sze has a success story of an innovative plan to keep the staff safe. >> reporter: it is a busy evening in oakland, a family restaurant. that is family restaurant but does not mean it does not have problems. >> erin wade learned that her
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female staff was getting a lot of unwanted attention. >> the one particular incident was a game changer. >> he was a father of four kids at the table with him and he reached up the shirt of one of our hosts and touched her stomach and told her that she was sexy. the host told her female co-worker what happened. hey, wait a minute, we have all had a gross experience leek that. >> many worried their managers will not take it seriously. >> katy is now a manager was a server. >> there was like a sharing of experiences between the male management staff and most of the females. >> reporter: the entire staff worked together to create a solution now posted on this chart. the restaurant categorizes customer behavior of the color code system, yellow is a weird vibe that feels uncomfortable and orange is inappropriate comment could have sexual under
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tones and red is when customers make obscene kmecomments or tous the employee. >> i have an orange at table two and they let the manager know and the manager has an automatic action to take. orange requires the manager taking over to serve the table. red gets the strongest response. we address the situation right there and saying it is inappropriate. if you like to continue to stay, you know, this has to stop. code red alerts are now rare. managers take action before uncomfortable situations escalate. several employees told us they like the system but did not want to talk on camera. the restaurant gave us the cell phone of -- >> all i had to do is exchange a few words and it made me feel better. >> it is simple and effective. >> reporter: and it is good for business. >> the fact that we create a safe and warm and inviting place
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for our customers and staff, it is apart of our recipe for success. >> reporter: kristen sze, abc 7 news. the national park service is offering free entry to many national parks. free emissions, muir woods and king canyon and yosemite. now your accurate forecast with lisa argen. >> plenty of sunshine or staying at home, it will warm up out there. 57 in oakland and 50 in heyward. 45 in santa rosa. 40s and 50s around the world. warmer of three goodegrees or f degrees warmer. the warming trend continues and we'll look at temperatures well above average the next several days. we'll be staying cool at the
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coast. the second half of the week is looking just as warm. today in the 60s at the coastline very comfortable, 74 in santa cruz. we'll get the breezy northwest winds in the afternoon. water temperatures 53 degrees in the low to mid-80s for earth day in lands. 72 oakland looking at mid-60s. should be in the upper 60s in the south. much warmer today, the apple blossom festivals will be in the upper 70s. look for temperatures about 5 degrees above average here. mid-70s in san mateo. 79 in santa rosa and 74 richmond. if you are planning to head out for the a's game, sun sets at
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degrees. it should be mild out there. temperatures over night 40s and 50s. clear skies and our accu weather 7 days forecast, check it out, chris, today and tomorrow and monday and tuesday, not much change. low to mid-80s and 60s at the coast and temperatures in the upper 60s on monday. very warm out there and we'll begin to cool back just a little bit next week. nothing that actually where we should be this time of the year. this is really warm. >> certainly a nice weekend for all of those earth day activities happening. >> there is a lot going on. >> lisa. thanks. a teenager's prom proposal where du
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if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend. we got you covered. jessica castro has some for hood line. >> help clean our local bay, we want to keep these amazing animals and home clean and healthy and thriving. the aquarium of the bay is hosting two events at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. >> the good thing of keeping san francisco bay clean is a lot of people don't realize that once upon a time, we are going to lose it. right before the 50s, there was a plan to go ahead and change the san francisco bay into more
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like water ways and channels and at one point, you know citizens like me and you decided no, it is not going to work and they decided to fight for it. not only to us but animals that are here. we have to learn to share it and make sure that we take care of it. >> you can register on the aquarium's website or show up to those two locations i mentioned. also, saturday, volunteers are needed at the city of el dig site. the free event is from 9:00 until noon. after you help save the planet reward yourself with a nice, cold beer. featurining 22 beers from aroun the country. there are two tastings at 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. for information, go to our website, we'll link you up to hoodline.
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i am jessica castro, abc 7 news. have a great weekend. i am sending a message to a special young lady and her name is miss katy kelsenberg. >> what a great reaction, the high school student had quite a surprise when dwayne johnson surprised her and responded to her tweet. he rented out the local theater so her and her friends can see the latest movie offfffff johnson "rampage." the warriors have sold more jerseys an 18 of the nba 31 other teams during the past season. we are
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at attendance. dub nation and followed by lakers and cavaliers. the first playoff series tomorrow at 12:30 live from san antonio. our coverage begins at noon and keep it on abc 7 after the game. larry beil will be live in the studio. still to come. how the drive across richmond bridge just got a lot easier. >> thousands flocked to a festiv
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it is half past the hour on this saturday morning. i am chris nguyen. we are off to a cool start, let's get a check with our weather now with lisa argen.
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>> good morning to you. we had a little bit of fog but it is way down the central coast. temperatures this morning looks like this in the south bay, 46 in campbell and santa clara and looking at 47 in sunnyvale and 51 in mountain view. it is mild around the bay. cooler numbers up to the north. 51 in san francisco. yesterday temperatures were above average and this morning anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. average highs today, we are passing in some spots of 5 to 10 degrees with calm winds this morning. this will help with our warming trends by the mid-morning hours. 10:00, 60 in oakland and san mateo. 78 in
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over the sea breeze, later on we are looking at nice anymo temperatures. we are looking at an extended periods of temperatures above average and i will let you know how long it will last. chris, a private funeral for barbara bush will be held later this morning. this is a live look of the invitation funeral only starts in just a few hours. a public viewing took place near her home last night. more than 2500 people paid their respects. george bush spent about 15 minutes before his wife's casket. the former president greeted mourners as they came to remember the former lady. many women wore pearls to honor her signature look. she died on tuesday, she was 92-year-old. the parties filing a lawsuit claiming a conspiracy that hurt their party and their candidate
5:31 am
and now the president is firing back. here is mary bruce with the details. >> reporter: the democratic party launching its own attack against the president alleging russia and the trump campaign and wikileaks to damage hillary clinton and gave the election to donald trump. >> the dnc lawsuit pieces together previous known reports ranging contracts of trump's close associates and their leak of damaging information. >> it is amazing of what came out of wikileaks. this wikileaks is like a treasure troll. >> the multi million dollars suit did not name president trump but it does go after his inner circle including his son and son-in-law. the president and his top aids could be forced to answer
5:32 am
questions under oath. abc news, washington. a source confirmed that jeff sessions said he would consider resigning if president trump were to fire deputy attorney general rosenstein. the general made the statement to white house council don mcgahn. sessions and rosenstein have been under fire for months and often the target of the president's angry tweets. president trump is dismissing the release of 15 pages of declassified notes of james comey's of the private conversation of the two. the president tweeted "james comey memos just out and show clearly there was no collusion and obstruction and also he leaked classified information. wow! will the witch hunt continue?"
5:33 am
. allegations and the dossier that he was filmed in moscow with prostitutes. >> do i look like a guy that need hookers. >> on msnbc comey claimed that in another meeting president trump said that vladimir putin once told him that russia had the most beautiful hookers in the world. back here at home. big relief for commuters. a long awaited third lane was added to the san rafael bridge. this lane is only for peak commute time only. abc reporter has more. >> reporter: it cannot be mission impossible when it comes to get across the bridge after work. >> the best thing to do is get out of the lane. >> if you don't? just get stuck in traffic.
5:34 am
>> reporter: commuters have endured for years could be easing. >> turn the system on. >> reporter: a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new third eastbound lane for the richmond san rafael bridge for used during commute time, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> we are trying to get the flow of traffic faster. the $53 million project paid for converting the right shoulder and telling drivers when it is okay to use the right lane. 80,000 drivers used the richmond bridge daily. the new lane may take some getting used to. when the lane is opened if people realize they can drive in the lane. >> one thing i am concerned about is we are taking a congestion problem and moving it to richmond. >> richmond's mayor feared that it will get drivers quicker.
5:35 am
> >> reporter: as for westbound lanes a second phase of the project could bring a protected path for pedestrians and bicycles which could be converted a third lane for car during the morning commute. you could get a fine of 237 bucks. in marin county, abc 7 news. part of twin peaks will remain car free. earlier this week, the board of directors agreed to extend the pilot program. it could become permanent after this latest extension. a week long series of events centered on the big question of life and death runs through tomorrow. 7,000 people are attending reimagine end of life in san francisco. abc 7 news, melanie woodrow
5:36 am
>> reporter: this phone booth end of life seems to offer the impossible, calling for a lost loved one. why do we wait until the end of our olives to celebrate the people we love. >> reporter: this begins as a prototype in just 30 events has grown to 175 events attended by 7,000 people. wolff is the event founder. >> some people wonder if i am morbid. >> it is not about death, it is about life. >> douglas attending from aus n austin, texas says it is true for him. i am here and might as well be here. >> her father drowned was 10 earlie-year-old. >> here i am work ing and inspired by him.
5:37 am
>> events including more practical matters. >> ways people can experience. wolff is using mortality as a mirror. >> fear is a big part of it but also humor and laughter and love. medic melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. last year a large protest, the csu board of trustees approved a 5% increase bringing tuition of in state students of $57 million per year. the csu board considered a 4% hike this year but decided to seek funding from the state instead. >> happening today, the san francisco fire department will hold a disaster response day, firefighters along with the neighborhood emergency response team or nert will put theirtrni.
5:38 am
they'll practice search and rescue techniques setting up command centers and other essential disaster response skills. the nert drill is a campaign to better prepare for the next big disaster. it starts at 9:00 this morning. still ahead on abc 7 morning. cleaning our ocean and saving the tiny organisms that live there. but, first as we head to break, here is a live look outside from our camera.
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welcome back everyone, here is a live look from our south
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beach camera, you can see traffic is moving along quite nicely over the bay bridge over this span this morning. our lisa argen will break down our forecast coming up. city of oakland could soon decide to sue the raiders and the nfl. the suit argued the league ignored its relocation. the raiders are set to move to las vegas. their home for the 2019 season remains uncertain. happening today, the baseball field at oakland technical high school celebrates its tenth anniversary. the field was dedicated in 2008, it was rename rename rename rene field. there will be a celebration of
5:42 am
its tenth year baseball organization to recognize the people and organization who help built the field. a 9-year-old boy whose letter to the oakland a's went viral will be throwing out the first pitch at tonight's game. his prized collection of baseball cards were destroyed in the north bay wildfires. a's president promised lauren can throw out the first pitch. the a's plays the red sox tonight at the oakland coliseum. we are hoping for nice weather. >> yeah, it will be in the mid-60s and temperatures were average yesterday and oakland upper 60s. today is five degrees warmer than that. emoryville right now, 47 degrees. a cold day and a nice niegght o the game. i will have your forecast in just a minute. mac williamson gets called up
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and sparked th
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. good morning everyone, time right now is 5:45. live look at the financial district in san francisco from our exploratorium camera. temperatures are looking really nice, lisa argen will break down our forecast. boston takes on the athletics at the oakland coliseum. the giants are in anaheim to battle the angels. last night the giants welcome the starting pitcher. larry beil has the highlights in this morning. >> the jigiants
5:46 am
you will like what the giants got last night against the angell angell angel ange angels. mike trout right there. top of the fifth, it is mac williams williamson, it is his second at-bat. look at that, 3-0. giants. boast, smiling, we have not seen a lot of that. big mac, it is contagious, andrew mckutchin. giants with three bombs in this game and win it by a score of 8-1. >> he's going through his mail, ony larussa. >> two doubles in this game.
5:47 am
two for jackie bradley jr. top six, era with 10. pogan. first pitch is gone. boston hits five grannies so far this year. not even a month in the season and the red sox won 7-3. stephen curry is ready to join his team practices and whether he's clear to play in time for round two, that remains to be seen. i am told sources in san an yellowsto antonio that his sprain has decreased. curry will be reevaluated. round two could be moved up to the 28th.
5:48 am
will stephen curry be ready by then? who knows. >> lebron 18 points and the cavs led by 17 at the half. a sweet spin move there. pacers come all the way back from the big deficit, fourth quarter. he had 30 and five seconds left. darren collins misses no team out. no, the heat, not close. pacers win 92-90 and take a 2-1 series lead. that's a wrap up on the morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody, i am larry beil. hi everyone, starting out with beautiful pictures and clear skies, we'll have the warmest weekend we have seen since february. it is a nice one out there. temperatures staying cool and comfortable at the coast with the sea breeze yesterday and
5:49 am
today pretty much the same. so if you are not a fan of the heat, not to worry. we are looking at temperatures well above average for april, the warming trend continues today, it got going yesterday and temperatures comfortable, upper 70s on the warm end. we'll surpass that today. no wind and high pressure is building in and warming up quicker today. from our roof camera, nice and clear, the fog down along the coast and also around selenas and watsonville with low visibility there. 45 in morgan hill and santa rosa with 52. beach day today if you like it cool and with those breezy, northwest winds in the 60s here. 66 at ocean beach. >> check out the beach where the ocean temperature only at 53 degrees. highs today in the south bay. nice but it is going to be on the warm side. 79 in san jose and 82 in morgan
5:50 am
hill. up in the 70s. redwood city at 77. 76, palo alto. >> sunset districts at 66 degrees and in the north bay, we'll enjoy upper 70s. getting pretty warm further north you go but around san pablo bay, 70 there. checking in the low 70s. when you head in land, we are looking at low 80s and much warmer than where we should be this time of the year. earth day celebration at the civic center, upper 60s to mid-60s. 11 to 1. 4:00 in the afternoon. we do have northwesterly winds so we'll stay comfortable here. a nice night tonight. numbers in the upper 40s to low 50s. clear conditions and maybe a little bit of patchy fog at the coast and we'll be looking at opening day on the bay tomorrow.
5:51 am
so a pretty day out there, upper 50s again. little change from day-to-day. low to mid-60s by 3:00, 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. the temperature pattern will hold the next several days. if you don't like it, head to the coast and you will have to wait otherwise through the middle of the week for significant change. our accu seven-day forecast forecast beach weather today. mid-70s around the bay. not much change tomorrow for earth day. tuesday looking very warm with summer time spread and more clouds arriving on wednesday and download our accu weather app and you can track the temperatures where you live. certainly going from one reason to the next. so much for april showers. >> yes, we did get it. >> lisa, thank you. i fe . they were hard to keep in focus of
5:52 am
a new microscope invented is going to solve that. >> his latest investigation can be a tool to track environmental change. it is a microscope that'll be tracking plankton. the tiny organisms that live in rivers and ponds and oceans. >> scientists have been worried that 40% of the planktons have died over the half years. he created a baseline of plankton behavior. >> you need data and it is unprecedented. the microscope allows us to do just that. standard microscope cannot keep plankton focused and this one has no lens. we are using the raspberry pie and the lowest one is $5 and the
5:53 am
image sensor is $8. you can see more less than $20, you have a digital microscope. >> the next challenge is finding a water proof housing to house the autonomous microscope. we'll need a surface where a solar panel can be attached. plankton is the source of two-thirds of earth oxygen. it could serve as an alarm for environmental danger. >> it is definitely going to be our working area. >> david louie, abc 7 news. next, a japan town tradition, what's on tap this
5:54 am
the creation of something from nothing. first is an act of pure alchemy. first stands on no shoulders. it follows no footsteps. to first, the view ahead is wide open. the only thing that first chases&is possibility. you know what we make. first makes us who we are. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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welcome back everyone, beyonce have inspired millions
5:56 am
of fans. next week grace cathedral is sponsoring a special beyonce's mass on wednesday. it is bas . >> and so we use beyonce as a tool to talk about issues that black women face in society so to talk about black motherhood and issues of embodiment and how black female bodies are policed and how they are judged. >> how do we explore our own unconscious biassed and how do we work towards greater reconciliation with each other. >> just to be clear, beyonce will not be performing or att d attending the mass. but her music and theme will be woven throughout. it is time now 5:56. the 51st annual blossom
5:57 am
continues at japan town. groups from hawaii and japan will be performing today, there will be plenty of food a and vendors. the grand marshal will be christie yamaguchi. >> next, in a few hours, formerh la lady mrs. bush will be laid to rest. why the white house says president trump won't be in attendance. >> you have to take a first step to take a stand. it is the job of everybody here at abc 7 to tell the truth to empower you and empower your family. whether you are worry about your daughter at work or your son at school. we are here to connect you with local experts and resources when ever you need them because anyone can cover local news but it takes a trusted ally to do
5:58 am
your story
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6:00 am
it is saturday april >> good morning, i am chris nguyen. let's start with lisa argen p>> it is clear right now. warmer than we were yesterday, 51 downtown. 43 gilroy and half-moon bay. another preshot for y-shot for . 51 in concord. wi we are three degrees warmer in oak l oakland. >>


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